Thursday, February 20, 2014

Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" Initiative: Another 'Whites Can't Apply' Program to Help Otherwise Unemployable Blacks by the Federal Government

Imagine this scenario for a moment. 

The federal government of the United States, for just one brief day, devotes all the money funding programs to enrich the lives of non-whites (paid for, of course, by primarily white people) and instead directs it to improve the lives of white people. 
The "My Brother's Keeper" Initiative... yet another Barack Obama/Eric "My People" Holder program to improve the lives of non-whites...

Every Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) office is closed; every HeadStart office shuttered; the cutting of all funding to programs designed to help young urban black males live a crime-free lifestyle - in our world, black parent(s) are completely absolved of the responsibility of raising their children; and, the momentary cessation of hiring otherwise unemployable non-whites for public sector jobs (with disparate impact and affirmative action programs on hiatus for the day as well). 

For just one, brief shining day, the fog of white guilt lifts, allowing a momentary infusion of light to showcase the absurdity of contemporary America (knowing the future will only get darker).

Imagine a government that decides to put large investments behind the education of the white population (enriching and challenging their individual educational paths), instead of attempting to eliminate an obviously impenetrable racial gap in achievement...


Stop that daydreaming. 

This is your world. [President Obama to launch major new effort to help young minority men, Washington Post, 2-11-14]:

President Obama will launch a significant new effort Thursday to bolster the lives of young minority men, seeking to use the power of the presidency to help a group of Americans whose lives are disproportionately affected by poverty and prison. 
The “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative will bring foundations and companies together to test a range of strategies to support such young men, taking steps to keep them in school and out of the criminal justice system, a White House official said. 
Obama will also announce a more vigorous program to evaluate policies and publicize results to school systems around the country. The effort will seek “to make sure that every young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up has an opportunity to get ahead and reach his full potential,” the White House official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity ahead of the announcement. 
“The initiative will be focused on implementing strategies that are proven to get results.” Obama had promised to launch a new project focused on young minority men during his State of the Union address last month. 
His focus on a relatively narrow demographic group is unusual for a president who usually stresses how his policies affect large swaths of the American public. It also comes after the first African American president has faced repeated criticism from those who say he is failing to pay enough attention to blacks and other minorities. 
The initiative is the latest sign that Obama plans to address such issues more directly in his second term. 
Last month, Obama and the first lady hosted a forum at the White House to persuade colleges to recruit more low-income Americans. And last year, the Justice Department overhauled drug-sentencing guidelines so that low-level and nonviolent offenders do not face stiff minimum sentences. 
An administration official said the “My Brother’s Keeper” effort will consist of two main parts. 
First, the official said, businesses and foundations will join together to test strategies aimed at “making sure children arrive at school ready to learn and reducing negative interactions with the criminal justice system.” 
Second, Obama will launch an internal administration effort to more rigorously evaluate what programs work best at helping young minority males. 
The Education and Justice departments, for example, recently updated guidelines provided to school districts on the most effective disciplinary policies. The administration official said the new measures will not cost more money and will include Republicans working on criminal justice reform, religious leaders and corporate executives.
 The colored population of America - especially young black males - have lives that are disproportionately affected by poverty and prison, because of the individual choices they have made.

When these poor individual choices of black males are aggregated together, you are left with a depressing image of the state of black America (and an even poorer portrait of a future far different than The Jetsons depicted).

No one forces a young black (white/asian/hispanic) female to have sex with a black male, ultimately be abandoned and left to support a child on their own.

"My Brother's Keeper."

Yet another program, another initiative, another round of whining and crying, and ultimately another (inevitably) ignored lesson that race is real, and nature can't be fooled.


Anonymous said...

Texas here:

It's what all the "crazy" conservatives predicted: that Barack Obama would favor his own race once in office. Now that he's not worried about reelection, here we go:
-disparate impact in school discipline
-reduced sentences for (overwhelmingly black) criminals
-restoring voting rights for (overwhelmingly black) felons
and, my favorite:
-Affirmatively Favoring Fair Housing, or whatever it is called.

And we have how many years left?

Anonymous said...

Genetics + hiphopculchayo + WOP

Welcome to Amerikwa yo

Guaranteed that whiteguilt Eloi will be down wid dis shi


Big Bear said...

Yet another program, another initiative, another round of whining and crying...

As if they will ever change anything. Same old, same old. The band plays on...

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

On reparations again.

Everyone knows negro enslaved negro. Everyone knows white did not enslave negro. Everyone knows white liberated negro from the negro upon negro enslavement.

Everyone knows negro will not leave whitey because negro is incapable of achieving on his own, the high standard and quality of life the white man and the white man's higher culture of civilization affords the lowly negro.

