Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ground Zero: Midwest Black Family Reunion, Davon Mullins, and Black people in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is no stranger to Black violence
Cincinnati. A town where extremely high rates of Black violence enables the medical college there to train emergency medical squadrons on how to evacuate wounded personnel from combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan (by treating the Black people shot by other Black people). Sadly, this story was removed from the archives of the Cincinnati Enquirer, but it is available here:

The violence is so traumatic that University Hospital, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and the U.S. Air Force train emergency medical teams in how to evacuate wounded personnel from combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan by treating the city’s gunshot victims.
Killings rip apart city’s fabric
Cincinnati leaders say they don’t have to go to Iraq to see the impact of war. They see it in their own city.
That carnage was highlighted Christmas week.
More than six people were shot in the city, said Dr. Jay Johannigman, a University Hospital trauma surgeon.
“We are dying out here for nothing,” says Mitch Morris, 53, who lives in Avondale, site of three of the city’s most dangerous spots.
“You don’t have to go to Iraq for that. We have a war right here in the city.”
It’s a sentiment shared by those who witness the ravages of such violence on a regular basis.
“We are in a state of emergency,” said Dr. Victor Garcia of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “For not only the city, but also for our race, because crime is the leading cause of death for young black men.”

Guns don't kill or injure people without someone pulling the trigger; in Cincinnati, it is primarily Black people pulling the trigger. Cities are safe that lack a large percentage of Black people, who harbor a significant portion of individuals incapable of living within societies established rules and norms governing proper behavior.

Since the Black riots of 2001, Cincinnati has been home to Black exclusivity on homicides and murder. That pattern isn't unique to the city, as many major American cities are plagued by similar patterns in criminality:
One of the most troubling developments over the last 10 years may be black-on-black violent crime.

In the five years prior to the riots, the homicide rate in Cincinnati never rose higher than 40 percent. After the riots, that number increased to a high of 88, and has never returned to the lower levels we saw prior to the riots. The statistics also show that black males are  killed far more often than any other group.

"The vast majority of people being murdered are African American in the City of Cincinnati," said Hamilton County Prosecutor, Joe Deters. "The vast majority. Well outside the 40 percent of the population it should be. In 2009, the City of Cincinnati did not have a single white victim of a homicide. (That) tells me that we have a subset in the underclass of Cincinnati which is committing a lot of violent crime and they tend to be black. And the reality is, you almost always commit murder within your racial classifications. So when we've got a young black man up in the coroners office, it's almost always a result of another young black man shooting him."

That same year, 2009, no white men were killed but 44 black men were victims of homicide in Cincinnati as well as 11 black women. Prosecutor Deters says he doesn't know why there are so many homicides in the African American community in Cincinnati, but he can speculate.
Remember that it was a Black gangbanger - who fired at police officers in Tottenham - that was gunned down by police that started the recent conflagration in England. Cincinnati has a history of Black people (who also happen to be criminals) having a cause of death similar to what recently transpired in England.

With many American cities enacting curfews - because Black youths participate in crime, mayhem, Mahogany Mobs at rates that overwhelm the police - that are normally reserved for times of war or natural disasters, it's time we admit a chilling fact: the Black Underclass, with the majority of the youths lacking parental guidance, are in a state of war and lawlessness across the nation.

It was stated here that one bullet, fired from a police officer's gun, could cause Black people in the city where the aforementioned event unfolded to riot. Cincinnati, with a history of Black people rioting over just such a scenario, is that city:
A fatal shooting in Fountain Square by Cincinnati police Saturday evening started at the Black Family Reunion where unknown people tossed guns to teenagers inside the venue to circumvent security, Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig said during a Sunday evening press conference.

An off-duty officer spotted the weapons being thrown and alerted dispatch, who in turn sent on-duty officers in search of the armed teenagers who were headed downtown, Craig said.

Officer Oscar Cyranek, a five-year veteran of the force, spotted the group of teens and tracked the 16-year-old until he caught up to him on Fountain Square.

