Friday, February 7, 2014

Black-Out: 30 Blacks Attack White Family in Warner Robins, Georgia







All of Clayton County. 

What Civil Rights birthed: 30 black people attacked a white family in Warner Robins (near Macon), Georgia






Though Wednesday was National Signing Day for high school seniors declaring their intent to play college football at universities and colleges across the nation, February 5th was also a day when a picture was snapped in Warner Robins, Georgia - near Macon - that captures the future for whites in the Peach State. 

On a day when the University of Georgia (only three percent of undergraduates at UGA are black, a problem that must be immediately fixed with a program to close this egregious enrollment gap) signed such scholars - who will represent the school in Southeastern Conference football action - as Kenall Baker, Detric Bing-Dukes, Keyon Brown, Lorenzo Carter, Shattle Fenteng, Lamont Gaillard, Shaquille Jones, Malkon Parrish, Dominick Sanders, Dyshon Sims, and Shakenneth Williams, two blacks teens were arrested for their part in a mass mob attack on whites. 

Shymalik Raekwon Mitchell and Terrell Antonio Boyd (the two suspects arrested) were part of the 30 black people who attacked a white family in Warner Robins; fitting that at the age of 17, they could be on the recruiting radar of schools like UGA, Georgia Tech or Georgia Southern. 
Don't worry, the future of University of Georgia Football is safe with players like Shakenneth Williams signing with the 'Dawgs. 'Sic em! {Courtesy

Obviously, they have the first names that college scouts salivate over![Victim recounts snow day attack at Warner Robins High; 2 arrests made, The Macon Telegraph, 2-5-14]:

Read more here:

Two teens have been arrested in connection with an attack in front of Warner Robins High School while school was out due to snow. 
Shymalik Raekwon Mitchell, 17, of Warner Robins, was arrested Wednesday and charged with aggravated assault, according to a news release from the Warner Robins Police Department. 
Terrell Antonio Boyd, 17, also of Warner Robins, was charged with battery. 
Additional arrests may be pending as the investigation continues, the release said. 
According to police, a group of about 30 people were having a snowball fight at the high school Jan. 29. Members of the group allegedly were jumping on vehicles in the parking lot, and when one of the vehicle’s owners asked them to stop, they allegedly attacked that person and three others who came to his aid. 
A photo of the fight circulated widely on social media. One of the victims said a person associated with the alleged assailants took the photo, and it was originally posted making light of the attack. It rapidly circulated on the Internet, and investigators used the picture to identify the suspects. 
The victim, a 27-year-old man from Byron, asked not to be identified because he and the other three victims have children in the school system and fear reprisal. He said they went to Demon Valley to take their children sledding, and while they were there a group of people in front of the school was having a snowball fight. 
The wife of one of the men in the sledding group stayed in their van with their infant child. When members of the group having the snowball fight began hitting the van, the victim said, the woman got out and asked them to stop. 
At that point, he said, someone hit her with a snowball, and part of the snowball landed on the baby. The woman’s husband then approached, asked the group to stop and was attacked, he said. He and two other men in the sledding group who came to his aid were assaulted. He said no one in the sledding group instigated physical contact. 
The victim said three of them, including himself, suffered concussions, and one had two cracked ribs. Members of the sledding group were white, and those involved in the snowball fight were black. He said the attackers yelled racial comments at them during the assault. 
He said they did not call for an ambulance because their first concern was to remove their children from the scene. As the adrenaline wore off later, he said, they realized they were injured and sought treatment. 
He said he thinks about 30 people were directly involved in the attack, and he hopes there will be more arrests. He said one female in the group having the snowball fight tried to stop the attack, and she was “thrown back.” Other than the female, he said, “there was not one innocent bystander.” 
He said it ended when one of the wives dialed 911 and started reading out license plate numbers in the parking lot. When the group realized that, they stopped and fled. 
UGA, um, scholars (?) players doing the "Soulja Boy" dance during the 2007 Auburn game
 Shymalik Raekwon Mitchell and Terrell Antonio Boyd are to be congratulated. In thirty years time, the first black governor of Georgia will pardon their crimes and proudly recall the CBS video from 2007, when a stadium full of white people did the Soulja Boy 'superman dat hoe' dance during the UGA route of Auburn (the song is called Crank That "Soulja Boy").

The future of Georgia? 

It's not pretty. 

Just remember, in 2006 when the new black majority in Clayton County joyously celebrated democracy by electing blacks to represent their interests, the first black sheriff (Victor Hill) fired white police officers and put black snipers on the roof as they were escorted out of the police station:

On his first day at work, the new sheriff of Clayton County called 27 employees into his office on Monday, fired them and had snipers stand guard on the roof as they were escorted out the door.
A judge on Tuesday ordered him to rehire the employees.

The sheriff, Victor Hill, 39, defended the firings and said he had the right to shake up the department in whatever way he felt necessary.

Sheriff Hill also said it was necessary to fire the workers the way he did, including taking some deputies home in vans normally used to transport prisoners because the deputies were barred from using county cars.

Sheriff Hill was among a spate of black candidates elected last year in the county, which was once dominated by rural whites. The fired employees included four of the highest-ranking officers, all of them white. Sheriff Hill told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that their replacements would be black.
Oh, the future of Georgia is secure! 

No, not the state, but the future of Georgia Bulldog football!

Kenall Baker, Detric Bing-Dukes, Keyon Brown, Lorenzo Carter, Shattle Fenteng, Lamont Gaillard, Shaquille Jones, Malkon Parrish, Dominick Sanders, Dyshon Sims, and Shakenneth Williams will finally help UGA win another SEC and NCAA FBS Championship!

What happens in Savannah, Warner Robins, Clayton and DeKalb County, Atlanta, Columbus and Macon is of little concern to us. 

We have the Soulja Boy dance to perform! 



A small request for those of you who post video/you-tube links:

Give us a good summary of what the video is about rather than something vague like: "PK, you should check this out" or "You need to see this".

I never use a link if that is all I get.

Now, for the comment in a previous post where somebody said only retires and kids come to this blog.....well, I'm not retired and I don't care how old or young you are.....and neither should anybody else.

I only care if you are White and that is all I care about you.

White First. As long as you defend the White Race and are 100% in favor of the WHITE RACE FIRST, I don't care if you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian or what. I don't care if you are man or woman, gay, straight or swinger.

If you pledge 100% loyalty to the White Race and will defend the White Race First, then any secondary "life style" you have is not long as being WHITE is the most important thing in your life and you don't have any Anti-White actions due to your other insignificant attributes, like religion, etc.

Bogolyubski said...

From the article:
The victim, a 27-year-old man from Byron, asked not to be identified because he and the other three victims have children in the school system and fear reprisal.

Homeschool or die. What is it going to take for 27-year whites to understand this concept? It's their country now, as Sam Donaldson reminded everyone when D'Won Mocha Messiah was re-incoronated as teleprompter-reader for squid-central. Better do it before they outlaw homeschooling - as they already have in the EUSSR.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this kind of violence is becoming all too common. It sounds like calling the police for help under these circumstances would yield nothing. It's pretty bad when the cops sympathize with the criminals instead of the victims. Move away. The geographical cure works for me. For your children's sake...move away.

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine if a white ....anything, fired a quantity of blacks when they took their position? There would be holy hell. Marches, constant media attention, threats.

I grew up in this nonsense. Not this city, but I believe philadelphia during the eighties to be far, far worse.

You either defend yourself, and what's yours, or you get taken. Get the message, or keep getting fatter/dumber/slower so you're a good meal.

Anonymous said...

Well I would call them (expletive here) because they sure don't act like (proper noun here). I think we all should be relieved that they didn't rape, rob, and murder, every single one of da ebil YTs. "Shymalik Raekwon" really? This is my equal? Really? I'm being made to bite my tongue so as to spare the feelings of this(extreme expletive here)???? Did I hit my head?

Belgian(I'm confused)Giant.

Fled The Undertow said...

To the above poster recommending moving away from GA: THAT'S WHY OUR FAMILY IS CURRENTLY LOOKING AT REAL ESTATE IN UTAH!!!

We've had enough of BlackLanta and fear for our three daughters. We plan to be gone within a year.


I didn't comment on the previous post about "commenting" and the new rules, so may I do so now?

I can see it both ways. I can see Google coming down on PK since they can. It is a shame there is not a independent way of setting up a private blog where nobody can intimidate the writer.

On, the other hand, using honest slurs doesn't help nor change the facts being presented. I use (or now, use to use) slurs here since it was fun. Yeah, fun. So, I can stop. My facts are amazing enough and my writing skills are such that I can entertain you all without using some of my favorite words.

There is always Addison.......

BUT, dropping all "violence" and slurs will not help PK one bit. Those that hate us will always hate us with or without slurs.. So if any of you think a PK Lite or a "softer side" of racism is going to make one bit of difference....well, you are totally wrong.

Not using slurs will not achieve anything positive for us. The gun is still at our heads. Using slurs will be used against us, so the net effect is to not use them.

Damn, it was fun while it lasted.

For the person who said "it is only $3,000",...then why don't YOU send PK $3,000 a year if it is "only" $3,000 to you? I can't stand comments like that.

In the end, this site will be shut down. In the end most, if not all, of us will be "visited". If not before the race war then certainly after it begins. Our enemies are going to take out the leaders or those who could lead.

