Sunday, February 2, 2014

Well, Snow is White... "The Day We Lost Atlanta" to 1/6 a Foot of snow blamed on White People

One-sixth of a foot of snow.

A metropolitan area of six million Walking Dead paralyzed, an act of mother nature powerfully acting as a metaphor to highlight the absurdity of a people vacating a city (in every possible direction) for the momentary safety of a suburb.
No, white people trying to raise families in safe white communities surrounding metro Atlanta (where black dysfunction has rendered the city unlivable) causes the daily gridlock. The snow just accentuated the problem for the nation to see...


A city where the high concentration of black people in the downtown area (Fulton County), as well in large parts of DeKalb County, have completely eroded commercial and residential property value. The school system, wherever blacks go (looking at you Clayton County), quickly regresses to the black mean, sending white parents scurrying for another county where a few years of refuge can be found. But the undertow of blackness will follow, consuming everything in its path (looking at you Fayette and Cobb County).

Even the Atlanta Braves left Fulton County, the crime and decay of an almost entirely black area surrounding Turner Field a major detriment to those white fans hoping to watch the boys of summer for a few peaceful hours; before they must venture back into their metal coffins and spend more hours of wasted productivity on I-85, I-75, I-20, GA-400, or I-285.

To raise children in a majority black area is an unspoken form of child endangerment, though no state agency will work to protect you and your family (in actuality, the state works to relocate black people, via Section 8 Housing Vouchers, to your peaceful white areas).

No, we didn't lose Atlanta when 2 inches of snow blanketed; we lost in Atlanta when white people decided they could escape the racial reality of black dysfunction by moving to Forsyth, Gwinnett, Newton, Douglas, Fayette, and Coweta County (once, it was Clayton County, but the black undertow from Fulton seeped into Jonesboro, Mt. Zion, and Riverdale, rendering this area completely uninhabitable). [The Day We Lost Atlanta: How 2 lousy inches of snow paralyzed a metro area of 6 million, Politico, 1-29-14]

Potassium iodide can protect you from radioactive poisoning; nothing can save your residential or commercial property value from the black undertow (empty, shuttered buildings - once full with shoppers - are a reminder of the utter lie of black purchasing power).

The good people at Salon decided white people were to blame. Since we can't critique the source of black dysfunction, crime, and misery found in Atlanta (that whites would rather commute an hour each way - everyday - to avoid), let's just blame white people.  [What Does Racism Have to Do With Gridlock?: In Atlanta Everything, Salon, 1-31-14]:
And, of course, there’s race. Race is a recurring motif in the long history of the city-rural divide in Georgia politics, as well as the uneasy history of relations between the leaders in City Hall and the state Capitol just down the street. Much as white Southerners despise being labeled “racist” whenever they vote Republican—and I do understand why that makes them mad—it is still a fact that you cannot separate anything in the South entirely from the question of race.
Race. White people can run away from the problems caused by the black race in Atlanta, but they can't run away from their own shadow.

Wherever white people went in the metro Atlanta, prosperous communities, neighborhoods, and cities followed them; when black people came (Clayton, DeKalb, and now Fayette County, as well as large parts of Cobb) those same communities, neighborhoods, and cities reverted decayed quickly to resemble the area surrounding the soon-to-be abandoned Turner Field.


The metro Atlanta area has no natural boundaries, meaning white people can continue escaping in every direction, decamping one city for another just down the expressway.

But the undertow will follow.


Lily White said...

The horror of being surrounded by so much whiteness that they couldn't play the Knockout Game on evidently made them lose their heads. Because weather beez rayciss an' sheeit.

10mm AUTO said...

Another good question to ask the good people at Salon would be: "Why is White Flight never successful?" Why do negros trail after Whites like a unwanted dog?

We move out of Atlanta to Clayton County...negro follows till its over 50% negro. negro votes in negro sheriff, city council, police. Whites leave to go to next town. negros follow till its over 50% negro. negros vote in....and the pattern repeats. If Whites are "de ebil debil", then why are negros following us?

My mother once said to me, "If your brother jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?"

negros would not only jump off a cliff if da YT did, but would then whine that it is "da ebil debils" fault once the negro landed.

