Thursday, August 25, 2011

ESPN Asks: "What if Michael Vick were White?"

Michael Vick. Black people's favorite athlete. Convicted dog killer. Still Black people's favorite athlete (according to an ESPN poll, not so much for white people). An ESPN poll conducted during Black History Month found that:

African-American sports fans who took part in the online survey also indicated the media had been biased in its treatment of black athletes. By a margin of 57 percent to 7 percent, the African-Americans surveyed say the media unfairly criticizes black athletes more than white athletes, while the white fans suggest there is no difference in the media's handling of various cases.

Of black sports fans surveyed, 65 percent say they admire Vick, compared with just 25 percent of the white fans.

ESPN asks: "What if Michael Vick was a Backstreet Boy?
He was supposed to be the Black quarterback who revolutionized the game (some think he still is that missing link to a completely Black-dominated league). Outside of one good season with Atlanta and a solid 2010 campaign, Vick has been a bust. One also has to ask: how many defenses taunted him as they did white running back Peyton Hillis in 2010 for being 'white'? How many defenses have bounties on Vick's head, as the Miami Hurricane's did on Tim Tebow's head back in 2009?

The National Football League (NFL) must do everything possible to not completely thug-out its product, as the National Basketball Association (NBA) did when they hedged all bets on Black 'thuggish' basketball and drove away fans, ratings, and corporate sponsorship.

That's why Peyton Hillis winning the vote from fans (over Michael Vick) to appear on the cover of the 2011 John Madden Football video game was such a relief to the NFL. Protecting the brand - a multi-billion dollar a year brand mind you - is more important to the NFL then turning your league into a veritable penal colony as the NBA did by allowing the thug mentality to take over.

Unfortunately, the league sings more and more players like Pacman Jones and Dez Bryant each year. 

Strangely, ESPN continues to push Black superiority in athletics (especially football) and published this strange article today that generated a lot of buzz all over the Internet. What if Michael Vick was White? written by Touré (he doesn't seem to have a surname), wonders how the incredibly Black Vick would be treated if he wasn't such a thug and instead was blessed with white privilege:
WHEN MICHAEL VICK PLAYS, I see streetball. I don't just mean that sort of football where you have to count to four-Mississippi before you can rush the quarterback, nearly everything breaks down and it's all great fun. I also mean street basketball. Vick's style reminds me of Allen Iverson -- the speed, the court sense, the sharp cuts, the dekes, the swag. In those breathtaking moments when the Eagles QB abandons the pocket and takes off, it feels as if he's thumbing his nose at the whole regimented, militaristic ethos of the game.

All of that is why, to me, Vick seems to have a deeply African-American approach to the game. I'm not saying that a black QB who stands in the pocket ain't playing black. I'm saying Vick's style is so badass, so artistic, so fluid, so flamboyant, so relentless -- so representative of black athletic style -- that if there were a stat for swagger points, Vick would be the No. 1 quarterback in the league by far. 

Race is an undeniable and complex element of Vick's story, both because of his style as well as the rarity of black QBs in the NFL. A decade after he became the first black QB to be drafted No. 1 overall, about one in five of the league's passers is African-American, compared with two-thirds of all players. But after his arrest for dogfighting, so many people asked: Would a white football player have gotten nearly two years in prison for what Vick did to dogs?

This question makes me cringe. It is so facile, naive, shortsighted and flawed that it is meaningless. Whiteness comes with great advantages, but it's not a get-out-of-every-crime-free card. Killing dogs is a heinous crime that disgusts and frightens many Americans. I'm certain white privilege would not be enough to rescue a white NFL star caught killing dogs. 

The problem with the "switch the subject's race to determine if it's racism" test runs much deeper than that. It fails to take into account that switching someone's race changes his entire existence. In making Vick white, you have him born to different parents. That alone sets his life trajectory in an entirely different direction. Thus when this hypothetical white Michael Vick ... wait, I can't even continue that sentence in good faith. I mean, who would this white Vick be? That person is unknowable. When you alter his race, it's like those Back to the Future movies where someone goes back in time, inadvertently changes one small thing about his parents' dating history and then the person starts to disappear. If Vick had been born to white parents, you wouldn't even be reading this right now. That Vick would have had radically different options in life compared with the Vick who grew up in the projects of Newport News, Va., where many young black men see sports as the only way out. 

