Friday, August 5, 2011

Beat Whitey Night Goes Viral: Black people at Milwaukee State Fair "Rise" to the Occasion

America will collapse before we start judging people by character
We have never compared Black people to apes or simians. We don't like racial epithets. We believe in reporting the facts that The New York Times, Washington Post, and Gannett Newspapers refuse to do. But after reading that hundreds of Black people pulled white people out of cars in Milwaukee at the State Fair and beat them up, we can't but laugh that the film Rise of the Planet of the Apes comes out today.

There's a lot to write about. The Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta tried to cover-up the Black Atlanta Public Schools (APS) cheating scandal; Philadelphia tried to replicate Atlanta by performing a similar cheating scandal for academically-challenged Black students; and "Beat Whitey Night" just went viral in Milwaukee, a city that is already on the brink of something... big.

Chicago has had Mahogany Mobs; Cleveland and Philadelphia too. Carter Strange rests in a hospital, nearly beaten to death by a Black mob in Columbia. The Mainstream Media (MSM) refuses to connect the dots that point to a national emergency that no curfew can contain. The MSM cheers when Black people have peaceful Black Expos, and covers up every instance when a Black event goes... bananas. Hilariously, it takes a police state to make the former transpire.

Blacks are getting a free pass to attack whites nationwide, and the Beat Whitey night of Iowa's State Fair in 2010 has gone viral. St. Louis' Knockout Game is viral, with Black people everywhere declaring - as they did in Akron during July 4th, 2009 - "this is a Black world."

The same thing happened in Peoria, when The Crazies attacked white people just for being white. 

It is upon us and the events in Milwaukee on August 4th, 2011 are but a glimpse of what happened over Memorial Day 2011 in cities across the nation.

Drudge Report has shown the truth this summer. Today, that truth went viral (can someone send me a screen shot of Drudge?). Here are the stories that Matt Drudge is linking too, with white fairgoers pulled out of cars by Black people and massive Mahogany Mobs rampaging with one clear purpose; to hurt white people.

What was it that happened?:
Police from three jurisdictions - West Allis, Milwaukee and Wisconsin State Fair police - are spending Friday morning piecing together a series of incidents late Thursday night at the Wisconsin State Fair in which large groups of youths rampaged through the midway and outside the grounds after closing.

Officials could not say what started what witnesses said was a series of racially charged incidents that apparently began as early as 7 p.m. in the midway. The midway is located just east of the Pettit National Ice Center and adjacent to the Hank Aaron Bike Trail.
Milwaukee police confirmed there were assaults outside the fair as the fair was closing down. The fair closes at 11 p.m.
Police at all three jurisdictions declined to provide information Friday morning about what happened, when and where. Police said they were gathering multiple reports from various locations at the fair in order to determine what may have set off the incidents and hoped to provide a fuller picture later Friday.

Witnesses told WTMJ-AM (620) that dozens to hundreds of young black people were beating white people as they left the fair late Thursday night. Patrice Harris, a Fair spokeswoman, said a police alert she was given indicated four people were hurt. 

"It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people," Norb Roffers of Wind Lake told WTMJ-AM. He said he left the State Fair entrance near the corner of S. 84th St. and W. Schlinger Ave. in West Allis.

One eyewitness, a concession worker who works near the midway area, told the Journal Sentinel that large groups of African-American youths ran through the midway area, knocking over young children and adults, disrupting midway rides and tearing signs up. 

"I have never seen anything like it," the worker said. "It was mob mentality."

The concession worker said the incidents began at 7 p.m. "All of a sudden a wave of kids were running through the midway," he said.
All across this nation today, white guilt started to evaporate. Quickly. People reading this story on Drudge and the hundreds of blogs that will cover it must know that these are not isolated incidents. Blacks have attacked whites all summer, in increasingly large numbers and more daring, brazen raids.

Mahogany Mobs (is this something out of a Nat Turner fantasy) under arrest
Walter Williams pointed out that Black crime is getting worse in a column earlier this summer, but he didn't go far enough in denouncing the poor character of Black people who are starting to 'rise' nationwide. MSM papers are refusing to discuss race when it comes to crime:

Knowing that Disingenuous White Liberals and [Perfidious White Journalists] PWJ’s are in charge of the editorial policy at The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Gannett assets, and openly admit to censoring stories of Black criminality, it’s easy to understand why many newspapers are losing subscribers and the ability to charge huge rates for national ad campaigns.

Those who believe mainstream conservatives will say anything about this are mistaken. They are so afraid of being called racist and losing donations (and that joyous 501c3 tax-status) and a seat at the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) approved table, that they will throw their most promising rising stars under the bus to save their own hide. Trust me, I know.

Milwaukee has seen it's share of violence this summer, as we have written about on many occasions. James Harris and for refusing to acknowledge that Black people pose a major threat to peace and stability in his city where he is charged with keeping the peace.

If we were a sane country, he would be fired and immediately be tried for gross negligence and failure to perform the duties assigned to him. Every white person that was attacked should sue his department, the city of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee newspapers/media for failing to do their job and inform the public about the threat of Black people.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes comes out today. We are not comparing Black people to apes or simians, but merely pointing out the strange coincidence of the trailer for the film and the actions of Black people in pulling white people out of cars and beaten them.

Black people attacked whites at the Iowa State Fair in 2010, and the police tried to cover it up. The cats out the bag now... tens of millions will read this story today and a lot of people will smirk, realizing that Rise of the Planet of the Apes comes out today. What a strange twist of fate, when you think about it.

It is my hope that some white person, pulled from their car by one of the hordes of Black people assaulting innocent fair-goers all around them, had the same thought that Charlton Heston did in the original Planet of the Apes


Anonymous said...

