Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Baltimore City, You're Breaking My Heart": Tracey Halvorsen, Being White in Baltimore, and Fear of Black Crime in a Majority Black City

Only in era dominated by the worship (in most cases state-mandated via inculcation through public education of their moral authority over the white man) of blacks would a show like The Wire come to epitomize all that is great about television.
What the white minority feels like in Baltimore, a city where being the victim of black crime is a daily fear

An attempt to sanitize the black population of Baltimore (that has driven away, not only whites, but any racial group hoping to find peace and stability in the same streets Edgar Allen Poe once roamed) and paint them as an oppressed class - as opposed to the demographic that oppresses Baltimore - David Simon's HBO show is proof-positive why our inane era must come to an end.

In one episode of The Wire, one of the main black drug dealers proposes this query to one of his black bodyguards: "Do you know what the most dangerous thing in America is? A n--ger with a library card."

This, of course, lacks credulity. The most dangerous thing in America is just the person who excuses black dysfunction as anything but the fault of the individual n--ger engaging in it, as we see on a daily basis in Baltimore.
From a 1992 Associated Press story documenting life for merchants in a majority black (riddled with black crime) city

This is a city where witness intimidation (remember the Dawson family?), jury nullification (remember Joel Lee, a Korean, who was killed by a black dude in Baltimore, only to have a nearly all-black jury find his accused black murderer not guilty) and the idea of black political supremacy (racial payback: "now the shoe is on the other foot") is standard operating procedure.

A few years back, when a white Johns Hopkins University student, John Pontolillo, killed a black career criminal (49-year-old Donald Rice, who had been arrested more than two dozen times for burglary, breaking and entering and auto theft) with a samurai sword, the Baltimore Sun editorialized against those celebrating his demise, noting [No Cause For Cheers: Our View: The Gleeful Reaction To The Killing Of A Burglar By A Hopkins Student With A Samurai Sword Is Unseemly And Ignores The Tragedy That Has Engulfed Two Lives, 9-17-2009]:
The burglar, Donald D. Rice, wouldn't ordinarily deserve much sympathy. He was a career criminal with a long record of thefts. He had just gotten out of prison the previous Saturday after serving six months for a conviction in Baltimore County. By all accounts he was neither an admirable character nor an innocent victim.
But even burglars don't deserve to be killed with a razor-sharp sword. And Mr. Pontolillo - whose thinking may have been clouded by the adrenaline rush of fear, panic and anger - must now spend the rest of his life grappling with the anguish and remorse of having snuffed out another's life.

This is certainly nothing to celebrate. The glorification of the incident online and around town belies the horror of the killing and its aftermath. Even if it ultimately is judged to have been legally justified, the question of whether the situation couldn't have been handled differently will remain.
No amount of adulation as a modern-day ninja vigilante is likely to take away the pain Mr. Pontolillo is liable to feel in years to come as the awful reality of this gruesome episode sinks in.
Pontolillo's samurai sword heroics would be celebrated in a fake SGA campaign at Johns Hopkins, with students of that elite institution knowing black criminals prey upon them, sometimes even taking the lives of undergraduates.

Like Stephen Pitcairn, a white undergraduate who was about to enroll in medical school and assisted with breast cancer research. Two black people murdered him back in 2010.[Hopkins researcher's promising life cut short in robbery: Two arrested in connection with crime robbery charges against suspect were dropped in May, Baltimore Sun, 7-27-2010]:
Dropped off at Penn Station after a weekend trip to New York to visit his sister, 23-year-old Stephen Pitcairn was talking to his mother on his iPhone at about 11 p.m. and walking north in the 2600 block of St. Paul St. when a man and woman demanded money.
Police say he turned over his wallet, then took a knife to the chest.
A resident was in his home ironing when he saw three people who appeared to be fighting, then heard a scream. He ran outside, saw Pitcairn lying on his stomach in the gutter and called 911.
"I made it back and held his hand, and I told him that everything was going to be OK," said the man, who was shaken and did not want to give his name. "He said, 'Help me,' and then I held his hand until he expired. I didn't want him to be alone.
"Nobody wants to die alone."
Police said Pitcairn was officially pronounced dead at Maryland Shock Trauma center after midnight. He would have turned 24 Tuesday.
Anthony Guglielmi, the Police Department's chief spokesman, said Pitcairn's mother heard the robbery over the phone.
Police arrested and charged two people in connection with the crime, each one with a predictable rap sheet. Lavelva Merritt, 24, has a long history of drug-related arrests and convictions. John Alexander Wagner, 34, has been charged in robberies and assaults, never receiving anything more than what amounted to time served, even after violating his probation repeatedly, court records show.
In charging documents, police said they were told by witnesses that Merritt and Wagner were overheard saying that they had "robbed and 'hurt' a 'white boy.'" Detectives recovered a brown wallet, Pitcairn's iPhone, several folding and fixed blade knives — and shoes containing what appeared to be blood.
"White boys" are merely walking ATMs in Baltimore.


Or if you're a Korean merchant hoping to do business in the war-zone of Baltimore (like Joel Lee's parents), who have to take the extraordinary precaution of putting their entire store behind plexiglass to protect both employee and inventory from the predatory black population. [Korean businessmen want out of inner city, The Free Lance Star, 11-11-1992]
Baltimore (AP) - In the back of Chung's Grocery the police emergency number stands out in bold black letters on a crudely made cardboard sign next  to the telephone. 

When night falls in the poor, mostly black, inner-city neighborhood, the Chungs retreat behind a plexiglass shield to protect themselves from armed visitors, even before the metal grating is pulled across the tiny storefront. 

Despite the presence of often elaborate security systems, at least three Korean-American grocers have been killed over the past two years. Many others, like the Chungs, were robbed. 

Police say it is not because of who they are, but where their stores are located, that Korean immigrants have been the targets of crime. But that's consolation for the more than 250 Korean families who put in 70-to 90-hour work weeks at their "Mom and Pop" stores, most of which are located in the inner city. 

Suk Bum Chung - no relation to the Chungs - worked 12 hours a day, six and seven days a week, for six years before he was gunned down during a holdup at his small grocery store last November. He had hoped to bring his wife and six children to the country once his business was thriving. 

Once he wrote home to say, "I understand the problems of crime here. But I don't know what to do about it. It is very dangerous here and maybe I should come back to Korea," his son recalled after the shooting. 

Problems of crime.

Almost exclusively crime committed by black people.

Which brings us to a web site,, and a post by Tracey Halvorsen that has gone completely viral. Titled "Baltimore City, You're Breaking My Heart: This is why people leave," Halvorsen writes:
Life takes you places, you follow a course that isn't completely of your own making. One day you wake up, and it’s really all up to you. So where do you want to live? I happen to live in a city. Baltimore, to be specific.
And I'm growing to absolutely hate it here.
I’m tired of hearing about 12 year old girls being held up at gun-point while they walk to school.,0,5595591.story
I’m tired of saying “Oh Baltimore’s great! It’s just got some crime problems.”

I’m tired of living in a major crime zone while paying the highest property taxes in the state. 

I’m tired of hearing the police helicopter circling overhead every night, and seeing the spotlight shine in my window.
I’m tired of reading about juveniles arrested for violent crimes who are let go because if it’s not a “murder” case, there’s no time to worry about it, or resources to deal with it.
I’m tired of checking in on neighbor and Baltimore Sun editor Jon Fogg’s Go Fund Me page to see if his family has met their goal to raise funds to help him recover from the brutal attack he suffered as he went from his car to his front door after work.
I’m tired of hearing city leaders delude themselves that people will move to, or visit, Baltimore — with visions of the Inner Harbor and the National Aquarium in their minds.
I’m tired of answering the question, “Is Baltimore really like The Wire?” Answer: “Yeah it’s a complete shit-hole war zone depending on what street you turn down”.
I’m tired of looking at 11 year olds as potential thieves, muggers and murderers on my walk home from the office.
I’m tired of living next to a beautiful park that I’m scared to walk into at any time of day, thanks to regular stories of day-time muggings, drug dealing and gang violence.
I’m tired of doing the mental checklist of what I will do if I hear someone break into my house.
I’m tired of watching the murder count go up and up like a lottery pool.
I’m tired of thinking about neighbor Zach Sowers, beat to death by a pack of kids outside his Canton home several years ago, completely unprovoked.

I’m tired of thinking about the horrifying final moments for 51 year old neighbor, Kim Leto, stabbed to death in her own home by two teenagers.,0,6009593.story
I’m tired of hearing people talk about how coveted the internships are at Johns Hopkins because you get “battle zone” experience.
I’m tired of wondering why city leaders haven’t said shit about recent horrific murders committed by children in supposedly “safe” neighborhoods. And city officials ignore the fact that neighborhoods like Canton and Butcher’s Hill (supposedly appealing neighborhoods for young professionals, students and families seeking an urban living experience) have seen robberies up 35 percent and violent crime up 30 percent.

Not once does Tracey mention 'blacks' the people behind every one of the problems she cites as a reason Baltimore City is breaking her heart and why people leave.

It's why grocery store owners put their entire stores behind plexiglass; it's why Johns Hopkins students made a samurai sword wielding undergraduate a hero; it's where "no snitching" was born; it's why jury nullification and witness intimidation is the name of the game in the city.


It's that simple: race.


Crime isn't the elephant in the room of Baltimore; "inequality," as WYPR producer Lawrence Lanahan claimed in a response to Tracey's piece titled "Whose Heart is Baltimore Breaking, Really?" (attempting to rationalize black crime as a response to oppressive 'white privilege') isn't the real elephant; no, it's simply an out-of-control black population that Norplant in the Baltimore Public Schools once tried to end.

Being white in Baltimore is exactly like being white in Philadelphia; eventually, the dwindling white population of America will find the experiences of whites in these two eastern seaboard cities was a harbinger of the future.

It's race, stupid.


Anonymous said...

What are the concealed handgun laws like in Baltimore? I live in one of the whitest large cities in the US and I would still never even consider going anywhere unarmed.

Son of Delbert said...

Vibrant people of color don't like to work or pay for stuff. Much easier to finna rob a white bitch or white boy. Or hustle. Hustling is selling illegal / controlled substances. Like the Wire. It's a culture of predation and getting over on whitey. The Korean shopkeepers also have a unique culture, and understand blacks. Ancient history lesson, not advocating violence. (Fuck you NSA)

LA. Long ago. MC Hammer, fly assed pirate pants. Rodney King gets stomped. Video taped ass kicking. Cops get a pass. LA burns. Remember the Korean shopkeepers? Lots of images on web. Hard assed small men, with their sons, nephews and male kin on rooftops. Armed with rifles and shotguns. Their wives, daughters, and lady relations hustled cool drinks and food to the rooftop battlements. I guess the Koreans are sexist as well. Still, unified defense that worked. One big store had all it's steel grocery carts piled up in front of doors and windows to protect expensive glass. See, Koreans own stores up in the hood. The area N.W.A. and Tupac used to glorify in their vibrant rap songs. Where business owners cannot buy insurance.

Actuaries be raciss. Statistical facts as well. Holla holla. And the criminal liberal media was mortified the shopkeeps might use force or, gasp, guns to protect property.

Shopkeepers defended what they had built up over decades of effort to pass on to their children. Usually from the ground up. Rather than let it be reduced to ashes by mobs of black cretins having a citywide tantrum and stealing all they could haul.

They were calm, prepared, and motivated.

They were not prey. They chose NOT to be.


Artist said...

I'm tired on being a law-abiding resident of a rural Maryland county who is being criminalized by Annapolis for wanting to exercise my 2nd Amendment right to life.

I'm tired of the huge voting block of DWLs and their dusky no-nothing urban clients criminalizing and taxing all the other counties in the state to pay for their follies.