I am totally convinced that I, and everybody here, is already on numerous lists and have been "investigated". We are the enemy. We are the resistance and if Nazi Germany had the internet, they would have their list of Juden and such. It would be totally stupid for the gov not to know of us.

We are the Juden of 1933 Germany and we will be treated as such.

Such Irony.

Anonymous said...

Ok my head is still spinning but look at the one on the left. Is it ok if I say he looks like a cartoon character? Because he certainly does. And that stare, my goodness. I've seen dead fish with more life in their eyes.

rent slave said...

Now I understand why Knowshown Moreno went to Georgia instead of going to Rutgers-and replacing Ray Rice-located just down the road:Schiano never would have allowed that ghetto activity on the sidelines.

Discard said...

Belgian Giant: Is it really so important that you use coarse language? I recognize the value in using racial pejoratives and I use them myself when I think it appropriate, but it's Kersey's blog. If you don't like the house rules, go find another house rather than whining about it. There's a bunch of blogs on the right hand side of this one that might fit the bill.
Rude language tends to reassure those who already agree with you, but puts off the undecided. If you want to bring an intelligent person to the racist way of thinking, it's best not to live down to the stereotype of racists as ill-educated louts. No one will ever listen to you if they think you're one of those nasty people that the media is always telling them about. Call it a failing of human nature, but the message is inseparable from the messenger. That's why the media always show us Morgan Freeman or some other presentable Black rather than Shymalik Raekwon. If you want to be heard, clean up your act.

Son of Delbert said...

So. I understand from reading the article yesterday that PK must more strictly monitor these posts. Google must have some rules on free speech. It's a shame. What is hate speech? Comparing people to animals? Animals don't use violence to the degree that american coloreds do, and only to eat.

Further, a group of 30 plus black teens attack a white family and certain words are considered "obscene." Not the incident. Certain offensive words.

I think the lack of coverage regarding racial violence in America is obscene. I just googled 'Warnert Robins Georgia attack' and the first article was on an ENGLISH web site. The fix is in.

Best of luck PK. I will still read your posts, as long as you are allowed to write. As for my racist obscene and often violent advocating posts, won't be able to post much.

As an aside, if 30 plus "youths" attack me while I'm with my family I will shoot the alpha males. It's a Deadly force encounter. And as a serving police officer I can and do carry a gun. Everywhere. That's not advocating violence, it's legal fact. I truly think thoughtcrime will be legislated soon. Orwell is alive and well.

Stay awake and aware.


Anonymous said...

the blacks in georgia have renamed roads schools and parks after mlk and othere civil ritghs leaders so that areas will stay black and so that whites will stay away

Anonymous said...

Well, Belgian Giant, I guess we could always start referring to them as S.I.B.A.'s~ Sweet Innocent Black Angels. It's very sarcastic but doesn't sound bad and I don't think sarcasm has been outlawed yet.

Son of Delbert said...

I will miss the voices of my peers on this site. Centurion. Rebel. Major1. PDK. Fed Up FF. Dissident. All the others. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was right. Then and now.

I bet Addison can comment as he pleases.

I'm proud to be on a list. I won't see any of you in the camps. I doubt THEY will take us alive.

Know what New Hampshire's motto is?

Food for thought anyway. Less water in the desert now that Google is muzzling our voices.

Never give up. Never give in.




wow even the old white dudes in the booth were shucking & jiving!
to those who think we lost or done for. your dead wrong. dead wrong! why don't you little boys just give them your pay-check and as for the 3 grand comment well your the big centurion and you've bragged at this blog(drunk I might ad) how much money you earn a few times. remember that one champ? three grand is not a big deal buddy! when it comes to this country's 1st amendment and now were losing that too! since mr. P.K. has not started his billboard campaign yet. and I've asked him a few times when he needed the dough to support that campaign. then maybe we'll get the word out about this blog site.

quit giving up already GREATWHITES it's so beneath you!!!


Mr. Rational said...

LiveJournal is run out of Russia.  Russia has no reason to love the enforcers of PC.  No country that bans Pussy Riot and homosexual advocacy is going to bat an eyelash at the N-word.

It would be good for Paul to use LJ as a backup site, just because of the border and PC-control issues.  Best of all, "stuffblackpeopledontlike" is available there (if he jumps fast enough).

Anonymous said...

They (whites 27) don't care about homeschooling because they WANT their children to worship negroes and negro culture.

At an arms distance, of course.

I know a few white 27 year-old homeschool families who do a unit study on St. Martin Luther King every January in their homeschool co-op.

Anonymous said...

Well i suppose the new rule for college football is no white boys need apply. whatever happened to equal opportunity ? As Orwell said in animal farm...some animals are more equal than others. i wonder what these guy's grades and sat scores. were like? I did use the word animal but it referred to a famous novel so hopefully this comment will get through .i am sure there are more tolerant web hosts. cxxxxmania and cxxxcout allow very crude language. anyhow i am still a fan of the gators so far but if they go even farther in recruiting thuggish players i will support Brigham Young or something . in the NFL i am a patriots fan despite their shoddy treatment of Tim Tebow.

Southron said...

Off topic...Gabrielle Coleman, an 18 year old black woman, faked being kidnapped from a Birmingham community college. She was found in a parking lot after the FBI, Birmingham Police, Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept, and U.S. Marshals looked for her. She claimed two white males kidnapped her.

Her story fell apart, and later admitted she was at a friend's house. She says she did it so that she could spend time at the friend's house. She also made a similar claim while in high school.

I guess it was a win-win for her. She got to go her friend's house, then get to be a victim of whitey, too.

How many blacks have kidnapped themselves, burned down their own houses, and spray painted slurs on their house and blamed whites for it? Hundreds? Thousands?

Jeff said...

Our elites want us all to live together, to turn the other cheek until your entire head is bloody.

Don't want people jumping on your car or throwing things at you? It has to be due to racism.

Don't want unsafe streets, vandalism or assault? Just more White paranoia and inborn racism.

Of course the people who brand most of America as racist live in lily-white enclaves and summer in the Hamptons. They don't have any idea what it is like to live with people who see you as an oppressive class deserving of revenge.

Anonymous said...

Came across an article published in the Utne Reader [Aug 13, Home Improvement} that describes the utopia of subsidized housing ... in Vienna.

Nary an iota of awareness as to why it works in that city, that nation, that culture.

Not one mention of the demographic that makes it possible.

The Eloi shall remain clue-free.

David Pope said...

I see some people saying to Move away?. Warner Robins is my home town and that is way too damn close to go without response. I'm not going anywhere.


I finally read the post attached to this comment section. My first few posts (one already deleted......) all dealt with issues in previous posts.

Well, looks like we have a few more White who have had their "Awakening". (I believe that is the title of a book by David Duke)

Maybe some of these White people voted for Obama?

Maybe they will get their kids out of the school. I enjoyed the comment by one of the White fathers (no such thing in the hood) who was afraid to use his real name since he knew there would be retaliation on his kids at that school.

(explain that Addison).

It is common knowledge that when 2 or more Black People (how we have to call them with our new rules.......damn this is difficult......can we use the word "Negro" still?) together, then you have to watch yourself.

I use the "30 foot rule" somebody mentions here a few posts back. Very good rule. I have been using that when I see a single Black Person (.......), but when I see a pack of Addisons I avoid them completely.

This group of Whites, hopefully, have learned. Next time they will carry guns. (is that inciting "violence" under the new UN Rules here on the blog?)

I guess a White person defending themselve is "violence" against people of color.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. As I've said before, short of killing someone, punishment in this kind of incident will be very light. The perpetrators know it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SOD, you hit it right on the screws. In magic land where bad words are clearly more dangerous than a marauding pack of S.I.B.A's (A plus Anon). Also I think we all know this blog is doomed its just a matter of time. Placating the poofters with restrictions on posters, will only enbolden them.

SOD, I love your posts and perspective and wish you the very best. Family UBER ALLES!!!

Belgian Giant

10mm AUTO said...

Paul, Magnificent Picture! You caught the White just getting to one knee as the Orc plants the boot to the guts. The other orcs gathered around are either there to grab whatever drops out of the White Mans pocket (as Usual) or go through his pockets as soon as he is safely down for good (as Usual).

Tell us, negros who haunt this blog, as this White father gets to his feet trying to save his wife and infant from the mob, do you feel Pride? If the father had drawn a weapon (legal against a mob) and fired, shooting the one with his boot in the White fathers guts and causing the others to run; would it have been another "Trayvon" situation? Would the White been in the wrong? Would it have been another example of "White Racism"? Would your screams have been "White man shoots unarmed teens for throwing snowballs!"? Would you have stood silently by as the Black Panthers put a Fatwa out on the head of this man? Is this just another example of the "terrble, terrble, legcy ob da slabery"?

Help us out here.

Anonymous said...

Until the majority of the White People in this country that hasn't
lived in neighborhoods,schooled,or associated with the typical Getto Negro, it is useless to continue the conversation of The Negro Problem in this country. The media & elite no nothing of this Breed of human. We must self educate our children & be prepared for the war of survival of the Human Race (White) that is unavoidable because PC and stupidity is the norm. Negro,colored,black,african american, etc. The proper name for this Race evolves but they do not. Are we the only country that uses the term African in front of their citizenship country? African German... etc? Are they all not one race Negro?