Makes for some tough reading as the blacks beat a 14 year old white kid almost to death. If some old white lady didn't cover him up with her body the kid might have been another nameless victim of black racism.

Might not be P.C. but we really need another hero like Bernie Goetz. Or some white mobs who do to blacks what they do to us every single day.

And they call us devils.

Anonymous said...

If this were happening it would be on Youtube. I think this whole thing is made up. Besides these flash mobs need to be directed where are the tweets ,the facebook pages? Lastly, if whites outnumber blacks why dont the whites fight back? This whole thing is made up for sweeps week.

10mm AUTO said...

Wow, So much here.

Gun Blogs are going apesh*t over the people being pulled out of cars! I mean when little blacks mainstream store robbery by attacking in groups, you feel sorry for the store owner, but when Whites are pulled from their cars this is black trying to mainstream car-jacking (it in itself is a PC term for assault/battery and grand theft Auto/kidnapping).

How many Knoxville horrors will we see come out of this?

How many wounded?

(UpDate) As I write this, reports are coming in about Whites being pulled off of Motorcycles! Good God...It is like a zombie attack!

Paul, good comparison about movie and blacks. The scene where the chimp gets all worked up and attacks the man for putting his finger on the actors chest, well, what ca you say:

Anonymous said...

It's already on YouTube, you fucking jackass.

Here's more typical negro behavior:

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh mentioned this on his show just now. But he said there were "race riots" at the Wisconsin state fair. This leaves the impression that whites were also attacking blacks.

The irony is that kids are being taught by schools, TV, movies, "civil rights" groups, politicians and churches that whites are the ones who racially attack blacks.

But judging by comments at mainstream sites the truth is slowly getting out - even to nice white liberals from the suburbs.

Anonymous said...

"Makes for some tough reading as the blacks beat a 14 year old white kid almost to death. If some old white lady didn't cover him up with her body the kid might have been another nameless victim of black racism."

He IS a nameless victim of black racism! You don't have to die to be a victim of black racism and sounds like he took a Reginald Denny type beating from brave blacks who can only attack in packs.

Bemused stare said...

Police at all three jurisdictions declined to provide information Friday morning about what happened, when and where. Police said they were gathering multiple reports from various locations at the fair in order to determine what may have set off the incidents and hoped to provide a fuller picture later Friday.

Translation: Police are still desperately scurrying in search of a rumour that some white guy said something so offensive that the poor black folks had no choice but to go postal.

Anonymous said...

"Lastly, if whites outnumber blacks why dont the whites fight back?"

When whites fight back against blacks we get charged with hate crimes and rot in jail with black rape gangs.

Besides, blacks will attack in packs and kill any white who starts beating a black in a fair fight (whites beat blacks 90% of the time in fair fights).

But maybe whites will start fighting back as these racist black mobs are getting out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha ... just heard a report on the radio about this. Another raceless attack with "teens" pulling "people" out of cars and beating them.

Think of this next time you hear people decrying the lack of an open media in the Soviet Union or in Nazi Germany. The U.S. media is worse than these two dictatorships.

Anonymous said...

This is why I carry a knife Crocodile Dundee would admire.
I should buy one for my other pocket.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin's concealed carry law goes into effect in November. It can't come a day too soon.

Bill said...

I have distant relatives in both Milwaukee and Philadelphia, cities which seem to be featuring a lot in this kind of thing.

I've never visited either city (I'm in the British Isles). But through family I've always been given an impression of these cities as fine places. My relatives live or lived in tough but fair suburbs, working class white neighbourhoods where basic law and order was in place and they could walk down the road for a beer and feel safe.

I just feel saddened. I had hoped that these places were holding out.

NW European said...

This site is very informative in that it reports news and commentary that goes unnoticed by the large media corporations, and thus also the public at large. However, if few people know the truth, even fewer know what to do about it. I get a feeling most people on this blog, and maybe the author as well (I'm not sure what his solution is) wants a society segregated by race.

I believe that people should be allowed to associate freely, and if a business owner wants to hire an Indian, then I don't see how that's anyone's business but his. I also believe that private individuals should be able to set up whatever society they like, including rent clauses that are "racist", just to keep their community within a single race. This can and should be done completely voluntary, and in the marketplace of ideas, the bad ones will be competed out of existence. That being said, criminal behavior should not be tolerated under any circumstance, and punished harshly. There should NOT be any state welfare, only private, looting one community to pay another, or forcing employers to take on employees or customers they don't want is just obscene. The same goes for schools, health care and everything else that the welfare state provides. Taxes would then of course be negligible, and most working people would be able to afford a middle class life for themselves and their families. I believe THIS is the only system that will enable our civilization to move forward, and the only way to avoid a bloodbath in the future, both for Europe and America, seeing as they're both inundated with hostile immigrants. It's our own fault for having brought our rich heritage to such a shallow, thrill-seeking, know-nothing pop-culture, and as individuals there's not a lot we can do in the short run. It will take one or two generations of clear thinking adults who raise clear thinking children to turn the tide, but I don't think it can be done so long as we have this free-for-all welfare state. Trying to keep the welfare state just for whites, or just for people who pay into the system is not going to work, the reason being that welfare always comes from people who work and create value, and a welfare state gives all the wrong incentives as people choose to live on the dole rather than create value. The welfare state has got to go, all safety nets MUST be private, or else the money is squandered both because the spending is inefficient and corrupt, and because too many people choose not to work. The state will simply go bankrupt after some time (though it may be many decades), it's inevitable.