Everyone knows the ideology that evil whitey, the blue eyed devil, wrongfully headhunted to persecute and exploit the lowly innocent negro is both white liberal and negro illusion.

Everyone knows negro owes the white man. Everyone knows the white man does not owe the negro.

Therefore everyone knows reparations of white paying negro is only a furthering of the illusion.

Paying homage or tribute to an illusion, has never, and will never, solve a problem of reality. The negro will still be a loser, a schlimazel, who will then need another shakedown scam to appear viable in the white man's higher culture of civilization.

By appearing viable in the white man's higher culture of civilization, the lowly negro can enjoy a lifestyle above what his gene pool created him for. Worst of all, it affords the negro the opportunity to advance his kind, at the expense of the white, by pilfering white genes from our white gene pool.

Negro miscegenation is parasitizing our posterity.

This is exceptionally cruel to our white posterity.

We need our own territory, our own land.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Twenty years ago my prediction for the future of America was that half the people would be working for the government and the other half would be on welfare. Now that I am older and wiser I would like to change that prediction. 49 per cent will be government employees and 49 per cent will be on welfare. The other 2 per cent will be in work camps for committing Thought Crimes.

Anyone who thinks for themselves will be a danger to others. The "pod people" must be made to feel safe. The Android Nation is coming. Be safe and happy. Don't think.

Extropico said...

Remember when all the "respectable" neocons called us rayciss for believing Obama was antiWhite?

And PK, they aren't "minorities" anymore; they are nonWhites. YT is a minority now too.

Thank you from a Florida redoubt.

10mm AUTO said...

"Last month, Obama and the first lady hosted a forum at the White House to persuade colleges to recruit more low-income Americans. And last year, the Justice Department overhauled drug-sentencing guidelines so that low-level and nonviolent offenders do not face stiff minimum sentences."

Interesting. Rather than try to prevent negros from DOING drugs, the Dark Prince is lessening the sentencing so that drug takers will still be able to be hired after they get out of Prison and get their vote back. They might even get a degree in "Criminal Justice". They would make a great Federal Security force.

Who are they?
Wicked men. Servants of Sauron. They are called to Mordor. The Dark One is gathering all armies to him. It won't be long now. He will soon be ready.
Ready to do what?
To make his war. The last war that will cover all the world in shadow.

Jay Santos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The Marxists in the DWL, TWMNBN'd and Conservative Inc. Camps are quietly exiting, stage Left from the Negro. Their new cause celebre will be the Gays. Queers are nothing like the Negros(or "Hispanics") in their dysfunctions except for promiscuity. Even that is mostly relegated to the "fast-track" circuit partiers and Exhibitionist perverts. The Left, as twisted and banged out as they are, know deep down the Negro species is a hopeless cause and will happily eat them alive. The Manosphere, Dark Enlightenment, HBD circles are too widespread and too much to be easily shut down and disparagate. Too many Whites are viewing these sites and waking up.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to thank the soft drooling dumbass whites who voted for the Manchurian Trojan Horse because Orca and the teevee lobotomy box said he is a cool rockstar messiah who smokes peters err I mean Kool menthols. How bout that Ted Nugent calling dear leader a subhuman communist mongrel. Governor Rick Fairy disagrees with Ted.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know what the rest of the world thinks of dear leader messiah and the Kwanstain we are the laughingstock of the world now:

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....The "black male" is NOT the problem. The problem is the "teenage black female" who is breeding fatherless children who become prison-bound at an early age. What does a 15 year old know about raising a child. A massive government supported breeding program that churns out thousands of hate filled gangsters, killers, felons and drug dealers. Hood rats breeding hood rats who end up killing each other.

Have you heard the latest babble coming from Rand Paul. I have always had a theory that when a new politician goes to Washington they are forced to endure a brain transplant. Now it is no longer a theory. The great "white hope" of the serfs has done the "flip flop boogie". We are ruled over by Androids.

Anonymous said...

Laser focus on jobs, remember that old tale?

Look forward to seeing Dayquinisha designing the new bridge you'll be driving over on your way to work. "I no wut I bee doin, deez rubbabanns is strong az a mug, stoopid."

It just gets worse every damned day.

D-FENS said...

Another financial black hole.


OT, but may indicate something about nonwhite relations with each other.

American Indian movement may have murdered black activist 40 years ago

Anonymous said...

The White and TWMNBN'd feminazis are getting a reality check, their Colored Sistahs HATE,HATE,HATE them to the very marrow of their bones. No amount of lame-assed, emotional discussion of "feelings" about how "unhaaaappy" the elite white/TWMNBN'd Grrlpowah are so "oppressed" by the "ebil white hetero Christian male power structure" will keep these damaged goods gals from being made metaphorical or perhaps literal "Ghetto Lobster".

