Thursday, August 11, 2011

"The Day the EBT Cards Run Out": A Glimpse of the Chaos from Clayton County

The Reality of Clayton County, again.

The Black Undertow: Best Represented in Clayton County, Georgia
We write about that wonderful county located in Metro-Atlanta a lot here. Whether it is a Black sheriff firing all the white police officers and putting Black snipers on the roof as they are marched out, humiliated in the process; whether it is the first county in America in 40 years to lose its academic accreditation; whether it is the county in all of Georgia with the lowest property value (and some of the worst academic test scores by the children who live there), highest foreclosure rates, and highest rates of crime; or whether it is the city that now gives us a glimpse of the impending "DAY THE EBT CARDS RUN OUT", Clayton County is just the gift that keeps on giving.

The overwhelming majority of Clayton County is Black, with nearly every elementary, middle and high school in the county providing free lunches to Black students whose parents - okay, parent - lack the financial acumen to provide monetary assistance to their children and feed them, themselves, on their own dime.

White people have fled Clayton County. In 1980, they represented 91 percent of the population. They built an economic infrastructure out of nothing, only to see it erode once they fled from the Black Undertow pouring in from Atlanta:
Between 2000 and 2009, Clayton County had a significant change in its racial and ethnic composition, a much greater change than experienced by the state. The county’s African-American population rose 9.9 percent, and its Hispanic population rose 4.8 percent to make-up 62.1 and 12.2 percent of Clayton County’s entire population, respectively. The county’s White population declined 11.0 percent, and in 2009 comprised 30.4 percent of the county’s total population.
Clayton County offers the most stunning visual proof of what happens when white flight meets the Black Undertow; once thriving schools become academically inept, because the students who made those schools academically thrive are gone, their parents moving them to safer cities; the business infrastructure collapses - sustained by the purchasing power of white people who made the county economically viable and attractive to big box stores and business investments - and ultimately replaced with empty strip malls replete with dollar stores, nail and hair salons, and payday loan stores. That is the economy of the Black Undertow.

Here is the story that signifies all that Clayton County became, courtesy of The New York Times:
On his first day at work, the new sheriff of Clayton County called 27 employees into his office on Monday, fired them and had snipers stand guard on the roof as they were escorted out the door.
A judge on Tuesday ordered him to rehire the employees.

The sheriff, Victor Hill, 39, defended the firings and said he had the right to shake up the department in whatever way he felt necessary.

Sheriff Hill also said it was necessary to fire the workers the way he did, including taking some deputies home in vans normally used to transport prisoners because the deputies were barred from using county cars.

Sheriff Hill was among a spate of black candidates elected last year in the county, which was once dominated by rural whites. The fired employees included four of the highest-ranking officers, all of them white. Sheriff Hill told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that their replacements would be black.
That was in 2006.

Clayton County is a reflection of what Black people are capable of... destroying. The Black Undertow obliterated a once thriving county in a matter of two decades. As of 2009, 25 percent of Black people in Clayton County were on EBT/Food Stamps, not to mention that almost every school in the county provides free lunches to the predominately Black student body.  Indeed, all of Metro Atlanta has counties where more than 20 percent of the Black population (in some cases, 40 percent) are sustained via EBT cards.

An image we will see on The Day the EBT Cards Run Out; Clayton County provides a glimpse
And then, something happened in Clayton County earlier this week that offers us that tiny glimpse of the pandemonium that will soon ensue across the entire nation when EBT/Food Stamps no longer work:
Anger and frustration from dozens of Clayton County parents who say their children are going hungry after their food stamps were suddenly cut off.

State officials admit that something went wrong down in Clayton County at the office that administers food stamps and Medicaid but they're still not sure what.

Parents say they can't buy food without those food stamps.

Terry Clark says she stood in line for more than six hours at Clayton County's Human Services Office because food stamp help for her six children unexpectedly ended.

"There's no telling my kids we can't eat. I'm not taking no. We don't deserve that. Nobody should go hungry here in Georgia," said Terry Clark.

State officials say the office was overwhelmed Tuesday with dozens of families facing a similar problem. The food stamps are just not there.

"Me and my kids they haven't ate since this morning. I was supposed to get my food stamps yesterday and I got nothing," said a mother.

A state spokesperson says what happened was out of the ordinary and unexpected but she said they don't know yet what went wrong -- what was the glitch that lead to this mess?

"Our budgets have not been increased, they've been decreased," said one official.

The office director admitted there were problems as he tried to calm fears.

In a statement, a state spokesperson says, "We have both state and county staff working to understand the cause of the problem today. We are working to ensure people receive their food stamps as soon as possible."
"I'm a cancer patient. I need these pills to survive," said Candace Bennett.

Candace Bennett says her cancer medications have nearly run out and after spending all day at the office. Her Medicaid and her food stamps are both still on hold.

State officials say that the Clayton County office was closed Monday because of furloughs and that could have contributed to the lines. They are investigating whether some sort of paperwork or computer problem might have lead to some families getting their benefits cut off by mistake.

In 2010, Atlanta had a Section 8 voucher riot. 30,000 Black people rioted for the chance to sign up for Section 8 vouchers that won't be available for five -to- seven years. We learned in the tragic Brittney Watts story that all of the violent crime in Atlanta is monopolized by Black people; the same can be said of virtually all of the surrounding counties.

Atlanta Public Schools (APS) has just had a hilarious Black cheating scandal exposed that the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce tried to help cover up, because they know new businesses will not want to move into the city if accreditation is lost. Where will these new investors in the city too busy to hate send their children? A school run by cheating Black teachers, trying to help academically inept Black students meet the standards set by their white counterparts in the lily-white (peaceful) suburbs?

Atlanta will be the city where Black-Run America (BRA) dies. The Day the EBT Cards no longer work... Clayton County has given us a glimpse, just a glimpse of the anger that will appear. All across this country exist counties where a majority or near majority of Black people subsist on EBT Cards/ Food Stamps.

Dallas, Memphis, Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Nashville, Birmingham, Mobile, Cincinnati, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Houston, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Orlando, Columbia, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Minneapolis... all with populations of people who subsist on EBT/Food Stamps. The Day the EBT Card no longer provides free food to a certain segment of the population that believes it is their right, their duty to continue receiving welfare and other amenities from the government, is the moment the experiment of BRA officially ends.

Again, a once thriving county in Georgia (when it was white) offers a glimpse of the future for those cities, towns, and counties that allow the Black Undertow to take over. White Flight happens first; commerce and business investments next; and you are left with Black people in control of every level of government, courts, police, the schools, and the Chamber of Commerce.

The Reality of Clayton County is the reality of the power of the Black Undertow. White people can continue building new cities out of the wilderness, but they will inevitably be abandoned when it is no longer feasible to raise children in a healthy, crime-free environment.


Anonymous said...

Here's a bit of White Logic: If you can stand in line for 6 hours in the heat, you can work a job. It really is that simple.

This is what happens when one churns out child after child in hopes of getting benefits for life. I hope they cut many able bodies off the dole, force them to work.

I am trying really hard to give a damn , but honestly, I don't. I care about my people. And I hope many more of us start waking up to the reality that is this 'New' America before it's too far gone.

Galf said...

You know, I was looking at some old photographs today of my distant relatives in Germany. All of them dated to 1952. They were poor as church mice amidst rubble in a broken, war-torn country. YET, they banned together and scraped what they could and they go by and in a few years mostly restored their former lives.

They didn't ask for food stamps.

Sheila said...

I no longer regard them as members of the same species - I don't care that it's not politically correct, or even if it's not technically scientifically correct (perhaps sub-species is accurate). I regard them, and their culture and lifestyles and beliefs, with total detachment and disregard. I have cut my charitable giving (and my political donations) accordingly.

Neither do I count on the majority of Whites "waking up" to reality. The infamous picture of the White Briton stripping for the black shows there is no end to most Whites' passivity and most blacks' depravity. That "spark" people keep counting on to ignite things? It doesn't exist. If the everyday inter-racial crime and murder and rape rates don't do it, and the current mahogany mobs don't do it, don't count on it happening - ever. Just take care of yourself and your family (and ensure you possess the weapons, ammo, and food necessary) and hope you survive while the rest of the world continues on its merry way to hell.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. A certain amount of welfare is necessary in a society. But these people just take such advantage of the situation. Kids are expensive. Why do you keep having more kids when you can't even support the ones you already have.

