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They Just Aren't Like Us: The Story of the 2002 Murder of the Dawson Family in Baltimore, what was dubbed the city's "Alamo"

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I don't do SBPDL to make money or get rich, but with this loss of revenue, well, that takes away a sizable chunk of forecasted revenue for the year. 

So, if you post any comment that uses a pejorative, advocates violence (or posts references to organizations - fictional or non-fictional - advocating such), it won't get posted. 

In reading about Baltimore and its 63.5 percent black population, no story highlights the insanity of the majority demographic (or perhaps typifies) better than the 2002 murder of the Dawson family. "No snitching" took on a new meaning, when the home of Angela and Carnell Dawson was set ablaze Oct. 16, 2002, after they dared report drug dealing to police. Angela and the couple's five children perished in the blaze and Carnell died a week later in a hospital. 
After calling police more than 109 times to report black drug dealers ruining their community in a majority black city, the Dawson family's house was firebombed by a black male in a terrifying example of witness intimidation. All seven members of the family died... all because they dared try and make the city a better place (as opposed to canonizing drug dealers as David Simon did in The Wire)

The family was black, fighting to stay in the city of Baltimore where their fellow black citizens were doing their best to make the city unlivable for any ethnic group (calling police 109 times between 2000-2002 to report drug dealing). 

Then again, this is a city where a 1992 report found that 56 percent of the black male population of Baltimore between the ages of 18 and 35 years-old were in some form of trouble with the 'racist' judiciary system [Legal system betrays young black men, Baltimore Sun, 9-1-1992]:

The National Center on Institutions and Alternatives is reporting today that well over half of the young black men in this city are entangled in the criminal justice system on any given day. 
NCIA's study found that 56 percent of Baltimore's black men between 18 and 35 years old were either incarcerated, on probation or parole, awaiting trial or sentencing, or being sought on an arrest warrant. 
The one thing the NCIA study does not show is that an increasing percentage of the decision-makers at every level of the criminal justice system are black, as are an increasing percentage of the lawmakers on both the state and local level. 
The black community had hoped that putting black law enforcement officials in decision-making positions would make a difference, that they would set different priorities, find different solutions. 
But for the most part, blacks are making the same decisions that their white counterparts made. 
And they are making the same excuse.
"The report said 34,025 of the 60,715 young black men in Baltimore, or 56 percent, were "under criminal justice supervision on any given day in 1991," and still this wasn't enough to keep Darrell Brooks from taking a can of gasoline to the Dawson home and setting it ablaze... all because this family dared try and make the city a better place. Though he was on probation, Dawson was one of those local thugs the New York Times mentioned as not taking kindly to Angela reporting black drug dealers to the police

But her entire family would pay for the shared desire to make Baltimore a better place with all of their lives. [In Baltimore, Slogan Collides With Reality, New York Times, 9-2-2003]:

Darrell Brooks stood at the front of a courtroom, tears streaming down his cheeks, and choked out an apology.
He had killed seven people, five of them children, and now he said he felt sorry.
''I will never, ever, as long as there is breath in my lungs, ever forgive myself,'' he said last Wednesday. ''I knew those kids. I loved them. I swear I didn't mean it, I swear.''
The lanky Mr. Brooks was off to prison for life for burning down a house full of people last October, a crime that seared the heart of this city and blasted a signal that things in Baltimore were still out of control. 
Mr. Brooks, a drug dealer, did not Believe. He had not gotten the message, stamped all over the city, on garbage cans, squad cars, T-shirts, skyscrapers, even thumping basketballs. 
Believe. One word, printed in black and white, as if things were that clear. It began as a high-concept public relations campaign, begun by the mayor, Martin O'Malley, to tackle Baltimore's most infamous problem, drug crime. For years, the city had been at or near the top of the list of per-capita misery statistics: most murders, most addicts, most high school dropouts, most cases of H.I.V. and syphilis. 
Believe was a way to address those ills, not through programs, but through commercials, banners and bumper stickers. Few cities had ever tried anything so abstract. 
''It's spiritual warfare,'' Mr. O'Malley said. 
But just as the mayor's new religion was taking off, Mr. Brooks reached for the gasoline.
Witness intimidation, Baltimore-style. 
Once the slogan for Baltimore, what exactly did "Believe" even mean? That if they "believed" enough, the black population could replicate the same type of success white people once had had in the city? 

It's an impolite, a publicly unmentionable fact that it's the black population of Baltimore monopolizing the role in ensuring Baltimore leads the nation at the top of the list of per-capita misery statistics, with Johnnie Cochran Jr. even suing the city for $14 million (it would be dismissed): the rationale for the suit being the city's "Believe" campaign encouraged black residents to report black dealers and the city was negligent in not providing police protection/witness protection for those who put themselves in danger. [Mayor derides Cochran's claims: Lawyer's blaming city for arson that killed 7 is labeled `pretrial hype', Baltimore Sun, 1-9-2003]:

In addition to the Believe campaign, Cochran has blamed the deaths on the criminal justice system's failure to lock up Brooks for having violated his probation, which is a state responsibility.
A lawyer with Cochran's firm said Tuesday that the city's Believe campaign, which encourages residents to report dealers, was "reckless" because it urged people such as the Dawsons to put themselves in danger without providing effective witness protection.
Quality of life can truly be measured by the percentage of the black population found in a city: the higher the percentage, the closer you'll be to the situation in Baltimore, where citizens hide behind locked doors and those who dare snitch are barbecued; the lower the percentage, the greater the odds the sound of children's voices on Halloween night will be heard as they trick-or-treat through safe neighborhoods without adult supervision. 

The white mayor of Baltimore (at the time of the horrific Molotov cocktail firebombing of the Dawson house), Martin O'Malley would label the event, "The hardest moment of this administration was going to March Funeral Home and filing by five tiny caskets. But the Dawson loss just strengthened my resolve. The tragedy was our Alamo, it was not our Waterloo."

But Baltimore's Waterloo came long ago, when blacks rioted in the aftermath of the Martin Luther King assassination. It took 5,500 National Guardsmen, 400 state troopers, and 1,200 city cops to occupy Baltimore and bring order to a lawless black population then; it's doubtful these same numbers could replicate that same feat today. 

