Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crossing the Rubicon into Black-Run America: The Edmund Pettus Bridge

Mahogany Mobs attack people nationwide. We tolerate this because of Selma
It all started here. In Selma. On this bridge. The destruction of Atlanta, Memphis, Baltimore, Mobile, Birmingham, Newark, Philadelphia, Detroit and other cities; the abandonment of white flight cities and counties to the inevitable Black Undertow; dreams held by young families shattered by long, stressful commutes from Whitopia's into those abandoned cities, run by Black people incapable of maintaining the civilization they inherited ; the toleration of Flash Mahogany Mobs and the need to implement curfews (normally reserved for times of war or national disaster) to keep Black violence and crime down; all of this is because of what happened in Selma, on this bridge.

It all started here.

In the coming weeks, I plan on traveling to Detroit, Chicago, Birmingham, and Atlanta. More videos will be made. People must know the truth - indeed, most already do and move as far away from it as possible - about what happened to these cities.

On Monday of next week, Captain America and Whiteness will be released in book form. How fitting that Marvel decided to kill off the superfluous - and very white - Peter Parker and replace him with a half-Black/half-Hispanic Spider-Man. For a donation of $50 or more, I'll send you a signed copy of both Captain America and Whiteness and Hollywood in Blackface. If you have not received your copies yet from a prior donation, please send me a private e-mail and I'll get copies of all three published books to you.

Readers have been incredibly generous (considering what happened to me and the outpouring of support) but if you can make another donation, we can move-up the plans to travel to other cities and document what has been left behind. It's a lot to ask, but remember, no one else is doing it. 

The decision by Marvel to create a non-white Spider-Man is not one to take lightly. Spider-Man is arguably the second most recognizable superhero, after Bruce Wayne/Batman. Only the Dark Knight made more money then any of the three Sam Raimi Spider-Man films of the 2000s. The three Spider-Man films made more than $1 billion combined at the domestic box office.

All three nearly made a billion dollars each in the global box office. An article at back in 2009 tried to explain his appeal:
For a nerd, Spider-Man's not doing so bad these days — after 40 years of web-slinging, he's got a new movie and has managed to remain hip with youngsters while staying true to his aging longtime fans. 

From billboards in New York's Times Square to toy stores, book shelves and even music stores, Marvel Comics' flagship character seems to be everywhere as his fans await Friday's opening of the Spider-Man movie. However, Spider-Man's enduring popularity has little to do with his ability to climb walls, his super-human strength, or his somewhat creepy-yet-cool costume. 

Fans have loved Spider-Man because he has trouble paying his rent. He was not the most popular guy in school and does not always get the girl. Comic book readers — or "true believers," as Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee likes to refer them — have followed the web-slinger for so long because his very human alter-ego is Peter Parker, who struggles with the same everyday life issues as everyone else. 

"He was just like an everyman," said Ken Feliu, a 29-year-old commercial production director and lifelong comic book reader. "Batman had his secret identity but Bruce Wayne was a millionaire. Superman had his alter-ego [Clark Kent], but he was still Superman. 

"With Spider-Man, he had his aunt nagging him, he had to get through school, he had to deal with his life, he had to hold down a job. He almost seemed like a regular guy," said Feliu. "Here's a guy who, while swinging from building to building on his way to fight Doc Ock [Dr. Octopus], is also thinking, 'Oh man, how am I gonna pay the rent tomorrow?'"

Spider-Man learned a lesson that his Uncle Ben tried to teach him shortly before Ben's death: With great power comes great responsibility. 

The ‘Peter Parker’ in All of Us
From the beginning, readers clearly saw Spider-Man's humanity and vulnerability. Even with his powers, he could not protect his loved ones from harm and was not immune from the hardships of daily life — two long-running themes of the Spider-Man comic books. Readers saw a bit of themselves in Spider-Man. 

"With Batman and Superman, both characters made a conscious choice to use their powers for good, to devote their lives to fighting evil," said M. Thomas Inge, professor of English and the Humanities at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia. "Superman was born with his powers and Batman devoted his life toward avenging the murder of his parents. Peter Parker became a superhero by accident. He's 15 to 16 years old, unpopular in high school, he has acne, he's got a lot of problems. To a certain extent, he had no choice in that his powers were a gift thrust upon him. 

"We can all be Peter Parkers," Inge added. "It feeds into our typical fantasy of wanting to escape our characters. We'd all like to escape our characters sometime and be someone else."
Killing off Peter Parker - an unnecessary white boy in 2011, who was incessantly whiny anyways - and replacing him with a half-Black/half-Hispanic makes perfect sense for our undyingly progressive times:
“What you have is a Spider-Man for the 21st century who’s reflective of our culture and diversity,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso told NBC. “We think that readers will fall in love with Morales the same way they fell in love with Peter Parker.”

Marvel’s inspiration for this change-up in the series may be partially inspired, said the report, by fans themselves. When director Marc Webb undertook the task of rebooting Spider-Man in cinematic form (in the upcoming 2012 film, The Amazing Spider-Man), a grassroots online effort tried to get Webb to cast Donald Glover, an African American actor, in the lead role. These fans maintained that Glover’s race had nothing to do with the basic story and core elements of who Peter Parker was.

That role was, however, taken by Andrew Garfield, who is white.