I haven't seen to many posts where you outline possible solutions to the problems you uncover, Paul. I would like to read about solutions. I've been reading about problems for two years now, and it's been great, but problems must be solved, or else they will grow out of proportions and ultimately lead to bloodshed, which we already have many places, especially in South-Africa. It was in South-Africa where Apartheid kept people separated, but I believe capitalism would have had the same effect to a degree, but would allow more talented people to rise to the top because the boundaries that separate people are social rather than judicial. If a society is separated by law, then that's an artificial boundary. If it's separated by social and voluntary means it's natural and acceptable. The State, in order to be legitimate, cannot discriminate against any group of people except for criminals, who have chosen to forfeit their rights. An objective and impartial state serves everybody the exact same way, and is the only way to ensure future peace and prosperity. It's getting late, we need to do something fast. I see a lot of people waking up to the problems that are everywhere, but not many leaders with a good idea of why we are having these problems in the first place, or what to do about it.

NW European said...


I would argue that state welfare, BRA and mass immigration stems from a core belief that human kindness, the greatest of all values some would say, is rooted in altruism, and because that's what Jesus said (do unto others), and did (died for our sins). To follow his example is to be an altruist, which in real life means sacrifice. People like Mother Theresa sacrificed a life of her own to comfort the sick and dying in India, and today she is a modern icon of human kindness, the ultimate moral person, as close to Jesus as you could possibly come. This is irrational, I believe human kindness is rooted in egoism, and should be earned by those who share the same values, not extended unilaterally to anyone, including people who hate you, but THAT's exactly what most people think. The more someone hates you, the more moral you are to show that person love, like Jesus, or Mother Theresa. This is why our society has had so much success in the past, most people shared this skewed moral view but at least everybody did, and most did not try and exploit it to death. Today these altruists, these crusading white liberals, the do-gooders and the judge-nots, they are the suckers that are exploited, raped and killed by unemployed, welfare collecting thugs who just hate them, and all because they refuse to judge others, they think they are being good. Those who see this and who DO judge aren't allowed to act on their own judgement because The State overrides their conclusions through new laws, and they are forced to accept having their liberty restricted, their property looted and their lives endangered. The irrational morals of the crusaders end up hurting a lot more people than just themselves because they implement insane policies that everybody has to obey. In a free society, their failed morality would only hurt themselves. The political elite who portray themselves as super-moral role models for all, the mega-altruists who love everybody, especially the criminals, are a symptom of this underlying cultural problem, it's the whole reason they are there.

It's The State that has to go, or rather The Welfare State. Bring the size down to a minimum, and treat everybody the same. What else can we do that doesn't include mass repatriation? I think this is what clear thinking people should be spending their time thinking about.

John said...

Oh, the darling, beguiling, wonderful negro.......

Ryu said...


Your objectivity is admirable. Of course, the thing is easy when its not your kid brother or son being ripped off a motorcycle and stomped to death by a bunch of blacks.

In the end, it's not enough to report. If you are white, then they would have gone after you. You might be lying in a hospital with permanent brain damage.

Are you for whites or against whites? Your race IS your extended family. Not "whites" were targeted. You were targeted.

PercyKittensReloaded said...

Heard this clip on Neal Boortz today. MUST SEE:

Anonymous said...

Apparently in ROTPOTA the apes are good guys overthrowing their unjust human overlords. That is the impression I got from reviews anyways.

PercyKittensReloaded said...

Heard this on Neal Boortz this morning. It is a MUST SEE! It's Judge Judy coming to horrors with the result of 3 years, and 70,000 dollars "down the toilet" wasted on educating this guy who is receiving hundreds of dollars in government assistance and is abusing it:

Dissident said...

Let's just say that had these tan-clansmen attacked someone in sight of this white boy, then there would most likely be some dead tribesmen.

I carry Glock .45, and it doesn't distinguish black from white. It is an equal opportunity tool of protection and defense...I'd advise everyone reading this to get one, ex post haste!

What sayest thou Desiree, Gi Joe, Professor Snape, et al.

What commentary do our leftist, non-freedom loving jack-asses have to say about that?

What about the second amendment? BTW, anyone that says law abiding citizens shouldn't carry, then I say you should be deported from these shores with extreme prejudice!

Montani Semper Liberi!
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Molon labe!

~AV~ said...

We all know...that a mob of Uncle Tom's did not perpetrate this crime...or any crimes similar to this...

IT isn't all black people...however we always come tolearn it is ALWAYS the feral ghetto niggers...

A L W A Y S!

Calling a spade a pun intended....

Anonymous said...

People need to start arming themselves. Guns, knives, or whatever you need to protect yourself, especially when you go to a fair or other large event where there is a chance of the North American pavement apes congregating.

Anonymous said...

1. They are making some very nice mace guns now. They are cheap, very effective, no one dies, and legal. Stun guns are ok, but you have to be up close and personal. Go with 15ft+ mace spray gun with CS (tear gas). The CS would make king kong cry.

2. Unless you are trained to handle a violent situation avoid it at all costs. It never turns out like you think it will. And if you watch those trained to handle it - they avoid it too until...

3. When confronted with a mob of any color run for cover. Fight when on your terms, not theirs, and after you have your emotions in check.

4. Never try to negotiate with a black mob, or even a small group that approaches you. They will act like they are willing to be your friend and talk things out until close enough to beat you down.

In summary: start being prepared.

Semper Fi.

Bemused stare said...

NW European, that all sounds wonderful except that it has been tried. All it accomplished is the rise of a new buzz phrase, "economic apartheid" to beat us over the head with.

Simply put, blacks as a race cannot compete in any manner of consequence. Thus laws have been created which force us to give them a free ride. That is what needs to come to a stop.