Update 3:50 p.m. Cincinnati police have identified the 16-year-old as Davon Mullins.

Police and city officials have scheduled a news conference for 5 p.m. at District 1 headquarters Downtown.

Mayor Mark Mallory insisted that the shooting of Mullins on Fountain Square should not cast a pall on what has become one of the city’s most vibrant entertainment venues.

“A shooting incident can happen anywhere,’’ Mallory told the Enquirer. “You know that these kind of things don’t happen in downtown Cincinnati very often. This was an isolated incident.”
A Black Family Reunion. Family values much? Davon Mullins will be lauded by the Black media and Black people in Cincinnati - and throughout the Internet - will rally around this youth as yet another victim of police brutality.

And to think this all started at the Midwest Black Family Reunion:
A 16-year-old has died at the hospital after being shot by officers on Fountain Square Saturday night.
Police say Devon Mullins was shot shortly after 7:00  p.m. at the busy downtown landmark after he pulled out a gun.

Craig told FOX19 the original call came in that a group of individuals were throwing guns over a fence into the celebration are at the Midwest Black Family reunion. Officers were dispatched to search for the group, and Craig said those officers followed suspects who resembled suspect descriptions to Fountain Square.
The officer approached Mullins, and after a brief discussion, searched him.  The searched happened outside the 5/3 Bank at Fountain Square, and was captured on surveillance video by eight cameras in the area.
The search continued until the officer felt something hard under the suspect's clothes. Police say Mullins then turned very aggressive and a struggle ensued. 

Chief Craig says the officer saw a handgun on Mullins' body and backed away from him. The suspect then aimed the gun in the direction of the officer and that's when the officer fired, striking Mullins.

"No officer comes to work looking to engage in any kind of force, particularly when you are talking about a loss of life," says Craig.

We'd love to see one of the reunion shirts that Black people will proudly wear from this Midwest Black Family Reunion, the origins of Davon Mullins mischief. Remember that cops shooting Black criminals was the catalyst for the 2001 Cincinnati Black riots.

Cities can be safe; property value can be high in major cities; neighborhoods don't have to avoided because of "bad" - Black people are found in overwhelming numbers in these areas - parts; however, none of this can transpire as long as we refuse to admit that significant segments of the Black community lack the ability to live in civilized society.

Cincinnati and many other major cities would be virtually free of murderers and gang violence if we would admit this fact.

Instead many cities in America will continue to see white people leave for safer towns. Businesses and the economy that they are able to sustain will close up shop and ultimately collapse, respectively. We call this Climate Change.

Could Cincinnati be ground zero to Black riots - similar to what transpired in England - in 2011? We aren't talking about Mahogany Mobs - what the Mainstream Media (MSM) still calls "Flash Mobs" - but the type of violence not seen since 1992.

All because some Black kid at the Midwest Black Family Reunion had to bring a gun(s) to a family picnic.

Worse, this shooting marks the first such violence at Fountain Square since 2003. In the heart of the city, Fountain Square went through a $50 rehabilitation in an attempt to rejuvenate the squares image.

Sadly, the Midwest Black Family Reunion is no stranger to violence. In 2002, Black people attending this event - 2,000+ to be exact - decide to rampage in the city:

Ten people were injured and eight people were arrested late Saturday when more than 2,000 youths attending a downtown festival began fighting and damaging property.

The violence came after the Midwest Black Family Reunion let out for the evening at about 9 p.m., WLWT Eyewitness News 5 reported.

Several large crowds started roaming downtown streets, knocking over newspaper stands, banging on cars and fighting.Part of one crowd boarded a Metro bus, prompting the driver to type "Call 911" into the electronic destination sign on the front of the bus, WLWT reported.Police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. None of the injuries appeared to be serious. Cincinnati Police Lt. Kurt Byrd said that the combination of hot, humid weather and large numbers of unsupervised youths caused the violence."We held over our second shift personnel to make sure we could handle anything that occurred down here," Byrd said. 