As for the comics, characters fans love will still make appearances, like Peter’s Aunt May and girlfriend Gwen Stacy (who will also appear in the upcoming film). They will reportedly help Morales in his transition from a young teen into a web-slinging New York City superhero.

Sarah Pichelli, an Italian artist who created a new image for Spider-Man, said, “Maybe sooner or later, a Black or gay hero will be considered something absolutely normal.”

With Spider-Man’s endless popularity and such an unprecedented move by Marvel, it would appear that this is already happening.

As you'll learn in Captain America and Whiteness, the burden of the whiteness that DC and Marvel's heroes all share must be rectified; what's hilarious is that Marvel decided to change Spider-Man and announce it right when I published a book on the subject. Gotta love the timing of the book.

This is why you should write about what you know. For me, it's college football, pop culture, movies, etc. By starting SBPDL, that forum slowly arose for me to write about other topics I'm interested in; thank you for allowing me to do just that. 


Anonymous said...

jes' cross da briiiiidge mu'fuckaaaaaaaaah!

Anonymous said...


I'll try this again. Either the authors of this Blog wish to silence my voice, or there was some kind of network error which prevented my comments from being seen.

You can just call me GIJoe, I'd rather not have everyone emailing me and what not, so I won't use my google ID. I am a 33 year old black male, West Point Graduate, former infantry officer (Army Ranger), and currently a army Surgical Resident.

It seems to me as if the majority of people here believe that they have encountered some kind of truth or wisdom that is somehow escaped the rest of the modern world. "Blacks are inferior, and every bit of money wasted to elevate them only makes life harder for whites."

Nice theory, sadly, as a black man I used to share the same. But no more. I've lived through some very difficult treatment in my training as a surgeon. I complained of unfair treatment a number of times. So when they had the chance to, they made me take an IQ test to prove that my intelligence is inferior. I tested at 135, top 99% of adults, and top 95% of physicians.

Next, they just put me through the ringer and tried to break me. They couldn't, and my academic scores just came out right on top. So finally they just all joined together and tried to push me out by saying that I am 'not trainable.'

My main point in telling this is to demonstrate that some of us are extremely capable, but that the attitudes towards blacks in general cause severe harm to us in situations like this. There are many others like me. Intelligent, hard-working, and ready to serve our country. I, just like you, tend to distance myself from Blacks who have not lived outside of the black community. I have recognized that there is a certain scourge that surrounds them and follows them.

But these cultural features can easily be traced back to our treatment in this country. The easiest of all is the obvious difference in respect for the law among poor blacks versus the general white population.

I was raised among whites and lived in the Maryland suburbs for most of my early years and all of my adolescence until I left for West Point. I too used to look on with disgust at the relative disregard for the law that I observed among my people.

It wasn't until I lived in Baltimore as medical student that I started to understand why this had happened. Years ago, it was the police who routinely abused innocent and guilty blacks alike. It was the government itself that lead the charge to beat up, murder, hold down, and abuse blacks. So it didn't take long for blacks to determine that the police, the government, the establishment was enemy number one.

Once a group of people is unwilling to see the police (those responsible for serving and protecting) as their allies, lawlessness is only a few steps away.

This is one simple example.

I did not grow up in a community like that, I was raised by my parents to always respect the police and to never give them a reason to harm me. It worked quite well. But unfortunately, most of us are not taught that. And the resulting decay from this adversarial relationship with law enforcement has driven the marginalization of our people even further.

I'll stop there so that this doesn't turn into a novel.

But my main point is.. there are many like me. There are many intelligent blacks who don't even know it because the opportunities, the schools, the environments they live in are failing to develop their talent.

If whites take the easy way out "Blacks just can't do it, they aren't smart enough, and they are a scourge on us all." It seems like you're on your way to trying to rid yourselves of us legally or illegally.

My overall point is.. please consider that you only know the surface facts. If you don't look deeper, if you don't search for the right answers it is quite easy to conclude that blacks are simply worthless sub humans, and that doesn't do anyone any good.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Army Ranger!"

If what you write is true then you just may be the exception that proves the rule.

Also, there are so many blacks who are hired and promoted only for their skin color that you may personally be given extra scrutiny and also may have to work harder to prove you deserve what and where you are. Suck it up. Life sucks some times.

In any case, it is NOT the responsibility for society, schools, nor ANY ONE else to develop the talent or brains of any person! Got that?

Our Constitution does not, nor was it ever intended, to guarantee equal outcome. If a child is not guided by the parent/parents properly it is not the duty of any government agency or office to rectify the situation.

To get back to your first point. I sure hope you are as smart and good as you write and have not been promoted and trained due to your skin color. It is being codified into regulations that medical schools will have to teach more minorities under Obamacare. we already know through history that means they will have to lower the standards to get minorities in and I do not care if it is because society has not found the real diamonds in the rough as we would go bankrupt trying to pander even more to minorities to get the few diamonds.

Dissident said...

"My overall point is.. please consider that you only know the surface facts. If you don't look deeper, if you don't search for the right answers it is quite easy to conclude that blacks are simply worthless sub humans, and that doesn't do anyone any good. "

Your candor is refreshing and I respect you for it; however, looking deeper does reveal a deep seated "anti-white" hostility amongst blacks, as I observe it.

That's fine, because it has been many whites that have been responsible for BRA and it's entailing chaos. But, those whites are not the majority of whites.

I'd venture to say that most whites on this forum just want to be left alone and have no real animosity towards blacks other than what they see blacks perpetrating on a daily basis.

