Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Memo to AP: They Aren't "Flash Mobs"; They are "Mahogany Mobs"

This picture accompanies the AP story on Flash Mobs...
The Associated Press (AP) is a group of primarily white journalists who no longer report on the news dispassionately and in an objective manner, but subjectively insert their crusading ideas for social justice into every article.

This piece on the Mahogany Mobs terrorizing major cities - published by the AP and currently running in papers throughout the country -  across America is the prize story that illustrates why we live in Black-Run America (BRA), even beating CNN's story from yesterday.

Not once does this AP article mentioning that it is Black people rioting, looting, stealing, and engaging in assaults in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Chicago, Greenville (South Carolina), Greensboro (North Carolina), Columbia, Cleveland and other cities, as they partake in Mahogany Mobs.

Not once does this AP article mention that hundreds of Black people attacked white people at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee, with many Black people pulling whites from their cars and violently assaulting them. 

Not once.

Instead, they put up pictures of goofy white people dancing with blow-up toys used in water activities in a pathetic attempt to connect the horrible atrocities that Black people are committing.  That is a Flash Mob, an activity that is predetermined to take place to bring joy to peoples lives. White people (and other racial minorities who have assimilated to a strange form of white culture) sing and dance for the enjoyment of others. That the AP would try and connect the actions of Black people in Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee with these peaceful white Flash Mobs is a sign of treason to truth. 

A Mahogany Mob is performed because Black people realize that the establishment (primarily Disingenuous White Liberals) will never, ever say a negative word about Black people  for fear of losing their job and position of influence.

This is what a Mahogany Mob looks like. They are happening all over the country
The AP and other papers (most notably Gannett owned papers) have a steadfast policy of never mentioning race when Black people engage in criminality:
Knowing that Disingenuous White Liberals and [Perfidious White Journalists] PWJ’s are in charge of the editorial policy at The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Gannett assets, and openly admit to censoring stories of Black criminality, it’s easy to understand why many newspapers are losing subscribers and the ability to charge huge rates for national ad campaigns.

Every member of the AP should be ashamed right now after the publication of this story. It is BLACK PEOPLE engaging in Mahogany Mobs all across this nation that require more police, curfews, martial law-style surveillance, and, inevitably, the closing of businesses in areas hit hard by our continued refusal to call a spade a spade. Worse, productive citizens will flee these cities hit hard by continued Black violence.

This happened in Detroit, a town that few people care about anymore, save as the punchline of a joke.

They aren't Flash Mobs; they are Mahogany Mobs.

The AP has declared war on truth.

It is Black people - primarily Black youth - that are attacking white people, looting and pillaging cities throughout the United States of America. And currently, it is Black people burning down London.

Flash Mobs are harmlessly Stuff White People Like (SWPL) white people doing their best impression of Glee. Mahogany Mobs are Black people doing their best impression of Zulu, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Naked Prey.

Here's a Flash Mob:

Here's a Mahogany Mob:


Millions upon millions of people will read this AP article and have no idea what is going on in Cleveland, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Chicago, and other cities where Black Mobs are terrorizing law-abiding citizens. That is the power of the AP. By positioning a dishonest picture of white people dancing with this story, they have manipulated people who believe what they read because they trust the AP.

It is our hope that the next victim of a Mahogany Mob sues the AP for their failure to provide an honest assessment of what is transpiring in America.


Amarilloan said...

Burn the bridge behind you. Leave no retreat.
There's only one way home.

Stand and fight!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

One of my best friends lives in the Piedmont Park area and he has told me their have been a number of Black people (teens, but they should be tried as adults) that have robbed people at gunpoint in the past weeks near the park.

~AV~ said...

Moe link at Drudge...

Philadelphia Implements Strict Curfew To Combat Violent Mobs...

MAYOR TO BLACK YOUTH: 'You have damaged your own race'...

Asks hip hop artists to help...


look at the third one...above

Nutter asking pit bulls to manage the pit bulls they sell their violent music too...



Playing Roots Backwards said...

Don't worry, Paul, the cannibals will soon create stories too big to be re-packaged as fist fights among unruly generic youths.

In one of your recent articles you put forth that it feels like 1967-68. Yes it does. I lived in Detroit during two riots and I was visiting relatives in Columbus, GA during a riot there.

