Sunday, August 7, 2011

America as Blackhawk Down: Mogadishu in our Midst

One of The Great Moments in Black History (GMBH) is Hurricane Katrina, for the aftermath of that storm offered the world a glimpse of what Black people are like unsupervised. It's a pity that more cell phones with cameras and video technology weren't around, because World Star Hiphop would have had a field day showcasing Black behavior at the Superdome and in other parts of New Orleans before Blackwater came in and cleaned up the problem.

Yes, I believe Blackwater (XE) was sent into New Orleans - this is a fact, with Blackwater being sent in before the National Guard - and that they probably killed a couple hundred lawless Black people; remember, stories of bodies being found were reported before the memo got out to not talk about the extraordinary levels of violence necessary to retake the city from those every decent white person moved away before the storm and its aftermath.

Not everyone spends hours of their time reading about crime, Mahogany Mobs, Black attacks on whites, etc. They don't need to do this. They know the truth and live in areas of the country that exclude their families from such harsh realities as what was on display in Philadelphia recently, where a gang of Black people brandished weapons over a bus incident.

Social media and Black people's willingness to document every act of depravity for the world to see (and upload it on the Internet) allows us the opportunity to see what white flight is leaving behind. The actions of Black people in Philadelphia - pulling out guns and firing into a bus over a simple misunderstanding - has gone viral. The haunting bus surveillance video doesn't appear to capture a scene out of an American city, but a reminder of daily life in a city like Mogadishu.

Sadly, Southeastern Conference (SEC) football coaches probably recruited from this area of Philly in hopes of finding a Black running back or receiver who could run a 4.3 40 and, with enough tutoring, stay eligible to play on Saturday's in the fall.

How many major American cities have emulated McDonald's and gone 365Black? How many of these cities now protect and coddle a criminal element in their midst that no all-Black jury will ever put away for life, regardless of the heinous nature of their actions that should be classified as fratricide.

Isn't that all Black-on-Black crime is; fratricide? Judging by this list of violent flash mobs - the correct term is Mahogany Mobs, with the participants being monochromatic - it appears youths, gangs of teens Black people are engaging in a systematic war of intimidation across the nation, with the hopes that eventually a list of non-existent demands will be met and those who govern these cities will capitulate to more 365Black ideas.

If not, the Blacks will riot again, this time with far more devastating consequences. We're talking 1968-style riots; we're talking Paris suburbs style violence; we're talking Black riots like the one that hit Tottenham in North London last night.

The United States government primary governing aim is the steady advancement of Black people; no impediment (be that lowering standards, implementing affirmative action or providing the bulk of the jobs necessary for creating an artificial Black middle class) will stop this objective and those who dare point out this 365Black agenda are immediately an enemy of the state.

Just look at the stated goal of every military branch: more, more, more Black people. Even the Marines, the proud Marines, must be inculcated in a steady stream of 365Blackness and water-boarded with the white guilt continuously.

I didn't start SBPDL to start a crusade or some sort of movement. I have no answers. I'm just a guy in his mid-20s who spoofed Stuff White People Like and then saw the site evolve. But in doing this site for a little more than two years, I feel confident in saying that we have Mogadishu in our midst. All across America, indeed across what constitutes the West, we have Mogadishu in our midst.

Personally, I've taken a few hits for doing this site. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. In reading these stories of Mahogany Mobs attacking primarily white people throughout the nation, my anger finds new levels to attain. The Milwaukee incident - where Black people pulled white people out of their f&^%ing cars! - is a harrowing reminder of Mogadishu in our midst.

I read that a lot of people hope for that serendipitous moment (perhaps a deus ex machina) when everyone spontaneously wakes up to the reality of Black criminality. That moment has already happened. Just look at the where people - even white liberals - chose to live and raise a family.

Look at the ecological disaster surrounding every major big city in the nation, where white people have created a Whitopia only to abandon to create another Castle in the Sand that the Black Undertow will eventually overwhelm (quick note, but we are going green this week at SBPDL with a return of numbered posts and a look at the ecological disaster that tolerating the Black Undertow is having on the nation).

Wherever white people go to create a new Whitopia, inevitably the Black Undertow will follow. Cities - like Milwaukee, Chicago and Cleveland - are witness to a form of warfare through intimidation. The media remains willingly silent in the midst of these attacks, but the summer of 2011 is doing more to make people aware that these assaults are not isolated.

