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Louis Farrakhan Calls for "Our Own Courts" (black-controlled courts); The Stories of Joel Lee and Zach Sowers Show Blacks Already have them in Baltimore

Separation is good. 

It is a peaceful solution. 

Co-existence has proven futile. 
Anna Sowers kisses her husband, Zach Sowers, hand. In a coma for ten months (after being randomly assaulted by a group of blacks), Sowers died in 2008. His wife fought for justice, but that would mean holding black elected officials accountable for cleaning up a 63 percent black city... and make it safe for "good people" to move back to and eventually erode that black political power. 

And costly. 

The Allied and Axis Powers in Europe and Japan, at the conclusion of World War II, were able to rebuild their cities quickly and efficiently. Even Hiroshima and Nagasaki, devastated by atomic bombs, were able to recover and grow to world class cities. 

American cities? 

No battle of World War II was fought on United States soil, but looking at Baltimore, Detroit, Gary, Camden, and Newark, you'd have thought some sinister forces of Germany and Japan had unleashed a fury not even time could heal. 

Which is why the words spoken by Louis Farrakhan in Detroit (at the Nation of Islam convention) should not be greeted with jeers or derision, but admirable acceptance to the conclusion of a grand experiment that has failed in every metric. [Louis Farrakhan: African Americans deserve own courts after failings of U.S. Justice System, USA Today, 2-24-14]:

In a fiery speech delivered to 18,000 at Joe Louis Arena, Minister Louis Farrakhan blasted the U.S. judicial system as being biased against African Americans, calling upon the community to set up its own courts. 
“We want equal justice under the law,” Farrakhan said on the last day of the Nation of Islam’s annual convention, held in Detroit this year. 
“Our people can’t take much more. We have to have our own courts. You failed us.”   
With U.S. Rep. John Conyers, a Detroit Democrat, and Detroit City Council President BrendaJones sitting behind him, Farrakhan spoke for nearly three hours. 
He urged unity among Muslim and Christian leaders, saying that “Jesus and Mohammed would be arm in arm,” and he reiterated the Nation of Islam’s view that the U.S. is a land headed for destruction unless it starts to obey the word of God. 
The crowd often clapped and roared in approval during his talk, which included a discussion of African-American civil rights leaders over the past century. Farrakhan suggested that African Americans rely on the Quran and Bible to help set up their own legal system that would be more fair to African Americans. 
“Has America been just to us?” he asked the crowd. 
“No,” the crowd responded. 
 “So ... if we retaliate, you can bring out your soldiers. We got some, too.”

He didn't say anything about "true" separation; you see, separation means self-reliance. 

Black people can barely keep their houses and businesses in order with the power of the U.S. Federal Government propping them up through a massive transfusion of white wealth; how many days do you think an independent black nation would last without a government confiscating white wealth to artificially construct a black middle class? 

The American Judicial System is working quite nicely for black people, especially in a city completely controlled by black political power like Baltimore. 

But these pesky things called facts don't deter people like Farrakhan from relying on pure, unadulterated emotion (namely, black hatred of all things white) to rile up their unquestioning base. 

Names like Joel Lee and Zach Sowers don't have quite the sex appeal as Jordan Davis, a black male who was gunned downed by a very white male, Michael Dunn.

Dunn will spend 75 years in jail for his crime; the murderers of Lee and Sowers? 

For the former, none; for the latter, some of the attackers face a few years behind bars, others escaped punishment.  

Both Lee and Sowers were murdered in Baltimore by black males, but in a city where black political control of both city hall and the jury pool means a racial consciousness bordering on Nazi Germany (albeit with a city brimming with the social capital of Port-au-Prince, Haiti after the 2010 earthquake), the judicial system is already separate and very unequal. [U.S. ends rights probe in Lee death Evidence in slaying considered too weak for federal indictment, Baltimore Sun, 1-16-1997]:

An 18-month federal probe into one of Baltimore's most racially sensitive homicide cases ended yesterday when prosecutors decided not to pursue a civil rights indictment against an African-American man acquitted of killing Korean-American student Joel J. Lee.
The decision disappointed Lee's father and Asian-American leaders, who were outraged in 1995 when a nearly all-black jury acquitted Davon Neverdon. Neverdon was found not guilty despite testimony from four witnesses who said they saw him shoot Lee in the face during a $20 mugging in Northeast Baltimore.

According to court testimony, Neverdon and three friends were walking together on Sept. 2, 1993, when Neverdon broke off and approached Joel Lee in the parking lot at Dutch Village Apartments in the 7000 block of McLean Blvd.

Lee, who was looking for a friend's apartment to borrow a book, was shot just below the right eye because he didn't turn over his wallet fast enough, according to testimony.

Neverdon's three friends and a woman watching from her apartment window testified against Neverdon. Two other men testified that Neverdon admitted to them that he killed Lee; one testified that Neverdon gave him the .25-caliber handgun used in the killing and asked him to dispose of it.

In the weeks after the verdict, 150 people, mostly Korean-Americans, protested outside Circuit Court, asking for reforms in the jury system and blaming racial tensions between blacks and Koreans for the not-guilty finding.

During the deliberations, a juror sent Judge Kenneth L. Johnson a note voicing concern that "race may be playing some part in the deliberations," Johnson said. After the verdict was read, the judge told the jurors, "I hope to God in heaven this was not based upon race."
In August 1995, Kenneth Lee asked federal authorities to investigate the slaying, saying that the civil rights investigation was "my last hope" for justice.
No justice. No peace.  

Black jury nullification: protecting one of their own from the long, white arms of the law. 

Racially repelling justice. 
From the New York Times in 1910... once, white civilization dared protect what white individuals collectively created from the consequences of black power. 

Farrakhan has probably never heard of Zach Sowers

A white guy, murdered in 63 percent black Baltimore. 

But before he died, Sowers spent 10 long months lingering in a coma; 10 agonizing months for his wife, Anna. [Man left in coma after June robbery ends fight for life: `A long and treacherous battle', Baltimore Sun, 3-27-2008]:

In the 10 months since teenagers set upon Zachary Sowers and pummeled him into a coma, he lingered in oblivion. While his swollen face gradually resumed its natural form, he fought off infections and seemed to react, almost imperceptibly, to sounds in his hospital room.

But Sowers never recovered consciousness. He died Tuesday night at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center "after a long and treacherous battle" against his injuries, a Web site set up in his name announced yesterday. He was 28.

His wife, Anna, to whom he had been married just nine months at the time of the attack, said in a brief interview that she was grateful that "we had so many supporters to help us get through all of this."

The apparently random attack on Sowers occurred on a June night as he walked home in Canton. His wallet, cell phone and watch were stolen. One of the teenagers was seen stomping on Sowers' head, and was later sentenced to 40 years in prison.