A case in point which illustrates this as a global problem. There is a recent report that the UN is wailing that they need to supply (read you, since that is your money they refer to) zimbabwe with 480 million dollars in aid as they are starving. Interestingly, they make all sorts of excuses imaginable for why this dire circumstance has come to rise, while avoiding any mention at all of the fact that the countries agriculture has all but ceased to exist because of the "land grab" where farmers (white ones) where raped, beaten and even murdered to force them out.

So having freed themselves of the horrible oppression of eating food produced by successful white farmers, they now look to you for food.

Now that other wonderful African success story we know as "the new South Africa" freed its little darlings from the white oppressor in 1994. In 2007 they went from a net exporter of food to a net importer. Looking at this one would think they might agree that killing their farmers at a rate of two or more a week is a bad plan. But don't worry, you can rest assured that they will be quite happy for you to feed them in five years time.

We all know what works, it will merely take time before we become fed up enough to do something about it.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


After what happened to Brittney Watts, I've tried to stay away from these type of stories. You are correct; I haven't had a family member be attacked, nor have they been in a crowd where Black people attack every white person in sight as transpired in Milwaukee.

There are an awful or murderers, rapes, carjackings, assaults every year and no one does anything. When I read the paper (or internet sites) and read about crime, my anger grows to uncontrollable levels that only the gym can help alleviate.

I'm creating a character for the fictional story "The Next Man in Hell"... after thinking about how an actual superhero would be treated in our world. Considering that primarily non-whites commit crime in major cities, anyone fighting crime would automatically be labeled a racist and would be considered the villain.

In our world, just noticing Black crime gets you called the villain.

Remember, the Village Voice tried to say nothing is happening...

Those Who Can See know what is happening and this Milwaukee story is very chilling. WHITES WERE PULLED OUT OF THEIR FUC*ING CARS in Milwaukee BY BLACK PEOPLE!

Let that sink into your head. This is going to be an interesting weekend.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Should read "There are an awful lot of"

Anonymous said...

Limbaugh completely wimped out on this occurrence. He mentioned it at the top of his show and then let it drop for the next two hours and 50 minutes. His failure to follow up was exactly like that of every other commentator of either a lib or conservative stripe.

The war against White people began in 1965 and is picking up steam with the racist, arrogant bastard in the White House.

Annoyed In Illinois

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

Limbaugh could end this all tomorrow. A lot of normal people - moderates, independents - understand Black criminality. This Milwaukee incident is chilling.


Sadly, conservatives are wimps. The establishment in D.C. is more interested in funding their non-profits and talking about lowering taxes then confronting Black criminality. We can abandon every major city to the ravages of Black people (read Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Detroit or Philly) but as long as tax cuts are in place, all is well.

I'm not for minority outreach. Not anymore. Those Black people who want to flee what is quickly becoming a monolithic Black mentality can outreach to us.

It is a war Annoyed in Illinois and both mainstream liberals and conservatives are waging it against normal people as well. The people in DC representing "the conservative" could care less about you as long as you send in your yearly donation to keep their organizations afloat.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL - I was going to make that very same observation - think about what happened - white people were PULLED OUT OF THEIR CARS!!!!

Where is the outrage!!! An event like this warrants the calling of the National Guard. Has America been invaded? What the F am I paying taxes for if I'm not safe in my own country?

This is war people. If you don't think they, the niggers, don't hate you and want to kill you, at this point, with all the evidence before you - then you deserve what you get.

Good lord, I never thought I would say this - but maybe the KKK knew better then we thought.

Question - what would you be reading or hearing about in the news today if it were white people pulling blacks out of their cars?? And maybe that's what needs to start happening.

Semper fi.

NW European said...


that Zimbabwe story is just ludicrous, I read it over at Amren, but they'll probably get the money.

But that's not my point, this has NOT been tried before, I'm looking for a moral awakening, not just a violent shake and the feeling of despair, but a directed response. Intellectual leaders need to point out solutions so people can start to see how the problems can be solved. I'm trying to point out the glaring contradiction that the welfare state is, and it rests on our culture's altruist roots in Christianity. If people took to egoism, instead of doling out money, love and privileges indiscriminately, as well as locking away criminals, then society would become peaceful again, and the wealth explode. ALL the problems of today stem from the irrational moral code of altruism, where everyone are entitled to their fair share of everything. This has got to stop!

What I fear, is that people will eventually get so frustrated and desperate that they start doing crazy things, like that terrorist up in Norway, and we'll at some point have a civil war. If people didn't have to constantly spend a large portion of their wealth to feel secure and move to a new place every ten years, but instead were allowed to control who lives in their neighborhoods, who works in their shops and restaurants and who gets served, then all these problems would simply vanish. The criminal elements should just be mopped up by the state police and given long jail terms.

Stephen said...

I'm sick of the "it's not ALL bl@ck people doing this." You guys do realize that the relatives of the Uncle Toms are the ghetto niggers? Some human imitating niggers move into a White area and bring the ghetto niggers with them and start the process all over again. Thinking that we can just have the "good ones" is a folly! I've said it before and I'll say it again: if not deportation then segregation now and forever!

Anonymous said...

"Good lord, I never thought I would say this - but maybe the KKK knew better then we thought."

The KKK was started during Reconstruction - when blacks were doing much worse than today's flash mobs to white people. They were often the only thing standing between whites being robbed, raped and murdered by black mobs.

Anonymous said...

Cel phone video supposedly of one the Wisconsin attacks:

Anonymous said...

If only they had opposable thumbs.

~AV~ said...

@ Stephen...