"We brought in any additional officers from all the districts, what we call stand-by cars, so we could quell some of the disorder."The police also received several reports of gunshots, WLWT reported."It's a little unnerving for them, I'm sure, but most of the officers are here now were here last year when we had riots in Over-the-Rhine and a couple of other things," Byrd said. "So even though it's unnerving, it's not unusual to them."The Black Family Reunion -- which about 70,000 people attended on a Saturday last year -- features events and presentations designed to focus positive attention on black families.
That was the first night of the Midwest Black Family Reunion in 2002. This is what happened on the second night:
Cincinnati police said a crowd turned unruly for the second straight night Sunday following the Midwest Black Family Reunion but the incidents weren't as severe as Saturday night.

A police dispatcher said people began throwing rocks and being unruly about 9:30 p.m. 
Numerous officers and a SWAT team responded.Police said the tensions between Cincinnati neighborhoods may have contributed to the incidents.Police Capt. Greg Snider said a group of about 150 youths yelled obscenities and threw chairs during a hip-hop concert at the festival Saturday night.He said young people from one neighborhood taunted youth from other neighborhoods.Fights escalated as smaller groups spilled into downtown Cincinnati, dumping trash cans and tipping newspaper boxes. 
Police said that at least eight people were arrested for disorderly conduct. About 10 people were treated for minor injuries.Organizers were hoping that Sunday's program, with a line-up of gospel groups, would cut down on problems, WLWT Eyewitness News 5 reported."We're looking at an older crowd and hopefully a little more spiritual," event promoter Gerald Glaspie said.
Violence and the Midwest Black Family Reunion seem to just together. Why can't Cincinnati's elected officials and business community (most notably the Chamber of Commerce) just cancel the event? For the same reason that Indianapolis won't cancel the Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis.


Anonymous said...

Such a shame we can't erect a wall around the beasts, then throw a bunch of crack and AK-47's over the wall and let them finish each other off for good. :(

Anonymous said...

The emphasis on bureaucratic experts and group entitlements instead of natural and civil rights subverts black progress. Therefore, black Americans should refuse to have government treat them as wards of the state. They should be the first citizens to argue against racial preferences. Eliminating affirmative action will not only ensure the dignity of their achievements, but will also bring them into the mainstream of American society as the free and equal citizens that is their birthright.

I do not see it happening. Do you?

Anonymous said...

A town where extremely high rates of Black violence enables the medical college there to train emergency medical squadrons on how to evacuate wounded personnel from combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan

So. They ARE useful for something...!

~AV~ said...

Amusing, white family reunions involve a "surname",

Considering most blacks are the products of the 70% bastard rate because most black women prefer crawling down the streets like bitches in heat looking for some random sperm donor that is about to head back to jail, just helps define the regional gathering for the tribal style reunion.

I wonder how many end up pregnant after one if these "get togethers" ?

Midwestern said...

"Instead many cities in America will continue to see white people leave for safer towns. Businesses and the economy that they are able to sustain will close up shop and ultimately collapse, respectively. We call this Climate Change."

Collapse is right. Indianapolis is now tearing down "blighted" homes, many of which have great historical importance for the city. This is happening in cities all over the country. Black people don't care about historical significance. Blacks think that these structures are what cause the misbehavior and dysfunction.

White people built these homes for their families years ago. White families lost money when blacks poured in during desegregation, and whites lost money when they fled. Now, once again, the white taxpayer if footing the bill to tear down the neighborhood homes which their families built years ago. This has happened in Cinncinnati too.

These houses and neighborhoods have been destroyed by underclass black people. All black neighborhoods are full blighted homes, with rotting roofs, gang graffiti, high weeds, and boards on the doors and windows. Our local paper's activist black reporter has a great plan. Tear down the "blighted" homes which are "infecting" our city. Now we will have a landscape full of huge empty, useless residential lots with high weeds and litter. Surrounding blacks will have a nice place to dump their garbage and abandoned vehicles.