This is not to say there aren't insights to be gained from hypotheticals. One pertinent question: Would a white kid have been introduced to dogfighting at a young age and have it become normalized to the extent that he builds it into his life after he joins the NFL? It's possible, but it's far less likely because what made Vick stand out among dogfighters is less race than class. The deep pockets of an NFL star led to a kennel that was too big not to fail eventually. But if it did, though, would this white kid have been busted? Remember, it wasn't suspicion of dogfighting that started the investigation that put Vick in jail. It was that element that we've all seen hold back or bring down so many athletes from the hood -- the entourage. Vick's cousin Davon Boddie was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell in Hampton, Va. When police asked him for his address, he led them to the home where Bad Newz Kennels was located. After that, Vick never had a chance.

Here's another question: If Vick grew up with the paternal support that white kids are more likely to have (72 percent percent of black children are born to unwed mothers compared with 29 percent of white children), would he have been involved in dogfighting? I ask this not to look for an excuse but to explore the roots of his behavior. Vick's stunningly stupid moral breakdown with respect to dogs is certainly related to the culture of the world he grew up in, which he says fully embraced dogfighting. But it's also related to the household he grew up in. 

Vick's father, Michael Boddie, was not a positive influence on him growing up. Boddie admitted to The Washington Post that he was a cocaine user and had been high and drunk around young Vick. He says he often prepared the family garage so Vick could have pit bull fights there. Boddie's account is disputed by a family friend, who says Vick's mother would not have allowed that. Either way, at some point in Vick's youth, his father became estranged from the family. This breakdown of Vick's paternal relationship is a pattern that's all too common among black men of his generation. Too many are left to define manhood on their own, so they gravitate toward the most charismatic and inspiring men in their world. Sometimes those men are gritty local sports coaches who teach them the value of hard work, but sometimes they're ghetto celebrities who are unsavory role models with bad habits. 

Ultimately, there is no separating Vick from his circumstances: his race, parents, economics and opportunities. Alter any of those elements and everything about him and how the world sees him would be unrecognizable.
So let's look at him a different way. Let's see him as someone in the third act of the epic movie that is his life, leading a team that many expect to see in the Super Bowl. Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" is playing underneath because the humbled protagonist has finally overcome his personal demons and has begun living up to his athletic promise. And to those who believe we should judge a man by how he responds when dealing with the worst life has to offer -- with how he climbs after he hits rock bottom -- Michael Vick has become heroic.

And that has nothing to do with race.

We don't believe in white privilege here, or at least not how Touré defines it. We do believe in Black Privilege and ask Touré this question: what would all of these Black athletes who get free rides to college (and rarely graduate) and then go on to play in the NFL - only to go completely broke upon retirement - do without sports? What positive job skills does a guy like Michael Vick, or the majority of the Black student-athletes studying "general studies" while playing college football or playing in the NFL offer the world outside of athletics?

SBPDL asks: "What if Michael Vick wasn't the embodiment of a nigger?"
What would their labor be worth on the free market if they didn't play football? It would be wise to quickly look at the top vocations - based upon percentage of Black people in that particular field - in America:

Why do Black people find employment so difficult to maintain when a position with the government (Federal, State or Local) is all but assured and guaranteed in BRA? The answer might be available in the US Department of Labor’s recent Labor Force Characteristics by Race and Ethnicity 2009 report:
In general, the labor market problems experienced by Blacks and Hispanics are associated with many factors, not all of which are measurable. Some of these factors include a tendency to be employed in occupations with high levels of unemployment, lower average levels of schooling, greater concentration in the central cities of urban areas where job opportunities may be relatively limited, and the likelihood of discrimination in the workplace. These factors and others may help explain the acute labor market difficulties Blacks and Hispanics encounter, especially during economic downturns.
From this report, we learn the top 10 occupations in America with the largest percentage of Black employment (for those wondering, the lowest is here):
1. Barbers—35.0%
2. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides—34.0%
3. Residential advisors—29.6%
4. Security guards and gaming surveillance officers—28.6%
5. Postal service clerks-28.3%
6. Baggage porters, bellhops, and concierges—27.1%
7. Postal service mail sorters, processors, and processing machine operators—26.4%
8. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs—25.7%
9. Bus drivers—24.9%
10. Parking lot attendants—24.4%
We've said it before and we'll say it again: without sports, positive examples of Black people in America would not exist. Even with sports, the most heroic Black athletes have the moral character of a guy like Michael Vick.

