Monday, February 10, 2014

Memo to Tracey Halvorsen: Hiroshima Recovered from an Atom Bomb; Baltimore will never recover from losing its White Majority

Names like Zach Sowers, Jon Fogg, Stephen Pitchairn, John Mason, Aysha Ring, Alex Ulrich (as well as Jason Curtis, who was injured in the same "horrific" shooting) and Kimberley Leto will be little remembered outside their peer circles. 

 The Baltimore Police Department even took the rare step in releasing pictures of Ulrich and Curtis, ostensibly because unlike most homicide/nonfatal shooting victims in the city, they didn't have prior records. To the chagrin of Baltimore City Paper Editor Evan Serpick, people were actually momentarily shocked and saddened by the murder of Ulrich (the incessant black-fueled crime/homicide/misery is like water warping the foundation of the city, with citizens willingly blind to the elemental change taking place... better not to notice black dysfunction than call it out!).

No children will ever hear their names in classrooms, where the history of an "oppressed" group is told in tale-of-woe interconnected stories that establish the eternal guilt of whites. 
Baltimore may be breaking her heart, but daring to point how who is breaking Baltimore is beyond the pale... Wonder what Jon Fogg would say?

Sylvester Stallone may have a movie franchise with the title Expendables, but the expendability of the white population of rotting black-majority urban areas like Baltimore proves reality is far more despondent than any fiction peddled by Hollywood. 

In the latest PK piece at, you get to learn the response of white lesbian Tracey Halvorsen to a simple tweet she received about why she didn't mention the black population in Baltimore when she wrote her epic rant against the city (read the SBPDL account here first for a breakdown of that rant). 

Here's a glimpse of the piece [Tracey Halvorsen Turns Tail, But That Won’t Stop Baltimore (Or Something) Breaking Her Heart, 2-10-14]:       
Aysha Ring, killed by a black man: her throat was slit from behind as she was checking out at a liquor in Baltimore. Her killer served no jail time.

Halvorsen went on to supply more devastating details.They don’t call it “The City that Bleeds” because of a high-rate of voluntary blood donors to the Red Cross.
Halvorsen’s piece went viral. The Baltimore Sun ran an article. [Rash of crimes in Southeast Baltimore sparks new debate over public safety By Carrie Wells, February 8, 2014]

WYPR producer Lawrence Lanahan  [Email him] claimed in a response that that “white privilege” was really to blame: "Whose Heart is Baltimore Breaking, Really?", February 7, 2014.

The joy of our interconnected world meant that I could take to Twitter and engage our newfound celebrity in conversation, pointing out that she forgot to mention the world “black.”

Halvorsen tweeted back to @SBPDL:
"my opinions and my article have nothing to do with race and I don't appreciate my content being used to promote racism."

Forget that this is a city where the zero-tolerance crime policy of a white mayor (Martin O’Malley 1999 to 2007) was denounced as racial profiling by black leaders like the Rev. John L. Wright, whorevealingly said: “The common denominator is ‘lock up Negroes.’”[Black officials raise zero-tolerance fears: O'Malley tells group that enforcement will not be race-based, By Ivan Penn, Baltimore SunDecember 21, 1999]

(After O’Malley was elected governor of Maryland in 2006,, the first black female mayor of the city rescinded the zero-tolerance on crime order almost immediately upon taking office [Baltimore mayor to Announce Leonard Hamm's resignation | Mayor Sheila Dixon successfully sought police commissioner's resignation, July 18, 2007]

 In 2010, the city of Baltimore settled with the NAACP and the ACLU over daring to try to cut down crime. [City approves settlement with NAACP, ACLU in 'mass arrest' case; Agreement calls for auditor to review 'quality of life' arrests by city policeBaltimore Sun, June 23, 2010])
Read the rest here. Comment on it here. Tell Tracey how you feel on Twitter (be nice!). I'm sure
Zach SowersJon FoggStephen PitchairnJohn Mason, and Kimberley Leto thought the same way; it's just their black attackers didn't feel the same aracial thoughts. 
Stephen Pitchairn: literally, he could have cured cancer. Killed by two blacks in Baltimore

The most important (and salient) point of the piece at VDare was this passage:

And back in 2002, when a black man firebombed the house of black family, killing a mother and five children, because they had reported drug activity to the police, even black legislators called for the deployment of the National Guard. [Man, 21, charged in fatal city fire: Police say he was angry with neighboring family for reporting drug activity; `This is terror, too,' official says; Outraged lawmakers seek to call in state police, Guard to help fight crime,Baltimore Sun, October 18, 2002].

But effective action would require blaming black people. And that can’t be done in modern America- as evidenced by Halvorsen's tail-turning tweet. 
After the horrific firebombing of a black family in Baltimore -- by a black male who took offense that they "snitched" on drug dealers, black political leaders dared assert an Israel-like solution was needed (if not, the US Military) to make the city safe:

Members of the City Council and state House and Senate delegations criticized the system in a closed-door meeting with Norris yesterday morning at police headquarters, participants said. Yelling and cursing at times, they called for drastic action, including calling in state police and even the National Guard to patrol Baltimore's streets.

They compared the fight to reclaim the city from drug dealers to the battle against international terrorism and the hunt for the Washington-area sniper.
"I know that we do not have the manpower on the Police Department to man every corner. That's what we've got the military for," said City Councilman Melvin L. Stukes, who called the governor's office with a request to send in the Guard. "The military is being used on the sniper, with the spy plane. Well, this is terror, too."
State Sen. Nathaniel J. McFadden said the idea of calling in the Guard was "not
Zach Sowers, left, killed by a blacks in Baltimore. His devoted wife fought the black political structure for justice only to give up...
over the top for me."
"We have terrorist cells of juvenile drug dealers," McFadden said. "We liken it to al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden. Same kind of thing. And it's all over the city. And they have no fear of retribution. It's just a brazen attack when you firebomb a person's house two times within a month. ... We want to respond just like the Israelis would respond when they're bombed. You bomb them one day, they take action the next day."
Who exactly are represented in these "terrorist cells of juvenile drug dealers" who black leaders likened to al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden as committing brazen attacks in the city of Baltimore? 

 Last year, more than 8,000 juveniles were detained or arrested in Baltimore City, most often for assault or drug charges. Eight in 10 were male, and more than 90 percent were black, though blacks make up only two-thirds of the city's residents. 
Dozens of others are regularly charged with crimes as adults, usually for serious offenses. Roles as victim and perpetrator seem interchangeable at times — a victim often later victimizes others. Baltimore children are eight times more likely to die from homicide than are kids nationwide, according to a study released in February by the city health department. From 2002 to March of this year, 172 city youths 18 or younger were victims of homicide, and hundreds of others had been shot.
John Mason, a tattoo artist, attacked in broad daylight by black males in Baltimore
The National Guard can't be used to subdue the black population of Baltimore, for people like Tracey Halvorsen would scream "racism"; though such an action would make the streets of the dying city safe again for commerce (perhaps even convince some convenience store owners to remove the plexiglass that protects their employees and goods?).  

Back in 2012 during St. Patrick's Day at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, black mobs brutalized those revelers trying to enjoy a pint, disrupted commerce, and attacked numerous white people. The Baltimore Sun editorialized this for those who dared notice it was black people:
Race is simply irrelevant in this instance. That those involved in the St. Patrick's Dayincidents at the Inner Harbor were black is no more pertinent than their height, weight or eye color. 
If a volcano suddenly jettisoned from the ground in Baltimore, spewing lava, ash, and debris into an already devastated city, would the Baltimore Sun dare describe the lava, ash, and debris spewing from the volcano (further ruining an already ruined city) as "irrelevant?"

Would the temperature of the magma (or it lava?) be considered no more pertinent a fact as the black people's height, weight or eye color?

I know, I know: why care about a failed city like Baltimore? Because no one else, outside of the family members and friends of Zach SowersJon FoggStephen PitchairnJohn Mason, and Kimberley Leto will remember how they lived.

Their hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

How and who caused them to come crashing down, and how they died (or were put into a coma and forced to pay huge hospital bills)... though the Baltimore Sun would say otherwise, is hugely pertinent to the reluctance of white, tax-paying citizens to live in 63.5 percent black Baltimore.

Hiroshima was rebuilt and thrives today despite an atomic bomb falling from the Enola Gay in 1945 and leveling the city; Baltimore has never recovered from the 1968 black riots, when the city quickly went from being majority white to majority black.

Tracey Halvorsen... it's all about race. 


Anonymous said...

I'm a gay race realist, and Tracey Halvorsen doesn't speak for me. It seems to me that she is feigning offense when she doesn't have the balls to speak honestly about the violence of the Black community.



You are going to donate $5,000 to PK?

From which White man are you going to steal it from?

Anonymous said...

The facts are clear. If this was happening in reverse the media would be all over this. It is a known fact in many communities, towns and cities that there is always a section of town people don't go into after dark. Interestingly those places happening to be areas where a large number of blacks live. Why is that? Why is that prevalent through out the USA, from Portland to Baltimore?

New immigrant areas where Asians, and other groups have moved in and became the majority is not the same as black areas where there is PERSISTENT crime, robbery and murder. Why is that?

One thing I have noticed about white liberals...they never move into black areas. They always want to live in white areas. Does that make them racists also?

David said...

A huge percentage of whites are just craven cowards.

I truly believe that around 25% of whites - and a much higher percentage who live in cities - would rather be murdered by blacks than be called "racist". I truly believe that these same whites would rather watch their children be murdered by blacks than themselves be called "racist".

Tracey Halvorsen is just another one of these craven cowards.

SolInvictus said...

