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A Letter by a White Baltimore Woman from 1917 vs. Spike Lee's Rant Against Gentrification

It was something Miss Alice J. Reilley wrote in 1917, in a letter addressed to the mayor of Baltimore.
Spike Lee: white people and gentrification is modern Christopher Columbus style genocide of my culture...

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision Buchanan v. Warley (declaring civil governments instituting racial segregation in residential areas unconstitutional), Miss Reilley would ask a penetrating question that, almost 100 years later, still goes unanswered. [Apartheid Baltimore Style: the Residential Segregation Ordinances of 1910-1913, Maryland Law Review: Volume 42 Issue 2, 10-9-2012]:

Black Baltimoreans seized the opportunity to renew their movement into white neighborhoods. Two black families moved into the 1100 block of Bolton Street, one of the oldest middle-class residential sections of the city; another family moved into the 1200 block of McCulloh Street.' White Baltimoreans responded with petulance and frustration. Miss Alice J. Reilley asked, "What is the use of trying to beautify a city or put in any civic improvements if Negroes are to acquire all of the property?"
A haunting query from 1917 (penned when the city had a population of 558,000 and was 85 percent white), one that, the longer it goes unanswered, proves its eternal truth: "What is the use of trying to beautify a city or put in any civic improvements if Negroes are to acquire all of the property?"

Today, Baltimore has a population of 620,961 people (28 percent white/63.6 percent black); after reaching a peak population of just under one million people in 1950, the city has completely collapsed since Miss. Reilley’s question went unanswered. [Blighted Cities Prefer Razing to Rebuilding, New York Times, 11/12/13]:
BALTIMORE — Shivihah Smith’s East Baltimore neighborhood, where he lives with his mother and grandmother, is disappearing. The block one over is gone. A dozen rowhouses on an adjacent block were removed one afternoon last year. And on the corner a few weeks ago, a pair of houses that were damaged by fire collapsed.  
The city bulldozed those and two others, leaving scavengers to pick through the debris for bits of metal and copper wire. 
For the Smiths, the bulldozing of city blocks is a source of anguish. But for Baltimore, as for a number of American cities in the Northeast and Midwest that have lost big chunks of their population, it is increasingly regarded as a path to salvation. 
The result of this shrinkage, also called “ungrowth” and “right sizing,” has been compressed tax bases, increased crime and unemployment, tight municipal budgets and abandoned neighborhoods. The question is what to do with the urban ghost towns unlikely to be repopulated because of continued suburbanization and deindustrialization.
Just shy of 100 years to the date Miss. Reilley’s letter arrived to the mayor Baltimore, attempts to beautify the city and engage in civic improvements literally mean tearing down the white past to accommodate the black, bleak future.
Had Alice J. Reilley's 1917 letter been heeded, Baltimore nearly 100 years later would be a safe place for the raising of families, instead of a city where plexiglas installation at convenience stores/bars/gas stations is big business

Those “city blocks” – filled with once beautiful, now inhospitable rowhouses - Shivihah Smith laments being torn down in 2013 were built by a people far different than the one that oversaw their ruin. 

Far different.

But in their removal, Miss. Reilley’s question finally receives an answer.

97 years later.
Instead, Baltimore is a city where black people marching against (black) violence is a yearly occurrence

Which brings up Spike Lee, the reigning champion of black directors, who recently commented on the gentrification (settlement of “blighted” black real estate by whites, which instantly improves every ‘quality of life’ indicator/measurable) of his beloved Brooklyn. [Spike Lee’s Amazing Rant Against Gentrification: ‘We Been Here!’, New York Magazine, 2/25/14]:

I mean, they just move in the neighborhood. You just can’t come in the neighborhood. I’m for democracy and letting everybody live but you gotta have some respect. You can’t just come in when people have a culture that’s been laid down for generations and you come in and now shit gotta change because you’re here? Get the fuck outta here. Can’t do that!
Democracy only applies to using the law to screw over white people on behalf of blacks (and increasingly all non-whites). Spike Lee understands this fact, why can’t you Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods shopping, Apple product buying, granola chewing, Crossfit participating, white-bread motherfuc*kers understand that fact?

Baltimore once had a culture, cultivated by a people represented by Miss. Reilley (a culture swiftly terminated when Shivihah Smith’s took over), whose 1917 letter presents a question no modern-day advocate of equality can dare answer.

Today, its culture is a byproduct of the majority population: and the plexiglas protecting employees (and the entire contents of convenience/liquor stores) from this population is a powerful statement addressing Miss. Reilley’s 1917 question.

The ability for a community to see wealth creation, an increase of property value, the maintaining of a tax-base, and the integrity of a business district is reliant on social capital flourishing. Which was the underlying thesis of Miss. Reilley’s 1917 letter to the mayor of Baltimore.

A Justice Policy Institute Report from June of 2010 detailing Baltimore's jail population (adult daycare center for unemployable, argumentative, and often-times violent black people)
Wherever the white Diaspora of Baltimore fled to [Rating the 'Burbs: Schools, safety, parks, pools, taxes, population, hospitals, incomes, home values, and much more!, Baltimore Magazine, May 2003], prosperity followed; what was left behind in Baltimore was the breeding/proliferation of the exact type conditions Spike Lee praises as the culture of his people being uprooted by gentrification.
What was left behind in Baltimore? Renowned liberal crime-fighter David M. Kennedy (director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control and a professor of criminal justice at John Jay College) dubbed it “hell.”

In his book Don't Shoot: One Man, A Street Fellowship, and the End of Violence in Inner-City America Paperback (purported to the Bible on how to combat black crime in urban America) writes of his efforts to lower crime:

Baltimore was hell. The worst of it was on the streets, but the rest of it was pretty bad too. (p. 107)  
The result made your blood run cold: gangs and drug markets and homicides everywhere. When we looked at a year’s worth of homicides, it was 303 victims and 210 suspects… Three quarters of victims and almost 90 percent of offenders had criminal records, the highest we’d ever seen, averaging 8.5 and 9.6 priors respectively. Nearly 60 percent of the killings happened in or near a street drug market. Despite the superheated street drug scene, only about 20 percent of killings had to do with drug business; the usual beefs, vendettas, and respect killings were the order of the day. (p. 108) 
What was it Miss Reilley wrote back in 1917?

"What is the use of trying to beautify a city or put in any civic improvements if Negroes are to acquire all of the property?"