It's difficult to determine if law ever came back, with white flight rendering the city yet another majority black, urban disaster. [100 Years: The Riots of 1968Part of our "100 Years: The Twelve Events That Shaped Baltimore" series, Baltimore magazine, May 2007]:

And yet, nearly 40 years after the riots, Ruby Glover still laments that "so much in the city today almost brings back those memories—with the gangs, and the way that police have to work on streets where I grew up, where I laughed and entertained. There's still great fear, but it's coming not just from whites to blacks—now it's blacks to blacks." 
The Dawson house would be rebuilt, re-branded as a sanctuary from the violence of black Baltimorians. Though if you try hard enough, the eerie smell of gasoline remains, a signature of witness intimidation even the Italian mobs would never dare employ. 
Darrell Brooks, like 56 percent of the black males aged 18-35 years old in Baltimore (according to the 1991 study) was  under criminal justice supervision - probation - when he torched the Dawson house, killing all seven family members

 More than $1 million was spent to erect the Dawson Family Safe Haven Center in East Baltimore, on the exact footprint of the house which was burnt down. In assessing the state of the neigbhorhood 10 years after the tragedy, one resident stated they felt more at home in American military occupied Iraq than in black occupied Baltimore [10 years after Dawson killings, uneven results in Oliver: Family was killed in fire after complaining about drug dealers, Baltimore Sun, 10-13-2012]:

Wanda Brewer, 52, who operated heavy machinery for Halliburton at Camp Anaconda in Iraq, returned to the neighborhood to look after her ailing grandmother. She looks back bleakly on the last decade.
"Nothing changed," said Brewer, who lives on East Oliver Street. "We just got poorer — a lot of us went to jail."

After returning, she found that she was "more at war here than I was in Iraq."

Still, there is evidence of positive change. Crews are at work renovating some of the neighborhood's vacant houses — there are nearly 1,000. And as he looks down the

hill from where the Dawsons lived, Deputy Housing Commissioner Reginald U.

Scriber said the streets were never as clean 10 years ago as they are today.
His department spends $270,000 a year to run the Dawson community center and is proud of the investment. The program is intended to help children with their studies while keeping them away from the temptations of the streets.

A friend of the Dawson family would concur with Brewer's bleak assessment of Baltimore and the conditions found in the majority black city (made only possible by the black population). [Home Where Family Died Is Now Safe Haven, New York Times, 4-8-2007]:

Aaron Anderson, 15, who lives nearby and knew the Dawson children, added: “It’s sad. I’d rather not be here and them still alive, but the center will play a big role in keeping kids off the streets." 
“The streets are terrible,” Aaron added. “Anything can happen on any given day. You can get shot, killed, everything. Maybe it might save somebody’s life and make them realize they should come in here and do their homework. It’s easier.” 
 But why are the streets so terrible?

Why is a nation under the heel of U.S. Military occupation a safer place for a black woman than the streets of her majority black hometown?

In a city utterly purged of white privilege, shouldn't a utopia be found magically in its place?

No. That's why programs like Safe Streets are necessary. [Street cred used to disrupt the norm in some of Baltimore's most violent areas,, 11-21-2013]:
Baltimore is infected. 
If violent crime is a disease, then after years of steady remission, a rise in homicide totals and non-fatal shootings shows it is starting to relapse. 
But, deep inside some of this city's most important arteries, much like a vaccine, old pathogens of violence are working to inoculate the very disease they once helped create. 
ABC2 spent a night with the Safe Streets operation in Park Heights. 
It is one of four chapters around the city run by the Baltimore City Health Department; others include McElderry Park, Mondawmin and Cherry Hill. 
In short, Safe Streets is a public health model aimed at curing violence as if it is a disease. 
ABC2 News is the very first media organization trusted to go inside this program at the street level with television cameras, spending hours on a typical canvass, walking the streets with the men who once ruled them. 

Reformed now as outreach workers and so-called violence interrupters, the employees of Safe Streets spread a different message to the high risk youth following their old path. 
What makes them listen?
A typical convenience store in Baltimore. Notice all of the products are behind plexiglass (as is the employee of the store) an inconvenient fact of doing business in the 63.5 percent black city of Baltimore...
“I come from these streets. I grew up here. This is where I am from… I am stopping another black brother from getting hurt, another black brother from going to jail. There are so many ways to throw your life away out here. Just trying to stop that, just trying to show them there is a different way," said an outreach worker known on the streets as Porky. 
They are showing them a different way from the normal the incredibly tough streets have taught them. Walking through their small part of Lower Park Heights on a Thursday night, it didn't take long to see. 
On the corner of a crowded McDonald’s parking lot, two young men began a back and forth that was immediately interrupted by Safe Streets violence interrupter Aaron. 
We have agreed not to publish or broadcast specifics, but Aaron put an end to it by simply telling both men there is a different way to resolve this and each should walk away. 
Both men did walk away peacefully, and Aaron will later write up the mediation to revisit it later. It seems like an obvious lesson, but the code of these streets is altogether different. 
Safe Streets data shows 96 percent of their mediations in Park Heights are “likely or very likely to result in gun violence.” Had the mediation not happened at the brush-up we witnessed, Aaron explained, a violent incident was likely to ensue.
But what is Baltimore infected with, good reporter at ABC's affiliate in the city? 



Is it incurable? 

Inoperable at this point?

Fifty-six percent of black males between the ages of 18 and 35-years-old were under criminal justice supervision "any given day" back in 1991 in the city of Baltimore; what do you want to be that number is approaching 75 percent today?

In reading about Baltimore and its 63.5 percent black population, no story highlights the insanity of the majority demographic (or perhaps typifies) better than the 2002 murder of the Dawson family.

This black family dared to make their community - and by extension, the entire city - a safer place.

One of their own murdered the entire family.

Together, regardless of the contributions of good families like the late Dawson's, this entire population murders civilization in Baltimore.

They just aren't like us.



P.K. say it isn't so! but i guess it is! to bad you never said how these comments were not getting through from time to time. so how was some of my posts not getting through and some were. if no one was policing the comments. also P.K. has any one in the justice dept contacted you about us bloggers. a lot of things need to be clarified if you could. cause it's so rare when I see you comment or answer someone's questions. come on dude help us help you and we can all help the United States of America man.

it's going to be very dull around here. are you sure the lawyer dogs haven't gotten to you and you are now not running this site anymore with the fever you once shared with us. all those book sales and your mad about 3-g's. hope you haven't sold out Paul Kersey and I hope you didn't sell us out either. man i'm sensing the end to this blog soon.


Robert in Arabia said...

Support PK and moderate your posts.

Anonymous said...

I'm a nordic caucasoid, and I find NORDIC CAUCASOID's comment embarrassing. I never thought PK was running the site with "the fever", and I don't think of myself as feverish, either. Further, I'm sure the book sales, whether great or small, have nothing to do with his request.