Well... I think her response was predictable. I know I expected it.
Pathetic thing is, she could have called them out on it without even being "racist". She could have simply said, "I don't think it representative of black people as a whole (lol), but the crime problem in X City is certainly a predominantly black problem. There's no denying that and it's ignoring the obvious to not say so."
She probably still would have been pilloried in the press, but ducking the issue entirely was lame after writing such a great piece. Predictable, but still lame, and unproductive.
Typical lib. Carp about the problem, then duck the causes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:48 pm said "One thing I have noticed about white liberals...they never move into black areas. They always want to live in white areas. Does that make them racists also?"

Thank you. I'm going to remember that line the next time one of my DWL friends calls me out for my "racist' views.

Anonymous said...

>>>The Baltimore Sun editorialized this for those who dared notice it was black people:
"""Race is simply irrelevant in this instance. That those involved in the St. Patrick's Dayincidents at the Inner Harbor were black is no more pertinent than their height, weight or eye color."""""

IF the editorial writers, movers and shakers of public opinion; et al were consistent, then they would also have to concede that race played no role whatsoever in the Trayvon Martin killing.

But as mentioned before, when the colors are reversed it is always noticed, hyped, and highlighted ad nauseum big time.

Why? What service does this provide? How does this help to "heal" alleged tears in racial relations?

Also, from point of view from black public officials; intellectuals; ordinary man in the street; et al it is always YT's fault an always YT is to blame.

But white intellectuals always chime in and readily agree that its the white persons fault as well.

Why? What reason is there for them to do this?

As noted above, few white liberals whether living in cities or suburbs their goal always seems to be to make them resemble Portlandia Whitopia as much as possible.

Again, why is this? What do these whites know? And why are they consciously doing this, if it doesn't make a bit of difference whom they just happen to live near?

I dont think in 2014, 40yrs post Death Wish film, that any public white intellectual, mover and shaker, person who prides themselves on being up with the times can plausibly make the claim that they don't happen to see race in a behavior (in this case, crime) and its prevalence and constant recurrence over and over and over from Seattle, Portland, to Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, and Baltimore. Basically all over the entire US one consistent factor constantly turns up.

And that unfortunately is race. It is one of the constant factors that never change; anyone who says otherwise is a self-deluded, willfully useful idiot to an ideology that, while may have been sincere in the 60s, is now sincerely wrong and dangerous to live one's life by.

And as noted above, white libs don't dare live near this element either. Why? If race has no bearing whatsoever then it shouldn't matter and they can live near them without fear of the consequences.

The staring the face.


I'll be serious now.

Over the past week, there have been some really good comments that I have not had the time to add my "two cents worth".

There is the issue of "violence".

Then a female who "blamed" me for a comment about home schooling (which I did not make, but was not offended).

There is the important issue of why a future White Homeland must be for, and only for, WHITES. All else is secondary, and it must be for only those Whites who see it that way. The rest of you are race traitors and there are plenty of diverse neighborhoods for you.

Like Asians? Go live with them (good luck). Like the nice Mexicans? Go live with them (good luck). What part of White don't you understand?

I don't want no stinkin' diversity. Been there. Done that.

Someday, if time permits, I want to address them, BUT for now I wish to comment about Tracey Halvorsen.

So she feels she may have to leave Baltimore? Well, if she does I would like her to perform a real-life experiment.

If she moves she sounds like the type who will be more alert to where she will make the move. It doesn't make any sense for her to move to a new location same as the old location.

As she makes here search, will there be any thought of the races involved? Any.

If not, there is anther way she can learn about race. When she decides on a place, have her ask herself about the racial makeup of her new home. Compare it to the old home.

Will it end up being black majority? I doubt it. Will she notice? If she is honest, it will be there for the noticing.

We speak of "good schools". "Safe neighborhoods". "Parks were kids can play". Tracey, those ONLY exist in 85%+ WHITE areas. There is no such thing in majority black areas. None. Even Addison and Constructive Gasbag can't name one single majority area that isn't like your Baltimore. Not one.

You have yet to wake up and I hope it doesn't take one of those robberies, rapes, beating that you witness on others, to happen to you, to wake you up.

(Give her time. She is about to see the light.)

When you do, Tracey, welcome aboard and start breeding White babies.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Is my white cerebrum fair? Does the negro suffer unfairly because of either my white cerebrum or his negro cerebrum?

Should I, PDK, a Kelto-Scandic white, of the blue eyed, blond and red haired people, offer myself or my kind in sacrifice because of my white cerebrum privilege?

This PDK answers unequivocally, that I'll not be sacrificed for my unfair white cerebrum. If the negro and his enabler, the white liberal have a problem with my white cerebrum I say I have a problem with the negro cerebrum.

Just because a negro is born with a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum than I, and my fellow whites, said negro should not be allowed to indulge in the negro cerebrum privilege of white murder.

That is racist! That is passing the buck of maturity!

When it comes to those negros found guilty of murdering whites, because they are immature, racist and of low IQ, I am for justice to the fullest extent of the law. I'm thinking along the biblical lines of an eye for an eye and a life for a life.

I realize we cannot wash the negro nature out his smaller, lower IQed cerebrum, but if he is to continue living ensconced in our white man's higher culture of civilization, to purposely parasitize his way to a higher quality and standard of life than his negro, lower culture of the primitive savage offers, he must measure up to the responsibility of that negro privilege or we must defend ourselves appropriately.

More beautiful whites, our own kind, who held within themselves their parcel of our white posterity via their genes, snuffed out because of the negro's, smaller, lower IQed cerebrum privilege.

Anyone of those murdered whites could be our sons and daughters.

They are our white relatives, born of our white gene pool. The negro is not one of ours, he is not of our gene pool.

We do not need him, he needs us.

I say the time has come and the need has arisen to separate out and away from the monster that is the negro and his low IQed cerebrum privilege, leaving him to his own device.

He does not deserve our kindness anymore.

Negro, heal thyself!

I wash my hands of him!

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Paul said...

"I'm a gay race realist, and Tracey Halvorsen doesn't speak for me. It seems to me that she is feigning offense when she doesn't have the balls to speak honestly about the violence of the Black community."

Me too, though I'm not American. Do NOT assume that we Gays are all in lockstep with this "DWL" thing.

Berserker said...

How very black of (WYPR producer) Lanahan to blame White privilege for the terminal decay of Baltimore.

Blacks only take responsibility for running fast with a ball, or screaming out angry, hateful rhymes.

Anonymous said...

Remember that verbal communication can have an emotional meaning wholly distinct from what is said. By this I mean, for example, when a black political type ( minor office holder) goes ballistic and demands National Guard patrols, is he or she really asking for extra policing? Or is he "showing off" and acting, not to reassure his black constituents but rather to terrorize white suburbanites?
I think the latter because actually the purge and release of an occasional murder is what is needed to cement the "community": ever notice how invigorated following a gangland murder?
Grief has its benefits. Solidarity grows just as does increasing suspicion that the "CIA" or some other evil entity is bringing in the drugs to "kill us off". Vivid pledges to vigilantism fade as soon as cooperation with the white police as a necessary cost of doing business is understood.
So, the cycle re-runs. It (urban ruination) is inevitable whenever the requisite rationality is missing from so may people.

Baron Munchausen said...

To Anon at 3:28 p.m.

Hate crime perpetrated by blacks against LGBT's is rampant and occurs daily. All one has to do is go visit to see the various exploits of these attacks, which are oddly never spoken about in the media nor are prosecuted with federal hate crime laws.

(Forgive me as I begin to speak in general terms)

Why do you think that is?

Why do gays align themselves with the black community?

This is puzzling since They hate you.

Don't you remember when St. Trayvon's girlfriend Janteal got on the witness stand and said to a national audience that gay men were all pedophiles and rapists?

I do

I also remember nobody saying a god damn thing about it. Except me. But I don't have a national audience.

Why do gays align themselves with muslims?

They hate you as well

Same thing with the latinos.

Why does the Gay community ignore that every element of the democratic party hates you?

What do you think will happen once they have what they want?

Do you really think they will be accepting of you?

Do you really think that y'all will hold hands and sing kum-ba-ya around the camp fire of the white civilization that y'all collectively burnt to the ground?

There was this Japanese movie I saw some time ago. It was called Akira Kurosawa's "Dreams" It was 8 different stories but one that stood out was "The Weeping Demon."
In this story, a nuclear holocaust had happened, with the remaining humans mutating and growing horns, some with one, others two, and so on. The demons created a pecking order where the ones with two or more horns would eat the ones with one horn, until there were no more one horned demons left. Then they started on the two horns.....

This is what will happen to the LGBT community when "the great struggle" against those patriarchal heterosexual white males who built this country is finally won. This alliance will devour each other. I believe the Gays will go first. Mainly due to the fact the homosexuality is the unspoken "persona non grada" among this alliance. They tolerate you because you serve their needs.

The collective hates me and my kind.

When we are gone, what will they hate next?

I pray that you wake others in your community up by being a realist. They won't listen to me. But to you they will. You have to stand up and speak out against people like Tracy for they claim to speak for you. If you don't, no one will. Then when you find yourself losing all of your "rights" you fought so hard for, you will only have yourself to blame.

But when does a liberal ever say "This is my fault. I am responsible for this."

I live in Austin, a liberal mecca, for almost a decade and I have never heard it once.

The Baron M.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone was expecting Tracey to put the ''hat'' on the real culprits. I look for her to go the ''legacy o da slabery''route, in the next few days. Being a lesbian she has to be ''down'' with the ''struggle''TM. She would be stripped of her hipster bonifieds if she even let on a little bit that she's a realist.

Constructive Feedback said...

My Dear Friend Paul Kersey:

On "Al Jezeera America" they featured the condition of a former steel town in West Virginia.

IF I, a Black guy, noted that "the WHITE FOLKS in Wierton West Virginia WILL NEVER BE THE SAME after their steel plant shutdown" - could you assist me in distinguishing YOUR OBSERVATION from MINE?

Jay Santos said...