So almost 100 years to the date of Miss Reilley’s letter to the mayor of Baltimore, current citizens of the United States have a lot of empirical evidence that helps conclude her fears were 100 percent correct.
Just as bad money drives away good money, bad citizens drive away good citizens.
It’s not a crazy question to ask: What would property values be like in Baltimore was the city 85 percent white today (as it was around 1917, when Miss Reilley wrote her letter)?
It’s not a crazy question to ask: What would the jails of Baltimore (housing the people who helped turn the city into, as David Kennedy described, “hell”) look like was the city 85 percent white today?
With an average daily jail population of 4,010 (in 2008), Baltimore City (Baltimore is not a county, but considered a city of Maryland) has the highest percentage of its population incarcerated for the top 20 largest jails in the United States. With .629% of the jurisdiction in jail (Shelby County, TN -home of Memphis - and Philadelphia City, PA close seconds), the astounding cost of policing the 63 percent black city should be obvious.
A network of surveillance cameras throughout the city (initially costing $10 million to install and $1.4 million per year to operate) works as a 24/7/365 deterrent to crime. Now who might be committing that crime?
Nine of the 10 people in the jails are black.
A Justice Policy Institute Report from June of 2010 [BALTIMORE BEHIND BARS: How to Reduce the Jail Population, Save Money and Improve Public Safety] points out:
African Americans make up the largest percentage of the people in the jail. 
Despite making up only 64 percent of Baltimore residents, African Americans comprise 89 percent of the people held in the jail; currently more than 2,900 African American men are incarcerated in the jail. The reasons for the high number of African Americans in the jail are numerous, but studies show that it is not related to actual behavior differences. 
 In cities and states around the country reasons for the disproportionate number of African Americans in jail can include policing practices and enforcement in certain communities, disproportionate allocation of resources, disparate treatment by the courts and lack of quality defense, amongst other reasons. The responsibility for alleviating these disparities falls not only on criminal justice agencies, but on society as a whole, and needs to be addressed appropriately through both policy and practice at all levels of government and the community.
Actually, it is behavioral differences between the races that account for the high number of blacks in jail (in not just Baltimore, but all across America).
  •           Low-impulse control
  •      An aversion to saving money for the future (poor future-time orientation)
  •      A toxic level of self-esteem (hence, the high frequency of respect killings
  •           Though certain black individuals can achieve the cultural standards set by whites, collectively, blacks have one-standard deviation lower IQ than whites
The outcome of these behavioral differences being played out in a community is what drove Miss Reilley to write her letter to the mayor of Baltimore in 1917, asking: "What is the use of trying to beautify a city or put in any civic improvements if Negroes are to acquire all of the property?"

When Kennedy came to Baltimore to implement his magical “Operation Safe Neighborhoods” plan, the Baltimore Sun published a story completely absolving the black citizens of personal responsibility/accountability for the condition of the aptly named Langston Hughes neighborhood in the Northwest District of the city. [Police, residents team up for a safer Park Heights: Gun violence targeted initiative aims to establish `new rules on the street', 3/6/2000]:
As a mother of nine, Jean Yahudah worries about whether her children are safe in her Park Heights neighborhood. 
She has had windows shot out of her Woodland Avenue home, bullets fired through her van, and every one of her children, ages 8 to 31, knows a friend or acquaintance who was shot or murdered during the past few years. 
"There's just too much violence," she said. "I want to live in a normal, safe and healthy neighborhood." 
Yahudah offered her home yesterday as a gathering point for volunteers, who picked up fliers and spread the word that gun violence will no longer be tolerated in Park Heights in Northwest Baltimore. 
Yahudah was also one of dozens of people who went yesterday to Agape Fellowship Miracle Church for a service aimed at winning support for a crackdown on gun violence called Operation Safe Neighborhoods. The service was at Langston Hughes Elementary School in the 5000 block of Reisterstown Road. 
The effort occurred two weeks after state and federal law enforcement officials took 27 convicted felons from Park Heights into the Baltimore City state's attorney's office to warn them that prosecutors and police are intensifying their focus on gun violence in the community. 
State and federal officials chose Park Heights for the initiative because of recent gun violence, she said. In 1999, 13 homicides and 36 nonfatal shootings occurred in the area and 49 firearms were seized by police, according to statistics compiled by Operation Safe Neighborhoods. 
"This is unprecedented in that we never warn people that we're watching them and go after them if they use guns," said Kimberly Bowen Morton, a prosecutor and gun violence coordinator for the Baltimore City state's attorney's office.
You can’t live in a normal, safe, and healthy neighborhood, because such a community requires a different racial group to create the conditions necessary for such an outcome.

It all boils down to Miss Alice J. Reilley’s 1917 letter (fearing the negative effects of a majority black community), juxtaposed with Spike Lee’s rant against gentrification (lamenting the positive effects of a majority white community).
"What is the use of trying to beautify a city or put in any civic improvements if Negroes are to acquire all of the property?"
I mean, they just move in the neighborhood. You just can’t come in the neighborhood. I’m for democracy and letting everybody live but you gotta have some respect. You can’t just come in when people have a culture that’s been laid down for generations and you come in and now shit gotta change because you’re here? Get the fuck outta here. Can’t do that!

It is the official policy of the United States of America to turn every neighborhood, community, city, and state into nothing more than a Baltimore.

Alice J. Reilley, writing back in 1917, knew how it would all turn out, just as Spike Lee knows how gentrification of “blighted” black communities turns out.

If she could be resurrected today and see the state of her beloved city, well, she’d smile.

Her letter from 1917 prophesized why private Baltimore business owners would one day need to install Plexiglas to protect their employees and products; and Spike Lee celebrates the very conditions that Reilley correctly attributed as a byproduct of blacks (their culture). 


Anonymous said...

WTF? Ghetto kid gets shot 3 times in2 separate incidents, one on mother's day, cousin shot dead at his last year birthday party, father dead, gets freebies for 11th birthday.

These white ppl are nuts.

The mother looks like Mike Tyson.

R.E. Prindle said...

As I understand it Section 8 housing is an Executive Order, that means it is not a law.

As it is not a law no one can be arrested for breaking a law by ignoring it.

An Executive Order is only the will of the President, not obeying his will is not a crime. No law is broken. You cannot be arrested.

Act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA too funny spike lee now you know how whites feel about sec 8 housing ahahahha ohh god im going to laugh myself into a coma ,hhaaah spike lee is a moron . royal oak dude.

10mm AUTO said...

As a Real Estate Agent, I was caught in the Jaws of Hell.

On one hand, I have a duty to try to inform my client as to all the demographic changes that might effect his/her long term investment and on the other, I must not make or discuss ANY racial aspect of real estate. I would wax lyrical about "changing neighborhoods" and why this slightly less desirable house in a "more up and coming" area was better. None of these discussions were in writing, but the "Dad" would clue in fast, his radar was always up.