During those years the niggers were strutting around and doing whatever crazy African shit they felt like doing like they had absolutely nothing to fear. Just like now.

In Detroit in 1967 there were hundreds of minor atrocities committed against White people prior to the main event. Just like now.

Back then, Detroit was pretty much in a class by itself. Yeah, there were a few other cities that had pissed off niggers who did some minor league rioting, but only Detroit was cursed with a White ruling class and a local news media that was identical to what we have in every city today.

As we all know, the politicians came up with a national plan to placate the jungle beasts: They paid them to be good.

Unless those troublesome fiscal conservatives in congress suddenly turn into frightened little girls, the pay off scheme won't get off the ground this time around.

Here's what I witnessed in Detroit and what we can expect in dozens of our cities soon:

First we get the riots.

Then come the dozens of nightly smash and grabs which will force retail businesses to put riot gates over their windows.

Then the liquor stores, gun shops and jewelry stores will have to install steel reinforced concrete buttresses on the sidewalks to keep niggers from driving stolen cars through their riot gates.

Shortly thereafter, grocery stores will have to do the same.

White people will decide that 100 miles is an acceptable drive to work.

That is a reality that can be neither ignored nor altered.

Anonymous said...

"The Associated Press (AP) is a group of primarily white journalists"

Come on. Seriously? You're as bad as they are hiding the black element if you are trying to pass off the main stream media as being only "white". Most people reading this blog knows the element behind Associated Press and the rest of the MSM.

Oh, right. We can't talk about them. Looks like another censored comment.

Anonymous said...

Well, Atlanta got a minor taste of it at Screen on the Green last year in Piedmont Park. During a screening of "Transformers", a group of black teens showed up and went nuts. It didn't seem very organized, though, and they seemed to be fighting each other more than the mostly white audience. Two gay guys in a jeep that had the misfortune of driving by at the time got the crap beaten out of them.

With that said, I don't think it would take much for a truly organized mob to happen, especially at a place like Lenox Mall or Atlantic Center, although the latter is usually crawling with cops most of the time.

And when it was over? Good old Al and Jessie would come down to "demand justice" for our "disadvantaged youths" because their bad circumstances drove them to smash white heads. Add some angry black mothers claiming their "poor babies" were victims of police brutality just for being black.

It's coming. It's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Ammo up people! It is going to be a bumpy and interesting ride for the next few years!

Anonymous said...

Nutter was correct, but then, he was preaching to the choir, literally. SBPDL, try to get some video of what Mayor Nutter said publicly @ his news conference. Time for Tough Love, Mayor Nutter.

Dissident said...

Damn the lamesteam media straight to hell! They should all be drug through Hell backwards for their ineptitude? Hell NO, it's not ineptitude, it's blatant disregard for truth. That's what it is.

No wonder the bastards are going broke. I hope they go belly up and stink like the rotting corpses that they are. I blame the bastards in the media for most of this, because if not for them, civilized people everywhere of ALL races wouldn't put up with this carnage for very long.

Damn those smarmy bastards on Madison Ave.

Anonymous said...

I applaud the mayor's speech and I think that he is sincere. However, let's see if there will be action to follow through on this rhetoric. If more blacks would talk candidly and police themselves then SBPDL would cease to exist.

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note, here's an article I found today on how Fayette County, GA (metro Atlanta) is supposedly disenfranchising black voters.


Here's my favorite quote: "Supporters say Fayette's at-large election method violates the federal Voting Rights Act and creates a "wall of exclusion that guarantees that black voters ... cannot elect their candidates of choice."

You know what I want to tell'em? Go back to Clayton County where ALL the candidates are black and you can have a true love fest.

Could I ever file a lawsuit in my county because there are no white candidates for the whites to vote for any more? Nope.

Can I say that only whites want to vote for whites and not be called a racist? Nope.

Just another day in Atlanta...

Anonymous said...


Old skool Mahogany Mobbin'.

Anonymous said...

I know it's frowned upon to compare these creatures to apes on this site ... but doesn't that 3rd video look like some sort of NatGeo special on bonobo mating practices?

Ryu said...

That's a big disadvantage of treating these rioters as equals.

