Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Tour of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History Exhibit, "Race: Are We So Different?"

SBPDL went so you don't have too
A week ago, I ventured to Washington D.C. to check out a few museums. Going into the Smithsonian  Museum of Natural History, a most interesting exhibit caught my eye. "Race: Are We So Different?" figured to be an engaging peak into the world of the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) mind that dominates all anthropology and biology academic boards, genetic research, and a journey into the the mind of the DWL and how they manipulate the past to explain continued Black failures in contemporary America.

Suffice it to say, the concept of "whiteness" was predominate in this exhibit and an attitude of "blaming whitey" for all problems that Black people (and Brown people, Asians, Indians, etc. ) face was palpable in each exhibit.

Here is the "Race: Are We So Different?" Initiative in its own words:   
The concept of race is embedded in many aspects of American life and impacts our laws and traditions, cultural affiliations and educational systems. It shapes how we see ourselves and are seen by others. To clarify what race is and is not, the American Anthropology Association (AAA) has developed an exhibition, RACE: Are We So Different?, to help individuals understand the contemporary science of human variation; the unique American history of race; and the current cultural experiences and perspectives of race. In June 2011 the exhibition will open at the Museum of Natural History and be on view until December 2011.
RACE: Are We So Different?, an exhibition opening at the National Museum of Natural History in June 2011, will provide a context for engaging the public in the critical and difficult issues surrounding diversity by focusing programs on the tangible context of race. The exhibit provides a platform for initiating programming that invites audiences to actively participate in conversations around this vital topic. The Smithsonian Associates will take the lead in establishing a new collaborative program planning process that supports partnerships across the Smithsonian, leverages audiences historically isolated in individual units, and provides a cost-effective marketing plan. Program planning will include aggregating a combination of at least two exhibitions and fourteen programs presented by a minimum of nine units of the Smithsonian Institution.

This single initiative will benefit both the audience in our own back yard and the Smithsonian Institution largely. By instigating a genuine collaborative planning process to develop programming for the Race exhibition we will establish a sustainable working methodology to support pan-institutional consortium programming moving forward, and by taking advantage of the science presented in the exhibition, model respectful and responsible public discourse on the important issue of race in a way that only the Smithsonian can.
I decided to make a video of my experience at this exhibit, an event best described as reincarnation of old Soviet Union propaganda used to keep alive the dream of communism and the struggle of the proletariat. Everything used to keep Black-Run America (BRA) alive (reliance on past white racism and segregation to guilt whites into accepting all form of tyrannical affirmative action policies, income inequality - largely due to poor economic decisions on the part of Black people - and lack of access to credit and poor rates of home ownership, "whites only" signs, and the ubiquitous use of the word "whiteness" as some special card to get into the "white privileged" club) is on display in this strange monument to DWL ingenuity.

As you leave the exhibit, this is the final image you see.
With this exhibit, DWLs are fostering a sense of racial grievance in Black people (in all racial minorities) that is being taken out on whites in Mahogany Mobs across the country. This exhibit is just a glimpse of the type of crap Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP) teach across the America, as "whiteness" has become the zeitgeist word of the moment used by DWL manipulators to drum up hatred toward white people who play by the rules and get ahead.

Blacks want to be treated as a collective when it comes to grievance programs, affirmative action, and talk of reparations, but shun the idea of collective group responsibility for violent Mahogany Mobs transpiring across the country.

All Black failures are only the fault of the individual Black; any Black success speaks to the unified glory of all Black people. We call this concept "Black privilege."

Conversely - as this exhibit shows - all failures of Black people can be blamed on the pernicious invention of whiteness. The white privilege in America is accepting, whether you like it or not, that all failures of Black people rest on your shoulders and you must carry this burden like Atlas -- forever.

Race does matter. Indeed, it matters a lot.

Are we so different?

Well, yes. We are.

A change of plans. Green Week at SBPDL will start on Monday. Also, I'm going to be doing a special look at the upcoming 2011 Southeastern Conference (SEC) football season. I'll profile all 12 SEC teams - all of the schools have student bodies all north of 80 percent white (alumni bases well north of 90 - 95 percent) - and yet the football teams have 75 - 95 percent Black starters. According to Caste Football, the University of Georgia has two white starters on its football, even though nearly every Black player at the school is a "special admission" student, with more than a third of the team "clustered" in a major called "Housing." It seems a lot of schools "cluster" unremarkable Black student-athletes into easy majors

Black people can barely get into UGA - thanks to the HOPE Scholarship turning the school into an academic heavyweight - and the Black athletes on the football have no business attending the school, but get in thanks to "special admission" status.