They are a failed child race. They need to be expelled for both our sakes. Not exterminated, but merely removed back to their natural habitat so they can live in peace (or not) amongst themselves.

White Homeland, Northwest Front

countenance said...

Paul, you wrote a book awhile back about Atlanta entitled Black Mecca Down.

All it took was a two inch accumulation of crystallized water to bring the black mecca down.

Mr. Rational said...

As I prepare to dig out from beneath another several inches of Mother Nature's Racist Whitness, I have to applaud her performance in Atlanta and beg her to keep it up.  Enough of this and the vibrant diversities may decamp for warmer climes once again.  I hear Liberia is nice this time of year.

Anonymous said...

You mean I am to blame for an incompetent black mayor and all the other incompetent black officials that run the city of Atlanta?
Good fucking grief.

andy said... all are a bunch of ignorant racists



hey p.k. I think I pointed this out a few days ago. I said since the snow is lilly-white we know who will get the blame from the oh so black mayor! that black useless asshole was blaming the white Governor. he said the state didn't salt the roads knowing full well the state doesn't patrol the city. that's his "peeps" job. and we all know how blacks and snow go so well together. once again America can see why the feral black race and running the government state/federal don't go so good. we got the h.n.i.c in D.C. and this toad in hot-lanta always blaming the white guy for their misdoings. where's John Rocker(braves picture) when you need a good sound bite?


Anonymous said...

If reparations is what they want, then I say fine, BUT it shouldn't be halfway. Give them the money, strip them of their citizenship and send them back to the African country of their choice.
The do excel in some areas, the entertainment industry is one. Somehow they've also discovered a way to make a living off of making excuses. In this department, they're simply the best.

Son of Delbert said...

Snow be raycissss and sheet.

Maybe the mere fact that snow removal requires EFFORT is what puts bee in the coloreds collective bonnet?

Whatever, they are incompetent in any venture. I bet they even have a hard time raising yams and goats in their homeland.

Reading Solon is the intellectual equivalent of a prostate exam administered by an Estonian doctor with massive hands and over thick hairy fingers. Painful and degrading.


Anonymous said...

They follow white people. Encouraged and supported by a government using your tax dollars. Black criminals tried by black judges in front of black jurors go free of murdering white people.
They make a mockery of our judicial system. Our hnic fills his cabinet with the enemies of the U.S. And its all supported by our tax dollars.
Oh, its that time of year again. Lets all pay up so that asshole can take his whole herd to Hawaii, again!

Anonymous said...

Always curious when people blurt out "racist", but never bring one fact to the table to counter any of the arguments made. Care to prove me wrong Andy?

Anonymous said...

Nope, but I've seen them pour hot water over the snow & watched gleefully as it turns to ice...

Jay Santos said...

andy said... all are a bunch of ignorant racists

Just not true. We love black people. We would just love them even more if they were in Africa.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...

There's so much controversy about NOT ENOUGH BLACK QUARTERBACKS but how come there is no brouhaha about NOT ENOUGH BLACK CHEERLEADERS in a sport that is overwhelmingly black?
Same with NBA? Most cheerleaders are white(many are blonde), and there are even Asians(even though there are no Asian men in football).

Is it because the Liberal elites like the image/idea of black stud athletes being cheered on and served by blonde white girls?
Since it promotes interracism, jungle-feverism, and the pussification of the white boys who are reduced to watching white girls cheer for black studs, I guess it's not an issue that most cheerleaders are white and putting out to black stud athletes.

White race, a total disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Why waste the resource rich continent of Africa? If blacks want to leech off something white, let's send the lot to Antarctica.

AweSheeit said...

Check it mo-fuckaz:


"There is a lot of hatred against African Americans in the United States even though as a group, we have done little or nothing to earn it."

Nothing at all. Word.

PB said...

Andy won't be back. He's just a drive-by.

Major1 said...

