Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Walking Across the Edmund Pettus Bridge

A Holy Relic in BRA
Later today, a video will be uploaded that represents a monumental moment in my life: my crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge into Selma, Alabama. This bridge has become a holy relic in the formation of Black-Run America (BRA), on par with the legend of the Tuskegee Airmen; the Montgomery Bus Boycott; and the events that transpired in Birmingham that moved a nation to accept sweeping changes that culminated in the ruination of Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Memphis, and numerous other cities throughout America.

When you see the ruins and abandoned areas of Montgomery, Selma, Tuskegee, and Birmingham - strangely left-out of the entire Civil Rights narrative - and then rebuilt sections of these cities (save Tuskegee), you realize that the costs of tolerating the proliferation of BRA can never be calculated.

How many times have new suburbs been built, complete with commercial infrastructure and shiny new strip malls, that would be abandoned only a decade or so later. The Black Undertow always finds a way in, no matter what precautions are taken to impede its progression.

Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Dallas, Indianapolis, and many other cities have similar patterns of white flight into new suburbs, followed by the subsequent trickle of the Black Undertow. Soon, it is a torrent and the new suburb must be abandoned.

BRA is responsible for the largest ecological disaster in human history, as flying across any metropolitan area offers a glimpse at the urban sprawl created by the necessary abandonment of major cities to the ravages of Black people who remain incapable of sustaining the standards of civilization left behind by those moving away to create new cities out of nothing.

In time, those new suburban enclaves will be abandoned and the process must continue, forcing families hoping to live in crime free communities scores of miles away from major commercial cities. Congestion on the highways  

It all started with a march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

History has been kind to the people who crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge hoping to usher in a new area of stability, racial harmony and peace. As I crossed that bridge and looked upon a decaying city - whose entire riverfront business district, once thriving in more civilized times, is now abandoned - I wondered what hopes and dreams the citizens of Selma once had for the future.

On that day in 2011, something told me what lay before me wasn't the culmination of those dreams.

Entire shopping complexes in Montgomery - the city that those who marched from Selma and crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge on that hallowed day back in 1965 ultimately arrived in to global fanfare - have taken on the character of the majority population in the area. Where thriving business districts once existed, boarded-up businesses and deteriorating (though recognizable) edifices remain as a melancholy reminder that those who inherit an abandoned city lack the resources - mentally and financially - to sustain what they couldn't create in the first place.

The Black Undertow inevitably washes over any new suburban city in America because they are built with the sturdiness of a castle on sand.  The erections of new suburbs - complete with new shopping centers that will one day rest, unused, in despondent decay -  represent impermanent solutions to an unsustainable situation.

I never wanted to cross that bridge and enter Selma, but it was a catharsis.

It's fitting that the USA Today posted a story on how wealthy minorities tend to live in poor neighborhoods with other, less-well-off minorities:
The average affluent black and Hispanic household — defined in the study as earning more than $75,000 a year — lives in a poorer neighborhood than the average lower-income non-Hispanic white household that makes less than $40,000 a year.

"Separate translates to unequal even for the most successful black and Hispanic minorities," says sociologist John Logan, director of US2010 Project at Brown University, which studies trends in American society.
"Blacks are segregated and even affluent blacks are pretty segregated," says Logan, who analyzed 2005-09 data for the nation's 384 metropolitan areas. "African Americans who really succeeded live in neighborhoods where people around them have not succeeded to the same extent."

This is a telling story, for all the wrong reasons. Blacks who have succeeded in these poor neighborhoods have done so by opening businesses or providing services that those in their communities have been unable to replicate. Or they might be a government employee, living high on the hog that no private business could provide similar income or a career path for income augmentation.

White people (and to some extent, Asians) can move away from these areas - once the Black Undertow has come in - and create new, thriving suburbs. But Black people don't have the ability to create similar communities nor can they sustain the ones left behind by fleeing whites.

Now, consider this scenario playing out in every major city in America and you should begin to understand the ecological impact that BRA has had on the country.

It's fitting that the Edmund Pettus Bridge is a decaying bridge, tragically beautiful against the backdrop of a once thriving town. It's a monument, a symbol to the enduring concept of BRA, and walking across it and entering Selma is a journey into the future of any new, shiny suburban city that white flight will create.

Inevitably, it will turn into a Selma and white people will be forced to find more land to build a shiny new castle on the sand upon.

The Black Undertow won't be far behind.


Anonymous said...

I lived in Pittsburgh for ten years. Currently, there is a move to connect the government of the City with the county of Allegheny, in which it is located. It's purely a way to tax the white people in the suburbs to support a city that is quickly being depopulated. The population of the city doubles or triples, I don't remember which, during the day. Then everybody goes home to the suburbs. I wonder if this consolidation idea will spread. The year of the Katrina hurricane, the only city to lose more people than New Orleans was Pittsburgh, PA.

I currently live in rural Wisconsin, an hours drive outside Milwaukee. I'm starting to see black people here. Currently it there aren't large numbers, and they are the kind you want. Employed, clean, non-violent. I'm wondering how soon these will be followed by the less desireable. Now you can sleep nights and park your car without locking the doors. I don't go out every morning to see how my car was vandalized the night before. I hope it remains this way.

