Monday, August 15, 2011

Dust in the Wind: Bleeding Kansas City II and "Green Week" Begins

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..."

Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. Again. Roving bands of youth, gangs of teens, Black people are making this outdoor mall (commercial real estate developers answer to the outdated concept of a mall, where non-shoppers can loiter in air-conditioned bliss) in Kansas City an unsustainable attraction. The threat of Mahogany Mobs scare away paying customers, drive down profit margins for businesses as more and more money is invested in security measures, and ultimately ensure the failure of any attempt to bring economic activity into abandoned areas:

The Kansas City Star
Kansas City Mayor Sly James vowed Sunday that he’d take steps to end large, nighttime gatherings of unsupervised teenagers and preteens on the Country Club Plaza by holding parents to account.
How, he didn’t know.
But whatever plan is developed, it will be a joint effort of the mayor and the City Council, James said after consultation with school officials, police and the juvenile court, among others. And James promised that the plan will be in place before next weekend.
It may or may not include an early curfew, as some are calling for.
“We can’t expect that imposing a curfew is going to stop some 15-, 16-, 17-year-old from bringing a gun to anywhere,” he said at an afternoon City Hall news conference. “On the other hand, we should be able to expect parents not to have their 13-year-old children on the Plaza  getting shot.”
His announcement came a day after the Saturday night shooting that saw three youths wounded and the mayor forced to the ground by his security team. James, along with former Councilman Alvin Brooks and a group of ministers, was at the Plaza talking with kids and assessing the crowd problem in response to calls from Plaza owner Highwoods Properties and others to roll back the current midnight curfew on weekends to 9 p.m.
“A curfew would have merit in our view, but that is a decision our capable mayor and his team of municipal experts need to weigh,” Highwoods said in a statement issued Sunday.
The shootings occurred shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday near 47th and Wyandotte streets. When shots rang out — witnesses reported hearing five or six — James was about 50 yards away. His two bodyguards pushed him to the ground and drew their guns.
“They basically forced me into the flowerbeds by the Cheesecake Factory,” James said.
He was uninjured. But two boys and a girl — 13, 15 and 16 years old — were wounded. A bullet grazed the girl’s face, and the two boys were shot in their legs, police said. None of the injuries was life-threatening. James said all three youths were in stable condition on Sunday.
Kansas City police continue to investigate the shootings and interview witnesses. Police believe some witnesses know the shooters’ identities but are reluctant to reveal their names.
The Plaza has been the scene of large crowds of underage people both this year and last, mostly on warm weekend evenings in the spring, summer and fall. Some come to see a movie and others are there simply to hang out, James said.
Generally, they are well behaved, but there have been sporadic bouts of violence and disorder.
The first notable occurrence was on April 10, 2010, when as many as 900 youths, some as young as 11, converged on the shopping and entertainment district that Saturday night. Police responded to reports of vandalism and assaults. One group of teens robbed and beat a couple from Grandview. A girl in a prom dress was shoved into a fountain. Fights broke out.
Police used pepper spray to disperse groups who refused to move along when instructed to do so.
Afterward, city officials and community leaders expressed their concern by staging a summit to look for ways to deal with the situation. The general agreement was that kids needed more activities.
At the time, City Councilwoman Cindy Circo said she would put together a “youth master plan” to see where there might be gaps between programs like Night Hoops basketball and other activities. However, no plan was developed. Circo now says she is unconvinced that more city-sponsored activities are the solution.
More on Kansas City Black problem at the Country Club Plaza can be found here.

Many major cities try and build outdoor malls to attract new businesses and investments, chain restaurants, anchor stores, huge movie theaters, and - most importantly - white shoppers to bring their purchasing power back into an economically blighted area since this clientele bolted for safe a Whitopia's. Every major city - well, save Detroit - has a trendy area of town like the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. It's a great place for a date, catch a movie, do some shopping, and people watch. Every major city has multiple deserted malls - what we call Mall Envy - and these monuments to consumerism are a somber reminder of the economic activity that once flowed in the area before the Black Undertow forced white shoppers to find a safer mall to shop at and ultimately drove stores out of business, replaced with nail salons, Black beauty accessory stores, and Dollar Stores. 