Michael Vick is a byproduct of Black culture in America. His brother, Marcus Vick, wasn't as lucky as him. Were Vick a white guy, he'd be a byproduct of white culture. A guy like Matt Jones, the former quarterback at Arkansas, was a much taller (and whiter) version of Vick, but he got moved to receiver after being drafted by Jacksonville. After testing positive for cocaine, Jones was gone from the league.

Vick killed a bunch of dogs and was welcomed with open arms by the incredibly Black town of Philadelphia, where Black Flash Mobs Mahogany Mobs terrorize white people and threaten to shutter businesses because of their disruptive and criminal nature.

Were Vick a white guy, like say one of the biggest knuckleheads in NFL history Ryan Leaf, he probably wouldn't be bankrupt. But like JaMarcus Russell and Vince Young (all three Black QBs signed huge contracts), he is bankrupt.

Michael Vick is given a pass due to his Blackness, because one can never criticize Black people or their (lack of ) character.

In a hilarious 2011 cover-story on the NFL Lockout in USA Today, a story on the plight of undrafted free agents profiled the incredible Black Darren Evans of Virginia Tech and this sob story of waiting for the lockout to end so he could pursue his dream of professional football:
Married and a father, with another child on the way, former Virginia Tech running back Darren Evans suddenly found himself in the unenviable role of unemployed football player in a shuttered league eight weeks ago.

With one season of eligibility remaining, Evans, 22, gambled and declared for the NFL draft in April after advisers told him he was a lock as a middle-round pick. As the three-day draft approached an end, Evans says, the Washington Redskins called to say it was unlikely any team would select him.
"After hearing those words … everything kind of went blank," he says bleakly.

Without a new labor deal, rookie free agents remain in free fall.
In Evans' case, financial pressures bear down on the 230-pounder like a menacing middle linebacker. He and his wife, Taneesha, live with one of his cousins in their hometown of Indianapolis. The couple get by on savings and the largesse of family members.

"If this whole (football) thing just totally blows up in my face, I will go to work," says Evans, who as a redshirt freshman in 2008 rumbled for a then-school record 253 yards rushing against Maryland.

"If I get knocked down, I have to get up, because I will have three people depending on me."
Evans' economic concerns are one example of the anxiety affecting his unsigned brethren.
The best of them would have received signing bonuses ranging from $10,000 to $25,000. Under the expired labor agreement, the minimum NFL salary — which is typically what such players are paid — was $325,000 for rookies.
If Michael Vick were white, one wonders if he'd be in the predicament of Darren Evans. One should remember that Adrian Peterson claimed he was a 'slave', though he made $10 million last season for the Minnesota Vikings. It's hard to conjure a profession where Peterson's labor would be valued at $10 million a year, but luckily Black-Run America (BRA) gives us sports where such miracles exist. 

Vick would probably be working at a McDonald's and living off of EBT/Food Stamps if he didn't possess the ability to play football at the professional level. Were he a white guy, he might have utilized his scholarship to Virginia Tech to garner a degree in a useful field that would enable him to have a career once his playing day were over. In that same article from USA Today, we learn about a white player who was also an undrafted free agent:
Former Texas Tech quarterback Taylor Potts, a pre-med graduate, spends his days working out in Lubbock — when he is not shadowing an orthopedic surgeon. He also plans to get married next month.
"We (players) are pretty much at the mercy of the lockout," Potts says. "I have a lot of time to beef up a Plan B. Plan A is to still play football — although Plan B is becoming a bit more realistic."
If Michael Vick were white, he'd have made a contigency plan to do something besides playing football. Taylor Potts did. Is 'white privilege' merely the ability to plan ahead and have other options available for potential employment? If that is the case, Darren Evans is screwed. 

That Michael Vick is a hero to Black people tells me all you need to know about Black people and their monolithic character standards; "as long as you are Black, you are absolved in our minds from any criminality."
Look, plenty of white kids grow up in poverty (or whatever the concept of "poverty" means in America), yet jails are disproportionately filled with Black people. Why is that? 