" one else, outside of the family member and friends of Zach Sowers, Jon Fogg, Stephen Pitchairn, John Mason, and Kimberley Leto will remember how they lived."

Yes PK, those lives were all taken in brutal, bloody killings. I'll concede the victims suffered horribly. But what about Emmett Till? Shouldn't we discuss Emmett Till? We've been discussing Emmett Till for 60 years now. We shouldn't allow ourselves to get distracted from the story of Emmett Till.

Odds are that one day Ms. Havorsen will have a "meet the teens" event. I wish her a speedy recovery should that unfortunate day come. And while lying in the Hopkins ICU, I'm confident she would remain staunchly opposed to any race realism.

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan here

Hmmm. Third gay here in a row so far. You don't have to be a hater, to be a race realist. You don't have to hate anyone. You just need eyes that can see, ears that can hear, and enough brain cells to process the incoming information.
If a polar bear was chasing me down, it would not make any sense to hate that bear. Fear, yes. Avoidance, yes. Run for your life, yes. But hatred would be the last thing on my mind.
After fifty years of brainwashing through mass media, too many whites simply cannot face the truth. There is nothing wrong with being a racist. It's simply survival sense.

Dissident said...

The unpardonable sin for 95% of white people is to be considered racist.

Stupid white people will will be dragged through Hell backwards than rather be called racist. Any other racial group understands the reality of cohesiveness in their respective groups, but not white people. No we're the stupid ones that keep conceding ground. Like our children don't deserve much better than constantly being berated for our "white privilege".

If we lose this culture/race battle we're in, it will be because we gave it away willingly. We're trading our birthright for the stupidity of the big lie of multiculturalism and diversity.

I swear the next liberal white @$$hole that I hear spout, "diversity is our strength" is going to get a back hand.

Truly if we are this stupid then maybe we deserve eradication by the vibrant people of color.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback said:

"IF I, a Black guy, noted that "the WHITE FOLKS in Wierton West Virginia WILL NEVER BE THE SAME after their steel plant shutdown" - could you assist me in distinguishing YOUR OBSERVATION from MINE?"

Did the steel plant move out because the white community in Wierton consisted of crime-ridden thugs who made doing business there impossible? Of course not. As usual. your "point" makes no sense. You should write for the New York Times.

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan again

Baron, I think I have some insight into the knee jerk liberalism often displayed by the LGBT community. Gays have often been targeted and badly treated, so it makes sense that they would feel outrage when they see someone else being treated badly. This leads to identifying with other people who they see as being mistreated, whether that mistreatment is real or alleged.
In other words, we are often (not always) a soft touch.

Dan said...

Enough about Leto, let's talk about the human Emitt Till and his more than humanness father Louis Till and their humanity. Leto? Well, she was less than human. Let's all be humane with the humans and their evident humanness.

Dissident said...

DIVCON, for Diversity Overload Condition.

DIVCON 5: Five percent of population is genetically and culturally distant from natives. Assimilation probable with minimal fiscal outlay or native sacrifice.

DIVCON 4: Ten percent of population is genetically and culturally distant from natives. Assimilation possible with substantial fiscal outlay. Social cohesion index (SCI) shows first signs of stress. Foreign immigrants begin to self-segregate into politically potent neighborhoods that serve as conduits for overseas relatives and the continuance of their homeland cultures.

DIVCON 3: Twenty percent of population is genetically and culturally distant from natives. Assimilation improbable without enormous fiscal outlay and native sacrifice. SCI records explosion of cultural and racial fault lines running through regions and communities. Foreign immigrants and non-native minorities control entire neighborhoods and some cities. Multilingualism is codified into law. Native and racial flight from these non-native outposts of political and cultural control accelerates.

DIVCON 2: Thirty percent of population is genetically and culturally distant from natives. Assimilation impossible despite massive debt-propped outlays and propagandized humiliation of natives to abjure their culture and identity. SCI passes threshold from greater social cohesion to greater social strife. States begin to switch political allegiances as demographic change sweeps out native majority status. Native/racial flight peaks in intensity, limited only by economically constrained immobility. Self-segregation reverses historical integrationist policies. Regional power bases coalesce as federal power simultaneously strengthens and fractures. Anti-native propaganda loses its influence to inform native sensibilities and self-identity.

DIVCON 1: Forty percent or more of population is genetically and culturally distant from natives. Nation begins irrevocable transformation into resembling the countries from which the non-native populations originate. Political compromise impossible. Jury system breaks down along ethnic and racial boundaries. Wealth inequality reaches historical maximums. SCI red lines. Social discord and native ennui/withdrawal from civic processes undermine legitimacy of state apparatuses. “Anarcho-tyranny” — underclass and overclass lawlessness combined with police state intimidation of native middle class — is implemented to tamp down rising hostilities. Major cities and some states are abandoned by natives to non-native control. Redistribution to politically powerful non-natives impoverishes the natives. Anti-native propaganda assaults every cultural institution, becomes bolder and more transparently aggressive. Natives begin active and unapologetic campaigns against ruling class propaganda. Racial and cultural tensions provoke excessive and violent government response. Free speech surrendered as a founding principle. Mass surveillance and kangaroo courts operate with impunity.

At DIVCON 1, political and armed rebellion become distinct possibilities. Secession movements grow in number and intensify rapidly. Tax evasion increases. Tax havens multiply. Political parties realign. Military volunteerism bottoms out. Third parties experience surge in popularity. Tribal nepotism and corruption in every facet of life erodes trust, bankrupts communities, endangers citizens, and reduces standard of living and other measures of personal happiness. Mental illness and symptoms of psychological distress increase. Private militias, high- and low-tech security systems and fortress communities sever the last strands of national unity. Break-up is inevitable barring repatriation of immigrants, anti-dysgenic fertility policies, and social and economic protection of native middle classes.

I re-posted this from another site. Thought it was pertinent.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

whisker child said...

Well, if enough Asians fight BRA, maybe we have a chance, white folks can't do it, we don't count.

Anonymous said...

The headline for this was one of the most poignant & true headline I've ever seen in 64 yrs.

The headline says it all & I'm going to use it often & well in discussions with others on the topic of race "realism".

Brilliant Kersey, flat out brilliant !

H\ hypie out H\

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

There seem to be some unwhites here at Paul's who do not quite get the view of themselves from the white perspective, I for one perceive them as the proverbial turd in the punch bowl at a solemn occasion.

We whites talk about leaving the negro sub-species behind and the negro who claims he is persecuted by evil whitey does not rejoice in MLK's free at last style.

Instead he dogs us to hound us with twisted half truths and any BS he can think of.

Why does the negro not come clean and admit whitey is the best thing that ever happened to him or, thank God almighty for his chance to live without whitey?

In real life one cannot have it both ways.

I remember two drinking glasses my father had. They were decorated with humor. One said "don't go away mad, just go away".

Why do negros first expect whitey to accept the white man's burden, to help the loser negro, then second besmirch and murder whitey, then finally, blame whitey for all that travails the negro.

Why I wonder, won't he just go away. If I and my fellow whites are what holds the negro down, but further we are willing to leave him, give him his liberty, why won't he stop dogging us.

I know we all know what's going on here. I guess I'm wishing for honesty from a group whose only hope is dishonesty that they may continue parasitizing whitey.

Beam me up Spock, the natives are dogging us.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

10mm AUTO said...


How nice to see you crawling back after you didn't answer my responses to your little dia-Tribe.

I will be happy to answer your question about White towns that go broke or go under.

White towns have been going under for a long time. Villages would disappear in plagues or be destroyed by some army marching through. Often they were rebuilt, if the area had a particular geographic or mineral or strategic location. A small city like York, in England, was used as a staging area for invasions into Scotland as far back as the Romans. Mt. Christie' in France makes a unique wine (La Creama Christ'ie) "Tears of Christ")) yet has never had more than 350 people in its village yet has a Roman main road.

In America, whole towns were built up in the 1880's only to fail once the water ran out or the Silver vein ran out or the coal ran out or the Gold ran out. Here in the Homeland, we have a small town called Black Diamond, a coal mining town that was formed just in time for oil to supplant its major wealth. The town has faded.

You ask, you lying disingenuous negro you; are these towns different than other towns with black people?

Why YES!

Their crime rate is almost non-existent (in one small town here in the Homeland called Kingston, there is no police force, the State Patrol stops by and opens the office Monday through Wednesday. After Wednesday around 4:30 the whole town is on it own.)

These community is based around Church or one small business that thrives or the City fathers come up with something. In Black Diamond, they run tours to the coal mines and have a "Dinner Train" using the old tracks. Little towns with Whites in them struggle on or even go under, but they do so without the unbelievable, vicious, unrelenting evil that negroids perpetrate.

Change the race and you get Horror shows like the Knoxville Horror, Jonathan Foster, Autumn Pasquale and the thousands of dead and maimed that are cited on race realist sites simply don't happen. For a real heart breaker see: (note site has not been undated since 2012).

Where ever the negroid plants his flag the ones that follow ruin a neighborhood as surely as a deadly gas. Detroit is the final phase, where the city is stripped of its very bones and the city is like a Neutron Bomb has exploded. The houses stand, the city is dead and the dying light the houses up to light the night. Skyscrapers with windows broken out are inhabited by gangs of negros, feral and deadly.

We don't see Whites in their safe towns "marching" to stop the violence, or candle-light vigils to "Stop the Killing" or "Wilding" where random people are murdered or beaten or raped. Whites don't go to the vigils of negros and point and laugh at the crying families as Autumn Pasquale's family had to endure.

And always their is the negro begging bowl. "Give me programs" says the negro, "and I will kill less." Has it ever happened? Says the Negro: "Let us march together to "Take back our Neighborhoods"". Has it ever happend? Has a neighborhood ever been taken back for the black criminal class, or has it been one slow drawn out death rattle, city after city: Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit, Philadelphia, Camden, Nj. One and one the names go, a downward spiral. A the black hole in the center is the begging bowl of the negro.