Cities bank on these type of commercial ventures - outdoor malls- as helping to revitalize a blighted area ruined by true climate change.  No, not the scientifically dubious concept of man-made global warming/cooling, but the scientifically valid concept of what transpires when white people flee an area that has been overwhelmed with the Black Undertow. All across the nation climate change is discernible and formerly thriving metropolitan areas offer a glimpse into the ecological devestation that follows the abandonment of cities to the debasement of the Black Undertow.

In essence, the Black Undertow is unsustainable, as any equilibrium with nature before its arrival is thrown into disharmony. Green spaces and parks - once a refuge - become unsafe and overgrown with weeds and reprobates, a dereliction of duty by the new Black leadership of the city.

These cities become unsafe for bikers, joggers, dog-walkers and other outdoor (read white people) enthusiasts, individuals with disposable income and a tendency to volunteer -- the kind of people who make good, productive citizens. I've noticed that cities that have a shortage of bikers and joggers tend to be those overwhelmed by the Black Undertow, where neglectful public servants would rather have potholes go unfixed and cities swamped in criminality then attract gentrification that would eventually jeopardize the Black vice on the city. Look no further then Atlanta and Washington D.C. to see the aforementioned dynamic playing out.

Going Green Week at SBPDL does not mean we are going to start eating granola, joining animal rights activists in attacking whaling ships, shopping at Whole Foods with our reusable bag; advocating for solar energy and declare war on the internal combustible engine and always check for our carbon footprint. No. It means that we will point out the greatest ecological threat currently facing America and why it is paramount we finally address it if conservation, environmentalism, a desire to keep water tables high and potable water available to subsequent generations, and, most importantly, to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels to true energy independence.

What is that great ecological threat? The Black Undertow, which has been on display all summer long in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, Atlanta, Kansas City, and other cities and serves as a constant reminder why white people fled into formerly pristine land to create new cities out of the wilderness that will inevitably be consumed by the Black Undertow.

You can recycle all that you consume; buy those new energy saving light bulbs; drive a Prius or some other electric car; but if the Black Undertow problem is not addressed, white people (and other racial groups hoping to raise their children in "good" - read white - areas with thriving schools) will continue building new cities further away from major metropolitan areas.

The Black Undertow makes utilizing public transportation a dangerous proposition (and unattractive), forcing white commuters to spend hours each day driving to and from work. This is yet another reminder of climate change.

Black-Run America (BRA) runs counter to concepts of sustainability and conservation, because the Black Undertow and the continued toleration of its proliferation ensures climate change throughout the nation.

Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, like many ideas for Urban Renewal (well, more like building an economic oasis in the middle of the Black Undertow) are doomed to fail. They are unsustainable.

True conservation is only possible when the Black Undertow is addressed. Perhaps that's why Portland, Seattle, Austin (Texas), Boulder, and Boise have so few Black people...

It should be noted that Kansas City, like so many other cities plagued by Black criminality, will soon implement a curfew. "Curfews" are only needed in times of war, martial law, or when the Black Undertow overwhelms a city. 

Efforts for conservation, going green and sustainability are like dust in the wind as long as the Black Undertow is not in the discussion.



NW European said...

Here's a good article by Victor Davis Hanson on California and the mess mass immigration has made of that state. Combine that with a highly regulated economy, and you have disaster. Her are some excerpts.

"The last three weeks I have traveled about, taking the pulse of the more forgotten areas of central California. I wanted to witness, even if superficially, what is happening to a state that has the highest sales and income taxes, the most lavish entitlements, the near-worst public schools (based on federal test scores), and the largest number of illegal aliens in the nation, along with an overregulated private sector, a stagnant and shrinking manufacturing base, and an elite environmental ethos that restricts commerce and productivity without curbing consumption.

During this unscientific experiment, three times a week I rode a bike on a 20-mile trip over various rural roads in southwestern Fresno County . I also drove my car over to the coast to work, on various routes through towns like San Joaquin , Mendota, and Firebaugh. And near my home I have been driving, shopping, and touring by intent the rather segregated and impoverished areas of Caruthers, Fowler, Laton, Orange Cove, Parlier, and Selma . My own farmhouse is now in an area of abject poverty and almost no ethnic diversity; the closest elementary school (my alma mater, two miles away) is 94 percent Hispanic and 1 percent white, and well below federal testing norms in math and English.