Without athletics, positive images of Black people are non-existent in America. Even with athletics, the best images we get are of people with the character of the likes of Michael Vick.

Black people don't like Michael Vick haters because he is a legitimate hero in their eyes. Were he white (and had he committed the same crimes of Vick) he'd be completely shunned by white people. 

That should tell you everything about the difference between white and Black people.

The better question that no one wants to ask about Black athletes like Michael Vick is simply this: "What if Michael Vick didn't act like a nigger and what if a fawning, sycophantic predominately white sports media and every member of the Black community stopped making excuses for his thuggery?"
Note: The SBPDL Guide to College Football is going to be something incredibly radical. It starts tomorrow. We will still be posting random stories as they come along and # posts. There's just so many great stories about race and college football that need to be told. We start tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Come on guys, If Michael Vick were white he'd be Steve Young.

Anonymous said...

From this report, we learn the top 10 occupations in America with the largest percentage of Black employment (for those wondering, the lowest is here):

Let me ask an odd sort of question. What were black professions like during segregation? Granted, black opportunities were limited in the "white"world, but were there more self-sufficient black businessmen and women?

It's pretty amazing that today, after half a century of civil rights legislation and social engineering, blacks still are not competing in serious professions even with the government putting in affirmative action and so forth.

One wonders how much of this dysfunction is the result of the welfare state?

Anyway, thanks for posting the stats.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons blacks like Michael Vick so much is precisely because some White people dislike him, and because some Whites get upset at the support Vick gets from blacks. The so-called "bad n----r" has always been a popular figure in black culture.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a guy and not even a woman who is a huge football fan. Still, I've watched a good amount of college football and a bit of the NFL (which I gave up years ago after the Bengals lost the Super Bowl.)

Here's my question: is it possible to have a Black quarterback who knows how to pass? Again, I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of quarterbacks, but watching this video: annoyed me. It's as though Vick would rather lose yards than pass the ball and thus, lose his opportunity to score a touchdown. I'm sorry, but isn't that what running backs and wide receivers are supposed to do?

He reminds me of OSU's Troy Smith. Again, another Black quarterback who just didn't want to throw the ball. (Although someone must have talked to him after 2005, because he settled down.)

That article about Vick, calling him a streetballer, simply says to me "showboat." Streetballers aren't for the team. They're for themselves, which isn't really the point of sports. If Vick wants to play for himself, he should take up golf.

This is a good post, Paul, but it's one of the reasons (and really, the largest one) I stopped watching professional football. I'm tired of the grandstanding, the "in-your-face" theatrics, the thugaboo antics. People like Vick have completely ruined the game for many spectators. Sure, the armchair analysts will continue to wax poetic about Vick's "style," but to me, it all says one thing: There is no "team" in Vick's eyes. It's all about him.

Anonymous said...

He would have owned two lovely golden retrievers.

ESPN is for the masses, which is sad, while yahoo sports and sports blogs are running circles around them. Why is Yahoo sports unearthing information on USC and Miami, while ESPN employs former graduates to talk ball and provide cover for those programs. Toure forgot that Vick's streetball of a running who could pass had to be molded and changed into a dropback passer who could run (the Steve Young transformation) in Philly to be a success all season long.

Whiskey said...

Warren Moon was probably the only good to excellent Black QB. He was a lot like Brett Favre, down to scrambling and gunslinging passes. That guy from Washington was basically Jeff Hofstedler (journeyman handed the reins doesn't screw up and wins a Superbowl). But that's it for good Black QBs.

The NFL is a passing league. A PASSING LEAGUE. Running QBS are a losing proposition, and that's true if their names are Tebow, Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, or Michael Vick. Maybe Tebow can make the transition to passer, I don't know. It takes dedicated and perfect practice. Touch matters more than arm strength. Joe Montana, the greatest, could not air it out like Marino but could throw the ball so only his receiver could make a play. That is the NFL.

A lot of drunken fans and sports personalities buy into the "Black guys are physically superior." Well, of course they are generally significantly faster, stronger, and quicker at the upper limits of performance and 40 times, vertical leaps, and other Combine stats bear this out. But Football is not a track meet. Jerry Rice was SLOW compared to Randy Moss, but used superior conditioning and practice to dominate in the Fourth Quarter. He was a FOOTBALL PLAYER. Not an athlete. The two are not the same.