Newsflash Caucasian Gals, most of the Darker races "feminists" HATE you and will find pleasure in you all being "made good" by their males.

Anonymous said...

the tax burden now writing the tax code for the taxed. Takes dat crakkas.

PB said...

"The Marxists in the DWL, TWMNBN'd and Conservative Inc. Camps are quietly exiting, stage Left from the Negro. Their new cause celebre will be the Gays. Queers are nothing like the Negros(or "Hispanics") in their dysfunctions except for promiscuity."

Its the Conservative Inc element I find interesting. They hate us (Gays) but now seem to have become quite happy to appear concerned for our well-being in places like Iran and Russia, in fact anywhere that the TWMNBN aren't happy with politically. What is it they say? The best way to control the opposition is to lead the opposition?

Anonymous said...


James Clyburn's daughter will be breaking down the barriers to information that have afflicted the media for so long. Her name: Mignon.

If you think you have seen a plethora of groids in improbable situations (wearing lab coats, providing a valuable service, etc), I bet you ain't seen nuffin' yet.


Unknown said...

Texas: Thanks for keeping score. But it's a tough job, and you missed at least one: the BS about eliminating background checks for (overwhelmingly black) felon job applicants. I'm not sure how you score the "legalized voter fraud," (aka vote even without ID) since it's not clear whether fraudulent voters are overwhelmingly black or overwhelmingly Hispanic. So I leave that one to you. And now that you have been designated official scorer, I'm sure others on this thread will see if we've left anything else out.

Anonymous said...

Off topic. The FCC wants monitors in newsrooms. Are you kidding me?

This is the Big Story of the decade!


Southron said...

Another program. Yep, that's what blacks need. As if we don't have enough programs, freebies, quotas, and giveaways for blacks already that does absolutely no good.

So much attention paid to a segment of the population that produces nothing, and is a net drain on the country. Meanwhile, our leaders punish the hell out of the productive white people.

We're not going to last much longer like this.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

"The “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative will bring foundations and companies together to test a range of strategies to support such young men..."

My heart melts at the thought of yet another public-private partnership™… On second thought, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

"The effort will seek “to make sure that every young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up has an opportunity to get ahead and reach his full potential…"

I assume it’s rayciss to suggest that, for someone that would need such assistance in the first place, that maintaining stable, long-term employment as a janitor may well be the “full potential” for Bellcurvious (no offense to janitors intended). I don’t think so, though. I’m pretty sure they’re talking about goot joobz. My Ja’Qwjuan’s gonna beez a DAK-Tah!!

This is the one that really screamed out to me: "The initiative will be focused on implementing strategies that are proven to get results."

Sooooooo, strategies both exist and are already known to da gubmint that successfully transcend average black IQs that are two standard deviations below average white IQs? Why were they hidden until now? Just imagine all the many things that the fedrah gubmint already does that are “proven to get results.” Does this mean that, perhaps, Whiskey’s oft referred to DNA improvements have been both created and perfected by the FDA or CDC? Please define, “results,” anonymous Obama administration official.

On a side note, a job possibility just opened up for me in Charlotte, NC. I don’t think it will materialize, because my list of requirements is significant, but on the off chance that it did, could one of our NC realists provide a “realistic” assessment of Charlotte, as only SBPDL followers can? I’m pretty sure I smell a very foul sandwich from 4 hours away, but there’s nothing like the local perspective.

More excellent work from PK with each passing day. I’m in awe of what you are able to accomplish.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Philadelphia Mike said...

The Greatest Generation? Perhaps not so great.

It was the Greatest Generation that gave birth to the "Great Society" of Lyndon Johnson. And because of the "Great Society", we have created the greatest number of non productive dysfunctional welfare mammas the world has ever seen.

It was the Greatest Generation that ushered in the new immigration policies spear headed by JFK, opening the flood gates to hoards from Africa and the Middle East.

They propped us up in Vietnam...only to see us fall and have thousands of our young men die...all for their own financial interests.

They raised and nurtured the most obnoxious generation of Whites this country has ever seen...the Baby Boomers.

They stood back and let our great cities such as Detroit begin their downward spiral into black urban blight, violence, and cultural oblivion.

They seriously blundered our Middle East foreign policy, setting the whole Arab world against us.

They sat back and let feminism destroy the fiber of the American family.

Their great contribution was helping save Europe from fascism. And that, in my opinion, was their last contribution.

And after them came the "Worst Generation", they who began hammering in the nails...into the coffin of America...the Baby Boomers. They, who are still yet hammering in the nails.

Straight from the birthplace of our nation,
Philadelphia Mike

Philadelphia Mike said...