Anonymous said...

If these negroes were having children that would grow up to be productive members of society, the money spent on welfare and education for them could be considered an investment. But they don't become productive members. The children drop out of school, commit crimes, end up in prison, and on welfare.

It must be recognized that negroes are a detriment to society and any type of welfare that gives them the ability to raise more kids is not only money down the drain, it is an investment towards national suicide.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Never lose hope. I was looking at Drudge, about to go on a long run (beautiful day here), when I came across these articles, prominently featured in the middle top section of the page:

Questions Arise Over Whether 'Flash Mob' Attacks in USA Motivated by Race...

911 tapes show WI fair attacks were racial...

'A group of black people started punching' my kids...

It was this link that I can't stop reading:

Remember about a month ago, The Village Voice tried to claim that there was no Black violence nationwide.

Read the comments at the above linked piece. These are normal people commenting, who are joining the ranks of Those Who Can See.

I've been watching the TV shows "Falling Skies" on TNT. It's about an alien invasion that wipes out 90 percent of humanity (why the aliens would bother with Africa is never addressed, for that continent poses no military threat) and the resistance that emerges in the rubble of Boston.

There is some PC in the show, but the main characters are all white (the most resourceful character is a white racist) and the message of "Falling Skies" is powerful.

I'll probably write a long review of season one (it was quite good), but the entire story arc is centered around inspiring hope to those still alive so that they will continue to fight. So that they can still hold on to that one thread of light as darkness surrounds them.

Right now, all we can do is point to these events in Milwaukee, Chicago, Peoria, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Atlanta, Columbia, etc., and show that they aren't isolated events. That Mahogany Mobs are growing (and becoming more of a threat)and that few Black people are willing to speak out openly against them. Fewer members of the DWL-establishment and the media will make more and more excuses.

All we can do is endure, knowing that ideas being discussed here and other Web sites - ideas grounded in logic, truth and that are just - are spreading. They spread because of the actions of Black people in Milwaukee, not because people fought back.

They spread because the police there refuse to confront Black-Run America (BRA), a governing system that handcuffs reason and logic and paints the person that notices Black criminality as the real criminal.

People are waking up, it's just those elected to power (under the operating rules of BRA) refuse to say anything negative about Black people. Those in any position of power - in corporate, academic, or military life - will never say anything that contradicts BRA.

They have been promoted to those positions because of desire for power and to survive, even if they have lied to themselves to get there.

Having been fired from a company I was quickly rising in for doing SBPDL, I should know.

You must maintain hope. Always.

Despair. Pessimism. A sense of hopelessness. These are not welcome at SBPDL.

We are not doomed.

Anonymous said...

When will Attorney General(AG)in Washington DC, a black, Eric Holder, prosecute the New Black Panther Party for harassing white voters in New York City in 2008? When will the black AG prosecute the Rev?. Al Sharpton for not paying the million dollar judgement he owes to the white police office he smeared in the Tawanna Browley fake white rape case? When will the AG prosecute the black woman accuser in the Duke Lacrosse false rape case? When will the AG prosecute the black rioters in Iowa last year who assaulted the white crowd, threatened them, and tried to kill them in a premediated manner? Where's the AG when the blacks are rioting, threathening white people?

Whiskey said...

Actually, the spark is already there. In a physical confrontation, Blacks will ALWAYS win. Because Blacks are on average bigger, stronger, and faster, and because any White physical resistance to Black violence will be met with jail time. Punishment.

BUT ... you can't blood from a stone. Already most Whites are at a point where they won't pay for this. Whites are too few in number, down to 65% today from 89% in 1940, to endlessly pay out welfare. If something cannot go on forever (Housing Bubble) it won't, no matter how PC it is. The Tea Party is an existential threat to the Welfare system, because it represents the revolt of White middle class taxpayers who see no reason to pay for Black underclass kids, or Mexican underclass kids too (who are far more numerous and rapidly approaching Black underclass violence). Either a complete overthrow of the welfare/entitlement spending system; or Italian-style tax evasion, is in the cards. Even if the PC forces "win" all they will get is Italy's tax evasion. Because there are no more Whitopias to flee to. The Klan could be and was broken, making America's White Middle Class accurately report and pay taxes in the Craigslist Economy is a pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

If a woman needs government assistance to feed herself, she get's a surgically implanted birth control device until such time she can prove she no longer needs said assistance. It only makes sense. Or am I just crazy?

Whiskey said...

Moreover, Whites have a direct interest in killing the Welfare society. There are no longer enough productive White Middle Class people to create growth, with Welfare spending crowding out economic growth. The idea that borrowing/debt can finance in one way or another consumer spending/growth is dead.

Therefore for millions of White voters to see either jobs for unemployed or real wage/income growth will require basic manufacturing excellence and a transformative technology akin to the railroads, electrification, telephone, aerospace, and computerization. None of that can be accomplished with a massive Black and even greater (by a factor of three really) Mexican underclass that is not productive. Any attempts to transform Mexican and Black gangbangers by education is already discredited by fifty years of continual failure on that front.

Thus, cutting off the money in favor of spending that benefits "us" over "them." I.E. space-planes, advanced biofuels, nanotech, and material science.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I normally enjoy your comments (here, at Sailer, and other places) but I have to agree that Blacks will always be victorious. Perhaps in the eyes of the law, where the first white person to fight back and use lethal force in dispelling a Mahogany Mob will go to jail (you are right there).

But many of my best friends were college athletes (of the white variety). Most of the people I associate with workout on a daily basis, train in fighting, and aren't intimidated by anyone.

Sure, 10-20 Black people attacking you would be horrible. I've been jumped by 10 Black people before, and that wasn't fun. But I survived.

Most people are so afraid of confrontation, indeed we've been trained to back down. The other day, I was turning into a grocery store and some guy tried to cut me off, giving me the bird in the process. I'm about 6'2, 225 and the guy who cut me off was a big piece of lard - about 6'5 - and inside the grocery I confronted him, in front of the entire store.

As he yelled at me for daring to confront him, demanding we "go outside to settle things" I just smiled, knowing the entire store could see what a POS this guy was.

It felt... good. I believe bullies must be stood up to and confronted. Right now, across the entire Western world, bullies have gotten a free pass from the establishment (what I call BRA) to do whatever they want.

There will be a backlash. And you know what? I think a lot of Black people will cheer, asking, "What you took you honkies so long?"

I think in a lot of cases, these Mahogany Mobs will back down too, without a fight, if force and a no-compromising attitude would only meet them.

Anonymous said...

I love it! How much do you want to bet some AA employee messed up, causing his fellow negroes to go 6 hours without food? "Me and my kids haven't eaten since dis mornin'". Anybody else catch the dead eyes on that baby negro?

Ryu said...

Wrong! Blacks are indeed on the average faster. But whites are much stronger. Look at the best powerlifters, strongmen, shotputters and olympic weightlifters in the world - Germany, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, etc. That's our area.

Most of our special forces guys are white. Cops and firefighters. The real world isn't just dribbling a ball down court.

In a fair fight with equal numbers with real white men, whites will ussually win. The problem is that it's always 50 blacks against 5 whites.

Dissident said...

Whiskey, I'm sorry but Africans are not on average stronger, bigger, or faster.

I'd advise you go to as these myths are debated and disproved on that forum on a daily basis.

In a physical confrontation, many times the victor is the one with the most aggressive personality. Aggression is definitely an African trait. Whites tend to be more placid and act with more civility, Africans tend to react with impulse and with physicality that belongs to a jungle tribesman rather than a technologically savvy sophisticate.

I think I understand your point, but we should be careful not to promote idea's and memes that are DESIGNED to make the white man feel inferior---HE IS NOT!

Many of the ideas that you're mentioning, are a subtle form of conditioning and psychological warfare against the white race.

The myth of our inferiority is laughable and easily disproven.

cui bono.

10mm AUTO said...

