Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is Climate Change?

A sign you are in the Black Undertow
ABC News reported that slavery is the reason that Black people don't like soil (which is why so few Black people are farmers) and the great outdoors. The legacy of slavery is blamed on many - if not all - of Black people's failures and shortcomings, a powerful crutch to constantly call upon in times of distress. Did you know the legacy of slavery is the reason Black people do so poorly in school and have such high rates of illiteracy, as slave owners once forbid Black people from learning to read and write? You didn't? Now you do.

Going Green here at SBPDL this week means we will explore just why Black people don't like the great outdoors (an older post from Year One that needed updating); why national parks have so few Black visitors; why the dirtiest cities in America happen to have high percentages of Black residents; concepts that are alien to Black people like sustainability, recycling, birth control, cleaning up litter, an appreciation of nature, going green, farming, gardening, environmentalism, attending farmer's markets (and Whole Foods), the impact of climate change, and lowering ones carbon footprint.

This won't be some milquetoast look at environmentalism or some inane attempt to create a Green Job; this is Going Green Week at SBPDL. We have stated that the greatest ecological disaster in mankind's history is not the concept of man-made global warming/global cooling (whatever Al Gore is peddling these days), but the proliferation of the Black Undertow in America and the attempts by those in its wake of escaping to safer, more friendly cities.

You can't call yourself an environmentalist unless you are willing to confront what tolerating the Black Undertow is doing to the environment. Pretty soon, the suburbs of Atlanta will be in Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee, and people trying to raise a family in safe, comfortable neighborhoods with "good schools" (which means white schools) will have to commute hours on end for a paycheck. All in a bid to escape the Black Undertow.

Every other major city in America has a similar scenario unfolding, with once thriving suburban cities and counties being abandoned to true, discernible climate change. When a great enough percentage of Black people enter a once thriving Whitopia, an exodus begins with whites abandoning this city for another. The Black people - who might be upper-to-middle class - that inherit the city cannot sustain it, with businesses fleeing, the tax-base eroding, schools failing, and property value declining. Soon, the Black Undertow takes over, and the impermanent creation of a Whitopia falters again.

Local parks - where families once bonded over picnics and outdoor sporting activities - become havens for the homeless, drug dealers, and weeds. When a city has more youths, gangs of teens, Black people prowling the streets instead of the bikers, joggers, and other pedestrians who once made that community such a desired location to live, you know the Black Undertow has overwhelmed it completely. One of the best examples of climate change is Clayton County, Georgia. Once a thriving Whitopia county, in less than 20 years Clayton County has become a prime example of what transpires when the Black Undertow usurps power through demographic transformation.

This is true climate change that is discernible, which no scientist with an agenda can falsify data in an attempt to create a desired outcome. Neighborhoods where families once gathered for barbecues, trick or treating, and community activities that fostered a sense of pride and friendship are now crumbling houses with Section 8 residents occupying them, with streets unsafe for even police to walk down.

Recently a white guy (Christopher Dean) trying to bike from his Whitopia outside of Philadelphia into a city the Black Undertow now control was beaten severely by thugs, youths, Black people. This encounter offers more proof for real climate change then any chart showing dubious examples of polar ice melting could hope to achieve:
IT'S MY favorite thing - biking from the suburbs into the city. I call it my Cradle of Liberty Ride, and I'm convinced I can sell anyone on the merits of Philadelphia with just one ride.

I travel through the Wissahickon along Forbidden Drive, onto Kelly Drive paralleling the Schuylkill, past Boathouse Row, the Art Museum, then onto Old City, most all of it on bike paths. It is arguably the most beautiful inner-city ride in the nation.

And, on the last Sunday of July, it seemed no different, at least at first. The first glitch was the flat tire I got coming out of Forbidden Drive. That's when I met Eddie, a Good Samaritan and biking enthusiast. He comes up from Chester County to patrol the Kelly-West River Drive loop. His bike is an impressive repair shop with an array of the latest gadgets that he loved talking about as much as I enjoyed listening. I was his third flat of the day. He refused any money for his service. Just one more reason to love this ride.