I am a racist, and proudly so. I never deny it. I in general despise the black race. But I am anything but ignorant. Ignorance is a blind devotion to diversity and tolerance. It literally is a state of choosing to ignore reality. I stopped drinking the Kool aid and taking my blue pills a long time ago. I am completely and painfully aware of how our infantile, violent, needy, promiscuous and utterly un-fixable black population is suffocating this country. Believe me, this is a debate I NEVER lose. I could convince Al Sharpton himself to commit suicide if I presented him with the ugly truth about American (?) blacks. If I had the money, I'd pay for the forced repatriation of every black back to Africa. If I had the political and military power, I'd segregate the US right now and give blacks their very own American homeland. And if I had the technology and expertise in biology, I'd resurrect Himmler and send him to Detroit. If you are for real, I'll debate you right here in this forum. One caveat though...I won't debate you if your arguments reference slavery or depend solely on cries of racism. We'll see who is ignorant.

bubo said...

A gay black Salon writer said this of the white woman who called police as a black male was kicking her door down at 2am.

In this day and age, how could this white woman be so terrified by the mere sight of a black man — an injured one at that — that she couldn’t contain her fright long enough to even hear out his plea for help?

YT woman with a young child was a racist for not opening her home to this "injured" buck at 2am. The buck subsequently chimped out and the cops killed him.

Salon really hates YT. They especially hate any southern whites. It's ok though, I hate Salon too.

Anonymous said...

p.k. you are killing me here lol slam dunk after slam dunk stories ,but as much as i hate to point this out i must nobody in the south is prepared for snow when i was a kid we went to disneyland in florida & they got some rare snow it just about shut the entire state down,being from michigan we had no problem driving in the snow ,that was in 1976, but i get what you are trying to say that whites fleeing the black plague & the idiots in charge of atlanta came together to create a perfect storm,p.k. we must change are mindset why must we flee what we built,you dont abandon your house if you see a rat you exterminate the vermin,thats what its going to come to not because of us whites but because of blacks themselves we will continue to back up till there is no place left then & only then we will unleash a fury that no one or nothing will be able to stop before its over a great many cities will be smouldering ruins but p.k. we will rise from the ashes,but sadly a few million blacks will not be around to see it .. royal oak dude

Major1 said...

Why don't we select our first topic for debate?
1. 4% of the US population (black males between the ages of 18-35) commits a staggering 52% of the total homicides in the country. I say it's because black males are primitive, violent and impulsive and are devoid of future-time orientation. What do you think?
2. Black men live longer in prison than they do out of prison. Yes, black men live longer locked in a cage with murderers and kidnappers than they do in their own neighborhoods. I think this is because blacks, in their natural state, are unable to maintain a state of civilization. What do you think?
3. No matter how much money is spent, no matter how many new programs are tried, no matter how many new initiatives are started, blacks have enormous difficulty graduating high school. In some cities the dropout rate for blacks far exceeds the number who do graduate. Schools, teachers, governments and their white liberal masters all bend themselves into pretzels trying to find anything that can help blacks "succeed", including special classes, intensive tutoring, credit for "life experiences", bogus fields of study (black studies, race studies, Ebonics), all without any success. I think this is because blacks, in addition to the aforementioned impulsiveness and inability to delay gratification, also suffer from generally being lazy and stupid. What do you think?

Heather said...

@Major 1, have you considered running for president? When I am independently wealthy, I will absolutely back your ideas:) First completely intelligent thought I've seen expressed lately.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that Atlanta's inept black city government, led by the brilliant Keseem Reid, or some such, is the reason for Atlanta's recent catastrophe.

For some dead-on common sense regarding America, watch this video:

ricpic said...

Andrea Letania asks the question about white cheerleaders for almost totally black professional football and basketball teams and wonders why the white fans of those teams seem unconcerned. She doesn't get it that most whites are virtually brain dead as regards the racial realities in America. Why are whites fans of black teams in the first place? Blacks hate whites and are quite open about it. It is next to impossible to conduct even the simplest transaction with a black because of the underlying hostility that isn't even underlying, it's right out in the open. Blacks attack whites constantly, physically maiming them and in some cases killing them. Black incapacity is a constant financial drain on whites. And yet to all of the above a huge number of whites are numb. Not only are they numb to the reality of black hostility and disfunction, they are positively ecstatic about the performance of "their" team or "their" black athletic star. No, I'm not leading up to a reason this should be so. I have no clue. But it is THE fact about the white mind in America today. So please stop wondering about why whites, at the very least, should be discomforted by white cheerleaders of black teams. It's not even on the radar. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING will awaken most whites to the horror other than the complete economic implosion of the country. At that point, MAYBE, under conditions of constant unremitting and savage attacks by feral blacks, at that point whites MAY awaken. Anything less and their sleep is assured.