News of the Sowers case stirred an uproar over rampant criminality on Baltimore's streets, particularly in neighborhoods such as Canton that city officials had sought to paint as safe for up-and-coming professional couples like Sowers and his wife. None was more vocal than Anna Sowers herself, who called her husband's main attacker, 16-year-old Trayvon Ramos, "an evil person, completely soulless."

After hearing of Sowers' death, Mayor Sheila Dixon issued a statement saying she was saddened, and offered prayers for his family and friends.
"His loss is a tragedy for the entire city of Baltimore," Dixon said. "We must continue to work hard to ensure the safety of every citizen."
The attack resonated because he was an innocent victim in a city where most killings appear to revolve around drugs. Sowers and his wife were, in many ways, the faces of the new Baltimore, willing to live in neighborhoods that had struggled with blight but showed promise.
Minister Farrakhan, blacks already control Baltimore and the court system there. 
Sowers was attacked after spending a Friday evening with friends in a bar. Because his wallet was stolen, he remained unidentified at Johns Hopkins Hospital for more than a day. His wife, who was in Chicago at the time, began to worry that something had happened to him because he failed to return phone calls or text messages, and his friends in Baltimore couldn't track him down.
With the help of city police, Anna Sowers learned that there was an unidentified man at Hopkins who had been found unconscious in the street. When she arrived at the hospital - nearly a full day after the attack - her husband's face was so badly bruised and swollen that she had trouble identifying him.
Ten days after the attack in the 300 block of S. Robinson Street, four teenagers were arrested. Police discovered that the teenagers had used Sowers' credit card to rent two movies - D?j? Vu and Smokin' Aces - and reviewed surveillance camera footage from a gas station that showed the car they drove.
Arthur Jeter, 18; Wilburt Martin, 19; Eric L. Price, 17; and Ramos were charged with attempted first-degree murder, robbery and related offenses. In December, Price, Jeter and Martin pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery after agreeing to testify against Ramos, who was accused of beating Sowers while Price watched. The other two had observed from the car.
In exchange for their guilty pleas, Price, Jeter and Martin received 30-year prison terms with all but 15 years suspended. They stand to serve about eight.
Ramos, the ringleader, was charged as an adult and pleaded guilty to robbery and attempted first-degree murder.
Anna Sowers, who had nothing but praise for the city police detectives who worked on her husband's case, said after the court hearing that the sentences "disgusted" her. "I feel that today, justice was not served at all," she said. "I feel like I've got no rights."
Amid all the crimes last year in Baltimore, the brutal attack on Sowers struck a chord. Politicians promised to step up law enforcement.
Anna Sowers told a reporter that she wanted politicians to do something about crime. "It's people like me and Zach who will make Baltimore a better city," she said. "I should be able to walk two blocks to my car at night and feel safe."

The Sowers true crime was believing they could move into a city dominated by black political power (and bursting with a robust black citizenry that represented almost 7 out of every 10 people) and "make Baltimore a better city," without any consequences. [
ANTI HERO: Anna Sowers Tried to Speak Out Against Violence in Baltimore But Ended Up Tuned Out, Baltimore City Paper, 12/17/18]:
The beating of Zach Sowers had already galvanized young professionals in Canton and Federal Hill, who attended neighborhood rallies as he lay in a coma at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Anna had launched a recovery fund and a loosely organized campaign to shake up City Hall with calls for tougher prosecutions and penalties for violent offenders. She met with some of the most powerful people in Maryland, most of who praised her courage and conviction. At first, it did not hurt and probably helped that she and Zach represented an educated, privileged class of new Baltimore residents. People gravitated to the brave, grieving widow who spoke her mind. A media fixation developed and Anna Sowers soon commanded attention from print reporters, pundits, and radio personalities. 
But Sowers was wading into troubled waters. As newspaper stories, columns, and broadcast news reports dramatized her husband's attack, and talk-radio hosts pounced on Zach's beating as a symbol of urban failure, many started to question why such a fuss does not accompany the deaths of the hundreds of African-Americans who die every year in Baltimore. 
From 85 percent white in 1910 to 28 percent white in 2010... black political control spelled out in numbers...
Many local leaders evaded, obfuscated, or deflected issues Sowers raised. Some simply ignored or stopped returning her calls. Some say they did not understand what she wanted from them. Some say her approach was wrongheaded. Others concede they feared a negative reaction if they went too far in support of an Asian-American woman whose white husband had been attacked by black youths.
You see, black criminals are the unpaid foot soldiers of black political power: meaning, black elected officials in formerly majority white cities (currently crumbling and failing) rely on a steady stream of high profile black-on-white muggings/rapes/murders to keep gentrification and urban renewal to a minimum. 

Because with a growth in the white population comes Starbucks, Whole Foods, Apple Stores, and a rush to redevelop "blighted" property by years of neglect courtesy of the black population (which drove away businesses outside of those daring enough to put plexiglas up to defend their employees); with white people, comes higher property values, which push lower-class blacks out.

Profiled in Baltimore Magazine, Anna Sowers quest for justice in her husbands murder carried the title "When You're Going through Hell, Keep on Going." (March 2009, Baltimore Magazine); sorry, Anna,  Satan's dominion has nothing on modern Baltimore. 

In 1910, the white population of Baltimore was well-aware of what the black population (then only 15 percent) could do if unleashed upon the city and allowed to live anywhere without restrictions. 

They'd create modern Baltimore, where law and order mean keeping Baltimore firmly in the political hands of Black control. Writing int he Maryland Law Review, Garret Power laments that white people once dared defend their civilization through the legal system, knowing the deleterious affects a rising black population would have on Baltimore's future. [Apartheid Baltimore Style: the Residential Segregation Ordinances of 1910-1913, Volume 42 Issue 2, 10-9-2012]:

  Milton Dashiell was George W.F. McMechen's brother at the Maryland Bar. Dashiell had been born in Dorchester County, Mary- land in 1859; he attended St. John's College in Annapolis, read law, and was admitted to practice in 1882. 
For a time, he practiced in Ken- tucky before he returned to his home state." According to all reports, his career was undistinguished; he was a "briefless lawyer." 
Dashiell resided on the southern fringe of the 11th Ward at 1110 McCulloh Street. The neighborhood was all white, but it was located just a block away from the Biddle Alley district, the infamous "lung block." 
The "Negro invasion" of Eutaw Place inspired Dashiell to draft a law designed to prevent blacks from further encroaching on white neighborhoods. The bill was introduced into the City Council by Councilman Samuel L. West. 
The bill took a long and tedious course. Public hearings were held at which the primary spokesmen against the ordinance were Negroes. Both branches of the City Council finally passed the ordinance, by a strict party vote - all Democrats voted in favor and all Republicans voted against. 
The Baltimore Sun summarized the ordinance's provisions as follows: 
  • That no negro can move into a block in which more than half of the residents are white.  
  • That no white person can move into a block in which more than half of the residents are colored. 
  • That a violator of the law is punishable by a fine of not more than $100 or imprisonment of from 30 days to 1 year, or both. 
  • That existing conditions shall not be disturbed. 
  • No white person will be compelled to move away from his house because the block in which he lives has more negroes than whites, and no negro can be forced to move from his house if his block has more whites than negroes. 
  • That no section of the city is exempted from the conditions of the ordinance. It applies to every house." 
 In addition, the ordinance prohibited negroes from using residences on white blocks as a place of public assembly and vice versa. 
On December 17, 1910, City Solicitor Edgar Allan Poe issued an opinion declaring the ordinance constitutional. He opined that the or- dinance was within the state's police power "because of irrefutable facts, well-known conditions, inherent personal characteristics and in- eradicable traits of character perculiar [sic] to the races, close associa- tion on a footing of absolute equality is utterly impossible between them, wherever negroes exist in large numbers in a white community, and invariably leads to irritation, friction, disorder and strife." 
He determined that this ordinance was permissible under the fourteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution because "a State has the right under its police power to require the separation of the two races wher- ever the failure to so separate then [sic] injuriously affects the good order and welfare of the community." 
Many Progressives thus agreed that poor blacks should be quaran- tined in isolated slums in order to reduce the incidents of civil disturbance, to prevent the spread of communicable disease into the nearby white neighborhoods, and to protect property values among the white majority. 
Historian George M. Frederickson tied these strands together: 
If blacks were a degenerating race with no future, the problem ceased to be one of how to prepare them for citizenship or even how to make them more productive and useful members of the community. The new prognosis pointed rather to the need to seg- regate or quarantine a race liable to be a source of contamination and social danger to the white community, as it sank even deeper into the slough of disease, vice and criminality. 
In 1922 the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), of which the Baltimore Board was a member, published a textbook entitled Principlesof Real Estate Practice. The textbook emphasized that "the purchase of property by certain racial types is very likely to diminish the value of other property."' 
 It was deemed un- ethical to sell blacks property that was located in white neighborhoods. As recently as 1950 the NAREB's code of ethics provided: 
The realtor should not be instrumental in introducing into a neigh- borhood a character of property or occupancy, members of any race or nationality or any individual whose presence will clearly be detrimental to property values in the neighborhood.
2014 Baltimore's condition is a testament to the fears of white Baltimoreans of the past and to the National Association of Real Estate Brokers who understood that had a duty to protect the integrity and property values of a community.

Because social capital isn't something a bank can lend you, or the House of Urban Development (HUD) can mandate be created (via the threat of a rifle butt or a Drone attack).

It's create by a people, who have hope - not just for the present - that by investing time and money into something, the future will already be secure once maturation comes.

That's what civilization is; what Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (strangely, most of the goals of his organization are reflected in the explicit actions of Eric "My People" Holder and Barack Obama) advocate has already come true in Baltimore.

As Joel Lee's family and Anna Sowers found out, the city is firmly in the hands of black control.

No justice. No peace (remember: Jordan Davis white killer, Michael Dunn, is going away for 75 years).

Funny: with control,  the civilization whites created (and once dared defend) was the first casualty.


Anonymous said...

meanwhile in Sh-tcago

Anonymous said...

So let's do it. Give the 'reverend' what he wants. The courts are already against any justice if you are white or asian anyway. The key is to stop funding this madness. Crash the ebt system for one month. Shut the streetlights off and remove emergency response. Change everything to a fee based service. You don't don't eat. Or have heat. Or electricity. Public transportation. .forget about it. You want to run the city; you got it- without federal dollars.

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know, they'll want their own drinking fountains.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but here's another unprovoked savage attack, this time in West Philadelphia:

City resident said...

Farrakhan can sometimes be seen in the Chicago area on public access television. Also, for years he had a regular radio program on one of the AM stations. Imagine the uproar if some white oriented group were on television or radio. But not a peep goes up about Farrakhan or his followers polluting the airwaves.

Anonymous said...

Great article p.k. but im angry once again this so called civil rights guy calls for violence,yet nothing is said or done about this domestic terrorist,seperate courts or else more killings isnt extortion a crime anymore,p.k. im not advocating force here but my friend there will be a reckoning if this guy and his minions keep killing us in cold blood.. royal oak dude..

Unknown said...

Fed Up FF said...

Baltimore's "People of the woods"
Safer than staying in or around a homeless shelter full of & surrounded by negroes.

Fed Up Firefighter

Anonymous said...

The first home I purchased was in 1975, in Grosse Pointe, Mi. On one of the real estate documents, it stated that negros were not allowed to buy homes in the Grosse Pointe area.

Oh yes the good old days......

Anonymous said...

OT: A white bus driver in Ohio is saved by the bible in his shirt pocket after he gets shot and stabbed by three black youths who said they were out to hunt a polar bear.

I saw this story being reported on my local NBC news affiliate, but the racial aspect of this crime was completely omitted from the reportage.

10mm AUTO said...

Nearly Speechless.

I have at least 3 or 4 comments and I bet the other regulars do as well. Bet we go over 200 on this post. Well here I Go:

The city fathers undertook an analysis of the negro race in a time before "hurt feelings" and "racism" and dumbed down schools became a factor and concluded that negros were a dying people; that left to their own devices they would consume each other and that in defense of the Whites, action should be taken to isolate these beings from decent people so that the horror could be contained, as you would a tribe of cannibals or those with a fatal virus.

They don't hate them (as you can read from the text, they actually had a great deal of compassion, but it was compassion, not Stockholm syndrome. I quote (with verbs changed to declarative to make sense):

"Blacks are a degenerating race with no future; the problem ceases to be one of how to prepare them for citizenship or even how to make them more productive and useful members of the community. The new prognosis points rather to the need to segregate or quarantine a race liable to be a source of contamination and social danger to the white community, as it sinks even deeper into the slough of disease, vice and criminality."

This is in 1910 and the negro is 15% of the population of that fair city. The City Fathers are well educated, clear eyed men who see a danger and do not cover up such in pretty words or circumlocutions. The "Black Panthers" don't exist. Most Jews are in Europe and the greatest threat to America is....nothing. The "Great Depression" is 19 years in the future and WWI has at least 15 years before it will consume the flower of Europe and America.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO upset that I missed the latest installment of Investigation Discovery's series "Injustice Files" hosted by Keith Beauchump. This sob story is entitled "Sundown Towns". Cry me a river.

Southron said...

“The Mother Wheel is a heavily armed spaceship the size of a city, which will rain destruction upon white America but save those who embrace the Nation of Islam.” - Louis Farrakhan

Farrakhan hates white people, and fantasizes about city-sized spacecraft shooting laser beams at us. Intense hatred, and bat-shit insanity. No wonder blacks love him.

newyorker said...