Crime, attitude, antagonisms, hostile looks, fear, etc.

I try to look for the best in anyone, but I'm missing it in the black community these days.

I'm glad that you are on the path to success in life, but respect is something earned not granted. I'll respect blacks again when they start cleaning up there acts and putting a stop to all the BS and the blame white man game.

I'm a working class person with barely a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, I have NO agenda other than trying to live as a free man.

The burden of proof is on you as far as I'm concerned. Prove to me that blacks deserve to be respected and I will!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:11

" But unfortunately, most of us are not taught that."

That statement is exactly what is wrong with blacks.

It's very easy to chalk up modern day behavior to past grievances instead of pointing a finger squarely at black women having unwanted children and absentee black fathers.

When you have numerous children you didn't want in the first place, you wouldn't care how they turned out pretty much. This goes for any racial group, but blacks in particular.

If a child is not taught anything at home, it is not going to be magically taught or learned in a tax payer funded school or other setting. Your morals and ideals are taught AT HOME. If the children do not get taught how to be a good, productive citizen by their parents, then guess what? They aren't.

No one saying blacks aren't capable. However, I personally have an issue with blacks wanting all qualifications thrown out the window for anything, just because they are black. Everyone suffers because of that.

I do believe you are among a small number of blacks, in all honesty. I am a person who lives in a majority black area, I see with my own eyes. So don't tell me I'm wrong.

Spunkmeyer said...

Nice, can't wait for more videos. Though it would be nice if you could offer some more commentary in your future videos. I am sure you have a lot of insightful/humorous things to say.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:15 has the same IQ as Desiree but is a useful member of society.

Anonymous said...

OK, you guys have a NEW chance to just ignore her.

No black surgeon has 1. time to post on this blog 2. would give up so much personal information that we don't care about and 3. would give a rat's ass about convincing all of us that blacks are great people if we would just give them a chance.

She has posed as a black lesbian, a black vegetarian, a white Jewish man, and now a black West Point surgeon.

She is crazy, please just ignore her so that we can move on.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Since blacks have a mean IQ of 85, it certainly doesn't mean that there can't be any 2-3 standard deviation over achievers like you. I think that everyone here would rather have more high achieving blacks in this country, but the fact remains that the vast majority, are dependent upon government jobs and welfare just to survive. When 12% of the population is responsible for 40% of violent crime, and cities like NYC have 60% of homicides from 2003-2009 committed by blacks, it is understandable why police are more likely to be less forgiving towards blacks.

For every Herman Cain and Thomas Sowell there are one hundred black men who robbed a liquor store, stole an air conditioning unit, or fired a gun into a crowd of people in a drunken rampage.

The phenomenon of Mahogany Mobs is just the latest phenomenon of black mob violence that is inexcusable. Where are the white mobs? The Asian or Latino mobs? The Pakistani mobs?


Anonymous said...

sir, excusing black misbehavior has caused you harm.

Discard said...

G.I. Joe. I'll assume you're telling the truth. How many standard deviations is your I.Q. above the average Black? How many standard deviations is your I.Q. above the average White? If your I.Q is 135, then it should be obvious to you that you are an extreme outlier, a genius, among Blacks, but only a really smart guy among Whites. You didn't get through West Point without taking statistics. And if you're in med school, you're capable of understanding that the low measured I.Q. for Blacks is confirmed by the surrogate measures, cranial capacity and so on.
Everyone here is aware that there are smart, capable Blacks. We are also aware that there are many more affirmative action dullards in elevated positions, and a whole shitpile of Blacks who are dumb as dirt. The few capable Blacks are not the problem, the great mass of dirt clods are.
Spare us the legacy-of-slavery-and-Jim-Crow stuff. Many Whites can match your sob stories tear for tear. Want to hear about my Granpa, the 13 year old coal miner?
Now, as for my doubts. We see Blacks promoted far beyond their abilities. I can give you the play by play for a number of cases I've seen up close. If you're so smart, you'd know it too. So why would I believe that "they" tried to kick you out of med school? I know that schools of every kind are jumping to get those Blacks who can actually make the grade, instead of settling for the usual marginal characters. I myself have seen how schools compete for some of my smart Mexican students. You have a hell of a resume, West Point, Army Ranger. If that's all true, why wouldn't "they" be snapping you up?
And why would anybody in an Army surgical residency program need to make you take an I.Q. test? It's already in your 201 file.
I smell bullshit.

Anonymous said...

For someone with an IQ of 135, you sure seem ignorant of the concept of "anecdotes" and "exceptions." How many blacks have an IQ of 135? The amount is nearly statistically irrelevant. Furthermore, those blacks are near universally mulattoes. If you're such an intelligent man, why are you perusing and posting a site that is so clearly opposed to your world views? You are not going to reach anyone posting on a site called "Stuff Black People Don't Like."

Mr. Kersey is often apocalyptic and theatrical in his writing, which appeals to his audience. Many of the comments here are puerile garbage. But the core point is intact: subsidizing blacks through pure giveaways like welfare, or preferences like Affirmative action, has done nothing to effect the amount of violence and intellectual emptiness in that community. Diversity is not a strength, it is a weakness. If your IQ truly is 135, you would have had no problem finding work and a good living pre-Civil rights. Asking Kersey to acknowledge that there are some good blacks is absurd. In a media environment where censorship of black violence and portrayals of black judges, doctors, scientists is status quo, you had to expect a push back. And this blog is part of that, and intelligent, diligent blacks are not the majority.