PercyKittensReloaded said...

$75,000 is the new "affluent"?

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the northeast in the 70s and 80s. We were taught that the white Southerners were on the same level as Nazis. Now I look at these white Southerners as noble characters.

They actually fought back - physically and intellectually - to prevent BRA and to secure a decent future for their children and grandchildren. They lost, but they at least fought for their kids.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog a little for a while. And, being a southerner and suburb dweller outside Atlanta all my life, I have always been in close proximity to many African Americans. What I can not understand, however, is the idea that seems to permeate this blog regarding BRA.
What I mean is this - there really can be no argument that majority black areas are economically depressed and usually more crime ridden than other areas, granted. But how can 10% (and that is on the high side estimate according to latest figures) of the population be such a power in a nation of 300 million. Heck, the Hispanic population in this country is larger than blacks at this point. Surely if all you say is true regarding illegitimacy, prison, and black on black crime; it is only a matter of time before that 10% drops, and with it any political power.
I am not saying there aren't significant problems in the black community today in America - there are. I just find it hard to rationalize the doom and gloom - heck the apocalyptic - prophecies here regarding the blacks in America given there vanishing numbers.

MrGJG said...

I suspect one of the primary reasons for higher class blacks staying behind despite making good money is, bad credit, no down payment, and are in debt up to their asses.
Of course that wasn't an issue during the everybody qualifies era, but those days are hopefully gone.(although I've been hearing otherwise)

Why is this something to bemoan anyway?
Maybe the so called talented tenth (something I'm convinced is like bigfoot, a myth) should stay and set a good example for the untalented ninety.

Personally, I live in a neighborhood of over 2000 families that is 95+% white(if you consider jews white) and would be less than a motivated seller if presented with an opportunity to sell to blacks.
I believe most people in my community feel the same as despite the homes being affordable for middleclass people has remained quite right, er white.

The funny thing is, one of the few blacks in my neighborhood live right across the street, and they consist of mommy the grossly overweight coalburner with her three little very dark half breeds.
Surprisingly, no daddy in sight.

Anonymous said...

So many thoughts here - allow me to add my two cents...

1) Paul - spot on identifying the ecological impact of the reasonable choice to engage in flight. We see a restructuring of "urban" living as blacks migrate to the suburbs. It's being labeled "Bright Flight" - http://blogs.wsj.com/juggle/2010/05/11/bright-flight-affluent-leaving-suburbs-moving-to-cities/

2) Anon 11:19 suggests that the right kind of blacks live in the area. I earnestly hope that's how it stays, but it's like any migratory pattern. The strongest, most able enter the area first, then create support structures for the rest to come. It was the same pattern with immigration in the early 20th century...except there was no welfare and everyone worked. I think of it as the problem with locusts - you see one or two now, but there's a plague coming. The plague will take all the resources and move on to the next spot. Excellent point about Pittsburgh, too.

3) Anon 12:04 is exactly where I am these days.

4) Anon 12:28 wants to know how 10% cause the problems. It's because that 10% overall nationally is concentrated in areas in a manner that make it a local problem, often in majority numbers. Even if it wasn't so, the Pareto principle would still apply (Google it).

5) Anon 12:34 could be one of my white neighbors. Exactly right. I'd pull the rip cord today.

Again, exceptional entry today, Paul. I hate that the present model prompts me to be "Anonymous."

Anonymous said...

I had to move into the Washington DC area in the early 90s. We bought a new house out in a rural county. Low prices, no crime, the schools were great and all the buildings were paid with cash so the taxes were really low.

Around 2000 the leftists started to realize how great we were and started moving down here. Blacks and illegals started flooding the county and started whining about building more "services" and our taxes shot up and the school district had to start borrowing money to build new schools. They also started to take over the eduction aspect and now our schools are not much better then the city.

The influx of blacks, mostly overpaid government workers, cause housing prices to skyrocket. We watched as they moved in to homes costing about $600,000, smaller than ours and yet four times what we paid, new furniture and appliance delivery trucks dropping stuff off, and driveways with two or three new top-line SUVs or sedans. Crime went up and we now have gangs, all black youths.

I told my wife that when the bubble burst (I knew it would even back in the early 2000s) these folks would be gone and now most of those homes are up for sale and many were foreclosed.

They bought overpriced houses, new cars and everything else and then could not really afford it all. I have seen this every where I travel. The black middle class is fake and propped up with our tax money and they have no idea how to handle money or their children.

A vast majority of the black "middle class" children around us are thugs. Their parents do not give them rules to live by and allow them to dress like thugs and roam the streets all night, even the young ones. It is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for going off-topic for a moment...

Can't wait to hear the response to the new diversity inspired Spiderman...


Based on the comments to the article so far, Marvel might want to reconsider the certain guaranteed loss in comic book sales... but they won't because they're so smart and hip.

Anonymous said...

Rosa Parks. The only time she was a victim of violent crime the perpetrator was a ? Anyone? Guess. Who commits the most violent crime in the US?

Ryu said...