I think it's not a bad idea when the offense is black on black. Black juries don't jump to the conclusion of the perp's guilt, but when convinced of it will come down hard on the criminals in their midst.

Makes sense since the black community suffers the most from their own hellraisers.

Anonymous said...

At what point did people's feelings become more important than people's right of association?

Anonymous said...

"because of irrefutable facts, well-known conditions, inherent personal characteristics and in- eradicable traits of character perculiar [sic] to the races, close associa- tion on a footing of absolute equality is utterly impossible between them, wherever negroes exist in large numbers in a white community, and invariably leads to irritation, friction, disorder and strife."

lol! the more things change the more they stay the same.

PB said...

He is a subversive agent. There is no alternative explanation.

Anonymous said...

Accepting a plea from Ramos after the other three had agreed to testify against him was a clear sign, Sowers felt, that the state's attorney general's office feared taking the case—any case—to a Baltimore jury. When prosecutors explained why they wanted to cut a plea deal with the attackers, Sowers says they explicitly described "the harsh realities of Baltimore City jurors," i.e., that they tend to be lenient on African-American defendants.

Later, when an Abell Foundation study reported that city juries are overwhelmingly less likely than county juries to convict defendants on the most serious charges brought before them (see sidebar), Sowers responded with a strongly-worded op-ed in The Examiner that attacked Pat Jessamy for dismissing the report—which had been commissioned by her deputy prosecutors.

"It's no secret that Baltimore City juries are notoriously biased against prosecutors and cops," she wrote. "The notion is that the mostly black jury pool distrusts the mostly nonblack justice system, and freeing black defendants is their way of settling old scores. . . . Pat Jessamy's rejection of the Abell Foundation's report on the city's jury problems exposes her self-defeating 'leadership' style in a way that should frighten every city taxpayer."

While city leaders, elected officials, and law enforcement officials maintain that addressing issues of education, health care, and poverty are crucial to reducing the cycle of violence, Sowers, who says she supports measures aimed at preventing youth from turning to crime, has definitively chosen to focus her attention on legal and judicial issues.

Anonymous said...

Farrakhan's proposal resembles the Ottoman's millet system--allowing each religion and sometimes ethnicities their own courts--and merits a closer look.

Segregation, if it reappears, will have do so on some other basis than the historical Jim Crow. What's attractive about Farrakhan's proposal is that it points the way toward an eventual solution to the Negro problem.

First, difficult as it may be to imagine, there is an element within Negro elites that would find attractive the idea of absolute sovereignty within their own communities. Some future, far-seeing white majority might decide to empower NOI type groups to improve their standing among fellow Negroes.

Second, in exchange for ceding sovereignty to Negroes within their Bantustans, their elites would agree to confine their own race within certain designated geographical limits. And within those boundaries, the Negro could govern themselves with impunity by whatever set of laws they choose. Indeed, the white majority might even agree to provide cash payments to cooperating elites to allow them to live in splendor and trusting that some small trickle down reaches their loyalists, all the better to control the black masses.

This would require a social restructuring within the Negro community. But as Farrakhan's very existence suggests, the parts are there.

10mm AUTO said...

Black Jury Nullification.

This is the time-bomb no one will talk about. The American Judicial system, broken off from the roots of English Common law, gave the regular man at least the Hope of Justice. Remove that and a people will tear down each other in Blood, as every leader since Hammurabi knows. One of the most important jobs of a Clan leader or (once) Mayor or King was to be a Judge, and great store was placed on the wisdom to judged fairly.

Shatter that, and you have Vigilante justice, which is what the squids are afraid of, strong White men taking care of Business and City, Hearth and Home.

However, the negro just can't stop itself from feeling the racial tug. Screw DNA or fingerprint evidence or testimony or whatever; There are too many black men in Prison!

The number of times this has happened, (guess what!) I can't locate even the foggiest idea, but it is a lot. For what its worth, I have seen 5 high profile cases either deadlock or be retried with allegations of a racial jury here in the Northwest in the last year. God alone knows what the number in places like L.A. where they demand Spanish translators or Jackson, Mississippi, "Capital of New Africa" where answers to a local murders are not forthcoming.

Whites don't even complain anymore if a negro steels their bike or takes their wallet, Simple thefts are not even reported because the police can do nothing and the time and hassle is too much. There is a good video here on SBPDL of some negro cop watching another Orc steal a kids bike right in front of him and the owner is holding onto the bike saying "Hey, this guy is stealing my bike" and the badged Orc does nothing.

Destruction of the Judicial system or some racial allocation system (Whites judge Whites and Negros judge negros, yea that will work great.) is the final hinge that needs breaking before the White is unleashed. A man with nothing left to lose and dead children is a terrible unrelenting enemy. And negros are harvesting White children daily.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....A large percent of NOI members were recruited from inside prisons and have violent arrest records. Last month he and Abe Foxman from ADL were having a feud. Name calling and insults about Israel or something. It was on a couple sights I go to and included a video clip. Farrakhan and Foxman declaring war on each other should turn out to be very interesting.

Some years ago Farrakhan was taken up in a flying saucer and became friends with space aliens. I've read a lot about UFO's but have never heard of Black Space Aliens from the outer space.

Out here where I live most of the people are sound asleep, but I would still rather be with Rednecks and Cowboys than be around the rest of the WHACK JOBS living in America.

Anonymous said...

Are you all watching the documentary on VH1 hip hop "tanning of America" right now on how blacks have shaped American culture ??

Jay Santos said...

“We want equal justice under the law,” Farrakhan said on the last day of the Nation of Islam’s annual convention, held in Detroit this year.
“Our people can’t take much more. We have to have our own courts. You failed us.”

Yes, I can see it coming to pass. I picture Rand Paul, along with John McCain and a coalition of the Lutheran church, along with the Women's Council on Economic Social Development, making the case that our justice system disproportionately targets African-americans. It's an obvious evolution of our efforts to embrace the African-american community and address the awful legacy of their earlier slavery.

You've got to disengage from this insanity. Drop the TV, don't pay the NFL, the entertainment or the media industry anything. Be careful of your sales taxes, don't buy what you don't absolutely need. Because each purchase puts power in the hands of those who will continue to escalate your enslavement.

Avoid blacks, stay 30 feet away from them at all times. Don't engage in any economic activity with them. If a black person is your cashier at a market, move off that line. If a negro is your sales person, walk away. That story of what Sowers and his family have endured is sick and angering beyond words. Never put yourself in the position that Zach Sowers allowed of himself. They will brutally beat and kill you and they will do it at the direction of Louis Farrakhan, U.S. Rep. John Conyers and Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones.

Anonymous said...

Farrakhan wants Islamic style courts to get true justice for blacks? So his courts will start lopping off hands for theft? Perhaps the Taliban can set up summary judgement?

How about African style justice for malefactors? Necklacing? Chopped to pieces with pangas? Maybe Liberia's General Butt Naked can sit as judge...

