Monday, August 22, 2011

The Charles Bronson of Race?

Green Week (maybe we should just call it Green Month) is back tonight. A college football/ Southeastern Conference (SEC) preview begins on Friday. With all that is going on at the University of Miami, Auburn University, University of Ohio State and the University of Oregon in terms of Black athlete-students potentially screwing over all of these schools by receiving improper benefits (actually getting a degree paid for and making connections with rich, powerful boosters who can supply jobs and a steady vocation upon graduation just isn't enough, probably because these Black athletes have no business in school anyways) this preview is going to be highly relevant. And... radical.

The Charles Bronson of Race? So States
I also plan on going to the Martin Luther King (henceforth Michael King, his real name) Memorial Celebration on August 28th in Washington D.C. Any readers of SBPDL are welcome to join me. More to come on this later in the week.

On Thursday, an essay I've given a lot of time and thought into publishing will be unveiled. Let's just say unlike most people (goofy conservatives and libertarians who wail on and on about double-standards without realization there exists only one The Standard), I agree with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the videos that the organization is putting out with white males and white females depicted as potential terrorists.

What do Black people have to gain from waging war against a system of government (Black-Run America) that is putting a hiring freeze on new white applicants for Federal employment and one whose Department of (in) Justice sues cities that lack enough Black police officers or Black firefighters?

Nothing. Organized Blackness (think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and elected Black politicians like John Wiley Price in Dallas) is predicated upon BRA's continued perpetuation. Too bad the sky is falling on this unsustainable proposition.

Expect that essay on Thursday.

Oh, and be sure to check out where Kathy Shaidle (of the hilarious and informative blog just posted an interview with me, Paul Kersey. The Charles Bronson of Race?

I like that.

Also, always check out the Youtube channel for SBPDL. You never know when a new video might surface.

Oh, and if you had plans to go to the Richmond Art Walk it would be wise to find alternative avenues for simultaneous exercise and cultural saturation. Black people acting a fool have forced the cancellation of this event. Thanks Black people!


Galf said...

Modern negro culture = anti-culture.

Anonymous said...

Of course these spear chunkers don't go to see the art. It takes a human brain to appreciate art.

Anonymous said...

Great article!

I agree with this woman. Shutting down this event is a concession to fear. These kids are so freakin' annoying. All they want is attention. It isn't good enough for them to have their own event. Oh, no. They have to gravitate to where White people hang out in order to make a nuisance of themselves.

I used to attend art walks but if I saw Mahogany Mobs racing down the street, I'd wouldn't come near the area. Once again, congratulations to the city that allows wild packs of animals to intimidate normal people who just wanted to enjoy themselves during the night.


MrGJG said...

"(henceforth Michael King, his real name)"

Be careful besmirching Saint Martin.
I frequent, or used to frequent some of the 'conservative" sites like Townhall, Big Hollywood (and it's offsprings) and American Thinker.
Just the other day somebody on one of the Big sites was saying how Obama is more Malcolm X than MLK.
I attempted to reply, saying Obama has much in common with King, primarily their both Marxists and their both puppets.
That if your still around in 2027 (when the FBI opens the books) you'll know this to be true as well as many other unfavorable things about this great black leader.

Amazingly, my post did not get approved.
I contacted the site asking for a reason.
They're response was, they do not endorse racist comments.
This is supposed to be a pro-liberty, pro-freespeech conservative site.

The posters at these sites have the same mindset.
Anyone who make's comments disparaging against blacks, no matter how true, the idiots will call you a racist, a troll, or a lib trying to make conservatives look bad.
They're fucking clueless.

Amarillo said...

Kersey has it Positive!

As a southerner I need to stop being anti-yankee. As a 35yr old I need to avoid blaming anyone by their age group.

When the tough times come we will have to stick together. BRA wins if we work against each other.

Stand tall and hold the line.

The comment section of this blog is fantastic.
There are some really smart guys out there who really know their stuff.

Cap'n Crunch said...

Whats this "flash mob" crap. This is a crime spree called a RIOT. Military and State police will deal with this sooner or later when enough people(or someone famous)are killed or captured.
There will come a time, soon I bet, that you will see RIOT CONTROL out on the street, right here in USA.

Nolan said...

The second video has to be one of the most telling (and damning) pieces of evidence of the utter lack of culture in black America. Mobs of "youths" running amok, being arrested by the score, and generally being a complete pain in the ass at an art walk.

Compare that to the same images in the newscast of white teens (and white adults) in the art galleries and small businesses, behaving themselves and enjoying the event without acting like complete jackasses. I feel for the white business owners, who are probably already paying a disproportionate amount of taxes to support these "youths" through various "social" programs, that now have to shoulder the additional financial burden of lost revenue due to the cancellation of the First Friday event.