I'm tired of the Agenda 21 inspired Plan Maryland that seeks to slowly strangle country life and seize rural land wealth thereby denying the old-line rural families the fruits of their investments and labors.


To Anon at 12:01, it's nearly impossible to get a CCW in MD. Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia all have reasonable CCW laws. MD is very repressive.

Jay Santos said...

"… [an] era dominated by the worship (in most cases state-mandated via inculcation through public education of their moral authority over the white man) …[of negroes]"

Put aside the spectacular level of savage crime from the black population. Then put aside the staggering collective burden of supporting the black underclass. Finally, put aside the physical destruction they have brought to every urban area they inhabit. With those three phenomena ignored, you can see that what PK states above, is really, by far the most darkly disturbing issue.

Negroes are positively celebrated throughout the culture, seemingly at the direction of the state, along with the media, advertising and academia. It's as if you went to sleep one night, woke up and found Jeffrey Dahmer had become the spokesman for the culture. And everyone around you thought it was just wonderful.

The late Lawrence Auster observed that blacks have become a sacred object. And it's that status, despite all that we see, that can drive a normal person to madness.



Baltimore is just plain dirty and filthy! and if any white person still resides there well they are just plain stupid. there comes a time when your out numbered to cut your loses and migrate to another white area. may not like it but sadly that's the new "fundamentally transformed America".

why P.K. are you always going back to the same old cities again and again? we've traveled this road before. let's try to save other cities that are on the "brink".

Baltimore, Camden, Philly, De-toilet, Birmingham, Atlanta, and soon to be New York are lost and aren't worth the time anymore p.k.! we need to find those cities that haven't fell down the black hole yet and tell those whites to start to think about fighting back or getting ready to fold. if someone lives in Toledo they could give a rat's ass about the cities I mentioned above. think about it. whites don't give two shits till it's in their backyard. Times are a changing and we need to get ahead of the blacks and build up the white area's. price them out of DODGE!!!


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

We are all tired brother Tracey Halvorsen.

White liberals, the immature and insane, the enabling ring leader of the alliance, including the negros and every other loser of planet Earth, have achieved their superiority in our non-liberal, white man's cultures and lands.

Everywhere on planet Earth our non-liberal white cultures have been stolen from us.

Everywhere on planet Earth, the plethora of good the white man produces is under attack and siege by the parasites losers.

As far as I see it, there is but one acceptable solution, the SS&DI solution.

A long term solution whereby non-liberal whites take back some of our own lands, and begin anew by first disenfranchising or outlawing outright, the white liberals and their alliance, which includes the lowly negro with his physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum.

It is a solution people must toss around a bit until they start feeling comfortable with it. It is a long term solution, however it is a needed solution.

It is a difficult solution because the individual must make personal sacrifices. It is a difficult solution because breaking away is always tough.
But look at the long term alternative.

Back in day, all roads led to Rome. How did the Romans build the roads? One stone at a time.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

No one wants to live with black people. Most of the reasons are listed above. But when white people leave, they follow. They hate us but won't leave us alone.
Someday the DWL's that force them upon us, will also have them in their neighborhoods. They shall reap what they have sown.

Dan said...

Koreans don't mind the fact that blacks can load up on EBT and free stuff from YT. Stop to think of this. The Koreans loot the white via the welfare state.

All they need to do is brave the Zulu assaults.

senatortombstone said...

Thanks for this website PK, but what can we do about the problem of black crime? Both political parties try court their vote and blame their problems on racist whites of the opposite party. Race realists have no political power in America or anywhere else. All we can do is hide. That is depressing and demoralizing.

senatortombstone said...

Redwing has a human rights committee? LOL! What a waste of taxpayer dollars. Human rights committees rarely promote legitimate rights and instead focus on entitlements; and they never prevent nor stop real human rights violations.

It is sad that CC is so maligned and that nonsensical proposals (which are really nothing more than self-righteous grandstanding by those making the proposals) to honor aboriginals, who had thousands of years to develop a civilization but never became more than hunter-gatherers, instead of the man who stood at the forefront of the most monumentous event in the history of Western Civilization.

For a good rebuttal of such nonsense and for a defense of CC, I recommend "The enemies of Christopher Comumbus," by Thomas A. Bowden.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...


Blacks are physically stronger and more aggressive. We need Racial Survival Rights for non-blacks to live apart from dangerous blacks.

Jeff said...

I think the woman's emotional letter is right on target. If you are angry about crime, public behavior of certain groups, the negative changes in a culture, don't ever name names.

It will only get you condemned and slapped down faster.

I'm angry about non-stop crime!-Concerned Citizen
I'm angry with the way Blacks behave!-Racist Conservative

Besides, we are a one-party state now, so even if you move to a safe area with a demographic you prefer, your federal taxes will go to supporting the "Undertow" and keep it growing (and growing more pathological) forever.

Federal grants and bailouts will always keep the "Urban" areas fed, clothed and politically active.

Their populations rise, they spread out to more areas. Taxes rise to support the social programs that keep them alive and healthy. Other populations have fewer children due to the costs. The Undertow has lots of children because its all free.

Eventually, you have a small elite governing a land of Orcs and you wonder how the USA turned into a 3rd world cesspit.

Anonymous said...

a pretty good post with nary a racial epithet or curse word or any type of unseemly language and still hits the nail on the head. take that all who called "paul "keresy" smith" a sell out for wanting to keep his blogs comments section clean.

Anonymous said...

"But! But! But!," the DWL shrieks and stutters in apoplectic outrage, "I know a good one! Therefore, everything on this website is irrelevant and the comments themselves are just ignorant!"

Mr. truth said...

Try the Palm Springs/ coachella valley area..if you're looking for a low groid area that is warm.

It's a shame the few good black folks out there that have to be possibly profiled because their race is full of such low impulse, heartless scum.

I grew up in a heavy Hispanic area in Southern California desert region with few Blacks wrecking havoc. I really couldn't stand living Among the Spics..I mean flat out hated it at times.

Now I live in Long Island NY..where there are "blacks" all over the place. Tell you what..ill take the spics over them any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Move to alaska. I had a nice chat with chief of police strapped with a 9 mm and SKS in hand on the way to the boat . Asked him out fishing

Dissident said...

Koreans taking care of the business.

Anonymous said...

I was stationed in Kodiak. A beautiful place and zero blacks. Just a few Eskimos. And a lot of bars for the midnight Sun people!

Secret Squid ETN 2, crypto

Son of Delbert said...

Dan. Absolutely the Koreans loot the system. I work in Illinois and the ghetto shopkeeps are usually middle eastern and south Asian. Indian, Arab, a few intrepid Sihks. They not only loot the EBT money they are shrewd. Sell expired baby formula, figure out how to sell verboten items on EBT. (Liquor, tobacco, etc.) they even sell cigarettes 3 for a dollar.

Can't imagine the Koreans are any different.

Wish I could figure a way out to get over on the white devils! I'll let the audience know when I do.

Bet white devil passes NSA muster.

Fuck you NSA!


Anonymous said...

I decided to do an internet search about the killing of Donald D. Rice with a samurai sword.
In one article, a policeman responds to the outrage of morons over the killing by saying, "It doesn't matter if he killed him with a gun, a sword or a frying pan!"
In another, it was revealed that the sweet innocent black angel was hiding in the garage behind a counter and when discovered and confronted, lunged at the student and was attacking him and had forced him backwards into a corner. The student then struck the S.I.B.A. with the sword resulting in a serious upper body wound and one hand being nearly completely severed or, as it was reported, "hanging by a thread."
It was also reported that the student's home had already been robbed earlier in the day and two laptops stolen and some other items. The student later heard noises coming from his detached garage and went to investigate. The gate to the yard had been "broken" obviously by the deceased to gain access to the garage area prior to his getting his just desserts.
I had hoped to find info on how Pontolilo felt after having to kill the thug in his garage but no such luck.
Personally, I wouldn't feel anything except relief that I had survived the attack and would never have to worry about the thug coming back again.

Son of Delbert said...

Snowbound in Illinois. Nice beer buzz. Wanna comment. The new regs on postings are not bad. I can clean up my language, promise not to say fuck too often. Keep tilting at the windmills PK. Don Quixote has got nothing on you bro! I will opine as well. I think all of us rambling regulars can avoid those naughty race words and still get our points across. We are bright enough, and the readers equally so. Easy to read betwixt those lines. For those of us with larger cerebellums who have built global technology based civilization anyway.

Yes Addison, that was a slap! I will be using the words 'colored,' as well as 'negro.' Exclusively. In honor of the NAACP and the American Negro College Fund. A mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste. Or is it turrrible? I get mixed up when I'm drinking.

Fuck off NSA.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Koreans.


Try to focus, concentrate, concentrate, focus….there you go.

10mm AUTO said...

She is even less deluded than most, but she lets the black undertow nearly destroy her city and she still can't make the connection. Is it Liberalism? Is it that she would lose her Job if she rewrote this piece and answered every question with facts and Statistics about blacks. She is at least awake enough to walk all the way to the line. One simple connection, one personal experience, one person saying to her, "You know, it's Race." might be the turning point.

The problem is we do not have the time to run therapy on everyone. Paul K. Jarad Taylor, Auster, Derbyshire, Covington, etc. are all sounding the alarm, but most are not going to listen or worse, will petulantly dig in an do the Cultural Marxism Boogie till we (and by "we" I mean the General Population) are poor and Whites are few and far between.
We must keep our people on this Continent. This is the third time we have been here and here we will stay.

White Homeland.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

I think Ms. (Mr.? - I just can’t tell…) Halvorsen is a good representation of a DWL. When they get so beaten down and are personally affected by TNB and violence and dysfunction, some have the capacity to actually resent the observable circumstances they must endure. Yet…they cannot or WILL not take the final, baby step in reaching the only logical conclusion. Nope. They instead revert to their preferred illusion, and create an impossibly complex, alternate reality to explain the situation, which inevitably leads to more calls for midnight bakkaball, social programs, community calls to action, goot jobbz, etc.
Then again, even if they WANTED to reach the logical conclusion, the article PK quoted would be quickly removed from the web due to violating a policy that “disparages other [read non-white] ethnicities.” Specifically,’s policy states: “Hateful Slurs[:] Recognizing the wide orbit that we ought to give to freedom of expression, our general view is that the best response to hateful speech is more speech, rather than censorship, but we reserve the right to take down hateful slurs.”
Translation: white racial advocacy will not be tolerated. As if they would permit even academically-toned, race realist views. One anonymous complaint and you would be banned. But their “policy” provides the illusion of tolerance of unpleasant speech, which is about as much as we can expect from the liberal media Stasi.
OT - earlier this week, I had occasion to travel to St. Louis, aka Mogadishu on the Mississippi. I had previously never seen more of St. Louis than the airport. But that was all about to change.
I got a ride to the office in a cab, where I found myself being driven by a third-world, African negro import that barely spoke English. I think he was Nigerian or Somali. I'm just sitting there, looking at the grotesque scars all over his hands, and imagining some abusive ritual that caused them. Or maybe an intra-tribal knife fight. Still, here is a completely uneducated, unskilled "person," literally halfway around the world in a completely foreign environment where he has absolutely no business being. He has no RIGHT to be here. Except that the fedgov created that “right” out of thin air.
You and I can't move to Nigeria (or Japan or New Zealand) without paying punitive sums we could never afford. Yet we freaking pay for our own dispossession here in the FUSA. It doesn't even matter so much that he's black or Pakistani or what - the point is that native born Americans don't have jobs, and here is someone taking one away. As if you or I could move to Nigeria and dispossess a native of THEIR job? As if we'd want to... And his phone was ringing every two seconds, and he spoke Nigerian or Somali, so he's likely either dealing drugs on the side, or he has a brood at home that is leeching welfare. The "Gateway to the West" is just a long-dead historic ideal, the same as the "Paris of the West" or anything else that symbolized the accomplishments of the historic American majority. Welcome to St. Louis, indeed.
A visit to a client location was the ultimate purpose of this trip. As they are engaged in a more industrial, warehouse-type endeavor, they were located in a rather seedy part of town on the near south side. Thus I got to see the real deal, which didn’t make the cut for the Chamber of Commerce brochures.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


Now I know that the absolute worst squalor is in no-go East St. Louis, IL, but setting that aside and sticking to the MO side, I also know from our STL commenters that the north side is hellish. Although we had no reason to be in that area, I did take a post-trip tour on Google maps, which was entirely self-explanatory. Still, what I did see was epic, Detroit-style squalor and dysfunction. Endless abandoned buildings of all types and sizes. The remnants of the zenith of American manufacturing lie in every direction in St. Louis. It was as if some mass evacuation had occurred because of radiation contamination or something.

