Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Beat Whitey Night II" at Wisconsin State Fair Produces same result as 2010 "Beat Whitey Night" at Iowa State Fair: No Hate Crime Charges Filed

At the Iowa State Fair in 2010, scores of Black people attacked white people. They chanted "Beat Whitey," an attack that had obvious racial connotations and should have been immediately classified as a Hate Crime by the Des Moines police.

It wasn't. The story was dropped, though the tale of a PA system at Wal-Mart being hijacked so a customer could encourage "All Black people to leave the store," became a cause for national concern. How dare someone say such a thing! Not "Beat Whitey", which is encouraged - as a visit to the Smithsonian Institute's Race: Are We So Different? would readily attest - but that someone would rudely ask Black people to leave Wal-Mart.

Call in the National Guard!

Now after hundreds of Black people attacked whites - pulling white people from their cars like The Crazies did in the horror movie of the same name - at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee, police have come to the same conclusion as those officers in Iowa did after the "Beat Whitey" story died down; there was no Hate Crime:

West Allis police are releasing new details about some arrests on the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair, but say none of those incidents possessed elements that would prompt their prosecution as hate crimes.  

WTMJ-AM reports the Police Department issued a statement Tuesday with new information about a handful of the more than two dozen arrests made last week.

Witnesses reported the opening night attacks seemed to be racially motivated with young African Americans beating up white fair goers, but police say as of now there isn't enough evidence to support those claims.
The State Fair has since stepped up security with the help of local and state officers. There have been no reports of similar widespread incidents since opening night.
Hundreds of Black people attacking whites? Doesn't need to be discussed by the media, when more pressing matters need coverage like the Wal-Mart PA system being hijacked. - a nominally conservative site - has done a good job covering the Wisconsin State Fair incident and new 911 calls have been released that describe the "Beat Whitey" phenomenon in chilling details:
Last week, The Blaze reported on an incident in which groups of black teenagers reportedly attacked white patrons on the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair.

The next day, Gov. Scott Walker called in the State Patrol to ensure crowd safety for the remainder of the fair. Now, The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department has released audio of the 911 calls what were made during the attacks. has more:
These tapes display the graphic details of attacks, some of which were racially motivated. We also spoke with someone who could put that part of the story in perspective.
Most callers tell dispatchers they see a racially motivated melee. One caller told dispatchers, “A whole bunch of black dudes f—– jumped on me. I’m bleeding all over.”
You can watch a news report from WITI-TV, below, to hear some of the startling 911 tapes: highlights one of the other calls (you can listen to more of the frantic pleas for police help here):
Caller: “We‘re outside State Fair and there’s a white guy getting beaten up by about 100 black people,”
Dispatcher: “Where?”
Caller: “84th Street right by the Pettit Center.”
Callers: “It’s like a fricking riot out there.  They’re jumping on our cars and everything.”  “There’s 300 black people.”  “There’s, like, a riot.”  “You better get some cops down here by State Fair Park.”  “There’s about 200 kids out here beating guys up.”
Police have released a statement highlighting what took place during the first night of the fair. There are currently nine assaults, one robbery without a weapon and one attempted robbery with a weapon on the docket for investigation. Currently, the suspects are being described as African Americans and the victims are reportedly Hispanic and Caucasian.
No Hate Crime charges in the "Beat Whitey" story from the Iowa State Fair attacks by scores of Black people on whites in 2010; now, no Hate Crime charges in the "Beat Whitey" story from the Wisconsin State Fair attacks by hundreds of Black people on white in 2011.

Cities across the nation are enacting curfews to protect law-abiding citizens, because a growing portion of Black people refuse to comply with the law. Instead, they engage in Mahogany Mob activity that can be best described as a variation of the Knockout King game popular in St. Louis.

Just ask Carter Strange in Columbia, a white guy who was 'lynched' by eight Black people.