Negroid Pastors extol the Living to stop the Killing.

White Pastors extol the Living to Honor their Dead.

Baron Munchausen said...

San Fran -

You have a valid point. Thank you for responding.

But why after the initial reaction do not cooler heads prevail? Why continue to support and align, even in the stark reality of the situation? Why continue to enable the very behavior that will consume you as well? Why ignore the elephant in the room?

There is much more to this, as you said yourself, with admitting that your post is "some" insight, which is not reflective of the whole. Still a valid point though.

I truly believe this is about hate. An adolescent hate derived from angst, failed dreams, rebellion against the parents, and/or the inability by some to grow beyond the mindset of a ten year old. Nothing unifies like something to hate. The communists knew this. The Nazis, the marxists, hell, any good political leader in the past 3000 years did. I think that LGBT's hate who I am and what I represent. Living in Austin, a lesbian mecca, I can count on one hand the number of lesbians I have met that like white males.

*Side note* Lesbians are odd to me. They seem to be a group of individuals that so hate what they are that they destroy the very thing that they are: female. With their short hair, baggy clothes, misplaced tattoos, african hoop earrings, lack of makeup, and/or anything that would make you think that they are a woman; this to me speaks not of a sexuality thing, but something much more maligned within them. Something seriously wrong. Gay men, for the most part, still resemble men (not speaking of the trans). Just saying. *end note*

Just like I cannot respect DWL's I cannot respect LGBT's that support the very mechanism of your demise. Thank you for being a realist. And thank you for sharing with us.

The Baron M.

Owen said...

"I'm a gay race realist..."

As am I. I have family in Baltimore and the last time I visited that terrible city I was chased by a barking mob of black teenagers through the Inner Harbor. Yes, they were barking at me as if they were dogs and their barks were being answered by another unseen group who barked in return a street or two over. We ducked into a Subway restaurant, told the employees what was happening, and waited until the group had cleared.

I was laos threatened by a young black man in Baltimores Penn Station for daring to look in his direction while searching for my brother who was picking me up from the train. We requested a police escort to the parking lot.

Baltimore is finished.

Dan said...

What should have happened in the 1950s is that whites should have ploughed under a great deal of the housing stock and turn many of the cities into pasture again. Checkmate negro. No decay porn for you to revel in. We ought to airlift Arikaners in and possibly the Syrian Christians. Let them fight it out with Tyrone, they won't be intimidated.

Anonymous said...

Race traitor here- well, maybe, if I identified myself by Centurion's standards, or, Allah forbid, Semper FiLove Albanians (no disrespect to my cousins in The Corps; I just cannot let a guy who writes a chapter-long post supporting the Islamic criminal underlords of Europe to besmirch the name of & claim to represent the USMC- so will a real Marine please start using Semper Fi as their moniker on this site?).

By the way Kersey, I still cannot figure out why you held back on my awesome retort to SemperFiLoveAlbanians, all those weeks ago, but you let him post for the sole sake of whining back at me- twice! Can you at least insist he uses the word "black" or "negro" or "colored" or something next time he posts exclusively to educate me on Yugoslavia or my being a race traitor?

Anyhow, great to hear from all the homosexuals/LGBTQ on the site. Got into the habit of reading Savage Love years ago, have not kept up of late, but I suspect even old Dan has a little race realist somewhere deep down- he's just too smart to put himself/ friends & loved ones in harm's way. Between him & Ask a Mexican, I would love to have a couple of beers with those two guys.

Anyhow, PDK, Centurion, others, while I respect you all greatly (PDK you have a decent little blog there- I spent an evening browsing last week), I don't subscribe to a worldview as narrows as is yours. I'm stoked that we now have some Gays & Lesbians Who Can See (John Carpenter film reference, LGBTQ folks). And I agree, no need to hate, though, I confess to hatred for many, many of the deranged underclass we speak of so frequently on this site. But I try really hard to focus on the big picture, & that is turning the tide.

I'm doubtful, based on global evidence, any society with >10% Beautiful People of Color can achieve or maintain high functionality. In "The Bell Curve" (whose authors had their careers effectively ruined for daring to publish facts about differences in IQ by race), H&M state clearly that the low-IQed would be of no use in the knowledge economy. Ignoring for a moment that we live in a squid economy, & assuming this low IQ notion is correct (I do, I do!), what is the ultimate fate of the low IQed? Whatever it may or may not be, since intelligence is at least 50% genetics, it would seem that sterilization/ prohibition of procreation will be in order for this bunch. Obviously, if you buy into my premise there, that means some pretty stiff medicine for those incapable of anything but remaining a perpetual parasite underclass.

OK- I hope I've made my point. Asians, Hispanics, & now LGBTQ folks, welcome to reality. Since I won't be welcome in the white homelands of the individuals mentioned earlier in this post, I hope we can work together to sort this all out. Maybe Baltimore will get hit by a tsunami or something. Hopefully it can take Animalcostia with it. I almost got macheteed or shotgunned into oblivion in broad daylight there a decade ago just walking back to my buddy's car. Some Fine Citizen in a trenchcoat giving out a hollah from across the parking lot advancing on two large white males was probably not just a martial arts expert, right?

BlkGrlSeeALot said...

O my frickin God!!!!
What is it that you do not understand about proportions?
One West V.A. town for the numerous discussed here year round?

We GET it c.f. You're one of those 'smart, literate brothas.' You watch Al-J and know alll about the Federal Reserve. You probably voted for Cynthia Kinney. You probably enjoy a 'j' but don't binge on blunts and drank like those ordinary hood (using new term here) s.i. b.a.'s (kind of rhymes, lol).
You probably make YouTube videos about the Egyptians, mis-education of the n.a.p.a. and all that jazz. Fine.

I'll give you this c.f.: I probably wouldn't mind you, one out of ten, over most 'average' blacks based on some of the 'fancy, big Y.T.' terms and topics you insert here.

But in all truth, I fear blacks like you more than the average hood dweller. You probably are some sorry Y.T.'s IKAGO; after a few beers with 'Chad & Allison, ' you retreat to your cave and pester SBPDL with your under handed diatribes. At least the average n.a.p.a."be doin' what he do" upfront.
I imagine that the mask in your avatar is more than telling...

Anonymous said...

Tracey Halvorsen sounds like a typical liberal whackjob. Able to see the problem but not the cause or even to admit the cause.
If she wants to get out of Baltimore, I deeply and sincerely hope she does NOT come to my town or even my region.
She's the type who will vote for every policy and program that led to the destruction of Baltimore in the interests of "multiculturalism, vibrancy and diversity" while screeching about how backwards a place is, how nastily conservative and traditional and disgusting. She will do everything in her power to destroy it and then refuse to accept that she was responsible when she helps turn it into Baltimore or Detroit.
She is a walking plague of idiocy and destructiveness and that's ten million times worse than being a race realist or "racist."

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here...Another report from the the "white homeland". I went into a bar tonight for a beer. This bar has three TV sets embedded in the walls so the people can watch their favorite "game". So what were they watching tonight? They were watching a DOG SHOW. I will repeat that. They were watching a DOG SHOW. America is lost.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. It's standard for DWLs and The Community to whine about "too much attention when a white person is murdered by blacks."

I've long noticed that DWLs and blacks themselves are indifferent to black on black crime. They only notice black victims if the perp is white or "white hispanic."

Bogolyubski said...

OT, but those who know how to appreciate a superb shit-sandwich need to go take a look at this page at Vox's to get an idea of how one of the latest and greatest "entrepreneurs" operates. Bernie Madoff eat your heart out!

Anonymous said...

Tracy Halvorsen reminds me of the old tv commercial where a dumb blonde on the beach sees several shark fins break the surface of the water and jumps up excitedly proclaiming, "Look! Let's go swim with the dolphins!" as she rushes towards the water.
Except it's far worse than that. Let's assume that (at this "beach") shark attacks have maimed and killed numerous people and sensible, rational and intelligent people avoid the water. They know the sharks are there and are very dangerous and it's not dolphins that are attacking.
But all a Tracy Halvorsen can do is self-righteously accuse them of being "sharkists." She can note the attacks, note the damage done and even complain about it but can never bring herself to blame the sharks.
Enjoy your swim, sweetie. We'll issue you a posthumous Darwin Award. You'll have really earned it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not from Baltimore, but I've spent extended stays there with work. Sometimes 45 days at a time. I first went there with zero knowledge of the city, and learned very quickly how things worked. Downtown? I had visions of crab cakes and inner harbor. One wrong exit off the expressway lands you in the heart of the row houses PK has talked about, in varying states of decay. Black guys out walking around in the street. Kids, too, toddlers on tricycles on the street. Windows open, the bed sheets nailed to the wall as curtains, flapping against the side of the house. People, idle, sitting on their porches. Thankfully it was broad daylight, on a Tuesday afternoon, although that doesn't seem to prevent a YT attack, nowadays. It was block after block of blighted ruins and aimless wandering blacks. The blacks I worked with, or at least 75% of them, did only enough to not get fired. There were exceptions, of course.

But I honestly could not think of ANY reason that anyone would WANT to live there. At all. Period. Or anywhere surrounding Baltimore, or DC for that matter. I always like to envision myself living in a new city when I visit, but in this case I came up blank. The taxes were ridiculous. And the suburbs are artificially inflated, price wise. Unless you're a top income earner and can afford to live in a nice white suburb, working class whites get shuffled off a lot closer to the blacks and Latinos then we'd like to be.