I was back on track to meet my son for a quick lunch in Old City. This was the first weekend of the flash mobs, and that became our topic of conversation. My son is a recent transplant into the city and loves it. After lunch, he headed back to his new digs in Fishtown and me back to the suburbs.

As I biked past Boathouse Row, with sun glistening off the Schuylkill, and a mix of people relaxing, exercising and just soaking in the serenity, little did I know a group of four older teens were on the prowl.

I barely took notice as I rode past them. Even as one stepped toward me, I didn't see him coming. And that's what stays with me: There was no warning. He punched me in the side of my head, just below my helmet. 

Doctors told me later that the assailant had to have hit me with brass knuckles because of the tears to my skin and fractures to my skull.

Still riding, jaw out of whack and bleeding profusely from my eye, about a hundred yards on, I jumped off the bike by a barbecue and pleaded for help.

This is when I met Angel and Love. (Yes, these were their real names.) Love quickly had ice on my head, and Angel was dialing 9-1-1, while I phoned my daughter.
It was more than 20 minutes before an ambulance or the police arrived. EMT was prepared to take me to the hospital, but my bike would have to be left.

Kelly Drive is a gem, and we all value it. Most of the doctors and nurses I met over the course of the days after the attack, in fact everyone I spoke with, said they use the Drive regularly. Almost everyone has an affinity, a connection to this great place in our city, Philadelphia's playground.

And therein lies their shock and outrage: a disgust and anger because of the location as well as the violent nature of the attack. It was random, and senseless. It was pure terrorism: violence for its own sake. I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This was a "there but for the grace of God go I" moment to all who heard the news. Random, senseless terror shuts us all down momentarily.

Philadelphia is a great city and Kelly Drive a jewel that must be protected. Why is there not one camera in the area? Where are the police? Why not foot or bike patrols? My story went unreported on the weekend of the flash mobs, but it has gotten out since then.

But I wanted this story to get out in more detail. Action can come only by addressing this head-on. Or the cancer will metastasize.

I'll continue my Cradle of Liberty riding. But there will be more trepidation, awareness and attentiveness.
I will put this in perspective. Others have given up. That is the shame of this city. I hear from cyclists now who claim my attack wasn't isolated but one of many along Kelly Drive. Cyclists tell me they've stopped biking there altogether. What a loss for us all.
That is true climate change. It is not isolated to one geographic location, but plays itself out in Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Denver, Milwaukee, Detroit, Charlotte, Birmingham, Memphis, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and many other cities across the country. Fly over these cities and you'll see a once thriving downtown area surrounded by ever-expanding suburbs. Those farthest on the outskirts of the city represent the latest attempt to create a Whitopia, free from influence of the Black Undertow.

The ecological devastation created by each abandonment of a once thriving city might not seem like much, but when you consider how this same scenario plays out across the USA on a continual basis, the enormity of the attempts to escape the Black Undertow becomes clear. 

All to clear. Drive around your community and gaze upon the strip malls or outdoor malls with the thriving commerce, packed stores, and limited amounts of visible security. If you are in a Black Undertow city (or county), once thriving strips malls, actual malls or outdoor malls will sit idle, empty. The only visible signs that economic activity took place will be fading remnants of a fast food joint or the familiar facade of a Wal-Mart, K-Mart or grocery chain.

The local economy in a Black Undertow city rests on the sturdy shoulders of payday loan stores, Black beauty accessory shops, hair and nail salons, liquor stores, and the occasional chicken and waffle restaurant that occupies a building that once housed a fast food chain. A Dollar store will be near. 

This is true climate change.

To understand what real America looks like, gaze your eyes upon this link to see Yahoo's 2011 Best Places to Live. Not one of these cities has been touched by the Black Undertow.