You may be right, I hope I am right, maybe the truth remains in between us.

Whiskey said...

As someone replying to Laurence Auster noted, any White guy who shot Black folks trying to beat him, or whatever, might (or might not) escape prosecution by the DA, but would face civil liability, a slam dunk for a 100% Black jury out for revenge. Also, a slam dunk for Federal Civil Rights prosecution and conviction. Your life would be ruined. In addition, your family would be made examples of by the offender's pals in gangs.

So the best course of action is never, EVER to be around in any public place where Black mobs might be. This means no movies, fairs, public places, festivals, city streets, and the like. Simply avoid public places at all times. Stay home.

Anonymous said...

If whites attack blacks it's a racially motivated hate crime, but simply mentioning race when the roles are reversed is somehow taboo. Remember the "poor innocent" professor that was arrested last year? Obongo made such a deal of the racial aspect of it, then had beer with everybody. Where are Holder and Obongo in regards to the black mobs?

Anonymous said...

For those of you who cannot get, or would rather not get, a concealed carry permit, consider getting yourself a Kimber Pepper Blaster II to carry around whenever you leave home. I just sent one to my mom in New Jersey, which is one of those anti-gun "blue" states where only the politically-connected can get concealed carry permits, yet has no shortage of black savages that victimize white people.

PepperBlaster II

Anonymous said...

So here we are with what we knew to be happening now so clear that people that have denied it for so long will have to at the very least consider the possibility. The liberals will not be able to reconcile their views to this reality. The next one will probably be just as big and some will see it as a battle cry. It will not be long before a White person who is armed takes action in one of these attacks. That’s going to be seen as a battle cry, too. I don’t see this ending well for anyone. I don’t believe this is going to get better. There really isn’t any viable solution given the laws of BRA. I think we’ve PC’d ourselves right into a corner. It’s time to take action around self-defense.
With the financial mess that’s going on in our country as well, I see our next few months as being very dark indeed.
Paul commented it’s going to be interesting weekend. I agree.

Bemused stare said...

So the best course of action is never, EVER to be around in any public place where Black mobs might be. This means no movies, fairs, public places, festivals, city streets, and the like. Simply avoid public places at all times. Stay home.

That is good advice on safety Whiskey. Trouble is, what should we do once they start dragging people out of their homes?

Anonymous said...

If whites attack blacks it's a racially motivated hate crime, but simply mentioning race when the roles are reversed is somehow taboo. Remember the "poor innocent" professor that was arrested last year? Obongo made such a deal of the racial aspect of it, then had beer with everybody. Where are Holder and Obongo in regards to the black mobs?

Actually, that "African American Studies" professor was arrested more than two years ago, in July of 2009. I would still be willing to bet that this professor, a friend and associate of Obongo beforehand actually, staged the entire incident merely for the purposes of a self-serving publicity stunt.

Henry Louis Gates arrest controversy

Joel said...

NW European: "I would argue that state welfare, BRA and mass immigration stems from a core belief that human kindness, the greatest of all values some would say, is rooted in altruism, and because that's what Jesus said (do unto others), and did (died for our sins). To follow his example is to be an altruist, which in real life means sacrifice."

You sound like a Randian Objectivist. Except Christianity has nothing to do with the altruism of which you speak. The founding of America relies on the building blocks of the Christian Reformation: without the belief in the fallen nature of man and the property "rights" implicit in the 8th commandment, laissez faire capitalism, economic individualism, and limited government divided into separated powers would have never been conceived, let alone realized. At America's beginning, when Calvinistic thought was the strongest and most widespread during its history, there was no state welfare, BRA, or mass immigration of non-whites. These things all came later, after newer, anti-Christian philosophies began to emerge and take hold of the populace.

Furthermore, Christianity does not teach that self-sacrifice is the end goal. The commandment "love your neighbor as yourself" implies that self love is a legitimate good. Even Christ when committing the ultimate sacrifice in dying for the sins of his elect, did so "for the joy set before him" (Hebrews 12:2). Christianity does not forbid self-interest. Indeed, the very call of the gospel itself--believe the gospel and have eternal life--is one that appeals to the self-interest of man. If the promise of forgiveness of sins and eternal life in heaven is not an appeal to self-interest, I don't what is.

If you want to point the finger at Randian altruism as the cause of the decline of America, go right ahead. But neither the example of Christ or Christianity in general is to blame for it.

Anonymous said...

Please stop the verbosity and rise!

Anonymous said...

The people in DC representing "the conservative" could care less about you as long as you send in your yearly donation to keep their organizations afloat.

Neoconservatives and libertarians (classical liberals) are not that much different from (modern) liberals. They all believe in one form or another in moral liberalism (cultural liberalism). The difference comes down to aspects like economics and such.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. The change that needs to happen is moral, a new reformation. All reformations start with truth and a politically correct environment needs to continue to be exposed for what it is, a lie, that needs to be dismantled forthwith. Paul, for standing up to the powers that be and exposing the lack of clothing on the Emperor, many thanks.


John said...

The media have been, as ever, conspicuously silent about this and what few media have "reported" on this have, as one would expect, been beyond bending over backward sickeningly politically correct, sugar-coating this to no end and dismissing this as nothing more than a mere bagatelle, if that.

This so contributes to these very animalistic attacks by the ruthless, vicious negro (is there any other kind..........., of course not), effectively giving these stench-ridden Kenyapithecus license to once more demonstate their inherent animalistic ways, their vicious and ruthless pathology.

Where you see so much as one negro you have a serious problem. More than one and you are facing catastrophe. I am armed whenever I set foot outside. You need to be too.

Col. George Taylor said...