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

People like you are one of the reasons we will win the conflict.

R.E. Prindle said...

I've got a great movie scenario idea called The Day The United States Stood Still, something along the lines of Independence Day.

You see these aliens have seized the US government occupying the White House while establishing population and command centers in cities like Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta and the remains of Detroit.

These aliens have been studying us from space craft disguised as telstars so they know we are law abiding people. Make a stupid law and we stupidly follow it. They maintain the fiction of Congress to pass laws but that's too time consuming so they resort to 'executive orders.' However, while the regular citizens, us, are dumb enough to observe any dumb laws passed these executive orders are not laws actually but have only the 'force' of laws. In other words as they are only the will of the occupying aliens the people are not breaking any laws by disregarding the 'executive' orders. Orders, not laws.

Everything goes well until the aliens take offence at something said on a web site and shut it down. This web site is a forum for half crazed cranks who are in a tizzie over the occupation which they rightfully resent.

The crazies take action. Using the net they organize a bombardment of emails demanding the reinstatement of the site or, these guys are really immature, 'the occupation will be sorry.' A little levity there.

The aliens not realizing how vulnerable the US is as they come from another galaxy or perhaps alternate universe, delete the emails, fart and go about their business.

To get their attention the crazies blow up a major overpass leading into NYC over which 20K trucks carrying essentials pass every day, panic in NYC,while at the same time cutting off electric power to the remains of Detroit whose citizens haven't paid their bills for months anyway. No problem there.

Thousands of emails from the US, Canada, Mexico and the Telstar pour into the White House each taking credit for the bombing.

The FBI, CIA and local authorities are quick on the job and locate the conspirators threatening them with a slow and painful extermination. Again more emails along with the shut down of the water supply of Philadelphia and Atlanta demanding the release of the bombers.

The aliens think twice about this one as they extrapolate the potential consequences. The hell with this they say letting the bombers go.

Instructions bombard the aliens advising them to ease up and govern in an equitable manner or else. No more of this 'my aliens' stuff.

The aliens capitulate but with an evil look indicating to the audience that their will be a sequel.

What do you think?

Pretty realistic huh?

Dissident said...

May cool heads and sharp minds prevail. Paul Kersey has to operate very carefully or Google will pull this site.

Think about how many times a day this site must be flagged by the cultural Marxists? Our enemies are legion and they want to shut this down. A better format would be for Kersey to switch over to a pure website (with commenting enabled) and hosted on a server outside the US, preferably in Russia. Eventually they're going to shut this format down and we all know it. The pen is mightier than the sword. If you'd like to prepare for the inevitable, then I'd recommend saving this site and others via spider crawling software that will copy the site in it's entirety.

Web Site Copy Software

Anonymous said...

I hope stories like this continue to sicken PK as he bows to the censorship bestowed upon us by 'the others'...I think I call them that, yes?

Funny how the stories get worse and worse, this one involving attacking a woman with an infant, yet our ability to show outrage is diminishing.

We can't say anything that might SUGGEST violence, while 'the others' routinely silence the complaints of whites (who wouldn't want someone jumping on their van?) with violence.

Anonymous said...

When will a Golden Dawn come to America? Or EDL? Or Jobbik? Not these "white" organizations run by a bunch of backwater mopes. Real leadership. Real results. PK is right to stop with the n words and such. Don't give them ANYTHING.

Jay Santos said...

Thirty negroes beating a few whites. Not sure why this story is newsworthy. It happens every day. Will the media begin reporting that the sun has risen?

So CAL Snowman said...

Centurion said :

"We are the Juden of 1933 Germany and we will be treated as such."

God I am so sick and tired of hearing this same nonsense. We are NOTHING like the Juden of 1933 Germany and if you truly believe that you are a bigger part of the problem than you would ever be willing to admit. So please, enough with the Stockholm Syndrome bullcrap. Although I do agree with you that we must put the White race before anything and everything. Race before religion, race before ideology, race before politics.

Regarding the new "rules" -

"The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions."
-Oliver Wendall Holmes

OT : I learned something interesting the other day. Transplant organs for mixed race people do not exist. The probability of finding a transplant organ for a mixed race person with the requisite genetic diversity statistically approaches zero. Additionally bone marrow donors are extremely rare for mixed race individuals.

The Struggle To Find Bone Marrow Donors For Mixed-Race Children

IF race is just a social construct WHY do mixed race individuals reject organs and bone marrow from non mixed persons? I guess Mother Nature is the ultimate racist.

Anonymous said...

JSF, and because of people like u too. Whitey will one day have enough & take our country back and they will ease back in around the edges as always ( South Africa ) to live off our gains, until we will one day again allow them back in. The only real solution is that their leaders clean up & take responsibility for their own actions, ( right, i see that )Just hope i live long enough to do my part in the Revolution cleaning up the mess with that Race before my GChildren have to repair the damage we've allowed to destroy a wonderful country.

Chuck Hammer said...

As an aside, if 30 plus "youths" attack me while I'm with my family I will shoot the alpha males. It's a Deadly force encounter. And as a serving police officer I can and do carry a gun. Everywhere. That's not advocating violence, it's legal fact.

That's your cop privilege talking. It's only a deadly force encounter if the DA agrees with you.

In my state it's a felony to carry a firearm on school grounds. You'd get a year in the big house just for unholstering.

If one of the victims of this beating had shot two or three of the perps I don't think that would be seen as a proportionate response. You have to have a reasonable understanding that someone is trying to kill you before you use deadly force.

Example - the retired police captain in Florida who killed a man for throwing popcorn at him. That no longer flies when you're not wearing the uniform.

Anonymous said...

Mixed-race individuals do not universally reject organs transplanted from "non-mixed" donors.

Do the research. Only some half-Mediterranean, half-African subjects have higher rejection rates.

Anonymous said...

Instead of bitching and moaning about this lets come up with solutions and ideas. Why isn't someone in the state of Georgia organizing a march? Certainly there are enough SBPDL readers in Georgia and their family/friends who could show up with signs, bullhorns, etc and protest against this racist violence. Have plenty of people there with cameras to catch any intimidation/violence by blacks against the protesters then post the video all over the web. Refer to the video below of white folk supporting Joe Horn who shot 2 burglars outside his neighbors home.

Notice how the white people control the situation chanting loud enough so that the news crews can't pick up what Quanell X is saying.

Also, if any one reading this should find yourself in a similar situation absolutely do not attempt to reason with them. They are not reasonable. Get in your vehicle and leave. That is the mistake these people made assuming that they were dealing with reasonable human beings.

Aussie Digger said...

It might be Kerseys blog, but I read it chiefly for the Comments, which I have always found bracingly honest, funny and usually very well informed. Telling posters such as Belgian Giant to 'clean up his act ' is just going to help turn this site into another sanitised, anodyne blog where no-one feels free to speak their mind. There is a real longing for the 'truth', and this site has always provided that in the past. I am very very concerned seeing PKs Note, that the agents of control, such as Google, have already begun their pincer movement on Kersey and before long he will close down the Comments section altogether. You may be right in everything you say, but you are an appeaser nonetheless and I would rather stand with Belgian Giant on this issue

Anonymous said...

Just to bring some levity in at this dire hour.

#11 cracks me up

Mr. truth said...

Florida Gators? They pretty much set the standard for thug pieces of worthless shit in college football. Stanford is a team to root for if you want some real scholar athletes that can play ball.

Discard said...

Aussie Digger: I don't tell Belgian Giant to clean up his act to appease our enemies, but to appeal to possible friends. A great many people who are outwardly liberal in fact agree with us, as demonstrated by the neighborhoods and schools they've chosen for their families. We'll have a much easier time convincing them to side openly with our race if we don't frighten them with Klan talk. There will be no renaissance of the White race without getting respectable middle class people behind it.

Mr. truth said...





Everyone on here. Buy more ammo and guns (if you don't have any). Work out every fuckin day. Hell take testosterone if you have to. Get yourself strong and aggressive as fuck. Eat healty, alot of protein. Again workout every fucking day and get STRONG! Make yourself a machine that won't be fucked with!

These PUSSY motha fuckers won't even attempt to mess with someone who looks like he won't take shit. If they have the balls..great. Let them suffer.

Id rather die then be treated and abused like some weak hopeless coward.

Anonymous said...

This is to Mr Kersey.

I first came to read these posts of yours because Dr Thomas Sowell highlighted your work.

FAIR NOTE: He gave you credit for raising difficult questions that do not appear to have any solutions in sight.

Admittedly, at first I was very much surprised at how relatively easy your highlighting these problems within the black community appeared to be. It was occurring (and still does) on a daily basis.

Yes, everyone knows the problems that this community seems to cause, but on a daily basis? And it isn't as if one has to search high and low, numerous examples like these occur all over US.

I'm glad that you help to highlight these occurrences since it is apparent that the mainstream media simply will refuse to cover these stories in any depth whatsoever.

I suspect that someone of Dr Sowell's scholarly stature as well as his generation is privately fed up, disgusted with the behavior that his people have caused. In post-Death Wish time, 40 yrs later, it hasn't improved one iota but gotten worse and worse with each passing decade.

What are people truly prepared to do regarding these issues? What, if anything, can be done on a practical level? Even if people were willing to concede that these occurrences are more widespread than ever before, could they dare to admit to themselves that no amount of federal legislation, quotas, affirmative action, etc will ever turn back these ingrained social problems?