Those who dare call themselves environmentalists are hypocrites. You can use a reusable grocery bag all you want; drive an electronic car; have you house checked for every conceivable upgrade for long-term sustainability or other green buzzword; recycle; and ride your bike or walk as much as possible, but unless you are willing to point out the long-term ecological problems of fleeing the Black Undertow and creating new Whitopia's (that will inevitably be lost to the Black Undertow), you are a hypocrite and no friend of going green.

The only way to create green jobs and a green economy (and combating climate change) is to employ people to go into Black Undertow cities and counties and tear down the existing infrastructure. Towns where graffiti is more present on the walls of dilapidated buildings, bridges and other structures must become ground zero for combating climate change and reversing its spread.

Imagine how many people could be employed if this effort was funded immediately!

Building parks and green space where idle malls and long-abandoned strip malls in Black Undertow areas sit would be a good first step to creating green jobs and putting people back to work.

Basically, to combat true Climate Change, one must acknowledge the ecological disaster that is the sustaining of the Black Undertow. Sure, it might provide athletes to cheer for, but no one seems interested in living near it.

This video from some goofy-ball conservative tries to claim Detroit sucks because of failed leftist policies and Democratic mayors and governments. Wrong. Failed "liberal" policies are not to blame. A city or a county is a reflection of the majority population. Detroit is majority Black-run, thus it is a reflection of what Black people are capable of maintaining and sustaining once a city has been left in their hands. Same thing can be said of Prince Georges County.

And there you have the concept of climate change, real climate change. A city or county (or country) is nothing more than a reflection of its majority population. If the founding population leaves (think Detroit), it will soon conform to the new majority population.


Ryu said...

The real climate change that needs to occur is mental. The white population must change their minds from a climate of tolerance for black criminality to a climate of black responsibility. That's climate change I can support.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this youtube video yet?

Police Let Flash Mob Rob 7-11

A 7-11 in Montgomery County, Maryland was hit by a flash mob on August 13, 2011. The clerk activated a silent alarm, but police waited until the mob left the store before responding. Further, according to the video, the officer refused to investigate the crime, and only viewed this incident as shoplifting.

Spunkmeyer said...

Hey Paul, here is a great question. I wonder what would green NIMBYs want to live next to less: a coal power plant or a black family? Maybe the green NIMBYs could be the saviors of white America from BRA if they could get the appropriate regulatory agencies to classify black families in the same category as nuclear power plants. I would kiss their hemp moccasin-covered feet if they could accomplish this.

I am just in love with your planned concept of "Green Week." I am sure that in addition to the major issue of white flight and its great drain on fossil fuels for commuting, there must be many other cases of blacks negatively impacting the environment. I could swear that I have heard stories of them casually burning down abandoned structures in ruined cities like Detroit. And their filthy lifestyles must lead to much greater rates of littering than those of whites.

Anonymous said...

Philly is the next Detroit.

Fayette White Guy said...

Great picture of 1970s/80s Bronx at the top. It's crazy how different that area looks after Giuliani's tenure in NYC.

I'm certainly not a Green obsessive, but you're right, the "black undertow" is responsible for a lot of land-clearing, gas usage, etc. due to expanding suburbs and exurbs. I can't believe how far the Atlanta metro spreads out when you look at a map. Hell, next Census I hear Gainesville will be counted in the MSA stats.

Anonymous said...

The Philadelphia Bike Rider had all of the keywords down, such as "random" and "wrong place at the wrong time."

Anonymous said...

"The local economy in a Black Undertow city rests on the sturdy shoulders of payday loan stores, Black beauty accessory shops, hair and nail salons, liquor stores, and the occasional chicken and waffle restaurant that occupies a building that once housed a fast food chain. A Dollar store will be near."

You forgot to mention the crown jewel of any black strip mall: The Pawn Shop!

Anonymous said...