Sadly, I do not believe that a "Separate but Equal" status is possible. Negroids whine for a separate nation (United African America) but you know that such a crap hole would end up as just another Clayton County only larger.

Further, such a nation would have the ability to have its own immigration policy, importing negroids from da mudderland, expanding the number of negroids to the point of over population and starvation.

Expulsion and breeding control over those negroids here on Welfare (as a requirement of receiving any assistance) are the only answers, and it has been ever thus through out history.

Also, in the long term, the stigma of "Militia", fostered by the DWL must be erased, for it eliminates the ability of Whites to group together, train, stockpile weapons, raise money and build a group consensus for defense against criminal negroid attacks.

Notice that the Nation of Islam, which has its own paramilitary wing (The Fruit of Islam) and assassination arm (The Death Angels) can operate with barely a ripple, while our DHS sends out flyers warning of "Right Wing Militia Groups" that don't exist.

As many will say at once, "So what are you doing about it?" I announce, as London burns, the formation of a Washington State Militia Company, the "Green Mountain Rangers". Motto: "Strength and Honor".

Anonymous 1 said...

"Terry Clark says she stood in line for more than six hours at Clayton County's Human Services Office because food stamp help for her six children unexpectedly ended."

PLEASE, someone explain to me what right a woman has to bear children that someone else has to support especially when the people paying taxes worry if they have enough money to support an initial or a second child?

What is comes down to is this; Terry Clark has six children because with every child she gets more free money and free benefits that she can use as she pleases. She doesn't see her kids as anything other than free "income." She probably even hopes that one or more of "her kids" gets classified as disabled so she can get even more money from SSI.

What right does she have? Why isn't birth control a mandatory requirement after the first 'accidental" birth? PLEASE, someone explain to me because I really would like to understand.

Anonymous said...

On the other side, why are these not brought to trial? Even in your case Paul, isn't that wrongful dismissal? They may have a case if you were doing something while at work or using company resources, but what you do outside of work is none of their business and they should be sued? If a teacher can work as a hooker after teaching young children, how can they go after someone for a fair discussion of race? Most of these AA and "civil rights" crap were won in the courts. The only way they can be stopped or repealed by nonviolent legal means. But again, most whites are afraid of their family or their personal reputation.

That was a great point about lawsuits and sharpton. I understand that in a few states where they have sued based on AA college entrance quotas - they've won. The college may have found another way to enforce their quota - but then sue the college for discrimination. A lot of these DWL and afro terrorists need to be hit where it counts - in the pocket book.

Dissident said...

10mm makes some salient points. However any viable, "organized" fighting force will be heavily infiltrated by the cultural Marxists that run our government, that is why the idea of "militia" is almost ludicrous at this point.

A case in point, in the early 90's to the mid-90's and especially the Clinton era, the militia's were gaining ground and speaking publicly and then.........OK. city, etc.

Cointelpro and other Marxist, non-freedom loving, agencies within our own government shut them down.

I'm very skeptical that any whites could organize to levels that our tan neighbors have been allowed to. What does that tell you about the nature of our government.

Can anyone dispute that there is agenda at foot?

The dominant white, middle class, power block in this country must be broken and that's exactly what is happening. Blacks are all to willing to be useful dupes and pawns.

The "Communist" overlords have always said that they will use a countries minorities to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself, "Whiskey," you white pussy. You're confusing a propensity for violence with toughness. Totally different things.

Anonymous said...

I need to chime in on blacks always winning in a physical confrontation. I grew up in a major city and went to public schools. I am a petite woman. When I was a kid, I was small and thin.. You have to confront bullying even when you’re ready to shit your pants. It certainly helped that my father told me if I allowed myself to get beat and did not defend myself he would kick my ass. My father was not one for corporal punishment and if he said he would hit me, I believed he felt it was important enough that he would actually do it. Blacks didn’t like the Hispanic girl with good grades. I was especially loathsome to Black women. My dance card was full for “after school” quite a few times. I didn’t win every time but I held my own enough that they thought twice about messing with me. I was not an easy target and that is what they prefer. The bullying eventually stopped and they moved on.
My father gave me permission and made it so there would be a consequence I considered worse to access my inner bitch. I thank him to this day. It was one of the most valuable lessons he ever taught me about fear. To respect it and to not be ruled by it to my detriment. I’m normally polite and do respect others (as I was brought up to). I would never physically assault someone unless I knew I didn’t have a choice. Being angry at someone just isn’t enough to put me in that place. We all have the instinct for self preservation when “flight” is not possible and “fight” is all you’ve got. Just be on alert for the sucker punch. That’s a specialty of theirs. Don’t get cornered and know that anything can be a weapon if you need one. Once was enough for me to learn that lesson. I came home bloodied but I never came home not giving as much as I received. It has given me a confidence that carries through to this day.
I will never go down without a fight. ALL human beings possess the capacity to defend themselves and don’t let anybody tell you differently. Just the act of fighting back can save your life and your self-respect. That’s not a “black thing”.

Anonymous said...

First the negroes used the courts and legal means, then they used violence in riots throughout the country. I have no idea why any politian or president would say 'we dont negotiate with terrorist', that's exactly what we did with AA and civil rights.

I wish someone would discuss in the MSM would discuss what happened with the sherif in Georgia. I wish there was someone that would show the american public the picture of the snipers on the roof and the white police officers being dragged out in paddy wagons. When I read that story - that was the first time I was hooked on SBDL. All this social engineering is a lot like what I read about (as far as methods) that aided them in gaining control in the early days of the Nazis. Remember: Nazis where the national SOCIALIST.

This is even spreading to other counties. I saw a documentary on PBS about how the NAACP is going to Brazil to educate the black population on how to use there methods in gaining power

Anonymous said...

I used to work on 125th street in Harlem many years ago. I used to pass Freddie's Fashion Mart every day on my way to work. Al Sharpton incited the public with one of his "protests" and as a result 8 people died. A Black businessman lost his livelyhood with no hope of negotiation. Al is worse than you think. Look up the various articles and accounts on "Freddie's Fashion Mart". He is vile and uses Black people in a way that would shame the devil himself.

Anonymous said...

So we have a system that financially incents negroes to keep popping out niglettes while we convince intelligent white people that it's not 'green' to have children. So most educated whites are having 1 or 2 kids while these welfare sows are popping out scores of shitlets. Just curious, do negroes have a shorter gestation period? That woman with 15 kids must have been popping them out ever 5 months. It won't be long before this country looks like fucking Somalia.

Anonymous said...

Paul, thank you for the encouragement.

Homework for self:
1) Work out at least 5 days a week
2) Practice martial art
3) Keep concealed carry gun on me at all legal times
4) Practice drawing gun and shooting
5) Next time a black person tries to intimidate me, do no back down
6) Always follow the law regarding self defense

Anonymous said...

I had to move my grandmother out of an elderly care housing facility after they changed the place into a Section 8 paradise. Blacks are everywhere there and it resembles the worst kind of ghetto imaginable. We all see the crooks at the grocery store, but it seems no one will out their foot down and just lay down and continue paying for it. This is a good story though and once again you never see any of it on the news. I always have to visit this place daily to see the ridiculous behavior these people are allowed to do.

Anonymous said...

Paul, a lot of powerful stuff gets said on the comments section, but the comments section doesn't have a strong presence on the main page where the articles are. Maybe you could have a post that covered some comments to both give the comments some exposure and encourage others to post comments.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

Good idea. I know a lot of people get annoyed that I moderate the comments section, but I try and keep the conversation flowing in a natural direction.

With that said, each week, I'll start doing a "Best of from the Comments Section" Post.

Next week, I'll be visiting a few interesting cities for the SBPDL Youtube channel. Plus, Green Week gets started, along with the look at SEC Football.

I still write about college football because a lot of people who follow the sport notice the racial trends.

Anyways, keep the comments coming. If your comment doesn't get approved, don't get discouraged.

ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS IS SBPDL. There are other sites dedicating to talking about other issues. THIS IS SBPDL only.

Anonymous said...

Is there a SBPDL Youtube channel already are does that start when you get the footage?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it obvious what happened with the food stamps running out? It was a small test to see how the negro savages would react and, I'm sure, many meetings following on the topic of "crowd control".