There's a general perception, I believe, amongst blacks, that YT is just made of money, and we shed it like dog hair everywhere we go. Everything we touch is golden. And they're right to a certain extent,. But guys like me, middle class, very humble beginnings from a very modest family and upbringing. We are losing our place to call home. The cookie cutter, disposable suburbs are generally neither appealing or nor unique, but expensive. We have to price black and Latino "diversity" behavior out, but its getting harder and more expensive. Running out of middle class white havens.

There's more than enough data out there about immigration control, left unabated such is the case in the united States finds itself in to write a blog about what Latinos have done to vast swaths of American cities. Similar to the way PK chronolizes the decay that Black's have brought about in once great cities. You'll notice in Latino controlled swaths of Chicago, somewhat more commercial activity, and perhaps an overall better work ethic in the Latino compared to the black community. But make no mistake about it, disinvestment is real. No one outside of the Latino community would dare consider buying a house in those areas. They are not safe. Aspiring Latinos have already begun fleeing to suburbia. The populations of city cores dwindles. We are facing a massive failure of a great many more cities. Blacks & Latinos will have left a lasting mark on these cities. DWL's will have to face the music eventually, and their destructive policies. We must not forget about those Latinos, people!!! And poor little YT me looking for an affordable place to raise my family...

Anonymous said...

I propose a motion that in spirit of the Constitution, that 3/5ths of comments from Addison, CF, and any other black be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Brilliant!

Jay Santos said...

Entirely off topic, but educational and entertaining at the same time.

This from Yahoo/AP. Obama and his lovely wife are engaging in, I don't know, something with the French President. After their dinner, they will enjoy music from one Mary J. Blige, a famous negro singer. Here is a description of the menu…

Look, none of this was remotely in the mind of the men who established this country. None of it. But, hey, we're rich, why not have a good time.

"The first course will feature American Osetra caviar, farmed from the estuaries of Illinois, paired with quail eggs from Pennsylvania and a dozen varieties of potatoes from farms in New York, Idaho and California.
That will be followed by a salad of petite radishes and baby carrots on a bed of lettuce and splashed with red-wine vinaigrette made using honey from the beehive on the South Lawn. The salad will be served in a clear, glass bowl and resemble a terrarium.

White House Executive Pastry Chef William Yosses holds a dessert tray during a press preview in the …

The main course, dry-aged rib eye beef from a farm in Greeley, Colorado, will be served with blue cheese, charred shallots, oyster mushrooms and braised chard.
Dessert is chocolate malted cake, described as a modern version of a layer cake made with bittersweet chocolate from Obama's native Hawaii, Florida tangerines and served with vanilla ice cream from Pennsylvania. After dinner, guests can dip into a serving dish made entirely of sugar to sample fudge made of Vermont maple syrup, shortbread cookies made with lavender from Mrs. Obama's garden and cotton candy dusted with orange zest.
The square and round tables are covered in blue with clear-backed chairs, while the oblong tables have mirrored tops.
The White House florist, who studied floral artistry in Paris, created French-inspired bouquets that are meant to evoke the feeling of a painting by Monet, the French impressionist. The "deconstructed" arrangements — that means the flowers and greenery are not all in one vase but are in separate vessels — were made using quince branches, acacia leaves, white and purple iris flowers and bamboo.

April 15th is approaching.

Anonymous said...

"Why do gays align themselves with the black community?"
They're both good dancers.
They're both obsessed with butts.
They both wear flashy clothes and jewelry.
They both have weird hair-dos.
They both... They both... Damn, I wish I could remember the rest.

Anonymous said...

Black man killed his 2 year old daughter, chopped her up, and fed her remains to his pit bull. After that he killed the dog to cover it up. The mother and both of their families helped him cover it up. This happened in 2006 and nobody reported the child missing until 2011 and even now both families are actively impeding the police investigation.

Anonymous said...

The tension between races has not been this pitched since the riots of the early sixties when black mobs destroyed their own neighborhoods then decried having to live in such squalid conditions. The current president has done his part to stoke the discontent between blacks and whites, abetted by Holder at the Justice Department. What will be the moment that it all boils over into a savage race based open and armed conflict? What if the trigger event occurred last April to test the effectiveness of the action and the government's response? Here is a link to the article detailing the particulars: The utility attempted to downplay the event as "vandalism". The attacker knew exactly what to cut and where. They did extensive damage but power could be rerouted around that station while repairs were done. What if the same attacked occurred simultaneously around the grid removing the option of rerouting? When the power goes dark for 3 months or six months, how will the EBT folks get fed? How will they keep warm or have light or watch sports? Look for rioting of the tenth magnitude within most affected large municipalities. This means those on the outskirts will have to be their own protector/defender. Buy your ammo, keep lanterns and some long term food in storage because it will get ugly, bloody and will be decided in the end by violence. Those who are prepared will prevail. The rest will be caught up in the turbulence of society being stripped away!

Anonymous said...

I can't really critique Halvorsen. Of course she's not going to come out and say Black political rule ruined Baltimore. She's probably trying to protect her job or livelihood, as she should. Her blog post probably opened some eyes, woke people up, led people to connect dots, let them know it was okay to notice simple and obvious demographic patterns, and for all that I thank her.

Your daily diversity story:

A naked man with 'superhuman strength' was shot dead by police after attacking a retired cop, a father and son and a teenage boy in a drug-fuelled rampage.

Officers attempted to taser 6ft 3in 250lb Anesson Joseph, who witnesses say was growling like a wild animal, but were unable to subdue him.

This Black male physically assaulted a 10 year old boy, a 16 year old girl, a 66 year old retiree, and tried to bite/gnaw the face off an 18 year old. He was ultimately shot dead by the police. He has a beautiful blonde girlfriend.

This is the future of America. Demographics is destiny. Good luck y'all.

Gnome Sane said...

It's all about behavior, not race. All races have a certain percentage of bad seeds, this can be observed and measured and the numbers don't lie. Look at the FBI crime stats and tell me blacks aren't inherently more violent.
Why do property values plummet when blacks move in?
Why do businesses close at sundown or move out altogether?
Simple answer: The black "culture", or lack of it.
Instead of using the sidewalk, you walk down the middle of the street as if in the Congo, refusing to move out of the way.
You rob the stores blind.
You steal shopping carts and leave them in the bushes blocks away.
You are loud, rude and disrespectful. It's a wonder you can see anything past that giant chip on your shoulder (females are the worst).
Your young children curse like sailors and are physically aggressive and abusive, especially to animals. This seems normal to the "parent". It's truly amazing to witness, I guess I'm not diverse enough.
You strew garbage everywhere, throwing it on the side of the road at stop signs.....disgusting. Being comfortable living in garbage is part of your culture, I get it.
You leave the contents of your crib on the street to rot when you move out.
You intentionally burn down your own houses.
You never have enough money when you are paying for something, hoping the cashier will let it go.
You ignore whitey's driving rules/laws and simply invent your own.
Your behavior in the workplace would get any non-black fired but "your people" get a pass.
We in the civilized world are expected to ignore or accept your behavior as part of your "culture" in the name of diversity. My dog's behavior is far superior, and she's black.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

In the course of my life I met very few, but a few, white women married to a negro.

The white woman did everything, held down the job, took care of the children and ran the house or apartment. The negro did nothing but function as sperm donor and resident parasite.

As a cab driver for 30 years, 20 in the big city of Phoenix, I would many times have to drive both through and to negroville. There the negros were up all night, hanging, drugging, drinking, even mugging and thugging if someone were stupid enough to wander into negro territory.

I'm thinking here that the negro's, and the mulatto negros here at Paul's do not have a job.

That their girlfriend or wife is the breadwinner. The wife, if white, holding the job, if negress, welfare recipient.

Obviously I do not know for sure, but it occurs to me they have a lot of time on their hands to come to Paul's blog.

AS has actually gone to my small blog to spew petite comments, and even dumped two emails on me.

I did not, would not, read his email, I just deleted it the way I would simply flush the morning's constitution down the cesspool way.

Therefore my earlier comment about why the negro will not leave us alone, or does not celebrate his "free at last" status as whites talk about a new homeland void of all others, especially the negro.

I know why of course, his physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum does not serve him well in the white man's higher culture of civilization. It evolved to serve him well in his lower culture of the primitive savage.

Alas his culture only offers the lowest standard and quality of life, but he wants the good life of the white man's higher culture of civilization.

He could of course prove himself worthy by being decent, hardworking and thankful for all that he gets but otherwise would not get.

But this is not what he chooses.

He chooses instead to murder, rape and rob, then blame his victims, making every excuse possible, but never admitting his guilt.

The sooner we whites are done with the negro, the better off we and our posterity will be.

From the Sanctuary. I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Paul there's a story to be written here in Tampa . On Friday night at the Florida State Fair " Wilding teens shut down fair " ( Actual Tampa Tribune front page wording) . The report states that " Youths " were stealing candied-apples and throwing them at the responding police officers as was a hand-cart , 99 teens were ejected from the fair . One of the "teens kicked out was later hit and killed by a SUV while trying to cross I-4.

Paul , I read your blog every day as do my father and brother keep up the good fight.

Chris B
USMC 1833

TheAntidote said...

The film 'Death Wish' and its central character form a theme and a meme for many at this site. As I read the pathetic whinings of the blind, deluded Miss Halvorsen, I thought of a different, earlier film.
The Time machine, 1960: Tracey Halvorsen is like one of the Eloi enjoying the rich diversity of fruit available; the crumbling meal pavilion is the isolation and safety of her neighbourhood; George, the time traveler berating and trying to motivate the Eloi is PK and some of the commenters; the air raid sirens the Eloi follow to their slaughter is the koolaid brainwashing of the dwill.
This film did have a happy ending, for the Eloi did ultimately wise up. Tracey Halvorsen, recognize the Morlocks for what they are. Don't be led to the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

DAVIE (CBSMiami) – Ft. Lauderdale police are reviewing surveillance video after two people robbed a Girl Scout selling cookies outside a grocery store.
Sunday evening the Girl Scouts had set up a table to sell their wares in front of the Riverland Winn Dixie at 3260 Davie Boulevard.