I understand the Black Undertow phenomenon as you describe it, but I think that the outsourcing of the US manufacturing base is a much bigger cause for Detroit's demise than anything else. The whites got out quicker and the blacks stuck around, hanging on to a losing position like a trader hoping for a losing stock to bounce back. Of course blacks lack the economic turnaround capacity so a bad situation quickly gets worse.

However, I would have to say proof of the Black Undertow can be seen through the lack of the "Blacktopia" or the lack of the Black equivalent to a Whitopia. Elite whites create the Whitopias which make the Top 10 places to live in America, where is the black equivalent?


Anonymous said...

I bet a saavy investor could do okay investing in future whitopias. Since it is all but illegal to discuss the black issue, many remain oblivious and try to think of other explanations. A realist can do well while all his competitors play games in fantasy land.

Anonymous said...

Last Anon has a point.

Where are the equivalents?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black equivalents? Prince George's County is looked upon as the premier Black County in America, but the children of these Black supermen - who seem to all be employed by some Federal agency - perform horribly in school. Few business desire investing in this county and property value is down with foreclosures and crime up.



All in all , it's a perfect representation of the artificial Black middle class creation.

Maybe Charles Murray can do a study on this county...

Midwestern said...

I live on the edge of a black hole. The one pawn shop just closed its doors for good. Hooray!! The homes are early 1900s, the original historic suburbs of the inner city. Now the blacks are moving out, along with the pawn shops, the tax stores, the dollar stores, thugs, hair braiding joints, and the chicken huts.

What to do?

I hope that my white brothers and sisters face their fears and scoop up these beautiful old homes and help me create a thriving community once again. Everything white people love - neighborhood associations, block parties, wide tree-line streets, farmer's markets, community gardens, festivals, huge yards, bike trails, and pocket parks.

Is anyone willing to take these neighborhoods back once the blacks flee?

Because they are leaving, I can tell. Some neighborhoods cannot be saved, you are right. But almost all cities have historical districts that can be taken from the underclass, revived, and populated with families once again. Let the blacks have the pre-fab crap houses in the suburbs. They won't stand as long as my 1925 brick beauty.

Come back, white people. Our cities need you.

resurging resurgance said...

"All in all , it's a perfect representation of the artificial Black middle class creation."

There is an even more perfect representation of the black middle class creation: the White underclass.

All the trillions of dollars that White Privilege taxpayers have had confiscated from us to pay for the blacks to rise one degree, has suppressed the opportunities of lower Whites to rise the same ten degrees they would have with that same money.

How many Whites have missed their opportunities in college and careers because the money and position was reserved for blacks? The generation toil on White Humanity is permanent. We will never ever ever have the civilization we could have because we have blacks on our soil. Not sending them back to Africa in 1865 was the fatal decision that decided the fate of America.

We are cursed unto eternity. Blacks are an African voodoo curse, and they destroy all they touch, especially White refinements like government and nation.

Do you hear the politicians talking about America's best days ahead? Everybody knows it's all a lie, because America under Black Rule and Diversity Mandates will never rise, but perpetually sink.

You can have a first world nation of flourishing White Privilege, or you can have Diversity, but you can't have both.

You should have very low expectations of the future. If you aren't depressed and nihilistic, there is something wrong with you.
You can't help blacks without hurting Whites by a factor of ten. Suppressing opportunities for White genius to flourish so black voodooism can survive is outright sadism, masochism, and a foretaste of the inevitable horror of South African genocide against Whites rising up in American and become the NORMAL of race relations.

Again, for every one you help a black, your hurt Whites by ten, or more.


Transcend diversity, embrace Whiteness, beware and prepare, because you really do know what's coming next, you see it in your worst nightmares, and you are extremely right...

One day soon, your beautiful, talented, blonde daughter will come home from school with an A+++ on her essay about "Why making White babies is a hate crime against global dignity."

The war is lost. Now, it's just a matter of survival for a little while longer. Hope is in the justice of vengeance. Our justification is our revenge.

Van said...