Anonymous said...

I told a friend that my prediction for 2014 would be the year we would see "thought crime" become a reality. I really didn't think it would happen this quickly. Small steps still get you somewhere even if its bad. I guess ill go watch MSNBC and have a coke.

bubo said...

I recently read an article about the terrible problem of "gentrification" in Oakland from the childlike, racist black perspective.

The link was in one of SPBDL's comment sections.

It basically said that whites wishing to improve the neighborhood are not welcome. In fact, whites aren't welcome period nor anyone else who doesn't approve of drug dealing in broad daylight, violence, burglaries, rape and murder.

Evidently those activities are what account for the whole of "black culture" and are a vital part of the black experience. Any attempt to stop them is seen as a racist intrusion on authentic blackness.

The woman who wrote the article actually works for the City of Oakland. She advises people to not call the police for minor things like car break ins and prostitutes working your sidewalk.

She also tells people to befriend the local drug dealers and to not try to inject normal morality into their world.

My first reaction was this must be some sort of satire, but no. They believe that ghetto culture is the black contribution to America.

Keep Oakland "Ghetto"

Anonymous said...

if you don't like the comments then perhaps you could stand on a street corner, generate more than 3000.00, and at the same time not foment the anger of an internet audience? Anonimty works both ways. Pseudo-intellectual racial realism invites prctical self-preservation. If you do not agree, then you are no better than the tenured academicians who use diversity and cultural diversity requirements to arrive at the same conclusion: inequality. Own it.

Major1 said...

I guess freedom of speech is allowed only if your speech is compatible with the ultimate goals of BRA. May I still point out that blacks are violent and inferior? Am I allowed to say that blacks and their white liberal slave masters are terrified when anyone notices that our black population is a cancer on our country? Never mind. Beyonce is super sexy. Kanye West is a genius on par with Beethoven. Kobe Bryant is amazing. Dennis Rodman is an effective statesman. Black culture is rich, soulful and vibrant, and Mr. Obama is a smart centrist perfectly poised to lead us into the 21st century. Something tells me my last 5 sentences are acceptable. Sigh.

10mm AUTO said...

We must gentrify our comments. I agree that they are not like us and clearly living amongst them is not an option.

What do you call a people that when faced with overt genocide say that no one may advocate action to repel the killers or organize against them but must merely run or learn to live with it?



Good Luck to all here at SBPDL. See you in the Homeland.

Anonymous said...

a "take back the night" march would cure it all!

Mr. truth said...

That is Truely sad! Biggest mistake is blacks being brought to america.

Your work is amazing PK!

countenance said...

If Paul Kersey can write his posts with hardly any if any at all use of pejoratives, cuss words or allusions to non-human primate species, then we can write our comments in the same way.

cdw said...

I agree these are dark times. If you will not go to aid of the injured or the dying, what is the point of our existence? They die because some dont want justice for the guilty, just money from the free, those who work, those who obey the law. When this changes, and they go out and tear the corpse of black fealty to the democrat party into pieces, only then will they truly be free.

Extropico said...

From PK's prefatory statement on comments, it would appear that the illegal authorities take umbrage about our outrage at black violence.

They don't like us knowing the crime statistics. They can't as easily expurgate and control the debate on the internet. And it scares the powers that be.

We should all help PK and err on the side of caution regarding incitement to violence and terming blacks as not "human."

It is appropriate courtesy to the blogger who has a target on his back.

Anonymous said...


When SBPDL hits RCP in BHO's 2nd term... we know what's up. This post is weird as f**k. Without PK so many would be in a deep slumber, only awaking at the pearly gates. for any 3 or 4 letter b*tches dropping in become a Beta male, say yes to women and minorities like the d!ck-hole you are. Progeny... prosperity... future for you genes... LOL. Take this progressive paradigm, you want and you like it. Take it with a permanent smile & 1.4 kids you retards.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I sincerely hope the government has not come knocking on your door Paul, but this Obama administration and liberals/liberal ideology in general, have changed or moderated the rules for our 1st amendment rights.

I posted somewhere about the shame of change in the last 50 years, where we Americans have become like Stalinist/Khrushchevian Russia with a fear of our government, while they are becoming somewhat capitalistic, as we were.

I hope negro blogs are not coming after you. But negros like white liberals engage that double standard, one set of rules for themselves, a different set for others.

I'll try to do my part for your protection as I'm sure other commenters here will as well.

Good grief, time to consider a new land.

The Obama administration seems out of control, intoxicated with the power they have gleaned with their superiority now achieved.

Finally if this comment would cause you trouble, trash it, no problem bro.

Thanks Paul for all the effort and good work.

A friend of the greater cause.

From the Sanctuary I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I understand your concern, but realistically, the only violence likely to be sparked from comments here will be a white-on-white fight over Star Trek physics.
As to the question of what passes for genteel discussion, the Offendables will simply add words like "thug" or "addison" or ""youths"" (in scare quotes) to their list of N-aughty words.

Chasmaniac said...

Why doesn't the so called black leadership of this country all get together and move to one city for a year or two and 'fix' the problem ? Surely with the combined weight of Jesse, Al and the rest they could whip a city into shape in a year or so, right ?

rex freeway said...

Does this clarification on comment rules have anything to do with Negro history month? I've always refrained from lowering myself to the level that subject talked about in this blog lives. I try to use only facts that can be backed up. On occasion i've typed out a comment in anger and up on proof reading it, stopped and erased it. This is such a volatile subject. And having a muzzle attached during this month is more than many will be able to wear.

Anonymous said...

hey p.k. i hope that the stasi isnt making any threats against you,i get you dont want anyone suggesting violence, or that kind of thing but p.k. you have opened our eyes to crimes we are suffering at the hands of blacks,when i awoke first i felt anger then shame at what our own govt is doing to us i dont want suggest we go out and assault people,but we must defend ourselves & our loved ones but i will do my best to be moderate in my comments.. respectfully yours royal oak dude .

Anonymous said...

For everyone asking about the FBI knocking on PK's door, there are other threats. He hinted at advertising. This site is run on's infrastructure, which is owned by Goggle -- a lefty corporation known to blackball unlefty websites. Here is one example, and that guy mainly just talks about cars.

Fed Up FF said...

One of my fears is that SBPDL would be breached or worse, turn out to be a fraud- mining info from commenters for future "think-crime" as racists.

Whatever that case, PK you have done an outstanding job & I hope you will preserve your blog for future viewing if possible.