Com'n, NOBODY knew why the foods stamps ran out? Give me a break. Welfare cuts are coming and the government needs to have a plan in place for squelching the negro rioters. Did you see how many feral negro children were there? Nobody wants to see them caught in the crossfire but ...

The Senior Engineer

Anonymous said...

Sad part is all the kids there are just pawns they most likely never even see half of the benefits the crooked mother receives.

Van said...

Key quote:

"There's no telling my kids we can't eat. I'm not taking no. We don't deserve that. "

Anonymous said...

White males average 1/2 inch taller than black males in America

That's right, white males are bigger.

In my experience, white males are tougher too. People often mistake anger and aggression for toughness, but white people can take pain like nobody's business.

Anonymous said...

What always makes me laugh about the welfare debate is when white people complain about black welfare, and the rebuttal is "there's more white people on welfare than blacks"

But when we talk about austerity and rolling welfare back, the rebuttal is "That will disproportionally effect the black community"

I still believe that the majority of white people on welfare are ashamed to be on welfare, and I know that 99% of black people on welfare are not, and have no desire to do what is necessary to be off of it.

The first race war will be a financial one, as the white tax base bristles at paying for black entitlement.

PercyKittensReloaded said...

How poorly must one have mismanaged their funds and their life that they are complaining to Fox 5 News that they haven't eaten since "this morning"? If you have had breakfast, and the local news comes out around noon or late afternoon to do a story on your food stamp problems, you haven't had enough time to be starving. Look at Somalia; that's starving. Having gone six hours without food is not starvation.

As for black people being stronger than whites...I'm not going to try and get into that debate other than to say that, anecdotally speaking, black people appear quicker to anger, more difficult to calm down, and are more prone to violence and to use gangs to intimidate people, but that whites are generally smarter, calmer, more patient, and can usually out think a black assailant given enough time. Sometimes beating someone doesn't require sheer physical violence, but ingenuity and desire.

I came across an older black woman in Publix this morning wearing a shirt that said "Master Thug" across the logo of a fake Master Card. It had a fake account number on it and at the top it said: "Get rich or die trying". My question would be: what would one be doing in life to get rich that is so dangerous that they could very well end up dying?

Rusty Mason said...

Liberalism did this to black people, just as it has destroyed white families and all Western institutions. Liberals must be arrested now. They will never learn no matter how bad things become, so dash that foolish hope right now. They cannot be stopped with reason or kindness because they are not interested in reason or kindness. Liberalism is their opiate; they are addicts.

Blacks and Whites had as healthy a relationship as possible under the old system. Divorce, drug use, perversion, and criminal behavior were all non-existent compared to today. But the liberals took over and turned good into evil, evil into good, because good men did nothing. Enough! Let there be a zero tolerance policy for liberalism.

Anonymous said...

This story actually scares the h*ll out of me. I never before thought massive rioting/looting could be caused by a computer system failure.
With inept government workers, lax security, and either hacking from here or abroad, this potential situation is just as dangerous as any WMD.

-Anon Coward

Anonymous said...

"White males average 1/2 inch taller than black males in America

That's right, white males are bigger.

In my experience, white males are tougher too. People often mistake anger and aggression for toughness, but white people can take pain like nobody's business."

I think whites are a lot slower to anger; however when we get angry we're far more violence than blacks.

When blacks get out of hand, you get mobs with machetes.

When whites lose their shit you get Operation Barbarossa.

Anonymous said...

From "Dune"
The litany against fear is an incantation used by the Bene Gesserit throughout the series to focus their minds and calm themselves in times of peril. The litany is as follows:

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could sell the big screen TV, the car, and take on a second job under the table.

Phalluster said...

Just curious, do negroes have a shorter gestation period?

Yes, they do.

"The median gestational age at delivery was 39 weeks in Blacks and Asians and 40 weeks in white Europeans. Black women with normal body mass index (BMI) (18.5–24.9 kg/m2) had increased odds of preterm delivery (odds ratio [OR] = 1.33, 95% CI: 1.15, 1.56, adjusted for deprivation and BMI) compared with white Europeans."

Anonymous said...

The only caucasians I saw in the first vid were the report and the Food Stamps admin.

I love the adamant sense of entitlement.

For diversities sake:
Yo da only caucasians ah seen in da first vid wuz da report an' da chickn n` corn bread 'n waffles Stamps admin. ah love da adamant sense o' entitlement what 'chew thinkin' man?

Anonymous said...

These people need they stamps mane! youll be frontin and peeps gotta eat Yo!

Fayette White Guy said...

Clayton County has completely changed in 30 years. Trust SBPDL and me, we have personal experience. A complete shift from what it was as recently as the early 90s. It really puts a face on what having a very large black presence will do to a community.

Anonymous said...

The Brits have started an online petition to deny handouts to the looters...

Paul, is there some way we can start an online petition...using this vid as the basis of our argument...that sterilization must precede any government assistance??

This pathetic negro-animal is the perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with our current welfare system.

Ga. Cracker said...

One guarantee- Whites will never sue over dispossession, but blacks will.

Black Ruled America- sue Whiteys who offend the NAACP's voting rules- Whites don't complain about the reaming-

Anonymous said...

I just sat here shaking my head in UTTER disbelief at the GALACTIC sense of entitlement in some of these stories. It will be horrible beyond imagination when the gov't goes completely bankrupt and cannot pay to keep these ------- placated. Large metro areas like Atlanta, Detroit, Memphis, Camden NJ, etc... will literally drown in blood and violence. We have crossed the rubicon regarding this subject. It is too late to wean them off. Everyone must prepare....

Anonymous said...


The reported did not ask her, "Why isn't the daddy of your six children, who must be your legal husband, supporting his children?"

The media would never allow that Q&A to be televised.

Maple syrup said...


I just wanted to tell you that I've received your books today. I'm quite thrilled and honored to have signed copies from the author himself. Thanks a lot! I'll read them with great delight.


Galf said...

Just curious, what do all of you have to say about whites who collect welfare and food stamps? I understand poor whites collect more than poor blacks?

Anonymous said...

5) Next time a black person tries to intimidate me, do no back down

lol, lmao, lol, lmao, lol, lmao, lol, lmao, etc.

Anonymous said...

To Anon. August 11, 2011 3:59 PM

I've read the article in the DailyMail.Uk, it's an extraordinary measure indeed. A step in the right direction. The British Lion Finally Roars!

Anonymous said...

Galf both of my neighbors on both sides me collect welfare / disability and are in their 30's. Another one down the street get's the stuff as well. They are all white. White trash that is. They belong to the same scum these blacks originate from. Plenty of ignorant white people around as well no doubt about it. More idiots driving on the roads that are white.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Excellent column from John Derbyshire. I'll be addressing this tomorrow.

Oh, and these two stories....


Whiskey said...

The problem with White/Black street fights is that Whites are defeated in their minds before the fight starts. Because they know with a certainty that they will not only get no protection, they face prosecution even if they lose the fight, and definitely if they win. Moreover most White guys are nowadays kept from fighting, and are taught to avoid fights at all costs (which is generally but now always wise).

Yes, the Spec Ops community is almost entirely White. But we are not talking about that. We are not talking about a high speed, low drag operator (who likely would have exited the area at the first sign of trouble, having greater situational awareness). We are talking -- Reginald Denny vs. Damien Football Williams. Or Ron Goldman vs. OJ. Or that skinny, small White guy with the huge Black guy towering over him handing over his pants after already giving up his shirt and shoes.

Look at this stuff:

Most Black guys who like to fight have been in a bunch of them, they know they have the law on their side, that gives them a lot of confidence. They don't care about prison, it's a vacation for them. White guys are defeated before they start.

That's not a game White guys can win. They don't want a street fight. Street fight, you've already lost (only idiots like street fights). Just to be in one is a loss. But White guys have a $134K household wealth advantage to Blacks at $5K (median household, making the real power disparity even stronger!).