Don't give up hope, friends.

Everything has its cycle. History has shown us this. Dark Ages are inevitable. But always, time and again, sooner or later, we of European blood rise up to the occasion only to come back stronger and more powerful.

We are like a shining star, a beacon. The crown jewel of humanity. Our accomplishments have been and still are the greatest humankind has seen.

I am completely optimistic that we as a race will not only survive, but flourish.

Don't despair. Instead use the gift bestowed upon our people of future time orientation. Plan your future and the future of the generations after you. When the day comes that we are truly strangers in our own homeland, then it is time to go to safer harbors.

Perhaps America has seen its day and must now enter into darkness.
But we are all from immigrant families...some from 300 years ago, some from 100 years ago. And if need be, we ourselves, like our forefathers, will become immigrants, going to brighter more welcoming shores.

Philadelphia Mike

Philadelphia Mike said...

And one last comment before I go to sleep.

PK, would it be possible to do an article on the enslavement of Europeans from the 1600's through the 1800's? Captured by the Northern African Barbary pirates and enslaved in Africa and the Middle East. From what I have read, millions of us were enslaved.

The black Americans do not have a monopoly on having a history of enslaved ancestors. We as a people have been enslaved. We as a people have always used our enlightened resourcefulness to overcome and flourish.

Good night.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......Some years ago a friend retired from a Post Office job in South Florida. A black woman was the manager/supervisor and he worked in the office with her. She would punch in at 9:00 and have her coffee and donuts and then leave about 9:30. At 11:30 she would return and punch out at 12:00 for lunch. Punch in at !:00 and hang out a little bit and then leave until around 4:30 and punch out at 5:00. This went on for years and his job was to do her job (payroll, time cards, etc.). When he had days off she had another "white boy" to fill in for him.

He and others that worked around this woman always complained to the union and nothing was ever done. We all know why. This lady could not add a column of numbers and barely knew how to read and write, yet she was the one running the place. The longer she was there the fatter she got.

Anonymous said...

This is off-topic but I think readers will get a kick out of it.

Remember Pussy Riot? The band of self-identified feminists from Russia who desecrated an Orthodox Christian church, attacked Vladimir Putin for being a "racist", speak out about "patriarchy" and "White privilege" constantly?

They tried to stage an impromptu protest in Sochi that was like, so totally radical. They brought along Western journalists to record the whole thing. What happened? Some Cossacks manhandled them and literally whipped them.

Cossacks: fighting Marxism under Stalin in the 1940s, fighting Cultural Marxism today in the 2010s.

Brandon said...

At least this initiative is designed to help young *men*. Usually with this administration it's all women, all the time, at the expense of men.

Anonymous said...

Good. I hate them more.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Off topic. The FCC wants monitors in newsrooms. Are you kidding me?

This is the Big Story of the decade!


I believe this classified as a "non-issue". Just move along.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with anonymous@4:24 pm....but I also agree with 1/2 of the post. I would never say the negro male is not the problem. These vile savages are killing white Men, women and sadly children more everyday. It's just not being reported on the msm. Swept under the rug. However I wholeheartedly DO agree that negro females are a huge pox on this country. Breeding like mosquitoes, no care for who's the "babydaddy" and bringing scores of Bastard good for nothing negro "chillrens" who will never amount to anything but thugs.

Anonymous said...

OT for Gwinnett Gladiator:

Hey man hope all's good your way. I am more in central NC, but have lot of family and friends in the Charlotte area. Any natives can correct me if off base here. Unfortunately, BRA is taking over the city proper. My evidence is the mayor, council, and recent obongo appointees from there (Anthony Foxx). Here's an article about climate change for one area.

But there's also a LOT of $$ in CLT from the banks and large companies. I guess it depends on where your job is actually located. There are beautiful areas outside the city that are groid free, and its Nascar country (White). Lake Norman is awesome. You are also not far from the mountains, and most of western NC is relatively White. Can also live in SC, which has cheaper gas and taxes.

Hope this helps, sorry dont know more... Wish you well GG, keep us updated.

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

COOL COWLICK: On the inter-diversity relations front, an 18 year old Black boy named Jonjon Crummie just killed his Hispanic girlfriend last weekend in Pasadena California. Is a Brown who hooks up with a Black a mudshark?

Refugee From Chicongo said...