Mogadishu is not just a city in Somalia, but the state of many of America's inner-cities. Worse, the Mogadishu mentality (commonly found among the inhabitants of these cities) is found in London, Paris and other parts of the West. 

So what is to be done? How does one speak out? I don't know. I've been deliberately cryptic regarding my situation, but I can now say that I did lose my position. I wasn't outed... I was ousted. One day it will make a great story, but for now I'm interviewing for other jobs. Just know that my resolve in doing SBPDL is great. My dedication shouldn't be questioned.

But I have no answers. Perhaps all we can do is survive what is coming, knowing that every institution in America (media, corporate, military, legal, academic) is wedded to the advancement of Black people and that multiple generations of leaders in all of these fields are well-versed in the 365Black vernacular. They have made careers lying to themselves to the point that they now believe the insanity they preach and actually desire replacing able Marines with a desired Blackness.

Politicians know not to say anything racist; hell, everyone knows you can't do this or else you risk losing your vocational reputation, ability to make a living and will become a social pariah.

Though persisting in doing SBPDL might seem insane considering what happened, I would consider it insane not too keep going.

Mogadishu is in our midst. How many more more people must be pulled out of cars by Black people (like in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin State Fair) before someone with influence, private wealth and a desire to not build a Whitopia on a floating island because the United States turned into one big Blackhawk Down decides to act?

Decides to stand up and become a leader? Millions upon millions in this nation will follow. All they have to do is say enough, and you will see how big the ranks of Those Who Can See really are.

Will Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Chicago, Birmingham, Atlanta, Washington D.C., St. Louis or numerous others be a city where a white person (or a cop) shoots the wrong Black person and a massive, violent Mahogany Mob then goes on a rampage like what we saw in Tottenham in North London?

Let me end by saying this: I'm very optimistic about the future. It is unwritten and ultimately, the future is what we make of it. Sixty years of living in a country where our government and elected leaders (and every institution in America, public or private) slavishly surrenders to the concept of BRA must end.

The actions of Black people in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin State Fair (and the relative silence of the national media in the face of a one-sided racial war) have chilled me to the core. America is Blackhawk Down. Perhaps the entire West is Blackhawk Down.

Mogadishu is in our midst.


Anonymous said...

One of the biggest tropes of this site is that white people dont look out for each other and that all the breaks go to minorities ; well how about the NYFD overlooking white men with serious criminal records and hiring them despite laws on the books formally saying otherwise. Like Eddie said in his white like me skit on SNL "when blacks arent around white people give each other free stuff."

Anonymous said...

No matter what your previous employment was, clearly writing is your calling.

Obviously you let slip your secret identity and received punishment well above what was warranted.

I think you will land on your feet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about you losing your job Paul, you seem like a very smart loyal ideal employee so it's their loss. Remember big brother is watching *wink* *wink*

Anonymous said...

Long before England and the European countries had its' present day race riots, rapes of European women by blacks and other muds, racial murder, and the criminality of the colored races, the US had plenty of race problems with it's black riots, black rapes of white women, black on white murder, and the high crime rate of blacks in America. All was on display for the world to see and take note of and to not allow this to happen in their countries. These countries did not take warning. I guess they thought like the DWLs, libtards, and the left, I know I am being redundant, in this country, they thought that this problem would never touch them so they began to import their muds and they are now just beginning to see just what they have imported into their midst. I am sure that the DWLs and leftist still think that this problem will never effect them in their little ivory towers.
"Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for you and me."

Anonymous said...

Great article. I have linked to it in an update to my post "The London Negro Riots" at

Mister M said...

Sorry about the lumps. Everyone takes them. Don't even entertain the thought of regret. You see symptoms of a larger problem, and as time passes, it just spreads. You really don't have to speculate, it's very predictable to see the end results. One does'nt have to be "Jimmy the Greek" to bet on this one. Good article.

Fayette White Guy said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your job...I really admire you for your bravery though. Stay strong my brother, and I'm sure you'll land on your feet. I agree with the poster above, writing may indeed be your calling.

jso said...

seems like a lot of these flash mobs and wildings could be prevented by just one civilian CCing

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, One day you will look back on this and see that losing your job was for the better! It happened to me 3 times before and everytime I got a better job in the near future. I work with alot of minorities and you can really see a difference in the ones that work for a living! The ghetto blacks that cause these racially motivated attacks won't be stopped until we have mass riots with mass bloodshed. I believe that will be the only solution since they lack respect for instruction or authority!