But I'm just a casual observer of this blog, and I maintain immigration is the strongest threat to western civilization, along with miscegenation. How can you expect people who did not create this society and have never created anything similar to maintain it? You cannot.

Anonymous said...

"If whites, if whites, if whites.." Because it's all whiteys fault right?

You have only yourself to hold responsible, and sadly as facts have shown us time and time again- the vast majority of blacks haven't learned that lesson. There's a reason that people treat blacks the way they do, you condone and excuse lawlessness left and right. I don't care what color you are- if you commit a violent crime, you aren't getting out until you're age is three digits long.
Whites this and whites that, how about you take some initiative and do what whites/asians do- Be polite and civil, but keep to yourself if you don't like (insert group here). Unfortunately, far too many blacks seem bent on doing the opposite; you're disrespectful and you don't get the message, nobody wants anything to do with you. Btw, I'm mixed race.

Anonymous said...

Mr. GI Joe,

You sound like a typical gibs-me-dat negro to me.

"I complained of unfair treatment a number of times."

I called you a whaaaam-bulance, cry-baby. Your accomplishments yesterday don't mean shit.

"There are many intelligent blacks who don't even know it because the opportunities, the schools, the environments they live in are failing to develop their talent."

How many is 'many intelligent blacks'? 10%? 20%?

Guess what, Spoony, 20% of Ford Pintos ran like Swiss clocks. My apologies for dropping the high-level algebra on you.

Please go back to Africa. They need doctors over there, too.

The Senior Engineer

Anonymous said...

To the black dr above:

No one with a serious grasp on science and statistics argues that every black is inferior or a criminal, or conversely that every white is superior or law abiding. The author of this blog argues that on average blacks have lower IQ and are more likely to engage in criminal behavior. This is backed up by overwhelming statistical evidence. He argues that our culture is heavily invested in allocating ludicrous amounts of resources to correct this imbalance despite years of failure attempting to do so and zero reason to think it can be accomplished.

This does not mean that the relatively rare person such as yourself doesn't exist though- on the contrary, it actually predicts your existence.

You care about your race? Try to get them to take responsibility for themselves instead of making excuses ad nauseam

Anonymous said...

“What you have is a Spider-Man for the 21st century who’s reflective of our culture and diversity,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso told NBC. “We think that readers will fall in love with Morales the same way they fell in love with Peter Parker.”

Half spic, half groid Spiderman?!?

Look, if you want to make a superhero half diseased riddled/ half parasite like that, just invent a whole new character based on a more closely associated insect with the breeds- 'COCKROACH MAN.'

Of course the 'MAN' part would be extremely inappropriate- neither a nig nor esquivo would know what a real man was if he crawled up his ass and fucked him.

Anonymous said...

"encountered some kind of truth or wisdom that is somehow escaped the rest of the modern world."

It hasn't "escaped the rest of modern world".

It's actually quite well known, but largely unspoken.

Anonymous said...

"But my main point is.. there are many like me."

GIJoe, your story is tiresome, and your "main point" is simply colossally inconsistent with the experiences and observations of my life.

Therefore, we are going to disagree.

However, you are entitled to your opinions, and I'm not interested in trying to change them.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your service.

Best wishes.

Phalluster said...

It was surely either Auster or Derbyshire who outlined that 12 out of 13 black students at undergraduate Ivy League schools would have qualified on race-blind merit (and frankly that fraction seems low to me). When I was still a young "social liberal", I opposed affirmative action because it was unfair to all those talented blacks who got lumped in with the quota-fillers. It seemed cruel that these outliers would suffer even a subliminal bias because, well, you just couldn't tell who was who.

But think about that stat, however lacking in citation. You can't abolish affirmative action because it is "cruel" to just one out of thirteen black students who may or may not need to prove himself to his skeptical peers. It would be much more disadvantageous to the other dozen to be shut out from the spoils of diversity quotas. Cumulatively, these hypothetical outliers do not, can not win the moral appeal. They are too rare.

So, I do not feel sorry for Black Army Ranger, who asks that blacks might somehow be given the best of both worlds. That is to say, freedom from any perception of inferiority AND ALSO continued "gimme-dats", even more gimme-dats that we keep on the books today in all facets of life and law, perhaps even infinite gimme-dats until the ghettos teem with flower gardens. And bear in mind, it is not the politicians he states his case for, not CEOs or managing directors, not television executives, and not celebrities or philanthropists or public activists. Mr. Black Army Ranger has the fucking gall to mewl to this anonymous blog full of anonymous comments, a small fraction of a percent of a shrinking white demographic, to accuse this crowd of the intolerance that inspires black dysfunction worldwide. He wants to shush me in the one theater I have left to speak the nigger-word with the lights off and not suffer irreparable damage to my career, social standing, and safety.

I know whose playbook you are reading, Black Army Ranger, to stamp out dissent from the even farthest corners of the earth. It's not a blueprint for success; let's leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

"She has posed as a black lesbian, a black vegetarian, a white Jewish man, and now a black West Point surgeon."

Yesterday's impersonation was "Chris", a white male, with a white girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

"I tested at 135, top 99% of adults, and top 95% of physicians."