"The initiative will be focused on implementing strategies that are proven to get results"
?Doublespeak for "shovel ready jobs"?
Does that mean spades will be given a shovel and shown how to use it to reach their full potential?
Now you may laugh and say what can the nigro do with a shovel to achieve something as wondrous as their past achievments building the Pyramids, Gardens of Babylon or Atlantis?
There is a desperate need for quicker access to China and the goods they produce - cell
phones, air jordans and hoodies. It's obvious - have the youfs tunnel thru the Earth for direct access to China, just so they don't get lonely they can bring their baby mamas with them.
Imagine the "pride" they will feel when they accomplish this goal !!
I would contribute as many shovels as possible.
You say, "what will they do with the dirt and debris from this Detroit to Peking tunnel?"
Why, they will give it to the Mexicans who will build pyramids all around Detroit !

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if somehow you could know the total dollar amount given to the blacks through programs?
I'm talking about every dollar put on an EBT card to every dollar made by an affirmative action recipient. Every dollar toward urban redevelopment to every dollar spent on extra police patrols.
We could buy China.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's just another Band-Aid on an amputation.

Anonymous said...

How do you help black males live crime-fee lives?

Mandatory estrogen shots.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes when i read the information here i start to feel overwhelmed. All the taxes that are stripped out of my check are just dumped into the BLACK hole. They dont improve, ever, why wont people admit that? Why am i treated like the "baby daddy" and forced to pay for their existance?

Last night i went to buy my friend a bottle. He is back in school and its cause for celebration! First thing i notice is all the employees are black. Chattering away and barely paying attention to any of us as we buy our drink. Liquor stores in PA are govt run. These people are running the country?

Erie PA

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis has been busy. 7 people murdered in 12 hours. I sure hope they implement the, "My Brother's Keeper", initiative soon so that these thugs can get a job and stop shooting people (sarcasm intended)

Tristero said...

A bit off-topic, but take a look at the names in this round-up of healthcare providers rounded up in a multi-million-dollar scam network in the Washington, DC, area. Every single one of the (alleged) perpetrators seems to be a case of diversity imported from the dark continent:

Anonymous said...

"those who cannot compete intellectually tend to develop a cultural aversion to the whole idea."
..Fred Reed, Takimag Feb 2014.

Yes, and not only do they develop a cultural aversion to intelligence they make war on it just as blacks are now doing in the US.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure there is some sort of evil agenda behind this knowing Obama! although the general idea seems like a good one? why limit it to colored folks? that's just racist!

Son of Delbert said...

"Strategies proven to get results ... " federal style.

1. Take money from useful and productive.

2. Give money to the useless and unproductive.

Am I missing something?


Anonymous said...

race is a social construct, except where it benefits a certain race

TheAntidote said...

It doesn't matter. Better nutrition cannot raise one's intelligence nor alter genetically embedded traits; neither can integration nor education nor school uniforms nor white guilt nor affirmative action.
I wish Obongo would just have done with it and bring Shitavius and Da'Quan into the cabinet. Put negroes in charge of everything right away and watch the whole shithouse collapse into a national Detroit. It has to get worse, much worse, before it can get better.

Side note: Like many Americans I'm interested in genealogy and have an account with Ancustry. As this is black histry mumf, I've been reading the WPA slave narratives from the from NA. What an eye opener! The majority of the life stories express regret for the passing of slavery. Most slaves stayed with ol' massa after the CW.
It should also be noted the slaves that ran away to Boston and Canasda invariably chose to be servants of white people. Yes, that's right, "freedom" was being as close to whites as possible--shining shoes, emptying spitoons, and carrying trays of food.

Anonymous said...

More money to be given to black mayors and other politicias. Black preachers. community activists etc. lots of graft and corruption
waste fraud and abusr. and very little in the way of tangible results. then toss them more of our the poster above asking about Charlotte NC. its pretty much black now. don't go there. not quite as bad as Birmingham but not good. suburbs for now aren't too bad but they will get darker.

Johnny said...

In terms of social circumstance these black ghettos resemble Indian reservations when they were first set up. Since the male half of the Indian populations were hunters and warriors, being confined on a reservation eliminated their social role without any replacement. The result was very widespread misbehavior, essentially resembling what we have among the ghetto blacks. Handouts made too widely available are damaging, not an assist.

Also note that law enforcement is viewed as a punishment, not an effort at correction. Is it really helpful to an already violent and criminal population to reduce the punishments for crimes? Or is this just feeding the beast?

And while we are at it, if it is already known that many blacks have criminal records because many of them do, and employers are not allowed to do a criminal background check; does that mean that all new black employees well be taken on only because some racial quota requires it? And will this, on a cultural level, make any kind of decent relationship between the parties impossible?

Ah, the government. Here to help you.

Anonymous said...

Masters of The Universe

Tristero said...

Another item of interest, on which I won't comment:

Anonymous said...


Armenians, russians, muslimes, africans...die versity

DID YOU KNOW THAT IN 14 YEARS THE US POPULATION HAS INCREASED BY 40? MILLION. 9 million in the last 2? years!!!!!!!!!!

the anti white die versity.

