Saturday, August 13, 2011

"You're not being stereotypical there, are you sure they were black, they weren't all black, i'm sure some of them were white"

A lot of people wonder what I mean when I use the term Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL). Some wonder what Perfidious White Journalist (PWJ) means. This video, courtesy of a blog that attacks the Islamization of Europe, illustrates all that is wrong with Europe, Canada, and America in a nutshell.

This video needs to be seen to be believed. The transcript of this "interview" can be found below, though calling it an "interview" might be a disservice to that term. The DWL, PWJ female basically tries to insert the correct racial narrative into the story. Just like the Mahogany Mobs that are terrorizing major cities in America, the mainstream media (MSM) must constantly refrain from calling them all-Black mobs (read this AP story on curfew violations in Philly, where it is stated "many" of the Flash Mob participants are Black there... it needs to read ALL the participants are Black, but because the MSM is constantly on a social justice campaign, actually reporting objectively remains an impossibility).

Here is what was said in England, after a white store owner tried to tell a white reporter that his store was the target of a Mahogany Mob:
Interviewing a shop owner who got a text telling him his shop was in danger - he got to the shop and:

Victim: "there was at least 100, 200 black youths with hoodies and stuff, just rampaging, every shop"

Kay (interrupts): "you're not being stereotypical there, are you sure they were black, they weren't all black, i'm sure some of them were white"

Victim: "ok let me just say they weren't all black, i was the white guy there"

Kay (interrupts): "well there were probably other white guys there but we get your point"

I feel sorry for the journalist in this piece. Her entire life is a lie. Everything she believes is predicated upon a lie. The shop owner is hilarious and keeps his cool in the "interview," completely showing how this PWJ is nothing more than a social justice crusader, out to squelch any negative stories about Black people. Even in England, Black-Run America (BRA) holds sway.

Truth... justice? These concepts have no meaning to PWJs or DWLs. The American Way?  A racist anachronism that has no place in our more enlightened era.

PWJs have tried to control the narrative of Flash Mobs in America, but it's too late. More and more news continues to pour out of Milwaukee. The narrative of the Mahogany Mob at Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee - where Black people pulled whites from their cars and beat them - can't be changed.

Enjoy this video. It says more then you can imagine about how PWJs try and dictate the narrative; the hilarious and dismissive manner in which the white shop owner asserts the Blackness of the rampaging looters is beautiful.

Can imagine the videos that PWJs will produce when Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit, or Washington D.C. have an England-style riot?  

I'll go ahead and tell you ahead of time, PWJs: Yes, all the participants will be Black. All the looters, muggers, arsonists and reprobates will be Black.That is what a Flash Mob is; a Mahogany Mob is not cute or a sight you want to watch for long. Run if you see one coming, PWJ. Run.

I'm not being stereotypical there. They will be Black. They will all be Black.


Swim said...

I like it how the journalist who is investigating the story is bold enough to think she knows more than the guy who was at the event.

Isn't that like...reverse journalism?

Indianapolis said...

What do you call an MSM journalist who doesn't follow the BRA (or in this case, BRB) rules?


Ryu said...

I heard the black mayor of Philadelphia talk about the mobs and I was shocked. He called them black, said they had problems.

I'm waiting for him to be chastized and called a racist by the media. Hard to believe he can get away with saying some of these things.

Anonymous said...

The reporter is sure there were white people there, funny how the person who was actually there and having his property destroyed and stolen feels differently- He must be racist right?
Whenever there are riots or some exceptionally heinous act in the Black part of town, it's always some "outside element" that is supposedly responsible- When a cross section of males of the Black Community in Cleveland, Tx (from total delinquents to the sons of local school board members) came together to gang rape a child; Quanell X of the NBPP showed up talking about how she wasn't from there and how these animals were such victims and how it wasn't their fault that they held a child for over 12 hours raping her over and over.
When black people pillage every business they can get into- As they're doing in the UK- it's no wonder the parts of the cities they inhabit are such cesspools of misery. It doesn't matter how much money you throw into "incentives" (i.e. bribing black people to do makework so the percentage of black people who keep their crimes habitual instead of occupational keeps the riots seasonal instead of daily). The only businesses which survive are ones that cater to the welfare price range; hair salons, liquor stores, the occasional adult video store, thrift stores, and barber shops OR places that capitalize on the willingness of Black People to sacrifice any asset for the short term; pawn shops, scrap metal collection points, chop shops, etc.