I encourage all White readers & commenters to prepare for a storm that is coming. This storm will make the Great Depression look like a Sunday picnic.
Read & comment at Patriot blogs, as the Patriot/Prepper/Survivalist movement is 99% White and 90% race realists. We need more White support & voices that demographics are destiny. Repeating the mistakes of the past are not going to ensure a future with productive, happy, safe, whole White families.

Lastly, take your TV out in the yard & shoot it.

Stay strong & true to your convictions. We are currently a minority, but we are right. Truth will prevail in the end.

Fed Up Firefighter.

Anonymous said...

We are all "White Dogs."

See in the 1982 film there was this White Dog, a beautiful German Shepard, but it was White.

From Wiki: The film depicts the struggle of a dog trainer named Keys (Paul Winfield), who is black, trying to retrain a stray dog found by a young actress (Kristy McNichol), that is a "white dog"—a dog trained to viciously attack any black person. Fuller uses the film as a platform to deliver an anti-racist message as it examines the question of whether racism is a treatable problem or an incurable condition.

The film's theatrical release was suppressed in the United States by Paramount Pictures out of concern of negative press after rumors began circulating that the film was racist. It was released internationally in France and the United Kingdom in 1982, and broadcast on various American cable television channels. Its first official American release came in December 2008 when The Criterion Collection released the original uncut film to DVD.

Critics praised the film's hard line look at racism and Fuller's use of melodrama and metaphors to present his argument, and its somewhat disheartening ending that leaves the impression that while racism is learned, it cannot be cured.

See, our racism can't be cured. In watching the film I would call the racist message "Heavy Handed". An additional note, dogs hate and fear negros anyway, they don't need a "Wino" to teach them to growl and protect Whites against negros. The movie is heavily harping on the very odd idea that we are all the same but once we learn that negros are different, it sticks for life and can't be cured.

Channon Christian and Jonathan Foster were not available for comment.

Anonymous said...

Well i have a hard time expressing my thoughts and opinions without referring to certain people and their actions without using animal metaphors. if. someone acts animalistic its hard to think of them as human. i do not advocate violence but i believe in self defense. it will be harder to express my opinions without running afoul of the new rules but out of respect for the owner of this forum i will try. can we call a thug a thug? I guess we can't refer to anyone being a sub species of homo sapiens...also it's hard to express anger this way. other forums have rules encouraging epithets but tend to be crude. i suppose that the first amendment along with the second and fourth etc. are truly under attack. i hope this passes the sniff test.

Anonymous said...

It is rather sad that even SBPDL doesn't believe in the 1st amendment anymore. Even engaging in wholesale censorship of your commentators will likely have little effect to appease google's ad program because the inherent purpose of this site is it document black dysfunction which is itself inherently racist.

And regarding the advertising revenue, you know there are other ad companies out there that dont give a damn about the content of your website. Just look at websites such as The Pirate Bay which facilitates copyright infringement en-masse and have been targeted by the police forces of countless governments, yet have no problem at all at getting ads. Or Best Gore which openly engages in racial diatribes against the jews, and graphic videos of people being tortured and murdered, yet still has plenty of 3rd party ads.

Anonymous said...

I think the non-inflammatory posts are better. Anyone can throw epithets. Superiority is demonstrated through informed argument and will be more convincing to those still sleeping. On the other hand, I will miss the term for eruptions and will continue to think it.

When I was in grade school, we went on a field trip to see Peter Pan. Part of it goes:

'Her voice was so low that at first he could not make out what she said. Then he made it out. She was saying that she thought she could get well again if children believed in fairies.

Peter flung out his arms. There were no children there, and it was night time; but he addressed all who might be dreaming of the Neverland, and who were therefore nearer to him than you think: boys and girls in their nighties, and naked papooses in their baskets hung from trees.

"Do you believe?" he cried.

Tink sat up in bed almost briskly to listen to her fate.

She fancied she heard answers in the affirmative, and then again she wasn't sure.

"What do you think?" she asked Peter.

"If you believe," he shouted to them, "clap your hands; don't let Tink die."

Many clapped.

Some didn't.'

I haven't thought about this much since, so I don't know what the intended symbolism is. In this context, I posit:
Peter Pan is the DWLs, refusing to grow up.
Fairies are black civility.
The ones who didn't clap are race realists.

Of course, Tinkerbell is brought back by those who believed. Peter Pan is a fairy tale.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is all very real and disturbing. If I go to work tomorrow and find that my "services are no longer needed" I will not be shocked. The twisted part is this isn't about equality or, justice, its about money! Pure and as simple as it gets. This is not the country I served and it sure isn't the country my father told me once excisted. Its now the "dream" of someone elses "father" I hope re-education isn't painful. Maybe ill get off with a warning.

Belgian(might as well put my handle on it they already know who I am) Giant.

Ricky Tucker said...

Since I'm probably the only one here dumb enough to use my real name should I be worried about anyone coming to see me about my posts here? I know sooner or later they'll come for me because of my activities online but WTH?

Anonymous said...

I smell the heavy hand of oppression getting ready to strike. Plan and prepare.

Anonymous said...

Lol Paul u went out like a coward. You did exactly what they wanted u to. Wimp.

Mr. truth said...

In regards to Bubo's a oakland piece. Here is one of the comments from a fellow Oakland naive on there:

"Dear white disrespectful people commenting on this article,

FU and once again the horses you rode in and destroyed everything on. How dare you speak disrespectfully about the author and the points that she is trying to make in her article.

The responses I see from you people perpetrate racism and just goes to show the motives you have once you move into Oakland. You have no regard for anyone else but yourselves and your greed. Do me a favor MOVE into Oakland as a matter of fact there’s a perfect spot for you called high street and this on area in East Oakland called the “dirty thirties” move your cat massage parlor in there and see how welcoming the people from the neighborhood welcome you and your bullshit change.

The native americans suffered a genocide because of your gentrification yet you want to put it in our face to shut up and put up? What right do you have to come in a neighborhood and take take take from the people who made Oakland, Oakland?? The revolution will reign…and hopefully the guillotine will come in to play"

Jay Santos said...

I would guess that what PK is referring to is some directive/fine from Google. Google owns Blogger. They've got some guidelines they've got to follow based on some government edict. But they've got their own unique motivations to conform to the feds. No one who uses any Google product should be under any illusions that the company is not fully aware of what they are typing or be unaware of Google's association with the feds. It's all part of the First Amendment 2.0.