It seems at SEC schools, "special admission" is a way to get Black athletes enrolled in school, so that the SEC teams can stay competitive. Funny, UGA opens with Boise State at the Georgia Dome. Boise State will be ranked in the top 10 and starts 16 white players. UGA only starts two. That same day, Brigham Young opens at Ole Miss. BYU will start 14 - 17 whites; the Ole Miss Rebels Black Bears, maybe 3 whites. 

The SEC once was able to win with teams far whiter than those BYU and Boise State will bring South; now, these same schools expend more energy trying to keep Black athletes enrolled and academically eligible to play, then white alumni of SEC schools expend energy on moving away from the Black Undertow cities of Memphis, Charlotte, Atlanta, Augusta, Mobile, Birmingham, Montgomery, Jackson, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Columbia. 

We're going to have some fun with this preview, because it leads toward a pretty cool moment in SEC Football history: the publication of The Opiate of America: College Football, The Southeastern Conference, and Race.  40 years ago, all SEC schools were 98 - 100 percent white. Auburn, Georgia, Alabama, Ole Miss, Tennessee - even though they were burdened with whiteness on their lily-white rosters - where all national powerhouses.

I'm heading to Philadelphia tomorrow (Milwaukee next week). I figure, someone needs to do some investigative reporting from the ground, since that city seems on the verge of some nasty riots.

Just know that I'm a pretty ambitious person and writing about what I know only makes sense. College football (and sports), movies/television, comics book/graphic novels, and Black people. We are going to have some fun in the coming months.

Enjoy the video.


Galf said...

Oh cool, mass brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. Are you going to write a book about the SEC and race? I don't have to tell you what a DWL or SWPL type would do with the topic.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Old-line SEC fan. Yes, I've been scouring libraries across the south and on Amazon trying to find every article or book written about the SEC and integration.

At the same time white people embraced Black athletes on Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Ole Miss, LSU, Florida, etc., playing on their beloved football teams, they rejected living in communities anywhere near where these Black kids grew up.

In fact, city after city in the south has been abandoned so that white people can live around white people. Then, on fall Saturday's, they drive to their alma mater's to watch - with an audience of 98 percent white people - majority Black teams represent their university.

It's... insane.

A DWL did write a book on the subject. It's called "Bowled Over": the same guy wrote a book on the NFL called "BRAND NFL."

I'm going to be going to the UGA/Boise State game and will be cheering on the Broncos.

Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. Thanks for the reply. I am an old-line Tennesse Vol fan specifically. I went to my first SEC game in 1964, when it was all-white.

Tennessee played against teams with black players for the first time in 1965 and won all three games (Houston, UCLA, and Tulsa in the bluebonnet Bowl). Before the bowl game, Tulsa DE Willie Townes (who later played for the Cowboys) made a big thing about what he was going to do to an all-white Tennessee team. Tennessee won a blowout and Townes didn't do much.

Tennessee was the first SEC school to seriously integrate. Their first black player, Lester McClain, played three years 1968-70 before several SEC teams had a black player. Linebacker Jackie Walker was All-American in 1970-71.

Georgia, LSU, and Ole Miss were still all-white in 1971. It may surprise you that most SEC teams were reluctant to integrate, or their boosters were.

Tennessee fans, on the other hand, didn't mind having black players. The orange jersey has always been a mystical symbol for Big Orange rooters.

Indianapolis said...

Just curious, how many black people did you see as you were touring the museums?

Unless they were wards of gov't schools on a forced field trip, I doubt you saw many.

Hence, a demonstration of a difference in race.

Dissident said...


Another very succinct analysis of the tools of propaganda. You are very correct in stating that this is old style Soviet propaganda at work. You worded that beautifully and that's the plain truth of it.

The cultural Marxists are using this horse-$hi! to cram our own demise straight down our throats, we have been swallowing this agitation-propaganda for 50+ years in this country!

I'm so glad that there are bright, young, intellects, such as yourself on the vanguard of truth telling.

We need you Paul. Don't give up this fight for survival of western style civilization to these destroyers.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you're doing God's work. You may have literally saved lives this summer. Quit wasting your time on college football.

It's the opiate of the South, we get it already. You need to kick your college football addiction soon, because baseball bat sales are up 6000%.

The "moment" we've all been waiting for is only months if not days away. Just like every other year, some SEC team full of would-be convicts will win a crystal football. So what? That hardly matters now.

Stephen said...

Cool! I'm seeing what Paul Kersey sees through the Kersey Kam! What a fucked up exhibit that was, I need to take a shower.