Major1 said...

Thanks Heather. I have no interest in being President. The thought of having to endure endless meetings with Charlie Rangel, Harry Reid, and Sheila Jackson makes my skin crawl. I'd rather be Emperor.
But keep in touch. I'll need a First Lady.

Son of Delbert said...

Please Heather, don't even think about Major1 getting into politics! You either. WE are the good guys, and will stay that way.

The stinking swamp of American politics would destroy any of us.

As an aside, let it snow let it snow let it snow!


Anonymous said...

The Salon writer is right about one thing (alas!): race is inseparable from the reality of life in the South -- as well as in the North, and anywhere else that is not homogeneous.

That and too many white Southerners do flinch at being called "racists," instead of rightly calling out the race-deniers. If a "racist" is one who recognizes racial differences, observes the consequences of forced integration of unassimilables, and values his own kind more than he values others, then how does it make sense to NOT be a "racist?" The opposite is ignorance and cowardly conformity.

SolInvictus said...

Already responded to an article similar to this on Amren. This is a dumb one to blame on blackness...

We had frozen bridges all the way to the Gulf (I live here).
While a lot of stupid drivers did compound the problem, a small snafu quickly turns into a cascading failure of the transportation system when dealing with that many people (more people live in the ATL metro area than in the entire state of AL).
Keeping a stock of snowplows and salt trucks (same for snow tires and chains) maintained in most places here would make about as much sense as Miami doing it.

Anonymous said...


re. Salon [they recently had an article about 'conservatives obsession w black crime'..I believe in lite of Michael Lanes killing...

bubo Salon writer said this of the white woman who called police as a black male....


Anonymous said...

@Nordic: "where's John Rocker(braves pitcher) when you need a good sound bite?"
Don't forget, Rocker played the "My Best Friend Is Black" card (to no avail), when they crucified him for his homophobic subway rant. White athletes suffer from the same IKAGO syndrome that afflicts military guys, otherwise they'd go insane from being surrounded 24/7.
OT: my unofficial score in the superbowl has the "Multicultural America the Beautiful" ahead of "Nappy Cheerios" for worst commercial of the day. There may be worse, but I keep walking away from the screen.

Zippy said...

Uh, it's Slate, not Salon. Really, go to the link.

It's still a dumb article, though. Not even coherent.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Guy here again...

I would be willing to bet my life that Andy lives nowhere near any large population of Negroes. If he did, he sure as well wouldnt be calling us "ray-cysts". He would most likely be sharing our reality.

Anonymous said...


it's Slate, not Salon.

I can not find....but I did find this..'abortion barbie [shes a fraudster] defended at slate.
w pix of blacks [of course]

Anonymous said...


I googled and found...

Teenager, 18, decapitated aunt's boyfriend 'because he wanted to ...
Daily Mail
Dec 28, 2013 - Detroit woman, 59, 'dismembered her son, 32, and dumped his .... Valdez allegedly called police about 2am to report the grisly crime. ... Prosecutors say Valdez had been living with the couple in the ..... White hot! ..... off Capitol show lists '28 reasons to hug a black guy' · No gays in Sochi?
Jonathan Ferrell Needed Help But Instead He Was Shot To Death‎
Sep 18, 2013 - She opened the door to find a young black man standing on her porch. McCartney instantly closed the door and called 911 to report an ... There's a guy breaking into my front door, he's trying to kick it down.” ... Still on the phone with 911 when police arrived, McCartney says, .... Towleroad: More gay guys.
10 shocking examples of police killing innocent people ... -‎
Aug 22, 2013 - Annie Rae Dixon, an 84-year-old African-American woman, was ... was in her bedroom when narcotics officers raided her home at 2am; ... Narcotics officer Frank Baggett, Jr. said that when he kicked down the door to Dixon's bedroom, ... At an inquest, a predominantly white jury decided that the shooting ..

Anonymous said...

Started to watch the super bowl, though I really don't care who wins. Saw the Cheerios commercial. That was enough of that crap.
Still, I had to wonder, how long did it take to teach the little niglet to speak english? Or was it a voice over? She sounded human, or at least humanesque.

Anonymous said...

