Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Than A Feeling: Hip Hop BBQ at White House with Mein Obama; USA Credit Downgraded

Black people have horrible credit. Barack Obama is Black (well, half-Black). Standard and Poor's decision to downgrade the United States government credit rating from AAA to AA+ is long overdue, but a hilarious reminder of what happens when you let a Black person run around nigga rich.

It's a reminder that borrowing money to pay for Black-Run America (BRA) does have consequences.

Eric "My People" Holder and the Department of (in) Justice refuses to do anything to stop the Mahogany Mobs rampaging throughout America's dying post-industrial heartland cities (Cleveland, Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis, etc.) while he brags that the Civil Rights division of the DoJ is doing its best to wage a legal war against a non-existent threat.

Instead, Mein Obama invites a bunch of rappers to the White House to celebrate his 50th Birthday:
The rapper Common, you may recall, drew heated commentary from the cable network for his invitation to take part in a White House poetry night. And Eric Bolling, a host on the Fox Business network, faced allegations of racism in May after referring to the White House as the "Hizzouse," "Hizzy" and "The Big Crib," and guests of the administration as "hoods" on the air.

On Thursday, a Fox News opinion website called Fox Nation aggregated a "Playbook" column by Politico's Mike Allen about President Barack Obama's 50th birthday bash, changing Allen's typically long headline with this:

'Obama's Hip-Hop BBQ Didn't Create Jobs'
The private party included dinner ("BBQ chicken, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta, salad") in the Rose Garden was attended by Obama's staff and celebrities including Al Sharpton, Jay-Z,  Chris Rock, Charles Barkley, Steve Harvey, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. There were performances by Stevie Wonder, R&B singer Ledisi, jazz legend Herbie Hancock. A DJ "played Motown, hip-hop, and '70s and '80s R&B."
"The president asked everyone to dance -- and they did!"
Thankfully, no shooting took place between rival rappers at the White House. Rumors of chicken and waffles topped with a lovely watermelon syrup being served to the guests have gone uncorroborated. Once people were upset that Booker T. Washington got invited to Teddy Roosevelt's White House; now some of the most boorish Black entertainers are treated to ribs, watermelon, and chicken at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And we're just talking about Tom Hanks!

While this is happening, the lower class Black people who are inheriting Philadelphia (thanks to massive white flight) are showing us why there is such a stigma surrounding public transportation. Whether it is MARTA, D.C.'s metro, Memphis' bus system, Montgomery 's bus system, Charlotte's crappy metro, white people know not to ride public transportation.

This is why:
The case is heading to trial later this month but a preliminary hearing was held Thursday.

Four people will head to trial after Penny Chapman, allegedly upset that another passenger criticized her for spanking her child, called and asked for acquaintances to shoot at the passenger when the bus got to her stop.
Chapman was on the Route 47 Septa bus heading north on 7th Street.

The video shows her son running up and down the aisle. Finally she grabs the squirming child, and appears to slap him.

A man sitting behind her doesn't like what he sees, so he threatens to turn her in for child abuse.
Chapman then made a phone call, prosecutors said. Minutes later, she got off the back door of the bus. Prosecutors say the boy's uncle, Angel Lecourt, is waiting for them outside.

Lecourt helps them off, and then holds the door for brothers Karon and Raheen Patterson, who start firing into the bus with a large assault rifle and a handgun.

The video shows a mother grabing her four-year-old son and running for cover. A man sitting right by the back door is frozen, and can only slump back in his seat. And this 80-year-old woman doesn't know what to do.

"You see her very clearly because she doesn't actually see what's going on. She's sort of left standing in the middle of the bus as everyone has sort of separated all the way to the front or all the way as far as they could go to the back,” said Morgan Model Vedejs, assistant District Attorney.

The elderly woman finally drops and covers her head, just a moment before a bullet flies right over her and shatters a window.

"At least five of the bullets came right through the back door, several of them then came through the side,” said Vedejs.
 Many of the other passengers ran toward the front of the bus, and piled on top of each other, desperate to get off. The man who criticized Chapman's parenting-- the target of all those bullets, according to prosecutors-- dove right on top of that four-year-old boy.
Could this be the high-water mark of Black-Run America? Entertaining a bunch of brothers at the White House, while Black people around the nation engage in behavior eerily reminiscent to the simian revolution showcased in Rise of the Planet of the Apes?

To quote the band Boston, I've got more than a feeling that a lot of good people are joining the ranks of Those Who Can See this weekend. Some were literally dragged there keeping and screaming by Black people in Milwaukee, others are shocked into finally visualizing the truth through imaging the horror felt by whites at the Wisconsin State Fair and understanding that this event could be replicated anywhere The Crazies live.

I sometimes find myself thinking about a girl I used to know and I recall all the awesome times we had together. But the past is just; the past. We can no longer wish for the good old days of our younger lives anymore, nor dream of the peaceful days of America anymore.

In an earlier era, American's were told to Remember the Maine; we at SBPDL implore you Remember the Wisconsin State Fair. Never forgot that it was Black people - Black children who largely subsist of off EBT Cards/ free school lunches/TANF Welfare/ and steady doses of anti-white propaganda at public schools - that dragged white people from their cars and beat them.

No beer summit can fix the irreparable damage to American race relations that Mein Obama has accomplished since becoming president.

I have more than a feeling that a lot of normal, apolitical people across this nation are beginning to understand something is seriously wrong in America. When you understand America has been replaced with BRA, it will all make sense why that is.

They are joining the ranks of those who can see.


Anonymous said...

HaPPy 57th Mr. President!

Galf said...

What the hell possesses someone to do this? I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Re there being a growth in the number of Those Who Can See, there are some contra signals.

Anonymous said...