Where will the black people go? Maybe to the suburbs with a voucher?

"If you can make a significant dent in the number of empty properties in our city, you'll simultaneously go a long way toward improving schools, creating jobs, reducing crime, beefing up transit, making neighborhoods nicer and residents happier." -Erica D. White, IndyStar

Contact Star columnist Erika D. Smith at (317) 444-6424,

SteppedInWhat said...

My first reaction after watching that last video clip was questioning what those "fine gentlemen" do for a living. I really doubt if they could sack groceries, or even pick up a trash can and empty the contents in a truck. Calling them "pavement apes" is doing an injustice to apes in general.

MrGJG said...

The only positive thing about black crime is it helps thin the herd. Hopefully Cincinnati is the template of keeping the shootings an intra-race thing. If we can get the rest of the cities on board, I would actually support a fundraiser to arm the lot of them.

Prosecutor Deters doesn't know why there are so many murders in the African American community but he can speculate?
If you want to keep your job Mr. Deters, may I suggest you not expand on that thought.
On the other hand if you're black, than speculate away.

Anonymous said...

Poor little Davon Mullins, shot by a police officer who was looking out for the general publics safety. How the black community must be simmering with hatred for the police officer who was going about doing his job. What of Ernie the enabler, the flag waving liberal who would take up any and all causes black? You can nearly hear the rhetoric heaped on the no doubt growing pile of rebukes aimed at the actions of officer.

Meanwhile the reality of the incident is that the actions of the officer no doubt wiped this thug stain off the face of the earth and in doing so saved countless other victims the joy of happening into the same space and time as Chavon....Cliton......Dartavion....or whatever the fuck this thug stain's name was. Too bad this doesn't happen more often.

~AV~ said...

anyone hear the mau-mauing black bitch demanding to KNOW from Maxine Waters...

..."Waz the country gonna do fer me"?

John said...

Several years ago I found myself unexpectedly for nearly six weeks in Cincinnati attending to work that prolonged itself out beyond the planned three days. I found Cincinnati and the overall region to be "simply beyond words". Simply phenomenal people and a city which I came to learn has contributed so much to this nation. The overwhelming majority of German immigrants did and continue (to try) to do so much.

Ah, but alas, the darling negro...........

I was told on no less than a god eight to ten occasions precisely where NOT to go in Cincinnati by any number of the wonderful people with who I came in contact and it was always thew same......; "over the Rhine", the region where the darling negro makes their home. Further, I was equally told to always watch out for the darling negro.
These caveats were always dignified yet completely serious. These Cincinnatians knew and were not going to allow a kind, dignified and decent visitor fall ignorant victim to the possible peril of the roaming darling negro, renowned within Cincinnati as being the sole source of violence, assault, rape and murder.

When our project was completed I left Cincinnati with much regret for I had come to know an exceptionally beautiful and great city and region of America, least of which not being via its people. But, it must be said, the darling negro does not contribute one iota to that beauty and greatness. By choice.

Anonymous said...

"I was told on no less than a god eight to ten occasions precisely where NOT to go in Cincinnati by any number of the wonderful people with who I came in contact and it was always thew same......; "over the Rhine", the region where the darling negro makes their home"

Probably near the Cincinnati Zoo? The surrounding neighborhood is a HUGE black ghetto. Several nice old homes, but very, very scary, and you have to drive several miles deep into it to get to the zoo. I won't go there again. Land must have been real cheap by the acre!

Anonymous said...

I live in a southern military town. All of my life I listened to northerners who were transferred to our area belittle us for our "racism", while at the same time they praised themselves for how "good" and "progressive" they were. All that we had to do was to give the blacks a chance, as they did, and the blacks would be productive citizens, just as the ones in the north were.