We have to try to apply logic to them and reason it out. It handcuffs us rather than them. We can't just call them a bunch of uncivlized savages. Like being a prosecuter at a trial. One mistake and our case is gone.

I know SBPDL avoids racial slurs to not turn off the "moderates." The white race needs more than logic to win. During WW2 we called our enemies Japs or Krauts or goddamn nat-sies. To fight back, you need emotion. YOu need to look at the other guy and see an enemy, not a human being.

Amarilloan said...

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Leupold has a discount line of scopes labeled Redfield. They are made in oregon and priced really well.

It's coming soon brothers. Hold the line.

Thank you for all that you do Kersey. May fortune shine upon you in the times ahead.

Ryan said...

The timing of of the release of Rise of the Planet of the Apes compared to the riots in Britain, as well as earlier riots in the United States in Wisconsin, as well as earlier in the summer in Boston and Miami is surreal.

Here's a clip of a "Mahogany Mob" in the just released Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie.


Indianapolis said...

After the mayhem at the Wisconsin State Fair, the availability of ammunition in Indianapolis dropped dramatically, according to a friend.

Demand increase, supply dwindled.

What bothers me is the overwhelming majority of White people still exist in a fog of delusion. To admit the extent of black-on-White violence is - in the their mind -- White racism.

Indianapolis said...

What's the solution?

Anonymous said...

For some reason I have become very depressed by the sight in this video of Mayor Nutter of the old black lady just behind him, to the left of him (not the one who is clapping and happy).

This poor old black woman - probably around my mom's age - clearly seems perplexed as the Mayor gives his speech.

She doesn't seem to understand, and in the end, she looks down. Not at all sharing in the rest of the congregation's jubilation at the Mayor's tough-love speech.

Somehow this video has me feeling incredibly sad, for this poor old woman, I guess. I don't want to say anything bad about the cognitive ability of this poor old woman - after all if she were 50 IQ points brighter and as many shades lighter she could practically be my own mum - but there was something so disquieting about seeing a member of the African community hearing something from one of their own that was obviously - on first impressions - so out of jibe with the whole black victimization at the hands of whites things...

I felt genuine sympathy for this poor woman as she struggled to comprehend why one of her own would not rally no matter what to the cause of supporting black youth, no matter how feral, criminalized and hopeless they may be.

Wow. I guess it just goes to show that you can hate stuff black people don't like (#999,99: any black authority figure who does not blame negro failure on whitey) while not hating humanity (I know I know).

A similar case of reverse-compassion (call it what you will) can be found in a recent post here :


D J said...

And when it was over? Good old Al and Jessie would come down to "demand justice" for our "disadvantaged youths" because their bad circumstances drove them to smash white heads. Add some angry black mothers claiming their "poor babies" were victims of police brutality just for being black.

My answer to this is: So? If they do such a thing, then it is up to the good people of the town to call them out. When Rebrun Jesse brought his rent-a-rant to the Silicon Valley a few years back, most of the major tech firms there quaked in their boots and pee'd themselves before the great Jesse Jackson. All but one: T J Rodgers of Cypress Semiconductor. He called Jackson out on his shakedown attempt; Jackson slunk out of town.

That, or grab them, physically, and bums-rush them away. LET it be seen on camera.

Will it cause more riots? It just might. But that is why these two hustlers are there in the first place: to cause trouble. To get the natives restless. Why let them get away with it? Rush their platform, hustle them out the door, and throw them down the steps. The press will go wild, and that image will be seen around the world.

Many of us Whites have feared being called "raysiss" for too long. We have been polite too long. We have worn kid gloves for too long.

Lee said...

Bravo to Mayor Nutter's comments. If a white person had said the same he would be labeled "raysiss." At least SOMEBODY said publicly what we were all thinking. What do you want to bet that Mayor Nutter will be the next subject for stuff black people don't like for speaking against the brothers.

D J said...

Lee: it will take a Mayor Nutter to issue the shoot-to-kill orders when the riots take place. The Jesses and the Als and the DWLs will have nowhere to point.

Anonymous said...


"The BBC's main goal here is not to inform the populace about the dangers on their streets, but to obfuscate the real racial issue in this story. "

And the people of the UK are legally obliged to finance this organisation through the TV license fee.