The landscape there is very open and flat, and the streets are unusually wide. Almost every street is two lanes in each direction. Everything is brick, and in varying shades of brown. There was also shockingly light traffic everywhere we went. Again, it was reminiscent of Detroit, and a city built for millions, but with only a few 100K present and moving about. After writing this, I confirmed my own observations after visiting this site, which is the companion to a 2008 book titled “Mapping Decline – St. Louis and the American City.” As it turns out, the 2010 census confirmed a population equal to 1910! Check it out – it has interactive maps of white flight from 1940 to 2010, and even has documents related to restrictive covenants and white efforts to preserve neighborhoods and property value. Scandalous!

Also like Detroit, I saw echoes of the distant past. There were endless homes that were probably from the 1920s to 40s that were built so well they were still virtually unchanged in spite of near zero maintenance in generations. The negro population just exists in these long-abandoned neighborhoods as they continue to rot over time. It doesn’t matter if you put them in Pruitt-Igoe, long abandoned white communities, or current whitopias via Section 8 and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing – the end result is always the same.

St. Louis was also filthy. Believe it or not, Atlanta is a gleaming metropolis after seeing that place. Economically, even with things the way they are in the "new normal," there is no comparison (and I hardly mean to endorse the ATHell!) The lack of economic activity in STL is painfully obvious everywhere you look. Even in Clayton, MO, where I spent most of my time, very little new construction was present. It’s as if nothing has progressed since 1965. In that respect, I suppose it’s a lot like Memphrica.

@Pissed off Irishman – I thought of you several times while I was there, superimposing the stories you shared here on the visual presentation before me. I can’t fathom the hell you endured as a white person in that environment. Despite everything that has happened to you, you survived, are based in reality, and got the F- out! And you made it to TX, no less. Good for you. You have cleared a hurdle that few of us have had to personally encounter. Put it behind you and move on to better things. In a decade, you’ll have much more perspective on the situation and won’t be so hard on yourself. You survived, and that’s what counts.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Son of Delbert said...

Want to add to Gwinnett's post. Irishman. I married a half Mick gal. The other half is Cherokee. I win zero fights. You have struggled and come out the other side. The Irish are known for many common characteristics. Stubborn perseverance is chief among them. Keep limping toward the light.

You will make it young brother.

We believe in you, even if sometimes you don't.


Anonymous said...

The first white guy they interviewed is a moron. The woman's article clearly states she lives in the yuppie part of the city. She doesn't live in the ghetto yet he simply says well that's city life. As if being killed in your home or left brain damaged going to work are normal occurrences.

What has happened to White men? Even the ones that appear masculine are such wimps.

rex freeway said...

We put Native Americans on reservations. This the only way to solve the race problems in America im afraid.

Anonymous said...

From Tracey Halvorsen's blog: "I want to love this city again. I want it to get the crime monkey off it's back and become the amazing place and home I know it can be."
Oh boy! Now she's done it! Having a monkey on your back implies that you are addicted to something. Is she implying the city is addicted to monkeys or addicted to crime? Or both? And if they're addicted to crime monkeys, Why?
I am so puzzled! What kind of monkey is a crime monkey? Is it a rhesus macaque or a capuchin? This has me scratching my head. Must think harder.......must think!

Unknown said...

Perhaps I am an optimist, but I am not a rose-colored-glasses-wearing, kumbaya-chanting, kool aid-drinking Pollyanna. So here's my take on this woman:

- She has essentially the same tolerance for 95% of blacks that the rest of us do. She may know a few magic ones, and she either doesn't know enough math or refuses to engage her brain enough to see the pattern, but she knows the score. She probably knows a few of the 2-sigma outliers, but she's not kidding herself that they are the norm.

- She is in some sort of community where speaking the absolute truth would be heresy. I think gays tend to see themselves as oppressed (which they are) and thus identify with blacks (who aren't but think they are). She harbors no such delusions, but she knows that she's playing with her livelihood simply by shining a light on this issue
- she has great courage. Given the above, and that she's risking her career, her social life, and possibly her own life, this took great stones to write.
- At some level, it doesn't matter if she calls a spade a spade. She's pointed out enough dysfunction that anyone who's not completely asleep can fill in the missing parts.

I hope she reads this blog. I'd welcome her to the fight.

Anonymous said...

Good comments Gwinnett Gladiator...sad the DWLs, when they begin to wake up and see reality, they get just so far down the Truth Road and then garage the car. Won't go any further. I think a lot of it is due to where they were raised. If raised in a majority white city/town, but educated in the Lefty dominated colleges, then they become drones and don't see anything clearly for years - and may never see clearly again. It's easy to believe lies when you don't live the reality. In BRA, lies are truth and Truth is a lie. The first Civil War was fought to free the Blacks. The second civil war will be fought to keep Whites enslaved. In BRA, taxes = reparations distributed via the Welfare State and Whites pay MORE than their fair share.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I had to go to Johns Hopkins Medical Center for a biopsy. Foolishly, I forgot to fill up my gas tank beforehand and had to stop near Hopkins for gas. Immediately, one of the local residents ran up to the gas pump and took it from me and pumped the gas. He demanded compensation for his services. I paid him because my mind was on the biopsy and did not want to miss my appointment.

Never again will I go to Hopkins in downtown Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

You've made some very important points in this piece PK.

You have middle class whites in Baltimore (however many remain) that are being slaughtered by blacks. Despite them having the details of all the atrocities, they cannot name the source of the killings and violence. The story of the Sowers killing was just brutal.

It's sick. They are completely brainwashed, they are like helpless sheep.

This country is done.

paul marchand said...

So some complained because SHE was complaining about the crime " and not acting".
In fact she WAS acting: simply telling the truth. Blacks murder, per capita, about 10x as many times as do whites.

paul marchand said...

Blacks commit murder about 10x the rate as do whites. However, the US federal government swoons over blacks, and all things black, as the white working class disappears. It's time for all minorities to live by the same rules as whites, and for reality to be the rule. And for GOD-GIVEN FREEDOMS to be restored to whites etc (hiring, firing, property rights, etc).

Anonymous said...

I weep for Baltimore. way back around 1981 i visited there often. i enjoyed the inner harbor area little Italy highlandtown. Patterson park. fort mchenry. all ruined now although the fort is still standing. the flag flying now is the white surrender flag. tourism made the city prosper then. all.that is no doubt dried up now. i will never go there again. nearly all our cities are ruined now. and soon the black undertow will inundate the entire country except for remote rugged areas where few could survive. now even Wyoming is going to import Somali parasites. what the hell are their leaders thinking ? Only the ultra rich will be comfortable..and self reliant country folk like me. this area has very few blacks and no hiphop thugs so far. but i am afraid that some will come here to enrich our environment. (Enrich said sarcastically.)

Whiskey said...

So what is the response? What should White people do?

IMHO, the time has come to campaign for mandatory DNA alteration for those who commit violent crimes. This would of course disproportionately affect Black men (and women) and we should be upfront about it.

We should demand DNA alteration of those who commit violent crimes in the way that ankle bracelet monitors and chemical castration are imposed on sex offenders.

DNA alteration designed to lower testosterone, aggression, and increase IQ.

What is the problem with Black people? Far too many have an IQ of 70 or below, with a high level of aggression, and a high level of anger at higher IQ groups particularly Whites and Asians. Who are viewed because of their high IQs and high future time preference (i.e. not spending time in jail and prison) to be easy prey.

We ought to be open about this, and demand DNA alteration, to make low IQ criminals, with low future time orientation, less aggressive and smarter. No it won't make them super-geniuses but increasing an IQ of say, 68 to 88 would make Black populations less violent. Since for a higher IQ person it is more desirable to be free than than in prison. Higher IQ boundaries being around the 90 IQ range as a floor.

No, we cannot change Black people's hatred for Whites (and Asians and Jews). But we can change specific violent criminals who forfeit civil rights by violent crime and convictions thereof; and demand STATE (thus it is important to elect STATE officials who will do this) prosecutions and convictions of violent criminals and DNA alteration.

We already do this in many states with child molesters and rapists. Everyone understands the benefit, society gets safer at the expense of a convicted sex offender civil liberties and freedom.

People will go along with it because they are going to make the mental calculation of less likelihood of being murdered or robbed or raped.

Anonymous said...

The John Hopkins link actually had the nerve to say the ninja sword guy shouldn't have put himself in that position. But he was a victim of a home invasion the only way not to be in that position is to not be near blacks

Californian said...

I have raised the question to liberals, "Where is this all going?" The disintegration of the cities, the gangbanging, the collapse of public education, the whole number.

Maybe there was a time in the mid-20th century when liberals might put their faith in a war on poverty or civil rights revolution to bring around "socio-economic" conditions, but here we are in 2014 and things keep getting worse.

And when I raise these points to liberal, I can never get an answer.

It seems that liberalism has reached a point where it is out of ideas. It just may be one major crisis away from the Potemkin Village facade shattering...

bubo said...

I remember the Zach Sowers murder from several years back. After his beating death by blacks his wife was treated as the enemy by the black power structure in Baltimore.

She wrote of meetings with the lead Prosecutor, a militant black woman who just as soon see violent blacks go free as do her job. It was beyond frustrating to read.

I believe she finally stopped updating the website and advised anyone who didn't want to become a victim to leave the city.

Baltimore has been lost. It's not a part of America anymore.

Simian Browse said...

NORDIC CAUCASOID @ 1:01 pm said:

"...why P.K. are you always going back to the same old cities again and again? we've traveled this road before. let's try to save other cities that are on the "brink"."

I own a business in Dallas and I can tell you that in five years, probably less, Dallas will be dead. Large parts of it already are, the remaining husk will burn out as well.

Every night I see legions of the next generation: shaved heads, teardrop tattoos, walking around in a cloud of pot smoke, pulling out an EBT card wrapped by hundred-dollar bills (we don't take EBT).

At least two ambulances are dispatched a night (often times, many more), panhandlers are a plague that never relents...

I pack everywhere I go but still don't feel safe. There are no fair fights in the ghetto. The local favorite is to sneak up on someone and smash in his skull with a brick then steal his wallet.

There is a black police chief, a black city council (under perpetual investigation by the FBI), and a strong undercurrent of black identity politics.

My family and I are moving in little more than a year to an outlying suburb far enough away from the city to be homogenous.

Stay away from Dallas. It's dead.

SolInvictus said...

Someone explain please... no sarcasm intended, why Governors don't call out the national guard in places like this? Is it the whole Posse Comitatus thing? Because that didn't prevent Kent State or Waco... does PC only apply to whites as well?
If this was an invading force (I know, I know...a completely foreign one though), there'd be Humvees and .50Cals on every other street.
Why not strategically placed rooftop SWAT sniper stations, like a giant prison yard? See someone doing some armed evil through the scope, pop goes the weasel.

Anonymous said...

Artist, I lived in Carroll county most of my life. I moved my family to North Idaho two years ago - what a relief. I just got my CCW last month not because I need it but your considered a pansy if you don't have one. Come to the northwest. . .you'll live a different life.