The NBA as I noted gave up basically about $3 billion a year for thugging it up with nearly all Blacks. The NFL depends on: Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Matthew Stafford, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Colt McCoy, Kyle Orton, Matt Cassel, and of course Tom Brady to draw fans. Who is going to root for ... Michael Vick? Blacks are 12% of the population, have a median (that means half above, half below) household income of $5,000 or so, compared to Whites at $134K, and 65% of the population.

How is the NFL going to serve advertisers and grow revenues if they thug it up? Yet the stupid older White guys who run it and own teams want to thug it up completely to "keep it real." You would not believe the stupidity out there. Really. The NFL labor agreement depends on increasing revenues, as does the ability to serve large debt for guys like Jerry Jones and his Jones-mahal. Will Tom Brady or Michael Vick sell ads to desirable consumers who have money to spend (and exist in large numbers)?

You be the judge.

Anonymous said...

"How is the NFL going to serve advertisers and grow revenues if they thug it up?"

Lol. IF they thug it up? Our whole culture has been "thugged up". Watch any TV show or commercial; go to any movie; listen to any advertisement on the radio. It's ALL thug, ALL the time, because stupid, pathetic, WHITE people go for that shit.

DirecTV has a spot wherein Deon (good God) Sanders bitch slaps a bunch of dumb, pathetic Whites into watching TV. Without "Deon", these stupid Whites would never be able to figure out...well, anything.

Forget blacks. Whites are the problem

Stop Arguing and Listen

Anonymous said...

"Come on guys, If Michael Vick were white he'd be Steve Young."

Young is a Hall-of-Famer who could pass, run and lead a team.

Vick can run but he cannot pass or lead a team. He is also injury prone due to his constant running out of the pocket.

If Vick were white he'd probably be out of the league by now or else a backup QB somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:14 Steve Young was a very mobile QB who was perfect for the west coast offense. He was a mobile white QB who could pass. Adding to the humor is the irony that Young is diametrically opposed in character to Vick by being a devout Mormon. Way to ruin the joke.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Strange how big this story is getting. Here's Time Magazine:

Anonymous said...

How would Micheal Vick be treated by the media if he were White and accused of a crime? I don't know, but I bet the Duke LaCrosse team can shed some light on this.

Anonymous said...

If Michael Vick were white, he wouldn't have tortured and killed hundreds of dogs for entertainment and gambling

AmericanGoy said...

"We've said it before and we'll say it again: without sports, positive examples of Black people in America would not exist."


To me, a positive example is someone who works for a living, does not involve oneself in any criminal activity (other than small stuff, like drinking underage or smoking a reefer, for example) and is not a drain in society.

That list you provided, "the top 10 occupations in America with the largest percentage of Black employment"... ALL of them are positive examples of black people to me.

Nothing wrong with being a lower class or middle class working man or woman in my book.

Quick note - to whomever posted the link to Hardcore Pawn; Thank You!

It really opens one's eyes to see the behaviour of not black people but ni**ers.

Youtube has complete episodes, it is amazing that such... people exist in a first world country.

AmericanGoy said...

Do you want to know the face of the NFL?

The true face?

It is not Michael "no empathy or human feelings" Vick.

It is Isayah Muller:

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:12

Your guess regarding self sufficient blacks in pre Snivel Rights America is correct. The amount of Black small business owners has actually gone DOWN since the Snivel Rights act and LBJs poverty programs along w/ the welfare state, affirmative action etc.

Left Coast Dude

MrGJG said...

American Goy said:
"To me, a positive example is someone who works for a living, does not involve oneself in any criminal activity (other than small stuff, like drinking underage or smoking a reefer, for example) and is not a drain in society.

That list you provided, "the top 10 occupations in America with the largest percentage of Black employment"... ALL of them are positive examples of black people to me."

Agree and agree. The problem is, there aren't enough blacks willing to do these lower skilled jobs.
For whatever reason, blacks lack the work ethic so ingrained in just about every other culture.
If you can make as much money on government assistance as working a menial job, does it make sense to flip burgers?
No, but it doesn't make it right. A prideful person would humble himself and take the menial job. A negro would take the handout and brag about how "he gittin over".

As for Michael Vick, if he were white, the shitstorm would be ten fold, because white people would really be able to speak their minds without the fear of "bee-in rayciss".