"Did you know the legacy of slavery is the reason Black people do so poorly in school and have such high rates of illiteracy, as slave owners once forbid Black people from learning to read and write?"

Without realizing it, liberals very much subscribe to Lamarckian Evolutionary Theory.

White Flight said...

Midwestern, we can't take our cities back, because the moment that whites begin to turn a neighborhood around, the black underclass begins flowing back in to take advantage of what has been rebuilt. Without freedom of association, whitopias can't be created, they can only be invaded and destroyed. Isn't it funny that blacks talk incessantly about those evil white racists, but by God, they follow those evil whiteys around wherever they may go. There is no escape. New Whitopias can only be achieved post regime collapse, which will likely be preceded by race riots and freedom crushing martial law. The pain and suffering will be monumental before all these pseudo intelligent whites realize something, that for the moment, is too simple for them to grasp. Race is real. It cannot be ignored. It is how humans have organized and functioned for thousands of years. They are waging a war against nature and they are going to lose.

Californian said...

Do you hear the politicians talking about America's best days ahead?

The belief in progress--ironically, a classical liberal concept--is vanishing in America. Look at how people in the mid-20th century viewed the future: by 2001 we were supposed to have colonies on the Moon and be heading out to the planets. And cities were to be shining towers of glass and steel. And people were going to be more intelligent. The 1936 H.G. Wells film, "Things to Come," gives one aspect of this, and Disneyland's Tomorrowland was another (if somewhat quichy).

Yet what do we see today? An end to the American manned space program, the decline of the inner cities, and a general decline in IQ. Much of this is a direct result of the multiculist policies of the last half century (NASA goes multicult, white flight, illegal immigration, ad nauseam). The fact that America is importing much of its technology ought to speak volumes, but people are too entranced with their 500 channels of television.

Still, websites like this one provide some glimmer that the truth will win through in the end.

Anonymous said...

Another flash mob of unlawful apes:


Anonymous said...

Negro Hurricanes. That's right. Ready for this one???? Just when you thought you couldn't get any angrier, along comes. Here goes...

It appears our African-American compatriots have found yet something else to be pissed about. A black congresswoman (this would be Sheila Jackson Lee, of Houston), reportedly complained that the names of hurricanes are all Caucasian sounding names.

Indianapolis said...

Where is blacktopia?

Uh, Zimbabwe?

Midwestern said...

"Midwestern, we can't take our cities back, because the moment that whites begin to turn a neighborhood around, the black underclass begins flowing back in to take advantage of what has been rebuilt."

Dear White Flight: I hear you, but blacks are now experiencing a unprecedented economic and cultural decline. As the government shrinks and BRA enters its last decade or less, blacks will not have the resources or numbers to destroy a newly gentrified neighborhood full of white homeowners. Maybe this happened just after BRA got started, but the average black person today thinks that the old neighborhoods are the "ghetto" and the fresh new suburbs are the place to be.

The first white people who moved here were gay white men. They are brave, and quite racist. They hold their ground, and have the money to fix the homes. Now the white retirees are moving in, and I see progress. I would rather live here near the downtown commercial district of any city than out there in the boondocks once the blacks get vouchers to move out of the city. Here, I am not so stuck. I can bike, I can walk, I can grow food, I can use less energy to get downtown and get the things I need. Hell, I could even push my canoe into the creek near my house and travel out of town if I had to.

I think that the mahogany mobs are coming to a nice white suburb near you, I am witnessing this in my own large city, and it is happening elsewhere too. That is why I am asking whites to help take the cities back, it can be done, and I believe that we could have a much better chance here when TSHTF. Just by living here, I know the enemy better than most at this point. Don't be so afraid.

Anonymous said...

Another college football story of a white millionaire spending money on recruits and players he would never associate himself with all because they play football well. Who are these idiots?


Anonymous said...

Things have to break down. Chaos. Devastation. And from the rubble, the sane must regroup, and create a new nation, and do it the RIGHT way this time. (Hint: Pick yr own cotton this time; trust me, in the long run, it'll be way cheaper, and your .)