"You maniacs! You [DWLs and NAMs] blew it [Western civilization] up! Ah! God damn you! God damn you all to hell!"

Anonymous said...

"Sadly, conservatives are wimps"

Well, I was just banned from posting at American Thinker. The crime?Describing black behavior for what it is - a naturally occuring phenomena, for which there is no cure.

Nope. Not one "N" word, or anything of the like.

And this is considered a hard core conservative site by many.

This IS war. And unless we are at least allowed to speak the truth about what is happening, and about the enemy, we are doomed.

MrGJG said...

I'm amazed that no nigs have been shot yet.
Seriously, it's inevitable, and when it happens, all bets are off.
The poor bastard will no doubt be charged with a hate crime as all the groids will claim he made racial remarks.
Even if all the evidence shows the guy was acting in self-defense, he'll still get convicted for fear of the black bastards burning down cities.
This is what all white people have to consider before defending themselves.
Crazy old Charlie Manson was right, albeit a few decades off.
Helter Skelter is coming down fast.

Anonymous said...

hey,the reason whites dont act like this,we prefer to stay out of jail,to the nigs jail is the Hilton Hotel,with spas,cable ,gym,three square meals all free

Anonymous said...

@ MrGJG,

I agree that it is only a matter of time before a white man draws a gun and shoots down a couple of rioting "urban youths." Whether he will be ultimately convicted or not, however, is not so certain. Down here in Texas a few years ago a white man by the name of Joe Horn saw two "gentlemen of color" burglarizing a neighbor's house. Joe grabbed his twelve gauge shotgun and whacked the two urban youths as they were getting away. The Pasadena police immediately appeared and began an investigation, but did not even arrest Joe. A Harris County grand jury was convened to look into the incident. While the grand jury deliberated, it came out that the two dead burglars were career criminals, home invaders, and illegal aliens. Joe Horn was no-billed, much to his relief.

There is an unwritten law in Texas that it is a defense to homicide that the worthless son of a bitch needed killin'. That's why Joe walked without even having to endure a trial.

The local leftist scum and "civil rights leaders" were simmering in their anger, but they were far outnumbered by those of us who support the Second Amendment, and the notion that a man's home is his castle.

Joe's no-bill serves as an enduring object lesson to every wannabe teen mob that this is Texas, not Maryland or Michigan, and that if you run wild, some armed white man might just revoke your breathing license and remain a free man.


Ian J. MacDonald

Playing Roots Backwards said...

I can see into the future.

This fun will also happen in St. Paul at the Minnesota State Fair in the last week of this month. The Black Plague has moved farther and farther out Snelling Avenue every year until now the residential areas near the fair grounds are at the stage I would describe as "pre-ghetto". Lots of nigs in the area pools and plenty of niglets on the rides at the amusement park.

The Niggersota bruthas will not want to be outdone by those true niggas in Milwaukee, so some of those Cold Country DWL's have a definite date with reality in a few weeks.

You can bet both pinky fingers and a big toe that while the emergency room personnel are putting stitches in the heads of White victims at Ramsey County Medical Center, the PC pukes at the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune will be busy figuring out how to spin the racist attacks into tales of fist fights that broke out between unruly fair attendees.

Like Wisconsin, Minnesota has it coming. Back in the 70's and 80's every editorial in every newspaper in the Mpls./St.Paul Metro Area was dedicated to telling the good people of Mississippi, Alabama and South Africa how they were supposed to be treating their niggers. Now that Minnesota has its own ever-increasing nigger population, I am amused and entertained by the thinly-veiled expressions of terror on the faces of White folks in the malls when a cloud of cannibals drifts by. They never fail to find something utterly fascinating on the floor or in the window of the nearest shop.

Ha, ha, Minnesota. What do you think of George Wallace and Frederik Willem de Klerk now?

I'll see you at the fair.

Stan Watie, CSA said...

Credit raters were slow to calculate the financial impact of Black Ruled America, but now the signs are so stark and depressing, not even the "system" can ignore the problem-

"More broadly, the downgrade reflects our view that the effectiveness, stability, and predictability of American policymaking and political institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenges to a degree more than we envisioned when we assigned a
negative outlook to the rating on April 18, 2011."

Clearly, S&P is racist, because only a racist would downgrade the debt of a nation ruled by NegrObama.

NegrObama did "fundamentally transform the United States of America" toward its inevitable destiny as a third world turd world cesspool of Negrocruption and nation failure.

Whites didn't wake up in time, and now it's too late. Mark your calendars- August 5, 2011, the definitive marker date of America's permanent slide into Zimbabweadom, hastened by our "historic first African American president."

The advantage of being a WN, RR, outright HH Racist is that you will always win the victory of being the first to say "told ya so!"

Let's just hope the downgrade mostly hurts rich White liberal elites, as well as rich Whiteys who horde their White privileges and leave the rest of us who can't afford private gated communities to fend for ourselves against the black swarms.

THE FIFTH OF AUGUST, 2011: Nothing will ever be the same again... worse and worse is our fate... told ya so...

AnalogMan said...

NW European @ 12:36: What I fear, is ... we'll at some point have a civil war.

Get used to the idea. That's actually the preferred option; the alternative is abject surrender and extinction.

Stephen @ 12:42 is absolutely correct. We need separation. Absolute separation. In the short term that means avoiding all contact with negroes. Don't date them, don't do business with them, don't go where they are. And stop inviting them into your living room - stop watching TV. No more football, no more basketball. If you have relatives with the curse, drop them.

You will be amazed how much less stress you will suffer.

AmericanGoy said...