To get out of the trap, I went into commercial real estate. There I could lay out maps and show demographic changes to business clients and let them judge for themselves. If they wanted to build a Jiffy Lube in a neighborhood that is "fluxing" then that is his call, not mine. I did the paperwork for the land and negotiated the lease. Plus, commercial deals make money, even in "changing neighborhoods".

However, I could never and will never go back to trying to sell pregnant Cindy and Jeff on the "darling 2 story" knowing that Jamal and D'ewontan live down the street with Johnteshai and her 4 niglets, so soon to be joined by the rest of the pack "So's they can get da Services and sheet."

Life is too short for regrets.

And as they lady said, "What is the use of trying to beautify a city or put in any civic improvements if Negroes are to acquire all of the property?"

Anonymous said...

Spike Lee was featured in the anti-gentrification documentary propaganda Brooklyn Boheme about the Fort Greene neighborhood. It also features MSNBC's Toure' Niblett and Rosie Perez. You have to see to believe the lefty nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Riley was wrong. Negroes do not acquire the property. The Federal Government pays rent to the banks that own the property. They used to go to the public housing projects, that would have been paradise for poor Whites, but they made such a disgusting mess of public housing to discredit it as a concept.

Anonymous said...

Well can't say folks weren't warned. That's letter is so prescient. I bet her grandkids would disavow her statement today.

Anonymous said...

If you have the time read the link that contains the letter from the white woman. Fascinating reading good catch Paul.

Anonymous said...

Spike is grasping for straws, as he always is. I don't care how many times he says "motherfuckin" he's nothing but a midget pimple on a white man's rear end. Always will be.

Son of Delbert said...

"I'm for democracy and letting people live, but you gotta have respect." Spike Lee.

Respect is earned, never given.

Spike's people have shown a tendency to commit horrific violence over any perceived 'disrespect.' When I was a younger cop my PD responded to three separate shooting incidents involving a stolen set of Dubs. That's right, you read it right, shiny custom rims.

Spike's people commit most of the violent crime.

Spike's people are unintelligent, coarse and vulgar.

Spike's people bring down property values and destroy businesses through theft, damage and poor neighborhood hygiene.

Spike's people don't marry, provide for their own children, or contribute to the world around them thereby creating what certain slick black politicians call "community."

The talented 10%, the various IKAGO examples, the fictional Huxtable family . . .

Sellouts, Oreos, Uncle Toms.

Make believe and / or not Spike's people.

And 'Do the Right Thing' sucked.

Spike Lee should just go back the mid 80's to early 90's and shut the Hell up.

And none of us want or need you to "let" us live. We are the majority, you are 18% or so. And we are better at WAR.



Hi White Folks. I've been busy for a while.

I have a fear. Take a look back in time when the Snivel Rights law and Anti-White immigration laws were passed back in 1965. This was when the US was about 95%, still conservative and far more realistic and "anti" black......and the laws passed.

Then look back to George Wallace. He took a stand and millions of White Americans back then supported him and were vocal. Not like today. And what happened? The Squid and the Negro won.

Busing? There was a real White fight. We lost.

School integration? Back when many Whites KNEW the outcome. We lost.

Thus, my fear. How in hell are we going to change any of this when today there are so few Whites who see? We have no leadership. No organizations. No media.


Sorry, but I see nothing but hell for my children and grandchildren and am really at a loss what to do. No matter how much food you store up, or how many guns you own, someday you have to go outside.

To me, the ONLY solution is a migration of all race realist Whites to one are, be vocal, be Totally racists and make a final stand.

The future is frightening.

Son of Delbert said...

Also, Royal Oak Dude, on point and mad respect bro. Really liked your recent post referring to us as "saxons." We are the world changers, empire builders, founders and creators. We leave a mark. If you take away the zulu and the bantu, can anybody name any other African tribes off the top of their heads?


Anonymous said...

Lets make a deal. Spike Lee and blacks can have Brooklyn, Baltimore, Philly, Detroit, Atlanta, Gary, Newark & Memphis, and every other inner city. As long as they stay there. That means no moving their crime, blight & dysfunction into the white suburbs.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......I am always amazed at super rich black people like Spike Lee and Oprah complaining about racism. They live in their multimillion dollar homes and spend their time bitching and moaning. It was the white public that made them rich by going to their movies and watching their TV shows. Who can afford a $42,000.00 purse to use at a wedding.

They should be thanking God everyday that they are living in America. One time they were slaves. Big fucking deal. If grandpaw wasn't a slave they would still be in Africa living in a mud hut.

Anonymous said...

Thanks son of delbert,we are builders of everythink that was good decent & right with the world,we have our faults we are greedy,selfish at times ,we also have great compassion at times for our fellow man,but if pushed too far we are cold ,vengefull,patient & what the squids & the spike lees of this country dont realise is all we can create we can destroy,all we have given we can take away,i once read these words in a book it said beware the fury of a patient man,so if things go south and we meet our maker i know in the afterlife that the old saxons will come forward & greet us with welcome my brothers you made us proud.. royal oak dude.

Anonymous said...

In response to what Centurion wrote I will say this: back then the Corporate Media, owned by You Know Who, had a near monopoly on the disemination of news and information. Without that monopoly the "civil rights" movement would have never succeeded. MLK, alive and dead, was a media myth, entirely created and sold by that monopoly. The Internet has broken that monopoly. Its effect on the world is greater than the Guttenburg printing press. Barry Obongo even lamented this very day that, “Information is so contested, and people are separated from how they get news, that oftentimes to break through, what’s necessary is the validation of a neighbor or a friend, or a coworker, or a family member...” Thanks to the Internet and men like Paul Kersey (and websites like WorldStar HipHop) the Truth and Reality about these fundamental issues, really the ONLY issues, of race and civilization can be and is being spread to a mass audience. You can see it in the comments of nearly every news story. We aren't there yet, its a tough row to hoe, and we may not win in the end, but the people are awakening and we are having an effect.

Anonymous said...

"it is not related to actual behavior differences. "

I just want to remind the uninformed reader out there that yelling, groping, punching and firing weapons are all behaviors. These behaviors are the type that land one behind bars.

If you'd like to form an opinion based on your own experience you are most welcome to visit any black neighborhood in the USA. Compare the way the people around you behave. Ask yourself, do your friends and family behave the same way? Would you like to live in an environment where everyone acted the same way as you see, with your own eyes, black people behaving?