What an amazing coincidence that you just happen to claim the EXACT SAME IQ as our resident chubby mulatto troll!!

According to my calculator, if you two have a child, the child's IQ will be 270, which is very high for a negro.

Anonymous said...

"And why would anybody in an Army surgical residency program need to make you take an I.Q. test? It's already in your 201 file.
I smell bullshit."

LOL She really gave herself away with that silly "THEY FORCED ME TO TAKE AN IQ TEST" charade.

What an idiot.

10mm AUTO said...

G.I. Joe

Actually you are a lying sack of shit. Blacks never determined that the police were their enemy number one, they developed the idea when they realized that too many Brothas were going to prison for crime they did commit.

Your "struggle" in medical school is a sack of shit. Blacks get huge amounts of extra help in every college or University they attend, backed up by the fear that if the school flunks you, you'll cry "racism" along with generous funding.
Another lie is that someone made you take an I.Q. test against your will, but you went along to prove it! Come on Toby, we were not born yesterday. Even blacks know the score when it comes to lying to Whitey:

We are trying to Rid ourselves of you not because of your skin, you stupid shitskin, but because your people hunt our women (37,000 every year!) and murder us by the bushel, rob from us, break our children and ruin our businesses, your people commit genocide against the two White Colonies: Rhodesia and South Africa and murder our people there. Facts that you avoid to mention, which makes me certain you are our resident troll. Screw you and your sanctimonious crap.

Anonymous said...

Come on everyone wake up! It's pretty obvious that GIJoe who posted above is just the latest of Desi's incarnation. She loves the word " scourge " and uses it twice, also noteworthy is the claim of being tested for IQ, which happens to be 135, the very same IQ test score she claims to possess.
Like anon. wrote at 3:27 PM, be wary she'll use many disguises to get her message across.
I'll second anon. and will jump at the CHANCE to ignore the far-fetched tall tales of the resident Troll.

Ivan .M said...


I have a suspicion that we've met before. Then again, maybe not.

Your argument boils down to this:

I am very capable. A great number of other Blacks are just as capable. The ever-increasing lawlessness and dysfunction of America's Negro folk is the fault of White racism and oppression.

Rest assured that is no straw man. The above is exactly what you're asserting, and we on SBPDL have heard it ad nauseam.

No one cares about your strictly anecdotal world view. An accurate grasp of reality necessitates the honest analysis of scientific findings and the historical record.

The squalor and depravity characteristic of Black societies predate European colonialism and the Atlantic slave trade by millennia. Sub-Saharan Africa was already primitive and backward during the Bronze Age.

By the time the French and British arrived, sub-Saharan Africans did not have the wheel, a two-story building, a full written language, or any monetary system to speak of. What the hell were they doing for 6,000 years?

Are we supposed to ignore the plethora of scientific evidence demonstrating the smaller average brain sizes of Blacks, their higher testosterone levels, the dominant role heredity plays in IQ, and the relative prevalence of genes linked to aggressivity in Black populations?

The criticism this group has earned is just that: Criticism.

Assuming you are who you claim to be, stop making excuses for monochromatic degeneracy. Just be glad that you were blessed with intellect and talent.

JB said...

"GI Joe" certainly doesn't express himself like a man with an IQ of 135.

Surgeon, please.

Whiskey said...

Meanwhile, back on Planet Comic Book, Marvel's decision will be about as savvy as having Superman renounce his citizenship. Comic books have already featured Black heroes -- it was called Milestone, an imprint by and for Black Writers/Artists and readers. It flopped BIG TIME.

Black (and Hispanic) kids don't read. They don't buy comic books. Those who do are nerdy, near middle aged White guys who recall being bullied. The audience for Marvel Comic MOVIES is one that is nearly uniformly WHITE. Tickets can cost $9-15 for a MATINEE depending on 3-D or not. That's out of the reach of Black and Hispanic kids.

Its like Mercedes making a crummy pickup complete with Truck Nuts. As stupid as that. And likely to be punished severely in the marketplace.

They're also making Spider-Man gay. Good luck with getting kids to go to the Gay Spider-Man movie.

Anonymous said...

I love this place!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"It wasn't until I lived in Baltimore as medical student that I started to understand why this had happened. Years ago, it was the police who routinely abused innocent and guilty blacks alike. It was the government itself that lead the charge to beat up, murder, hold down, and abuse blacks."

Pure garbage. The police never "routinely abused innocent and guilty" blacks. If you live in Baltimore you know that all the violent crime is done by blacks. Cops shooting a black man who pulls a gun on them is not police brutality. It is black criminality and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Why are you guys fooled by this fake black Army Ranger, West Point Graduate, Surgical Resident with an IQ of 135?

Locust said...

People are missing the point entirely, not all blacks are bad, maybe most blacks have a deep seated hatred for whites, maybe some blacks are capable of intelligent thought and creativity, maybe. That’s all besides the point, how we got to where we are today is important for the historians, not so much for the young girl raped by a pack of rabid negroid males, not so important for the white family being murdered in the night because another Negro needed drug money and they just happen to be home at the time of his burglary. This site is here to inform and change the think of intelligent people to rationalize the final solution, for the black question plaguing white civilization. Simple as that my black friends, we are not concerned with trying to be your friends, don’t you get it, we don’t want to live near you, work with you, or co exist in the same continent with you. We don’t like our elites and liberal brothers codling your every need, I don’t want my tax money going to feed and house your people. Now, I don’t hate you, I don’t want you to sit in a gas chamber, but I do want you to go home. No arguing about what great things you did for my people, or that you can change given enough wealth and blood, sorry, you had your chance, go home. Period.