"So the best course of action is never, EVER to be around in any public place where Black mobs might be. This means no movies, fairs, public places, festivals, city streets, and the like. Simply avoid public places at all times. Stay home."

I need to go shopping, dammit.

You cannot stay in your home 24/7, goddamit.

This video of them shooting up the bus (I don't care what the asenine explanation of the affront is - THE AFFRONT! hold me) is chilling.


Sierra Nevada said...

Here's a new angle - you all decry the lack of MSM coverage; well you must know by now the MSM has been lying to you for decades, and is really just a front for the corporate-fascist Federal Government Hydra.

Say, if your kid or spouse lied to you every day for long would you take it? Why would you take it?

I canceled my cable and newspaper 5 years ago, and my TV only turns on for a movie from NetFlix or some other rental.

Only Americans, like you perhaps, are stupid enough to PAY for the privilege of being propagandized to. You to can dump off you cable and paper, save a few bucks, and be as delightfully clueless as I am when some human **** begins discussing Jersy Shore or what's-her-name - oh yeah, Lady GaGa.

The MSM pisses in your face daily, and you shovel money at them with cable fees and by boosting their advertising revenue. Get your head out of your butt, and their lying hands out of your wallet and mind.

NW European said...


I'm not pointing the finger at Christianity, but that's where our culture's altruist roots lie. And the decline is all over the west, not just America. Look at all that we're giving away for free, our heritage, our entire civilization is being squandered on frivolous consumption, welfare and useless wars, and we're even borrowing money so that we can spen even more. The economic fallout from this is going to be devastating. Now, I mentioned Christianity, but I don't blame the religion for the fall of the west, I blame the failed morality of altruism.


I disagree, I think we can avoid bloodshed, at least large scale bloodshed, if we put our foot down and start defending our lives, liberty and property. Criminals need to be punished, the government is more busy spending money than actually protecting citizens. If somebody drags a person out of his own freaking car and beats him, then obviously he has no respect for the law, or for other people's lives and property, and he NEEDS to be locked away for the longest time. Instead, they roam the streets like wild animals, criminals are treated with kid gloves because most people feel sorry for them. Lock them up for Christ's sake!!

NW European said...

"Please stop the verbosity and rise!"

Rise how, when? On what values? Who leads?

We need to answer more questions like this, everybody agrees that there is a problem, who's got answers?


MrGJG said...

Good old Joe Horn. I remember that story.
Warms my heart. Unfortunately, when it comes to such things, Texas may as well be in a different country. Here in Jersey we just put salt, pepper and barbeque sauce on ourselves and wait.

Joel said...

NW European: "I'm not pointing the finger at Christianity, but that's where our culture's altruist roots lie."

So you are blaming Christianity? If altruism is the problem, and the root of altruism is Christianity, then Christianity is to blame--if not directly than certainly indirectly. But I have already shown that this altruism of which you speak does not originate in Christianity or the newly founded America based largely on Christian law and principle.

For more on this, I recommend you pick up and read the book "Reconsidering Ayn Rand" by Michael B. Yang.

NW European said...


you won't succeed in dragging me into a discussion on Christian morality, I believe like any religious book you can read anything into The Bible. Like it or not, altruism in OUR culture comes from Christianity, in Asia it comes from Buddha. I have a problem with altruism, morality is an individual choice, if somebody wants to sacrifice to others it's their choice. Today altruism has run amok, everybody is forced to sacrifice, give your resources to The State and they'll use it to create BRA. We have to stop it before it's too late.

The Cracker Jacker said...

Cracker Jacker here. No doubt mah comments be gettin dissed and dismissed. Black man be gettin pissed and waving muh mighty fist all white hoes linin up to get kissed by.....dis off tha hook bad motherfuckin negro, stealin da show as I take yo hoe she get on her knees to blow but only if she give me enough dough ya know.

Ha ha ha crackers. You might as well get on your knees and swallow what the black man give you coz you know like Chuck D say, It takes a nation of millions to hold us back. But even then you can't stop the black man.

We rule now.

Obama, the HNIC, all crackers get on yo knees.

Go ahead, censor the Cracker Jacker. You only do it coz you can't out verbalize him.

White people be running scared.


Anonymous said...

@ Cracker Jack
" Go ahead, censor the Cracker Jacker. You only do it coz you can't out verbalize him."

Hey, Clever nigger what are you gonna do when dere wont be no mo' cracker to subsidize your free housing, health care, food stamps, AA jobs, bling etc... who you gonna pick on den???

Dem Asians couldn't care less as to what happens to some dumb, violent, entitled and lazy negro, they don't feel no guilt like dah white man. Poor Sambo is going to RIOT when dem Asians don't give you all the luxuries that Whitey has accustomed you to? Dah poor little animals is gonna be met with fierce opposition from dah EAST. Laugh while you can Poor Fool!

Anonymous said...

If someone who is black, is going to blame a white person for slavery, does a white person have equal right to blame that black person for ALL the crimes committed by black criminals? No, you say? Then what God-dam right does someone have to blame me for slavery? I wasn't around then..I didn't tell anyone of any colour to enslave someone else. BTW slavery wasn't just committed by white slave masters. This whole racial guilt complex is bollox, it's stopping people seeing clearly. As far as this beat up whitey night incident goes, doesn't it just show how double-sided the race laws are? Seems so.

Mr. Casper said...

Yo Cracker Jacker little fudge packer, useless welfare tit suckin' slacker. Yobama be failin', Yo mama be wailin, yo train full of freebies just ran off the railin'. Pull up yo drawers an cover yo ass 'cause the Pimptown Limo just ran out of gas. Now you'll find out what it means to be free, when you gotta get real job and go to work like me. If you think you can keep on robbin' and takin', it's a place for yo self in the pen you be makin'!