Just after 8 p.m., two males walked up to the area where the table was set up and Girl Scout Zaley Eisenmann said she was sitting with her head down because she didn’t feel well. She said things didn’t seem right.

“I said I think we should put our money away because things look a little suspicious. So my friend Sophia went to the store because she was thirsty. Everyone was ducking (down) and no one was looking so they snatched it, grabbed it and ran off to Davie,” said Eisenmann.

Eisenmann said she wasn’t sure if any cookies were taken because they hadn’t counted out what they had on hand.

Officers searched the surrounding area after the robbery, but didn’t find the males or Eisenmann’s phone.

“We are grateful that the girls and their mothers were unharmed, and appreciate the quick response of local law enforcement, ” said Lisa Johnson, Vice President of Marketing for the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida in a statement. “The outpouring of support from the community has been especially heartwarming. The girls will not let this robbery undermine their efforts to reach their cookie selling goals, and their work will continue with the full support of their troop and families.”

Police have not released a description of the two people they are looking for nor have they released the surveillance tape of the robbery.


Jim said...

I have read, probably, thousands of posts from this site. Most are well written, articulate and tell the truth. Lots of complaining about how life in the US was, how it is now and how it should be.

However, I do not recall any sensible solutions to correct the problems, i.e., BRA. Sending them all back doesn't quite cut it. Think about it. We can't even send back 11 million illegals. I am 68 years old. Sterilization will take decades. I want to be able to enjoy at least one East coast city.

Question: WTF can be done? Probably nothing in my lifetime. The only temporary solution I can suggest is universal CCW. I received mine from PA, but not necessary where I live. If I need to visit Philly or Pittsburgh, I will carry. No way will visit my hometown, Baltimore, unarmed. Universal CCW will not only save lives, but will the tourism industry, not to mention sale of firearms, accessories, training, etc. All good for the economy. In other words, let the market solve our problems.

Constructive Feedback said...


It is wise of you to FEAR ME as a Black man more than you fear the "Average Hood Dweller".

You should even fear me more than the average WHITE American who is merely a paycheck away from feeling like a "Negro".

For you see - UNLIKE THEM - I AIN'T SKEERED OF YOU OR YOUR KIND. Instead I study you, to discover consistent patterns that denote your fear and insecurities inside.

[quote]We GET it c.f. You're one of those 'smart, literate brothas.' You watch Al-J and know alll about the Federal Reserve. You probably voted for Cynthia Kinney. You probably enjoy a 'j' but don't binge on blunts and drank like those ordinary hood (using new term here) s.i. b.a.'s (kind of rhymes, lol).
You probably make YouTube videos about the Egyptians, mis-education of the n.a.p.a. and all that jazz. Fine.

* I DID NOT vote for Cynthia McKinney. NOT MY STYLE of politician

* I watch "Al Jezeera" and "Democracy Now" for the same reasons that I READ the works of my dear friend Paul Kersey - RESEARCH!!!!

* I haven't smoked a "J" in years. My sober mental capacity is worth more than some temporary pleasure.

* Actually I reject the "Mystical Magical Africa" theories.
It is MY BELIEF that the Negro of today should show his worth by BUILDING UP physical monuments that house his industry.

This is the very same thing that I told Anon, 10Mm Pea Shooter and California: Stop focusing on Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago or Memphis or any other B.R.A. zone.


Anonymous said...

To the "educated" black guy who makes vain attempts to troll the comments on this website, congratulations! You learned that there are poor white towns in Appalachia, and all it took was the Qatari Propaganda Network to enlighten you.

One of the salient points you don't seem to comprehend or are unwilling to admit is the amount of violence in poor black towns/cities versus the amount of violence in poor white towns/cities. What happened to the murder rate in that West Virginia town after the mill closed? Did it skyrocket to the rates found in black-majority Baltimore or New Orleans? It didn't? Well, why not?

Also, you point out Appalachian examples of poor, failed white-majority cities. Could you name one successful black-majority city (with the caveat that naming one that is barely holding on now and was legitimately successful 100 years ago as a white-majority city doesn't count)?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked this shining example of liberal ignorance exactly what IS the target of her original message? WHO is breaking her heart? I don't know what's worse, reading about the daily violence and destruction 'the others' create, or reading the back-peddling and acquiescing of DWL's

This is why I no longer immediately default to feeling bad for the victims of black war criminals. People like this woman choose to live among the wreckage of civilization lost, they defend the negro hoards even in the face of overwhelming proof that they are indeed the enemy of a peaceful society.

The majority of white Americans still seem to be stuck at step one, denial. What will it take to wake them?

Gnome Sane said...

Why don't black rappers, with their vast influence, send a positive to the black community?
Why don't so-called black "leaders" do the same?
You never hear these folks say things like:

We don't need whitey to support us.
Take responsibility for your own lives and the lives of your children.
You can pull yourself out of poverty.
Go to school to learn...stay in school.
Contribute something to your own community.
Respect yourself and others and you will be shown respect.
Respect is earned, not demanded.
Get off your front porch and stop blaming others for your blight plight.

Instead, they preach the exact opposite, why is that?
Who exactly is keeping blacks down? It sure as hell ain't whitey, it's the black tribal "leaders" and their ilk, gaming the system to line their pockets.
Hey, black folk, your "leaders" live in upper-class, gated, white neighborhoods, they don't want to live around you, either....just an FYI.

Anonymous said...

If we do not organize massive protest demonstrations to publicize our outrage at black crime and dysfunction we will only be preaching to the choir. yes there would be a huge police response and negro counter demonstrations. but we must do exactly as the negroes did in the civil rights movement. signs flags and chanting. these outbursts must be too big to ignore. no burning or breaking things. no violence . but massive groups of fed up people. including kids. as i see it this would be an effective tool. carry posters of the victims. crime stats etc. isn't this worth discussing ?

Dan said...

Those things have been done.

The humans then demand the city be reincorporated into the county surrounding it. For all intents and purposes like Stalin annexing the Baltics states in order to plunder the public coffers. St Charles MO is essentially the whites population that abandoned the North Side of St Louis. It's a lovely city. The human negro is rapidly attempting to move there and block bust. You dark hued humans cannot leave it alone, you humans you.

Anonymous said...

American blacks live in a white country, but they don't act like it. They don't realize that they are 100% subsidized by whites.

While the rest of the wretched third world risks live and limb to sneak into this country, American blacks have zero appreciation for their good fortune.

American blacks don't understand that they are GUESTS here. Like a lazy, homeless relative who sleeps on your couch for a month, eats all your food, and overstays his welcome.

Time to go.

That is the real problem.

eah said...

An interesting angle:

Of course the Baltimore Sun regularly omits any description whatsoever from its crime stories. Even when the suspects were clearly seen, are obviously very dangerous, are still at large, and the article is itself partly an appeal for help identifying and finding the perpetrators. One of the links in this post is a good example (I sent a polite email to the author asking why).

But I note this story: Suspect arrested in attack of Baltimore Sun editor in Canton

Of course the editor is white; the suspect is black.

A huge percentage of whites are just craven cowards.

Without question this is true.

Anonymous said...

Methinks Ms Halvorsen is already marked for sumtin' bad to happen to her in lovely blood'ville.

She won't even see it coming thru her
vail of tears.

She best be hopin' it's only a beat-down.

Po'thang has already had to have suffered great ostracization from her
beloved queer peer group

H\ hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

"Instead I study you, to discover consistent patterns that denote your fear and insecurities inside."

The black man's comment proves my theory, that blacks are 100% obsessed with white people, white culture, and white people's perception of blacks. Whites must be their reference point, the axis on which they turn.

What do white people think about me 24/7?

Blacks literally worship white people, and then hate us for it. Blacks don't really care about black culture or other blacks, and cannot pursue happiness and self-determination because they seek first the acceptance of white people.

This is the black inferiority complex coupled with toxic narcissism and a bloated, false self-esteem. DANGER.

That is why they follow us around and demand to be "included" in our successes, neighborhoods, schools, etc., and then refuse to assimilate. Keepin' it real.

We can't live together because the blacks always become parasites and obsessed jealous stalkers.

Anonymous said...


Whites are cowards? I think you're grossly over simplifying the situation faced by whites in this nation.

It has damned near become a crime to say, dare suggest, anything negative about 'the others'.

Are whites afraid to speak their minds openly? Definitely. Who wouldn't be afraid of losing their job for simply acknowledging the truth? WE actually have something to lose, so we can't 'wile out' like they do. WE actually don't like the idea of jail, so we can't just hold a 'gimme dat' convention at your local 7/11 as a means to voice our displeasure.

Confronted by three 'youths' who want 'dat phone'? Sure, you could draw and shoot all three, but are you willing to become the target of a well oiled white hate machine?

If presented with the opportunity to actually stand up for themselves without fear of the entire black nation (ie. our gov't) focusing their MSM crosshairs on your back...I think that cowardly label would fade quickly.

We didn't create the most advanced societies in the world by being cowardly...soon the sleeping bear will awaken. I just pray it comes soon enough for me to do my part.

Dissident said...

Someone asks,"so what's the answer"?


SEGREGATION. Voluntary at first and then perhaps compulsory after a grace period.

Segregation would solve 99% of our problems. Blacks would learn to fend for themselves or starve to death. Blacks are always going on and on about their communities, well then let them have their own communities.

No more white man to carry them along.

White people are sucking hind tit in the land we fought and died for. Our children are being taught by cultural Marxists that we're the oppressors. Our proud heritage is being destroyed and replaced with lies, and our displacers are laughing at our ineptitude to stop them. Do you not think that they aren't? They must think we're cowardly and weak. We are prey to them and they are using the force of a Marxist government to get what they want.