No Hate Crimes will be filed in Milwaukee, for the actions of hundreds of Black people are protected in Black-Run America (BRA). Black people have immunity from being charged with a Hate Crime in America if that crime is perpetrated against normal white people.

Never forget what happened in Iowa in 2010; never forget what happened in Milwaukee in 2011. More importantly, never forget that in both cases the legal system decided against attaching Hate Crime to the charges against The Blacks involved in the "Beat Whitey" nights in both incidents.

Normal white people in Black-Run America have only one task: pay taxes to keep the whole system that seeks to deprive them of all legal rights afloat. If you get attacked by Black people going to a state fair or other cultural event, then it was your fault for going. If you speak against this system, you'll pay the price.

No Hate Crime charges in Milwaukee. Let that sink in for a moment.

Did it sink in?


Do you now understand that white people don't have Civil Rights in BRA, save the uncivil right of tolerating rampant Black criminality in our midst? The same type of Black criminality that terrorizes the streets of Philadelphia, which Mayor Michael Nutter has finally called out as being "exclusively Black?"

The same type of Black lawlessness that is bringing an emasculated England to its knees right now?

No Hate Crime charges will be filed. Let that sink in a moment.

Did it sink in?





Mary said...

I listened to the FOX news link of the 911 calls and actually thought: wow, they are reporting this honestly.......and then, what comes on the screen? A (now "reformed") WHITE former skinhead who tells us all " back in the day, I made these kids look like boyscouts"....

I nearly puked....
and of course, the moral of the story is to LOVE AND FORGIVE cuz "hate just begets more hate" says the idiot-WHite guy.

Barf o rama, I knew that video was too good to be true.

Dissident said...

The level of appeasement at which whites go to placate the Africans is beyond my comprehension. Is there anything these people will do to whites that can or will be considered criminal or racially motivated?

Am I living in a nightmare or is this really what we've become in this country? I'm astonished at the total disregard for law and civility.

Desperate times are going to require desperate measures.

Keep your powder dry!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Fox has finally started talking about the Mahogany Mobs:

MrGJG said...

Dispatcher: 911
Caller: Help, I just got jumped by 50 niggers.
Dispatcher: Where are you sir?
Caller: The corner of 8th ave. and Maple
Dispatcher: Their on the way.

Police: Mr. Smith
Caller: Yes, thank God your here.
Police: Put your hands on the car and spread-em
Caller: You don't understand officer, I'm the one who was attacked, look at my face.
Police: Mr. Smith your being arrested for a hate crime. The N-word is illegal. Watch your head getting in the car.

Anonymous said...

We can see how well the policy of appeasement and love of everything multicultural has worked in England. When the riots come here, they will be much worse.

LBD said...

I've been reading the British newspapers on line. They still dance around the fact that 98% of the rioters are black, and print photos of the few white rioters.

Now groups of volunteers are forming "broom brigades" to clean up the damage. Not one black face in that crowd, they can't even find a negro to do a close-up shot and frame out the white folk.

bubo said...

White guy had his face shattered by blacks in another "random attack" on the streets of Philadelphia. Since they now have curfews this attack happened around 6pm, broad daylight. I guess the ACLU would piss their pants if a much needed total ban on black teens in public were ever proposed.

As to the cowardly police in Wisconsin who don't care about the safety of white people, I say to hell with them. It seems like the police are in total alignment with the media in their constant covering up of black atrocity against white civilians. This is the same police force that basically told the unfortunate beating victims of the July 4th zulu attack that "that's just the way it is around here, just go home."

I would ask the rank and file cop on a force such as this, aren't you ashamed? I saw the metro (or possibly homo)sexual police chief in Milwaukee start his comments after the July 4th attack with "of course crime is colorblind" and then go on with typical lib silliness. It makes me so goddamn angry. I guess it's just ingrained into the public consciousness in the North that they must never question whether the South did the things they did for a reason.

Anonymous said...