We live in a madhouse. The masses have been infected. There is no saving them. Don't try. They will eat you.

SURVIVE. Learn to fight. "Let the dead bury their dead". Etc,.

Anonymous said...


Sowell just did a great article on Mayor Nutter calling out the Mahogany Mobs.



Anonymous said...

No NO NO and NO
I watched all three of the videos regarding Detroit. Its decline did not begin after WWII. Up until the riots, Detroit had a housing shortage and was a thriving city. I recall as a child going down town on a week day and struggling through packed stores and sidewalks. When the negro terrorist raids began in 1967, old man Stroh’s stood on the roof of his brewery and said – that is the end of Detroit. My brother was born during the worst part of the negro race riots (otherwise known as Black Christmas). To a young child, it looked like Armageddon. Blacks did not set fire to their own homes and neighborhood – they lived in projects and the victims were white and mostly old (prime candidate for negro aggression). The riots never ended. Every year on devils night, the blacks burned every business, garage and business they could get away with. No the homes and businesses, when they began were not abandoned. But year after year for 40 years of BR city incompetence, they soon became so.
Detroit mattered because it once was a thriving beautiful city and the decline had nothing to do with liberals. The AFL CIO is a just a wing of the NAACP. If you ever want to understand reverse racism from the liberals protected race, talk to anyone that lived or has lived in Detroit. It was not only home to the auto industry but also created pharmaceutical companies, had one of the most efficient street car systems in the county, had over 100 breweries, once had the world’s largest department stores (JL Hudson’s and the giant flag in the Smithsonian was created to cover the entire façade of the 17 story building to celebrate victory day) had independent communities that had immigrants from every country in Europe, the middle east and Mexico was home to some of the great lumber barons; and without Detroit’s white industry – the US would never have won WWII. In that regard that was what began the decline of Detroit. As most white men were in Europe and Asia – the big three auto manufacturers imported millions of the South’s negroes to work in the auto industry with the hopes that they would return there at the end of the war when the reliable work force returned from the war. In the early 1900s Detroit was called the Paris of the Midwest. The Detroit Museum rivaled New York, Chicago and even the Smithsonian. People actually came to Detroit for vacation! Now the cycle is moving out to another 20 year progression of black destruction out into the suburbs. Neighborhoods follow the Detroit model and become unlivable. Suburban government becomes majority black, corrupt and incompetent, everyone moves further out and no one has the guts to call a spade a spade. There is what is known among blacks as the ‘Detroit attitude’ and it is a more intense, violent hatred of whites. I can’t tell you how much graffiti I have seen all over Detroit that says ‘the only good YT is a dead YT’. I think that afro supremacist racist attitude is more the norm than the exception.
Thank you for this discussion. As Detroit moves farther and farther away from the 67 race riots, more people have no idea what this city once was and just too easily dismiss it as Obama said ‘ a bunch of unemployed, white people’ that has never mattered. As a suggestion for a subject – research what ‘shut it down means’. If you are in Detroit, get a photo of the old Karpinski’s (visible from I75) and their huge shut it down graffiti. Hint it has a lot to do with why cities have no grocery stores, retail stores and even industry.

Anonymous said...

white flight,
that's what is called gentrification and every DWL dyke will kill anyone who attempts it. If you are unfamiliar with the term gertification: it means mowing your lawn, painting your house, repairing broken windows and cleaning it. Doing this diplaces crack dealers, black thugs and hookers. Becoming invovled in community groups (those are racist) and the PTA.

Anonymous said...

