Sunday, August 7, 2011

Going Green this Week at SBPDL

We'll be going back to the # posts this week at SBPDL and need your help. We're going green this week, focusing on ecological issues, camping, littering, national parks, conservation, recycling, sustainability, and well, going green.

But we need your help. Send us any articles or studies you can find that deal with these topics (or other going green topics) and how they relate to Black people.

I will be going to Milwaukee one day this week, but a much needed look at going green and the great outdoors will have us look at how this all relates to Black people. Or doesn't.

Hiking, camping, nature, conservation, recycling, mountain climbing, kayaking, national parks, cutting down on ones carbon footprint... the list could get long quickly.

Thanks again for reading. 

It's an old-school week at SBPDL and we're going green in the process. Word to the wise: leave your granola and power bars at home, as this isn't your typical going green week.

Send your suggestions or articles to us at SBPDL1@gmail or in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

Picture's worth a thousand words:

Anonymous said...

I think an article about how few Black people live in rural agricultural areas would be interesting.

Galf said...

Anonymous said... I've had it with CNN...not even a mention of the Wisconsin attacks, but they carry this. Boycott those assholes.

Anonymous said...

I was watching Too $hort & Mitchy Slick videos on youtube and wondering if their "pimp rides" be hybrid or bio-diesel.

Anonymous said...

"Going Green"? Sheesh. That's for white people!

Negroes only like two green things:

1) Collard greens

2) Da dolla bill

Unamused said...


Are you going to get into some shenanigans there? Some goings-on? Some ballyhoo? Some monkeyshines?

Take a flyer.

Eric said...

Black people don't like nature, so there's obviously something wrong with National Parks and the outdoors in general. Right?

Ryu said...

Whatever you do, keep blacks out of rural America. It's bad enough that they've turned our cities into jungles. Let's contain the problem.

Amarilloan said...

So many of your demographic trends posts point to obvious issues hidden to those that can't see.

Maybe you could come up with another of your clever memes that sweep the blogoshere. "Green Flight" pops into my mind. Whites flee and try once again build a better life for ourselves. We change our ways and grow as a people. There is no long term property protection for whites, because as soon as we start anew the black undertow encroaches. I can see the expression of a greenie that finishes putting up the solar panels and water catchment system on his refurbished urban abode and notices blacks moving in next door...DOH!
We will only be able to rebuild and reinvest when we are assured that our property rights will be respected long term with a legal return to segregation.

Untouchable White

Anonymous said...

If you are going to Detroit, do a comparison of what thriving communites looked like 60 years ago and see what they look like now. With urban sprawl - these once thriving communities are now waste lands and now the geniuses proposed to make a once great city - farmland. Then part of the green idea is adaptive reuse. But that conflicts with the black need to remove all trace of white people. As soulman, imean, Coleman Young once said - he wanted to bulldoze all trace of white people from 8mile (border with the suburbs) to the riverfront and remove all traces of YT. The whole cycle of destruction and ruin began in 1967. They had nothing to do with civil rights but were as blacks said Christmas for the blacks. Since then the few remaining old white people have been killed while being robbed or killed by being burnt out of their home. The result is a city with no infrastructure. No police, no fire, schools passing 18YO that can't read, absolute corruption on every level of city government with scandals that are unbelievable. They got rid of YT but what they created after I think it would take an imbecile to not see the difference and the cause. Also as part of the green - old building are supposed to be reused - not demolished. Because of corrupt city officials most of the demolition companies are owned by relatives of the city council or mayor. So that green initiative works against the black agenda

Galf said...

African Renaissance = A half-built statue in a pile of garbage, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Some UK comparisons:

"Young people from Black and minority ethnic communities are not connecting with the British countryside."

The Black Environmental Network is established to promote equality of opportunity with respect to ethnic communities in the preservation protection and development of the environment.

Water Sports and Black people. Why they are under-represented?

National Parks target minorities
A £1m project to encourage ethnic minorities to visit the UK's national parks.

It is being launched against the backdrop of a government drive to improve access to the countryside.

Last year Trevor Phillips, chairman of the UK's race watchdog said the absence of minorities from the countryside was a form of "passive apartheid".

Anonymous said...

A guy referred to Anon 2:42 is very interesting. He went drunk to a cricket match and was refused entry just like anyone else who would have arrived in that condition and he immediately launched into a don't you know who I am rant.

The UK government should sack his worthless ass.

Anonymous said...

ABC News reports that National Parks are racist because slavery forever altered the way blacks view the soil.

Anonymous said...

You could mention public transport destroyed by black people, longer commutes by people forced to live away from black people, and people having to drive when it's not safe to walk or ride because of black people.