Constructive Feedback seems like he would make a good leader for his people. Let CF take the reins and lead a black nationalist charge up San Jaun Hill to reclaim black community. And just for the record I'm all for black nationalism. 100% for the black nationalist to carve out a black homeland and leave the rest of us the Hell alone.

Caveat Lector.

Gnome Sane said...

Miss Tracey is so typical of the DWL Stepford wife cult. They know deep down where the real problem lies but choose to apparently side with the BRA, pointing the finger of guilt at the "other white people".
What Miss Tracey doesn't understand is that her sociopolitical views are of no interest to the primitive savage. Vibrantly diverse folk rape and murder equally and don't usually base their behavior on your political stance.
You and your kind will end up in no-mans land....oh,'ll cry for and welcome a gun-totin', "other white" guy to defend your sorry ass when the shit hits the fan. Good luck with that, Trace.


First, though I am born of a White Mom from a northern US state, and a White dad from a southern US state, (both about 4th generation WHITE....) I was born in South America.

According to US Race Laws, that makes me Hispanic.

Then, I lived 4 years in Hong Kong. I love Chinese food, Chinese culture, etc. but hey, they have their OWN country. I want mine. For those of you who like Chinese people, fine. Go live with them. Really. Go. They will welcome you, since they support diversity....

I lived in Germany, Luxembourg and the Middle East. Loved all those places and really loved Beirut. I love Arabic food, their culture and especially their food. But, hey, they have their own country. I want mine. You like Arabs? Go live there. They will welcome you. Saudi Arabia loves diversity, diverse churches and such. Go. Marry one. Go.

I want a White country. What about White don't you understand?

I have visited over 48 countries. Some for a few days, some for months. I have traveled just about every train track in Europe, spent summer on the beaches of Greece (now THAT is something to talk about) don't call me close minded. the world in 100 Multi-Cultural, but I want to come home to a White suburb, White nightclubs, White patients, White children.

I just want a WHite country because in every country I saw, they want to invade my race. They want to live with me. I don't want them to live with me. I want a Multi-Cultural World where I can visit the First Baptist Church of Medina or walk through the parks of Johannesburg beside Ponte Flats, back when I lived there for 2 years......What is so wrong with that?

I have no problem with Hispanics, Mexican, Arabs, Chines and Africans as long as they live in their own nations...which they all have....but I don't.......

I want a White country for White people. How will we decide who is White? Same way Addison decided he wasn't. Same way colleges decide which student is "white" and is refused admission so a "person of color" (how do they decide that) gets in on a free scholarship paid for by the parents of the "white" student denied.....

I want a White Country so I don't have to deal with all this bullshit and to deal with the "white" race-traitor who marries a Chan or a Aztec and then demands to live with me.....and the relatives move in... and we are back to the same bullshit we discuss here day after day.

Some of you really haven't thought it through. A White nation will have no Civil Rights laws forcing a restaurant to let your Chinese wife in. You and your wife and 2 half-breed children will be turned away and you won't be able to hire a squid lawyer to sue the RACIST White cracka anymore. Are you really ready for that?

If you don't like it, move to England, or France or Mexico where you are welcome and you will be happier living away from us close minded, hate filled, racists pigs.

A White Nation will be a Racists nation.

A White homeland will have FREEDOM of association. You and your Chinese wife will be turned down at the housing development you "fell in love with". Why? They don't sell to Chinese. Offended? Too bad.

Just what do you think a White homeland will be like? It will be like some of you trying to open a Christian Church in'll be beaten, kicked and perhaps not make it back to the airport.....well, not that bad since we Whites are not as smart as the Arabs in protecting our race/culture.

Stay White, my friend.

E. Newton said...

Anonymous said...
Black man killed his 2 year old daughter, chopped her up, and fed her remains to his pit bull. After that he killed the dog to cover it up. The mother and both of their families helped him cover it up. This happened in 2006 and nobody reported the child missing until 2011 and even now both families are actively impeding the police investigation.

So what? White people feed their children to pit bulls also. The media just doesn't report it.

Dissident said...

That newspaper editor got a taste of the diversity he so loves to write about.

"He has six skull fractures. He's missing about eight to ten teeth that were knocked out. He has fractures in his hands," said Fogg's sister, Melissa Castone.

Wonder if that liberal editor (I'm assuming liberal since most are?) will try and justify his Stockholm Syndrome to his readers after he recovers from his near death experience at the hands of the vibrants?


Gnome Sane said...

"Sheriff: Suspect in newborn kidnapping in own cell"

"A Colorado woman charged with kidnapping a newborn baby who was found alive after being left outside in freezing temperatures last week is being jailed away from the general population for safety reasons, an Iowa sheriff said Monday."

You guessed it.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Good post Centurian @8:09; in my opinion, your best I ever read.

We have to draw a line in the sand somewhere, we should find it before we start.

The most obvious reality to me is why do all the work to forge a new nation-state only to make the same mistakes that cost us our Founding Fathers free enterprise Republic of liberty in the first Place?

Do we think this time it would be different?

In my opinion secession will begin to fill the air here in America at some point in future time.

According to the competitive exclusion principle, we whites will go extinct if we do not protect ourselves. By the way, for those not in the know, we whites have the smallest numbers of the big 3 sub-species of humans.

Did anyone see that picture over at Jared's AR blog 2 or 3 months back, of the 4 red ants quartering the black ant?

That is nature.

It is tough when a reality such as breaking away befalls a generation, but it has befallen us. Now how do we measure up as a generation.

Do we have what it takes, or do we not have what it takes.

That is a question we are about to answer over the next decade or so.

From the sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

10mm AUTO said...

Dissident. Love your DIVCON levels. I note however that the lowest (5%) does not work for negros (who never assimilated) and Muslims (who actively work NOT to assimilate). While the Spanish White and the Irish White and the Celtic White and the French (!) White and the Nordic White and the South African White can all eventually form a single Nation, the 200,000+ years that separate us from the sub-Saharan negro can never be sutured. Further, a strong religious bias like Islam can destroy the "seeds" of assimilation through terror. For those two groups, the levels of DIVCON are much lower.

Anonymous said...

OT: Anti-white Multiculturalist Rand Paul thinks Texas needs more diversity, people with tattoos, GOP needs to reflect the real diverse "America," not just whites.

Gnome Sane said...

"Detroit: What it's like to live in the most famous bankrupt city in America"

Apparently Dee-trite is embracing gentrification although race is never mentioned.

Bogolyubski said...

E. Newton:
So what? White people feed their children to pit bulls also. The media just doesn't report it.

No, whites feed their children to negroes. It's one of Crystal Methodism's highest callings. Amy Biehl's parents are actual SWPL saints. Not only did their feed their daughter to negroes, they even set up a foundation to employ their daughter's killers.

Dissident said...

10MM Auto...

Glad you got a kick out of those. FTR, they are not my creation. Someone else posted the DIVCON levels in another blog I happened across and I thought you people may enjoy them as I did.

They're not 100%, but they're pretty close to being true I'd think.

Bogolyubski said...

Whites are cowards? I think you're grossly over simplifying the situation faced by whites in this nation.

It has damned near become a crime to say, dare suggest, anything negative about 'the others'.

Are whites afraid to speak their minds openly? Definitely. Who wouldn't be afraid of losing their job for simply acknowledging the truth? WE actually have something to lose, so we can't 'wile out' like they do. WE actually don't like the idea of jail, so we can't just hold a 'gimme dat' convention at your local 7/11 as a means to voice our displeasure.

Confronted by three 'youths' who want 'dat phone'? Sure, you could draw and shoot all three, but are you willing to become the target of a well oiled white hate machine?

If presented with the opportunity to actually stand up for themselves without fear of the entire black nation (ie. our gov't) focusing their MSM crosshairs on your back...I think that cowardly label would fade quickly.

We didn't create the most advanced societies in the world by being cowardly...soon the sleeping bear will awaken. I just pray it comes soon enough for me to do my part.

Soooo.... who, exactly, are the ones who would see to it that a Tracey Halvorsen who dared to "speak truth to power" (to use a favorite DWL cliche) lost her job - or any chance at a job - should she dare to do it? The United Negroes of Baltimore? DrDre? Ben Carson?

Likewise, the Baltimore Sun was also mentioned, specifically how it has been lying - as in "bearing false witness" - for decades about the hue of criminality in that city. Who owns this atrocity and who is keeping this rag in business? All those black subscribers flopping in the decrepit row-houses? The vast estates of expiring rappers? Afleetes with edumacation degrees and 75 IQ's to match?

Feedbag, chef of the word-salad and batshit crazy as he may be, does actually make a point. Blacks did not create BRA, they do not maintain BRA, and they are actually only the secondary beneficiaries of BRA - chiefly folks like the various Reverends, Addison and himself. Leaving aside for a moment who the primary beneficiaries of this massive looting racket are, why are folks such as the anon I quoted above so completely unable to employ their logical skills to deduce this basic fact about BRA? Most seem more inclined to heed the well broadcast message of ... Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!!!

Californian said...

CF said... IF I, a Black guy, noted that "the WHITE FOLKS in Wierton West Virginia WILL NEVER BE THE SAME after their steel plant shutdown" - could you assist me in distinguishing YOUR OBSERVATION from MINE?

10MM AUTO said...
White towns have been going under for a long time.

When the Huns destroyed the Roman city of Aquileia in the mid-5th century AD, its citizens moved to a nearby location and founded a new city which still stands today--Venice. Let us note that Venice has ever since been a center for commerce, culture and education.

Can anyone name the black-run cities which can make the same claim? Even when handed the keys to fully functioning white cities (Detroit, Port au Prince, Leopoldville, Johannesburg), blacks can not make it work.

Most cities and towns in central Europe were devastated in World War II. Many European countries were occupied. Millions of Europeans were killed and enslaved. Yet European cities all bounced back bigger and better than ever. Why? Because of the people--whites.