Do this with all ethnic groups. Look at Chinese, Vietnamese, various European and Latino areas. Compare and report back.


the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, esp. toward others.

Johnny said...

Anybody with half a brain would want wealthy people in the neighborhood. And that is whether you like them on a personal basis or not. Hey, those people pay taxes, start businesses, etc., ect..

Moondoggie said...

Just been reading the comments referencing Obamas BAM program, you know more freebees for the Africans. I read over 200 of the many thousands of comments, The race realism of whites will give you encouragement. The tide has turned folks, the tide has really turned! I am actually in shock how many on our side. Many of the comments make us look gentle and reasonable. Whoa! You can find the link on Amren. Go to the original article.

Extropico said...

"I’m for democracy and letting everybody live but you gotta have some respect."

Sure Spike, we YTs wanted respect for our own neighborhoods too but that was abolished by Shelley v. Kraemer's 1948 edict against the enforcement of racial restrictive covenants.

After Shelley v. Kraemer, the only "respect" permitted for a neighborhood is lots of bankster fiat currency.

All you need to know about Spike was encapsulated by the ending of "Do the Right Thing", wherein he celebrated the blacks unprovoked burning down of an Italian pizza shop.

Anonymous said...

Spike has done very well in racist America. He has a house in Manhattan up for sale for 32 million

PB said...

"Also, Royal Oak Dude, on point and mad respect bro. Really liked your recent post referring to us as "saxons." We are the world changers, empire builders, founders and creators. We leave a mark. If you take away the zulu and the bantu, can anybody name any other African tribes off the top of their heads?"


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....This morning I had coffee with the local Commie Lib Demoscat. She told me that hundreds of gay men were being beat up in America. Also that thousands of white gun owners were out stalking and shooting young innocent black teenagers. When I asked her how she knew about all this horrible stuff that was happening she said she heard about it ON THE NEWS. The POD PEOPLE are taking over.

Philadelphia Mike said...

We come for a strong and proud race. Throughout history, we have proven ourselves to be intelligent, ingenious, enterprising...with a thirst for knowledge and always looking towards the future.

And although we have not been immune to despair, throughout the ages we have always overcome whatever obstacles we have encountered.

And today, here in the festering and diseased corpus of this once mighty nation, we are standing at a crossroad. We are faced with similar dilemmas, similar decisions that our forefathers faced in their ancestral homes.

Our families are in danger, our culture is threatened, and the way of life that we cherish is fading rapidly.

Instead of tyrannical overlords or monarchs suppressing us, instead of foreign invaders besieging us, we are being attacked from within our own borders with no rescue coming from our inept and corrupt "leaders". Instead, to the contrary, it is our "leaders" who are at the forefront of robbing us of what is ours.

What would our ancestors do? Fight? Flee? Conform? As we can see from the history of Europe, although they did all three, most of the time they either fought or sought greener pastures elsewhere. True to our European nature, conformity was usually not seen as an option.

The first step is to pull from within us the strength of those who preceded us. It's there. And you can find it. We must be strong, be brave, be vocal, be persistent, until our voice is finally heard.

We are from a fearless race. Be Fearless! The time has come to ROAR our dissatisfaction.

But if our concerns go unheeded and we have no where left to go, then decisions must be made...the same decisions that our forefathers had to make.

I am not here to promote violence. I am here to be one White voice of Millions. I am vocal beyond cyberspace. I am vocal in real time...real space... in the real world.

I have encouraged my children to think beyond the borders of this nation. I have encouraged them to keep an open mind and look towards foreign lands for a happier life should circumstances make this nation uninhabitable for civilized human life.

I want my descendants to be civilized and cultured like their European forefathers...and also proud and strong like the Roman, Frank, Viking, Visigoth, and Saxon ancestors before them.

And if leaving this nation is what it will take, then I hope my children will have the wherewithal to leave.

Philadelphia Mike, Break the White Silence

Philadelphia Mike said...

Friends, please don't compare our distantly remote European Neanderthal ancestors to the blacks. I have been seeing this metaphor used here every once in a while.

True, our percentage of Neanderthal DNA is small (only 2% to 4%). But we inherited some of our uniqueness from them.

They were advanced for their time.

40,000 years ago, they developed a distinct art form in cave paintings. They developed modern tools. They displayed abstract abilities in mathematics. They were adapt in musical instruments.

And most of all, they buried their dead in graves with flowers...instead of eating was such up until recently in Africa.

So let's honor the memory these remote European forefathers...instead of denigrating them.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

spbdl favorite chokwe lumumba has died. will gentrification come to jackson?

Jay in DC said...

I'm on a drunken tear tonight so PK will have to modify me, but maybe, he won't and will let the comments stand in spite of revenue loss.

To say that I give a fuck either way, is the utterly granular nature of truth.

I've become bored in DC. DWLs have destroyed this city. They have pushed nig-nogs out to PG County, and have built skyscrapers.

BUT, BUUUUUTTT they DO support minorities. They don't realize of course those high rises that were just built at Florida and NY Avenue use to be an open air drug market. Why would we care about history? We are building the future!!

Baltimore doesn't have such luxury sadly. With no industry, no hope, and no future it is darkies and "The Wire" 24x7x365. I didn't even read this article I must confess. But if Spike Lee is talking about gentrifying Bal'mer he is definitely on that fucking crack.

==PK; I'm probably over your new limit, and over the top, but sometimes it is best to let exceptions to the rule exist because it may tell others the true way of things.

Whiskey said...

India has outlawed gay behavior. All of it. Lengthy prison terms. Over 20 African countries have also outlawed gay behavior.

And to answer Centurion, the growth of gun rights is the "Safety valve" of White people living in urban and non urban areas with lots and lots of Whites.

Gun ownership has INCREASED radically as diversity has. More people own guns, and more Whites support gun ownership and concealed carry than ever before.

Sub-rosa, attitudes towards Blacks and violence they inflict has changed radically.

Oh the religion of Crystal Methodism is still strong. No one will openly proclaim themselves a heretic or worse, unbeliever. But still ...

Whiskey said...


Even as there is a "flight from White" in self-identity, Whites avoid anything and everything that is BLACK while demanding ads featuring imaginary hip Black friends.

Hence, the popularity of MLS, Premier League, the Tour de France, Rugby, auto sports (things with motors going fast seem to repel Blacks like Country and Classical and Jazz Music). See also the upsurge in NHL fortunes and downward swing in the NBA's -- as the former plays to packed houses and the latter has half empty arenas outside a few major teams.