Also, when it comes to anything bad Whites do, Whites get collective racial guilt in the mainstream. Having more money, slavery, American Indian conquest, etc. Not ALL Whites are like this, but we get the collective treatment anyway. Which is fine by me really, I'd rather take pride in being the epitome of evil than to be guilted into submission by words. Who am I? I'm the White Devil.

Anonymous said...


Paul Kersey,

First off, love your coverage of the Mahogany Mobs. Out of all the blogs, your coverage has been the most comprehensive. But I also can't wait until you get back to the numbered posts. I have a contribution...

Stuff Black People Don't Like: The Bachelor/The Bachelorette.

To this day, there has not been a single black male or black female cast on the show. Blacks can also forget about a Black Bachelor entirely. The furthest they have gone with diversity was casting white men with Hispanic names and one Asian woman. Needless to say the DWLs are not amused:

Now just for the lulz, let's imagine the Black Bachelor. Can you imagine white women COMPETING to marry him? He'll no doubt already have some children, his job will be an obvious AA position, and when they visit his parents, the only people the ladies will meet will be his mother and grandma. Sadly, the closest thing black people will get to the Black Bachelor will be Flava Flav from Flavor of Love.

Indianapolis said... wonders if flash mobs are racially motivated. Seriously.

Fayette White Guy said...

Article about the first black player in the Sugar Bowl against GT (then in the SEC) in 1956.

Go Broncos! Thinking of making it down to a couple Tech games myself this year.

Anonymous said...

When you come to Philly, make sure you listen to 610 WIP sports radio and hoe they worship Michael Vick's Eagles and the fact that he can attrack (black) players because of his time in prison giving him "street cred". This from white people.

Don't confuse the Eagles with the Phabulous Phillies who are a class act.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Washington Mall on Friday.I went to the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History that day and saw the exhibit as well. I read about two sentences on the introductory sign and realized I wasn't interested in the bullshit they were about to pass off as science. I only stopped in the exhibit long enough for my girlfriend to go to the bathroom and then went along my way. We also went to the Museum of American History and I got even more disgusted. Not only is there an entire exhibit devoted to African-American history, but just before you enter that exhibit they have a recreation of Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina. As I was walking back by to see something else a young negress began giving a presentation about the history of that event and the meaning of "equality". While there were plenty of blacks all throughout the National Mall and the museums themselves, the majority of people sitting in chairs listening to this woman were white. I suddenly became sick and decided we should leave. I wasn't overly impressed with any of the museums we went to that day, but needless to say, the blatent pandering I saw to the black "culture" I saw in those museums was an extreme disappointment.

Anonymous said...

How many racial categories did Mexico have for its own people back during America's evil racist past? 40? more?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Anon who asked about racial makeup of visitors to the museum:

85 - 90 percent white
4-5 Asian
2-3 Black
0- 1 Hispanic

At least the day I went.

The worst section was the museum that had the red slippers from "Wizard of Oz"... the World War II section is all about segregation of our armed forced, the Tuskegee Airmen, etc.

How did we ever win that war with so few Black soldiers participating?

The African-American section in that same museum was equally absurd. More non-whites in there.

MrGJG said...

"Don't confuse the Eagles with the Phabulous Phillies who are a class act."

Howard seems like a good guy, but Rollins strikes me as a race conscious type.
I always had a soft spot for the Phillies, since the days of Schmitty.
I never understood how Phillie fans used to boo him.
The guy was an all time great and if he played for the Yankee's he'd have a monument.

And Michael Vick is one of the reasons we're premature in banning the word nigger.

Indianapolis said...


Regarding the WWII display: Did they also have a Korean War display? Anything about the 24th Infantry? Any mention of that black division deserting?

Anonymous said...

Well, we are somewhat different. Non sub-saharan Africans have a small proportion of DNA in common with neanderthals and (maybe) other early humans called denisovans. "Interbreeding endowed humans with a 'hybrid vigour' that helped them colonize the world, said Peter Parham, an immunogeneticist at Stanford University School of Medicine" That's referencing the immune system. But it's plain anyway, we are different.

Europeans in particular are also somewhat different, having slightly bigger brains in areas relating to visual processing, and slightly bigger eyes to cope with 'the dull weather'. I'm pretty sure vodka was invented for the same reason.,-so-people

Phalluster said...

Franz Boas, Stephen Jay Gould, and Jared Diamond represent several generations worth of cultural Marxism that dominates "credentialed" anthropology discourse. Of course, these three men share one dubious common quality... their works have all been discredited.

(Some of you probably thought I was going to go a different direction there!)

Anonymous said...

I wonder why they all bunch up minority groups together like that? No OTHER minorities want to be associated in any fashion with Blacks. In fact, only White Libtards like Blacks.