Anonymous said...

Time to start packing heat and plugging coons full of lead.
You just can't take the savage out of black people. It's always there.
Damn Dirty Apes!

WilliamWallace said...

So, it looks like the war is on. Presently, it's more reminiscent of the "phony war" in Europe, circa 1939; with occasional probing attacks by Blacks against the (ironically mostly Polish-descended) inhabitants of the upper mid-west, while the Whites try to play a defensive war.
I wonder how long this will last?
What will be the "Pearl Harbor" that will galvanize people into action? And most importantly, if there is a "counter-offensive", what will that look like?
Will White mobs clash with Black mobs head on? Will there be more a a "guerrilla war" type feel?
What about the police? How will they attempt to intervene?
Will the National Guard be called in? What will that look like?
Rural America is already apprehensive. Lines are clearly being drawn. It's only a matter now of when, not if, the flashpoint will be reached and what will be the nature of the tip-off.

Anonymous said...

Well what 'if' there were a closer Anthopological Research Study Comparison between the African Negroid and the Caucasian Homo Sapien Published Worldwide Now? If you would like to do a quick study just look at the still existing condition of Africa as a Contininent and Whole ~ worldwide and at European Civilization presently and (even with Europes existing problems) determine which is more Civilized, Adaptable, and Innovatively Sound and Stucturally Functional as a Whole Community beyond some gossipy grapevine.

Anonymous said...

This entire thing creating this divide on both sides is possibly a Government Inspired Conspiracy led by the C.I.A. and the so-called 'One Percent'. Remember, it only takes a few from whatever group to screw it up for everyone else. It is sad that we as a national community have reached this point but know this...Certain of these people would love another Civil War breaking out in order for Homeland Defense to declare Martial Law, call out the Troops, REINSTATE THE DRAFT for the Young, and break out the Heavy Artillary (so to speak).

Anonymous said...

In trying to get Martial Law declared (new Civil War) one has to consider what the real Motives behind such insanity are. Is it because Obama is President and it isn't going well for Blacks (or anyone else much) or is something else going on, a combination of these things and more, or what? Is it inspired and led by shadowy figures within the Military Industrial Complex that only want to expand the Military to the Entire United States somewhat like Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Maoist China, or a Combination thereof? Something like that I suppose. It is the Ultimate in Brinkmanship that is slowly developing on all levels. A Control Freak thing that has Totally become out of Control at this point, since Control Freaks are never really in control of Themselves anyway. That will not stop some on All Sides from once again making the Attempt (Just like pre World War Two). Then Comes All Out World War Three complete with All kinds of Refined Nukes (forget the Governments of the World 'very much including ours' claims that they've downsized their numbers), All kinds of Nerve Agents, All kinds of Biological Weaponry (not including what Nature will add in Disease, Famine, Natural Disaster, Adverse Weather, etc.) once the New World War starts in earnest). Everyone thinks it'll be over in a few days. Wrong, the Human Condition suggests that Mankind is basically a Coward and will stretch this out for many years to come before some Cresendo of ManMade Catastrophe and Misery. He's already well on his way to it. In the End it should be termed what it will actually be, Collective WorldWide Suicide. For it to end in Nuclear Imposed Disaster would actually be Mercy Killing once this War really gets moving. Anyway, this is pretty much what we as a Human Species have to look forward to unless something DRAMATIC beyond Man's Control Happens pretty Quick now. Hope Springs Eternal there is a God. The downside is, HIS KINGDOM isn't of 'This' World. Meanwhile, Mankind will continue to do this Ultimate Monkey Spanking Thing. You understand what I mean by that right and I'm not exclusively meaning African Americans or Africans as this whole thing is a Human Species thing. Remember the most evolved among us is still 99 percent related to the Ape in genetics and genetically the only thing removing us from monkeys is that one percent gene. That one percent makes Us Human. Gee, how Evolved huh? If 'I' could save 'this' world (for Humans or from Humans), I would.

Kyle said...

"I'm amazed that no nigs have been shot yet. Seriously, it's inevitable, and when it happens, all bets are off. The poor bastard will no doubt be charged with a hate crime as all the groids will claim he made racial remarks. Even if all the evidence shows the guy was acting in self-defense, he'll still get convicted for fear of the black bastards burning down cities."

WOW!!!! MrGJG was right on about a little less than a year before the Trayvon Martin stuff. What are the lottery numbers dude????

Anonymous said...

Hummmmm, it reminds me of this story!

Funny, when a savage, idiotic White does it, no comment.

No different from 150 years ago, and you wonder why some Blacks have a deep hatred of whites.

Evidently there is still hatred in both races.

And let's not forget what the white man told the Negroes on his plantation.."As long as you don't go out and kill any white folks,and stay out the graveyard, I'll keep you out of jail".

Why should blacks care if a white gets killed by a Black, you only care if a Black kills a White.

Typical of White thought.

Anonymous said...

Look, unwarranted violence is unwarranted violence. If some hoodlum goes running around pulling people out of cars, destroying property, and just being a general PITA, is doesn't matter what color he/she is. "Worthless" doesn't know color. Shoot it. You can bet I will...and I won't be aiming for a leg, either. You want to stop this nonsense? Start killing the perps. Every one of them.

truth possum said...

U simply cannot reason with those people(sic) absolute force is all they understand just look at african dictators they know this and use force mercilessly. Western (white) values are something they will never comprehend ie the bell curve.reason is lost on those who cannot reason

Anonymous said...

GOD created man . . . SMITH & WESSON made 'em equal.