As Whites flocked to Downton Abbey, absent the PC diversity propaganda, the creator responded to the love of pre-diverse England ... by shoehorning a Black Jazz artist love interest for one of the sisters. Viewers fled.

Because there is always another choice. It could be almost anything ... and there are many, many choices to flee the ever present Black stuff.

If you look at what Whites DO rather than what they say ... the story is far different.

Whiskey said...

Cont'd and I'll shut up for a while.

Look at the Zombie and Prepper craze.

Zombies are a way of saying "Black" without being labeled an unbeliever in Crystal Methodism. Prepping ... for what?

Black mass rioting violence that's what. That's what Preppers are all about.

Anonymous said...

Greetings, SBPDL loyalists..please take a moment to watch this short video presentation. For those who do not know what "shuckin' and jivin'"is, this explains it perfectly. And as predicted, when the negro is faced with reality, the response goes from discussion to violence. This is what we call TNB.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Lincolnite here:

I have been avoiding making comments for a while, but I feel I must make a grand return to Paul Kersey's truth factory.

I have a friend who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. Ten years ago that neighborhood was white. Now the neighborhood has turned into the dumping ground for Somali "refugees".

This friend always used to call me a racist, and make light of my viewpoints, which have been brought to light here many times. Lo and behold, he called me the other day in disgust.

His new Somali neighbors managed to surreptitiously raise goats in their basement. On Sunday last week, he got up to let his dog out and he noticed a loud scream coming from the next house over. He looked over and saw about twenty of these true blue 21st Century immigrants holding down and slaughtering the goats in the back yard! He was appalled. He called me and told me I was right. I told him, he needed to sell his house years ago!

I asked him if living in little Mogadishu was treating him well, and he said he really was going to start looking to find a place in an actual white neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The ironic part of Spike Lee's rant is that his home is located in Manhattan's upper east side, which according to wikipedia is 88% white and 2% black.

Anonymous said...


Jay Santos said...

Just to step back from it for a moment and look at the problem in its totality, we are dealing with two basic problems with blacks. First, they cannot function on an intellectual level in this society. Secondly, they are unwilling to adapt to our social expectations.

Negroes have an average IQ of about 85 and that's a real problem in a post-industrial society. I have a jumping and running ability of about 3, while blacks have a jumping and running ability of about 8. The problem is that outside of professional sports, these black capabilities have no value. Their innate gifts have no broad value in this society.

Our society expects individuals to plan for the future, delay gratification, not brutally beat other people for trivial matters. It's based on this European civility model, doubtlessly anchored in our Judeo-Christian past. Negroes reject this, they hate it and will not cooperate with these expectations.

They can't deliver what we value in this society AND they refuse to follow the basic principles of behavior. Now a strong, assertive culture would let them know that, you know, you've failed on two critical levels and we can't work with you and we can't have you here. But at this time, the culture is horribly weak, shattered and without any appreciation of its roots. So the culture changes its expectations. The negro killer gets 5 years in a place called jail, that pretty well serves as a kind of resort for him. We lower our education standards. We lower our employment standards. It's all thrown out to accommodate negro behavior. This is what drives us mad. We are held to one standard and the negro to a lower standard. The most maddening aspect is that our government itself is behind this perverted arrangement, because it enriches a small group of people in control. It's a very bad situation.

Anonymous said...

Spike Lee can go fuck himself. He could have gotten that family killed when he tweeted the wrong address during the Zimmerman fiasco.

Apologize all you want, Spike, but you'll always be an asshole. said...

I recall the headlines in Indianapolis last summer that announced there had been no gunfire at the Black Expo.

Anonymous said...

I say open the FEMA camps! Let them develop their unique culture there!



Oh the humanity! Them there white folk be a coming! Hey spike, Funny thing is that I've been saying the same things about your race moving into and fucking up my neighborhoods heritage for the past 25years.

But the only difference about you and I negro, is I'm the one called the evil racist! Spike oops I'm mean dwarf you can kiss our white asses. Now your kind is feeling like my kind asshole. But what I find so funny short-shit is when your kind moves into my kind's neighborhood we loose money on our property. When my kind moves into your kinds neighborhood you people make money on your property! And yet you bitch!

you bitch because your one of those rich negroes and you don't care about the money. Just think how many of your kind don't have millions in the old bank account down the street.(run of course by white men)

So I'll end this explanation of your kind by saying this. Hey Spike Leroy, your a racist thru and thru and all your movies about racism and that crap are based on your own feelings colored boy. Yet you and your kind pawn it off ass a white problem. go fuck yourself again ass-munch anal bandit your washed up anyway that's why your trying the rabble rouser black activist racist thing!


Anonymous said...

"Lets make a deal. Spike Lee and blacks can have Brooklyn, Baltimore, Philly, Detroit, Atlanta, Gary, Newark & Memphis, and every other inner city. As long as they stay there. That means no moving their crime, blight & dysfunction into the white suburbs."

I can't speak for other cities, but here in Atlanta, they definitely had the 'inner city', refused to stay there, infected the nearby suburbs of Smryna, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Roswell, and Alpharetta, and are now starting to move back to the inner city to areas like Buckhead and Midtown in a phenomenon that could be called "reverse-gentrification" (Whites build, blacks destroy, Whites re-build, blacks re-destroy)

There is no deal that they will accept because they have an insatiable need to ruin any civilization that White people's what they do.

As for Spike Lee...if his IQ were a few points higher, he might realize the irony and utter hypocrisy of his statement. "You can't just come into the neighborhood..." Oh Yeah??? How about how you came into every formerly White neighborhoods like Brooklyn (my father was born and bred there) and utterly trashed them? Now they are 'yours'?

How about you and YOUR people get the fug outta there?

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

That is correct CENTURION @ 5:55 pm.

It took the white liberals near 200 years here in America, but they finally achieved their superiority, and that, without ever having achieved their maturity. Therefore they are the immature and insane, in charge and giving the orders.

This is the way it is in all the white man's lands on planet Earth today, there are no sanctuaries, no redoubts anywhere.

The white liberal embraces the concept of the white man's burden, a core tenant of white liberal ideology and negro social justice, where whites must take upon their back the losers of planet Earth, giving them all our culture and gene pool has to offer. They are giving our family farm away, and giving it to those so unworthy of our treasures they know not how to handle our treasures.

White liberals and their alliance, the negros, Hispanic white/browns, Islamics and the other losers will not leave us, and they try to keep us corralled in their ideological panorama for ultimately they need us, we do not need them.

Abe Lincoln got it personally. During his Presidency he entertain America's best and free negros in the WH, and this during the civil war.