Anonymous said...

Another important elevation in this garden is a greenhouse of hexagonal shape.

Refugee From and Tired of running said...

"Voices of Reason are a subtrefuge when it comes to discussing the realities of race relations."
This first sentence is total bullshit because it doesn't say anything and any so called politician or talking head that uses them is full of shit.
White people need a National figure like ....hmmmm George Wallace who was very outspoken for his time and was making a run for President with, I believe approx 19% backing his run. He had bone fides as a Segregationist and for being an articulate man for States Rights.
No, I'm not foolish in thinking that anyone like him would get much traction today. But why is it that some Ben Carson or that other pizza jamoke have a platform?
We race-realists here are in the very early stages of our (Russian) Revolution.
We know the problems that beset Our Country.
We know what needs to be done.
We need a vehicle to carry our message and our yearning for Justice forward.
We need exposure.
Unlike some here who want to just leave and leave the problem fester.
We need to Organise.
I suggest one vehicle that we can use, is the Tea Party movement.
The TPM can be hijacked by us to also include Our Message of the outrages that are committed against Our White Race and Culture and what to do about it.
10 or 20 guys at a rally, carrying signs and being loud can wake some people up.
Participate - Infiltrate - Take Control
Any other constructive ideas out there, besides White Flight to the Nortwest would be welcome!
Damn it - we ARE the majority! Let's TAKE Our Country back.

10mm AUTO said...

As to Louis Farrakhan;

What can one say. He is not the Dark Lord focal point of Evil, no negro is. They are the foot soldiers. He is more of a clown that runs a criminal organization, but a criminal organization which has Lord knows how many companies beneath him. I personally think that he could field 20,000 poorly trained "Fruit of Islam" males and Arm them with Kit, which is damn impressive in a world where most people can't even set up a neighborhood Watch. On the other hand, they can't fight and hold anything once the White population turns on them. They train in Judo (Kempo Style), the AK-47, Military Drill and they follow orders fanatically. However, as soldiers they are sloppy, their marksmanship is poor, their uniform is odd and inconsistent and they like the "personal Domination" style of interaction. When they met the Secret Service, they started f-ing with them, playing dominance games that rattled the Service and almost got some NOI killed. Stupid and unprofessional.

Remember that the NOI takes inductees out of prison, so they know that they are "seasoned", have street cred, and are willing to follow orders. NOI elite "Death Angel" soldiers are also killers, with the Death Angels killing at least 4 Whites and probably more to get their 15 points. I would say a large number if not all are Psychopaths, with very or none being high I.Q. professionals believing in the NOI doctrine.

They are a clear and present danger to the White population and like the Thugee Cult of India, should be liquidated or deported. Thankfully the Death Angels account for only a small handful of NOI followers. A good armed White will some military training should be able to take NOI on. (See: "Zebra" by Howard about the NOI inner world)

Also, does anyone have other texts or could recommend some about NOI? (obviously not written by them).

The BPP are NOT necessarily NOI as was shown in the whole Trayvon thing, where the BPP took front stage while the NOI did not comment other than to ask for "Justice" to be done. The BPP are a joke which a handful of hardened Whites could take out in a weekend if the gloves came off. Despite the supposed renunciation of citizenship and claims of outright Treason, no BPP member has been deported in modern times.

None of this will matter to you when Lt. Jamal and Sgt. Shitovirus and Private Quadrooious are breaking into your house at night trying to get a little one on one time with da Misses, but it is good to know the various "colours" of ones enemy.

Refugee From and Tired of running said...

"They" have their gangs, Black Panthers and Nation of Islam.
What do we have? Some crusty bitches and metro dudes...
As Priest Fallon said to Bill The Butcher in "Gangs of New York" - "I brought Warriors"!
Oh and before I forget phuc that DS white - hating calypso Louie and all his monkies (flying or crawling or otherwise)

Anonymous said...

That was astounding! I'm pretty sure that's the best article you've ever written, however, I'm a big fan so it's sort of difficult distinguishing and deciphering each one, as they each stand with their own merit. This one, perhaps, is my favorite.

Louis FakeA"Con" ( I missed an O )pretends a fallacy and portends immanent danger to the black race at the hands of YT.

His separatist philosophical gibberish is nothing more than gobbledygook for the masses while he lives in an affluent white Chicago Neighborhood. He's nothing more than a Charlatan in comparison to the man he assassinated, Malcolm X. That's a black leader I respected. It was pretty hard for them to accept X's 25% European heritage even though the founder of their fake religion looked like a white guy. Malcolm X, wanted complete separation of races before all this B.S. we are going through ever started. He also wasn't a liar or a weirdo like these so called black leaders now. He believed what he said even if it was not factual. Louis doesn't look fully black either, I could go on and on about this guy.

The lies keep getting BIGGER and BETTER... brace yourselves WHITE PEOPLE and WAKE THE FUCK UP! IT'S ABOUT TO BE ON!

Dan said...

Shaped like a wheel no less!

Yeah very funny Louie!

Anonymous said...

Let them have what they want. In their own villages, towns, and cities. Leave them alone to take care of themselves. Obama can be their leader. And if (when) they leave their own communities, they will fall under the authority of the state fish and game commission. They want to cry its open season on young black men, give it to them. They can't distinguish the difference between justice and revenge. F***'em!

Dan said...

Invade Cuba.

Incorporate it as a state. Off 45 million dark-humans to it. Get Twonsaynt Loverteer to declare independence.

bubo said...

I wonder if Zach Sowers and his widow were "liberals" before his skull was crushed by feral negroes?

Either way it was still frustrating and a little sad to see the way that Mrs. Sowers had to prostrate herself and make it more about blacks than her husband.

She should have said, "I don't give a fuck whether you savages kill each other wholesale because that's what you do, here or Africa and I have not one bit of guilt about it. But goddammit you aren't going to fuck with the people that matter!"

Instead she was brow beaten by white leftists and black racists alike because she had the audacity to acknowledge that blacks had made the city unlivable for civilized people.

Anyways she gave up and moved away the last I heard.

Anonymous said...

Why stop at separate courts? Let's bring it all back; separate schools, restaurants, neighborhoods, everything. All of their things will be supported with only their tax dollars and no one else's.

Anonymous said...

Farrakhan is essentially calling for Black separatism. Will his radical rhetoric get any attention in the mainstream media or in DC? Nope. This despite the fact that he is supported by a sitting US Congressman and a Detroit councilwoman. Meanwhile, you can't go a day without hearing from the media about the evil, racist Tea Party which is just a cover for a New Klan.

Military training manuals indoctrinate our servicemen and women to think that Constitutionalists are a threat to the Republic, while the Nation of Islam calls for a parallel, separatist judicial branch with absolute impunity.

Unbelievable. Police officers and vets reading this -- how do you sleep at night knowing you're a part of this system?