How is that working out for you people up north? From what I have read about Cincinnati, Newark, Detroit, Chicago and other places, not to well. We could have told you that decades ago. Wait, we did. You said that we were wrong.

I know that I am being petty, but I am getting a perverse sense of pleasure lately watching a lot of northerners and liberal people that I have known for a long time gradually come to the realization that maybe unleashing the black savage wasn't such a good idea after all.

Anonymous said...

"All of my life I listened to northerners who were transferred to our area belittle us for our "racism""

It's funny, but this is the standard mentality of whites who have never had significant exposure to negroes.

I also get a kick out of all the liberal whites and jews who vote with "the blacks", but otherwise stay as far away as possible.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:36 This point was made with regard to the English race riots. Smug people told US servicemen that they could not understand why there was segregated units as the UK did not have a race problem.

They sure as hell do now.

Robert Marchenoir said...

"Remember that it was a Black gangbanger - who fired at police officers in Tottenham - that was gunned down by police that started the recent conflagration in England."

Just nitpicking here since it does not change the big picture, but for the sake of this fine blog, that was what transpired at first. However, we know now that the black gangbanger did not fire at the police.

A loaded gun was recovered on the scene and he might have drawn it, resulting in the police legitimately shooting him in self-defence, but fire at the police he did not. As far as we know until the official investigation is over.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I was unaware that the narrative had changed in that story. I'll make the correction.

Anonymous said...

Blacks don't care if a black was killed by a cop or a non-black in self defense. They riot and kill whites and other non-blacks anyway.

They truly are devils. Someday they are going to get a big payback for their devilment.

S2C said...

SBPDL: Mark Duggan did fire at, and hit one of the officers before being killed in England. The IPCC, the agency overseeing the investigation has purposefully misled the public - to what end I do not know.

Facts you can confirm in the press releases are:
2 bullets were fired by the officers, 2 bullets were recovered from Duggan. (Remarkable restraint by an officer with a 30 round clip who's partner had just been shot.)

The bullet recovered from the police radio (fired at the policeman who was lucky enough that his radio blocked it) was the same calibre of bullet that the police weapons use - 9mm. The illegal handgun recovered was a converted .380 starter pistol. .380 and 9mm are the same diameter, but 9mm are 2 mm longer. A converted .380 may well fire 9mm bullets, particularly considering they are far more widely available than .380.

Further, the press release states that while there is no evidence the illegal weapon was fired during the incident, it may be difficult to tell whether or not it had been fired during the incident and will be sent for further forensic analysis.

All the facts are there, they are laid out in such a way as to confuse the public, and give the MSM soundbites that make it clear police weren't fired at, when in fact it appears they were.

Anonymous said...

This is difficult because Cincinnati is my hometown. There are so many great things about the city but unfortunately, the racial tensions eclipse the good. I was raised there, and have many fond memories of heading downtown for the various festivals.

But now? I wouldn't touch downtown with a 20 mile pole. I no longer live there but I used to work in the downtown area. A few things:

Downtown Cincinnati has progressively gone downhill. Just before you head into the business district, the side alleys are disgusting. Trash, homeless people using them as bathrooms.. you get the picture. Cincinnati had to enact several types of laws because the panhandlers were so aggressive. I ripped into one when he almost demanded I give him money. There are too many charities in town for these people to harass taxpayers. They know where to go to get help.

The city tried to build the Aranoff Center, which was to feature live shows and serve as a venue for local big events. But does anyone want to go downtown? No. Again, the panhandlers and the risk of getting attacked has become too common.

Long ago, Over-the-Rhine was filled with German, Italian, Irish, and Polish immigrants. They were hard-working people who would scrub the concrete steps of their stoops until you could eat off of them. They looked out for one another and their children, too. Later, in the 60's, the grown children of those immigrants moved to the suburbs and more Blacks started moving in. The row houses started to become dilapidated and urban blight set in. Not surprisingly, the crime rates went up.