The response by White guys won't be street fighting -- it will be to move even farther away, opt out even more, Craigslist economy (black market economy, off books, no taxes cash only) to the point where Pizza stores vanish because every buys frozen or orders for delivery. If daily life is a street fight struggle, outside of Eastern Europe White guys simply retreat. Even the Irish, who "love a fight" have wilted before this onslaught. A bunch of Somalis kicked the asses of various Irish guys in Dublin with no repercussions. Not even the IRA came out to make a "statement."

But if the money is cut off and White guys are far away, that's "air-warfare." No ugly trench combat. All neat and clean.

Indianapolis said...

Thanks, Paul -- you've written another excellent post.

• I call it The Demographic Dance.

Whites build the infrastructure, blacks move in to mooch, White move out. Blacks follow.

• Keep in mind that black folk don't want to live in black neighborhoods for the same reason White folks don't want to live in black neighborhoods.

The problem, of course, is that black folks can't escape themselves.

Indianapolis said...

What's going on here?

• Are we admitting that the black community can't take care of itself?

It can't educate itself. It can't feed itself. It is dependent on White folks.

Example: There a food crisis in Niger. Western nations are donating feed food. The gov't is unable to distribute it.

This is a scenario that has repeated itself over the decades. Africans can't take care of themselves; White folks rush in with food and financial aid.

What is true in Africa is true in Atlanta.

• I find it interesting that the black chief of police would dismiss White cops, but welcome White welfare money as well as state and federal grants from White taxpayers. Does he not realize that, without White people, he would reduced to a starving African or Haitian? Where's the gratitude.

• If it were not for White people and their Western culture and values, black Americans would be living in grass huts, wearing lips plates and bathing their babies in cow urine.

Indianapolis said...

Racial homogeneity begets racial harmony.

(There are no race riots in Iceland.)

Anonymous said...

55 comments and counting!

Awareness of the the plague that is called multiculturalism is starting to grow and the taboo of talking about it is slowly starting to fade.

Keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Consider the person who faces starvation without food stamps for a week. The kind of person who comes into the food stamp office and without shame announces their kids haven't eaten since breakfast.

How GD hard is it to keep a month's supply of rice and peanut butter in the cabinet?

Moreover most White guys are nowadays kept from fighting, and are taught to avoid fights at all costs (which is generally but now always wise).

You'll have to excuse Whiskey's Freudian slip. Whiskey, I heard spirit gum is what they use in Hollywood to keep the mask on.

Thinker said...

"In 2010, Atlanta had a Section 8 voucher riot. 30,000 Black people rioted for the chance to sign up for Section 8 vouchers that won't be available for five -to- seven years."

And this is indicative of all black people in what way? Of course poor people riot! Marie Antoinette allegedly said, "Let them eat cake," and it was on. Poor people are at a constant state of rage because their basic needs are not met.

When 24.7% of the black population of 46 million is at or below the poverty line--compared to 11% of whites who have a larger population but a smaller proportion of poor people--this behavior will look 'black'.

As we know, the stresses leading to crime (such as rioting, too) are exacerbated by poverty.

Solution? End poverty (which would end crime) by redistributing wealth for an equal society (everyone's basic needs are met) and then instituting Neo-Marxist policies. But, apparently, you aren't interested in making society better, nor are you capable of differentiation.

"Atlanta Public Schools (APS) has just had a hilarious Black cheating scandal exposed that the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce tried to help cover up.... A school run by cheating Black teachers, trying to help academically inept Black students meet the standards set by their white counterparts in the lily-white (peaceful) suburbs?"

Crappy schools + crappy teachers (or burned-out ones) = failing students.

Tell me: why are you so stupid?

Anonymous said...


Have you ever met a real redneck?

I have been on the bad side of blacks, and the bad side of rednecks. One was scary, the other was terrifying.

Red necks love to fight and they do it all the time.

They are nature's answer to the american pavement ape.

Anonymous said...

That "spark" people keep counting on to ignite things? It doesn't exist.

No, the sparks happen every day. Sparks don't light green wood. You have to have dry wood for a fire.

First we have to dry the wood, and that's the stage we're in now.

Anonymous said...

Some one joked on my #5 on my list " Next time a black person tries to intimidate me, do no back down"

And even now, I can see how ridiculous it sounds when written down like that. But I think many people have been there...

A black person or group of black people are walking down the street and don't leave enough room for you to pass. Out of politeness, deference, political correctness, or just to avoid a chimpout, you move far out of the way maybe even off of the sidewalk, or stop walking and turn sideways. No more.

A black person says or does something completely ridiculous. They are in the wrong and you know it. But they may play the race card or may cause a scene by going into full chimpout mode. So you let it pass. No more.

Blacks in a group harass you and intimidate you. It's just one of you and if they all jump you, you will take a violent beating - one that may leave you permanently injured. So you back down. No more.

No more backing down. No more acquiescing to ridiculous demands. No more placating fragile negro egos. No more taking the place of a second class citizen. No more.

Brian said...

Whiskey said: Most Black guys who like to fight have been in a bunch of them, they know they have the law on their side, that gives them a lot of confidence. They don't care about prison, it's a vacation for them. White guys are defeated before they start.

A civilized people cannot adequately defend themselves from a segment of the population who views a prison sentence as a rite of passage. The burden of black criminality would vanish within a week in the absence of an official police presence.

The average law-abiding,gainfully employed white citizen,no matter how physically tough, is more terrified of the police than any ghetto thug.He just might not realize this fact.

In Death Wish it wasn't the thugs who put an end to Paul Kersey.

Anonymous said...

Galf said...

Just curious, what do all of you have to say about whites who collect welfare and food stamps? I understand poor whites collect more than poor blacks?

Just curious, where do you idiots come from? Don't you have G**gle where you come from? Do your own homework, you mouth-breather. Now we're expected to give intellectual hand-outs?

Cheat sheet:
Whites: 60-70% of population.
Blacks: 12% of population.

Why doesn't your own ignorance give you pause? Why are you standing in line, hat in hand, waiting on your daily ration of facts and logic?

Anonymous said...

@Galf “I understand poor whites collect more than poor blacks?”
That old canard has got to go. The Fed Govt statistics say otherwise, see for example the TANF tables reference by

(the article SBPDL mentioned above “Excellent column from John Derbyshire. I'll be addressing this tomorrow.”)
TANF distribution by ethnicity/race October 2007 – September 2008
U.S. Total families 1,629,345
Black 34.2%
White 31.5%
Hispanic 28.0%
Asian 2.3%
Native Amer 1.3%
Multiracial 1.2%
Unknown 0.9%
Hawaiian 0.6%

And note that these numbers understate the percentage of blacks in several ways:
1. Blacks have more babies than whites, and poor blacks have way more, so the percentage of black families understates the percentage of recipients who are black.
2. I think TANF classifies by race based on the applicant -- which in most cases (single parent) means the race of the mother. And TANF has far more white women with absent black baby-daddies than black women with absent white baby-daddies. I don’t know what the ratio is, but I’ll bet it’s at least 10:1. It would be interesting, if not incendiary, to see welfare numbers broken out by the race of the baby-daddy.
Discounting for relative populations, the statistics suggest that a black female is 5x more likely to be on TANF than a white one.
I expect the (number of TANF kids)/baby-daddy is at least 8x higher for black males than white ones.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, if you go into a fight thinking you will be defeated, then you will be defeated. You need to drop this "the law is on the side of the blacks" mindset. Even if it were the case, this only demoralizes you ahead of time. Once you have a winning mindset, you are less likely to be attacked in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Our responses at present are limited until the system that supports BRA collapses. This is not far off, as I truly believe we have reached the tipping point--the point at which there are no longer enough white males working to sustain the system.

Think about your own experience. I'll bet most of us here are either unemployed, underemployed, or at least know several white males who are. Outsourcing and offshoring have done for our economy and the postwar way of life. The economic situation is a reflection of this.

We just need to hunker down for now and survive to get through this. Stock up on canned goods and ammo, for when the bottom drops out, it will happen fast. The survivalists are correct. A period of instability will ensue. The dysfunctional will not survive.

Personal and family protection should be foremost. Blacks attack in packs; they always have. Whites used to know this. We just need to remember. Avoid them whenever possible. Maintain situational awareness at all times.