Conyers sits there while Farrakhan spouts his insanity about numerology, "White Devils" being genetically engineered, killing Whites, separatist government, etc. Meanwhile, anyone who supports the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, the historical heritage of this country, is labeled a terrorist.

By the way, anyone done any research on whether Ayo Kimathi from the DHS is related to or working with the NOI??

Anonymous said...

Time we moved to Russia,only place left for 8% of the worlds population

Emerson said...

Avid fan, but these posts are getting way too long, for me, anyway.

Anonymous said...

OT but it has interest


Anonymous said...

the ordinace in Balto. in 1910 was spot on. my mother owned property in TN in a neighborhood on Kentucky Lake. the deed clearly states the property cannot be sold to negroes. she sold out in 2001 to her neighbor. mixed couples never showed their faces before midnight and Paris, TN was fairly safe. i lived there for awhile but it did'nt pay very well.

Wednesday said...

Dear Louise Farrakhan:

Your people can have their own courts... in Africa.

Get The Fuck Out Of Our Country.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but here's another unprovoked savage attack, this time in West Philadelphia:

This story is about a 29-year-old black male, with a long list of previous convictions, who ran up behind a 46-year-old white male who runs his own small business, and then started hitting him in the head with a framing hammer. The white male had just used an ATM inside a corner deli in West Philadelphia before he was attacked on the street outside by the hammer-wielding black male.

I looked online to see how much media coverage this story has received. The attack itself happened on Thursday, 2/20/14. None of the Philadelphia media outlets reported this story on the next day or over the following weekend. Then, the following Monday, 2/24/14, just 6ABC reports on this vicious attack - still nothing from the other Philadelphia TV news stations. Philly dot com has just one story also. The suspect has been identified, but still remains at large.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this post, but had Zach's wife been black, you absolutely would not have shown that photo, and many of your posters would have commented that he deserved the beating he received.

Zach, a white man, preferred Asian women. He was a true race-traitor, according to the definition.
Together, the two of them would not have created any blond-haired, blue-eyed, white babies.

Does that make him a rice-burner or an oil-driller, and therefore a race traitor and race mixer, and deserving of his own death? Or is that charge just reserved for only certain types of miscegenation?

Aren't you all really quite happy he is dead because now they won't make any more mutt-mongrel dusky non-white, slanty- eyed children who would completely disgust you to look at in public??

Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

The social pathologies, dysfunctions, and generally low IQ of the black race make them impossible to integrate successfully with any other racial group. Regardless of every social program imaginable being implemented to "raise them up" they will always occupy the lowest rung on the social ladder. This is especially true when they're left to their own devices.
Without white tax dollars, any American city infested by blacks would quickly descend into Haiti-like conditions on every level and remain there forever.
American blacks (like their cousins in Africa) can do nothing but flail about and blame all their problems on others. Idiots like Farrakhan think that having black control over everything is the cure despite the fact that everywhere it is acheived, society quickly descends into a third world hellhole. All one has to do is look at Haiti, South Africa, Zimbabwe/Rhodesia etc and see the pattern repeated endlessly. The same fate we see befalling American cities under negro domination and control.
The pathologies of the negro race are unchanging just as the results are. The only thing that has changed is the way in which society tries to deal with those chronic pathologies, dysfunctions and failures.
Segregation was and is the answer- to confine and contain the destructiveness, the criminality and pathologies of the black community to their own areas and punish those who dare to inflict it outside their communities upon other races.
The problem is that the negro is an avaricious, jealous and covetous creature. It sees the bright lights, the cleanliness, the order and safety of other communities, the development and progress as well as the wealth and wants it for itself. It knows it can't create it and so seeks to infest and take it over only to destroy it through it's own natural inclinations. It then blames that destruction on others and seeks to follow and destroy the communities of those who fled and rebuilt elsewhere while screaming that it's "bein' kept down" and "discriminated against!"
None of this is going to change. The only thing that can change is for people to wake up, realize the wisdom of the past (and of segregation) and reinstitute the tried and true policies that kept the destruction from happening.
The negro would whine, wail, rant and rave about it as they did in the past but listening to them and trying to be "fair" has has had horrible consequences as is abundantly clear. Think of all the programs initiated since the 60's and yet, even now, the negro still whines, wails, rants and raves & fails.
That too will never cease.

Earl Turner said...

"... looking at Baltimore, Detroit, Gary, Camden, and Newark, you'd have thought some sinister forces of Germany and Japan had unleashed a fury not even time could heal.

Well, it actually was some sinister forces. But those sinister forces weren't Japanese, they weren't German (ok some of them were), and they weren't Eskimos.

Anonymous said...

Go get your soldiers. Also try to understand basic population statistics and 6th grade math.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Obama wants to reduce US military forces to pre WW2 levels as reported on Drudge Report & Newsmax. It reminds me of how negroes protested the space program & whined 'bout how "dis money could be spent on negroes insted!" I don't doubt this is the HNIC's thinking too & the motive behind such reductions in US forces. Shanika gots to gits money fo' her weave & to get her claws did and to meet her needs & sheeit. D money gots to come from somewhere!

Anonymous said...

More on Anna Sowers "silencing" in Baltimore.

The Antidote said...

One of my many interests is the study of cults and new religions, so I've been aware of NOI for a long time. It is one of urban Negro cults that were partly an answer to the (un)great migration of the 1930s. Like Daddy Grace, Moorish Temple, and Father Divine, the NOI is the result of the Negro's shame, inadequacy, inferiority and rage when he came into contact with industrial society for the first time.
The NOI was concocted by a half Maori half English wandering huckster and con man who suckered and fleeced gullible and stupid American Negroes. It is 100% derivative of popular fiction, facts any school kid could pull from a desk encyclopedia, and Polynesian food taboos. Although it has nothing to do with authentic Islam, and is in fact blasphemous and heretical, the real Muslims embrace this imbecile, Farrakan, and he regularly goes to Mecca to pray.
The dynamics are simple: the Negro is immediately made to feel powerful and important; his enemies low and evil; one is promised a bright future in a paradise devoid of Whites (dee big fish fry in dee sky). All you have to do is buy the caps, bow ties, gowns and pay the dues ($$$$$).
If there were an annual award, "The Most Absurd Negro in the USA" this moron Farrakan would win year after year. They have failed at every business venture they ever tried. To much fanfare Farrakan opened a restaurant for Negroes only and then shut it down for eleven years. It recently re-opened with a new menu and snappy pill box hats on the waiters......
All of you who applaud farrakan's desire for separate courts should realize he will want to put WHITES on trial, and then convict them and stone them to death.

Anonymous said...

Its really simple why "fairconn" doesn't raise any real ire but, the T party does. The T party is YT lead. NOI is lead by people who have the combined IQ to come up with world changing inventions such as twerkin, 23"reams, and St Skittles favorite "lean".