In the 1990's, there was an attempt to renovate part of the OTR area, one street in particular. I watched as funky coffeehouses, art galleries, and micro-brewery restaurants opened. I even tried to live on that street, thinking it was the beginning of something good. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

My friend, who was a city police officer, wouldn't even come inside the apartment. Told me most police ignored the area because it was a constant battlefield. The dopey woman who bought the building I was in actually had a big door with a huge plate of GLASS with a lock on it. I remember thinking, "Hmm. Wonder how long this will last."

I didn't last long there and moved in less than a year. The adults didn't bother me too much but the kids? Totally out of control. I called the police late one weekday night (It was around 1 AM) because I heard noises in the courtyard. Turned out they were YOUNG kids, around 10 and 12 years old. I overheard the police coming in and telling them they needed to leave and why were they on someone else's property anyway? Their answer? "Well, the door was open." Obviously no parental supervision and this was on a "school night."

Back in the late 90's and in 2000, businesses (restaurants) started to close when there were the big Jazz Festivals (Coors Light, Ujima) because they knew the score. Nothing but a huge headache for them to stay open, have hoodlums running around causing trouble, and of course, the typical Black patron who'd expect to be fawned over by the waiter or waitress and then not leave a tip. (Not sure if you covered that in your # series but... Black People Don't Like To Tip.)

The stupid Black "leaders" encourage their mindless mobs to protest the city businesses. Meanwhile, the nation looks on and figures it's not safe to host conventions in Cincinnati. Nice way to slice off your nose to spite your face, you morons. No one wants to hang out in Cincinnati unless they're driving in to one of the games on the Riverfront. So, sad...

I hate what has happened to the city. And it's all because of the endless rage of a demographic that has way too many entitlements lavished upon them.

Ronando said...

I'm black and I don't like crack nor guns so...

Anonymous said...

Every single time blacks commit crime, white liberals and blacks blame it on white people. Our society is in a state of insanity. It is not a sustainable situation.

Anonymous said...

Robert Duggan incident. He had a loaded gun on him. Why?

Robert Marchenoir said...

S2C :

The IPCC press release you link to does not support your statement that Mark Duggan fired at one of the officers and hit him.

Actually, it says the opposite :

"At this stage there is no evidence that the handgun found at the scene was fired during the incident."

It does say :

"The FSS has told the IPCC that it may not be possible to say for certain whether the handgun was fired, however further tests are being carried out in an attempt to establish this."

So, it's still possible that he did fire at the police. But, in the absence of any further information, it's pure speculation.

I read pretty extensively what has been published by the British media during these events. Of course I may have missed something, but I'd be very suprised if I had overlooked such a major piece of news. Do you have any other sources to support your claim ?

We should be all the more cautious since the story has been changed once. All relevant information ultimately comes from the police. If the official story changed in a way that was detrimental to them, and highly inflamatory for the public order (this reversal occurred right in the middle of the riots), it's natural to assume that the police are not making this up.

Why on earth would the police twist the facts to weaken their own case for acting in self-defence ?

Also, British armed police does have a history of trigger-happiness. Remember the totally innocent Brazilian electrician who was shot dead in an underground carriage, because the police had mistaken him for an Islamic terrorist.

Again, I'm not saying that the police did not shoot in self-defence, indeed I believe available facts make it likely.

But (unless I missed something) we cannot say, for the time being, that the police were shot at.

Anonymous said...

"I'm black and I don't like crack nor guns so..."

So what? NOW because of you telling me this I'm not supposed to be in fear of blacks after a lifetime of the things I've seen and read about and even see constantly on You Tube?

I know a guy who smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day and lived to be 85. So that must mean cigarettes are safe to smoke.

Van said...

"I'm black and I don't like crack nor guns so... "

Nor statistical concepts like rates, probability, percentage...

Anonymous said...

To Anon @9:14Am
"Probably near the Cincinnati Zoo? The surrounding neighborhood is a HUGE black ghetto. Several nice old homes, but very, very scary, and you have to drive several miles deep into it to get to the zoo. I won't go there again. Land must have been real cheap by the acre!"