Following the disorder, there will be abundant opportunity to rebuild society. Hopefully, we will remember the lessons learned. We have been here before in some parts of the country. It was called "Reconstruction".

Find out and learn about Wade Hampton and the Redshirts and the others like them. It will prove a source of inspiration and ideas.

bubo said...

An eternal FUCK YOU to the most evil, hateful cocksucker to ever slither his way into politics, the vile shithead we have to thank for situations like this article talks about. LBJ.

The abhorrent loathsome ghoul that foisted "civil rights" ie the rights of blacks to rape white women and shuffle around white neighborhoods looking for white people to victimize, and "great society" which pays black women to pump illegitimate babies out one after the other.

Nasty attitudes, nasty hygiene, nasty smell, nasty appearance enormous, dumb, hatefilled black hippopotamuses that have the gall and total lack self awareness to demand that "da gubmen" feed her fat ass and her litter of useless eaters. Useless being the critical part of the previous statement. Worse than useless actually, detrimental.

Anonymous said...

A lot of this nonsense will stop when White people stop putting up with it. First and foremost, the Negros are the symptom not the bigger problem of a hostile White elite using the cover of race war to destroy the working and middle White classes who they see as their competition. I do not believe that White political dynasties could be possible without Civil Rights and Affirmative Action; so what if they have to throw a little bling here and there at the Negros and let them run cities into the ground?

So, the first order of the day is for Whites to starve The Beast. Pull a John Galt on their happy asses. Move out into the country, raise some chickens, fruit trees and gardens, work as little as possible, spend as little as possible, have as many children as possible. Any White who does not at least have four children of their own is a tool for the status quo. We don't want status quo; we want BRA destroyed. We want the EBT card to stop working so that Negros start rioting. We want the spectacle of a Negro president calling out the National Guard to shoot Negro rioters. Starve The Beast!

Most Whites are too reliant on guns even as the elite are doing handstands to get rid of guns. You can't walk into a business without some posting prohibiting firearms on the premises. Your gun can't do you a bit of good in your car's glove compartment if you are cornered in a shopping mall by a violent mob of Negros.

I'm not totally discounting the need for guns for defending yourself in a home invasion. Many states have a Castle Doctrine. However, you'd be better off investing more of your money into exercises that involve street fighting techniques like Krav Maga, etc and then training religiously.

You have to mentally train yourself to prepare for and fend off aggression, so you will not be taken unawares and be confident enough to defend yourself. That way you don't let a bunch of obese and out of shape Negroes intimidate you. Recently in the news, a frail-looking elderly White lady killed a Negro who tried to assault her by crushing his windpipe, because she had taken self-defense courses. Size means nothing. The element of surprise means everything.

It is important to meet all Negro aggression with deadly force. Do your level best to eliminate the problem then and there. Nothing requires you to remain on the scene to talk to the cops. You want to make a point of avoiding the cops. Make them earn their pay by finding you. Then refuse to speak to them, period. Let your lawyer do your talking.

The case can easily be made that you were minding your own business when you were attacked by feral Negros and you wanted to fend them off long enough to get away. You had no idea you killed one (or more) of them; you didn't stop to check on them. No jury in the land will convict you.

Anonymous said...

"And this is indicative of all black people in what way?"

Please cite where anyone said this is indicative of ALL black people.

If you are unable to do so, please be honest enough to admit your error.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Of course poor people riot!"

Actually most poor people do NOT riot.

But of the poor people who DO riot...

MOST are negroes.

Anonymous said...

"Poor people are at a constant state of rage because their basic needs are not met."

Total liberal nonsensical bullshit. Most poor people become poor because of terrible personal choices combined with irresponsible, atrocious behavior.

Dropping out of school, having out-of-wedlock children, and relying on government handouts is a virtual guarantee of a life of poverty.

Anonymous said...

There is correlation between poverty and riots but that is not causation. Rather they have a common causation. Amongst the Negro the defining characteristics of the population are:

1) Low IQ
2) Increased testosterone levels
3) Increased proclivity for violence
4) Proclivity for token items of wealth and status (aka bling)
5) In Western countries, a sense of entitlement, and animosity towards the host population

Items 1-4 are genetic. They are present among black people wherever they go including their indigenous lands of Africa. There is no amount of education or assimilation that will remove these characteristics from the Negro population, and these characteristics are anathema to modern civilizations.

Anonymous said...

I read all the comments, and I see that many are focused on winning individual, physical confrontations. I think we should also be thinking about how we can respond to violent incidents with non-violent political and public relations tactics. I think that will both be more effective overall and play to our strengths, such as intelligence, organization, planning, networking, and computer know-how.

Also, maybe it would be effective to occasionally dramatize one aspect of this silent dropping-out/white flight strategy that people are already doing? For example, rather than just individuals no longer going to state fairs, or going and being prepared to fight or shoot, what about a political gesture that dramatizes our ability to pull out? Like, say, a campaign to simply stop the Milwaukee fair since the state and city can obviously no longer guarantee public safety. Why keep paying anything towards it (including policing costs)if the people who actually pay taxes for it will be avoiding it, as they face a no-win situation of being victimized either by thugs or by the state if they attempt to ensure their own safety?

This reframes the debate so that it is no longer about politically taboo issues like banning black youngsters from these events in the future.

I am sure that other people can come up with better ways to execute this kind of strategy.

Also, what about a non-violent group show of force? For example, a group of "concerned parents" ( as opposed to letting others label you as "a bunch of white people") decide to attend a state fair in a large group that sticks together, watches out for each other, and goes ready to film any violence or intimidation? Other groups might want to pitch in and hire their own security guard to accompany them - again, more for PR purposes than anything else.

Galf said...

Svigor, calm down, I was wrong and I admit it.

Brother Anonymous said...


"Solution? End poverty (which would end crime) by redistributing wealth for an equal society (everyone's basic needs are met) and then instituting Neo-Marxist policies."

Could you change your sock name to "Delusional Idiot"? It'd be much more accurate.


Anonymous said...

That black woman in the first video looks like Don Cheadle.

It's true what they say, black women look like black men.

Could this be why so many black men are secretly gay?

AnonymousJack said...

The behavior on those videos is disgusting.

Your child hasn't eaten since breakfast?!?!

.<-- Know what this is? This dot is the world's smallest violin playing "My Heart Bleeds For You".

Looking at some of those people on those videos, I don't think it'll hurt them too much to miss a meal or three. Those people need a diet, not more food.

If you want to see hunger, go to Somalia. Look at the 8-12 year old buys wielding machetes, fighting each other over a few crumbs from a pack of crackers. That is hunger.

People reading this blog should have several weeks, if not months of food and water stored up and ready to go. If the welfare checks stop, things will break down fast. Canned goods, good for 2-3 years, freeze-dried food in #10 cans, good for 25-30 years.

Don't let yourself fall into those (sub-human) people's places.

Van said...

"Solution? End poverty (which would end crime) by redistributing wealth"

Translation: pay those who cannot sustain their own existence to behave without stealing from, robbing, beating, or murdering those who can sustain their own existence. In other words, give in to extortion. Of course, we already do this to some extent with welfare, affirmative action, diversity outreach, and minority set-aside contracts.

Also, in a few years, the same disparity will reappear. So we'll have to make it a permanent flow of wealth from the productive to the moochers.

SBPDL whitey said...

Another white feminist deplores the racism of those who comment on the racially motivated attacks in Wisc.

You are allowed to complain of the crimes, but not from the grounds of racial grievance, because that would be racism.

She actually uses the outrage of Whites over the hate crimes as an occasion to complain about her own White privilege. She's marking herself with a "do not rescue" logo. We need to learn how to recognize those like her who should be handed over to the Diversity Curse when the day of reckoning comes. Some Whiteys aren't worth saving. Let the Diversity cure them of their White privilege. Why risk ourselves in trying to save someone who hates themselves for being White? What would they ever do for us when racial solidarity means the difference between life and death? Girls like this are more of an internal danger than we can afford at times like these.


What developed after the attacks, however, did leave me questioning and disappointed in those not involved with the occurrences that day. From monkey jokes on Facebook to slavery comments on various blogs, it became apparent to me that racism was not a left over residual remaining only with skin heads and red necks. Racism exists in most of us and permeates much deeper than I thought.