Google aside, you have to look at whatever he is dealing with in contrast to the black DHS employee who ran or runs a website, openly advocating a race war. You might call the coercion there asymmetrical.

If you want to be concerned about the rising power of BRA, PK's problems are small when you consider the following. The Senate Judiciary committee just recently confirmed Obama's DOJ Civil Rights Division nominee, Debo Adegbile. Adegbile is of Nigerian ancestry and was a strong representative for the infamous cop killer, Mumia Abu Jamal. The DOJ is a weapon system and the Civil Rights Division is a particularly dangerous weapon in that system. Another individual of African ancestry, Jeh Johnson, was confirmed and is now the head of the DHS. This is in a country where blacks comprise 13% of the population. A population that is factually, statistically unqualified for these types of positions.

You want something besides PK's censorship to be terrified about? There it is.

Johnny said...

I recently read a book called Cop in the Hood. One thing of interest is that the writer covers what it is like for a uniformed officer to enforce the drug laws.

More or less all the drug deals go down on street corners. The sellers are young blacks and the profits are not all that great. Most of the violence is caused by territorial disputes between the dealers.

A cop with only a little experience can spot these drug corners without much trouble and they can be found simply by driving around in the bad areas. Plus many people do not like having these deals going down in their area, and so the cops get complaint calls, almost always anonymous. Either way a cop can find a drug selling corner without much trouble, and after that it is really up to the policeman how many arrests he wants to make. Most of the time the people at the corner just walk away and often the cop will just let them go. Except that it looks bad if an arrest is never made, so most cops try to get in a couple of arrests a month.

Arrested or not, it does not make much difference. The sellers will have a drug stash near by, and so they seldom get picked with a lot of drugs on their person. And so the cop ends up arresting people with a small quantity of drugs and generally, they are back out on the street in a day, more or less.

The whole thing comes down to a stupid game that is ineffective and borderline pointless. Too bad that family got into trying to fight it. And given the way police enforcement works, it is unlikely that more rigorous enforcement would do much good. What it amounts to is that you can not fight the neighborhood, not really.

Mr. Rational said...

How long before anything that smacks of race realism threatens that (relatively paltry sum of) $3000?

We are seeing salami tactics in action, folks.  Every slice takes out some of the meat from what we are allowed to say and still keep our incomes, our families, our lives.

TheAntidote said...

As far as I can remember I've only been "not posted" once At SBPDL. I believe I have already adhered to these lately posted guidelines for quite a while, and have never had a problem articulating exactly what I wanted.
The work of spreading the message of race reality must continue. Let's get to work with facts, anecdotes, statistics, and reason.
SBPDL is having an effect. SBPDL is the water dripping on the stone wearing it away. Please lay off wimp, sell out, and other bullcrap. Support SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

"endorsing ideas that advocate violence"

That pretty much leaves an open space wide enough to include any and all speech.

I consider supporting Obama to be the greatest endorsement of violence possible due to his support for war as well as his comments which have lead to the deaths of hundreds of whites at the hands of blacks.

Sadly, the cathedral(can I even say that?) doesn't care much for logical consistency and their words are only a front. Violence doesn't bother them a bit. White people are their problem. White people acting in the interests of western culture is a threat to them. Not because we'll be violent, but because our achievements will always tower over anything they have ever done or will ever do.

'Funny' how this comes just days after all the news concerning mainstream media's requirement that all comment posters use their real names.

The dark ages are here.

make it rain TRUTH said...

SBPDL has done yeoman's work to shine the spotlight on black dysfunction. And this site has done it without resorting to name-calling nor vitriol. Simple facts, stories dredged up from the memory hole, and stark reality to make the case that black people truly are a unique problem.

Reining in the comments to stay in the bounds is not the heavy handed oppression you think. Most of us here are white, and are more than capable of formulating our arguments without degenerating into slurs and name-calling. Facts do the dirty work. And our comments need not be so base.

Also, there is no 1st Amendment rights on PK's site. It's HIS site and he is free to moderate it however he chooses. Learn what the Bill of Rights is before tossing out that lame attempt at railing against censorship.

Our discourse being civil is important because other sites on the internet discuss and display black dysfunction, but they do it in such a way that it is VERY difficult to get our friends and family to consider due to the sites' offensive names or that they are full of nasty slurs about blacks. It ends up painting the message with the broad brush of fools commenting foolishly. The baby gets tossed out with the bathwater, and our liberal white friends can pretend that our message need not be heard.

Anonymous said...

the Offendables will simply add words like "thug" or "addison" or ""youths"" (in scare quotes) to their list of N-aughty words.

I think you've solved PK's dilemma. Instead of the 6-letter word (starts with an N) that we're no longer allowed to use, we'll refer to *them* as Addisons.

As in: Goddamn filthy Addisons! Get off my property, stupid Addison!

If Paul Kersey can write his posts with hardly any if any at all use of pejoratives, cuss words or allusions to non-human primate species, then we can write our comments in the same way.

Bingo. PK's site has proven itself such an important resource, in large part because he focuses on hard data and documented history. It's all the more powerful as a result and less susceptible to thoughtcrime censorship based on the use of forbidden words.

I smell the heavy hand of oppression getting ready to strike. Plan and prepare.

There is a major anti-EU, populist revolt forming in Europe (see the rise of UKIP, the Front National, Jobbik, Golden Dawn, Svoboda in Ukraine, etc). The global economy is in tatters and poised to get worse. Race realism is increasing across America, see the comments thread on any Black crime news article.

You're damn right "they" are scared, as the elites lose control over the serfs.

Anonymous said...

These were decent people, murdered for simply wanting a safe place to raise their children. Their children paid because their parents dared to try to make a difference. If there was a way to identify the "good ones", like the Dawsons, few as they may be, I'd support plucking them out of their neighborhoods and putting them somewhere that they can actually have a chance.
The sad part is, black children will be told the story of Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin, but the Dawson family will be lost in the dustbin of history. Black or not, these people were true martyrs, truly punished for trying to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing indeed. And for a measly $3000-. Wow!!

SwampThizzle said...

How about "TNB," Paul? Are we not allowed to say that? It's a lot easier than "characteristic black dysfunction." Tell us what really happened. Not buying the "advertisers are skittish" story. You were visited by G-Men, I'd bet money on it. Do not let them scare you. You already lost your job over this site. What more can they take from you? Ask for more donations if you have to. Even us "racists" have First Amendment rights.

Anonymous said...


somailis riot again..disgusting

all of you keep posting..some great stuff here..thanks

Jay Santos said...