"... celebrities including Al Sharpton, Jay-Z, Chris Rock, Charles Barkley, Steve Harvey, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. There were performances by Stevie Wonder, R&B singer Ledisi, jazz legend Herbie Hancock. A DJ "played Motown, hip-hop, and '70s and '80s R&B."

Not a very diverse group of friends or musical stylings. Obama is such a racist.

Van said...

I notice the shooters all wore the same "outfit" - or perhaps its their military uniform.

MrGJG said...

As bad as shit is now, what happens when/if Shellys boo doesn't get re-elected?
Will the coloreds go quietly into the night?
Does BRA even allow him to lose?
I imagine we'll have more "poll watchers" making sure everybody votes correctly.
Should be fun.

Anonymous said...

A black man with bad credit? I can't believe it

croc said...

I'm very proud of our cultural heritage. My hope is that "classic rock" etc will pass with the boomers.
This is one of the classics that helps me stay connected with what really matters.
I hope you don't mind me posting a music link.

~AV~ said...

Once Eric Holder gave out the FREE VIOLENCE PASS to the Black Panthers...

the fucking niggers have gone CRAZY!

10mm AUTO said...

VAN said:
"I notice the shooters all wore the same "outfit" - or perhaps its their military uniform."

Very Good! You are exactly right. Negroids are arming themselves for the real race war, a war when they just don't pull us out of crowds and beat us, but like Rwanda, they cut us down. Everyone says: "Well SOMEONE will shoot them!" Sounds a lot like when every other dictator takes over, everyone looking for someone else to do SOMETHING.

As to military uniform, remember Obongo said he wanted to deploy a "Internal Security Force". It's coming together friends. The seeds are here:

Any Whites killed in the "Early Stages" will be excused as "accidents" due to lack of "training", requiring more money to bring into the fold. Negroids wanting fat government paychecks WERE the crowd pulling Whites out of their cars, all they need is a uniform and a gun to be horrific.

Game Over said...

Has anyone noticed that there are no candlelight vigils? No negroid "community Leaders" expressing sorrow or visiting the hospital where the victims are recovering? No negroid "prayers for understanding" or weeping sheboons?

They literally could not care less. What they do care about is whether Jamal gets off with time served, assuming any arrests are made. Jamal has "made his bones"; become "head Buck" like those two in Philadelphia said about the shooter who shot up the bus.

Anonymous said...

I once was blind but now I see!

Anonymous said...

Eric holder is mad because he is black. He doesn't like it, so he is destructive and self-destructive. He must think holding whites back from progression with anchor laws will make him feel better. Some where in his dementia he must know "his people" aren't ever going to have a civilization.

Anonymous said...

That video is shocking and outright scary. Those guys came outside with semi automatics and shot guns all for a Black woman that scolded for abusing her child. I heard that they all were charged with attempted murder.

joe-7k said...

The White House kept out all reporters and suppressed all photos of this wonderful shindig. As if Bammy and Moochelle are a afraid of Americans seeing black people partying while white peoples mutual funds are sinking and US credit worthiness gets downgraded.

SBPDL--- You so ignorant! You don't put watermelon syrup on chicken with waffles.

Unamused said...

lol @ that first commenter. happy 57th indeed

RE: boston, how about "peace of mind"? pretend it's about white nationalism

"now if you're feelin' kinda low 'bout the dues [whites] been paying/future's coming much too slow/and you wanna run but somehow you just keep on stayin'/can't decide on which way to go...

"I understand about indecision/but I don't care if I get behind/[races] livin' in competition/all I want is to have my peace of mind"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Blacks rioting in London for of course no good reason:

BRA also prevails in the UK.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was Africa when I first saw it

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:21

I do not know if it made the Mail but the guy fired at a police officer and hit him and then an unbiased witness said he threw down his gun so there was no need to shoot him. But free stuff from shops is free stuff innit?

Anonymous said...

So far, media coverage of the riots in London has made no mention whatsoever of race.


Anonymous said...

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Yes, Paul, I believe you are right about reluctant eyes being clawed open by race reality.

My wife always reads the racially provocative stories that show up on ultra PC Yahoo News just so she can get mad at all of the kiss-ass White people who leave comments that blame each and every nigger atrocity on Jim Crow and the fucking Republicans.

Lately, she has found far less to get mad about. Today there was a story about Negro misbehavior in England that erupted after the police shot somebody who needed to be shot. As recently as a few months ago, such an article would have inspired thousands of comments about poor old downtrodden niggers and fascist cops. Not today. Most of comments, maybe a 9-1 ratio, had a FUCK THOSE FUCKIN' NIGGERS tone.

Yahoo News is as PC and mainstream as it gets. A few months ago they would have censored most of the comments that were unflattering to the cannibals. Not today.

Unlike the sites that I use for my window to the world, Yahoo News gets hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of readers and racially provocative stories receive thousands of comments. Today, those comments read like the ones that regularly appear on SBPDL.

Apparently, every time the cannibals show their asses like they did at the Wisconsin State Fair, they inadvertently hand out truck loads of those special Rowdy Roddy Piper sunglasses.

Good work, niggers. Just keep on being yourselves and everything will fall into place.

Van said...

"I thought this was Africa when I first saw it "

I did wonder if they were immigrants. Something about their movements looks African more than North American Black. Hard to describe.

Anonymous said...

Gaga could not speak for two days because of the death of a singer she never met and Obama has a hip hop bbq?
Won't somebody think of Stefanie's feelings?

Anonymous said...

@Galf Hang around black ppl awhile and you will meet the angry black female. Usually overweight and very loud, she is much more likely to be violent than the male and even saying something to her will set her off. When I worked among blacks, I was very wary of this type. They try to out-male the males. They can be crazy-violent. I'm surprised she didn't beat the crap out of the guy herself, instead of calling her buds.