We're seeing the character of these people in one of the most black friendly places on the planet- generous welfare system, immigration policies that bring immigrants in with little restrictions (remember all those Jihadi imams they brought in throughout the 90's , expressly due to a shortage of imams) and a media machine that is throwing gasoline on the country with one hand and playing with a lighter in the other.

Galf said...

Another interesting English video where the historian gets it mostly right, but the white liberal flogs himself in front of the black woman to try and look good.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to wait too long...

The BRA apologists are after him already.

Whiskey said...

Female journalists are the worst. Most of PC/Diversity is a White female thing predicated on status mongering and the like. A very potent brew. Look at the movie "the Help" about a virtuous young/hot chick who exposes the "racism" of evil older less hot White women abusing their Black nannies/cooks. [Full disclosure: I cook my own food, wash my own car, cut my own grass.]

Much of the media complex is so, absolutely, completely female. Not stories loaded with stats about who is winning or losing, or Moneyball type arguments, but stuff about moralizing status and the like. As female as Gossip Girl and sparkly gay vampires. Or Oprah.

If you want to know who powers the anti-White guy sentiment, look no further than White women and their lock on consumer spending, advertising, and media. Compare/Contrast Entertainment Tonight with say NFL Countdown.

Anonymous said...

The reporter in this video was afraid. Some people on the left are racist and deny black misbehavior and racism purely to protect their team. Others are practical and need black cooperation to help along the Democrats so they turn a blind eye and cover up what they know is wrong, believing that it is the lesser of evils. Many are stupid. But for many people, both left and right, they are simply afraid of losing their job or getting sued.

Prof. Woland

Anonymous said...

White people and their lying eyes .... something must be done about this.

Maybe some brilliant black engineer (there are tons of 'em!) can design a type of anti-racist glasses for racist whites. When worn, everything niggers do, no matter how depraved, will look like an act of beauty and grace. Even while in the midst of being brutally murdered, the wearer will see his nappy-headed, gorilla-jawed attackers as radiant, loving beings of light.

Wearing the glasses will not be optional. A law will be passed, probably during the second or third Obama term, saying all whites must don the glasses before leaving home. It's only fair!

Dissident said...

Yahoo news FINALLY reported on this story- A whole 8-DAYS, after the fact!!

Whites attacked en-masse and it's virtually a non-story. Blacks break a cuticle-front page on the NY Times for days.

Utterly hypocritical and that is why these papers/MSM media outlets are going under.

Anonymous said...

Hackney (where "big jims" shop is based) is the type of place that is full of DWLs and the black underclass. Trendy young graduates will move there after university and probably work in the media. They will blather on about how edgy and exciting or enriched or diverse the place is. Knowing that despite the teen gang warfare and drug crime its not really relevant to them.

Right now I feel very smug for living in the home counties and commuting into the city via train. I imagine house prices in my type of area will explode as london's left liberal whites all pile for the exit.

Outside of London too many of the rioters were actually white. Interestingly though there were no riots in Wales, Scotland or Nothern Ireland.

Here is English academic explaining that our white underclass are turning culturally Black. He is experiencing A LOT of heat for those remarks, however the comments sections on most newspapers tend to back him up despite what people in the media and on twitter say.

Anonymous said...

Do you notice that Youtube erased the foodstamp video, stating that it incited racial hatred? I don't recall anything subjective in that video at all.

Anonymous said...

My ONLY response to discontented blacks from this point on will be :

"Hey welfare breeder... piss off back to Africa and let me regain my civilization.”

MrGJG said...