Sadly, the answer appears to be no.

Thankfully at least these occurrences are being highlighted and hopefully one day the national media will dare to report on them with the same intensity that they have done regarding Zimmerman/Martin.


I seem to upset Nordic Caucasoid. Just don't call me White Ass Cracka since that is verbotem on this site.......

Folks, $3,000 is not a lot of money to me. $3,000 is not a lot of money anyway. If it is, then you all have bigger problems.

About this censorship. I guess if we don't use ugly words, the topic isn't ugly. If we don't speak nor "promote" violence, then there is no violence. What a sad society that we are forced to not use "ugly" words so that we don't notice how ugly it is.

You may ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences. Now, who said that?

As for other comments here. Why must the White race be civil? Why can the , uh um, African American People (gag) be allowed to insult us and beat us in public, but us Whites must show human traits. (No, I am not saying anybody is an animal since they don' show human traits.....I know better.....I read the rules..uh um....)

But, the standard is higher for the White race. When we act like the others, they chimp out (can we say "chimp") and we are made to be guilty when we act just like the people of color.

This can not last. This can not hold. (No, I am not advocating any violence. I am just stating that things change.....)

Violence is the very last thing I would ever want. (I'm going to a gun show this week-end.)

Hey NSA, how am I doing?

Anonymous said...

Back to the awakening, what have these two S.I.B.A, been charged with? Am I to assume they'll receive probation or, (dare I dream) hate crime? Granted, in their ''culcha'' the max will just mean they'll be obliged to commit a much bigger and more viscous crime upon release (skree creb is earned not given) so, what is the proper answer for this delema? Is there an answer? As hard as I try to really come up with an answer the only true workable one is the time tested classic. Segregation. (Hat tip to old guys) outside of that the only solution for these two is the second time tested solution. They end up like every other S.I.B.A on the news. Luckily it will be at the hands of another S.I.B.A. huh, thanks Mr. Darwin!

Belgian(maybe this will all work out)Giant.

Dan said...

Do you realize it when you face the enemy of God?

PK is now facing the inflection point.

Anonymous said...

OT: Tony Mack, the black mayor of Trenton, New Jersey, has just been convicted on all counts at his corruption trial in federal court.

rocky said...

I got into a huge argument with my wife over this incident.I often tell her of all the beatdowns of innocent whites by black mobs all across the country. She became angry and told me she is sick of me talking about "this racial stuff".Unfortunately her attitude is common to the vast majority of the white race. We racially aware whites are a tiny percentage of our race. The picture of the black mob attacking the white family is a powerful image of this country's future. This is no country for white people anymore. The hate crime law alone tells you the government is fully behind these attacks. The white race is targeted for destruction worldwide. This is the early stage of genocide in America. It will pick up speed in 50 years when whites become the minority.The media is also behind the anti white sentiment. Their message is getting more blatant. I saw a commercial advertising an upcoming program on vh1 about hip hop,something about how rap music was the reason Obama got elected. At the end of the ad someone spoke these words." America is a brown country now".Notice all the anti white commercials during the Super Bowl. If you cannot see the writing on the wall you are a blind man. There is nowhere to hide anymore. Whites abandoned cities across America to raise families in safe suburbia away from black dysfunction. The anti white government is putting a stop to that with HUD forcing all white cities and suburbs to build low income housing for blacks. I don't think whites understand how their lives are going to be changed by their criminal government forcing blacks to formerly safe white communities. Sadly, many don't even care. Metal detectors in suburban schools, restaurants closing down from all the robberies . Same for malls. Prostitution on most main throughfares. Whites fearful in their own homes from escalating violent home invasions. White America if you want to see what your country's future holds for you just look at this photo. Your fate here is the same fate that our White brethren in South Africa and Zimbabwe is suffering.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so we can't use the "N" word here. But we can refer to the cretins with another word that will hopefully not upset things: Enwurds! For example, "Yep, those rotten enwurds will get away with another racial atrocity" or "Frigging enwurds and their crap we have to put up with". Like it? Enwurds!

Fed Up FF said...

"I don't tell Belgian Giant to clean up his act to appease our enemies, but to appeal to possible friends. A great many people who are outwardly liberal in fact agree with us, as demonstrated by the neighborhoods and schools they've chosen for their families. We'll have a much easier time convincing them to side openly with our race if we don't frighten them with Klan talk. There will be no renaissance of the White race without getting respectable middle class people behind it"

Then fuck them too. I have no use for anyone at this point who isn't expressly supportive of the White race in deed & word.
These same morons you hope to recruit or ease into our way of thinking spend the entire weekend watching negro football league and all week watching the race-mixing, gay smut that passes for prime-time Network TV these days.
We can't be elite & lead by example if we mix a few "hopefuls" in with our lot.

Fed Up Firefighter.

Mr. Rational said...

That is the mistake these people made assuming that they were dealing with reasonable human beings.

Strike "reasonable" and you'll have it right.

Humanity is as humanity does.  Those who reflexively react with violence to anyone outside their tribe do not view themselves as part of humanity.  Humanity needs to return the favor.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Ultimately choices have to be made.

The Rolling Stones had a bad boy persona, they cut a number of bad boy songs, Gimme Shelter, Sympathy for the Devil, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Street Fighting Man, Midnight Rambler, and others. But inside, Mick Jagger and company were normal people, not for example bad boys such as a member of The Hells Angles, people capable of murder.

Many times on blogs people want to get their ya yas out. So they talk the talk, but never in reality would they try to walk the walk of the talk they talk. Therefore tough talkin, trash talkin is perfectly understandable.

But it is important to understand, what is persona deep, and what one is really all about.

Just like the Stones, talkin it but not doin it, most would not want to really talk tough to a group of negros, that would be what I call stupid.

I lived in Phoenix for 20 years. I had weapons. My favorite was my Baretta 9mm parabellum, with 3, 15 round clips.

I rode a bicycle for my personal transportation. Whenever I went out on my bike after dark, I took my Baretta.

I believed it saved my life once, though I did not have to use it. I was prepared in mind to use it, I had a plan to follow should I have to used it.

In the 80s the saying was, money talks, bullshit walks.

Everyone needs an income. Professional conservatives "sellout" because the headhunting, jackboot liberal arm can cheat anyone out of their income.

I use the moniker PDK because I don't want trouble coming to my door.

When I am out and about, I do not point out to a negro that his cerebrum is physically smaller and of lower IQ than mine.

What would be the sense.

However, what I write I truly believe. Further I hope I am not just ventilating or getting it off my chest. I actually hope to contribute to the further success of my people, those whites born of European descent.

I would have more respect for those who chastise Paul for selling out if they would give Paul the 3 large he just lost.

I learned a long time ago that those who will not put their money where their own big mouth is, who further only put other peoples money where their own big mouth is, are immature, selfish and cowardly.

This is what white liberals are.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...


I dislike the new rules as much as anybody here.


Brook said...

"Homeschool or die. What is it going to take for 27-year whites to understand this concept?"

While I read this blog often, I don't really comment because, as a young white woman, I feel uncomfortable with the frequent assertions that most white women don't give a damn about white men, are secretly attracted to black men and other such insulting allegations that many of the commenters here tend to support.

But I want to address the quote above that was made by Centurion, in the first comment of the thread.

It's becoming very difficult for nice, white people to be able to afford a lifestyle that they want for their families. And I am not talking about large homes, vacations or luxury cars. I have a bachelor's degree, and so do all the young men in my social circle, at the very least. ALL of us received bad advise while in high school and college. It may have been good advise at the time, but the world has changed. The majority of us find that our engineering degrees, teaching degrees, nursing degrees, MBAs and liberal arts degrees don't afford us many choices. Most of us go where the jobs are lest we be left with nothing at all. This leaves us without immediate support networks that families could provide.

There is a trend of faulting young educated white women for delaying marriage and not reproducing around the HBD sphere. That is ludicrous, from where I'm standing. I am a social person who changed cities several times and gained a large circle of friends in each, and in my experience, there is no wide spread slutting around/pick up artistry culture among educated, white, young people. Most of us, boys and girls, are just genuinely nice people who are striving for a better life. Most of us want to settle down in a good relationship. But women AND MEN such as myself are putting off marriage/kids because we are forced to keep chasing jobs, pay our loans and seek that seemingly impossible job security.

The alternative is chancing that our kids may end up in a violent school and have to grow up in a dangerous neighborhood. Homeschoolig? Most of us couldn't pay our bills without a second income. Believe it or not, the majority of middle class girls would like to stay home with the kids at some point, but it's usually doesn't appear to be a viable option. Move to where the cost of living is lower? We don't choose where we get to find a job. Our parents are often far away, and wouldn't be able to help with our potential kids. So we put off marriage and kids. In fact, young men are more likely to be financially practical than their girlfriends, in my experience. Young women are a little more likely to push for starting a family and then "swinging it" somehow. But, trust me, NONE of us want our kids to grow up subjected to THEM and THAT. We work in clinics, schools, as social workers and project supervisors in cities. We live in cities to save on commute and rent. We've seen what we can afford, and we are terrified that our choices may remain to be limited to "don't have a family" or "Subject your child to imminent danger".