Locust said...

Simple as that. No arguments, no what if’s, no blame, just leave.

Now I know some of you would say no to that request and that’s fine, another time and place, another group of parasites also said no, and they were also given a chance to leave.

When some choose to stay, they paid the ultimate price, as many of you will as well, I’m sure, and that’s fine with me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Negro spidey will flop big time. Libtards don't read comics. They are too smart for that. Also, Diarreah impersonating an army officer is a felony you stupid low IQ fool. If I were SBPDL, I'd turn you for stolen value you POS! I should just turn you in to CID.

Anonymous said...

To the "army ranger surgeon"

You wrote "But my main point is"

Then wrote "My overall point is" soon after.

That's not how a surgeon with an IQ of 135 writes.

It's more like the writing of an idiot mulatto who believes she can fool people.

Anonymous said...


SBPDL, you ought to publish this; do it if you aren't a complete coward. It's SO fucked up that you'd allow these people to beat up on a poster in this way. Why don't you check your counter and verify he isn't me like an honest person?

Why would you people assume that every dissenting opinion on this blog is from me? No, I was not 'Chris', nor am I 'GI Joe'. The latter's downfall is that we do have the same IQ score. If 'GI Joe' was actually my sock, I'd pat myself on the back for being so detailed about the military! If he were a sock of mine mentioning his IQ score, I would NEVER make it so obvious. 135? Yeah, I'd totally make it identical to my own. Are you kidding me?

It just goes to show how utterly pathetic you people are when it comes to different opinions. This glacier monkey in a suit writes a public blog that has had over a million hits and you still believe that everyone who comes across his tripe and disagrees is me.

Wow. I am flattered as hell.

Instead of trying to denigrate a poster simply because they do not conform to your cookie cutter image of blacks, why don't you actually engage them as a fellow, equal interlocutor? I'm sure it's a hard pattern to break away from: running at black skin like a bull running at a piece of red cloth. All emotion and reaction, no intellect.

You people have no arguments and cling to every commandment in your book like religious zealots. Evolve, please, and do it sooner than later...

Anonymous said...

I doubt this will be published but:

"How many blacks have an IQ of 135? The amount is nearly statistically irrelevant. Furthermore, those blacks are near universally mulattoes."

So, high IQ blacks can exist, as they do (the president's married to one; white women love and worship another). You have to admit this because it is self-evident. However, because that fact seems to obliterate your wide-brushstrokes generalizations of ALL blacks being inferior, stupid, etc., you have to resort to, "Oh, well, it's just the 'white blood' in them."

*flatlines from laughter*

Seriously. Your fucking argument is in the shitter.

But perhaps you also agree with SBPDL's strange argument that the Jersey Shore cast acts the way they do because they have black blood in them (wrong; they're Caucasoids with spray tans)? Because we all know how powerful black blood is, right? LOL!

Please explain how black blood can magically override the 'pleasant' qualities of white blood in one argument and be completely suppressed in another? How does it DO that?

Your whole argument makes not one iota of sense. White blood isn't the cause of high IQ in blacks; tell that to the pure-blood Africans who come to this nation and kick ass in school...

Anonymous said...

G.I. Joe

Actually you are a lying sack of (diarrhea?).

A different take on 10mm Auto's observation.

Dissident said...

After re-reading Gi-Joe's scree, I'm left wondering if the others aren't correct in thinking that this is Desiree's latest fictional black hero?

Giving the benefit of the doubt to Gi-Joe, I'll just say that white society bends over backwards these days to help minorities get a leg-up! So, I'm not biting on your pity-party sob story about institutional racism in medicine and the service, etc.

Blacks are getting a higher percentage of benefits and NOT contributing to them in the percentages that disenfranchised, heavily taxed whites are.

I would love to see more successful blacks in this society, but even at that, I'd be skeptical as to whether they'd assimilate into patterns of civility or just maintain that the "man" was holding them down?

You know the glass ceiling of Racism(TM).

It's tiresome.

Anonymous said...

This "black surgeon" will not post again. If she does, it will be because I have now challenged her to, and she won't be able to stay quiet. The comments section is now full of replies to Desiree, none to the point of the post. But she has lost and she knows it. We all know the truth on this site. No need to argue with Desiree's latest puppet.

Times are tough and blacks are desperate. Get ready for a good step-and-shuffle performance by blacks, who are clinging to one last hope that generous and magical whitey will adore them once again, even though they have been very, very poorly behaved.

Blacks are launching a campaign to reinvigorate white guilt to levels not seen before. But it will not work this time. Whitey has seen too much. We want out.

Good luck to all of the black surgeons, generals, black conservative politicians, engineers and law students! You will need it in a future free from white guilt and white tax dollars.

From now on, you will be judged based on merit, and by the content of your character, not by the color of your skin. Keep hope alive.

Dissident said...

"What the hell were they doing for 6,000 years?"

I can answer this question.

They were cannibalizing, chanting, beating drums, raping, pillaging and just generally creating mayhem; much the same as their ancestors are doing to this very day.

Anonymous said...

I saw this little item today and had to post it.