Anonymous said...

Im almost positive she made the connection. She just appears intelligent enough not to blurt it out. Today you have to "say it without saying it" if you get my meaning. If she put a name to the plague the letter would have been burned along with her house for being rayciss.

When the money runs out (sorry, the EBT magic wand) and white people are set upon en masse, then MAYBE white people will accept that they are the problem.

Dont hold your breath.

Erie PA

Anonymous said...

O/T but i forgot to add i love the SIBA term. I alternately chuckle and gag when i roll it around in my head. This playing nice and speaking appropriately could end up being more entertaining than the blatant slurs. Enjoy!

Erie PA

Anonymous said...

I support our President.

I don't support racism.

I hope they load you people into boxcars.

Jeff said...

Why don't they do something??

They can't. It's not just tolerance or government-by-DWL. Our social-worker government/media/education class has institutionalized a very PC take on non-White crime.

White bankers or brokers make an accounting error and FBI swat teams break down their doors at 4am.

Blacks have rap sheets including murder, aggravated assault, drugs, weapons charges, and they are released back into the community quickly.

If the PC folks really wanted to address crime; lock up the true criminals, say, you'd have half the Blacks in America under lock and key.

It would "look" racist. It would "seem" unfair. Therefore it won't happen, and the crime rolls on.

Anonymous said...

"...But even burglars don't deserve to be killed with a razor-sharp sword. And Mr. Pontolillo - whose thinking may have been clouded by the adrenaline rush of fear, panic and anger - must now spend the rest of his life grappling with the anguish and remorse of having snuffed out another's life..."

I bet he sleeps like a baby.

Gnome Sane said...

How ironic that integration of blacks results in the disintegration of everything else. A flaming, looting, riot is considered a celebration in African America and is something to look forward Christmas or New Year's.

Integration = Disintegration

What a stark contrast between African America and say, the Chinatowns of America. African America is much like the "Safari" styled theme parks that you drive through and observe African wildlife. "Do not Exit Your Vehicle", "Do Not Feed The Animals" warnings are posted along your route through the park.
Two big differences:
1. Giraffes don't carry guns (see, I didn't reference primates).
2. The theme park is much safer.

We should help African America become more "equal" by turning their hoods into limited-access gated communities like whitey has. Not sure how high the walls should be, but you get the idea. This could be done in the name of the so-called "War on Drugs" and "War on Poverty". Oh wait, I forgot they don't really want their condition to improve, they wouldn't have anything to bitch about if it did.
Stay armed, my friends.

Gnome Sane said...

Anon said:
"I support our President.

I don't support racism.

I hope they load you people into boxcars."

Mr. Anon,
If you are white, you'll be in a boxcar with the rest of us regardless of what you do or do not support. Wise up, look around, educate yourself and grow up. This is the real world, not tra-la-la Libtopia.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Why not separate out and away from white liberals and their allies, the negros, Hispanic white/browns, Islamics and every other loser, to then secede and declare independence.

From here we could outlaw outright this conglomerate of immature, incapable and low IQed people, who are the ones now transmogrifying and destroying our sacred white man's higher culture of civilization, with all the bounty it produces, for their small, selfish and loser gain.

The Mormons put out a call, and all those of the spirit, from near and far came, in spite of the great obstacles of 19th century transportation.

Easy to say, tough to do, but procrastination has a price. Simply by talking about this possible future can help prepare minds.

The Boers undertook the hazardous Great Trek, our ancestors, the separatist Pilgrims, undertook a dangerous transatlantic voyage.

Like the Jews of Egypt during the reign of Ramses the 2nd, we could first accept our burden as our fate, then perhaps try as those before us tried.

Our own house, forever free from "them", sounds real good to me.

From the Sanctuary. I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"John Pontolillo, killed a black career criminal (49-year-old Donald Rice, who had been arrested more than two dozen times for burglary, breaking and entering and auto theft) with a samurai sword." I truly believe that if this man did not defend himself that terrible day, that he would have been killed. Murdered is his own home. There would have been a small write up in the local paper on page nine. And the murderer would still be at large. Good job, Sir. I would have done the same thing; and yes- I would sleep like a baby, too.

Anonymous said...

Just because people are capable of commenting without using newly-ordained 'bad' words does not negate the 'sell-out' aspect.I see nobody wants to chip oin towards the 3k chimera..

Anonymous said...

That is what it takes ! I applaud their bravery and lack of hesitation to do what must be done. Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Thinking of voting for the anti-white traitorous Republitard candidate in 2014? Donating to or attending the white-hating RNC?

Might want to think again.

RNC launches "Black History Month" ad campaign to recognize the accomplishments of black Republicans making an impact on the American landscape.

Anonymous said...

Who would rape a little boy in a church and why would the church need to have security guards and sheriffs deputies stationed at it everytime it has service?:

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Well Mr. 5:02 AM, I believe you should buy a home in Detroit and prove to we, the racist lot not worthy of life just how wrong we are.

What do you say Mr.fearless and of noble, self-righteous courage.

White liberal by any chance bub?

Southron said...

SolInvictus said...

Someone explain please... no sarcasm intended, why Governors don't call out the national guard in places like this? Is it the whole Posse Comitatus thing? Because that didn't prevent Kent State or Waco... does PC only apply to whites as well?

Because the minute an armed guardsman shot and killed black teen, it would be a global scandal.

It would be forgotten that the black teen was armed and robbing someone. All that would matter is that the black teen was gunned down right as he was "turning his life around".

If you think St. Trayvon got a lot of attention, you haven't seen anything until a Republican governor orders the National Guard into a city where one of them (preferably white) shoots a black "youth". They'd have to create a new 24 hour TV network to showcase the outrage.

However, deploying the National Guard into these festering ghettos is exactly what should be done. George Wallace said if he were president, he'd use the military to clean up DC.

Survivor said...

Gnome Sane said...
Anon said:
"I support our President.

I don't support racism.

I hope they load you people into boxcars."

Bwahahahahahaha! This is what a lot of Russians said between 1917 and 1941!

"When Stalin finds out you are lining his supporters against the wall and executing his supporters you'll be sorry comrade! Up the revolution!"

Anonymous said...

It's a good question for Boxcar. How did the child and perp slip by four deputies. Boxcar were you and buddies the deputies? Were you the crystal Methodist preacher ?

Anonymous said...

I hope they send you to the nuthouse.

Unknown said...

Wait a minute! just hold it a second, what were those Korean shopkeepers doing with rifles, shotguns and pistols? I mean Korea invented Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, and Hwa Rang Do. All martial ARTS! Developed by peasants to fight of bandits hundreds of years ago. Using only their simple farm implements or their hands and feet.
I'm certain(based on postings I have read) they could have kept themselves and their property safe using their indigenous fighting ARTS. I'm confused,saddened and distraught. Could someone please enlighten me?

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Forget about George Wallace. 40+ years PRIOR to his stand, white people saw the black undertow coming and sought to keep it from destroying their property value and quality of life. If was completely logical and extremely prudent given the magnitude of the coming storm.

Check out this letter soliciting donations for the legal effort to prevent negro infestation of white neighborhoods:

You have to ask yourself, would, which "champions" free speech permit such arguments? There is endless empirical proof that the arguments are correct. How many before/after pictures of the neighborhoods and property value and wealth and lives destroyed would be enough for the sick, liberal mind to accept reality? There's no need for racial slurs or comparisons of humans to animals.

But of course not - there is only one race - the human race(tm). Instead, we MUST revert to the impossibly complex explanations for undeniable results. More programs, more investment in the community, job training programs, free daycare, Section 8, utility payment assistance, SNAP, EBT... Prutt-Igoe just wasn't built luxuriously enough despite the filthy cesspool slums they replaced?

The "WHY?" is never addressed. All liberals agree with the problem. The pictures of the destruction cannot be denied. However, the liberal champions of "science" (who ridicule all conservative thought i.e. the Earth is 6K years old) immediately abandon the scientific method on this subject in favor of the predetermined conclusion - evil YT! Yet they claim anyone that disagrees with them is hopelessly uneducated and "backward" and against logical "progress."

The thing is, if black people moved into neighborhoods and invested in property improvements and did not exhibit TNB and raised property values and quality of life and decreased crime, this website would not be necessary. Tell us wise, liberal anti-racists - where does the scenario I described occur? Because PK has done a damn fine job documenting where it most certainly does NOT! Please tell us what aspects of the ills that whites were predicting in their 1915 call to action that DID NOT ACTUALLY OCCUR AND CAUSE THE PRECISE DESTRUCTION THEY PREDICTED?!

We all wish we could snap our fingers and turn average black behavior into average white behavior and get back to our lives, but that's not reality.

Free speech is the only thing that stands between reality as it exists and the elaborate, preferred illusion that the insane liberal media insists to BE reality. Our collective observations and experiences are immaterial. We should be particularly alarmed that the internet, which is fast becoming THE sole forum for the dissemination of information (as well as a vast chunk of modern human communication) is currently under the greatest effort to stifle free speech. The ultimate irony is that, the same platform that allowed us to gather at SBPDL from across the country (and even the globe), can just as easily be disabled by the ever-decreasing number of government-aligned technology corporations that man the controls.

Gwinnett Gladiator

10mm AUTO said...

"I bet he sleeps like a baby.

February 9, 2014 at 6:34 AM"

That is another thing our Culture of Femininity" has tried to instill, the idea that "in personal combat", every death hangs over you like a weight.

Utter BS.

99% of the combat vets I talk to are perfectly ok with the deaths they cause, even with a knife. They know that every morning the enemy gets on his uniform and does so by choice. He picks up the AK by choice and goes into the "zone" by choice. Even more so with the negro invaders. Picture this: As you are reading this right now, suddenly hear the breaking of glass in the next room? Three 17 year old negroids slither through the broken window and before they can draw you shoot them all.

So are you going to second guess yourself forever? Are you going to regret that Shitshovintius T. Jackson, Jamal Al-Allah Abduel Jackson and Kenero (Killer) Kaluna Jones, Jr. are dead on your floor instead of you, your wife and your daughter?

Don't be silly.

The fact is that men are programmed to kill and it is Society and Social mores that keep us from killing caveman (or berserker) style just for fun.

In fact it is documented that you may find a an actual psychological boost from a righteous kill. This is why you must never talk to the police without a lawyer present. SHUT UP. If you start telling the negro officer how glad you are that the three are blasted all over the wall because "you know how negros are" you may find his sympathy disappear.

White Women have it too (though, interestingly, it is rare in the negroid female). Attack a White woman's child and be prepared for a vicious, killer instinct that would shame most Vikings. Even the most high society woman can suddenly become a White she-panther, coming at her opponent with fingernails and teeth.

Further, burglars used to be what was once called "second story men" in that their goal was to sneak in and out with little trace that they had been there. An "Armed break-in" was considered a free fire zone, so they were avoided.

Now, what is called a "burglary gone wrong" is really a violent home invasion, where the negro knows the people are home and simply doesn't care or is too stupid or impatient to wait till they leave. If the daughter is back from college, well then, life is good! If the mother is cute, well then it's time for a little one on one with the "Misses". Even if it is granny, well she will do in a pinch for a little "muh Dik". But the end is always the same. The weary horrifying trip to ATM for a few hundred dollars. The useless negros photographed because they are too stupid to figure out the camera angles. The terrified woman begging for her life or the life of her children. Then the family/friends tied up and shot. This is not a "burglary gone wrong". This is now the standard pattern! Trying to fit the old White pattern into the negroid crime style is leads to a mis-categorization of the crime.

Faced with that, I would swing a sword and sleep like a baby. My boys know that they are protected by my life and my pistol and sleep soundly because of that fact. The idea of Whites feeling "combat regret" over negroids is laughable.

Major1 said...