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I am falling into a trap,but here goes.3 grand.A year.People are saying it is not much money-because it isn't.Especially divided among the many who visit/post here.I figure there are 15 or 20 people who post here pretty regularly,and no doubt dozens of occasional posters.If 20 people pay 150$ a year,which is 12.50 a month,the 'problem' is solved.Or how about 10$ per month from regular posters and surely there are SOME donations even now that could go towards this.I will put up 10 a month,if just 24 other people do likewise,it is a done deal and we get back to business.It seems that simple to me,but I am a little slow.Perhaps I am too gullible ? Richard Cranium

Jay Santos said...

This event, where thirty negroes beat a few white parents has not been heavily covered in the media. If you use Google you will find the following:

search: warner robins high - returns 4 news results related to the actual story.

search: georgia attack black african-american macon beating violence arrest - returns no web results, other than race realism sites. No news results.

The point is that there is very little news coverage of this story. Here's a modest proposal. In, say three or four months, fabricate a story that matches this one in many respects, but reverse the actors. Instead of thirty black people attacking a few white people, it becomes thirty white people attacking a few black people. Replace the snow with some other story element, say a group of African-americans were involved in a hip-hop festival, then the group of whites began beating them.

The story can be planted in a variety of places and I will guarantee that the results of the Google news and web results will amaze you. Try it.

Anonymous said...

Who needs the increasingly disgusting NFL or Georgia and SEC football when right now you can watch a beautiful winter Olympics in Russia?

How can anyone still reading the articles here accuse Paul Kersey of cowardice or selling out? Just keep it clean and non-violent. That might annoy them even more...

Mr. Rational said...

Whites abandoned cities across America to raise families in safe suburbia away from black dysfunction. The anti white government is putting a stop to that with HUD forcing all white cities and suburbs to build low income housing for blacks. I don't think whites understand how their lives are going to be changed by their criminal government forcing blacks to formerly safe white communities.

I think that is the beginning of the end.  Do you remember the video about the house the African bought in a White area in Buffalo, which abruptly "just burned down"?  Generalize that to the whole country, only without any regard for the lives of the melanin-enhanced invaders.  Even the criminal government cannot be everywhere and watch everything at once.  The police are likely sympathetic to the invaded, and will "lose" evidence.  The melanin-enhanced survivors (what there are of them) will retreat to their ghettos and no criminal government will be able to persuade them to once again go where they are not wanted.

The tools of this Orwellian government were created by hackers.  They don't have the imagination to understand what hackers can do to defeat them.  I do.  I'm not up to the task myself, but I think about it and smile.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This Belgian Giant is the most offensive character here. I picture the individual as a 5 foot 6 inch, middle aged autistic, severely over weight, with bad teeth.

Discard said...

Fed Up FF: If you don't think you need to get more respectable middle class Whites on your side, how do you expect to win?
And BTW, you have no idea what they do on the weekends. For all you know, they spend a lot of time lurking on racist web sites, astonished at what they're learning.

Simon lagree said...

Grew up in Clay Co. White libs sold it out. Now live in Cherokee Cty surrounded by whites but blacks encroaching. Moving to Idaho in next 24 months. Not going to go through it again. Have fun living with these animals.

Anonymous said...

I wish President Kennedy & Johnson could see this. They set a virus upon our great country that will never be changed without true violence.

Independent Accountant said...

It was Trotsky who said, "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you". Similarly I believe most, if not virtually all SBPDL readers are not interested in SIBAs, as we will now call Negroes, but many if not most SIBAs are interested in Whites.
Is saying this "racist", whatever that means? Is saying I expect a race-based civil war advocating violence or just accepting that the US is in a "pre-revolutionary" state. If interested read Crane Brinton's "Anatomy of Revolution". Our current leader, also known as the HNIC, oh excuse me, the HSIBAIC, would not blanch at killing say 50% of white people. I believe this. Why only 50%? Because someone must work and produce to support useless SIBAs who are only capable of reproducing more of their kind and engaging in violence. Is saying this evil, or just pulling one's head out of the sand?
Is citing Enoch Powell's 1968 "Rivers of Blood" speech evil? I am surprised the race-based civil war I expected did not happen years ago.
Civil war or no, SIBAs will not be supported in a Chinese dominated world. Enjoy yourself as the FUSA turns into Yugoslavia.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Paul.

It is distressing to see so many young African-American Gentlemen of Color misbehaving and engaging in hooliganism.

Son of Delbert said...

I am deeply relieved. Fed up FF used the F word earlier and it passed muster. And I read it. And I didn't go blind.

What a fuckin relief. I can still post. No naughty N words nor advocating violence.

Oh Chuck, I know it's cop privilege. I don't make these stupid rules. And 30 attackers on one is deadly force. I'm talking about reality here, not the fantasy land that is the American judicial process.

Last but not least, to the NSA, Fuck off hacks!


bubo said...

Watched the Sochi Olympic opening tonight. It was gloriously white. No vibrant diversity or multikult at all. Real nice to see.
No blacks in Cossack costumes in some ham-fisted diversity attempt like you'd see in the west.
Maria Sharapova is the ultimate symbol of the dominance of the white genotype.

That London Olympic multikult garbage made me embarrassed to be white.
Who could forget the "average British couple" being a black male and mulatto girl. Or the blacks in stovepipe hats in what was supposed to be Victorian Manchester. What horseshit. The arrival of black Jamaicans was seen as a "great moment in British History?" Are you fucking kidding me?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks again for this blog even existing, and new posts every single day!

As for the rules, it is what it is and shouldn't stop people from reading the tons of FACTS Pk puts out in his articles.

As for the usual posters, hope yall keep posting! I really look forward to reading them, kinda like therapy after a tough day of being a property manager. You too SOD, awesome posts man wish you lived and worked in my town.

Keep the faith, sticking together is the only way to win!

NC Guy

Anonymous said...


Polar Bear said...

"I've got a great movie scenario idea called The Day The United States Stood Still, something along the lines of Independence Day."


Instead of Gort being programmed to respond to the phrase "Klaatu Barada Nikto," he'll respond to "Ghetto Booyah Negro".

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I drove cab a long time in my life. One night in 07 or so I picked up some young white people. It was a partying night, I believe they had a few before stepping out.

As I drove them to their destination, one of the guys says to me "you know what I call blacks"? I said "no, what do you call blacks"?, he said "reggins".

He asked if I knew what a reggin was, I said no. He explained that a reggin spelled backward is nigger. I laughed, now that was funny.

Not far on down the road, at an intersection, a negress driving a car full of negros chose to turn in front of me. Legally she had the right. However with traffic backed up in her intended direction, there was no place for her to go but right in our pathway, blocking my cab and the 30 cars behind me, from our path.

I honked at her as she began, but she did it anyway.

I threw my hands up in that WTF lady statement and one of the negros was going to defend his negress.

As soon as the negro started his stuff, the young reggin guy hangs out the window yelling you F'in reggin.

This changed the complexion of it all.

We all knew, white and negro alike, that the negress was wrong.

I knew from my driving experience that the negress did it on purpose because that is what negros do to whites when driving whenever such an opportunity materializes.

As so many people do, negros bring their personal agenda, and for them that would be their negro agenda, with them when they drive.

I started using the terms negro and negress here at Paul's last March or April. I did not want to go the "Sheboon" or "coon" talk so prevalent at the time, though I personally found those words somewhat tasty, because such terminology lessens the greater intended intellectual point in favor of a more emotional point.

Negro and negress is what European and American whites called them back in the day, when whites could recognize, in word usage, that negros were in fact a different group of humans.

I do not use the terms negro and negress very often in daily usage, just when the point must be made.

I suppose I'll end it here saying only that all we commenters here know, that a reggin is a reggin, and reggins gonna reggin, it is their nature.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK Thank you.

Anonymous said...

There was a thread on another blog about how to bring diversity to a state park in a northeastern state. I went into the Lion's Den of DWL Diversity Mania and countered the prevailing nonsense without using anything close to the ENWORD. I was able to hold my own an even the main DWL could not bring himself to calling me a racist.

The thread has the usual DWL meanderings (you can't be straightforward when peddling nonsense, otherwise the mark will catch on) and has over 70 comments. But it may be worthwhile to peruse. My postings are an obvious outlier.

Earl Turner said...

I grew up in Houston County Georgia, where Warner Robins is located. The victims may or may not get justice, depending on whether they work on Robins Air Force Base or not.

Unknown said...

Sigh,kids will be kids..LOL!

Anonymous said...


It's amazing how few people have read or know about the "Derbyshire rules". PK maybe you can do an article about the rules, as this would help keep white people safe from the feral underclass.

Rule number 10 states; "Thus, while always attentive to the particular qualities of individuals, on the many occasions where you have nothing to guide you but knowledge of those mean differences, use statistical common sense"

rule number 10(a) states "Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally"

GOOGLE "derbyshire rules taki"

Harry in PA said...

Well, here we go. I wouldn't ordinarily comment at the moment as I have to get my hide off to work shortly. I comment occasionally at SBPDL as I have time and am prodded to have something to say. I scrolled down quickly this morning to see what I may have missed over the last couple of days and saw brother Kersey's comments remarks. I was startled. There really wasn't much explanation as to why? I know little of the arcana of the world of the web but the lack of explanation was almost as disappointing as the remarks themselves.