Anonymous said...

7 shooting deaths in Indianapolis in 12 hour period. DWL and LIbertardian race deniers in full swing.

Chief Rick Hite of IMPD to give press conference about "our" problem:

He says we need to "end the drug trade" and "parent our children."

No breakdown by race, of course. A couple of those killed were whites, apparently. NOW we get some news coverage since "whites do it too..."

Anonymous said...

@ Philly Mike I thought the noble Mexcrements were going to save the republik of Amerikwa?

Anonymous said...

We can ignore reality but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

Ayn Rand

Pat Boyle said...

This new program illustrates a profound economic principal. The private market makes good economic decisions. Governmental policies always make bad decisions. That sounds like just a glib and shallow ideological nostrum but it's very important.

Individuals in a private free market will invest in products, services, people and ideas that have a good prospect of being successful. That seems obvious enough. We expect people to invest their life savings in stocks that seem likely to up.

But exactly the opposite is true for governmental 'investments'. The government doesn't just happen to make bad investments. Rather it is the central purpose of liberal welfare state government to make bad investments. Statists assume that the free market will be rational. They specifically expect government to have countervailing investments to bring about what they see as a better outcome.

Solyndra is a good example. The public has through free markets rejected solar power. The public wants cheap always available power. Solar is a tiny fraction of the energy market. It is a stupid investment making it irresistible to statists.

Black teens are similar. Despite more than a century of trying no one knows how to make African descended teens smart enough and well behaved enough to graduate high school in sufficient numbers. Who would invest their own money in a 14 year old black kid? Black teenagers are a classic bad investment. Worse than Solyndra. Worse than Fisker.

Even if we had a white liberal President we might still get a program to 'invest' in black kids. For most liberals nature and free markets must be opposed. The wisdom that comes from free people making free choices must be rejected. Nature insists on making choices that don't square with the liberal mindset. So government must redress the balance by strongly supporting losing causes.


Anonymous said...

Well, Obama....your brother is NOT my brother. Your people are NOT my people. Can I say "my people" or is it only NOT racist when Eric Holder says it?
I mentioned this once before but I recall from history class that a S.C. senator (prior to the Civil War) said that freeing the blacks would be a huge mistake as they would become a permanent underclass requiring constant support from the white community.
Every program (AA, EBT, Section 8, welfare, Regional Equity, Social Justice, "My Brother's Keeper" etc) is proof that what he predicted was an accurate assessment and has come true.
Remove all the white support systems in place to keep da black community above water and the collapse would be utterly massive and utterly predictable as well.
It's pure insanity to keep subsidizing these losers so they can feed and breed on the white man's dime and make increasing demands for more and more support due to their dysfunctions. That will only drag everyone else down to their level. No nation can support an exploding parasite class of that magnitude. Add in the parasitical mestizo's who take even more than the blacks do and the problem becomes even worse. Also, NOT my people.
Now, let's imagine if the situation were reversed and whites were trying to feed off of blacks and mestizo's and demanding to be subsidized by their tax money. A laughable scenario but nevermind. You know what the result would be- we'd be told to go to hell and fend for ourselves, that it's not their responsibility etc. It's only "different" when it's in their favor.
Sorry, blacks and mestizo's. Go to hell. It's not my responsibility. Fend for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

OT: From Daily Kenn blog:

Shopping While Black (SWB)

Anonymous said...

charlotte nc is still better than Atlanta their suburbs are not a ghetto as Atlanta. there are no suburbs of charlotte as bad east point are college park are clayton county.

Anonymous said...

Its always the blacks and always more tax dollars. Make things easier for them and it will get worse. Blacks vote black. Black jurors release black defendants, but they'll nail YT 's ass if possible. Black crime will skyrocket and get even more violent, if possible. All brought to us by the federal government and our tax dollars.


@ Anonymous 9:42 PM

"Is a Brown who hooks up with a Black a mudshark?"

I'd prefer to reserve 'mudshark' and 'coal burner' for white tramps. We need a term of special opprobrium for them.

But any nonblack female who consorts with a black male is asking for trouble.

If this creates racial hostility and acrimony between the two groups, well personally I'm all for it.

Pat Boyle said...

I have another thought - possibly off topic.

It seems to me in Black History Month that the overriding historical concern the nation has always had has been how to get rid of the black people we once needed.

The nation was founded at the end of the eighteenth century. The first colonies had imported blacks as field slaves at the beginning of the seventeenth century. But about half of the colonies no longer needed or wanted them. Blacks were never seen as a good source of new citizens. That idea would have seemed preposterous to the Founding Fathers.