Be nice to see the sale of Cheerios drop more than 50%, even if the theft rate went up. Big company will follow the money.

Anonymous said...

to Son of Delbert
San Franciscan here

Just what do you have against Estonians?

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan here

Just funnin ya SOD.

Anonymous said...

He really hurt my feelings. ( hand wringing, sack cloth, ashes)

Anonymous said...

Snow be white.

Crackers be white.

Case closed.

Simian Browse said...

Black Leadership:
In charge of everything;
responsible for nothing.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

The reality of, and what is being witness by, white women cheerleaders in sports dominated or near dominated by negros, is the white liberal effort to seduce the young, white woman's mind to choose to mate with the negro instead of the white male.

Make no mistake by failing to understand our 10-18 years of age white girls are being both targeted and lead to conclude mating with a negro generates better results than mating with a fellow white.

Liberal Hollywood is thick and rife with this noxious effort.

This is a promotion of miscegenation, and it's product of mulattoism. It, miscegenation/mulattoism is good for negros and white liberals, but horrendous for our white gene pool/race.

Moreover, this is a major reason for our young white female's, ridiculously stupid decision to mate with negros over fellow whites.

Miscegenation is an abrogation of nature; it is an act of apostasy.

White offspring is permanently sullied by miscegenation/mulattoism, and unfortunately can never be washed clean of negro genes.

Ultimately white liberal leaders want a new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy with themselves in charge and giving the orders and a world with a lot of mulattoes enhances their probability of achieving that goal.

Negros would be targeted for extinction by natural forces, so they are happy to parasitize the white gene pool, looking ultimately to meld their loser gene pool to the winner white gene pool.

White liberals, those who fail to mature or transcend insanity. White liberals, those who pursue their superiority without pursuing their maturity. White liberals, prefer to live the easy and good life at the expense of the white collective.

Ultimately, white liberals, the reason whites are going into extinction.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oo im racist as fuck. I got no illusions. Andy go away you sissy.

Fat slob

YIH said...

Well in some turd world country a lot of people are getting their new ''Denver Broncos World Champions'' T-shirts.
Please Paul, put the gun down, it's not worth it.

Anonymous said...

The DWL media finally has what it has been waiting on for years and overrated Nigro Quarterback won the Sooper Bowel!

The DWL media will put this groid on a pedestal higher than our mulatto Marxist POTUS. Never mind the fact that Seattle's offense was mediocre at best, and that the defense and the special teams actually won this game for Seattle. Wilson will be all we hear about from now on.

Mutant Swarm said...

Off topic, but this article explais where we're headed. And more importantly, why we're headed there:

"...If a man is drowning, you can toss him a rope. But if a man jumps into the water, tossing him a rope doesn't accomplish anything. A physical problem can be solved by applying the right resources, but a human problem can't be solved except when the affected humans change their attitudes or behaviors.

"Trying to solve a problem rooted in behavior with monetary rewards only perpetuates that behavior. Instead of saving the world, throwing money at it destroys it instead."

You Can't Save The World

Anonymous said...

I went to a Superbowl party last night. I live near downtown Indianapolis, and the party was at my husband's co-worker's house deep in the Carmel suburbs.

After several conversations with each of the unhappy, over-mortgaged white people at the party, I have concluded that they DESERVE EVERYTHING THEY ARE ABOUT TO RECEIVE.

None of them knew about or cared to know about the UN Agenda 21 sustainability program, the HUD Affirmatively Affirming Fair Housing and the war on the white suburbs, the plan to elect a new people, the transit expansion plans, no clue about race realism, that they are in a white flight community, or about the Communist plan to dumb down white children with Common Core.

They believe that everything will be OK after they vote in 2016.

They all worship at the alter of equality and diversity and LOVE LOVE Mitt Romney the White Savior, who they believe should have won the 2012 election. They all bitched endlessly about their children, tuition costs, the Carmel school system, their churches being intolerant of gay marriage, etc.

They had all updated and expanded their crappy new McMansions with newer floors, marble countertops, and huge home theaters with funding from second and third mortgages.

Several of the men had previously suffered heart attacks and were watching their red meat and saturated fat consumption.