I like our new guidelines here at SBPDL. Works for me. Let's leave the epithets, revenge fantasies, and unkind comparisons to animals behind. We can replace all that with pesky, inconvenient facts. Works for me.
1. 72% of blacks are born out of wedlock.
2. Approximately one -third of black males will go to prison in their lifetimes.
3. 50% of black males graduate high school. Of those that graduate, it is estimated that over 40% will be functionally illiterate.
4. Blacks represent well over 40% of people with HIV in spite of being less than 15% of the population.
5. In the 503 days between Trayvon Martin being shot and George Zimmerman's acquittal, almost 11,000 blacks were killed by other blacks. No that is not a typo.
6. Blacks are somewhere between 7-10 times more likely to commit homicide than Whites. Remember this statistic is skewed because Hispanics are lumped in with Whites. If they weren't the difference would be even starker.
7. Black males live longer in prison than out of prison. Roll that around in your mind. A typical apologist for black dysfunction will immediately say it's because in prison blacks have access to food and medical care. Agreed. the world I live in, food, clothing, shelter and medical care fall into the category of "Things that grownups provide for themselves". Let's consider some other things that can take care of themselves. Earthworms. Oysters. Mosquitoes. Moss. And yet blacks are seemingly incapable of achieving even this level of basic self sufficiency.
Let's face it folks. Inflammatory racial discourse is being disallowed (unless you are Kanye West, Oprah, or Eric Holder), and facts and realities are being aggressively and officially ignored. It won't be long before facts are outlawed.

Gnome Sane said...

If blacks are everyone's "equal", why do they require so much attention?

Anonymous said...

"I'm tired of being looked at as prey"

Well, then stop. Looking like prey is a choice in most cases. Is this DWL a member of the NRA? Is she doing anything to advance CCW rights in MD? She could also do what all the brothuhs do and carry without a permit. Does she own a gun at home, where she doesn't need any permit? Some of these murders were home invasions which could easily have ended happily if the resident had been an armed white. Whites, we have a choice! We don't need to be defenseless cowards! We need to find our warrior spirit. Nothing can break the spell as effectively as feeling a gun or a sword in the hand.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Was just over a Breitbart news. Read a piece on rip ammo, brand new projectile.

Holy Moly, looks real good.

When I'm back carrying, rip ammo is gonna be my ammo. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

off topic but Important
shows ya who Obongo works for!

Feb 07 2014
Obama Unilaterally Lifts Restrictions on Asylum-Seekers With Terrorist Backgrounds
This is what happens when a society is so deranged by an ideologically toxic media that it elects leaders sympathetic to its worst enemies:
The Obama administration has unilaterally eased restrictions on asylum seekers with loose or incidental ties to terror and insurgent groups, in a move one senator called “deeply alarming.”
The change, approved by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry, was announced Wednesday in the Federal Register. It would allow some individuals who provided “limited material support” to terror groups to be considered for entry into the U.S.
Supporters of the change, including Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., argued that the current ban on anyone who has ever aided terrorists has unfairly blocked thousands of refugees.
These thousands of refugees with terrorist backgrounds will soon be headed for our welfare rolls.
A majority of asylum applications show signs of fraud.
“[I]t is thus deeply alarming that the Obama administration would move unilaterally to relax admissions standards for asylum seekers and potentially numerous other applicants for admission who have possible connections to insurgent or terrorist groups,” Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said in a statement on Thursday. “We need to tighten security standards for asylum, not relax them even further.”
Good thing for Obama he has his pen and his phone, and doesn’t need to rely on Congress to get things done. Yet again he is blowing off the Constitution by governing as a dictator:
Sessions also complained that the administration was, on its own, altering the Immigration and Nationality Act. “What is the point of Congress passing a law if the administration abuses its ‘discretion’ to say that law simply no longer applies?” he said.
As if we didn’t already have a massive problem with uncountable multitudes of unskilled Third World immigrants, our government is now importing them from the strife-torn Middle East — even if they have explicit ties to terrorism, and even if it violates the law.
The words treasonous and insane somehow don’t seem strong enough to characterize the Obama Regime.

Johnny See said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I support our President.

I don't support racism.

I hope they load you people into boxcars.

February 9, 2014 at 5:02 AM

So, I guess you enjoy being lied to, you like watching huge debt racked up on all our backs, and you are pleased at the erosion of our rights.

You also have no problem with white people being hated by ever more racist blacks, since you seem to think only whites can be racist.

Boxcars? What, do you hate Jews? You must, since you seem to heartily approve of boxcar transport of people you don't agree with. Do you also approve of what happened to them after they exited the boxcars? Is that what you wish on us?

I don't hate anyone. I hate bad behavior. I hate the act, not the actor. This site is about problem solving. We have to address the issue in order to solve it, and that means looking at facts. Too bad if that makes you uncomfortable, because you are part of the problem by not thinking honestly about what is right in front of your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous rex freeway said...
We put Native Americans on reservations. This the only way to solve the race problems in America im afraid.

YES and it actually has turned out to be a blessing as they have been able to keep there heritage and culture and bloodline intact...what blacks think they are going to call NATIVE INDIANS RACISTS now....I bet you the Indian is happier to be on their sovereign land now....and if you think the Indians want blacks around ,think again,. There was an article last year that came out about 1500 negros being kicked off the reservation and out of the tribe...I think it was the Cherokee nation, the 2nd largest in the country and all these negros tried to get Obama and holder to go after the tribe but the tribe told Obama and holder to to mind their own business and that they were a sovereign nation and he has no authority whatsoever to say anything...RIGHT ON NATIVE INDIANS YOU TELL 'EM

Anonymous said...

"Read a piece on rip ammo, brand new projectile."
Prosecutors will paint anyone who uses over-priced, high-tech whiz-band uber-terminator bullets as psychopathic killers. If you ever have to shoot in self-defense, and you went out of your way to buy something like this instead of a regular round, you can expect to have a bad day in court. The civil trial will be even worse, because conviction standards are much more lax, and you are on trial for making the Shiturdius' fambily so sad.
My advice: use standard, low-cost, off-the-shelf ammo, practice, practice, practice, and shoot straight. Try to be proficient with just one or two shots, and don't bank on having a 17-round mag to compensate for poor aim and nerves.

Anonymous said...

re: Obama Unilaterally Lifts Restrictions on Asylum-Seekers With Terrorist Backgrounds
Anyone remember reading right-wing bloggers in 2012, wishing for a 2nd term for the Kenyan muslim, because it would be High Comedy, We'll Get To Write Awesome Jokes Every Day, It Doesn't Matter Anyway Cuz It's Already FUBARed?
Keep laughing, assholes. Romney had his faults, but he wouldn't have used his office to "stick it to Whitey" every living day, nor hired an all-black, git-Whitey Cabinet to pour gasoline on the fire.

Whiskey said...

A practical consideration is the well known SWPL greed for real estate. Women in particular can't get enough of hip, urban living spaces.

So, play off the natural White women sympathy for Black thugs (who are uber-Alpha, by virtue of toxic self esteem, manifest incompetence at everything, and lack of fear or driving doubt) with the GREED for real estate.

A program of altering DNA or even mandating lower aggression by chemical injections in exchange for freedom or early parole like existing child molesters and rapists, would work wonders in making many places in Baltimore gentrifiable.

Lets face it, incomes for all but the extreme upper class are never going to rise. But taking a place like Harlem, or Baltimore, or Detroit, and making it a a place where you can get real estate cheap and it will not be worth your life is a proven frontier pattern for winning support. Particularly for White women who HGTV yearn for urban cool living spaces.

This is politics, not beanbag.

We should be proposing this at every turn, and pointing out the gains in money to gentrifyers. Believe me the most PC driven White woman would endorse anything up to and including open genocide for a cool urban loft of her own that won't cost her life.

And we are not advocating anything but the logical extension of measures already in place for rapists and child molesters.

Anonymous said...

What the hell kind of a name is Jeh?
Yo, you wanna go to KFC?....jeh.
Wanna steal a range rover....jeh.
Wanna go beat up and rape a white granny coming back home from church?...jeh

Fucking pigs.

Son of Delbert said...

Need to back up 10 MM Auto. If you get into a serious situation where you use deadly forse against a black colored african american negro who is not an inferior type of animal, merely a diverse person of color . . . SAY NOTHING. Other than "I want my lawyer."

They are a protected class. If you are white, you are not. Nobody cares about black on black violence. If a white person kills a black, ask George Zimmerman about that.

Go mute. Say nothing without a damn good lawyer sitting next to you.


make it rain TRUTH said...

To 10mm Auto:
You're damn right we would sleep like a baby.

The difference between realists and fantasy merchants (liberals) is that realists are capable of making the distinction between justifiable violence and unjustifiable violence.

The evil that men do is unjustifiable violence.

What good men do to stop them is justifiable.

But that is what liberalism is all about. Denial of reality. They will twist themselves into logic pretzels, using fancy words, feelings, and any intellectual ability they have... to deny reality if it doesn't fit their preference.

Do most law-abiding citizens want to kill a person? Hell no. But if it's down to protecting your own life? The lives of loved ones? The life of another person being victimized by an evil person? Then good men do what must be done and don't look back. Period. And at the end of the day, I want the good guy to survive and the bad guy to perish. The world is a better place when that happens. Realists can be honest about that. Liberal fantasists cannot.

Anonymous said...

James M says-
"Wait a minute! just hold it a second, what were those Korean shopkeepers doing with rifles, shotguns and pistols? I mean Korea invented Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, and Hwa Rang Do. All martial ARTS! Developed by peasants to fight of bandits hundreds of years ago. Using only their simple farm implements or their hands and feet.
I'm certain(based on postings I have read) they could have kept themselves and their property safe using their indigenous fighting ARTS. I'm confused,saddened and distraught. Could someone please enlighten me?"

Not sure why you are making this same straw man as others. A gun is great. Nobody on this site has ever said that hands stop bullets. Ever.That has never once been the argument, nor could it be amongst sane people.

When you are disarmed and forced to fight you had better know how. How about this straw man- There are far more powerful weapons than guns. This, by your "logic," means that guns have no purpose, right? Cause like,dude, what if the government sends a fighter drone to drop bombs on your head. I thought gunz was to protect da peasants from da bad guyz?

You'd better buy a radar system, some drones and some missiles. Guns are so 18th century.

Bogolyubski said...

Anonymous said...
I support our President.

I don't support racism.

I hope they load you people into boxcars.

The perfect expression of Crystal Methodist dogma. Let's address the dogmas for fun:

1. I support our President.
2. I don't support racism.

If you support the "president" - the John Doe teleprompter-reader known as B. Hussein Obama, you are in fact a full-blown advocate of racism who hates whites and supports their wholesale extermination, which is further supported by your third point, to wit:

3. I hope they load you people into boxcars.

This is naturally a reference to the officially-approved story about how the National Socialist regime in Germany herded ethnics it designated as enemies into railroad cars for transport to extermination camps. You are hoping the regime in Washington, DC will soon do the same for whites. It would not surprise me in the least if the author of this little two-minute hate were themselves one of TWMNBN, as the weltanschauung expressed therein is typical of the overwhelming majority of TWMNBN, along with negroes, nice Crystal Methodist church ladies, 30-piece silver-suited Chamber of Commerce Repukes, etc. Sort of nice to have one of our enemies prove our points, no?

Anonymous said...

10MM Auto,

Curious about your thoughts on Derbyshire.

He is 'sounding the alarm' concerning demographic destiny, but he himself is married to a non-white and has an Eurasian child.

There are many like him who are outspoken about white rights and actually suffer for the cause, but, would they even be allowed in a white only land?


Bogolyubski said...