Anonymous said...

" Franz Boas, Stephen Jay Gould, and Jared Diamond ".

Yes, they're all cultural Marxist. They share a lot with Karl Marx indeed ;-D

Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. The 24th Infantry in the Korean war was a regiment, not a division. They had a reputation for "bugging out."

Anonymous said...


That was one sweet head fake. You broke all our ankles on that one. :D


Amélie said...

Guys, you should watch French TV. The other night there was a topic on the news about the way "diversity" (i.e. non-whites) has "enriched" French culture, and it started with the words : "The human species is the only one where there is a single race". I wept.
In France, stating that black people and white people don't belong to the same race can send you to jail.

D J said...

Anonymous 10 Aug at 12:58PM is correct. Enough with the football. It is not important. As for it being an opiate of the South: I live in Alabama. Birmingham! People joke all the time about the future NYTime headline "Asteroid Strikes Earth, Women and Minorities Affected Most". For the Birmingham News, it could be "Tornado Strikes, Tide Fans Affected Most. It just isn't important. We are losing our nation one broken white face at a time. One burnt-out store front at a time. One formerly-wonderful downtown at a time. Football? Who in Sam Hill should care?!?

Stephen rightly points out that we get collective white guilt from the mainstream press. I say it is time to contact both the press itself, and the advertisers. Let them know, flat out, and in basic language, that you are tired of seeing this and it has to stop. The advertisers should be told that sponsorship of such propaganda is offensive to you; that being offended by a company affects your buying decisions. I already do this.

Indianapolis: 'Fox news wonders if this is racially motivated...' It shows how much Fox is like any of the other broadcasters: scared of Jesse and Al. And of Eric. They are primarily a cable-based outfit so they don't have any FCC licenses in jeopardy, so if they really were different, this sort of thing would not happen.

As for the Smithsonian: take a walk over to the Air & Space Museum. I mean the one in DC proper, not the display at Dulles. I had looked forward to going for many many years, and finally got there a few months back. I went right for the airliner displays, as this is my main interest.

They have a walk-through of part of a Douglas airliner, I believe it is a DC7, or a DC6; memory is failing me, but it was one of the pressurized 4-engine Douglas airliners. At any rate, around the display are cases with memorabilia, cutaways of the engines, that sort of thing. One display case features a diorama - if that is the right word - of a fuselage cutaway, and looked like one of those things you'd find in any big-city airline ticket office in 1955.

The placard with the narrative asked, in essentially these words: "Do you notice anything [strange, odd, or some such word] ?" It went on to point out that the passengers, all those nice men in suits, ladies in dresses, and apple-cheeked fresh-faced kids were (cue bar of dramatic organ music indicating shock) alllll WHITE!!!

I walked up to the fist museum docent I could find. I took him over to the display case and pointed to the card. "Is this necessary?"

The docent looked at the display, then up at me. The facial expression said it all: "I dare not agree with this man; I could lose my job". He just shook his head slowly, and we both walked away. (he was White).

I then walked out.

Sheila said...

As a child in the D.C. suburbs in the 60s, I frequently took school field trips to downtown museums, and there were the de rigeur visits when relatives came to town. Back then, the Smithsonian truly was the nation's "attic," with all sorts of fascinating displays to pique a child's interest (imagine that, even in the days before "interactive museums" a kid could find history interesting - FWIW, I hated going the National Museum of Art!). I remember one exhibit on political campaigns, with signs and pins and jingles dating back through the 1800s. I remember one on the early presidents which included a set of George Washington's false teeth (the last time I was there with my kids about five years ago, there was one small shelf in one case with some Lincoln memorabilia). There was NOTHING whatsoever about any "minority" group or alternative cultural history. I mean NOTHING - to the point that when I first read a book in high school about the WWII Japanese internment in the U.S., I didn't believe it was real. Back then, rather than celebrating anything seen as a flaw (incorrect regarding the internment - it was a rational decision at the time), we celebrated our achievements and our museums generated intense patriotism.

When I first visited the Smithsonian with my older son in the late 90s, for the first time in many years, I was shocked by the changes. Most of the exhibits I remembered were gone, replaced by one about the black migration to the north, the Japanese internment, and so forth. My visit with my kids five years ago was my last. The revisionist historians are fully in charge at all the museums nationwide, reinforcing the iron code of alternative history so that Whites continue to grow up ignorant of their founding and achievements in what was once a great nation. Stop relying on others to educate your children! Stop assuming your local school or teachers are better than the national average. Look at your kids' textbooks (including those from Christian schools, now being degraded by multiculturalism as well). If you want your children to know the truth about race and history, tell them yourself!!