I greatly admire the southerners who resisted integration in the 1960s. They knew what the rest of us did not and they took a ton of shit for it.

Blacks can be so powerful when their enablers, the ones we don't mention, make it impossible to resist them. If you say no to a black, it is racist. If you say yes and it goes wrong, you are racist. America exists today to atone for the sins of the past, real or not.

Anonymous said...

I used to work in Columbus, Ga as a city planner. We constantly got critiziced for failing to be a "diverse" department. What do you do when the job requires a master's and a "black studies" degree doesn't quite cut the grade in engineering? All those collapsing roads, of course, are "racist" when the black "engineer" we had hired miscalculated everything due to his inept character...

MrGJG said...

Absolutely right Ryu.
In my younger days, I looked at the way blacks were treated in this country as abysmal.
I always defended them against "racist" even though I knew all around me, blacks 'acted the fool".
I would say up till 1994 I really thought we were making racial progress.
The O.J Simpson trial changed all that, and my hopes for racial reconciliation were forever dashed.
Race relations in this country are now in a free fall...sans parachute.

MrGJG said...

" Their parents do not give them rules to live by and allow them to dress like thugs and roam the streets all night, even the young ones. It is pathetic."

Their parents?
You mean their grandmother? Their Ont? Their sister? The Tuohy's?
Not their parents.

Discard said...

Anon at 12:28 PM: How long does it take to build a house, and how long to burn it? How much effort is needed to teach, and how much to disrupt a classroom? Is there a surgeon in the world who could keep up with a butcher? Building is so much harder than destroying, that just a few wreckers can bring anything down. Blacks are those wreckers of civilization. Ten percent, left uncontrolled, are enough to put us back in mud huts and animal skins.

Anonymous said...

Discard's comments reminded me of a poem that Lou Holtz has often recited:

I watched them tear the building down,

A group of men from my hometown.

With a heave and ho and a mighty yell,

They swung a beam and the side wall fell

I asked the foreman, "Are these men skilled,

the kind you'd hire if you wanted to build?"

He laughed and said, "Son, no indeed!

You see, common labor is all I need.

For I can tear down in a day or two

what it takes a great builder ten years to do."

So I asked myself as I walked away,

Builder or destroyer... which role will I play?

Anonymous said...

""African Americans who really succeeded live in neighborhoods where people around them have not succeeded to the same extent.""

And this is EXACTLY where successful blacks NEED to live - in the black neighborhoods. Blacks hate each other so much that they won't even live in black neighborhoods anymore. They demand inclusion everywhere, which only leads to more white flight.

First thing blacks want to do when they get a little money is move to a white neighborhood, where they lose status and are on the bottom. They are merely tolerated by their white neighbors. Once the more successful blacks move out to white neighborhoods, the thugs and losers take over the black neighborhoods, everyone lives in poverty, stores and schools close up, there are no role models left, and the black neighborhood turns into an underclass ghetto.

R said...

10%? they're more like 13-14% and that's not including the recent African and Haitian refugees as well as the blacks/mulattoes from the Caribbean who are classified as "Hispanic".

Just because their birth rates are at replacement levels doesn't mean that their numbers are declining. Its actually increasing slightly just their proportion of the total population is declining due to massive legal and illegal immigration/invasion.

Anonymous said...

"I greatly admire the southerners who resisted integration in the 1960s. They knew what the rest of us did not and they took a ton of shit for it."

Good recording of a great 1961 speech by Carleton Putnam:

Anonymous said...

"$75,000 is the new "affluent"?"

It was the old affluent certainly. Of course back then one didn't have to burn a lot of wealth in order to live in a good neighborhood and send ones children to good schools.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:28 --

1) blacks are more like 13 or 14%

2) remember that white, hispanic, and asian females often give birth to babies who are black due to the one-drop rule, while black women's children are ALWAYS black.

3) our economy is in a freefall, largely due to a real estate boom & bust that was based on white people leveraging themselves to the max to get into a McMansion in a white neighborhood with a white school district. Ever since the 60s, whites have been trying to get away from non-whites, and as the white percentage of the American population declines, it gets harder and more expensive to find that "exclusive" white enclave where your children will be "safe." Even though they are a relatively small percentage of the whole, blacks are capable of causing huge societal distortions.

Laura Chennel said...

Its all good. Whitey tricks darkie into the suburbs and then gentrifies their old "nabes". Whiteys get nice cities and darkies get shitty suburbs! Win!

Rick in Tenn. said...

I don't usually post comments, leaving that to those who enjoy the combat. However I have noticed a constant repetiton of an excuse used by blacks not only here in the US but now in Africa as well.I would like to address it. It is that black failings as members of society, not to mention as it's governors, is because of the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, European colonialism and white racist behavior generally. This is refuted by the fact that if restriction, segregation, exclusion, physical violence and all forms of brutal oppression had this inevitable effect, then there would probably not be a Jew left on the planet. If some few had survived they nwould be the most pathetically destitute, degraded people imaginable. After all they have suffered this for a couple of millenia, not just a few centuries. Yet thay are always and everywhere some of the most successful people to be found in the arts, science, business and the professions. Indeed, they should be an example to all. I hope that they shall be.