It didn't make the newspaper, even though Cox owns both the TV station and the paper. Would love to hear your thoughts about it. Business as usual at MARTA:

Anonymous said...

When I lived in the Upper East Side in Manhattan, I actually used to pass by this sidewalk comic book stand, which was run by some black guys and frequented by many black and Hispanic grown men and kids. I always thought it was ironic, but nonetheless every day they would gather there, read comic books, and play on their PSPs. I can see this crowd being interested in spic/groid Spiderman, I just don't know how big that crowd is.


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


That story out of Atlanta and MARTA trying to brush under a racial discrimination (since the races aren't in the judicially-approved order) has probably been repeated numerous times in that city and hundreds, if not thousands, more times across the nation.

Cox is a vile company, and the entire business elite of Atlanta is to blame for the APS scandal.

I'm in a bad mood after reading how the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce tried to cover-up the APS - BLACK PEOPLE - cheating scandal, because they were worried about how it would reflect upon the business community, continued influx of white people into the city, and how the tenuous Black-white alliance would hold in the face of such hilarious Black pedagogical cheating.

Washington D.C. and Philadelphia are going through similar cheating scandals and Memphis is trying to pass on Black failure to white flight suburbs.

here's the story on the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce trying to cover-up Black people's cheating in Atlanta Public Schools:

It all becomes such a joke when you realize how those in power have made a Faustian Pact to continually cover-up Black failure at every turn.

Why I'm an optimist about what is coming is because EVERYONE - liberal, gay, conservative, etc - moves away from the Black Undertow. No one seeks out Black neighbors, regardless of their income, and those that do are either a Teach for America imbecile or a devout Marxist.

Atlanta is a ruined city, run by Blacks for the advantage of Black people. The APS scandal is just the tip of the iceberg, which is why the Black political class was so resolute in not losing the mayoral race in 2009 to a white woman from Buckhead.

the entire Atlanta establishment (the white business community and newspaper - the AJC) is well aware of the perfidious nature of Blacks people and have tried to paint the city as a model of racial relations.

Almost the entire judicial system is Black run; almost every city employee is Black; MARTA is a job program for Black people; the police are by Black people; and the business community is frightened that the future of the city could be that of Birmingham, where Black people made investing in the city such an untenable proposition because of cheating, lying, crime and demanding affirmative action at every turn.

Birmingham was once bigger than Atlanta but is now an embarrassing Black hole that five Fortune 500 companies (once based there) have fled since 2000.

Not everyone who posts here is "Desiree"... Chris was not Desiree. I'm not convinced the GIJoe was either. If both were then this girl is in need of serious help.

Look, go bother GLpiggy, OneSTDV or Unamused. Why bother me? Please seek help Desiree.

Midwestern said...

Dear Black Surgeon, please be comforted with the news that the Mayor of NYC, with the help from $127M of the endless supply of white people's money, is going to start treating the young black and hispanic male "emergency" like a natural disaster. Help is on the way.

"New York City is going to send a signal that the situation facing young black and Latino men requires the same kind of aggressive, cross-agency response that a natural disaster would demand, because fixing these outcomes is critical to the City's health and future."

Anonymous said...

"Why would you people assume that every dissenting opinion on this blog is from me?"

Because you're a rabid, deranged, psycho who has a long history of creating phony personalities in order to perpetuate your sick obsession with this blog, even after being told repeatedly that your presence is not wanted.

Seriously, this is probably the dumbest fucking question you've ever asked.

Anonymous said...

"Wow. I am flattered as hell."

Desiree, everyone here thinks you are a demented, racist imbecile.

If you find this flattering, then apparently we need to lower our assessment of you.

Anonymous said...

"..According to my calculator, if you two have a child, the child's IQ will be 270, which is very high for a negro..."

Ok, now THAT's funny!

Anonymous said...

"Not everyone who posts here is "Desiree"... Chris was not Desiree. I'm not convinced the GIJoe was either. If both were then this girl is in need of serious help."

Paul, "Chris" and "GIJoe" both exhibit some of Desiree's salient traits, and it's fairly easy to fake an IP address.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Singapore right now and I come here frequently for business. The differences between this city, and many others I visit in Europe, Asia and Latin America are striking. No viololence at all, let along fatal violence, no homelessness, drug abuse, begging, trash or filth in the streets, poverty or harrassment. Everyone works and abides by the law. There is also not one black face in this city. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Black spiderman can now break in and steal from your apartment on the 12th floor. Good job, spiggerman.

Anonymous said...

More flash mobs in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin does have concealed carry, right?

Anonymous said...

She is crazy, please just ignore her so that we can move on.
Thank you.

LOL. GI Joe's vocabulary and diction are not consistent with an IQ of 135 IMO. But sometimes IQ is bifurcated so maybe Joe's a math genius.

But I don't care what someone's IQ is when he's telling me tall tales, as Joe is. You going to believe me, White man, or your lying eyes? I mean, really now; a black with an IQ of 135, a healthy personality, and a strong work ethic suffering under the oppressive, racist White regime?

Tell us another one, Joe. Obama shattered your myth already - he showed us how far 120+ IQ blacks go (are propelled, lifted, carried) in America.

Anonymous said...

Isn't a black with an IQ of 135 actually roughly 3 or 4 deviations above the (black) mean, not 2 or 3?

LOL @ the coincidence that the troll has an IQ of 135, too. People who take junk online IQ tests and brag about their scores are hilarious. Someone tested at 135 on a real IQ test would probably score 200 on a junk online IQ test.