They all nodded in agreement that Marco Rubio was right about immigration reform, that Mexican and Cuban immigrants are actually Christian Republicans, and that black children just need better schools in the city. They don't care if whites become a minority by 2035. They believe that we need new workers to do the jobs that white American teenagers won't do. They all receive Drudge Report updates on their smart phones.


The Good Lord has a plan for them, and from now on, I will be praying for His will to be done.

Anonymous said...

"White race, a total disgrace."

Good point.

Anonymous said...

Avengers 2 will partially film in South Africa. It's ironic that a country that is gearing up to exterminate its remaining white population (the people who made the country) is welcoming a movie being made by whites, with whites, and mostly for whites. Of course the stupidity of whites giving a country a fairly large sum of money that is engaging in low grade genocide (and preparing to ramp up) of their fellow whites isn't lost on me.

WhiteRider, Racist and proud said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"No matter how much money is spent, no matter how many new programs are tried, no matter how many new initiatives are started, blacks have enormous difficulty graduating high school."

Don't worry the US government has taken over educating your children through the CORE system. If you don't know what CORE is you better find out quick.

Anonymous said...

Bravo ! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Kersey misses the point in his entire blog. Blacks are just the fleas that carry the plague. Without the rats to cart them around (his DWL's) they would not be a problem, certainly not the massive one they are now. I think like minded people must agree that the real enemy are the whites who enable this behavior at our expense while insulating themselves from the consequences.

Anonymous said...

More fun from O's sons


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

To Ernie in PA., from 2/1:

If you really feel that way, try moving to Houston, Phoenix or L.A..

The "Reconquista" is well under way, Aztland is materializing as we speak. Those whites, obviously liberals, who befriend Mexicans are dupes.

A few good apples in a barrel of otherwise mostly bad apples, does not make the barrel worthy in any way shape or form.

At this point, if you are white, and as it is in prison, you are either for whites or against whites. The minorities have no problem knowing who they side with. They will not commit apostasy.

It seems only white liberals, the immature and insane, the selfish and the cowardly, can pretend they believe the lamb and the lion can lay down together in peace and tranquility.

Your kind sells our white gene pool/race's soul to assuage it's own cowardice and replace it with the illusion of self-righteous courage, an illusion BTW, that is only persona deep. Thanks.

Marc B said...

I've been waiting for this magnum opus that backs up everything you say about BRA. Thank you for delivering the goods!

Anonymous said...

"No matter how much money is spent, no matter how many new programs are tried, no matter how many new initiatives are started, blacks have enormous difficulty graduating high school."

Question: did blacks have difficulty graduating high school during segregation?

More critically, during segregation, were white students forced out of public schools by violence or a dumbed down curriculum?

Could it be that segregation was a system that worked because it was based on the reality of race?

Unknown said...

I'd like to present some data to counter the lurid imagination of some:

Chuck Hammer said...

After several conversations with each of the unhappy, over-mortgaged white people at the party, I have concluded that they DESERVE EVERYTHING THEY ARE ABOUT TO RECEIVE.

That's where I am. I've lived among DWLs for most of my life. They just can't be reached. They look at you as if you smell of dogshit just for raising these serious issues.

The bedrock underlying our raycissm is the USSA is subsidizing a large (black, brown and white) non-productive population. When the gubmint subsidies eventually stop, for whatever reason, the non-productive segment of the population will quickly decline.

I have two overarching fears for the USA:
1) That the current social tensions resolve in something like the Bolshevik genocide, with patriots and Constitutionalists opposed by all the various dependent client groups of a murderous US gubmint.
2) That the breakdown, when it comes, is so severe that the nation's nuclear power generating stations are no longer able to cool their spent fuel pools with a resulting radioactive contamination of much of the USA.

I think many of us share the hard-won Northern European forecasting and planning genetic trait. How easy life would be if all that existed was the present moment.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute.

I'm a racist because Atlanta blacks don't know how to prepare for a minor winter storm, or drive in it?

Anonymous said...

It may be as simple as nobody wants trash people destroying their neighborhoods, family and community. Trash people come in all colors and ethnicity. There are not any notable white ghettos in the USA (other than jew enclaves)but there are uncountable black ghettos. To quote Muhammad Ali "the black people are not in the ghetto, the ghetto is in the black people". He never understood how black folk could lie to themselves and actually believe it.