This is incredible.
She's like the robot from Lost in Space or any of those old cheesy movies from the 50's and 60's that are programed to sense peril who warn DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!
As soon as the victim said they were all black, her program kicked in.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, BUT… in the “Let Them Eat Cake” department:

Michelle Obama be lovin’ her some vacation time! Ms. Mooch has gone on vacation 42 days of the year so far – or put another way, one day out of every nine days – mostly funded by the US tax payer. Now, were the USA economy, which her husband has stuffed up so spectacularly, in better shape, then maybe people wouldn’t care so much. However, it’s kind of like rubbing salt in the wounds when more than 35 million people are sitting without jobs and 45 million are on food stamps and she gets to swan around on hard earned tax dollars.

But, that’s not the end of the party time for Mis Michelle… no sirree! She and her chi’rens be heading off for another 10-day family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard next week, whilst the USA stock markets crash and even more people lose their jobs. I guess Obongo needs a vacation after all the campaign-fund dinners he’s been holding, and all the rounds of golf he’s been playing. Deys sho gwine be missin’ dis lifestyle after dey kicked out on dey asses by de’ Whitey electorate.

Anonymous said...

Curfew more then likely for KC at the plaza. More youths opening fire, some shots close to the mayor "Sly" James..... Add this to the list of early curfew cities....,0,3795089.story

tty said...

Think this guy has been arrested yet for 'hate-speech'?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I was out yesterday and didn't see that Lawrence Auster had posted this video as well:

He's quick take on it is worth reading:

Check out this amazing brief video clip at GoV. A female reporter from the Murdoch-controlled Sky News asks a young long-haired businessman--not exactly your typical BNP member--how he was affected by the riots the previous night. He says he heard that one of his stores had been raided. He went there and "there were one hundred, two hundred black dudes in hoodies and stuff, just rampaging every shop..." No sooner are those words out that the reporter asks, "You're not being stereotypical there? Are you sure that they were black? I'm sure that they weren't all black." After this goes back and forth one or two more times the young man "gets" the narrative the reporter is trying to force on him and calls her on it: "Ok, then, you need me to say that they weren't all black. I was the white guy there." She: "Well, there probably were other white guys there." He: "I didn't see any."

Never has it been made so clear that liberals cannot endure, cannot allow, any fact that contradicts their ideology, especially the core of their ideology, which is anti-whiteness and pro-blackness.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I am watching the movie "Zulu" right now; hordes of violent negro savages attacking an outpost in South Africa. I think this is a good one to watch with the kids to help counter all the PC brainwashing they get in school.

Indianapolis said...

Stuff Black People Don't Like to do . . .

Clear their tables after dining in fast-food restaurants.

I noticed this again today. I stopped to have lunch at a Culver's restaurant. I sat next to a black clan of about eight individuals. When they got up to leave, they left their tables piled with trash.

I noticed the White patrons always cleared their tables when leaving.

What is it with black folks? Is this one more subtle way to punish White people? Or do they merely lack 'content of character'?

Anonymous said...

Kansas City last night...

Plaza violence a messy mix of race, parents, politicians

Read more:

Indianapolis said...

@August 14, 2011 9:14 AM

The old B/W Tarzan movies depict the savagery of black mob (mahogany mobs) in historical settings.

Also, the new Planet of the Apes movie depicts blacks (apes in the movie) engaged in a black mob attack against White motorists.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Off topic, but I am watching the movie "Zulu" right now; hordes of violent negro savages attacking an outpost in South Africa. I think this is a good one to watch with the kids to help counter all the PC brainwashing they get in school."

I hate to differ with you much as I love the movie Zulu,but "violent Negro savages" in this context is a bit much. The British army was invading the Zulu homeland and the Zulu Army defended it, same as we did at New Orleans in 1812. I would hope we react similarly to an invader. They had just defeated the main British army at Isandhlwana earlier that day. That's a far cry from modern day mahogany mobs and riots.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@9:29 AM.

My European History teacher showed us that movie, "Zulu", when I was a Freshman in High School...1974/75 when we were studying Victorian Britain. And this was at Punahou in Honolulu- the same school Obama attended. I've often wondered if Obama was in the same class the following year. (He was in the graduating class following mine.) I'll bet that movie would have really pissed ol' Barry off!

A really hard to find politically incorrect movie is "Whispering Death" a revenge drama set in Rhodesia during the Bush War in the 70's. It is sympathetic to the white Rhodesian side which is why it is so hard to find these days.