Anonymous said...

Your fucking argument is in the shitter.

Someplace Diarrhea is an expert on?

Anonymous said...

Please explain how black blood can magically override the 'pleasant' qualities of white blood in one argument and be completely suppressed in another? How does it DO that?

U b d 1 who introduced it with Kim Kardashian remember?

Anonymous said...

Mensa's only requirement for membership is that one score at or above the 98th percentile on certain standardized IQ or other approved intelligence tests, such as the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales. Because different tests are scaled differently, it is not meaningful to compare raw scores between tests, only percentiles.

For example, the minimum accepted score on the Stanford-Binet is 132, while for the Cattell it is 148.[7] But most IQ tests are designed to yield a mean score of 100 with a standard deviation of 15; the 98th-percentile score under these conditions is 130.82.

See if dire poster knows the difference?

Anonymous said...

SBPDL, are you going to block this one, too?

"LOL @ the coincidence that the troll has an IQ of 135, too. People who take junk online IQ tests and brag about their scores are hilarious. Someone tested at 135 on a real IQ test would probably score 200 on a junk online IQ test."

Why would you assume that it's an online test? Because the person you may be talking to is not a Caucasoid, a Jew, or an Asian?

Everyone has taken real ink-and-paper IQ tests in their lives (from school districts, at least) and, if you are willing to pay, you can take the test as an adult with a psychologist; that's what I did. I took the WAIS IV and scored 135 (age 22). In 2008, I took the same test and was 127 (I was 19). I scored 113 at age 15 on the Stanford-Binet, which is in about the 81th percentile among the general population. I was in the 90th percentile among 8th graders (age 14) on one of those 'standardized tests' (aka IQ tests). Allegedly, you can boost your score one SD, give or take a few. I wouldn't say I was obsessed with IQ but it's an interesting concept and, when you score well, taking the tests as you age becomes addictive.

Are you that afraid you could actually be talking to someone who does not fit your stereotype? Fear is a product of an inferiority complex.

Hemingway and Austen were intelligent people, but they needed editors BAD. You are obviously grasping at straws to point out the errors in an online comment. No one tries in an online comment because, well, it's online.

And, I might add, just because someone finds the time to debate 'online' does not mean they have a low IQ or anything like that. If that's the case, we're all in trouble, not to mention as the population clings to their iPads, iPhones, and the like, online discussion seems to be the 'new frontier', right?

How dangerous!

Get a new perspective. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

If anyone still cares,

This is GIJoe again. Wow, some true racist assholes here. Others less so. I have always made the case that pattern recognition should not be considered racism. And pattern recognition should inspire most to say 'something is wrong with black america'

Yes there is something wrong. I'm not here to argue that. I'm here to say that there is a vicious cycle that no one can really stop. And I am basically asking those of you reading this to not hate (or shoot) all blacks on sight as if we are all equally threatening.

Please consider that some of us are working hard to contribute to America in the best way that we can. And yes, some of us are a lot smarter than most of you.

To clarify, I already have my MD. This requires three licensing exams USMLE Step 1, Step 2CK, and Step 2 CS. The 4th exam is taken during the intern year, Step 3. There is no amount of affirmative action that can save your ass on these tests. Don't pass, no M.D. Simple as that. Every black doctor has earned their right to be a M.D. There are no handouts in this department.

I am a resident, graduated from med school 3 years ago. Training in Surgery, where my day to day performace is now evaluated according to much more subjective criteria. This is where the problems with people hating negroes becomes an issue for people like me.

Enough on that...

Yes, the attitudes of hatred do perpetuate the cycle. America is stil segregated, black schools are almost universally inferior (but yes lack of parenting is a huge part of this failure). IQ scores are based heavily on the quality of education that one receives. One of the questions on my IQ test was "what is the speed of light." I answered correctly only because I had to write this value hundreds of times while completing equations in physics class back at West Point. Quality of education. The Gap between black and white IQs has been closing as American society becomes more integrated. This would also suggest that environment has a larger impact on the IQ gap than genetics.

Ultimately, no one will stop hating because of what I say. I'm just asking you please. Before you do harm to one of the 'good guys' like myself, consider that we are not all the ignorant, violent, agitated apes that you fear and despise. Yes, there are a lot of apes out there, but some of us are just trying to be a part of America in a constructive manner.

That is all.

If you really want a serious conversation just email me at

Black people said...

There is no amount of affirmative action that can save your ass on these tests. Don't pass, no M.D. Simple as that. Every black doctor has earned their right to be a M.D. There are no handouts in this department.

Hello, GIJoe. This part of your comment was brilliant. For all of the heeing-and-hawing about how blacks, Latinos, and women get everything via Affirmative Action and 'helps', the point of the matter is that AA simply opens the door. AA does NOT guarantee success, just opportunity.

When you see a black MD, PhD, MA--hell, even one with a Bachelor's Degree--it's because they achieved it themselves.

That's the point.

White people on this site simply want to return to the days of no competition between themselves and women/minorities. This is why they hate AA.

Until women and minorities make 100% of a white man's dollar, AA stays. It doesn't guarantee success but it makes it possible for those who are not white males.

I enjoyed your comment. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Who would want to consult with a black doctor? It would be like putting your health in the hands of a witch-doctor. That's just crazy.