Think you might have had a bad day? Here's a glimpse into our future, out of Great Britain (courtesy reporting)

A woman was raped twice, in separate incidents, in one night. The perps are African-americans (that's the only permitted term for individuals with dark complexions, originating from the continent of Africa ). The women was raped by two separate African-americans in totally separate incidents between 1AM and 3AM. African-americans are somewhere around 3% of the population in England.

Police arrest two men over separate rapes on same woman

Anonymous said...

The first amendment is a limitation on the government, not Internet blogs. Also, name calling, racial epithets, and comparisons to animals discredit any of the points trying to be made. It turns off many reasonably minded people who are more likely to notice the trends discussed in this blog.

Gnome Sane said...

As long as anti-white hate speech is still alive and well on the internet, everything is cool. I guess it's time to document what's going on elsewhere in case electronic ammo is needed in the future.
As far as not "endorsing ideas that advocate violence...", with certain groups, you never know what that might be. No one on this site has advocated violence against anyone, but observing the violent nature of certain groups has brought the discussion of self-defense. We don't want violence, that's why we avoid, and move away from, certain groups.
Censoring your detractors is a tactic that has been used by other leaders throughout history. Whites are the new European Jews of the 1930's so we should prepare for what's to come.
Certain groups don't want equality, they want superiority and revenge and the Gov is making sure they have it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you PK, I am always uncomfortable that "we" see ourselves as "civilized", "intellectual", "morally good", but speak like we are on a playground south side of Chicago. As humans let's stick to the higher ground and outpace them by clearly using a better vocabulary to drive home the point. It only helps us in the long run.

Gnome Sane said...


"Constitution Check: What does it mean that there is a right to “bear” guns?"


There is “a growing line of court of appeals decisions that, while stopping short of holding that there is no Second Amendment right outside the home, consistently reach the same result by deeming any right to bear arms in public to be, at best, outside the Second Amendment’s ‘core’ and then balancing it away under an anemic form of intermediate scrutiny."

They're going to re-write the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

You could easily make 3k a year in donations from the readers of this site if you needed it.

Anonymous said...

"Us And Them"

Us and Them
And after all we're only ordinary men
Me, and you
God only knows it's not what we would choose to do
Forward he cried from the rear
and the front rank died
And the General sat, as the lines on the map
moved from side to side
Black and Blue
And who knows which is which and who is who
Up and Down
And in the end it's only round and round and round
Haven't you heard it's a battle of words
the poster bearer cried
Listen son, said the man with the gun
There's room for you inside
Down and Out
It can't be helped but there's a lot of it about
With, without
And who'll deny that's what the fightings all about
Get out of the way, it's a busy day
And I've got things on my mind
For want of the price of tea and a slice
The old man died

Anonymous said...

haha some dumbass called you a coward simply because you want to keep your blog comment section clean. thats hilarious.

paul keresy smith said...

paul smith is still a funny name because you're alias here is paul keresy and your gmail name is paul smith so its like different but its still a fake name! too funny brah!

Harold Westerling said...

I am a long time reader of this site, and sometime commenter. I have to say that I am really surprised at the reaction of some of the readers here. PK has done us all a tremendous service...if you can't realize that and make a few accommodations to protect the truth that is posted to this site on a daily basis, then you are pretty pathetic. a perfect world you would be able to say anything you wanted and have no repercussions. Unfortunately, our world is far from perfect. If you can't use this site to discuss important political and social issues that affect us all without using certain words and clumsy analogies then maybe a site like Chimpout would be more to your liking. VDare doesn't even allow comments, and Amren has to moderate comments as well, so in a word, get over it! I for one look forward to rational discussions about issues important to me without having to resort to name calling.

Thank You PK...This blog is excellent and I will continue to support it by buying your books.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

On the advertising aspect, 3 large is 3 large, a lot of dough.

I remember watching a movie about the 50s HUAC and Joe McCarthy fallout. Because Hollywood had become such a bastion for communist sympathizers, programs or shows had to be careful not to look "socialistic", or risk losing advertising sponsors.

I believe that was a good headhunting, headhunting socialists, aka liberals. Just look at what liberals, once allowed to achieve their superiority have done, they have now transmogrified America into a dying culture, we currently owe more than 17 trillion.

But the times have changed. Liberals are in charge and giving the orders. Headhunting now is targeting those who do not embrace the liberal illusion.

Failing to embrace the illusion, that the only difference between a white and a black is the color of skin is dangerous.

Unbelievable though it seems, we have not reached the point of advertisers running from "black" web pages, at least I have not heard of any.

The double standard of liberals. Alive and well in our time. You, as a member of our culture, must not see the "black" as more animalistic, you must not see the 350,000 rapes of white women since Tawana Brawley's false rape claim against white men back in 87.

How many Americans know of Eve Carson compared to how many Americans know of Emmet Till?

By the way, good post on Emmet's old man the other day by one of Paul's commenters, I've forgotten who, but it was good.

Well I believe the short of this is Paul's personal financial loss, the long of it is the coming wave of tyranny against free speech when one's free speech transgresses liberal ideology. Look what the Obama administration is doing to those who speak out against Obama, sic'ing the IRS on them.

We here at Paul's cannot compare "blacks" with animals. The other day Mike Tyson talked about his knockout strategy back in the day. He would only do it if he was robbing someone, today they, the kids, the younger generation, just do it for fun.

No animalistic tendency there, no sir.

By the way, the King's new clothes are beautiful, aren't they?

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I Am (<-name)
Dude, Paul... 1st I will comment on your post, then I will give some attention to some posted comments.

Why must we allocate crimes to individual races as if there is a category for mix-raced crimes? Can we actually say that in this day and age crime has a color? Paul, you are spotlighting crimes and labeling them, black crime as if blacks only commit those crimes. No, crime is crime, no matter who commits the act. How many white women across America are raped by white men and the crime goes unreported because the woman wants to 'save face'? It's a crime, not a white crime. As a 'black person', I think it may be advantageous for you to focus on acquiring finances in order to make positive changes in the black community instead of fueling these white racist swine in your post. This is supposed to be "stuff BLACK PEOPLE don't like"; who invited white people? Please leave, thank you.

Stuff Black People Don't Like:
1. bubo- ghetto is a community of people of the same race. There are more white ghettos than black ones. Worry about the trailer-park poor white trash that's ruining the face of my country with your 'meth labs'.
2. major1- you described black people as violent, inferior, a cancer. Your ancestors left Europe in search of religious freedom from who... other whites... who were doing what... violently converting other white people... because... you were inferior to them... so they spread throughout Europe like cancer and you did the same in the 'new world' violently spreading your doctrine because of your races' inferiority complex set on by your slave masters.
3. mr truth- no, the biggest mistake was letting the anglo-saxon caucasian onto our land, Croatoan! By the way, black people were in America 1st.

more below

Anonymous said...