Another day, and we discover yet another collection of the Eloi jizya. Perp is 17, so no chance of death penalty, thanks to the great "conservative" poofter blackrobe appointed by Reagan. He'll be out to collect additional jizya upon clueless white cattle (goyim) in ten years or so, no doubt to the amusement of our erstwhile boxcar conductor.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero sez:

The road is long, the pace slow. It'll come soon enough.

To wit, the MSM: Two YT's are on trial now, both swearing they are not guilty, eh?

One told a negro to cease his noisy texting. Kid was dusted. Man arrested.

Another, negro kid's car's stereo is louder than Black Sabbath. Man demands the noise cease, tells the cops the kid had a firearm.

Yet, his "peeps" swear "he din hanno piece, mo!"

And I notice, oh, how they dance softly, do they not? Daring not to even tease..that these kids were first-rate a-holes? Mmm?

I can taste it, the tide is slow, but turning, and when it does, it's gonna make A Tale Of Two Cities read like Portnoy's Complaint.

Stay low, y'all.

Son of Delbert said...

Carolina Cicero. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

So, so true.


Pennington said...

Eurasian child? Give me a break. Whites and Asians live together quite well. I'm White and I've lived in 80% Chinese/Korean neighborhoods. Safest areas I've lived in.

I know there are some racial purists that post here, but all of us are mixed to some degree. Stop the "Whites Only" nonsense!

The problem populations are not Whites and Asians. A Detroit filled up with Indians and Japanese would be a rich and nearly crime-free city. A Chicago with all the Blacks replaced by Chinese people would be 100% better.

Keep perspective. There really only is one racial/ethnic underclass group that is actively at war with all the other races.

The "Whites Only" crowd are just dumb enough to side up with the Black undertow just to keep Hispanics and Asians out of their lives. Really stupid stuff there.

Jay Santos said...

Jassi said...
10MM Auto,

Curious about your thoughts on Derbyshire.

He is 'sounding the alarm' concerning demographic destiny, but he himself is married to a non-white and has an Eurasian child.

There are many like him who are outspoken about white rights and actually suffer for the cause, but, would they even be allowed in a white only land?

No way. We cannot let Derbyshire into our new White Homeland(™). Unless he was willing to leave his wife and kid. But even then, I'd want to question him very closely. The new White Homeland(™) must be kept perfectly white. One of the ideas I have for the new White Homeland(™) is to mandate the use of SPF 100 sun block, because some of our white people could get dark in the summer. We've got to think this through carefully.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey, do you watch a lot of Star Trek too? It seems mankind has always had a simple, effective and cheap solution to punishing and stopping violent offenders: Corporal Punishment, Hard Labor Prisons, and the Death Penalty. I don't see any reason to borrow trillions more dollars to invent gene-alteration and brain-rewiring technologies, when a big wooden stick already does the job.
Feel free to iron out your new plan; just know that it may make you seem a little "off", mentally, and cause people to disbelieve your other Grand Theory that all white women love love love the black alpha dick. We wouldn't want that, now, would we?
Happy Black Alpha History Month!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......I already live in the "white homeland" and here is my latest report. Things have calmed down a little bit the last few days, but the folks were really riled up for the last week or so. Most of the people I encountered were really FREAKED OUT (except for those that are on anti-depression drugs). I wasn't much help in trying to calm them down. Then I found out that this was also a problem in other parts of the state. It turns out that the Broncos had lost the Superbowl. I hope there is television in heaven for these sad people.

Mr. Clean said...

I just scanned the comments here, and no offense, but many of them just tick me off. "Blacks are physically stronger and more aggressive."? NO they are not... they prey on the weak and outnumbered, and to the extent that they mount anything approaching a fair attack, it is because they have nothing to lose. Because they are losers. "They hate us but won't leave us alone. Someday the DWL's that force them upon us,..."? Whose fault is this? Ours.

Share your negro fatigue with others, as appropriate. It can be as simple as "I don't watch TV anymore, because...", or "I don't follow football anymore, because...". or "I don't go into that area anymore, because...". And so on. You don't have to walk around with a white hood on.

D-FENS said...

"Romney had his faults, but he wouldn't have used his office to "stick it to Whitey" every living day, nor hired an all-black, git-Whitey Cabinet to pour gasoline on the fire."

Yes, since the election Romney has done so much to lead the opposition.

Chuck Hammer said...

Bwahahahahahaha! This is what a lot of Russians said between 1917 and 1941!

Why is it that in the West we don't learn about the Bolshevik Revolution?

For us, the 20th century is two world wars and the Holocaust.

But do some digging into this suppressed history, the horrifying atrocities and genocide that took place in Russia between 1917 and 1953, and the events of the 20th century will snap into a sickening new perspective.

There really are people in this country who would load us into boxcars. Some of them are the same people that tortured, mutilated and slaughtered the White Russians in 1917.

Unknown said...

This is how you fight. THIS is how a 63 yr old female wins against a 16 yr old male.

Shreveport , LA
Guns, the great equalizers. How else could a 63 year old woman who lives alone ever fight back against a 16 year old armed with a shotgun?

A 63 year old grandmother, who does not want to be identified, had to use deadly force to defend herself and her home this week.

A shotgun wielding, 16 year old home invader forced his way into the woman’s home and demanded money.

After the woman opened the safe she keeps in her home, she handed the suspect a bag of coins from the safe. When the suspect took one hand off the shotgun, the woman grabbed her gun, which was also in the safe, and fired one round at close range.

The shot struck the suspect in the chest, who then fled the home, but collapsed a short distance from the home.

here's a link to the news story:

I presume Jassi has some way of never aging and staying fit until his last day.
Of course any fight he finds himself in will be against an age-appropriate enemy. At a time and place which will be most advantageous to him, and of course his training will be up to the task.
Your the guy who married an SE Asian who is as "white as your Ukranian grandmother" no? the one who posted about always buying at the top of the stock market and selling just before the downtrend ends? that is you is it not?

I guess someone like that( you went to college no?) "knows" more about fighting than a high school dropout (10 grade highest completed, but I got my GED!) who drives a taxi to pay the rent. and spent the first 10 years of this "career" driving at night. Yeah, its POSSIBLE you have more streetfight experience than me , but I would think unlikely.

10mm AUTO said...


Your question about the White Homeland is an interesting one. Since it is entirely theoretical question, let's follow the proposed NAR Constitution. The matter would be up to the National Body (the Parliament) to decide under the Dept. of Race and Resettlement. Not dodging the question, just it has not been decided yet. Also, let's look at his options. Can he live in the FUSA? Yes. Can he live in his Wife's native land? Probably. Could he live in New Africa? No. Could he live in Aztlan? No. Just because he is aware of the dangers of negros does not mean that he gets an automatic ticket to the NAR. The NAR is a refuge for Whites all over the World; South Africa, Europe and anywhere else Whites are imperiled. It has three levels of citizenship and a base level of resident. All will live free of interference from the Federal Government as its job is patterned after Switzerland (i.e. Foreign relations and protecting the borders). The only local authority will be a locally voted on Sheriff.

1) resident= A new White who comes over the border seeking refuge. Non-voting member

2. Citizen: A resident White who swears fealty to the NAR and goes through labor and military training. They get one Vote.

3. 2nd Level citizen: A citizen White female who either gives birth to three children or who rises to an high level of leadership (Doctor, Scientist, Officer, Statesman. Gets two votes.

4. 1st level citizen: a Natural Born 2nd level citizen who shows extraordinary courage, leadership or contribution to the NAR (equivalent to the Medal of Honor or the work of Telsa). 3 votes.

The short answer for Derbyshire is probably not, since his wife could not be a citizen or a resident. Suppose he was married to a black? Would that be ok? What about his kids? What if he divorced her? Should she stay?

Does EVERY spot of land have to be race mixed? Can not the Northwest simply be a land like the Amish, left alone. You seem to be calling out the hypocrisy of the proposed Northwest Republic because a White who is married to an Asian warns his kids about race mixing and the dangers of negroids. The Indians (Casino not Call Center) kicked out the negros because they were not the blood of American Indians and did it without a wiff of discomfort. The Country of Liberia will not let a White even be a Citizen, South Africa will almost not allow Whites in as Citizens anymore. Whites can't own land without a native partner in over 30 Countries including Mexico.

Whites must secure a future for themselves and their White Children over all other Considerations. I am sorry if you feel that involves hurt feelings, but in the face of engineered Genocide, the question of race is an overriding one. So that means out of the all the world, Mr. Derbyshire will have to find another Country or stay in the FUSA.

Why would he want to move here anyway? We are all a bunch of evil White racists way up here in the rainy Northwest. We will probably die of Starvation, disease, lack of Sunshine and humping our sisters anyway.

Chuck Hammer said...

10mm AUTO
The fact is that men are programmed to kill and it is Society and Social mores that keep us from killing caveman (or berserker) style just for fun.

Perhaps you're describing yourself. I'm not trying to be intentionally contrarian but there's a body of research that says for most men this is just not so.

The best known work on this subject is by U.S. Army Brigadier General S.L.A. Marshall, who found that in WW2 only 15 to 20 percent of men in line infantry units would fire their weapons when in contact with the enemy. He further found that in some men the resistance to killing is so strong that these men would die before they were able to overcome it. The whole point of special forces unit selection, though they don't publicize this, is to create units where close to 100% of the men will be willing to fire their weapons at the enemy.

Only about 5% of men are (potentially) enthusiastic killers. I'm not one of them. I'm a former paratrooper and I can tell you I'm thankful I was never placed in a situation where it was necessary to kill.

Anonymous said...

Trying again, because I have adhered to PK's ruled, & you guys have posted about six different variants of what I say- much of it with much harsher language: @ Anon on 9 Feb around 5:02AM- load us into boxcars? We exercise our 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech, demand a halt to the state-sanctioned murder, rape, robbery, and slavery of non-blacks (I mean slavery in the sense of the number of hours of any given workday/ taxes on personal assets that are forcibly stolen by the federal & state governments as those funds are required to sustain the black parasite underclass, & I especially mean non-blacks in the sense of whites & high-IQed East & South Asians paying oodles of taxes), and your response is to pull a page out of the German history books and load us, patriots and rational, logical Homo sapiens, into boxcars? Seriously?
You are clearly an unqualified moron if you support the Prezeedant. Not even liberals kid themselves any longer that he is advancing their progressive agenda. He only advances the squid agenda.
You are against racism. Yet you cannot put forward any scenario or alternate explanation where what was once America stops hemorrhaging lives and entitlement dollars for the false hope of reversing the behavior of a less-evolved criminal parasite underclass?
You sicken me. I wish you nothing but success in your quest, but I pray that when, not if, the filthy hordes from Baltimore & other city-cum-game-preserves exterminate you & your kind & give those true believers on this website time to flee to safe havens. A.o.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:47 Feb 9: I'm glad you like the term SIBA (sweet innocent black angel) however history shows us that any term will be declared racist by blacks if not of their own choosing.
The British (decades ago), in order to stop complaints from Africans (due to disparaging terms being applied towards them) came up with the directive that blacks would henceforth be referred to as "Worthy Oriental Gentlemen" which the Brits quickly shortened to WOGS. In no time flat, that term became the new "N" word and resulted in protests and was widely resented.
If the term "SIBA" became popular and widely used, it would share the same fate.
On a funny note (sort of) when I lived in Japan, the common polite term for blacks was "nabini soko" which loosely translated means "the pot is black." I recall many incidents where blacks threw a fit over that and screamed, "Whut dat mean?! I KNOW! It mean N----R! Dis be rayciss! I ain't taking dis shit!" I had a good time explaining to one black person, "No, it doesn't. The equivalent word for N----R in Japanese is actually "Korombo." Instant fit! Lol.
They also had a problem with the Japanese word "Boi" which simply is used when addressing someone in a service position and is not disparaging nor offensive and merely is the equivalent of "servant." Really no different that referring to someone as a waiter or waitress. Blacks would go ballistic over that one too even after it was explained.
I still recall the expression on the faces of Japanese who had to deal with all the nonsense. The look was always, "What the fuck is wrong with this idiot?"
The arrogance of the negro is such that even in a foreign country they want to control the language and determine what can and cannot be said and by whom.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Glad to see people talking about our eventual new white homeland.