Can anyone in black America honestly look at that video and NOT wonder why the majority of the white/asian populations in this country are constantly trying to distance themselves from you?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see some artists with balls. The ones they interviewed looked little little lambs... sitting ducks.

I personally came to be so fiercely pro-civilization because I realized that a robust and refined civilization is the incubator of great art (I'm an artist). Whatever kind of society can produce the next Beethoven - I'm in favor of that.

Anonymous said...


"I also plan on going to the Martin Luther King (henceforth Michael King, his real name) Memorial Celebration on August 28th in Washington D.C. Any readers of SBPDL are welcome to join me. More to come on this later in the week."

Why? It's well documented that the majority of white people hated Dr. King and that hate continues to this day.

Are you going to stage a protest?

I know I'll check out the "highlights" to get a good laugh at the insane hypocrisy that will be on display.

-Black Guy

10mm AUTO said...

This is a clear demonstration that there will be no White events allowed. South Africa and the World Cup showed that Whitey would not dare stop even blatant massed disruption for fear of racism, ie. the "horns" that were used to disrupt the games; the USA non-assimilated negroids are going to disrupt every White event (Wisconsin State Fair, Cleveland Water Park, Art Walks, etc till they get rid of Whitey as in Western Civilization and Whites.

Don't for a moment think that this was not organized by NOI (Nation of Islam) and transmitted by every pulpit in Black Churches. White reaction will be telling. To expensive to have metal detectors or cordoned areas. Any small groups of Whites that try to prevent this kind of swamping of cultural events will be smeared as "Skinheads" and "racists". Unapologetic White Pride and Violence is the only answer.

I love the reporter begging the kids to go into these galleries and spend money. HA! You really think they are going to buy a watercolor? The only color they wanted to see was black

In your face Cultural Genocide.

Anonymous said...

On Day 938 of his presidency, Obama says he'll have a jobs plan in a month or so
Obama is on official business. That's why the US tax payer has forked out $1million for his shiny new luxury bus - so that he can go on that official 3-day campaign road tour, into the heart of White communities, trying to convince White people he's got a plan to create jobs for them, or something like that... He doesn't need to go into the Black communities, because no matter how awful he's doing in the WH, he's got their race vote locked down tight. But, back to the job creation circus he's got going on. He's only had the last 938 days to actually do something about jobs, but hey, nothing like leaving it to the last year of your 4-year term to try to deliver something.

Stephen said...

Michael King? Pfft. He is ALWAYS referred to as Marchin Lootin Koon by me, online and in conversation.

Warrior said...


Anonymous said...

My family and I were at the wax museum in Grand Prairie, Texas not too long ago. We were having a pleasant afternoon, when a very LOUD pack of black gals came swarming through, talking and laughing as noisily as possible, and not paying the slightest attention to the exhibits, just sailing past them like they weren't there. There was a wax figure of MLK with a speaker playing the "I Have a Dream" speech in the room we happened to be when this gaggle of loudmouths came in. They stopped in front of his wax figure and fell silent for maybe 15-20 seconds, and then off they went again, loudly carrying on like there were no other people or exhibits in the place. I've wondered since then if they bought tickets for the museum in order to a) ONLY see the MLK figure or b) ruin a nice afternoon for the civilized people that were there to enjoy themselves. Possibly c) all of the above.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post a link to the official SBPDL Youtube page? Thanks.

Server Guy said...

And I will also be around DC this weekend. Let me know if you have any interest in mapping out a contingency plan. Put something in a comment and I'll email you. (I have a family too, so...)

MrGJG said...

"Why? It's well documented that the majority of white people hated Dr. King and that hate continues to this day."

I guess you don't know too many white people if that's what you think.
He' treated as a saint and talked about in hushed tones as one would when speaking about someone of great reverence.
This is how he's treated among the "racist" Tea Parties and "conservatives. I assure you, were it not for "racist" white people, his birthday wouldn't be a national holiday.
Personally, I'm more of a Malcolm X kind of guy.
At least with him, I knew he wasn't full of shit.

Ohio boy said...

Amarillo - agreed. You stop being "Anti-Yankee," I'll stop being "Anti-redneck." We've been divided into groups by our culture, not by race, but by ancient history that I'm starting to think never should have happened, and the stories that have been told in the after of 150 years.

People like you and me (unidentified as of now) will pull together and put at least a few pieces of our country back right again.

Lily White said...

Remember when MLK day was just gaining popularity, and not all towns or cities opted to recognize it?