Anonymous said...

In anothe broadcast Kay Burley expresses surprise that there was a riot at this particular place as "it is mainly white."

That White Girl said...

Indianapolis, when I lived in downtown Indy, I would sometimes go to the Kroger on 16th and Alabama. The patronage was overwhelmingly black. One striking difference I noticed about the store compared to the stores in Whites areas (aside from the 300lbs black women with 4 ill behaved kids paying for their Doritos, ice cream, and pork rinds with an EBT card) was how many carts were strewn about in the parking lot. Sometimes you could barely drive through the parking lot because there were so many rolling around. Blacks could never be bothered to return their carts to the cart corral. They would unload their groceries, and then push the cart away far enough so they could back their car out, even if that meant shoving the cart away so it rolled into someone else's car. The vast majority of blacks lack any empathy or decorum, even toward other blacks. This is why we cannot expect most of them to function in civilized society.

With that being said, the reporter had already predetermined that these rioters were a rainbow coalition. No amount of evidence was going to convince her otherwise. This is the very real mental disease from which the White liberal suffers: complete denial of reality when it does not fit their ideology. They will look you square in the eye and tell you the sky is calm and blue during a hurricane if that's what their ideology tells them. It's insanity.

Anonymous said...

She eventually sent him to the principal's office.

Anonymous said...

@ That White Girl - Your comment hits at a core problem that maybe no psych study has tackled: levels of empathy in blacks. Many of the bad behaviors discussed here and elsewhere about problems in the black community are not the core cause. It might go back to empathy. Black out of wedlock births and child abandonment rates are higher than other American racial groups. Why leave a child you created? More prolific rates of rape and murder at the end of robberies and home invasions compared to other races. Why kill or rape someone you 'just' wanted to rob? This might even be the core cause of why blacks are so narrow minded with how they view every single thing through a black prism. They can't empathize or feel compassion.

Wow the google ad generator algo must be broken since I see a "black bbw singles" ad on the side.

Laz said...

@ That White Girl:

Recent studies have shown children get their empathy from their fathers, not their mothers. No fathers= no empathy

Silent Running said...

What we're seeing is crystal-clear proof that the hardcore liberal will die rather than accept reality.

Some say that the only way out of this mess is for us to proselytize and convert as many liberals as possible. I can't say I agree. For sure, try to convert those nearest to you: family, friends, coworkers, etc. But I think we should accept that a great many of these people are simply doomed. Don't despair if you cannot bring them around to the truth, and don't despair when they are destroyed. Accept that there will be many, many casualties in the war that's coming.

Indianapolis said...

That White Girl said...

You will want to visit Abdul's blog.


Abdul was the lone black radio voice in Indianapolis that didn't tow the leftist line. He got kicked off the air last week.

If you are a race realist, the others who comment on his blog with give you hell. Oddly, Abdul usually takes positions that would be considered "White supremacist."

Anyhow, it would be nice to have a little support when posting on his blog. :-)


Anonymous said...

"It's insanity."

It is, it truly is. I'm seeing that more and more; these liberals/progressives/multiculturalists are truly insane. And that's a scary thing to face. They want us dead, and they won't stop ... until they ARE STOPPED.

Dissident said...

"Wow the google ad generator algo must be broken since I see a "black bbw singles" ad on the side."

Hah! I was thinking the same ironic on this Blog, Hmmmm?

Midwestern said...

That White Girl said:

"Indianapolis, when I lived in downtown Indy, I would sometimes go to the Kroger on 16th and Alabama."

Blacks abandon shopping carts EVERYWHERE in Indy, and I am sure this is one of their unique behaviors nationwide. Drive out west to the concrete jungle and you will see bus stops with 15 shopping carts lined up. Get ready, white suburbs! When your transit department stretches their routes from the ghetto to your neighborhood, the blacks will travel to your "nice" shops and do the same thing.

I live in downtown Indy, and I often see black women shuffling their groceries to the bus stop in a stolen shopping cart. Sometimes there is an entire row of abandoned shopping carts alongside the street corners. We have "Aldi" grocery stores for the low income people, and a $.25 deposit is required to use a cart.