In contrast, the USA has dumped incredible amounts of treasure into black-run cities, and what has it gotten in return? Collapsing infrastructure, illiteracy and out of control crime.

The pattern is global: look at black-run cities in the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa. Even with tons of foreign aid and NGOs, blacks have proven incapable of advancing city life.

I see blacks making a big production out of medieval African cities such as Timbuktu. Granted, it was a great city way back when. But then why can't blacks build cities like Timbuktu today? Try reading any account of 21st century sub-Saharan cities, and they are little more than glorified slums surrounding fortified enclaves of wealth, with a diminishing middle class as a buffer. And punctuating the vibrant night air is the sound of rap "music," gunfire and police sirens.

If I am wrong, can anyone puh-lease name those black majority cities which are up to similar white polities in terms of civic order, cultural achievement and economic progress?

Anonymous said...

"Move several miles upstream and build a new damn city as proof of your industriousness."
Whites have collectively done that many times only to have the negro collective follow, infest and destroy it. All of which has been well documented on this site.
The only way it can work and not be destroyed by the negro collective is through segregation and restrictive covenants and NO "gibsmedat" of any kind being offered. Naturally, the new town would have to reject all federal aid in anything so as to prevent the feds from forcing diversity down everyone's throat.
All land and businesses would be privately owned by residents and only land owners/business owners would have a vote. Land could only be sold to other residents or inherited by children of residents. Anyone wanting to move to the town and buy land would have to have approval of the residents- no unrestricted influx. All schools would be funded by the residents and be essentially private schools where each student's way was paid for in full by the parents. Public parks? Only in a restricted sense- the land would be put aside by the land owners yet still be privately held and controlled- sort of like everyone in a neighborhood getting together and building a swimming pool for their kids and only the children of those who contributed would be able to use it. No screaming hordes of gibsmedat Dontaviouses and Shaniqua's from a neighboring town (who contributed nothing) would be allowed no matter how much they screamed and howled and wanted to be included. Ditto for the schools. PRIVATE. No DaTerrell's in da park selling drugs, mugging old ladies or committing other crimes as there'd be no section 8 apartments for them to live in and no "hoods."
I'm thinking along the lines of a self supporting and independent Amish style community/town yet with all the modern conveniences.
In the same way that an Amish woman who suddenly decided to start dressing like a ho and wearing garish make-up would be rejected and shunned by the Amish community and refused participation in the new city, the same would be done to anyone who expressed and promoted delusional liberal ideas the likes of which have destroyed towns and cities coast to coast.
No one would give a damn when TaKwonda screeched because her chilluns could go to da school fo' free, eat free brikfusses and lunches, use da private park and pools or go into da private liberry to get on da internet. Or when she screeched about not being given a free apartment with subsidized 'lectricity and sheeit and an EBT card.
On a side note, it must really piss off negroes that they can't infest and feed off of Amish communities.
Way to go, Amish!!

Anonymous said...

Oops! That should have read "could not go to the schools."

Californian said...

Bogolyubski said.... whites feed their children to negroes. It's one of Crystal Methodism's highest callings. Amy Biehl's parents are actual SWPL saints. Not only did their feed their daughter to negroes, they even set up a foundation to employ their daughter's killers.

A painful comment, but one which is essentially correct.

"Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide."--James Burnham

Unknown said...

I was wrong. I assumed Tracey Halvorsen knew the score, and was just being silent about the origins of the "elephant in the room." (Hint: it's not an Indian elephant).

She could have chosen to remain silent on the matter, and let her DWL friends assume she was just mortified that someone had accused her of noticing patterns. Can't have that, can we? But she could have let cynical idealists, myself included, continue to believe that she got it- she grokked it-- she recognized that essentially all violent crime is caused by blacks, and the media and the government conspire to hide this, or to explain it away. She didn't.

So, I hope she does stay in Baltimore, and I hope that she embraces diversity, and gets her education at the school of hard knocks. I hope she survives, however, and that she one day will come to be that person I thought had written that article.

I think it's interesting that the guy who wrote the "being white in Philly" article, Robert Huber, is also probably a denier. He may be a bit more realistic, since I believe he has moved his son at Temple out of the hood.

It's funny about the ghetto. When I moved there, I had nothing but the most pure of motives, and the most liberal of beliefs. I assumed that most blacks were "basically like us," and that the hardworking ones would be nice and friendly and welcoming, and they would keep the handful of hoodlums at bay. When I left, I harbored no such delusions; instead, I noticed that most liberals were people who'd never lived where I'd lived.

I think that we should pass a law that says anyone who wants to give my tax money to blacks should be forced to live among them for one year. If they still feel that way, and are still alive, they can vote as they please.

In 1941, it was common knowledge that we had recently sold Japan a bunch of scrap metal, with which they allegedly made the bombs and planes used in Pearl Harbor. Yet, every time a white person gets killed by a black, for some reason we deny that, since LBJ, we have been giving them the wherewithal to do so.

Anonymous said...

TO tracy halvorsen i say only this we here at SBPDL are race realists you however live in a city filled with racists,do you think that whites are commiting all the crime in your city,or that the crime fairies are commiting the murders,rapes,robberies you can bulls**t yourself if you want but dont try to blow your liberal smoke up our a**es !!!!!! royal oak dude..

Whiskey said...

What's wrong with the West and with Black people is women.

For Blacks, the massive increase in violence all around and especially directed at Whites and Asians is a function of female hypergamy. Black women like all women want dominant males and the easiest way to dominance after Welfare made Black male earning power irrelevant is ultra-violence. Clockwork Orange got that right. Just the race wrong.

Black men (and increasingly women) are violent because being violent for Black men gets them laid. A dead granny, toddler, or infant? Sex for the shooter! Double if the dead is of another race.

White women on the other hand adopted Crystal Methodism, the religion of Post Christian worship of Black redeemers and White Original Sin, in place of Christianity. Gone are inconvenient Christ teachings against sex outside marriage, and in its place is "feels good to screw the Alpha do it" you-go-girl Black female hypergamous wisdom. And the form of Christianity: original sin and redemption in a cheap and easy Marxist-Racialist form.

Even Marx fell victim to the typical Christian* desire for utopia, substituting God's Heaven for a man-made one like Plato's Republic.

*Marx, as a secular Jew, should have been adopting the Jewish tradition of a Chosen People, to hell literally with the rest, but instead chose the idea of a Christian utopia which takes a lot of Greek Humanist thought of a possible utopia in the afterlife or in a Platonic Republic. Jewish pre-diaspora conceptions of Heaven such as shown in the Old Testament were not utopian. God's Covenant merely guaranteed Jewish people's survival, not individuals or even most Jews. And nothing was perfect nor was perfection of humanity ever even thought of; rather mere survival.

White women MUST have a religion. They have one now of worship of Black people as magical sources of wisdom and redeemers. A source of cheering for them to Eat-Pray-Love. Pathetic but there it is. When Joe Average White guy was no longer sexy enough (because Jane Average White Girl was his social equal now) the demands of sex only or mostly within marriage was unsustainable, made worse by contraception technology and rising female income. Thus, a demand for a new religion which White women worship seriously.

This is why criticism of Black people is literally taboo.

Whiskey said...

Let me add, the one factor that can make people dump religion is GREED.

GREED for REAL ESTATE. Baltimore has lots of cheap real estate. If Blacks could be changed, deported, or what have you, by chemical/electronic means, all that prime real estate is just begging for rehab and lots and lots and lots of money making.

Get White women to dump their religion by appealing to their greed. Greed always wins for most people; if it does not for any one individual.

BlkGrlSeeALot said...

"For you see - UNLIKE THEM - I AIN'T SKEERED OF YOU OR YOUR KIND. Instead I study you, to discover consistent patterns that denote your fear and insecurities inside."

YES!! That is ALL you do!

Antagonize and deflect. Here's an exercise:
Pick one city that P.K. has covered here and list 3 specific things that the Black People ( unwitting pawns aside) can do to better themselves.

Maybe that stop snitching campaign should cease...Brenda should go on the pill...Jay should take that job @ Wendy's...whatever.
Whites have warts; yeah, duh! Whatever!
Where is your thoughtful critique of blacks, on their own in their communities, without bringing in the white man to qualify your ramblings or to deflect what everyone else here seems to understand is fundamentally wrong???

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

That was exceptionally delicious! I could hardly make a finer exampke in my own deli. I needed extra grape drank just to wash down the deliciousness.


Jay Santos said...

Whiskey said….

….White women MUST have a religion. They have one now of worship of Black people as magical sources of wisdom and redeemers. A source of cheering for them to Eat-Pray-Love. Pathetic but there it is.

You've got some elements of the source of the problem, seems to me. This thing we call "liberalism" is a predominately, not entirely, female and Jewish phenomena. I think the rise of "liberalism" and by extension, this worship of negroes, can be charted pretty closely with the rise of female political power.

You look at China or Russia, the middle east, well anywhere but America, Great Britain, and most of the socialist European states and you do not see women with real political/cultural power. On a societal level, there's something that comes with their influence and we see it in America today. I think we, America, has been described as a nation "chickified".

Obama would have been impossible without women. I recall a photo taken of six white women at an Obama reelection event and it was positively frightening. It was identical to any early Beatles, front row photo. Hey, they can enjoy any all consuming emotional experience they want, just don't destroy my life and the life of my family in the process.

Scott Wilson said...

Here's a new acronym for you.
Its the excuse DWL's give in the face of black crime. Every time. To help, I'll start you off, "Race Has..."

Anonymous said...

Emmitt Till. One stupid A.A. Flirting with, grabbing and wolf whistling at a truck drivers wife in 1950's America. You didn't f*** around with another man's wife back then. Should be that way today. Mr. Till got what he had coming.