I Am cont'd

4. Self Loathing Blacks, we do not like. The blacks who tear down Black communities whether physically, verbally, or financially are those who hate themselves. They wish they were other than black and wish they lived in other than black communities. They despise themselves because others despise them because they are black. Black people who are non-celebrities are portrayed mostly in negative viewpoints by the media. Before the 1960's, blacks were really not on television news program at all for anything good or bad. In the 1960's, blacks were on the news receiving beatings for conducting peaceful marches which sparked world-wide media frenzy with the American white man as the aggressor and oppressor, which was not good for foreign policy. After that, the American news media began a smear campaign against Black Americans to replace the images of racism and white on black violence and injustice with 'black crime' and black ignorant people with low levels of education to display to the world as if it's the black majority. The racist white swine love post like yours Paul. It's a stone throwing party; he who is without sin cast the 1st stone. Post something about white people... like the white girl who was convicted of murder for killing her friend in Italy, however goes onto American media and says she is not going to comply or uphold justice. Why does most things you post are what black people do, not others? Paul, you're forgetting that black people pick that stuff up from white movies like 'the godfather', 'untouchables', 'casino', 'heat', 'goodfellas', etc. And the crazy part is that all of those movies are based on true crime stories of white people. You don't get it do you Paul... black people are emulating white people when they commit crimes. How many black so-called gangsters out there wish to called 'capone', 'luciano', 'bugsy', 'gotti', 'nitti', 'dutch', 'knuckles', 'lucky', lol 'pesci', 'de'niro', 'frank white', etc.... too many. The RICO law was enabled because of white people, not black.
5. White people saying that blacks are moving into their neighborhoods. 1st of all, to want to keep your community all white is supporting a ghetto mentality. 2nd, the majority of so-called white neighborhoods were stolen from blacks, fact. Nowadays it's called gentrification. We know this is true because there isn't gentrification going on in the trailer parks, even though it has vast amounts of crime and poverty.

more below

Anonymous said...

I Am cont'd

I write these comments to educate the viewers of a problem that plagues America, hatred. If the sentiment amongst white America is blacks are damned, then how can a black person thrive in such an environment? How can a black person be respected as president of the USA while white America views blacks as inferior? How can white America view George Zimmerman as a victim, when he left the sanctity of his vehicle with a weapon to approach an unknown person on the telephone? These white people on this post make comments about being law abiding yet they do not have any formal or direct knowledge of the law and/or its statutes. Everything is about the constitution with these people, it's ironic because during the drafting of the constitution black people were classified as only 3/5ths of a person and I thought you guys wanted the 'law' to enforced on everyone equitably and justice be served. If that's the case, give away your homes to native people that your forefathers violently removed from their land. Turn yourselves into jail for the lynching that you and your fathers have done. Guess what? Show black people how to move into the right direction and atone for the crimes of your fathers. You most likely will not because you're racist white cowards who hide behind sheets of white cloth and sheets of white paper. Atone for the gold you stole in Georgia from us natives and removing us from our land, "trail of tears". If we were so violent you would have never enslaved any of us on any continent! You cause us to become agitated by your disrespect and condescending ways. You claim we are a cancer however you are the spreaders of disease, famine, and war throughout the world with smallpox, rats, typhus, etc.
You racist say "without white people where would blacks be". I think happier. The real question is, where would white people be without black influence? Why is it that Europeans are unable to invent in Europe? With the exception of inventions of war; all major modern inventions took place in America under black and white supervision, fact. Europeans and Asians built from American ingenuity, research patents and you will see for yourself.

I can continue, however I will retire for now. Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

Sad day here indeed. Your attempts to censor your visitors will do little (ie. nothing) to change the perception 'the others' will have regarding your content. What will change is the number of visitors to your site, which is now probably on it's last leg.

We have to face the facts, there will soon be nowhere left to voice your opinions regarding white unity.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Oh come on! Enough with the conspiracy theories!

PK needs the ad revenue and screaming epitaphs doesn't help him in that regard.

Plus the purpose of this blog is to get people to wake up and see what is going on around them. Things that we over the past 40 years have been conditioned to ignore.

All you accomplish by doing what PK doesn't want is to immediately turn new comers off; people who might over time, respond to well reasoned, articulate posts.

Dan said...

That's legalese.

Good luck Paul! Just remember that you are not seen as fully human by your opponents. ciao!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and besides, using the n-word and calling blacks "chimps" and "bucks" and "nig-nogs" just makes you white males sound like a bunch of beta jealous haters. Which most of you are.

If you REALLY believed that blacks are inferior and child-like, you would not get so upset by them and stoop to their level. You would expect their behaviors as normal. Right?

Jared Taylor does not use such terms and easily gets his point across. He represents my views, is intelligent, and pro-Western European without talking down to any other group.

Why not start sounding intelligent and use self-promoting language instead of being a whiney, jealous hater?

Dan said...

White violence against blacks is a myth. Anyone advocating for the control of the blacks among us is actually advocating crime reduction.

White attacks on blacks are statistically insignigicant. Avoid them at all cost and crime will be reduced.

Anonymous said...

On second thought F..k no. I work to long and hard to go and hide. And to the lowly grover spades that are trolling and data mining this site MOLON LABE! Don't sing it bring it! And PK, I really thought you were made out of tougher stuff.

Belgian(let's see if you can go eyeball to eyeball) Giant.

Earl Turner said...

The "crackdown" has been going on for a few years at least. It just hadn't gotten around to SBPDL quite yet but it won't pass this site nor Paul nor us regular commenters by without at least delivering a few warning shots.

I've posted in the past that I was visited last year at work by the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation). It was pure intimidation. Sending a message to shut up and get my behind back into the rest of the herd of sheeple.

Many of the rest of you can expect the same or similar treatment. You can expect job losses and more.

Don't let it stop us. As an earlier post said, "let it turn"

Don M said...

If you still need to vent, head on over to Lorraine, aka, White Mom in D.C., aka Viking Bitch's site,

She lets it fly on the... hmmm, how shall I phrase this... "Poor, oppressed, melanin enhanced brethren who are in absolutely no way phenotypically-comparable to lower-order hominids."