Seems like the best solution for blacks.

Blacks have no empathy, no conscious, no concept of private property or trespass, no internal censors, no impulse control, and no sense of ownership. They own nothing, including their own children, who are often owned by the state. This is why they will never become useful citizens in the US.

This is why blacks riot, loot, and burn private and public property. Blacks teach their young that the white man owns everything, and so they passive-aggressively take their revenge out on bashing and stealing private property - such as shopping carts. They feel that they have really caused some pain, but they make themselves look like savages to white people, who choose to use their brain power to sort out problems instead.

Seems very stupid to us, but blacks don't think like we do. Their self-inflicted victimology gives them zero power, and so they attempt to feel powerful by stealing or destroying the white man's property. They always lose out in the end.

We are very different.

Knight Rydder of Dixie said...

We next look for the "white privilege tax" here in BRA to fulfill MLK's legacy and dream.

“It really warms my heart. It makes me feel happy that we are coming together — black and white — to break down the barriers,” Brown said. “If Dr. King had been there to see that, he would have just loved it.”

SPDL is helping to break down the barriers between Whites living as Whites, and Whites submerged under BRA.

The barriers to our keeping and enjoying our deserved White Privilege are the Curse of the Slave Trade, the Stain of Abolitionism, the Shame of Emancipation, Integration, Equality, Civil Rights, Affirmative Action, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Tolerance, Inclusion, Radical Hospitality, and whatever slogan they next come up with to use as a weapon against White Humanity.

The greatest barrier to White privilege right now is that White children are trained into self hating psychosis when they are forced to believe in Equality, while all their senses tell them it's a lie. They know that if they challenge the lie, they will be damned as a racist, lose their friends, and have their futures curtailed.

They are forced to accept and maintain their own submersion under BRA.

It really warms my heart when I see White women who have broken down the barriers of false Equality and forced Diversity by marrying a Whites only man and making Whites only babies.

My heart sinks every time I see beautiful Whites in subordinate roles on TV commercial and shows.

Shouldn't we care about our own White hearts and stop worrying about the dark hearts of our inferiors?

Logos, ethos, pathos. Stop being a White victim of Equality logos. Stop being a White victim of MLK ethos. Stop being a White victim of African American pathos.



The Horrors of Athens said...

Now, the lower the % of Whites at UGA, the greater the pride in reaching a new "benchmark".

Where does it go from here?

You know where it goes. Soon, colleges will start actually APOLOGIZING for enrolling 51% Whites in the freshmen class, and then when they enroll 49%, they will apologize for all the sins they committed by ever enrolling a majority of Whites in the past, or being too slow to integrate in the 1960's, and we must "do more".

"More than 480 first-year African-American students enrolled in fall 2011 (8.7 percent of the class). The previous high for entering freshmen was 440 in 1995. A record number of Hispanic students will be enrolled, with 300 entering first-year students having self-identified as Hispanic (5.4 percent of the class). With more than 1,400 of the entering freshmen self-identifying as other than Caucasian, the ethnic and racial makeup of the entering class shows record diversity."

How many of these "benchmark" joys are getting full ride Diversity scholarships, paid for by the White Ga. taxpayers?

One way or another, you always must pay your White Privilege Tax, because you are a Whitey and must "do more".

How many of those Diversity Benchmarks actually had high school records that qualified them to be admitted to Ga.'s flagship university? Probably all of them, because the admissions standards have been lowered so far that any "benchmark" goal can be met. Sign your name here, Kunta, and you get automatic admission and your choice of room in the coed, mostly White Girl dorm.

Anonymous said...

Slavery build a bridge and get over it just like the indentured servants did.

Oops! Maybe there are no civil engineers capable of building things in the 12%?

Anonymous said...

News media should avoid embarrassing gaffs of accuracy by staging live reports with plants only acting as witnesses, so as to assure their accounts match story network will be sticking to anyway.

Locust said...

whats wrong is simple, white males have become weak, cowardly, don't think about if your actions are right or wrong, think are they right for our race, do they make us stronger or weaker? Make your choice.