Mr. Rational said...

Farrakhan's proposal resembles the Ottoman's millet system

Yes.  It's a mechanism for Islamic takeover and domination.  Nigeria already has it, let Farrakhan go there.

Why stop at separate courts? Let's bring it all back; separate schools, restaurants, neighborhoods, everything. All of their things will be supported with only their tax dollars and no one else's.

Precisely.  Liberia, either directly or via Blamerica.  Let them have "their own" land and laws and everything else, and if it's on the west side of the Atlantic they can sell it back to us for their daily bread.

Imagine the explosion in real estate values in Detroit, in Baltimore, in Chicago!  It would pay for itself a dozen times over in 2 decades.

Anonymous said...

"Farrakhan is essentially calling for Black separatism."

No, he's looking to slip in "sharia law courts" under the radar. If he gets his way, guess who will dominate the courts in Chicago, possibly the rest of the country? Can anyone say, "power grab?" I used to dismiss him as a pathetic loser, trying to be all fearsome and stuff. In our current BRA, deception has become the rule, and he just might emerge as a real 'playa.'

Harry in PA said...

Another gritty blast from PK. 10mmAuto's first comment was especially cogent, Jay Santos as well. Actually many comments on this are very keen.

I find it sickening beyond any capacity to express it how that this madman can get away with what he does. And as someone has reiterated with a congressman (woman - whatever) in attendance upon his madman's ravings.

That a country that was created outof nothing by whites should should so provide for racial aliens to swagger with such enormity their hate, madness, imbecility, and violence with not the slightest ractional reaction exceeds the most Orwellian nightmares as to what a people can degenerate into. A small minority of whites excepted, they have turned into the most despicably cowardly creatures the world has ever seen.

Of course the millions of outrages that blacks (and other non-whites) have perpetrated against whites is a vastly more momentous concern than the ravings of this enormous fool but it STANDS SYMBOLICALLY for the utter and revolting capitulation of whites, together with all their institutions to their own extirpation. For this I have to continually hold in check a reflex to loathe them. They are however the same kin historically that had given me all I have today though the present progeny is so disgraced by their racial and self-preserving ennui.

Anonymous said...

Another nasty one, from the Daily Mail:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Californian said...

The social pathologies, dysfunctions, and generally low IQ of the black race make them impossible to integrate successfully with any other racial group.

Here's a question for any black or liberal reading this website: "Can you name any country which has successfully integrated blacks?"

i.e., a country whose blacks have the same rates of school graduation, economic success, and criminality as do white people.

Why have liberal programs in America failed to accomplish this integration? Why have European countries, with their massive social welfare apparatuses, failed to integrate blacks? Why have black majority rule countries failed to bring blacks up to white standards?

And if blacks can not be integrated, how can you object to white people demanding separation from blacks?

Anonymous said...

Farrakhan opened a restaurant for negroes only? LOL. Easy to get away with (without getting any civil rights violation charges filed against himself) as no other race would want to go or even care. A thousand such restaurants could open in the hood and no one would give a damn except they'd hope it would attract the negroes and keep them out of white areas/restaurants. Ditto for negro schools, stores or other negro enterprises.
Anyway, I hope the waiters at Farrahan's restaurant aren't delusional enough to think they'll be supplementing any income via tips!

Jay Santos said...

Harry in PA said...

That a country that was created out of nothing by whites should so provide for racial aliens to swagger with such enormity their hate, madness, imbecility, and violence with not the slightest ractional reaction exceeds the most Orwellian nightmares as to what a people can degenerate into. A small minority of whites excepted, they have turned into the most despicably cowardly creatures the world has ever seen.

Allowed to swagger with their hate, madness, imbecility and violence…. Well put. But it's worse, they are encouraged to swagger. They are celebrated by far too large a portion of the white population. My personal anger about what I'm seeing is becoming less focused on the negroes and is shifting to the morons, the cowards in this country that are just going to continue to accept it all. The police, the courts, the government apparatus, all have thoroughly capitulated.

One of Sowers' killers was released after 5 years. Another comment here linked to a killing in Britain, where a negro killed, with one punch, some guy who was calmly asking him to not ride his bicycle on a city sidewalk. The negro killer was given 4.5 years for the killing.

The day is going to come when the authorities will pursue people who post on SBPDL or similar places, with more vigor than they pursue violent negroes. That day is coming, it's clearly the next step in the wholesale surrender to this diversity, this fetishistic negro protection movement.

expat said...

very interesting day. Just went to Walgreens to pick up meds, went by the magazine rack. An interesting magazine called Vibe. The titles:
Are you racist?
Does white America fear a black planet?
The cover a black guy with a white girl spread over him. The title "(what ever his name is) has discovered black power".
As Churchill said, "In the future the facist will be called liberal and the liberals will be called facist".

Anonymous said...

The negro who killed the poor guy in England and got only 4.5 years was on the street because he'd received a suspended sentence for robbery and handling stolen goods.
Additionally, he tried to use the well worn and all too common negro excuse of the victim uttering racist slurs.
The comments section is full of those sick of it. They know the truth but just like in the US, the scenario is on repeat mode. Libtarded judges and po' sweet innocent black angels dat wuz provoked by ebbil whitey who caused dem to do it.

Jim said...

I lived near Baltimore when this incident occurred.

One of the many atrocities faced by Zack's wife came from the Baltimore States Attorney's Office. The PIO for that office, Margaret Williams ( White woman), stated she saw Zack in the hospital right after the crime. She said he looked like "a sleeping baby." This was supposed to downplay the seriousness of the crime. This, of course devastated Zack's wife.

As a result of Ms. William's lie, the head Doctor from the Johns Hopkins Hospital's brain center strenuously disputed this.

It just never ends.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if its true, but a commenter on a race realist site claimed that on a radio show old Louis Farrakhan was trying to dissuade black youth from the knockout game, as it could get the youth hurt or the victim could die. He would prefer blacks slashing white faces with box cutters to mark and humble them.

Bogolyubski said...

Harry in PA:
Of course the millions of outrages that blacks (and other non-whites) have perpetrated against whites is a vastly more momentous concern than the ravings of this enormous fool but it STANDS SYMBOLICALLY for the utter and revolting capitulation of whites, together with all their institutions to their own extirpation. For this I have to continually hold in check a reflex to loathe them. They are however the same kin historically that had given me all I have today though the present progeny is so disgraced by their racial and self-preserving ennui.

A very eloquent post. At the end of the day, there really is only one just penalty for treason of such a profoundly grave nature. BTW, to tie this important point to Whiskey's constant grape-drank drumbeat about TWMNBN being the whitest of whites (note how he can't just content himself with a claim they are just another tribe of whites like the Poles, the Germans, the Scotch, the French, the Italians - but the über-whites, even whiter than the Nordics so beloved of the WN crowd - the horn who boasts of its superiority over all the others). If they are truly whites, they are then 100% guilty of the most abominable acts of genocidal treason in all of recorded history.