Many of the rural trailer-house compounds I saw appear to the naked eye no different from what I have seen in the Third World . There is a Caribbean look to the junked cars, electric wires crisscrossing between various outbuildings, plastic tarps substituting for replacement shingles, lean-tos cobbled together as auxiliary housing, pit bulls unleashed, and geese, goats, and chickens roaming around the yards. The public hears about all sorts of tough California regulations that stymie business - rigid zoning laws, strict building codes, constant inspections - but apparently none of that applies out here.


California coastal elites may worry about the oxygen content of water available to a three-inch smelt in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, but they seem to have no interest in the epidemic dumping of trash, furniture, and often toxic substances throughout California 's rural hinterland. Yesterday, for example, I rode my bike by a stopped van just as the occupants tossed seven plastic bags of raw refuse onto the side of the road. I rode up near their bumper and said in my broken Spanish not to throw garbage onto the public road. But there were three of them, and one of me. So I was lucky to be sworn at only. I note in passing that I would not drive into Mexico and, as a guest, dare to pull over and throw seven bags of trash into the environment of my host.

In fact, trash piles are commonplace out here - composed of everything from half-empty paint cans and children's plastic toys to diapers and moldy food. I have never seen a rural sheriff cite a litterer, or witnessed state EPA workers cleaning up these unauthorized wastelands. So I would suggest to Bay Area scientists that the environment is taking a much harder beating down here in central California than it is in the Delta. Perhaps before we cut off more irrigation water to the west side of the valley, we might invest some green dollars into cleaning up the unsightly and sometimes dangerous garbage that now litters the outskirts of our rural communities.


In two supermarkets 50 miles apart, I was the only one in line who did not pay with a social-service plastic card (gone are the days when "food stamps" were embarrassing bulky coupons). But I did not see any relationship between the use of the card and poverty as we once knew it: The electrical appurtenances owned by the user and the car into which the groceries were loaded were indistinguishable from those of the upper middle class."

Midwestern said...

"True conservation is only possible when the Black Undertow is addressed. Perhaps that's why Portland, Seattle, Austin (Texas), Boulder, and Boise have so few Black people.."

Indianapolis is getting ready for the Superbowl. The mayor is trying to address the black undertow, but are only polishing a turd. These fixes are not sustainable with the current population. Blacks ruin everything they touch. (It's not the neighborhoods, schools, and buildings, stupid, it's the people.)

Now we have the "Superbowl Legacy Project 2012", which will use taxpayer and United Way money to put a spit shine on the black holes in our city, so that we look more successful as a city than we really are, and the white people won't be afraid to come here. Downtown is mostly safe, but the east, west, and mid-town are nasty, violent ghettos.

"Every year, the Foundation supports organizations which help families get off the streets and back into a home after dealing with domestic violence, natural disaster (not) or economic hardships. Former Indianapolis Colts player, Tarik Glenn, is the newest advocate for this project after being named honorary chair for the Building a Living Legacy organization. He believes that this Legacy project will help not just one family but entire neighborhoods."

Reformed said...

This is just crazy. All of these little nations of blacks who can't keep themselves under control are declaring curfews and becoming police states. Celebrate diversity. Be culturally enriched. Embrace the vibrancy of riots and cops galore enforcing curfews.

Anonymous said...

Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, like many ideas for Urban Renewal (well, more like building an economic oasis in the middle of the Black Undertow) are doomed to fail. They are unsustainable.

Paul, it appears you think the Plaza is some new development or urban renewal project. This is incorrect. The Plaza has been around since 1922 and was one of the first such shopping malls in the nation. Unlike a regular mall, the Plaza is outdoors and consists of apartments, restaurants, retail, theaters and the like.

As long as I have lived here it has always been regarded as very high end, and of course is famous for the annual Christmas lights display. Note to any readers, if you ever get the chance to see the Plaza lights, they come on at Thanksgiving and stay up through the new year.

No matter how run down the city of Kansas City became, the Plaza was always an oasis. The point is prior to April 2010, I had never even imagined the Plaza to be the stomping grounds of low income people, let alone low income blacks.