I have never used the N word on this site nor do I use profanity and as a Christian (sorry for frequently thus self-identifying) I police my own speech and the attitude I intend to communicate. Yet I was very disappointed to see the restrictions of speech noted here and (and as many have said) it had the feel of the chill hand of speech policing - and not in a good way. Certainly there ought to be limits. But Paul's remarks seemed to be suggestive of coercion directed at him and then threatenings (warnings) directed at us. As has been repeatedly already said this site has been a boon for free speech and for a weary, angry, frustrated, disgusted people to vent in a completely honest way. I don't generally myself approve of profanity but I recognize not everybody is like me and as I say the rage is great and fierce language has always (often) been the way to express it. So to sum up, big disappointment to see the crack-down warning - at least in the way it was communicated.

Paul, as far as I am concerned you have been blameless (civil) in your own writing and yet vehemently direct and forthright in your own speech and for that I greatly commend you. Ironically, the first thing I wanted to do after your warning was to see what the comments were immediatelybefore reading the posts. The free-wheeling nature of the comments here were a tonic and worked a gratifying feeling of FREEDOM - a thing that is fading away in this God-forsaken culture like the last few molecules in a near-empty bottle of perfume.

Anonymous said...

The Dwl's and the negroes they worship will not be satisfied until speech in America is as controlled as it is in some European countries and the mere utterance of any criticism of the sacred negro is punishable by fines and even imprisonment.
First, the use of any unapproved word is criminalized after which any criticism of negroes or "immigrants"(no matter how valid and justified)is considered an offense against public order.
We all know where this is going, don't we?
All voices except those of DWL's, negroes and other "oppressed people" must be silenced and whites must tow the P.C. party line or else. Yet, the "oppressed people" and DWL's will retain the right to say anything they want as their position is holy, sanctified and just and they're merely speaking out against the evilness of whites and white culture.
Say the wrong thing and be sentenced to an indoctrination/re-education camp- Oops! I meant to say a "sensitivity class." Confess your thought crimes and be "rehabilitated" and get a stamp of approval. Resist and be excommunicated/fired/ostracized and punished in all the DWL approved ways.
Welcome to the New Inquisition.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Greetings evil, lack-of-color, oppressive, white-privileged devils! What a week this has been. I have a lot to share, and this is the only time I have to share it, so I hope PK will kindly indulge me.

First – the new “rules.” After my initial anger upon reading PK’s statement, I tried to stand back and assess the entire situation. I know, a silly white-person rationally analyzing possible future outcomes… Blogger=Google=suppression of free speech on unpleasant or unapproved subjects, of which they are the first and final arbiter. The FUSA is on the brink of falling into line with the sacred, infallible international standards of suppressed speech. The internet is fast becoming cleansed of unapproved speech and content, with the primary focus on race and political speech, with the increasing trend of commenter ID verification being the newest avenue of “attack” (GG note: I am not advocating violence). All we have is anonymity, and when that is gone, the ability of people like PK to use the power of the internet to reach and influence others without devastating personal consequences vanishes.

Now if you want to disseminate content focusing on all manner of sexual depravity in the most shockingly graphic possible presentation, that’s not a problem. I see some irony that the graphic depiction of the commission of sex acts with animals is not an issue (in fact, it is protected “free speech”), while the literary technique of reverse-personification or “allusions to alternative theories concerning the origin of observable biological characteristics” is somehow verboten. Further, speech that “advocates violence” is forbidden, while the daily commission of actual, real-life violence that ruins or even terminates the lives of innocent people is suppressed by the very same media infrastructure.

A good overview of the severity of this situation with regard to monopolized control of the media can be viewed here.

Although it’s easy to over-react and get mad at PK, think about it – he has more skin in the game than any of us. He has taken the greatest initiative and risk and has produced a volume of content that is honestly difficult to comprehend for a lone individual with a full-time job. He should be commended and deserves our gratitude.

In the past, I also suggested that the use of racial slurs was counter-productive if the objective is to win new converts to race realism and change minds. Since then, I’ve often felt that things are too far gone for that to really matter, and let it go. Although I have rarely used them myself, I am unconcerned by those that do, whether or not it opens the door to easy condemnation by blacks and DWLs as KKK, rayciss, etc. You know the drill.

My only quibble is this: if it’s really ONLY about the $3K, I would have preferred you let us know, because I’m pretty darn sure that we would have gotten you the money in a single day had you asked for it. FYI, we can all donate to PK, tax-free, through VDare. In fact, I would hope that someone among us could write a check for the entire amount. I can’t, unfortunately, but have and will continue to do my part. Unfortunately, I suspect there are additional forces at work beyond the financial

If that is the case, what I would prefer to see is the abandonment of Google, and migration to a completely different platform, as others have suggested. One that would facilitate blind email communication among commenters, as well as minimize outside influence to the maximum extent possible. This seems critically important to me because, as others have said, complaints about the content of SBPDL will continue such that I fully expect it will be shut down in the future by the speech police regardless of the new commenting policy.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


On topic – move along. Nothing to see here. It’s another isolated incident, and no larger conclusions can ever be drawn. The fact that it was posted to the internet by the perpetrators as a humorous anecdote to be gleefully shared is irrelevant. WSHH does not exist. It could just as easily have been 30 whites attacking a black family, as we all know is the case several times per day across the country. Just admit it, racists - this is the legacy of oppression of angelic black people coming home to roost…

Back OT, I had a very interesting experience yesterday that I want to share. I was off work to attend a medical appointment, and happened to catch a bit of Rush on the radio. During my drive, a caller confronted Rush with a detailed statistical analysis and factual refutation of the liberal mantra of “income inequality.” Shockingly, the caller was white. Although Rush let him go for a while, he ultimately asked the caller, “What 2016 Presidential candidate would you like to see on the debate stage asserting those arguments?”

His point was that factual arguments and refutations are irrelevant in the modern political landscape and popular culture. He suggested they were only relevant for academic discussions at the Harvard Club. Sadly, I believe he is 100% correct.

Prior to this call, Rush was talking about the 2016 Democrat political strategy. It was simple – reach out to single women, minorities, gays, illegals and all manner of their fedgov-dependent base. It’s all basic Alinsky agitprop. Want to limit further debt ceiling increases? You just hate seniors and the most vulnerable among us! Oppose immigration reform? You’re just racist and hate brown people! Against tax increases for the 1%? You hate the poor and want them to suffer! Against abortion? You hate women and want them barefoot, pregnant and stupid!

At this stage in the game, well into Obama term 2, we KNOW that these techniques work. The reality is that it isn’t going to change. It’s a race to the bottom, and the lowest common-denominator: you have stuff that I don’t, and I want the government to take it away and give it to me. Although I personally do not believe that a political solution is possible at this point, and very few candidates interest me in the slightest, surrender isn’t particularly attractive, either. Thus, although it is beneath us intellectually, and seems patently absurd, I can think of no viable option other than stooping to the level of the progressives and attempting to out agitprop them at their own game.

Finally, a couple news stories, the first two from the ATHell.

Headline: Eleven UGA fraternity members charged with hazing

This story seems kind of strange. It almost seems like they are leaving something out, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Headline: Teen punches woman eating lunch, flees with purse. Again, it seems like something is missing, but I don’t know what. FYI, this occurred in the heart of whitopia in N. Fulton.

Headline: Plugs Biden: LaGuardia Airport Like a Third World Country

My sentiments exactly when visiting the Gwinnett County Courthouse yesterday as well as the doctor’s office. I guess I just can’t say that unless I become a member of the Executive branch of the fedgov.

More to follow…

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. As of Saturday, still minimal coverage. As previously stated, little if any punishment for the perps.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Polar Bear:

Good one there, I remember that line well, great movie.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Very good post! Much of what you said mirrors the personal experiences of myself and many friends. Our options are extremely limited vs. even 15 years ago. Please continue to post, and best of luck to you!


Anonymous said...

>>The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...
""Ultimately choices have to be made.""

Amen on your post, PDK and a new great term, Reggin. It passes muster and makes you think a bit, like, yeah. Reggin. Can't go wrong with that one.

And by the way what you said earlier about Rolling Stones. True that! Bad boy image of theirs was mostly marketing and packaging.

The Fab Four were the sweet and "good" boys whilst the Violent 5 Stones were anything but.

Mick attende the London School of Economics and had an eye for business side of the group since nearly day one.

One more tour, boys! Just one more tour!

Anonymous said...

>>>Gwinnett Gladiator said...

OK, Gwin. Were you actually quoting RUSH? When the hell has he been helping out the common white man in like...decades? Him with mega gazillions? Oh yeah, suuuurree, he really cares about the middle classes! Gimme a break!

But get him started on the minimum wage and he'll devote an entire show to it!

Surprised he didn't make the point regarding SB Winning QB Russell Wilson "But you know FOLKS, he's also half white, so in the liberals minds, he's not reaallly black!"

Peddle your papers somewhere else!

The day Rush lifts one finger to do the heavy lifting that PK has done with this magnificent blog is the day kingdom come returns or the Cubs win the World Series!

Common man, my ass. Looking out for little guy and that means the white middle class, bullshit!

ONly thing Rush cares about is his fat bank account, fifth wife, and viagra!

Lets see a screened caller get thru and ask him about why the black crime rate is increasing in formerly safe cities such as Indy and Macon.

Yeah, right!

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Paul, I posted this over at Countenance blog.

You made it on her comment section.

If you would like you can post it on yours.