At this point in time, I would have no problem with limited, non enfranchised orientals in the new white homeland, I'm on record for calling it Solutria after our white ancestors, the Solutreans, first humans in the new world by 1,000s of years.

I believe our white ancestors and the oriental ancestors were the same people or very close 40,000-45,000 years ago when both our ancestors left Africa for our more northern lands. I also think both our ancestors had been sub-speciating away from the negros by 10,000 years or much more.

Orientals have good cerebrums. They are not the genetic or cultural drain or parasitation the losers are, especially the negro.

However, never could we risk losing it all again. That has to be priority number 1, once we have our new land.

If it came down to that risk, I'd say white only and only white. The entire NW quarter of America seems where we whites should begin concentrating.

For me, I'm thinking Washington state. I've been told by some whites over the years it is God's country. By the way, that does not intend Bible belt people.

Our future comes, and what it will be is determined by what we do in our today.

No sense, in my opinion, trying to save America, she is too far gone.

Let the white liberals have her, they transmogrified her.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Don M said...

Off topic and forgive the intro of levity into the discussion... but,

Is anyone else having as much of a ball as I am watching the winter Olympics?

I haven't seen so many bland, milquetoast, un-vibrant, pasty, boring, wan, pale, and waxen people since the last episode of Downton Abbey. And to paraphrase Micky-D's, I'm lovin' it!

I wonder what the Nielsens for the Olympics are. If they are at all decent, you know its driving the NBC brass as crazy as a free ham sandwich: they love the ad revenue, but the lack of vibrancy is intolerable!

I used to find the winter games boring, but Slavic and Scandinavian women in tights on skis, running around shooting rifles? Whats not to like?!

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

For those who still believe in America, you had better get behind the republicans because your only other choice is the democrats.

Never will an independent, libertarian or some new party make it. At this point, in my mind, the republicans cannot win unless the democrats want to lose.

In the 20th century, Coolidge, Nixon and Reagan saved America from Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Carter.

But now the republicans cannot save America from Obama and the next democrat POTUS.

The next stage involves total destruction of the nation-state Republic to pave the road for the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy.

This is what white liberal ideology is, and has been, pursuing.

A distant neighbor has a bumper sticker, "To poor to vote republican", I helped him out with a magic marker, I crossed out poor and wrote stupid.

That's right, he is too stupid to vote republican.
As an immature dolt, he would prefer to favor meism at the expense of the culture the produces.

He is the type of jerk that would kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. He is enfranchised. Unbelievable.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

James M, you may be the king of straw man fallacy. Unbelievable.I can send vids of people disarming guys with guns. It is completely irrelevant either way.

10MM Auto,

Thanks for the reply. I believe people should have the right to associate with who they want to associate with and that there is room for far more territories of different tribes.

I don't believe in any purity in whiteness but I have my own limits. Even the Eastern European countries considered to be very pro white have obvious and visible Asian genetic influence . But nations should decide their own limits, which is why I was curious about your views. The Indians you speak of, they don't allow negroes on the res but full blooded Indians are almost impossible to find,too. Some tribes have a 1/32nd blood requirement. With whites our traits fade easier and 1/32nd European would not be enough even for me to accept.

My preferred nation would be whiter but my concerns are more in line with a tribal sized nation. I've said this before, but I'm not a Southerner and I don't identify with Southerners. No animosity whatsoever but we're not the same.

I'm seeking something far more localized and intimate to care about. Race has become far too broad and abstract for me, though I still desire for whites to prosper and survive.

Good luck to you and your emerging nation. I envision a post-USA north America with something like autonomous zones and far less federal intervention into our lives. We could naturally self segregate into compatible communities without overbearing laws.

PDK, thank you too for the reply as well as Jay Santos and anyone else who replied.

Whatever the future holds, I'm quite certain that what we call the USA does not represent my interests, my culture, my spiritual aspirations, my race, my tribe or anything else that matters.

10mm AUTO said...


Men are the hunters and the Warriors. To quote a famous stoner, "It t'was ever thus". Even Chimpanzees make organized war and gather around the largest male (warlord?) to follow. Perhaps we have been drained of that vitality by civilized life, perhaps that is why civilizations collapse.

Our legends, history, Heroes, Gods and angels (Archangel Michael rammed Satan down with the Sword of God in the war in Heaven, even Jesus got so angry he drove the moneychangers out of the Temple with a Whip, an action that would land him in jail for first degree assault, assault with a deadly weapon, mayhem and a few other charges today. All speak to the devotion of killing. Hercules strangled snakes as an infant, Achilles was untouchable by arrow or sword, Odysseus was clever, but happily drove a giant sharpened log into the eye of the Cyclops, Caesar was a great leader, but a General first, The Spartans are not remembered for their festivals but for their men trained in combat from birth. Even our heroes today, Superman, Batman, Ironman, etc are all dealers of violence, even if violence restrained by civilized morals.

It is not good or bad, but merely what we are as Men. I was Navy Medic, but do not deny my warrior side.

Good references are "On Killing" by Grossman and "The Warrior Mindset" by Asken.

Anonymous said...

Don- and others- do you think the reason that wrestling has been removed from the Olympics come 2020 is due to a lack of die-ver-si-tay? Or is it just that ear-guards, singlets, & shoes don't present enough of a profit opportunity to interest our good friends at Adidas and Nike? A.o.

Anonymous said...

Gotta see this. Ghetto backs in Chicago watch SOTU address, say that Obama just needs to quit presidency now because he has not "done enough for da black community", white Tea Party Conservatards have a Big O, make video go viral, hoping that blacks will now finally vote Republitard:

Stupid stupid white people.

Don M said...

Oh, and one more thing, if PK will indulge me.

As a former rifle toter for the glorious multiculti empire,

In the spirit of the international fraternity of the Olympic games,

To the NSA, Beebs Nutandyahoo, and the American Military/Industrial/Crystal Methodist Complex,

"Don M hereby declares a separate and enduring peace with all European nations and their peoples."

Vibrant dieversities, on the other hand... well new rules preclude me from elucidating further ;)

Chuck Hammer said...

10mm AUTO
I was Navy Medic, but do not deny my warrior side.

I passed the selection for the UK's Parachute Regiment - as a commissioned officer. I served as a paratrooper platoon commander.

My experience was that you couldn't really tell who had the right stuff until they were tested. It's a cliche but the biggest, noisiest men often proved not to be the warriors they proclaimed themselves to be.

My guess is you will now not be tested in this life and so you will never really know if you are who you think you are.

Californian said...

Bogolyubski said... Sort of nice to have one of our enemies prove our points, no?


Thing is, they prove race realism correct 24/7/365. All you have to do is look at the world of BRA to see an endless parade of dysfunction, crime, corruption, self-destruction, and self-deception. All those things which more racially realistic people of earlier decades predicted have come true.

Race: it's the thing that keeps on happening when DWLs closes their mind.

Pennington said...

I suggest ramping up the comment moderation. Lots of comments are downright thick with hatred of anyone who isn't White.

PK's premise is the objective documentation of how majority Black populations in America destroy the economic and social viability of cities.

You can keep the discussion to an all-White homeland, but how far does it go? Do you bar everyone who has 2% Native American heritage? English and Dutch heritage, but no scandinavians?

The racial side of the discussion here should only focus on which populations are destroying our cities and making many areas unsafe and unpleasant to live in.

Any objective observer can clearly see that Negroes are the issue.

White Homeland? What a crock.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Obama Unilaterally Lifts Restrictions on Asylum-Seekers With Terrorist Backgrounds"

These are just small s "small" terrorists who's kill count probably is less than a dozen or so innocent people.

9-11 type guys aren't getting the welcome mat rolled out with immediate
full federal po'folk benefits.

But these small "s" fellers will be good leadership for the BUA (Black Urban Army)that is currently waging war against YT, well "civilian" YTs lol.

Obangi said right from the git-go that he was gonna have'm self a domestic "security" force more powerful that the US military & by golly by the end of his term he'll have it & under the leadership of small "s" Jihadi's to boot.

Jihadi leadership is very important as homo africanus (ave IQ 85) is not real good at tactics & weapon-craft ala homemade explosive making & such.
These are are areas in which the Jihadi's have talent, experience & training. The homo africanus "grunts" will serve them very well.

Enjoy your experiences with the BUA, our very own Peoples Liberation Army - hells bells the stanky Chinese got a PLA why shouldn't USG have a PLA too.

Any questions will earn you a scholarship to "Re-Edu U". such scholarhips to last as long as needed until you are deemed re-educated & rehabilitated.

H\ hypie out H\

Don M said...

"Don- and others- do you think the reason that wrestling has been removed from the Olympics come 2020 is due to a lack of die-ver-si-tay? Or is it just that ear-guards, singlets, & shoes don't present enough of a profit opportunity to interest our good friends at Adidas and Nike? A.o."

You bring up an interesting point anon. All I can offer is anecdotal evidence. When I was a kid, the individual, single combat type sports were very prominently featured. Boxing, Wrestling, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, you could see them all in prime time.

Now? Its chicks in leotards twirling ribbons... (Not that this is a bad thing!)

I think the de-emphasis of combat sports is mostly because they don't reflect the modern ethos of egalitarianism and communitarianism.

The ancient and honorable concept of "single combat" deciding national issues is far too masculine and competitive for our emasculated societies.

We are allowed to root for our ribbon twirling chicks because it allows us to indulge in vulgar nationalism without the inconvenience of inflaming ancient and festering tensions.

Does that make sense?

Unknown said...

Anybody care to share how they are personally affected by blacks?

Anonymous said...

I agree. I read a lot of anti-mestizo and asian stuff here. How many of these purist have cherokee or any other indian tribe in them? Theoretically asians and indians are related with oriental features. As a matter of fact all races except for the black race carry the neanderthal gene. All races have a lot more in common but are so distant from blacks in every shape or form.

Unknown said...

A straw man, also known in the UK as an Aunt Sally,[1][2] is a common type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of the topic of argument.
My understanding is the topic is criminal violence.
And while its true I am "Baiting" or "Taking the Piss" of those on this board who advocate the worst possible(least likely to succeed) response (un-armed)as the best(most likely to succeed) response.
I am by no stretch of the imagination The King Of Straw Man argument.
That title belongs to another poster who has been on this board much,much longer than I.

Son Of Delbert posted about the Koreans in LA not being prey because they chose not to be. I played off their nationality and made too fine a point(it would appear) about their choice of tools .
So your offended. And I only get a 1 line response? And a dismissive one at that? Come On! You give Addison 3 or 4 paragraphs, and all I get is 1 lousy line? I feel slighted I truly do.
And speaking of Addison one of your oft used counter arguments is to note that Addison doesn't grasp the concept of scale and proportion and statistical insignificance.
In the real world (not some classroom demo)of handgun attacks how many of the gunmen are dis-armed by those they are attacking?
I don't have the research nor do I have the math skills to process the data but I will go with my gut
and say the number is statistically insignificant.
Straw Man, (hoping to rise to the level of Addison) out.

Jeff said...


1. Used to hire Blacks. Got tired of no work, poor attendance, bad attitudes; don't hire Blacks anymore.

2. Had 1993 Mustang 5.0 stolen in 1995 by two Black men in Charlotte, NC.

3. House burglarized in 1996 by two Black men. Some property recovered at pawn shop. No arrests made.

4. Regularly pressured for spare change or spare dollars by Blacks when I have to be downtown in Silver Spring, MD.

5. Spent 40 minutes trying to get building permit from Black clerk. Left, returned and spoke to White clerk; permit took 5 minutes.

