Monday, August 9, 2010

Cooperating with the police, Lew Rockwell and Two Stories from Florida

One must thank the once interesting, though quickly fading into irrelevancy website,, for the details on the following story.

Side note: Always prepared to heap scorn on the evil intentions of the omnipotence state and its pernicious influence (SBPDL agrees the current state is insidious, for reasons completely opposite to what Lew Rockwell and his cohorts “publicly” proclaim it to be) Lew Rockwell and his friends bemoan the growing loss of freedom in America without admitting its obvious correlation to the rising levels of diversity that flourish here.

Cooperating with police presents a conundrum in the Black community. On one hand, snitching is looked down upon in the Black community though rates of Black-on-Black violence are reaching historic levels. Better to keep a brother out of jail and on the streets then maintain peace and civility, lest you desire being ostracized from the community for snitching. Or worse, offering aid and assistance to the enemy:

For committing an act of pure decency, three black women are being ostracized by many other black people. • On the night of June 29, Delores Keen, Renee Roundtree and Rose Dodson rushed outside Keen's apartment after they heard gunshots. They discovered two Tampa police officers, David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab, lying together on the ground. The officers had been shot. Dontae Morris, a 24-year-old black ex-convict, would be charged in the shootings.

Roundtree checked the officers' pulses, and Keen dialed 911. The three women stayed with the dying officers until others arrived. The Hillsborough County Commission honored the women for trying to help the officers.

Since their identities were made public, the woman have been criticized by fellow blacks almost everywhere they go, walking down the street, at local social clubs and in stores.

Their sin, considered by many to be perhaps the worst in American black culture, was helping "the enemy" — the police. You are guilty of helping the enemy in two main ways: You give the police, or another authority, information about a black person who has committed or is suspected of having committed a crime, which is "snitching." Or, as is the case with the three women, you physically aid and comfort police in distress, which is treated the same as snitching.

By trying to help the officers, Keen, Roundtree and Dodson showed, in the eyes of many, that they are not "authentically black." They are traitors to their race.

"I even had an ex-friend call and say, 'That was f----- up. You turned my boy in,' " Roundtree told the St. Petersburg Times of a response to her attempt to help the officers.

The snitching ethos, or code of silence, runs so deep that many blacks who snitch or assist morally struggle with their decisions. Many apologize, while others, having acted, offer history and background as to why blacks see the police as the enemy…

In an article for New York magazine, writer Stanley Crouch, who has been condemned for advocating snitching, nicely summed up the lunacy of the code of silence: "The greatest threat to black life and limb is not the police; it's criminals in our community."

He is right. Black criminals victimize their own people. And we help them. If we do not call the police, we deserve the mayhem and dysfunction we suffer. When we conceal the identity of a murderer, we endanger everyone. When we turn our backs on drug deals near our homes, we cheapen the rule of law and destroy social values. In addition to its self-destructiveness, the snitching ethos alienates us from others, putting us at odds with normal behavior.

Would a decent person walk away and refuse to assist a mortally wounded fellow human being — a police officer? Would a decent person condemn someone for helping a police officer?

Blacks have only themselves to blame for giving other people good reasons to hold them in contempt. The code of silence is corrosive in every way.

The code of silence which inhibits and restrains snitching in the Black community also stops Black people from cooperating with the police. Pensacola is home to another tragic story that could have easily been avoided had the Black teenager riding his bicycle merely responded to the police officers exhortations to stop.

This event happened last October and tragically the bicycle riding teenager sped away on his bike instead of obliging the police officers request to pull over. This failure to comply with the officer’s request resulted in his horrible death:

Late one night in October, a 17-year-old on a bike was chased by a police officer in a cruiser. When the boy refused to stop, the officer aimed his Taser out the driver's window and fired. The boy fell off the bike and the cruiser ran over him, killing him…

It is unclear why Victor disobeyed the order to stop, but the teenager continued pedaling, trying to escape. Ard followed his every move, driving in and out of the wrong lane of traffic and up onto the sidewalk again. One minute and seven seconds into the chase Ard fired his Taser at Victor, who made a turn into a parking lot. About two seconds later, Victor fell to the ground and Ard ran over him.

Though Lew Rockwell’s website delivers an Ayn Rand-inspired right hand directly at this story as an example of police brutality, excessive force, Fascism and “death by government”, one can only read this story and ponder the outcome if young Victor Steen (the Black bike rider) had merely cooperated with the police officer?

Cooperating with the police, regardless of your perceived innocence, is always the best course of action when attempting to defuse a situation. Remember the story in Seattle of the Black woman who found this simple concept so difficult to grasp and decided to tempt fate by remaining defiant to the end?