He admonished them to leave America at wars end. He pointed out that our mutually exclusive races were not meant to coexist. But he was unable to get the negro out of America.

The negro sees the white mans higher culture of civilization, he wants in, but he does not fit in.

Therefore we must leave them.

The SS&DI solution is the one I believe will work, it has viability.

To separate out and away, secede and declare independence solution will eventually get the job done, but it is we who must do this job.

The North West quarter of America is our target, at least that is the way I see it.

If not for ourselves, for our white posterity.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

D-FENS said...

Arizona's governor vetoed SB 1062, the bill that supposedly would promote discrimination against gays. Crucial to the decision was pressure from professional sports teams.,0,1309695.column#axzz2uWUdKlIN

I've got nothing against gays, per se. But the principle at stake here is freedom of association. The same one we are denied when we must associate with the negro.


Anonymous said...

More about the POD People:

Jeff said...

Lots of older Whites voted for this. They wanted their conscience clean of racism and oppression, so they freed the Negro to exact revenge on their own children.

Feel bad about racism in the past? Great! Now your blonde haired, blue-eyed kids can be bused to Black areas for school where they are beaten up. Want to feel integrated? Ok, now Blacks are raping your wife and doing home invasions on your street. Feeling better yet?

After a while, it gets tiring. It's like having a spouse who is always in a bad mood; divorce is a good option. It's like working with arrogant blowhards; it's better to find another job.

Whites are getting away. We don't want Spike Lee's White-free zones. You can keep your all-Black areas. Look at demographic maps. As time goes by, Whites empty out of cities and form small enclaves outside cities; more and more even leave the suburbs once the Blacks arrive.

I lived in Las Vegas a few years ago. When the Los Angeles Negroes started moving there for a lower cost of living, there were a rash of home invasions, rapes of men and women, and people were very afraid. As usual, Whites moved further out of the city or bought guns and security systems.

The happiest Whites I know live on land or in expensive upscale areas as I do. No Blacks; none, not one to look at or avoid. No crime, no DWLs wanting to import thousands of Somalis or Nigerians, just good White country peace.

America is so big, with so many options, you can avoid the Groid almost completely. Let DWLs be Black crime victims. Let them argue with Spike Lee, fight with Trayvons, and talk about race relations while Shitavious is raping them.

Who needs it? Being around Blacks is like handling angry Cobras. Eventually, bad things will happen.

Anonymous said...

"However, I could never and will never go back to trying to sell pregnant Cindy and Jeff on the "darling 2 story" knowing that Jamal and D'ewontan live down the street with Johnteshai and her 4 niglets..."

Interesting. In my experience, real estate agents are mostly snakes, liars and scumbags. Instead of helping white people, you mostly help yourself to their money when a neighborhood starts turning dark.

For example, many so-called 'good', 'safe' neighborhoods north in and north of Indianapolis, including areas in SoBro, Castleton, Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, and Zionsville will soon be infested with poor Negroes due to the HUD program and Indy Connect transit expansion. I see blacks EVERYWHERE up there now. The real estate agents are a huge part of this plan.

These agents will profit greatly from the resulting white flight, and from the commercial flight.

Imagine it. First they can help the fleeing whites find new homes in "good" and "safe" neighborhoods and help the new negroes buy the white people's homes at a discount as "buyers agents", and then turn around and collect listing fees by selling the white people's old homes to the new negroes.

Sounds like a win/win to me. White flight creates jobs and stimulates the economy, right? Banks, carpet outlets, and furniture stores profit too.

You might have saved your soul by getting out when you did, but I am not so sure about that...

Anonymous said...

Dear White American men, please take notes:

I think I am IN LOVE with these guys.

Anonymous said...

Fear of a Black Planet? Here is some Live Negro Logic on the issue.

Black University Lecturer: 'White Rage' ‘American Pie Hatred’ Responsible For 2010 GOP Victories

Typical expletives and word salad. But this is really how blacks think!

Whitey be gettin' in the way of a Black Planet. They wish you all would just die and get it over with.

Anonymous said...

ESL Warzone video:

They are not like us.

Anonymous said...

-Fireforce- here....

"If you take away the zulu and the bantu, can anybody name any other African tribes off the top of their heads?"

Quite a few, actually.
But then I'm a military history geek and have written two books on post-colonial wars in Africa. So asking me is kind of cheating! ;-)

Anonymous said...

When I was a student at Wayne County Colored College, I was required to take an african American history (made up lies). The publication required for the class highlighted many tribes of africa. One stuck out in my mind because many colored Americans wear the tribal print. The print is a dark brown material with white squarelike designs. Coloreds wear it like it's the sha-zizzle that identimifies dems as da afwickans deys is. The tribe is the Dogon Mud People, and they live up to the name. They seek spiritistic wonderments from mud. They adorn their dreadlocked hair with cow manure, lots of it. This is the pinnacle of colored American wannabe africanus big fat anus. Stay aware be prepared, learn the ways of your adversaries, they walk the earth seeking to devour us.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he contributes millions of dollars to his fellow colored also.

Anonymous said...

Can't forget the majority of spike lee's net worth is from his property that increased in value due to gentrification.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the old,white Baltimore of yore, you should think about doing a review of H.L. Mencken's autobiography before every trace of his life and career is gone from that city:

The Days of H.L. Mencken: Three Volumes In One: Happy Days Newspaper Days Heathen Days

Anonymous said...

Again more "us but not you" nonsense.

We...can live where we want, how we want.

You...can deal with it, but not have the same opportunity.

If Mr Lee and his cohorts would like to define "black america" as a region, he's welcome. Just the inverse will be true as well. Go ahead; define your zone. Just stay there please.

R.E. Prindle said...

@Anon 542: Not fair actually. There are some few of us who have paid attention to 'the Continent' as Obama puts it but we are very rare.

Actually our friend should pay attention to the Yoruba of West Central Nigeria whose Santerian religion is rampant in the US affecting many White people.

Voo Doo is Voo Doo and it may be coming to your neighborhood. Whites have been so deracialized they won't have the sense to reject it.

Anonymous said...

Amazing story. The nerve of a black man, the member of a culture that has invaded and destroyed every single white neighborhood it has touched, to dare say that whites are negatively affecting their culture.

The irony made me least his ignorance is good for something.

Anonymous said...

OT: Vdare Black unemployment higher under Obama.

Snore. Zzzzzzzzz...

They fail to mention that 1. blacks make horrible employees, 2. blacks cost companies millions in wasted training, theft, and increased security, AND 3. most people would rather judge by "content of character" and not hire them at all.