Discard said...

American Goy: I gather that SBPDL was referring to the sorts of vocations that Americans are taught to admire when he wrote about positive examples. No bus driver will ever be held up before the nation as someone to be emulated simply for doing his job well.

YIH said...

Seconded Whisky's comment, Warren Moon was the only good 'pocket passer' (non-scrambling) QB.
Though to be fair, both early in their careers both Montana and John Elway were also known for getting 'happy feet' and scrambling to either buy time to find a guy open or if necessary, run for the 1st down/TD. Although later, they focused on being a passer and seldom ran.

Anonymous said...


In light of the upcoming football preview, you may want to check out a story from the Provo daily herald. One of BYU's players mused that the season opener against Ole Miss presents them with an opportunity to change preceptions:

"And maybe a bunch of white boys out there go down and beat up on an SEC team, a big, physical team like (Ole Miss). If we go in there and dominate, what does that say? It starts raising questions and curiosity."

As you can imagine, the talk radio reaction has been amusing.

Anonymous said...

Let's try this: publish photos of every person who abuses animals. We can see what sort of people they are, including their race, & we can draw whatever conclusions we like.

MuayTyson said...

"Anonymous said...

How would Micheal Vick be treated by the media if he were White and accused of a crime? I don't know, but I bet the Duke LaCrosse team can shed some light on this."

Great post nothing more needs to be said. It's obvious by this example alone what would have happened to a White athlete if he found himself in the same situation as Vick.

People forget it was not only his incredible cruelty to the dogs but his involvement in organized crime. Fighting and killing dogs is bad and sick but the criminal element that is involved in national dog fighting rings is a much worse crime. No news organization went very deep in to what these organized criminal activaties envolve. I would bet there is a very strong link to drugs, prostitution, pedophilia,etc.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I love BYU.

Trust me: the Ole Miss-BYU and Boise State-UGA are historically important...on par with the 1970 BAMA-USC game.

Anonymous said...

what if Michael Vick were spare ribs, would you eat him?


John said...

Does anyone completely, fully know ALL the details about what Vick did? Smart money says no........ Because if the public - decent public mind you knew ALL the ghastly, beyond horrific things he did - many of which were suppresed by the sheriff's department and the media, he would not exist.

If you'd like to know, give me a shout.

Anonymous said...

"Let's try this: publish photos of every person who abuses animals."

Great idea, do that on your own blog.

This blog is Stuff Black People Don't Like.

Anonymous said...

"Trust me: the Ole Miss-BYU and Boise State-UGA are historically important...on par with the 1970 BAMA-USC game."

Agree and disagree...

Ole Miss was awful last year, a win over the Rebels is not exactly a breakthrough achievement. BYU will likely be favored to beat Ole Miss.

Georgia was mediocre last year, predicted to be much improved this year, while Boise State is a senior-laden powerhouse.

While these games may well be significant, I think "historic" is probably an overstatement.

bubo said...

This should fit in nicely with this subject. Former NBA player Javaris Crittendon, who once pulled a gun on teammate Gilbert Arenas during an argument over gambling debts is wanted for murder after shooting and killing 23 year old hoodrat in "the Atl."

Evidently he thought he saw someone who had previously robbed him so he just rolled his window down and started shooting at the group on the sidewalk, hitting the said hoodrat and yes she was a hoodrat. 23 years old with 4 kids and out prowling the Atl streets pretty much makes you a hoodrat.

This is a guy who earned as a first round pick at least 10 million dollars or so in his career, which he destroyed for acting like a typical well, nigger.

Fayette White Guy said...

You know I will be pulling hard for Boise.

That picture of Vick as white made me crack up.

Anonymous said...

Another athlete nigger up on a murder charge.

Anonymous said...

If That picture of Vick as white made me crack up go to the totalsport site listed above.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I could not care less about far as I'm concerned, it should be legal, along with bullfighting and baiting. And the NFL has a high percentage of criminals playing for it. Read _Pros and Cons: The Criminals In the NFL_ sometime. So Vick fits right in.

Anonymous said...

That top ten list of black employment industries is fallacious. Because a higher percentage of blacks work in X doesn't mean most blacks work in X.

I can say that construction work(at least where I live) is utterly dominated by Hispanics, but that doesn't mean that most Hispanics are construction workers. Get it?