As a white person, I need to recognize white privilege in our society. I have always known that white people simply have it easier. But I never before gave much thought or notice to the little details of this paradigm in every day life.

Anonymous said...

@ SBPDL whitey

The comments from those hair heads are pretty sickening. They'd probably kneel before a black man and demand forgiveness like that lunatic middle-aged loony on that scandalous photo. As a woman, I'm ashamed to be of the same gender as these neurotics

Anonymous 1 said...

According to the Henry Daily Herald (edited)

"Dozens of Clayton County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) clients found themselves temporarily without food stamps this week, after a case worker failed to review renewal applications in a timely manner, according to a state official. Every six months, food stamp recipients have to re-submit documentation to show they still need to be in the program,

All of the affected food stamp applications are believed to have been handled by the same case worker. That review process, which the state spokesperson said can take 24 to 48 hours to complete, continued into Thursday. The benefits had been restored by Friday.

While applications were being reviewed, state and Clayton County officials worked to set up temporary food arrangements for affected Clayton County DFCS clients.

“At first, we were not sure if it was technical error, or human error,” Shekell said. “What we found out on Wednesday was that there were approximately 54 clients whose applications were not processed appropriately ... Their benefits were not being added to their cards as a result. It was human error.”

It was initially believed that 89 people had been affected by the mistake, but 35 recipients turned out to be people whose cases had been closed because they no longer qualified for food stamps. “Clayton County received approximately 5,000 food stamp applications last month, and only 54 of those applications ended up being affected by this,” Shekel said.

Shekell also did not specify if any disciplinary actions were being taken against the case worker responsible for the affected applications in Clayton County."

So, all this drama over 54 "clients." The newspaperer and TV coverage made it seem like it was hundreds if not thousands. Still begs the question though. What gives a woman the right to have children and expect someone else to pay for it? I would love to see SBPL crunch some numbers for the lady with six kids and the lady wit 15 kids to tell folks how much taxpayers are paying to support these families per month in direct and indirectcosts and services. It would be eye opening!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Have you guys read this? Maybe the tide is turning!

Anonymous said...

In a physical confrontation, Blacks will ALWAYS win.

As Rashid Bebono taught Roger Huerta!

Anonymous said...

Video 1 has been removed AS A VIOLATION OF YOUTUBE's Policy prohibiting hate speech.

Don't be evil Sergei and Larry!

(Isn't this an actual broadacst from a MSM outlet that would NOT let itself be seen to be broadcasting hate speech? (Don't be evil Larry and sergei!))

xthred said...

Great compilation.

eh said...

Here's a proper link to the now released tapes of 911 calls made during the 'flash mob' attacks at the WI state fair.

Anonymous said...

"Me and my kids they haven't ate since this morning. I was supposed to get my food stamps yesterday and I got nothing," said a mother.

I have no words for this. We are so screwed. These people are parasites.

Maid Marian said...

When I lived with my aunt for a year, we often did not have enough money to buy food. I remember eating just plain rice for days. And washing my clothes with dish soap because laundry detergent was too expensive. the dish soap made my clothes stiff and smell funny.
But I can say we did not go asking for handouts.

Anonymous said...

Well here you hide under they guise of information. Keep believing that the only people on welfare, receiving assistance are black, we as people really don't want you in are business, so you take a small amount who may be receiving it and say all are. Yet, I see more white people pulling out their ebt card and buy stupid food, with their fat as children and their fat ass also.

Unknown said...

This conversation is scary...the content and comments. Although I do believe this country's "politics" contributed to the entitlement mentality that some Blacks feel, this should not continue to be an excuse to depend on the government. Years ago, Blacks were considered inferior and "next to nothing" by Whites. I see that is still the case after reading this hate-filled blog. Although I understand some of the feelings, to generalize this on most Blacks is extremely unfortunate and inaccurate. Furthermore, some of the information on this blog is inaccurate. The picture of the police car surrounded by thousands of people should have been noted as having occurred in East Point, GA (woo-woo, I know) not Clayton County, GA and was due to the desire to obtain Section 8 vouchers, not EBT cards.
Slightly hateful and slightly slanted, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Learn how to use spell check..... and fyi there are about 17% more whites using public assistance ie welfare, foodstamps, medicaid and so on than any other race in america... as a minority race... do your research and dont allow bigotry to direct or opinions. And also slavery was not that distant it was closer to present time then Louis and clark or the turmoil in iraq.

Anonymous said...

Its 2012 and I cant believe what I'm reading on this blog. You people are racist and very UnGodly. So now your gonna really act like clayton county actually represents every black person on the planet? Please stop with your bigotry and lues. Im a proud african american woman whose college educated and I work everyday and for your dumb information im 30 and I dont have any kids. The national statistics across the U.S.A show that their are more white people on govt assistance in America than blacks. I dont agree with ignorance or laziness nomatter what color the person is. You people are ignorant and pathetic always trying to blame black people for all your issues. Why are you so angry with us? What have we done? Your ancestors brought us here and even when marcus garvey tried to help us return to Africa you guys.sabotaged us from leaving. I think youre just jealous cause you know that black people are beautiful happy and free plus ya'll know that we are GODS true choosen people. So my great grandma worked for 80 years for free and the slave master hit her in the back with.a stick so she.had a hump. So you idiots really feel like we shouldnt get any restitution for our horrible pain and suffering for the last 600 years? Shit even the jews in israel got restitution for the holocaust and it didnt last 400 years and wasnt as severe, they.even got a whole country of their own. We lost our identity our language our names our babies were ripped from our arms to be sold like livestock. Duh most black people have generational ptsd and ya'll know it! You guys are all just some mean bullies that like to pick on the weak. I agree that alot of black people have issues but honestly what human doesnt? Your thoughtless and heartless blog and comments isnt doing nothing but pulling us apart with the same ole dumb racist crap. I bet none of you fools have ever even met a real black person. Im tired of being put in a ignorant box. Listen up cause this is my last time saying it. Im not on welfare! Yes I can read write spell and think rationally! No I dont have any kids! No I dont have any felonies and ive never been to jail! Oh and for all the nasty white men out there no I dont want you and I dont care how much money you have you cant have sex with me! Yeah ya'll hate us in the light and secretly want us/wanna be us in the dark. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU! Moderator: if you dont post this it proves your just a jerk whose afraid of the truth!

Anonymous said...


Unhappy people posting ignorance...I bet you are all Christian too...right? By the way I believe that you have a right to express you're opinion mo matter what. Even while stating said opinion you shed a light on your lack of Christian ethics and dare I say ignorance.

This comment will probably not make it to your board and that is quite alright or we will all see the unbridled hate and disguised racism appear.

By the way, I am not defending people that make a mockery of the system no matter their ethnicity. My point is really about the hate displayed here.



Anonymous said...

I just want to thank the moderator for his or her courage in posting opposing points of view


Anonymous said...

So ALL blacks are criminals and on welfare?

Lets go over the worst of the worst crimes according to Federal and State criminal statutes

Terrorism (Including Shootings at any public place such as schools, Malls, work place or any group setting, serial arsonist, setting off explosives or ordanance in a domestic/non combat situation)

Sex crimes against children under the age of 13

Serial Rapists

Serial Killing of people and/or animals

Sexual activity in any capacity with any animal (Bestiality)

Large scale methamphetamine production and distribution (By far the most toxic "drug" ever known to man)

Treason (This Puts the ENTIRE country in harms way for decades)

Murder for financial gain 

Financial crimes that involve losses in excess of over $1+ Billion dollars

Large scale environmental pollution (Most of these chemicals that are distributed in the water and/or soil have a half life of centuries long and do not break down)

Now remember
these are the WORST OF THE WORST.

Now who fits these profiles.................

Anonymous said...

history is the biggest indicator of future behavior....

Anonymous said...

On Whiskey's idea that blacks will win in a fight... No. I understand what he was trying to say, that they tend towards greater physical features, are more agressive, and tend to be bigger. But there is much more to that.