True story: In those early days, our city council chose not to close everything and pay homage on (the still, at the time, "optional") MLK day. Naturally, the local NAACP swung into action, and began planning a protest march on the steps of city hall that day. The city council and the mayor immediately folded like an accordion, and said, "Ok, ok, we'll close down for MLK Day!" The NAACP replied with, essentially, "Well, it's too late to call off the protest; we're gonna march anyway."

So, on MLK day, on our local news, was coverage of the NAACP holding a march protesting that the city council was racist for not closing the city down in honor of the blessed Dr. King.

In front of city hall.

Which was closed.

For MLK day.

Anonymous said...

These black yoofs that disrupt art shows and fairs are living by a different set of rules. They know that they will be treated with kid gloves. White people do not have the luxury of living by this set unwritten rules.
Another person posted that they were at a wax museum when a gaggle of black women saundered through the exibit talking loud, being rude and being as disruptive as possible. They do this because they know that if they get into a confrontation with any white person (even a law enforcement officer), it is possible to twist the incident into a hate crime. The white person has much to lose. If the incident generates enough publicity, they can hire a poverty pimp (free of charge), really get back at whitey and possibly hit the ghetto lottery.
It is by belief that they have this get back at whitey thing down to a science.
Although not every black person steps out of the front door of where they live with a primary objective to annoy and harrass whitey, other blacks put the harass and annoy whitey doctrine on the side and use it whenever possible.
Like most other non-black people, I just want to live my life and enjoy it as much as I can. I do not wish ill will toward any black people. It is hard for me to understand why and how someone can live with so much hate in thier hearts and devote thier lives to this hate. I dont think I will ever understand.

-Canis lupus

Anonymous said...

'I just want to live my life and enjoy it as much as I can. I do not wish ill will toward any black people. It is hard for me to understand why and how someone can live with so much hate in their hearts and devote their lives to this hate. I dont think I will ever understand.'

@ canis lupus

In the coming years and decades, if your heart cannot muster up enough hate and outright rebellion against our 'lords and masters', the latter part of your life will definitely be that of unhappiness and horror.

How can people think that what is going on in South Africa and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) are not what we in N. America are in for in the very near future? Just the amount of numbers that are being let in to my country of Canada (we have FAR less people here than in the USA and we let in at least one-percent more worth of non-White people to fill out our ranks every year) will swamp us out of existence within 50 years here, no doubt.

Rage, revenge and reformation are the future. Nothing else. The Age of the Wolf is here.

Doug in Canada

Midwestern said...

"They do this because they know that if they get into a confrontation with any white person (even a law enforcement officer), it is possible to twist the incident into a hate crime. The white person has much to lose. "

Gucci Little Piggy blog had a piece on just this!!

The passive aggressive nature of blacks, and how they taunt whites to lash out so that they can claim to have been assaulted. Well worth the time to read.

"Black peoples’ passive-aggression is often a ploy laid out to move on to aggressive-aggression. They float their catty remarks, condescending behavior, or impossible demands hoping that you will take the bait either through a return shot or a failure to meet their demands. "

Midwestern said...

Doug in Canada, do you follow Elliot Lake's blog from Canada?

Anonymous said...

The human brain isn't really built for judging each individual according to the content of ones character unfortunately. The most people we can geniunely care about is, what, 150? While good for a group of primates, doesn't quite cut it for nation states and beyond.

Anonymous said...


I went and perused Elliot Lake News site for a little while and perused it again once more, and I came away with what I already knew before. Canada is so far gone that White Americans do not know how 'good' they have it so far.

I was wrong before up top on my non-white immigration estimates. We are admitting about 3 percent (based on the 30 million people that live in Canada now) non-whites and by the mid-to-late 20's Whites here will be down to 10 percent of the population and there will not be a Canada anymore because these different ethnics that are coming here will balkanize the place and make it 'unlivable' for decent White folk.

Damn it if the end of the world is not just around the corner for we Whites in this world. Damn it.

Racist White (Doug) in Canada

Anonymous said...

@ Doug from Canada.

You are absolutely correct in your asessment of how we need to be as far as the racism and violence we non-blacks could and do endure every day.
When I stated that I cannot understand how someone can hold hate in their hearts I was reffering to black people. They walk around with a seething hatred for whites. As far as I am concerned they do not have any good reason to feel this way. Thier behavior towards whites proves that they do not experience racism at all. Because if they did they would not act in such a way.
As far as being angry about what is occuring, I am. Just like I stated above, I just want to be left alone to live my life. But the current state of affairs leads me to beleive that this may not be possible.

Anonymous said...

Mark Duggan being mourned "gangsta' stylee". He will not be missed.