On the Paul Kersey thing.

I always figured a man puts his money where his mouth is, a boy puts someone else's money where his mouth is.

This reflects immaturity. White liberals are immature. They embrace diversity but live in whiteyville. They love diversity but work in whiteyville. White liberals talk the talk but never walk the walk of the talk they talk.

If one really thinks Paul should take the 3 grand loss for free speech rights, one says this by donating, or by giving him his 3 grand back, or by offering to advertise there.

Some people need their income.

I realize those living in their mother's basement need to talk the tough talk, see themselves as a man, but Paul might be trying to feed his family and of course pay taxes so negros and white liberals can collect the welfare that is owed them because they are negros or white liberals.

Lastly here, one can always start their own blog and handle it as they see fit, and ultimately walk the walk of the talk they talk.

From the Sanctuary. I'm PDK: Thank you..

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Thank you Anon, @ 9:52;

There is quite a bit to all that. Typing is tedious, I could do a tad better hashing all that out in a bar, drinking a beer, with the Beatles and the Stones doing the background ambience. Thanks friend.

10mm AUTO said...

One of the reasons that the negro has made such inroads into our culture and is able to perpetrate such evil is their confidence. To bypass the Media and go straight to the internet and/or phones to spread their "accomplishments" is an astonishing act of confidence for the Orcs. How many slip past our "radar"? I assume that Whites become aware of these via either public postings or someone gets the video on their phone and they decide to "share" it. Police are supposedly monitoring some of these channels, but I assume as they are on the side of the negro, much is suppressed. Since Whites are not really in the negro "communications net", much is missed, suppressed or ignored.

Some is actively suppressed or manipulated on the orders of TWMNBN, such as in the "l'affair Trayvon" where pictures of Trayvon were carefully choosen, information suppressed or corrupted (CBS actually slanted the evidence in an attempt to trigger a riot) or in the same incident, not one reporter asked a DOJ official why an American was under a threat of beheading and death from a Political Party (The Black Panthers) and why that same Party was allowed to continue with active support from the Administration!

White Americans always think that if they "just tell their Story" that they will be freed, that they just need their day in Court, then everyone will see that they were wronged. In 1923 in Soviet Russia, as people were being shot by the hundreds to wipe out "Counter-Revolutionaries and Wreckers", men lined up against the wall would say: "If Stalin knew you were shooting me, a supporter, he would be very angry."

Until we realize that our Government is actively working on our destruction, we will never understand the confidence of the negro.

P.S. Section 8, coming to a White neighborhood near you. See:

And here is a Section 8 negress employing her anger skills. From what I can understand, the White lady saw the niglets stealing stuff off her property. She yelled at them and they ran away. Negress is mad that they were "spoken to" by a White! I am not defending the Whites in this, you should never poke a negress, but WOW. The negress's confidence!

Anonymous said...

Isn't" thug" the new "N Word"?

TurtleFan said...

Let me say as a Half Persian Half Italian Man, who lives in Virginia (Falls Church) this website is ignorant. Yeh I hate ghetto blacks but I know many great black people in hs, college at work etc. if you all hate ghetto blacks that's one thing, but why hate ALL blacks if the majority are just like us. It's the ones in the ghetto that do these crimes.

Dan said...

Why would anyone go near a gang of teens?
CBU devices necessary in such circumstances.

Bogolyubski said...

The media & elite no nothing of this Breed of human.

Wrong. The media and the elite are fully aware. They lie about it, and have been doing so for 60-70 years or longer. You don't see them living down in the hood, or even visiting - unless surrounded by some of Eric Prince's hired guns (carrying weapons literally outlawed to any but themselves and Class-III dealers as 'floor smaples'). The media and the elite continually and deliberatey stir the pot of black hatred of whites.

Evidently, and your own post actually betrays this even in a person who is somewhat aware of reality, most whites live in a state of total denial of the fact that there are folks who want them exterminated - who'll gladly use their orc-like proxies to break hundreds of millions of pale eggs to make their vast utopian omlet of vibrancy. The media and the elite work deliberately for our extermination. Those in charge are not of us (apart from the white toadies who genuinely believe in the Crystal Methodist false-religion, or have taken their 30-pieces of silver in payment for treason), they despise us and want us erased from the earth. Tim Wise represents their true sentiment in a relatively mild form.

The one group of whites who should have been aware of this, even from their own tradition and scriptural teaching, are the Christians, Sadly, apart from a few remnants like Melanie, Harry in PA and the amazing CWNY, Christianity is controlled by genocidal Crystal Methodists, from Hi-Fellatin' Franny the Grand Pontiff of Pooftery to the local 'Pastor Rick' wannabe.

This utterly evil woman is an example of the elite class - which I like to refer to as the maggot class. Know what's she's up to in the Ukraine? Directing all of the BS and protests to bring the Ukraine under the EUSSR/Squid boot/tentacle. Know what happens to Ukrainians if this takes place? The squid-regime starts opening the borders, importing even more of the lewd, degenerate popular culture featured in the Super Bowl, accompanied with lies of easy money.

After a depressingly short time, the Ukraine will be thoroughly negrified - flooded with Africans with a well-established religion of negro-worship, just like the rest of the EUSSR's prison of nations. This, by the way, is where Ann Barnhart is completely loaded to the gills with shit-sandwiches and graape-drank. Putin may well be a gangster, but he's not the white-hot genocidal monster that a George Soros or Tim Wise is. Ann doesn't get it.

Dan said...

One of any three males that you will have met has spent time in a prison.

That male has brothers sisters and mothers who will proclaim that 1/3's innocence and call whites "ignant". They happily spend the crooked money and
consume the stolen goods.

As an Iranian/Italian your identification with them comes as no great surprise. You hate Anglos more. This is a typical reaction formation for a Med/ME cultural type. I see it on many forums. There's something that compels Italians and ME specimens to tear down Anglo civilization.

Again, most blacks profit from crime, and about 1/3 of their number are foot soldiers in their war on us.

Anonymous said...

TurtleFan: And when blacks take over a city demographically and vote in solid black leadership, drive out all other races from positions in city government etc, who are these "good blacks" you speak of supporting? A very tiny number of your good blacks may vote for the best man/woman for the job but the majority will support the tribe and vote black.
Who did the vast majority of blacks vote for in the last two presidential elections, hmmm? How about on the local city level for mayor when a black is running? Guess who! Were they all ghetto? Hardly. And no, it isn't based on their qualifications-just their skin color.
Also, please tell us why any city or nation taken over by blacks quickly degenerates into a third world cesspit? Where are all the good blacks you speak of and what are they doing? Are there enough of them to make a difference in the inevitable outcome? Obviously not. Not in South Africa, not in Rhodesia, not in Detroit- nowhere.
The problem is it's a package deal- you like the good black you know but you don't just get that person. You get all his ghetto relatives, friends, associates etc (and all their problems and dysfunctions) following in his wake and soon your city becomes majority black and a pesthole of crime, poverty, dysfunction and destruction.
Tell us- what difference does your "good black" make in the overall picture and the outcome in Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, Oakland, Jackson (Ms) and a host of other cities?
We recognize that reality and see the overall picture whereas you choose to ignore it because you "know a good one" or two or three.
You have tunnel vision and are completely ignorant.

Anonymous said...

@ PDK, GG, SOD, NC, JS, Bogo, and all the other regulars, well done. All the new voices (obvious lurkers) have filled me with such a delightful feeling that I haven't felt in such a long time(whatta ya call it?) HOPE!! That's right hope. And ofcourse the biggest "tip of the hat" goes to Mr. Kersey.

Belgian(I'm a little misty right now)Giant.

Anonymous said...

To Turtlefan: Most whites say the same thing when I point out the savagery of the black race. They say the same bullshit that you just said. "Oh they're just like us'" or "I know many great black people". Tell you what dumb liberal, if you ever find an article of 30 white "teens" pummeling anyone,black or white for asking someone not to throw snowballs or jumping on cars post us a link. I bet the father of the family was stupid like you and did not see any danger of 30 black "teens" congregating. It takes a real subhuman to throw a snowball at a woman carrying a baby. There are vast differences between the white and black races and you need to learn them.

Anonymous said...

Lol! React much? Anyway, just exactly when have I been offensive? And as for all the other stuff you nailed me to a "T" and I live in my moms basement. You forgot that part.

Belgian(I've been outed by an Anon, forshame!)Giant.

Gnome Sane said...

I'm going to have to blame this incident on the ignorant white folk. What they did was no different from going to the zoo and jumping into the gorilla cage because, as we all know, gorillas are friendly and civilized, that's why they are in cages. They were victims of their own ignorance and/or stupidity.

Amsterdam said...

Can any other WHITE person tell me why they think Black Crime is such a huge issue , when in fact whites are killing whites 84 percent of the time.. Aka you have a 84 percent chance of dying at the hands of whites? Ofcourse who ever approves questions will block this one...

Unknown said...

I for one would like to know what Brazilian Ju-Jitsu technique is best used against 30 attackers?
Or is there a Mixed martial art stratagem that allows 3-4 to defeat 30?
I know many of the Anon posters here are experts and I for one would appreciate any insight they could share with us.

Anonymous said...