The animals crawled over the zoo fence and took up residence.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments by Anon at 2:04PM. Also, considering the boycotting or picketing of a business by whiney black groups - when this happens we need to organize in large numbers and patronize those businesses. Additionally, many people should bring video cameras to capture any "unusual" behavior by the picketing crowds.

Californian said...

Why on earth would the police twist the facts to weaken their own case for acting in self-defence ?

Quite possibly political pressure?

In any event, if a black man being killed by a white police officer is grounds for rioting, then is the incredibly high black-on-white crime rate also grounds for whites to riot? In fact, is the general dispossession of white people via multicultism not also a grounds to riot? Or can only politically approved groups riot for politically approved causes?

Another point: if the media party line about the recent London riots is that it was a multicultural event, and that blacks were not over-represented, then does this mean the mayhem was not a black response to "racism?"

Point is, the story keeps getting changed and we have to look at the original shooting in this context.

Californian said...

Here's a question: is there any particular reason this wave of violence is happening now ? Or were flash mobs et alia going on in the past, it's just because of the internet that these incidents are reaching public awareness?

Also, I'd be interested if anyone could cite statistics for the total number of these incidents broken down by the race of the perpetrators.

D J said...

"I also get a kick out of all the liberal whites and jews..."

(Looks in mirror: red and white hair, blue eyes, pale skin, some freckles. Then looks at German, Russian, Georgian, Spanish, and Dutch ancestry. Yep, White. No doubt. Wait! Mom was one of "them!". So was dad. So I'm not White anymore! Damn!)

I'm FAR from liberal in most matters, especially regarding negroes.

Fayette White Guy said...

Crazy thing about this shooting on Fountain Square is that my brother and his family were there 3 hours before the shooting took place. It really helps put a real, personal face on what's going on out there, to know my family was that close to being in danger.

I was going to jokingly mention not to go downtown, as it was the Black Family Reunion. Turns out I really should've said something.

Please stay safe out there, everyone.

Discard said...

Californian: Flash mobs are simply an update of a Black hobby once known as "wilding". The use of electronic devices merely allows better coordination.
BTW, I heard something on NPR (Sorry, need my classical music.) about some police department cutting off cell service in the subway in response to "crime". The local SWPLs were upset, and the ACLU was investigating.

Anonymous said...

"Also, I'd be interested if anyone could cite statistics for the total number of these incidents broken down by the race of the perpetrators."

Here's a website for starters:

S2C said...

Although it is possible that one of the bullets fired by police went through duggans arm and in to the other officer (unlikely considering they rarely approach with guns drawn at right angles) it is clear two bullets were fired by police, and two bullets hit duggan.

This whole issue could have been dispelled quickly (the gun may have been fired...) with a statement about what was in the issue. Empty shell: likely fired bullet, whole cartridges: no fired bullet.

Why would the police not immediately clear this up? Great question.

The electrician was unfortunate, but it appeared he was muslim, had potential bomb making materials, was found in an area where suspects were, ran in to a crowded subway, failed to heed to police, all gave reasonable grounds to shoot him.

"Trigger happy" is bullshit liberal talk saying no one should ever be shot, where keeping order requires quite the opposite. "Don't run from police - ever" is better advice.

Anonymous said...

A term coined during the Central Park Jogger case to describe gang assaults on strangers (wikipedia)

Flash mob is a new term for an old one

The electrician was unfortunate, but it appeared (i)he was muslim, (ii)had potential bomb making materials, was found in an area where suspects were (lived in the same block of flats as the suspects but had no other connection), (iii)ran in to a crowded subway, (iv)failed to heed to police, all gave reasonable grounds to shoot him.

All lies to cover up for the fact that Cressida Dick lost control of the situation and had an incorrect suspect followed and an armed officer lost control of himself on the tube as he was down on the ground an in police custody when he was shot.