As an example, whites tend to be sharper mentally, and do much better at balancing acts, and three dimensional positioning. This is why you do not see too many blacks doing extreme sports, or even such things as ice skating, or roller skating, let alone skateboarding or skydiving or even swimming. Blacks like their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Whites are also stronger. They may not always look it, but pound for pound, the muscles carry more. Whites also have an increased tolerance to pain.

I grew up in Detroit, and now teach a martial arts class, and I can tell you for a fact that in a physical confrontation, all things considered, the odds are fairly even.

Anonymous said...

To the black people posting on this article~ personally, I don't give a damn what you think, want, believe, expect or demand. I don't care about you, your children, your neighborhoods, your "cultcha" or anything else. All I desire is to be free of you utterly and completely.
Go live in Detroit or some other black craphole where your failures as a race are glaringly obvious and ever present and stay the hell out of white communities and quit following us wherever we go to get the hell away from your dysfunction and parasitism- we don't need or want your parasitical presence dragging everything down. Even if you yourself have a job etc, you most certainly have relatives on the dole feeding off of welfare, ebt cards, AA and a host of other gibsmedat programs as well as a number of thug relatives with rap sheets a mile long. Your race (as a collective) is a curse upon every first world civilization wherever your race infests cities, towns and neighborhoods.
Wait. Nevermind. I'm going down to Martin Luther King Jr.Blvd to enjoy all the elegant shops, fancy restaurants, fine dining, museums, and well behaved & well mannered people. It'll be such an enriching experience!
Yeah. Right. I'd stand a better chance of finding butterflies in a sewer.

Anonymous said...

"So ALL blacks are criminals and on welfare?

Lets go over the worst of the worst crimes according to Federal and State criminal statutes "

Nobody on here says that ALL Blacks are criminals and on welfare. We're saying that Blacks, in proportion to the percentage of their numbers, have MUCH higher rates of crime and welfare usage. Nobody on here is saying that there are no White criminals or Whites on welfare, of course there are. It's just percentage wise, in accordance to their numbers, Whites on average have MUCh lower rates of crime and welfare usage.
Go to any place that is all White. It's clean and safe with violent crime happening every once in awhile. Go to any all Black place and it's almost always constant crime, shootings etc. Hence the difference. It's the law of averages.

murder-Blacks commit murder at 8 times that of Whites. In other words for every murder a White commits, eight Blacks do the same thing

rape-Blacks commit at 11 times that of Whites

for every rape a White commits, 11 Blacks do the same thing

theft/robbery/burglary-15 times that of Whites

for every theft/robbery/burglary a White commits, 15 Blacks do the same thing

Anonymous said...

Well, what will happen when the EBT cards stop working is an empirical question isn't it? That is it is not a question of morality or ethics or religion. The US is currently financing its entire deficit with Federal Reserve bond purchases (Monopoly money) to pay for this BRA. As sure as the sun rises there will be hyperinflation which will either shut the welfare system off outright or leave it unable to buy real food. How will our delightful urbanites react when day kids be hongry n sheeit? How long before they start maurauding into the burbs? How long before suburbanite whites Have to confront reality? A failure to do so will be eradicated by natural selection very quickly. The future is scary folks. And the future will be what it is whether it is PC or not.

Anonymous said...

Well I've had my laugh for the day. This website offers insight into the fears of white people & I have to say I am throughly entertained.

Charles E. Winchester, III said...

Anonymous (October 18, 2012 at 7:57 AM):

"How will our delightful urbanites react when day kids be hongry n sheeit?"

Maybe this way:

Earl said...

Now they've waged war against our U.S. Constitution claiming that when it was written in 1776, the "founders" did not have the "blacks" in mind, it's biased and out of touch with today's society, you know what, I'll throw a party and dance on my roof when it's destroyed! White people deserve everything coming…

Unknown said...

buy lots and lots and lots of bullets!

Anonymous said...

Clearly you don't know any black people other than what the media allows---yes, allows---you to. I am African American. The majority of my friends have graduate and post grad degrees. I used to write state legislation and so I can correct your unabashed ignorance with little effort. By sheer numbers, whites make up the majority of the population in the U.S., therefore,until this dynamic changes, there will always bee more white people on welfare, more living in poverty, more crimes committed by them, more unplanned pregnancies, and just more of everything bad. You can't have it both ways.

Stuff Crackers Dont like said...

Like Anonymous just said, you honkies are always quick to put down everyone else race, because you piece of shits control the Mass Media! Bunch of spoon feed counsin breeders who's now the minority and dosent like it. Stuff Crackers dont like:

To see educated brothers and sisters.
To see another race of people on top, in something they made up.
Your women leaving you to get some good loving lmao.
Being the minority with the highest rate to have ebt, (brothers and sisters dont complain about your transparent ass people).
Highest rates for scams on american soil.
Having lice!!!
When your daughters pull a Miley Cyrus.
When your sports are overwhelmed by brothers and sisters of america.
When brothers and sister came together to form the first Wall Street that was successful...(you pecker woods bombed it)
You hate coming down from your homes from off of mountain tops, thats basically going to land slide or catch on fire one day.
The first Prsident to be a brother!
The first president to do the right thing, and make the spoon fed rich whites get off they fat no asses at all.... And pay back what you stole in the first place.
Native Americans.
Mexican Americans.
African Americans.
Afro Americans.
Islanders whos in America
When your sons bring a sister home.
Wiggas. Lol (Ivory thats down with Ebony Americans.
Lol Phill Collins
Young Positive brothers and sisters or any race against the very people who opressed us all in the first place.

Watch out wonder breads!!!! I think your reign of terror will end very soon!

And sorry to the Ivory americans whos excluded by there own, for being down with all the races, mentioned above.

They hate you because your trying to make a positive change, God didn't put no one on this planet for this. More of to enjoy one another.... But you'll probably use Mass Media to keep us all apart still!

Silly Crackers!!!!

P.s. If you want more people to work and get off of something you made up, that was only "Made For You," (ebt) you have stop taking jobs overseas, and hiring illegal immigrants just because its cheap, keep it american, you bastards!

Whites bitch to much man!

Stuff Crackers Dont Like said...

If honkies can take pain like no other including stress! Why is it that, you have the highest rate of sucides!!!? (pain and stress related) If your tougher why dont you walk the streets of Los Angeles! Compton, Watts, Inglewood, etc... Because, why? Your just 1/2 a bitch! Thats your opinion not a fact loser!

Stuff Whites Dont Like!!! said...

Really! Like Crackers dont jump anyone!!? Cut it out dude! You sound dumb! Sometimes you dont have to (white ppl) you just holler help! And her comes the pig ass cops to do it for you! ( white pigs).

Stuff Whites Dont Like!!! said...

Your Cracker Ran America, (CRA) are the bullys! Since Christopher Columbus era! You arrived from Europe, and stole everything from the Native Americans, who lived in peace. You went to Africa, and stole all those precious commodities from them as well. Then you even stole from the Mexicans!!! Cut it out dude, trying to make your race seem so superior and peaceful. Alot of your weak as people still do this to this very day! You get involve in other peoples affairs all around the world, cause wars, steal oil, tear families apart , and also plant false evidence on people thats the definition of a bully! IM surprised when we open up our dictionary, we dont see a white man next to the definition of a bully!!! Its

BLACK, RED And Brown Pride Over here!!!
Fuck White America!!!! (with no vasaline)

Anonymous said...

I want to live as far away from all of the black savages as I can. If I had my way I would discontinue welfare, food stamps and all types of aid to these people.
They can do nothing without our constant handouts.

Anonymous said...

Wow these post are really telling the truth. So blacks, we have always known what whites think about us and they know what we don't like about them. Guess what? Blacks aren't white and will never be white! We just don't have the same minds or moral beliefs. Never will. The problem with that though is blacks also don't like each other. Our mothers and fathers hate us. Our children hate us. Our black neighbors hate us. Every single black negro (yes I am black and can use the term freely) is alive against nature itself. We are not here to enjoy anything. We are not here to help the so-called "human condition" in any way, shape, or form. We exist. That's about it. We blacks do not have a country. We are nomads all over the world and because of this fact, we are not part of this earth. Oh yeah, and most of us have mental issues and low IQs. That's why we can't do anything for ourselves.