Just to piss off anon @ 9:58, I want to bring up Rush again. On yesterday's show, he also talked about Charles Murray's The Bell Curve and how Murray was branded the worst RACIST in the world for his two chapters that dealt with race issues, denoting minority dysfunction and crime and how it related to their lack of success. Rush then said what Murray said "was the TRUTH".

Anon @ 9:58, you really need to take a deep breath, take a step back, and get some perspective.

We all know that if it weren't for the DWL's covering for, organizing, and generally wiping their ass, blacks would not be anywhere near the problem they are now.

I don't listen to Rush much any more. I got sick of the endless commercials, the constant hocking of his iced tea, him talking about himself and the name-dropping of the wealthy/famous people he knows, etc. But I think it is better that he is there occasionally saying the right things. He doesn't believe that genetics causes minority dysfuntion and crime, he ascribes it to liberalism, but at least he acknowledges that there are racial differences. If he did believe it is genetics, would he even be on the air? Do you remember what happened to Imus when he (correctly) talked about "nappy headed hoes"?

Can you name any other single person since Reagan who has done more to oppose DWLs than Rush? Paul is doing a great job with this site, but I was open to the message and only accidentally came across it a few weeks ago because I was explicitly looking for information on race and South Africa. That was triggered by the nauseating Mandela love-fest. (BTW, Rush was one of the few people talking about his communist ties and terrorist past.)

We are being attacked on all fronts. Rush may not be covering all the fronts or even doing as well as before, but at least he is in the fight and has inspired many to join in. You should be making judgements on whether someone is a NET positive or negative. We can't afford to be idealogical purists; It appears right now that a convention of white race realists could be held in a phone booth.

Mr. Rational said...

is there a Mixed martial art stratagem that allows 3-4 to defeat 30?

The art of ching-ching-pao does it.  All in 5.56, or with 1 or 2 in .40 or 9mm, works great.

Yankee in N. Fulton said...

@Brook- you write everything I feel as a white, 30 year old woman in the south. Kudos is all. :-)

Anonymous said...

Discard: "A great many people who are outwardly liberal in fact agree with us, as demonstrated by the neighborhoods and schools they've chosen for their families. We'll have a much easier time convincing them to side openly with our race if we don't frighten them with Klan talk. There will be no renaissance of the White race without getting respectable middle class people behind it."
Do you have some examples of leaflets the Klan distributed to gain support of the middle class? Or maybe you'll tell us they were psycopathic bullies who terrorized the middle class, just like in the movies, and provided no useful function to their communities?
As for these "Sleeping Supporters" you think we're scaring away, anyone who would plant their head back in the sand, would place their own family in danger, would turn their back on their own race being attacked by savages -- all because a couple of Naughty words made them feel uncomfortable -- will never give you, me or us an ounce of "support" worth a plug Nickel.

Anonymous said...

No doubt ! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

CENTURION @ February 7, 2014 at 11:03 AM said
" It is a shame there is not a independent way of setting up a private blog where nobody can intimidate the writer."

There is, just get private hosting. There are numerous companies such as PRQ is Sweden or Cyber Bunker in the Netherlands who have no questions asked hosting polices and will host anything but child porn. It isnt particularly expensive either.

SolInvictus said...

"It is a shame there is not a independent way of setting up a private blog where nobody can intimidate the writer."

Why not? It's completely doable.
I've sent PK a contact email, so if that's something of interest, I'd be happy to do it.

Dan said...

What is your statistical source?

If you visit any major American city up to 95% percent of murders are committed by blacks.

Also, almost all murders between strangers are black on white in the US. There would be many many more if whites didn't go to great lengths to segregate themselves from the company of blacks.

Here is an anecdote. Every time ive been victimized by criminals it's been a black perp. It's the same for everyone I know. Fortunately in my case it is property crime. In my friend's cases it's always a black.

Avoid the negroid.

Discard said...

Anon at 8:47 PM: "Klan talk" is my shorthand expression for the sort of language no longer permitted on this blog. Sorry that your literal-mindedness makes it hard for you to see that.
Have you noticed the extreme efforts the media makes to keep the population ignorant? Most people have never heard of the many atrocities that Blacks regularly commit against Whites, but everybody heard about poor little Treyvon and that mean "White" man who killed him. Black disfunction is presented as the legacy of slavery and segregation and so forth, rather than their biological inadequacy. We are trying to convince people that everything they read and hear is no only wrong, but a pattern of deliberate lying. We can't do that if we appear to be the evil racists they've been warned against.
Now, if you think that you can take back the country without the cooperation of a lot of quiet, law-abiding, productive middle class Whites, you're welcome to try.

Anonymous said...

For everyone tired of hearing about endless knockout game, it's great to see swift justice come upon a wannabe attacker. And on their own website too. Check out the comments section, while most of pro white sentiment is the basic guttural nig** this, there's a lot of articulate argument, which is great to see.

Californian said...

Amsterdam said...

Can any other WHITE person tell me why they think Black Crime is such a huge issue , when in fact whites are killing whites 84 percent of the time.. Aka you have a 84 percent chance of dying at the hands of whites?

To answer your question: you have to look at the political angle. The numbers of black-on-white crimes far exceed white-on-black. Often, black attacks on whites are justified as acts of rebellion by the "oppressed." This was so explicitly in the Zebra killings during the highpoint of the civil rights era, down to the Omar Thorntons of today. You might also look at the Long Hot Summer riots from the 1960s to Rodney King and beyond, which blacks have touted as "uprisings" against YT. The political angle is implicit in blacks perpetrating Polar Bear Punching and flashmobbing of white people. You might check out the growing viciousness of black-on-white crimes, such as the seemingly senseless killings in "robberies gone wrong," grimly reported on this website.

Blacks, despite (because of?) being given everything they have demanded since Brown vs Board of Education, are showing increasing viciousness towards white people.

Take it over to South Africa where blacks commit heinous torture-murders of whites, egged on by ANC militants for expressed political purposes. Or look at the banelieus of Europa, where white people are being forced out of their ancient cities by third worlder rioting, dysfunction and crime.

You do not see similar numbers of white-on-black crimes with a political angle these decadent days.

The point is, black-on-white crime is part of a much larger pattern in which blacks drive white people out of their neighborhoods, cities and even countries. It's a form of tribal warfare, if you like, or post-modern insurgency. Blacks have exploited their violence against whites to take over great cities such as Detroit or once prosperous countries like Rhodesia...which they promptly run into the ground. And if I am wrong, can you please show us those black majority cities and countries which are up to the same standards of civic order, educational achievement and economic progress as equivalent white polities?

Yes, whites have committed a lot of violence historically. But whites have built great cities and mighty nations. Chicago in the midst of Prohibition era gangster wars was a safer and more prosperous city than Detroit today under black-majority-rule. Rhodesia, under white minority rule, could feed much of Africa.

All this was understood by most white people right up until the civil rights revolution of the mid-20th century. Which was one reason you had policies like segregation, apartheid, and race based immigration quotas. It wasn't because white people were "prejudiced" or "bigoted" or "xenophobic." It was because white people understood the reality of race.

And one reality is that race has a political component.

Anonymous said...

Discard: "Klan talk" is my shorthand expression for the sort of language no longer permitted on this blog. Sorry that your literal-mindedness makes it hard for you to see that.
Sorry you can't see that your shorthand expression is a cheapshot and demonization of a previous generation that took necessary measures to preserve their civilization. I somewhat doubt that Southern gentlemen rode around on horses, indiscriminately hurling N-bombs at black people in public, but your shorthand bolsters that impression in those middle-class koolaid drinkers you wish to recruit; and like I said, if coarse words scare them away now, if they ever do join reality, they will jump ship later at the sound of those same words -- and they will hear them. Who needs them?

"Now, if you think that you can take back the country without the cooperation of a lot of quiet, law-abiding, productive middle class Whites, you're welcome to try."
It's their country too. I'm not taking it back for them. They'll have to figure out for themselves, what they want.

"Black disfunction is presented as the legacy of slavery and segregation and so forth, rather than their biological inadequacy."
IMO, it is far more cruel to point out the facts of their nature, and necessary conclusion that they cannot escape their genetic programming, than to call them Naughty names. It amuses me to think that Names would be the bigger turn off, when the facts would be the true mind-benders, untwisting the faulty doctrine they've consumed since birth. As Paul alluded, "Noticing" is the real N-word.
Anyway, I don't let one word or two define my vocabulary; but I am more irritated when I see our people debating the drive-by troll du jour, than when I see a visceral, emotional outburst from someone who just finished reading about a gruesome murder. Those middle class heroes of yours should also be wise enough to recognize what provokes those words and thoughts, after reading those same stories here.

Anonymous said...

@Centurion, it is I who suggested the 30 ft. rule. I have taught my children to be aware. When walking down a street, particularly in a city, ALWAYS look at the reflections in the store front windows. Look around and KNOW who is around at all times. If being followed, stop on a corner and face the person. I am currently pursueing a ccw for just Delaware and maybe a piggy back for Utah with 34 states reciprical. I posted about my son as a surveyor and his trouble and I have had mine in the city as well. My first wife was kidnapped and raped by 2 less than wonderful members of that community many years ago. I haven't forgotten. 1 died in prison, 1 died on the street. No love lost for the entire community. I'm here, just waiting to move away from the VP's adopted state.

Mr. Rational said...

Those middle class heroes of yours should also be wise enough to recognize what provokes those words and thoughts

We can call it the Paula Deen effect.