So what is happening is KC is not exactly like what is happening elsewhere where people try to build developments in low-end areas in a futile attempt to bring back economic life. The Plaza has been a huge success for 90 years and was never intended to revitalize a minority area. Ironically the man who created the Plaza, JC Nichols, was known for his use of restrictive covenants.

Unfortunately, the Plaza is something that can't be readily recreated. So if this recent assault on it after 90 years of peaceful existence is successful, and the high-end white consumers shift to other areas, an irreplaceable treasure of Kansas City will be lost for good.

Anonymous said...

The first notable occurrence was on April 10, 2010, when as many as 900 youths...

Ah, once again it is those darned "youths."

This is really getting to be a sort of sick joke. Whether it is cars being burned in France, a fellow being relieved of his trousers in London, or someone getting shot or stomped in the American urban landscape, it always seems to be the responsibility of this mysterious entity called the "youths."

I wonder: are people catching on that this is a code word for underclass minorities?

How many of these youths are actually under 18, i.e., fitting a definition of, well, "youth?" And is the indiscriminate use of the term "youth" not insulting to the majority of young people who are law abiding? And in fairness, is it right to punish all young people with curfews when only a violent minority is to blame?

Some towns used to have "sunset" laws which were curfews imposed on black people. Shocking, no doubt, yet here we are today with a black mayor calling for similar, via the code word "youth."

Scary to think how far we have regressed.

Indianapolis said...

• The solution is simple:

Jim Crow laws! (or "sunset" laws)

• Are people catching on? The term 'youths' translates as 'young black thugs'.

Some are catching on. Most are clinging to the notion that recognizing black crime constitutes White racism.

I grow weary of the White apologists who make excuses for black violence while accusing honest White observers as being "racists."

Anonymous said...

I concur with comments made by an earlier anonymous commenter.

Country Club Plaza is a jewel with a long history. I just hope the KCMO BRA government is smart enough to realize that. People from all over the KC area shop and dine there... A takeover by the thugs that have seized other shopping areas is simply not acceptable.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Anon poster,

Thanks for the clarification. I'd love to visit, but if the mayor of Kansas City is forced to the ground by his bodyguards after shoots ring out, what's the point?

And what is it with Black people and The Cheesecake Factory?

One of my favorite posts (that needs to be expounded upon) was mall envy.

It would be an immensely interesting and important project for people to take pictures of dying or dead malls, to show how real, noticeable "climate change" can bring devastating economic consequences to an area once white people (and other affluent non-whites) stop frequent these malls, leaving businesses to exist off of the Black Undertow.

Anonymous said...

If blacks can't achieve at higher levels, then lie about it. BRA's education system exposed further, this time in Philadelphia:

13 schools bear further investigation for cheating; 325 teachers recalled

Officials from the Philadelphia School District's accountability office said today that they had "many concerns" about the data analysis used by the state to flag 28 district schools for possible 2009 PSSA cheating. Still, they said, the district will cooperate with the state and hopes for more complete information. Among the data it wants before coming to any conclusions are forensic analyses of the 2010 and 2011 PSSAs.

Of the 28 schools the district was directed to analyze, 13 schools bear further investigation because they have big jumps in test scores and flags for erasures on exams. The district declined to name the schools, and said it hopes the state helps conduct those investigations when the time comes. The rest of the schools do not merit further investigation, officials said.

Anonymous said...


As I wrote earlier until April 2010 people in KC did not think the Plaza was in any danger. We, however, do know what can happen to a mall when climate change occurs. Most in KC are familiar with Bannister Mall. Brand new in 1980, people could sense something was wrong when they installed small guard shacks in the parking lots for extra security in the 1990s. Today it is dead. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to interpret the wiki entry on its demise.

By the mid to late 1990s with newer and more desirable developments further south and in Johnson County Kansas, the area began to wane. Also, due to consistent white flight, the area around Bannister Mall earned a bad reputation as being a high crime area.

As the other anon wrote, this cannot be allowed to happen to the Plaza. It is a jewel that cannot be replicated like Bannister Mall.