It will take years of zeitgeist to learn from this mess we are in. There needs to be a collapse both in the cities and the suburbs from drug diseased DWL mind to comprehend. What is happening to these cities and BRA came about at the end of the Civil war with reconstruction and the carpet baggers. It took decades for anyone to see the need for Jim Crow laws. The present mindless set we have in power and in the present enlightened Intelligentsia it may take much longer. I know what you mean about these buildings. But understand, the reason they are being destroyed is to remove all traces of YT. If these works of art buildings are removed from our memory, it easier to rewrite history and push the idea that the new modern afro crap is not actually substandard inferior design and construction. If you don't understand the last sentence, make a visit to the Detroit Afro museum and then check a photo of the buildings that were demolished to make room for that crap. It was built a few years ago and is starting to fail structurally already and has very few visitors.

Indianapolis said...

It's another confirmation of the Bell Curve. In Wisconsin only 4 percent of black High School graduates are ready for college. Black culture simply cannot keep up.

We read:

Racial disparities also remained a problem in the state for the Class of 2011. The average composite score for black students was nearly seven points below that of white students - 16.2 compared with 23.1. Nationwide, the difference between the two groups was 5.4 points.

The percentage of 2011 graduates prepared for college-level core subject areas also varied greatly by race, with 36% of white students in Wisconsin considered ready for college classes compared with only 4% of black students.


Anonymous said...

I barely took notice as I rode past them. Even as one stepped toward me, I didn't see him coming. And that's what stays with me: There was no warning. He punched me in the side of my head, just below my helmet.

"There was no warning." Nonsense. There were plenty of warnings. You were just too "clever" and "decent" to heed them. Black, young adults, males, in a group. How many warnings do you need.

It's like being surprised at a Rhino charge.

There were no PC warnings. There. FTFY.

Anonymous said...

How about hurricane Leroy, Tawana, Shankia, Lil' Flip too?

10mm AUTO said...

I barely took notice as I rode past them. Even as one stepped toward me, I didn't see him coming. And that's what stays with me: There was no warning. He punched me in the side of my head, just below my helmet.

"There was no warning." Nonsense. There were plenty of warnings. You were just too "clever" and "decent" to heed them. Black, young adults, males, in a group. How many warnings do you need.

It's like being surprised at a Rhino charge."

Exactly. A group of negroids is trouble no matter where they are. A lone White on a bicycle is an object of derision.
Negroids are almost universally Right handed and tend to attack with the "sucker punch", a high overhand right punch. That is why you hear about so many Whites with eye socket damage or being knocked unconscious. Watch for this in videos, it is chilling.

Midwestern said...

"If these works of art buildings are removed from our memory, it easier to rewrite history and push the idea that the new modern afro crap is not actually substandard inferior design and construction."

OK, Anon. I get that. You must already have a well-stocked bug out bunker. I don't.

I understand you point, and I have already thought about the reasons why blacks destroy everything. That is also why they loot and burn. Everything belongs to YT, no sense of ownership or accountability. I get that.

I really don't like James Howard Kunstler because he is a flaming liberal. I found his blog while researching Peak Oil a few years back.

I really like his stance on civic renewal and the reclamation of our citites and small towns. I am not a DWL, and so I don't get off in thinking that I am morally superior to everyone for wanting a renewal/gentrification and wanting to preserve the amazing examples of historic white architecture and city planning.

But, I do think that whites must have someplace to live, and most of us will not be in whitopia gated communities, and will need to be near our jobs and food, and in a place where we can cooperate closely with each other and defend ourselves. I live near the state Fairgrounds, which I hope will someday be a marketplace for the exchange of food, ammo, and goods. I don't think that whites are just going to disappear. We are much smarter than that.

The inner city is the perfect place for whites to start a well-run hamlet. One neighborhood in my city has essentially done just that and I want for this idea to spread.

Midwestern said...

I experienced "Climate Change" at the Indiana State Fair last night.

I was there all day with my kids and the crowd was almost 100% white. It was $2 cheap day, and after about 5:00, and within one hour, the entire crowd went from all white to all black. As I watched the final farmer's tractor parade, including the (white) Indiana Honey Queen on her float, I wondered what the farmers must have been thinking as they looked out at a sea of black faces. The State Fair is not what it used to be.