TWMNBN aren't white of course, all appearances aside. They never will be and never can be - apart (maybe, though even that is questionable) from the very tiny number who own up to what they've (collectively) done and their motivation of two millenia running now. As in the proverb about the scorpion and the frog, it's just their nature - hard-wired much as with the negro proxies they're presently employing in their unending war of genocide against actual whites. One might as well bemoan the fact that fire burns - even though it is always useful and beneficial to warn the unwary that fire can in fact burn you.

Unlike the primitive savage nature of their willing black and brown foot soldiers, their nature is a easily billion times more diabolical. As for the actual whites who've forsaken their own people for all the lies, heresies and riches of Crystal Methodism, they should be made to drink the cup of their own self-chosen poison down to its very dregs. Maybe a few will even repent as it all comes down, but if SA is an indication, most will go down singing hymns to their negro false gods until nothing but the whoops and hollers of the triumphant savages remain.

PB said...

Avid fan, but these posts are getting way too long, for me, anyway."

Emerson, life is more than just soundbites for the lazy reader. Read, learn, and appreciate that someone is doing the heavy lifting.

Anonymous said...

Farrakhan used his right to assemble and threatened the United States of America while John Conyers (congressman) sat in alliance. Why were those in attendance not rounded up and placed in detainment. The use of soldiers of Farakhan's cult to wage war on the American people was openly stated and no action was taken?

Dan said...

Sharia already exists in the NOI.

Constructive Feedback said...

Dear Mr Kersey:

No doubt that many of the lily White neighbors in the community where 3 year old Wyatt Pruitt of Forsyth County Georgia was murdered figured that they were safe per the low number of Negroes around.

When the boyfriend/predator who is White was allowed inside of the house to watch her son - Ms Pruitt was given artificial comfort by his race.

None of the neighbors suspected a thing because no "colored man" was seen driving in and out of her drive way at all times of the night.

It is clear that SEPARATION from Black people is not the magical elixir to have all "Good White Folks" safe in their own environs.

The case of the Black killers of a White is as SUPERIOR of an assault to you that it is to the "Racism Chasing" Americanized Negroes who have martyred Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis BECAUSE of their killer.

I can give you a list of other recent White murderers of Whites that didn't raise your ire if you so desire.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback,

I think you're missing the point.

"It is clear that SEPARATION from Black people is not the magical elixir to have all "Good White Folks" safe in their own environs."

Nobody here or anywhere else has ever been so naive or flat out stupid as to believe that an entirely white society, or a society comprised of all races except blacks, for that matter... would be some sort of perfect utopia with no crime whatsoever, and no danger to good, productive citizens.

We all realize that there are white criminals. We all realize that back when whites lived in homogeneous societies, they still had plenty of problems with violence, crime, rape, whatever.

The point is that negroes represent another level of danger entirely. They don't share the same evolutionary history as Eurasians and as a result of the differing natural selection environment their ancestors faced, one without winter let alone ice age winter, they now live among us sporting a considerably higher testosterone level (according to our own government's studies), smaller brains by nearly a full cup of brain matter as compared to Asians (whose brains are slightly larger than those of whites), smaller prefrontal cortex which finishes growing earlier... and the corresponding higher aggression and lower impulse control all of this implies.

So ON AVERAGE these genetics mean that the blacker your population gets, the more dangerous your streets get, and eventually your society just simply won't function. Why would anyone want a group in their society AT ALL whom everyone knows (or should know) would completely crumble that society if they were to ever become 100% of it? If we all know that the US would simply not function were it to be 100% black, then it stands to reason that any percentage lower than that will be more dysfunctional the higher it is. And that is exactly the case, and exactly what we observe in areas of high negro concentration.

So at the VERY LEAST we should stop allowing any further negro immigration, and stop having social programs which encourage them to breed beyond their means.

A good analogy might be if you ran a dog breeding operation. A year ago, you had mostly golden retrievers and other fairly docile, friendly breeds. You had Labradors, collies, spaniels, etc. They all got along well together most of the time. You also had a few dobermans and boxers, and more aggressive breeds like that. For the most part they were okay but sometimes they'd get into fights with the other dogs. For that matter, on very rare occasions even a golden retriever would get aggressive.

But then you started having pit bulls and rottweilers. Now it's to the point where 20% of your dog breeding operation are those two breeds. A few of them are perfectly sweet dogs who get along fine with one another and with the rest of the dogs there. However, the OVERALL EFFECT of these breeds being there in any quantity is a dramatic increase in the amount of fights, injuries, and the danger to you and your workers. Nothing is absolute, as I said some of these breeds' members are nice... but on the whole, they are causing a massive problem. Because they are simply more aggressive breeds. More dangerous breeds.

The fact that the other breeds of dogs there sometimes produce aggressive members, or the fact that the pit bulls and rottweilers sometimes produce docile members, DOES NOT INVALIDATE THE AVERAGES OR THE OVERALL IMPACT. That's what you *must* get through your head.

Mr. Rational said...

That's what you *must* get through your head.

It is impossible to get someone to understand something when his racial solidarity depends on him not understanding it.

Tyrone Muhammad said...

It is amazing to read what obviously is posted by the lower rungs of white society. Calling for Black people to get out of your country. Isn't this the place you stole from the Native Americans. The people you wholesale murdered. Oh, and by the way, wasn't America first populated from the dregs of European society. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is a man raised by Almighty God that you all will have to deal with. What you see happening inside of America is exactly what you have done by your own hands. The chastisement and the calamaties befalling America will only increase and get worse. Take it or let it alone!!!! Your ignorance and stupid comments will not save America. It will only speed up your demise.

Brother Jesse said...

This is what The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said on February 23, 2014:

"Black people of America: How are we going to stand around, and let people “stand their ground,” shoot us down—get away with it—and we don’t get justice? As the Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes in “The Muslim Program,” Point No. 2 in “What The Muslims Want”: “We want justice. Equal justice under the law.”

We want the federal government to intercede to see that Black men and women tried in your courts get justice in accordance with the law! I’m going on record with this today, because our people can’t take much more.

So we have to have our own courts. You (the American judicial system) have failed us! Well, to hell with you—we are going to try them in our court, “in absentia”; but we’ll carry out the sentence openly—in the public! Until we put a stop to it, it won’t stop."

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is absolutely correct. There is overwhelming proof, for those who have eyes to see, that this present court system is only designed to give justice to Whites and uphold the structure of White Supremacy. It's just a pattern of you all to attack anything a Black leader says that deals with us doing something for self yet you all propagate your own race having your own all of the time...such hypocrisy... The truth is integration was one of the worst things to ever happen to Black people...And do you all remember Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK? Enough said..Separation is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

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