Bill said...

Good luck mate. Glad to see you've noticed the Tottenham chimp-out.

Da Comunidee needz jobz an hope man innit? All those unemployed, er, 12 year olds waiting outside the stores for a 42 inch plasma screen.

Strangely enough the only place that wasn't looted senseless last night was the hardware store. Like the UK Commentators blog said, if white men with jobs had been rioting last night, the place would have been stripped bare of power tools.

~AV~ said...

Paul...many jobs in the Houston is a city that envelopes and embraces young men like you. I wish you well.

On another disturbing note that involves egregious negro behavior...but the most INTERESTING behavior is the COMMENTS the paper allowed to remain at their site.

They allowed the white fuming and rants and plain spoken comments to remain....

COPS- Teen Robs Blind Man, Then Stabs Him to Death

the 173 comments are from people who are speaking to WHAT they see...

mind blowing...people are waking up and connecting the black dots...


we even have a dip-wad black liberal female posting there that is OH SO Desiree....

Ryu said...


You did it again! You stepped back from the edge instead of jumping in.

The answer is white nationalism. Complete segregation, no "good blacks" (who will back their brothers when things go to the mat), no good Asians,no good Mexicans. We are dealing with the fate of millions of people. You cannot go through, one by one, judging each by his merits.

Keep doing what you are doing. Just being racially aware is not enough though, as you see. Action becomes neccessary. Other men will take up that task. You have a specialty, stick with it.

One man cannot do all the things necessary. To combat this, one needs more than just reason. One needs emotion, power! You have to look at those mobs and say...the word that needs to be said.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

First anon,

When law-abiding Black people can't even pass the firefighter exam in NYC, I guess you have to take what you can get.

Anonymous said...

"Politicians know not to say anything deemed racist"

Fixed the above for you. Not being able to speak about genuine problems only works when you can move away from them

Anonymous said...


Please check out this link. The Wall Street Journal is now discussing Black women and their inability to get married instead of real economic issues!!

Sagat said...

The answer is white nationalism. Complete segregation, no "good blacks" (who will back their brothers when things go to the mat), no good Asians,no good Mexicans. We are dealing with the fate of millions of people. You cannot go through, one by one, judging each by his merits.

This is an odd declaration coming from a person that uses a Japanese name as his handle.

Anonymous said...

What's funniest about this site is that the supposedly superior white people seem to have no reality-based clue about how to resolve the issues this site whines about. It isn't that difficult, and it doesn't involve violence, uprisings, moving to MT, or white nationalism. And, it certainly doesn't involve Tea Party. It does involve using your brains, but that's far too difficult for many who claim to be superior.

Anonymous said...

The mahogany mobs have made local radio so people are now hearing about this days after the fact.

I've been away from this whitopia for a year and I can see a big difference as dozens of undertow now visit and work in the local formerly all white Walmart.

Good thing I'm moving 75 miles away from cities. That should be safe do the remaining thirty years I have left.

Anonymous said...

I Pray you are wrong and fear you are right.

Keep up the thoughtful work .

Anonymous said...

Blacks are bred to commit crime and released out into the street so easily because it makes money for the prison industrial complex and law enforcement. Whites are not to blame for any of this and neither are Blacks. The government is 100% responsible, they know how Blacks are and they took advantage of it to make money and to antagonize Whites. There is no such thing as "Black Run America". It's a good gimmick though.

Anonymous said...

"all the breaks go to minorities"

Not "breaks"..."Handouts".

Anonymous said...

lol faggots, you write an awful lot, but dont do shit, just like you didnt do shit when the first (and not last) negra president was elected, you guys are all a bunch of pussies giving each other handjobs through your compliments, youre all whats wrong with the white race.

Anonymous said...

Here's the latest commercial featuring the mythical black middle class family WITH FATHER...

Anonymous said...

6:14pm Troll please tell us what is right with the white race, it would be interesting to read that from you. "y'all ain't doin shit" white people aren't your daddy and we're not god so we can't just magically poop out answers.

Anonymous said...

Did you contact the ACLU about losing your job. Freedom of speech should never be the price of your job. How long before we are imprisoned for speaking out.