6. Black mechanic tried to charge me $22 for wiper blades on my Yukon last year. White guy at auto parts store found some for $12.

This is just the stuff that comes to mind right away. Nevermind the fact that I have to been keenly aware that I might be sucker punched by any Negro within arms length. Nevermind the reality that the crime risk around any Black people is very high.

Need any additional diversity stories? Any more anecdotes about how bad White people are?

Anonymous said...

Please do not respond to the Addison troll. It merely wants to waste our time.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but interesting.
Several people arrested at a Nigerian hotel for selling/serving human meat to diners. Human heads found in the kitchen.
In the comments section of this Nigerian newspaper, someone complains that no one is stopping a man who sells human meat from a location under a local bridge.
In the interests of multiculturalism, diversity and vibrancy, I wonder if Obama could give them visa's as he does to Somali's and now, to lightweight terrorists?
What's a neighborhood without a few cannibals?

Anonymous said...

Addison you punk:

1) one of my best friends younger sister brutally murdered by a black when she got home from school who was burglarizing their house....she was 14
2) another friend and his gf at the time carjacked at gun by two black youths
3) yet another friend robbed at gunpoint by a black in our freshman year of college
4) my sisters best friend and her husband robbed at gunpoint by a black...with a black woman as the getaway driver
5) now I deal with you monsters day to day due to the nature of my work...I along eith others in this line of work have stories that would make your skin crawl

Do you have the backbone to respond??

Probably not you are just like the rest

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 12:01, it's nearly impossible to get a CCW in MD. Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia all have reasonable CCW laws. MD is very repressive.

Maryland gun owners also have to be politically connected to get a CCW in Maryland.

I know a business owner in Maryland who submitted sworn affidavits with his application to attest to how much cash he handles at his business on a daily basis. He submitted his application almost two years ago and he still has not heard anything back on it yet.

Also, out of state CCW permits are not recognized in Maryland.

I recently read a whole story about how a Florida CCW permit holder was held at a traffic stop in Maryland for over an hour while his vehicle was searched for a gun that was never in the vehicle itself, because the Florida guy decided to leave his gun back in Florida before he even started his road trip up north. The Maryland cop simply suspected that the Florida guy had a gun in his vehicle by calling Florida to confirm that the Florida guy had a CCW permit.

Anonymous said...


Does getting mugged three separate times, each time by black males, over the course of four years count? All of these muggings happened to me in Washington, DC back in the 1990's. This was back in the days when nobody except the cops and the black criminals in DC had guns.

Dissident said...

"Anybody care to share how they are personally affected by blacks?"

I can't personally take my family into any predominant black area without fear for my life and safety.

Any city where blacks are numerous is frankly persona non grata for white people.

Anything else?

Anonymous said...

What are the concealed handgun laws like in Baltimore?

Average everyday citizens cannot legally carry concealed handguns in Baltimore. The same goes for the rest of Maryland too.

Mr. Rational said...

Dolly Madison wrote:

Anybody care to share how they are personally affected by blacks?

Like most of the city my mother grew up in, including her childhood home, being a "no-go" zone... among other things?

Let's not forget having my gun hand and trigger finger ready whenever your brand of "vibrant diversity" is near.  I would rather not, but having been robbed and assaulted by Blacks before, I'm in no mood to let YOU do it again.  And yes... since you identify with THEM, it is YOU.

Anonymous said...

james m, if your MMA comments are in response to a particular comment in a month-old thread, you should reference it somehow. Otherwise, you appear to be ridiculing and discouraging people from acquiring a useful skill. People should own different types of weapons for different situations -- handgun for CCW, shotgun for home defense, rifle for a longer projection of power -- and hand-to-hand combat skills are one more weapon to pull out of the weapons drawer.
Only the rare fool would believe that martial arts are "enough" to handle any conflict; but even if you are carrying, you may need to kick or judo-flip your opponent away, to create distance so you have time to ready your pistol.
You might also need martial arts to subdue a person you abjectly do NOT want to kill -- another white guy, for instance -- if tempers flare at a party, at work, at a Star Trek convention, or a traffic accident. Shit happens, and a gun isn't the answer to every confrontation.

IKantunderstand said...

I think this article should have been called: "America Country, You're Breaking My Heart." And you know what? The result would have been the same. Actually, perhaps more vitriolic to the author. Stop filing your income taxes. If you do file, provide the number of people in your state who are on welfare on the line for dependents. Try to be off the grid. Avoid any and all income taxes. Avoid sales tax. Avoid ALL taxes. Stop feeding the Cathedral, don't go to the movies, buy no magazines or newspapers. Don't buy General Mills products or Coke products. Do not support ANY major U.S. corporation. They are no longer one of us. Gone are the days when it meant something to buy American. First of all, nothing pretty much is made in America; but, more importantly, even being an American has been reduced to something of no value. To be an American used to mean that your ancestors fought and died for this country. It used to mean that your ancestors risked their lives, not just getting here, but forging a life out of a hostile wilderness, with NO safety nets(which everybody nowadays have a "right to")Being an American used to mean that liberty and freedom were worth dying for. Now? Being an "American" means singing "America the Beautiful" in a foreign language while swigging a fucking coca cola. COUNT ME OUT. I would not defend this so-called country for anything. It pains me to say: I live here, but do not call me an American. That word once a term of pride, has become meaningless. Perhaps that is the enemies plan. Fine. Where I once took pride in being an American, I will now take pride in being White. (It used to be the same thing).

Californian said...

Alert! Dialog on Race in Progress!

Anybody care to share how they are personally affected by blacks?

I'll sum it up in one word: Politics.

Like blacks voting lockstep for Democrats, no matter how corrupt the candidate, thereby undermining what is laughably called the Two Party System -- and shutting out third parties which just may have alternative solutions to American problems.

Like a growing black welfare-prison populace which sucks up national resources that could have been used for superlative white projects such as the space program.

Like black advocacy groups engaging in witch hunts against anyone who dares to speak proscribed words, making mockery of the First Amendment and forcing people to censor themselves.

Like seeing friends forced out of their family's traditional neighborhoods by black crime but not able to speak the truth about it because of said witch hunts.

Like blacks allowing themselves to be used as a front for white liberals to ramrod through every lunatic social engineering program from busing to Section 8 housing.

Like having to put up with pro-black and anti-white agitprop in the media and academia.

Like seeing heroes of American, European and Southern civilization degraded as "oppressors" and "slaveholders" and "old white men."

Like seeing history rewritten to satisfy the "sensitivities" of blacks.

Like scientific arguments for genetic racial differences being suppressed, making it impossible for the government to implement realistic racial policies.

Like being informed by government and universities that I, as a white person, am to be treated as a member of a despised "privileged" class who can be legally discriminated against via affirmative action and etc.

Like seeing black politicos such as MLK and black terrorists such as Nelson Mandela turned into demigods whom all goodthinkinkers must worship--or else.

Like black crime creating a backlash in the form of the war on drugs, leading to militarization of law enforcement and the trashing of the Bill of Rights to keep black criminality under control.

Like pan-African groups in the USA supporting sanctions against white governed South Africa, thereby putting a gang of ANC hacks into power who are proceeding to wreck that country and making it undesirable for me to visit.

Like blacks trashing the promise of the civil rights movement, that the USA could be a free country--instead of the third world globalized police-welfare-state rap-themed 'hood it is turning into.

Does that answer your question?

Anonymous said...

Anybody care to share how they are personally affected by blacks?

My family has been longtime friends with a family that has three daughters. During the late 1980's, one of those daughters went to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. It was there and then where she met a wonderful guy who gave her an engagement ring. They made plans to get married after finishing school that year. Then some black male came up behind this girl's fiance as he was walking along a street near the UPenn campus in Philadelphia. The black male bashed her fiance over the head with a brick, just so that his briefcase and wallet could be stolen for crack money. This poor girl's fiance was left as a brain-damaged vegetable after that. I don't think the wedding happened as a result. No white children were produced, either. All of this unhappiness happened because of some black male with a crack addiction and a brick from some crumbling house in a black Philadelphia neighborhood, and I am pretty sure that neither the victims, nor their families, were conservatives or racists, either. They were the types who likely would have had "End Apartheid" bumper stickers on their cars, or similar posters in their dormitory windows back in those days, but something like Apartheid in Philadelphia at that time would have prevented any of this misery from ever happening.

countenance said...

"Do you know what the most dangerous thing in America is? A n--ger with a library card."

And you can count the number of non-gay black men with "liberry" cards on two hands.

Actually, in a way, some black men with liberry cards are dangerous. Why? As Alexander Pope once said, a little learning can be a dangerous thing.

Dissident said...


Nice rebuttal sir, excellent work.

Always enjoy your posts, especially the ones in the past where you deconstruct the global plantation.

Succinct and analytical.

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest that the first person who responded to "addison" be forever banished from commenting here. Looks like I'm too late.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is horrible but in Wilmington Delaware, the mostly black city council passed a resolution in December 2013 saying that black violence is the result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought on by slavery.
Wilmington is also going swiftly down the toilet and has become majority black with all the attendant dysfunction and pathologies courtesy of blacks.
As for PTSD, don't you have to actually experience something personally before you can suffer from PTSD?
Wait. I've read about people being attacked by sharks while swimming in the ocean. I think I'll contact Social Security and file for disability due to my chronic PTSD even though I've never suffered a shark attack.
Makes sense to negroes.

Anonymous said...

Wait. I've read about people being attacked by sharks while swimming in the ocean. I think I'll contact Social Security and file for disability due to my chronic PTSD even though I've never suffered a shark attack.

You may not be aware of this, but "PTSD" is an acronym for "People's Terror of Sharks Disorder." It had its origins when black people on slave ships were tossed overboard to waiting sharks who still navigate the slave trade lanes. This is why blacks today have a fear of the ocean, and this is why you see so few black lifeguards at the beach.

PTSD is one more example of the terrible legacy of slavery.

I.M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism and Peace Studies

Californian said...

Dissident said...


Nice rebuttal sir, excellent work.


Being on SBPDL has allowed me to sharpen my arguments. It's also been quite an education. Lots of people here who see the truth and speak it.


"It's a far far better thing that I do than I've ever done....It's a far far better place that I go than I've ever been."

Something like that....

Anonymous said...

Halverson used the term "crime monkey" in her screed ... a freudian slip but that be raaaaaaayciss.

Why would I contribute to crowd funding for a disingenuous, dishonest white liberal who has been on the front lines making excuses for feral black behavior, and demanding that whites like their boots? He reaped what he had sown. YAWN.

Dan said...

It's not a cathedral it's a Temple.

Possibly a Synagogue.

Cathedrals are the highest form of cultural expression of the European.

Dan said...

Victimized with property crime 3 times.

By blacks. What are the odds?

Dan said...

I have three friends who have been mugged at gun point by blacks. In addition to that there are various stabbings. Two human blacks also stole a bank account number at my daughter's primary school. The two humanoids worked as secretaries in the principles office and copied the data from checks.

Anonymous said...

*parachute pants

Anonymous said...

This is how South Africa died and the US and any other country that opens it's borders to blacks will end up.

SolInvictus said...

To once again address the never ending "Northwest Homeland" fantasy:
A. The Federal government has a very clear stance on secession (see Gettysburg).
B. The North/Mid West is facing a near future water crisis (see Ogallala Aquifer and Colorado River depletion).
C. The region sits on top of a super volcano overdue for eruption (see Yellowstone).
D. The region would be vulnerable to Ice Age temperature shifts (The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a new Ice Age to begin in January, 2014. Using phrases like “armageddon cold,” “frozen Americas”...)

Please stop with this crap. It isn't happening, there is no where left to go unless we thaw Antarctica or leave the planet. We make our stand here so stop pining for fantasy solutions, especially in a bad geographic choice.

Anonymous said...

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