MrGJG, what you wrote is pretty much the reality in many Western European countries, like Britain, for example. Calling someone a racial slur is illegal, and it will get you arrested, maybe even prison time. Non-Whites are pretty much untouchable under the law, so I can really see a situation like that unfolding in Europe.

The Cracker Jacker said...

Yo, Crackas, Cracka Jacka Smacka here. To those of molecule size weenus:


Get it? Got the mothafuckin picture? Unnastan a nigga?



Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to go to a Philly hood, wear a popped collar Polo and my Brooks Brothers shorts, bring 4 cans of bear mace and brass knuckles, and just wait for a mahogany mob to take the bait. Better yet, I'll make my own anti mahogany mob of guys who will punish these hood rats by any mean necessary since the police are too chicken to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

We are all Rhodesians now.

Anonymous said...

Soon ....soon .... ... but not quite yet. Most whites are still living in fuzzy wuzzy sleepy-time land (where everybody's equal!).

What will be the spark that kicks it all off?

Meditate on that for a minute or two.

Indianapolis said...

Media spin.

The iconic victim of the British race riots isn't White. He's Mohammed Ashraf Haziq, Malaysian.

See typical story here ►

The media wants us to believe the riots were not about non-Whites attacking Whites.

Indianapolis said...

Here's a video of Whites defending their neighborhood and families in Britain.

Why can't Whites do the same in the USA?


Anonymous said...

First documentary made about London riots:

D J said...

The police are merely openly showing themselves as what they always have been. They are little more than trained dogs who perform for whomever is in charge at the time.

Note that when Gypsies, the halt and lame, the Slavs, the homosexuals, and the Jews were rounded up in Germany's experiment with the New World Order, it was the police who did most of it.

Sure, they smile at you today, they even buy food at your restaurant or have their kids go to your dentist office or whatever. But when the chips are down, or a law is passed that suddenly makes what was a law abiding citizen (you) a criminal or an "undesirable", it will be Officer Friendly shouting "raus! RAUS!" as they herd you into the trucks and vans.

And I doubt they will have the courtesy to ask you to watch your head when they do.

Steve said...

Ive said this on a few other forums. We are at war people and the police are not on your side!

Anonymous said...

"I've said this on a few other forums. We are at war people and the police are not on your side!

They WILL be on our side when the local/state governments can't pay them anymore. That will coincide with the day the EBT cards don't work anymore.

Amarilloan said...

Generalized police bashing?!?

When it all goes down, most (no not all officers are good guys) will be with us.

This nwo crap is getting too mainstream in white america.

I am so sick of whites buying into the 911 truth, nwo crap.

Fuck the communists is what we should be yelling. I enjoy my personal property and I don't want it taken from me by anyone. That also includes low class whites.

People that rant against the police with over generalized attacks make me think of hippie lib college punks.

Anonymous said...


"Germany's experiment with the New World Order"

WTF? Get your facts straight. Germany was precisely fighting AGAINST the NWO.

"... it will be Officer Friendly shouting "raus! RAUS!""

Do me a favor - quit the stupid German-bashing just for effect. and while you're at it you can stop the cop-bashing too. Most cops are very decent and, at the present time. very FED UP people. It is not they who decide whom to slap which charges on.

65 % of White Americans have German ancestors. You're messing with the wrong people.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I don't believe the NWO stuff either, but police did confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens during Katrina.

Generally, I'm for communities pulling together and policing their own areas. This also happened during Katrina when a white suburb put up barricades on a bridge into the town and road-blocks to keep out unwanted scum.

They also had perimeter patrols and neighborhood watches set-up (they were armed) to maintain order.

Anonymous said...

"... when a white suburb put up barricades on a bridge into the town and road-blocks to keep out unwanted scum. They also had perimeter patrols and neighborhood watches set-up (they were armed) to maintain order."

That's exactly the point. We have to get organized and cannot afford being taken by surprise anymore. One of the measures that will require is that we re-create a racial solidarity among Whites. With the daily rat race and the atomization of our society that solidarity has gotten lost.