They sound AS IF Romney was president, blacks would be fully employed - NOT. The surly lazy blacks are finally being snubbed. Hooray!

Jennifer said...

As Whites flocked to Downton Abbey, absent the PC diversity propaganda, the creator responded to the love of pre-diverse England ... by shoehorning a Black Jazz artist love interest for one of the sisters. Viewers fled.

But Whiskey, I thought the white wimmens couldn't get enough of the dark meat? Who do you think watches Downton Abbey? (I of course don't expect Whiskey to change his monotonous tune, but direct my comment toward the rest of you.)

I agree with Anon @ 6:36 that it's too early to give up on YT. There's a lot of ruin in the MSM beast, which as we all know is owned mostly by six companies, all with the same anti white working and middle class agenda. The message is slowly but surely getting out on the internet to people who don't have as much time as some of us to dive down the rabbit hole.

Also, I can't be the only one who suspects many (not all) of the "give up" posts come from professional and amateur disinfo agents. Many of these posts read the same.

Finally, regarding Anon @ 9:30's link, it's hard to respect people who are more focused on YT than the utter disaster immigration, both illegal and legal, has been for black Americans. I don't think the trickle-down theory of a nonwhite majority benefits blacks at all, ever.

Anonymous said...

People of color have complained for years about the large number of blacks in prison. ( this a lack of diversity? ) They wring their hands and moan and groan, complain of being the victims and cry racism.

But I can't ever remember anyone saying anything about them being in prison because they're CRIMINALS! Police don't arrest more blacks because they have a quota or something, they arrest more blacks because they're called (911) into black neighborhoods because of black CRIME!

Dumbasses. Put 2 and 2 together .

Son of Delbert said...

Definitely unfair Fireforce. Plus we are genuinely smarter. I forgot Hutu & Tutsi. That's only because of the Rwanda genocide.

Mmmm. Blacks killing Blacks.
Where have I heard that before?

Oh wait, I remember now, everywhere!


Bogolyubski said...

Spike Lee, an utterly talentless hack whose entire career was created by TWMNBN (who own all of Hollywood, even Disney) makes statements to the effect that he believes only negroes should have freedom of association. That's not exactly the case, however. Never heard him complain about the all-TWMNBN neighborhoods, all Mexican locales, not even Chinatowns. Now we might even hear El Slowbo or some of the other controlled "opposition" whine about Lee's "double-standard", but that itself is part of the shit-sandwich being offered for sale as fine gold by the overlords.

There is no actual double-standard. The standard being used is in fact a single standard (which those who set the agenda do not wish to be noticed), which is that Only YT has no freedom of association. All the other racial groups have virtually unlimited freedom of association. This is part and parcel of the single standard which the late Larry Auster was among the first to point out (though not even Auster stated it as bluntly as I do here): YT must die.

Until enough of us understand at a fundamental level that folks like Spike Lee, Oprah, the ruling squids who made them rich and famous along with all who support them are actually mortal enemies who desire our complete extermination from the planet, the one-sided war will continue unabated and unopposed. Crimes like polar-bear hunting. knockout king, home invasions will only get worse, accompanied by increasingly blatant lies and coverup from the Ministry of Truth along with the entire police and judicial systems - all working together towards a single wicked purpose.

Bogolyubski said...

I say open the FEMA camps! Let them develop their unique culture there!

The FEMA camps are for YT. Rank and file guards will be Sons of D'Won with TWMNBN and vetted white Crystal Methodist commissars in charge. We're only a crisis or two away now that Mocha Messiah decided to bring in "refugees" with known connections to groups like the Somalis who shot up the mall in Kenya. It's only a matter of time before similar events go down here. This will naturally fire up all the strong, independent Crystal Methodist church wymyn and even not a few "conservatives" into supporting total gun control as in the UK okrug, as extant gun control has not been reversed in any significant way at the federal level. Once YT is disarmed (there might be some resistance but nothing that can't be handled by drones, the military and perhaps some of Mr. Prince's hired guns), leftover YT can be shipped to the camps and TWMNBN can have their great wet-dream play out before their eyes as St. Trayvon's many brothers with badges and guns have their pleasures.

Anonymous said...

Vdare Black unemployment higher under Obama.

Obama declared a war on jobs just like wars were declared on poverty, drugs, crime etc. but damnit he is the only one to have won his!

Californian said...

Bogolyubski's point needs to be reiterated...

There is no actual double-standard. The standard being used is in fact a single standard (which those who set the agenda do not wish to be noticed), which is that Only YT has no freedom of association. All the other racial groups have virtually unlimited freedom of association. This is part and parcel of the single standard which the late Larry Auster was among the first to point out (though not even Auster stated it as bluntly as I do here): YT must die.

What we have going on is a race war against white people. But it's a peculiar race war insofar as only one side is actually fighting. More bizarrely, the side being targeted for destruction (i.e., YT) refuses to recognize that this war is going on.

This is so for most whites even when evidence of this is brought to the forefront: the humongous rates of black-on-white violence; the anti-white agitprop in media and academia; the farm-murders in SA; the rioting in ancient European cities; the destruction of entire metropolises (grimly recorded by PK); and etc., etc., etc.

Another odd thing: I think we've all seen how your average white person buys into the system, and that any attempt to get the truth through will be treated as crimethink. Of course, it just may be that people know the penalties for openly dissenting. But there's something deeper. For example:

I've discussed the idea of the armed citizen with European acquaintances. For the most part, they are horrified by the idea. When I point out the "youth" [i.e., third world immigrant] car burnings and criminal violence in their countries, the ritual response is, "The government will protect us." When I press this point and show how the government has failed to do so, their fallback position becomes, "If anyone could buy a gun, then the criminals [presumably "youths"] would buy guns and we might find ourselves being shot at."

They have also told me that it is better to let one's car be burned, or even oneself be assaulted by "youth" on the street, than taking the chance of getting killed in a gunfight.

This sort of thing is mind boggling. What happened to the warrior spirit of Europeans? Yes, the elites of the Western world are hostile to the average white person, but why have John/Jane Y.T. Citizen chosen to march to their doom?

Jim said...

I need an education. Unless I am incorrect, it would seem to me that if black folk are merely 13% of the US population, the rest of us should not be concerned about FEMA camps. It does not make sense to me that "they" would put the income producers in concentration camps or re-education camps. In addition, would the US military, of which combat units and Special Ops Forces are overwhelmingly non- black, turn on their own. Some of SBPDL's posters are starting to sound like that guy from Info Wars.