As I left, there had to be over 100 black people at the gate in line for tickets. I think that we are going to have an incident like Iowa and Minnesota one day.

It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

"I bet a saavy investor could do okay investing in future whitopias. Since it is all but illegal to discuss the black issue, many remain oblivious and try to think of other explanations. A realist can do well while all his competitors play games in fantasy land."

This is why the Chinese are cleaning our clocks on solar panels. A cheap solar panel that breaks down in 5 years is preferable to an expensive one that will last 50 years or be overall cheaper to maintain in the long run.

Amarilloan said...

Green Week!

You have hit another homer Kersey. Greenies must be brought into the fold of those that can see.

I'm not sure if peak oil is another scam. If it turns out to be true there will be no more building of suburbs in the future. We will have to reclaim the cities. Segregation is the best deal that will be on the table.

EastPAWZ said...

When you put black people together, u get Atlanta... look it up.... Detroit's economy fell apart, the industry died out and so did the money.. when that happens you have nothing....
Atlanta is where black people run to and that place has so much money, it's crazy..

Indianapolis said...

Midwestern ...

I haven't attended the Indiana State Fair in years.

Anonymous said...

It's almost like there are "Brain Eating Amoebas" (Naegleria fowleri) or Giardia lamblia in the often unchlorinated filthy swimming pools of the black Misery Beings. Little monsters eating the brains of big black Misery Being monsters and inducing them to Chimp Out wildly. Imagine the slow horror if somehow the blacks contaminated one of their own unchlorinated murky swimming pools or many of their unchlorinated rarely cleaned swimming pools with one type of these easily found parasitic organisms (not usually detectable until 2 weeks after contamination). That could lead to blacks across the nation would be all going violently insane more than usual. So be wary about visiting any swimming pool dominated by inner city blacks as you could pick up one of these deadly parasites (not commonly found in chlorinated human swimming pools).

Giardia lamblia
They may also occur in city reservoirs and persist after water treatment, as the Giardia cysts are resistant to conventional water treatment methods such as chlorination and ozonolysis. Zoonotic transmission is also possible, and therefore Giardia infection is a concern for people camping in the wilderness or swimming in contaminated streams or lakes, especially the artificial lakes formed by beaver dams (hence the popular name for giardiasis, "Beaver Fever").

The brain-eating amoeba, which is found in over 70% of U.S. lakes, hijacks the human brain in its hunt for food and shelter.

Naegleria fowleri (also known as "the brain-eating amoeba") is a free-living excavate form of protist typically found in warm bodies of fresh water, such as ponds, lakes, rivers, and hot springs. It is also found in soil, near warm water discharges of industrial plants, and minimally chlorinated swimming pools in an amoeboid or temporary flagellate stage. There is no evidence of this organism living in ocean water. It belongs to a group called the Percolozoa or Heterolobosea. Although not a true amoeba, the organism is often referred to as an amoeba for convenience.

N. fowleri can invade and attack the human nervous system. Although this occurs rarely, such an infection nearly always results in the death of the victim. The mortality rate is estimated at 98%.


Onset symptoms of infection start 1 to 14 days after exposure. The initial symptoms include, but are not limited to, changes in taste and smell, headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, and stiff neck. Secondary symptoms include confusion, hallucinations, lack of attention, ataxia, and seizures. After the start of symptoms, the disease progresses rapidly over 3 to 7 days, with death occurring from 7 to 14 days after exposure.

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Anonymous said...

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Midwestern said...

Indianapolis said...
Midwestern ...

"I haven't attended the Indiana State Fair in years."

Trust me, Indianapolis, you aren't missing anything.

It is nothing like a fair, more like an urban carnival. They now have free diabetes health screenings, a Habitat For Humanity house, a WIC booth, and many other opportunities to connect "da poor" with their government services.

isaiah14 said...

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Anonymous said...

@anon August 18, 2011 5:08 AM

And here is the scumbag's subsequent sentencing (for other crimes)... Watch him laugh...


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