Ironically, the more the negroes show their true colors (lol) the more our people will become aware of their own.

Dissident said...

Hey Cracker Jack.

Let this sink into your "molecule-sized" brain.

When the Hispanics get finished wiping their A$$e$ with you blacks, then you can sit back and brag about your penis size to all the mestizos in the hood!

Until then, enjoy your mob rule.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back, Snooze.

Anonymous said...

@ The Cracker Jacker

We all know you have the brain capacity of an amoeba. You're only brave when in pack, if you were all by yourself, you'd probably run in front of a lone female who'd shout Booh! Ha! ha! ha! Is tat why dah negro need to equalize dem bravery wit dah size of dah Jacka peckah??

Your pecka wont help you when I decide to kick it in, Buster!

Anonymous said...

"Yo, Crackas, Cracka Jacka Smacka here."

Paul, please stop allowing this type of nonsense, it's a complete waste of space, and adds NOTHING to the discussion.

This poser is probably not even black.

That Notorious Pimp Cracker Jacker said...

Nice try anonymous at 5:34. No cracka can question my blackness. You would not say that shit to the face of any black man.

Anonymous, rather than call for censorship, why not debate the Notorious Cracker Jacker on the issues. Cracker Jacker adds "nothing"? Then debate him.

The issue is simply this: Niggaz Rule. The author of this blog explicitly admits this true fact by employing the concept of BRA. BRA is real. This blog is dedictated to the impossible task of the destruction of BRA. Therefore, We rule now.

The floor is now open for debate:

Anonymous said...

"You would not say that shit to the face of any black man."

You're not black, you are a poser, you have nothing intelligent to add, and you're boring.

Now hurry up and reply with more nonsense, I own you, and you will do as you are told, because you're my boy.

Anonymous said...

Word is the Wisonsin police are recommending a 16 year old Negro be charged with a hate crime. Good thug that little Negro will neverget a job.

Anonymous said...

Nobody's caint figga out why young Dejon Marquee White murdered dat San Diego cop. Couldn't a been a hate crime cuz dat cracka cop be white an shee and dat don' count.

An he haid so much promise an shee dispite his rekord uh robbery, reckless drivin' and resistin' a police officer.

Anonymous said...

"The issue is simply this: Niggaz Rule. The author of this blog explicitly admits this true fact by employing the concept of BRA. BRA is real. This blog is dedictated to the impossible task of the destruction of BRA. Therefore, We rule now.

The floor is now open for debate: "

"Now". "We rule NOW". Such a precarious position to be in. "NOW" does not place anyone in an insurmountable, secure position. Your community lacks the foresight to make "NOW", tomorrow. The act of recognition of the dangers of "NOW" makes "sooner than you think" the trump card. There really is no debate to be had. The people of this country have had it with a number of social and political woes that have visited us by an undue adherence to a liberal viewpoint which has not done us any favors and that includes Black people. This site has visitors who are not White, Cracker Jacker. Who are quite ready to assist in whatever actions are needed to bring down BRA because we're sick of your asses, too. We'll duke it out on our own issues with White people, but we agree Black people shit has to be dealt with for the sake of us all.

You are not worthy. Your very failure at managing your own community tells everyone else around you so. No debate needed as the facts speak for themselves.

Rock on, Cracker Jacker and bring something that disputes the experience and documented facts of those failures.

Anonymous said...

Deep down black people know they are failures.

That's why they have such huge egos, when the ego experiences failure it goes into defense mode, which is the denial of facts and the delusion of grandeur.

cracker jacker (if he's even black) knows that he cannot compete with white people on any mental level and he also knows he'd lose to a white man in a fair physical fight too.

Rita Rabbit said...

Were the names of those Black youth or their photos ever released? It seems no problem to release the names and photos of White kids.

Wisconsin State Fair Discount Tickets 2015 said...

Now All The Young People are not allowed in after 7pm without a guardian at the Wisconsin State Fair.