Always, always cooperate with police, regardless if you believe you are innocent or unfairly singled-out for being a member of a racial group with an unfortunate propensity for committing crimes. The Economist recently ran a cover story on why America had such a high incarceration rate, reporting that right now 1 out of 9 young Black men fester behind the iron gates of prison.

Much of it has to do with the inability to cooperate with police and of course, the laws that govern civil behavior in America.

Chris Rock (The Wall Street Journal recently stated of him: “a comic routinely described as the planet's funniest man, without any corroborating evidence for the claim”) put together a great video for Black people entitled: How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police.

This video offers good advice for members of every racial group in America.

In closing, cooperate with the police. Officers of the law have a thankless job and merely try and enforce the few rules left that maintain some level of decency in a decaying nation.

One has to wonder what the ideal state would look like as envisioned by those who write at Lew Rockwell’s website.The market would of course dictate everything, so would the "invisible hand" protect those living as mere economic units in this utopia from those whom the market denies such fruits of Austrian-Economic, Anarcho-Capitalistic, stateless sowing?


Anonymous said...

You're right about For some time, the Rockwellians have mocked those who advocate protecting the border. They are too stupid to realize that the more "diverse" the U.S. becomes the stronger the state they claim to hate becomes.

For example, one of their main writers, William Anderson, constantly rails against wrongful prosecutions. Anderson never writes that prosecuting the innocent for political reasons is a staple of a third-world country, which the U.S. is becoming.

Everything is political in a third-world country.

Anderson's best-known writing concerned the Duke Lacrosse hoax, in which Durham DA Mike Nifong tried to convict 3 innocent white men for the (non)rape of a black stripper. Anderson was aware of the racial angle, but doesn't make the larger connection. Namely, the more nonwhite the U.S. becomes, the more likely are Nifong-style incidents.

Anonymous said...

Blacks beg everyone else not to judge them as a group, but then most of them turn right around and engage in groupthink — promulgating the “no snitching” mentality through social ostracism or worse, jury nullification, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank you for picking up on this. has been trying to kiss up to minorities for years now. Of course, it doesn't do them any good, and mass non-white immigration dooms any chance of the kind of libertarian or market anarchist system they would favor.

Dave said...

I wish police officers and fire fighters would completely abandon black neighborhoods and stop investigating black on black crime. Turn every hood into Lord of the Flies and only the strongest apes will survive. And SBPDL check out National Review today Dennis Prager wrote a piece on Omar "The Black Terminator Thornton" that mirrors your opinion exactly. It's time for SBPDL to go mainstream.

Art Vandelay said...

Had an employee once wearing some sort of special bracelet. I asked him what it meant. He said: "No snitching to the Po-po."

Well, I didn't know what the "po-po" was so I had to have him explain it to me. And as dumb as he was, I've had intelligent and more well-educated black people than this employee tell me that they would never help the police and never "snitch" to the's astonishing how short-sighted some of these people are, and how they don't seem to understand that the unintended consequences of such disrespect for authority is contributing to the implosion of their own people.

Anonymous said...

Check out William Anderson's blog: He is probably the principal writer at Anderson's latest post tells readers not to call the police if they get in trouble. He discusses the Florida incident from his viewpoint.

Anderson never attacks black criminals in this fashion.

Cicatrizatic said...

VDARE addressed the decline of here:

I'd say the best thing I discovered at LRC was the work of Hans Herman Hoppe. He nailed the immigration issue in his 'On Free Immigration and Forced Integration', here:

The left-libertarians at LRC who refuse to face the immigration problem are simply intellectually lazy, considering the most consistent libertarian response to the problem is archived within their own site, by their most interesting intellectual.

I don't share Hoppe and the other's 'anarcho-capitalism', but I certainly appreciate his work.

Anonymous said...

Anderson never attacks black criminals in this fashion."

Of course not. Even the most militant Libertarian cannot resist the tug of altruistic White Guilt unless he has consciously steeled his mind against it.

Anonymous said...

A long time ago Lew Rockwell used to be more willing to tackle the subjects of race and immigration. When he first launched his site, he actually published columns by Jared Taylor. After excommunicating Jared, Lew scrubbed his archives of Jared's columns.

Race and immigration are pressing and important subjects, but Lew completely almost completely ignores them.

And while I'm on the subject of Lew Rockwell's shortcomings, I should note that he rejects the theory of evolution, denounces Darwin as some kind of mad racist, and every so often will actually run some creationist nonsense on his site.

If that weren't silly enough, Lew also publishes superstitious crap extolling the "miraculous" Shroud of Turin and the like.