You might find this interesting. Our local DWL paper, the Kansas City Star, which many refer to as the Red Star, had a opinion piece on this weekends events. The DWL journalist tells us not to worry because school is about to start:

Third, the fact that it’s mostly black kids gathering on the Plaza will renew the warnings that the (mostly white) customers of the shopping district will begin avoiding it if they can’t be assured of a safe atmosphere while going out to a late weekend meal, drink or movie.

All in all, it’s a messy mix of race, parents and politicians.

But just as clearly, this is also a problem that likely will solve itself in a few weeks - to a big degree - when kids are back in school and don’t go down to the Plaza as often. And when the summer-like weather disappears in a few months, there probably won’t be any trouble at all, curfew or no curfew.

Anonymous said...

"And what is it with Black people and The Cheesecake Factory?"

I always thought it was Red Lobster.

LBD said...

It's been done:

Anonymous said...

The constant churn of land also means that any long term investments such as solar panels won't be invested in. Technology, and economies of scale might one day solve that one though.

Anonymous said...

"Also, due to consistent white flight, the area around Bannister Mall earned a bad reputation as being a high crime area."

Damned white flighters driving up crime.

Indianapolis said...


A few decades ago blacks preferred to drive Cadillacs. It helped them compensate for feelings of inferiority and White envy.

Today blacks prefer to invade upper-priced restaurants for the same reasons.

They also enjoy abusing White servers whom they refuse to tip.


The Internet has afforded White folks an escape from black-infested malls. Lafayette Square mall in Indianapolis became a ghost mall after suffering from a black invasion. Some leftist loons are attempting to revitalize the area claiming it's just a matter of 'perception.'

Washington Street mall on the east side is experiencing the same fate.

xthred said...

Even Chris Rock joked about this. He said there are two malls; the white mall and the mall white people used to go to.

This is a great blog.

NW European said...

I am looking forward to reading your posts on the ecological disaster hitting the USA. I just want to point out, as the article by Victor Davis Hanson states, that the destruction of the environment is caused by the welfare state that allows people to behave in destructible ways without fear of the consequences. Nobody neither feels, nor takes, any responsibility.

At first glance this may seem like a paradox since it is the white marxist DWL's who usually crusade against land developers, oil companies and other businesses, for the sake of preserving some obscure bird, fish or insect. However, the greatest threat to "nature" is out of control human breeding, especially in Africa where the exploding populations have caused the trees to be chopped down for firewood causing the desert to spread, endangered species are literally eaten out of existence and now millions of people are starving.

It seems the DWL's are going to have to choose one crusade over another, do they want to preserve nature or will they keep giving third worlders more aid and welfare, both here and in Africa, so that they can have more children, which in turn destroys the environment, again both here and in Africa. They can't have both. Boy oh boy, what a dilemma it must be for them.

MrGJG said...

Maybe slightly off topic, but not really as it's all part of the big picture.
What happens if/when Obama doesn't get re-elected?
I'm seeing a scenario where the polls up to the election having Obama down by 10 points.
Blacks will not sit idly by knowing their "savior" is going down in flames and will react accordingly.
I can see Obama declaring Marshall Law, thus cancelling the elections. I don't see this administration giving-up their seat at the head table without a fight.
Of course there's also the very real possibility that we don't even make it that far before tshtf.
It seems as a nation, we are in uncharted territory and something is about to give.

On a lighter note, in addition to blacks liking Cheesecake Factory and Red Lobster, although not a restaurant per-se, Chucky Cheese, so favored by blacks that it's become all but uninhabitable for whites.
The only places their presence in improves life for whites, is prisons and cemeteries.

Discard said...

NW European: We may see the day, in the not too distant future, when our Special Forces are sent to Africa to defend the elephants and zebras with deadly force. Shall we save the animals, or let them all die in order that a few more Negroes can survive a couple more years before starving? That sounds very cold, but in times of famine, the wildlife disappears. Once the last lion dies, they can't be replaced. Don't doubt that these matters are being discussed at Green think tanks.

Big Bear said...

Anonymous said...

The first notable occurrence was on April 10, 2010, when as many as 900 youths...

Ah, once again it is those darned "youths."

1960s: Negro
1970s: Black
1990s: African-American
2010s: Youth

Wednesday said...


Somebody in the Pentagon should make good use of AFRICOM. Send American Africans to fight wild Africans. If they win, great. If not, no big loss.