But the deep South needed black slaves by virtue of their climate and crops. Still whites with foresight saw that slavery was ending and wondered what was to be done with the blacks who were left.

The most popular idea was to export them. Back to Africa was a very popular notion but there were other schemes to send them to South America. There was actually a black colony established in Canada. The remnants of that colony still exists in Nova Scotia and causes exactly the same kind of racial turmoil and trouble seen everywhere further south.

The attempts at relocating blacks to Africa in Liberia were only a little more successful. Blacks could live there but didn't seem to want to.

By the early decades of the twentieth century the value of the blacks as field hands was ended. John Rust had invented the Cotton Picker. Whitney's Cotton Gin had made blacks more needed. Rust's Cotton Picker had made them obsolete.

Blacks began the two Great Migrations, the main effect of which was that cities outside of the deep South like Oakland and Detroit had a sudden influx of blacks to work in their factories.

But again blacks became unneeded as America deindustrialized after WWII. Blacks were much less valuable in a service oriented economy.

In many ancient countries the majority would often just exterminate minorities. After the Semitic Hyksos were defeated the native Hamitic Egyptians ran them into the desert. The Turks did much the same to the Armenians just recently in the twentieth century. After the Third Punic War the Romans under Scipio Amelianus tried to completely exterminate the Carthaginians. They tried the same thing against the Jews later under Hadrian.

Genocide has long been a problem resolution strategy for strong states. The Nazis were not unique.

But America has never considered genocide so around 1950 America abandoned efforts to ship them out somehow and decided on a strategy of integration.

That hasn't worked either.


Anonymous said...

Thats priceless!

Anonymous said...

OT, but amazingly sad still...

The local conservative talk radio station was fielding calls today during lunch regarding the decision to give Boston Store in downtown Milwaukee 1.2 million dollars. For those of you not from the area, this store is located in what was once a thriving mall, Grand Avenue. I don't need to tell the readers here what happened to that mall...downtown, Milwaukee, mall, enough said.

Now, this store, like every other store in this mall, has been hemorrhaging money for years. Even in our twisted and disfigured version of capitalism, stores like this would simply realize there is no money to be made in this environment, and it's time to pack it up and move on.

Not so fast!

The Grand Avenue Mall, along with Southridge, Northridge and Bayshore, all examples of things built by whites, destroyed by blacks, propped back up by whites...just keep throwing more money into that hole, you'll fill it eventually, right?

The best part of the entire radio show was the discussion on WHY the malls are having such a hard time making money...yeah I wonder. Why indeed?

Anonymous said...

OT: The BMW-driving, fur-coat-wearing, no-show-on-the-job-site black female public school principal in Queens, New York City is supposedly now going to be fired from her job by the NYC department of education.

Take note from the story above that this freeloading black woman is not actually out of her six-figure salary job just yet. There still has to be a hearing held on the recommendation to fire her.

Marc B said...

This reminds me of the minority contracts scam going on for government projects all over the country. They usually take longer to finish, need to be fixed or assisted along by outside consultants, involve graft/cronyism and come in significantly over budget. That's the public/private business model in BRA.

PB said...

Tristero said...

Another item of interest, on which I won't comment:

And the problem?

Anonymous said...

My prediction was that half the people would be in prison and the other half would work for prisons directly or indirectly.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when Paul would see the light of darkness and allow himself to bought out by the all mighty soon to be worthless dollar.

Anonymous said...

That's not how it will work. The experienced white engineer will design the bridge but Shaniqua will take the credit.

Anonymous said...

Not enough are being aborted. That's the problem. The reason they are so agile is they spend their first nine months dodging a coat hanger.

Anonymous said...

This quote from the article to which PK linked explains why this program will not work:

"The effort will seek 'to make sure that every young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up has an opportunity to get ahead and reach his full potential,' the White House official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity ahead of the announcement."

If more "young men of color" were really willing to work hard and lift themselves up, they would not have half the problems that they do. But there is a sad lack of ambition and willingness to work hard in the black community. I don't believe most young black men want to work at all.

SwampThizzle said...

Anonymous' wacky estrogen shots plan does nothing about the incredibly high levels of testosterone produced by their bodies (in both black males AND females). The only thing this "master plan" would produce is even more gay rape from the same black males who already enjoy a near-monopoly on the pastime. I've actually looked at the scientific data on this. Black males (and females too, lol) are very "manly"... until about age 55 or so, then their bodies' testosterone levels fall off precipitously. A 60 year old white male on average has more testosterone in his body than a black male his age. While white and other ethnicity males in their prime have nowhere near the levels of testosterone as younger blacks, they maintain their levels at a higher average rate over their lifetimes because their "T-levels" remain constant over a much longer period of time.