MrGJG said...

Anon at 2:47 and 6:14,
I'm assuming your the same person.
I'm not really sure what you're implying?
Are you saying we should take to the streets and start cracking skulls?
That by not doing so we're pussy's?
What are you doing about the groid problem?

JB said...

Hey, Anon,

What do you mean these people "don't do shit?"

Kersey started this site. He's taken a personal hit, so it seems, because of it. Seems he's laid a lot on the line. Where did that march across the Pettus bridge vid go?

There are a lot of people sharing information here. They're all doing something about "it."

They DO a lot, and they WRITE a lot.

What do you do, mister "faggot" hurler?

Here, son, is what I do when I have to bump up against the detritus of BRA: I never let my guard down, never relax for an instant, and my hand is gripping something cold, hard and sharp in my pocket. I am a man of peace, but I will be merciless with someone who tries to take that peace away.

Me, I never turn my back around 'em.

Faggot, please.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for running a great site!

Paul asks, "So what is to be done? How does one speak out?" It is a great question, and unfortunately we live in a society where stating provable facts or opinions that were the consensus among all the founders of our country can end friendships, get us beat up, get us targeted for assault, prosecuted by the government, or get us fired.

At the same time, by not speaking up, we put our futures in jeapordy by not fighting against forces that are literally destroying our civilization.

I think the easiest way to speak out is to be an anonymous commentor on news websites. While part of the reason is to put forth solid arguemnts to try to persude people to out viewpoints, the real reason is to show stregth in numbers. Many people feel as you do, but knowing how much they risk by speaking out, say nothing. By seeing many people who put forth well written and relevant comments we can change the tide.

Many sites, such as HuffPost and DailyMail, will censor anything they deem racist. They have a pretty low standard for what is considered racist and will cull many comments. Test and see how far you can get by their filters. Even mention that you wish you could say what you want, but it would get filtered.

After the riots at the Wisconsin State Fair, there were three local stations to cover the incidents. It was obvious that the comment sections on these media sites were not censored due to the many comments that showed that people knew that race was the central cause of the problem.

Please, let your voices be heard in a way that is safe for you and can let others know that they are not alone in a very obvious but politically incorrect viewpoint!

Anonymous said...

@6:14PM Anon

As opposed to you? What have you done to support fellow whites? Spit at blacks walking down the street in your run-down white trash town? Call people names? Get arrested for simple assault? Yeah, your non-existant grammar does more to shame the white race than any of the intellectual exercises at SBPDL that you condemn. Try getting an education and entering a field where you can make a difference. We will never change or reclaim the culture by joining a deadend hillbilly culture. Acting without thought just puts whites on the same level with the almighty North American Ground Ape.

Anonymous said...

This is a tiny part of the answer: repatriation to Africa. A crazy idea now, but 30 years ago gay marriage was a crazy idea.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

MrGJG: obviously I (Anon at 2:47) am not the same as Anon at 6:14. And (because I know what type of site this is) I specifically said what is not involved in actually resolving this issue.

What is involved is to go after those whose policies lead to or enable things like mob attacks. And (because once again I know what type of site this is) by "go after" I do not mean in a violent or any way physical sense. I mean go after them intellectually, show people who might support them how they're wrong.

And, I also mean doing that in a popular, mainstream way, not in a way based on fringe ideas.

And, not by using or thinking there's a "groid problem". There's a problem with a black underclass, and calling it a "groid problem" *helps* those leaders who've contributed to the problem by letting them (correctly) portray you as an extremist.

Summary: you identify those responsible; you show their potential fans how they're wrong; and, you don't help them by being a fringe extremist. The establishment's game is played by various rules, and a lot of people keep helping the other team score.

MrGJG said...

ANON 1:43, The problem is not with the groid underclass, the problem is with groid culture in general.
The groid underclass is part and parcel with mainstream groid culture.
It starts at the top, so the end result will always be the same due to their nature.
The so called talented tenth blacks enable their more feral brethren by rationalizing and excusing their criminal behavior.
Go peddle your holier than thou horseshit at Townhall or some other faux conservative site where you can have a circle jerk with other like minded phoneys.
I'm not here to change minds, I'm here to share with people who's minds are already made-up.

It's funny how when I write groid it gets underlined in red.
Am I spelling it wrong?
Nigger, however doesn't get underlined, so maybe I'll go with that.