If any groups should be concerned, it would be the groups which have failed to assimilate into this culture. The groups which have ruined our formally beautiful cities. The groups who fail at everything they think they can accomplish. I am sure there are many in those groups who want nothing to do with their peers.

If anything, I see a major culture clash on the horizon.

Furthermore, why would TWNMNBM WANT TO f**k things up. They seem to be doing pretty well, why stir the feces.

Lastly, from what I understand, many people believe our current Administration does not support Israel as previous Administrations have.

Oh, I get it. Put all the YT into concentration camps, and all will be well.

I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

OT: Today I sent an email to the chancellor or UW-Whitewater in regards to the racial charged guest lecture that was recorded by a conservative student. I basically lambasted him for allowing such a politically and racially biased lecture on a public campus, one which my tax dollars fund. I also questioned if he would have allowed the flip side of that coin to be a topic of lecture. Here is the canned response I received from his director of marketing and public affairs.

Thank you for your message regarding the guest speaker in
Monique Liston's Individual and Society class. I have asked Dean David Travis to look into the situation. He has informed me that the faculty member understands
the need to present both sides of an issue and that she will discuss the events of Tuesday with her class. I have asked Dean Travis to continue to monitor the situation.

At UW-Whitewater, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive
campus, a place where all ideas are freely shared, discussed and
respected. Campuses are traditionally places where the free exchange of ideas is embraced. We also believe that multiple points of view should be shared, and that there should be
an opportunity for an open dialogue where students can ask questions and express their thoughts. We believe through those conversations, an examination of
the facts and the use of critical thinking skills, students will develop their own informed conclusions.

Again, I appreciate your comments.


Chancellor Richard Telfer

About what I expected, complete garbage. Do you really think professor Monique presents both sides? I sure didn't hear both sides during the recorded rant.

Anonymous said...

Bogo, the military will not obey orders to disarm the public. A few might, the young soldiers and the career officers above the rank of Captain. Some Guard units depending on racial composition. Most will sit it out or go home. Some will turn coat. Once that order is given it is all over for the powers that be. Ceaușescu comes to mind. And look how the Ukrainian Army stayed out of things just recently. Of course the Regime has enough manpower in federal law enforcement and militarized police departments to get it done anyway. Things could get interesting.

Pike Bishop

Californian said...

I need an education. Unless I am incorrect, it would seem to me that if black folk are merely 13% of the US population, the rest of us should not be concerned about FEMA camps.

A small, well led group can dominate a much large group via the use of pathological violence. Black folk are merely 13% of the population yet they have:
* driven white people out of great American cities and proceeded to destroy them with scarcely any protest;
* instituted a reign of terror on white people via violent crime without fear of segregation era style retaliation;
* have every major media source and university on their knees;
* made it politically impossible to publicly discuss the racial aspect to black pathologies;
* gained every legal privilege over whites, from affirmative action ad nauseam;
* the great mass of DWLS and plenty of mainstream conservatives bowing before them and their demagogs (MLK, Mandela);
* control of the White House and use it to further benefit themselves at the expense of YT.

Look at it this way: supposing a black led administration in the White House were to order white people to march through government checkpoints where they and their families would be sexually molested by low-rent government agents. White people would resist, wouldn't they?

Try checking with the TSA.

Anonymous said...

I recall taking a Metro North train from NYC's Grand Central Station to Connecticutt in the late 1980's. After a few minutes' journey, I was struck by the desolate wasteland appearance of Harlem and the South Bronx.... acre after acre of derelict buildings and mountains of bricks from bulldozed buildings. Negro culture is an utterly failed one which can't sustain Western civilization. The lunar landscape of Harlem and the South Bronx in the 1980's confirmed this for me.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see PK do an article about the eventual decline of the 70% NFL. They are now in the process of banning "the N word" and gay slurs, via 15 yard penalties & ejections. Pompous black commentators (i.e. Wilbon & Whitlock)are against it..but their rationale is "how dare these white owners & commissioner tell black players how to speak".

The future of the NFL will be manufactured controversies about the lack of black owners, black head coaches and black kickers. It's future is being a 90% black league with 80% of it's QB's black. It's future is whites finally turning off their games. I read a comment on CBS Detroit that the NFL right now is where Detroit was in 1960. It's popularity is set to fall off a cliff. But perhaps Spike Lee will have a field side seat.

Alexandra said...

"I mean, they just move in the neighborhood. You just can’t come in the neighborhood. I’m for democracy and letting everybody live but you gotta have some respect. You can’t just come in when people have a culture that’s been laid down for generations and you come in and now shit gotta change because you’re here? Get the fuck outta here. Can’t do that!"

Isn't that what blacks did in the first place?

Anonymous said...

We're White, we're right, get used to it!!

Bogolyubski said...


Bogo, the military will not obey orders to disarm the public.

Wrong. In the wake of Katrina, a majority-white OK Guard unit fully obeyed completely lawless orders from the New Orleans Pohleece Cheeph, the Ebonics-fluent Eddie Compass, to disarm largely white middle-class homeowners. Not one soldier disobeyed. They'll obey their orders, and even flatly state it's not their job to interpret the legality of said orders. Don't kid yourself. The officer-corps of all branches has been purged already.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero sez:

Spike Lee has received CC's Chutzpah Of The Year award, and it's not yet March.

I use "chutzpah" for a reason: This little a-hole had made a mint glorifying "The Black Blight". His movies, yes, are all about how wonderful, prosperous and so colorful the "hood" is.

Or, was?

Lee obviously never took civics, economics or read Marx. I did. So, allow me?

-Whites have something called employment.

-Those who are employed have certain parts of their salaries docked, called taxes.

-Tax dollars pay for the FAA, the military, but also pay for law enforcement, ambulances, and yes, schools.

-And yes, stuff called "property taxes" pays so that you can walk the streets at 3, and not need to duck for the attack helicopters.

-Such creates a thing called prosperity. Such looks good to CEO's and investors, who study these areas and then land on them with malls, malls, malls and did I mention malls?

But Lee, like so many others, lives in this effing warped fantasy world where YT's gonna hand over everything.

Well, Spike, you miss those days that bad? Tell ya what, pack it up and move to Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Savannah. You'll fit right in.

And next time? STFU. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I saw a news article today that somebody spray painted the words "DO THE RIGHT THING" on a house that is next door to the house in Brooklyn where Spike Lee used to live, and where his dad still lives. The theory on this is that the vandal or vandals targeted the wrong house. Just like when Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address for what he thought was the house of George Zimmerman's parents.

Anonymous said...

The overwhelming majority of LEOs are on the same sheet of music with the military. Oath/rights > order to confiscate.