Here's some fun bedtime reading material:

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Much appreciated words. I am now thinking the same.

Years ago I would have thought i would never say it but perhaps the greatest generation was oddly enough the civil war era Dixie folk that had the foresight to fight tooth and nail for their state right to regulate that mess of humanity and subsequent to loss were trying their best to keep their rightful segregation and customs.

And I now say this as a Yankee who has a union civil war vet in his ancestry.

- Kulturkampf

Anonymous said...

In Chicago very few government jobs are held by whites, get used it

Unknown said...

he is probably trying to establish support storm troopers for his coming "dictator for life" bid.

Average Joe said...

Whites need not apply. Being a white male in America today is similar to being a Jew in Germany, year 1930. The persecution is becoming unbearable and I don't know what to do. I have been respectful of others, regardless of race, creed or religion. I do my best to be a good citizen and have never been purposefully hurtful toward anyone. Why is this happening to the average Joe?

Bogolyubski said...

Pat (Albertosaurus):
The Nazis were not unique.

That simple, five-word factual observation would land you a jail sentence with hard time (worst cases) or a crippling fine in several countries (best cases) in the so-called "free world": All of the EUSSR, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, probably even a few in Latin America. The places routinely portrayed as ruthless hellholes of oppression (Russia, Belarus, and a few others) would not send you to prison or fine you for it.

Here in the Banksta Banana Republick of Hope-n-Change, you cannot yet be sent to jail or fined for it, but you might as well kiss any career or job prospects farewell. The jail sentences/fines are proposed and even on the books in some states. Only a matter of time. A five-word, completely truthful statement about one historical event can get you more time in jail than an actual murder can in several places. Isn't that interesting? I had no idea that the NAACP had such a world-wide and powerful reach, did you? said...

Keep in mind Indianapolis has a Republican mayor.

That dispels the myth that only cities led by Democrats have crime problems.

Anonymous said...

Endless government programs to uplift the negro. more gibsmedats.

Unknown said...

You sound crazy, last time i checked Europeans came to Africa to be educated on math science law and physics medicine, whats messed up is a lot of you caucasian people really think we are a lower species, very arrogant and foolish frame of mind. Never underestimate your rival. The only real accomplishment of your kind is murder, rape, identity theft, and slavery. History speaks for itself, euros lived like animals till the Moors brought civilization to you savages.

Mr. Rational said...

last time i checked Europeans came to Africa to be educated on math science law and physics medicine

English grammar calls for commas between items in a list.  E.g. "math, science, law...."

There are indeed some ethnic Europeans who go to medical schools in e.g. Grenada.  These are the third-rate students who could not get into an American medical school... ANY American medical school.  They have third-rate instruction and turn out third-rate graduates who can rarely get a residency anywhere.  However, they are smarter than the average affirmative-action admission to the American schools, so they do have a chance at success.

whats messed up is a lot of you caucasian people really think we are a lower species

You've got a mean IQ deficit of roughly one standard deviation, plus massive deficiencies in areas like impulse control and language ability.  You, at least, can congratulate yourself:  you are well above average for your race.

very arrogant and foolish frame of mind. Never underestimate your rival.

We've never had a problem besting you.  Our problem is that all our institutions have been subverted by people much smarter than you.

The only real accomplishment of your kind is murder, rape, identity theft, and slavery.

You mean, like the slavery which Africans practiced before they ever saw a White man, and that they still practice to this day?  Hint:  what you've been taught as history is nonsense.

History speaks for itself, euros lived like animals till the Moors brought civilization to you savages.

Yeah, right; the "Moors" (Arabs) stole their architecture from the Byzantines, their mathematics from the Indians, and even their religion is a Christian heresy.  The architecture and culture of Rome, Greece and Crete exceeds anything the Arabs ever accomplished on their own, and was built before they ever sailed to Spain.

It's astounding to watch you spout such a list of falsehoods.  Astounding, but not surprising; I'm well aware of the Marxist universities' move to re-write history to deny the White man his legacy.  But genes will out.

MegaloMilo said...

Writing for The National Journal, Roger Clegg, head of the Center for Equal Opportunity, writes:

It is almost always unconstitutional for the government (and any private program that receives federal money) to discriminate on the basis of race and ethnicity. There is no “compelling” interest to do so here.

It's pretty messed up when you can't get help with your education because you're not African American or Mexican.

I can't get help with financial aid for college because I'm white. It's dumb and worse than that is the fact that I am ineligible because of the color of my skin!

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the California DREAM Act into law on Sunday. The law will allow illegal immigrants access to state financial aid at public universities and community colleges via the Cal-Grants program in 2013

It's BS when you can't get aid when you were born in this country. Enough said.