Oh, she dishes it out freely to TWMNBN as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm disapointed at the hostile attitude toward and whining (yes, I said "whining) that many many have doing in rgeards to PK's anouncement. Come on people. We are better than that. It's PK's site and his rules. If he wants to moderate the tone of the comments, then so be it.

I'm all for it. Is it really that hard to make an intelligent comment without resorting to name calling, profanity, slurs, or other things that make you sound like something out of central casting?

Really, folks. Some of you sound like the kiddies you see whining and screaming about "censorship" because the Yahoo News comments section won't allow them to curse. It's pretty clear to me from reading his post that the rough tone of the some of the comments got an advertiser to pull out. We should be working with PK, not attacking him.

Again, are the new rules THAT hard to follow? I think not...

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. As Countenance says, if Paul Kersey can write articles without pejoratives, comments can be made in a similar way.

Anonymous said...

To the liberal mindset, a commenter making a crass "subhuman" jibe and PK rolling out the "low IQ, low impulse control, lack of future-time orientation" boilerplate in every one of his posts are no different. Both statements are the epitome of racism. In actuality, the "low IQ, low impulse control, lack of future-time orientation" is even more offensive than frank racist language because it smacks of truth that must be willfully ignored.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore isn't so different from St Louis in how it deals with minor to moderate criminal offenses...

I had a car stolen in 98. The police managed to recover the car, and arrest the person who stole it. I went to court, and they plead him out. It was his 13th stolen car, he had other crimes on his record, was already on probation. You can guess what sentence the city handed down? Yep, more probation, because it was working so well before...

Anonymous said...

OT:  The NIH has calculated the economic losses due to decreased IQ resulting from mercury emissions.

Wouldn't it be funny to re-write this paper using the IQ losses due to African genes and calculating the damages?

Anonymous said...

The "whining" as some of you are puting it is called being young. Not all of us are wayyyy past our prime. I know this is going to shake some of you to your orthopedic shoe wearing core but, I don't give a damn at all about Star Trek. Also I did not read one thing in PK's disclaimer about jews. Now I understand many of you have a thing for them but, I've never made the connection and I just don't think their that bad. The younger folks that come here and post are from a generation which is use to a little more colorful language. Yes we do have ability to moderate ourselves and we shall but, I'm not reading anymore of this old man shaking his fist at the "ignorant young people" crap. And to any of you "wise" old timers who think your above it all just remember you had your chance. You Blew it dancin around smokin dope and talking free love and that crap. So get off your high horses, your going to need us when the ss checks stop and the SHTF.

Belgian(take your centrum silver)Giant.

Jeff said...

It's fine to express outrage, but anything that smacks of raw, racial hatred is going to sink this blog.

I've had experience with Blogger. If you have a good discussion going on, it can all stop immediately if a very aggressive critic continues to contact Google over and over. They will shut it down.

Gates of Vienna had their blog deleted/restored, then taken down and put back up a few times until the owners finally realized they were being sent a message.

Liberals love governing the behavior of others. This is why so much speech against their ideas is under attack.

If the big web companies have to go along with the administration every time, we are going hard-left politically. There's no stopping it. If you can't argue against it, or cite true crime stats, or even notice the economy is crashing, free speech is dead.

PK is just trying to keep this blog open. I'll bet he was contacted over inflammatory language.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.Everything was fine,really.Who or what is making you censor the posts now? What is the threat if you do not ? I am really curious.Please explain. Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Although I'll miss being able to freely vent (and read other's venting) the site will be more persuasive to curious people without the rawer comments.

I didn't realize how guarded my speech was until I was able to call a spade a spade (hope that's allowed). We have a long ways to go to even get back to where a movie like Blazing Saddles can be made again, much less the plain speech of the 1950s-60s. Sigh...

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...


It is easy to the talk the talk, it is hard to walk the walk.

Liberals always talk the talk but rarely if ever walk the walk of the talk they talk.

When I play cards and some young highfalutin tells me he can beat me easy, I remind him at the table a man does his talking with his money, a boy does his talking with his mouth.

Try embracing the tough position when you pay the price, not when someone else pays the price.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, when I first went on the Internet, there were numerous chat rooms which I enjoyed and which were very enlightening. They're pretty much all gone now.
One was "America vs Anti-America." The first step was they made it a pay site ( a nominal fee) which eliminated most of the foreign visitors and killed much of the dialogue. I guess the Muslims that were threatening to cut our throats, kill our families and so forth did not like our responses. The second step was to shut the chat room down entirely claiming that chatrooms were passe and people were using "other forms of social media to communicate."
In others, an oft heard complaint was that all racial epithets were banned if directed against any precious minority. However, at the same time, minorities were allowed to use every anti-white slur they could come up with.
I have no problem with rules as long as they're applied to everyone equally but (on the Internet) over the years, I've noticed a glaring disparity in how such rules may be applied and against whom.
If PK has been attacked, it would be no surprise to me. Equally, if sites where minorities can use any and all epithets and slurs against whites are NOT attacked, that too would be no surprise.
Nevertheless, if on this site the rules apply equally to whites as well as minorities, I can go along with that.
However, I do wonder how long it will be before telling the truth (as PK does) via statistics etc is declared to be hate speech and this site declared to be a hate site. The first step always seems to be to attack the host through the commenters and then to progress to attacking the host directly for content.
I hope this blog continues far into the future but, if not, all I can say is it's been a fantastic learning experience never to be forgotten and will always be deeply appreciated.

Anonymous said...

. I do "the dew" everyday. And I've done my part for this country "Gary Owen" its not a person. And I don't need a "sanctuary" I like my view from the tip of the spear. Price you say? And what price haven't I payed? What do you think drives a person to a site like this?

Belgian(Ill take aces over eights anyday)Giant.

Anonymous said...

How dare you people get upset about PK's new comment policy.

After all, There is Only One Race -- The Human Race (TM).

Mr. Rational said...

Quoted for emphasis:

3. mr truth- no, the biggest mistake was letting the anglo-saxon caucasian onto our land, Croatoan! By the way, black people were in America 1st.
the majority of so-called white neighborhoods were stolen from blacks

Folks, they really believe this.  They really are totally convinced that Whites invaded an America full of Blacks, despite Blacks in Africa never inventing the sail.  (Presumably they flew to America with the power of their minds... and promptly lost their minds, along with half their IQ points.)

This is just the agitprop to support White genocide, already in progress.

Turn yourselves into jail for the lynching that you and your fathers have done.

Of course, the author (assuming he's actually Black, and not a Poe) would never, EVER volunteer to go to jail for the murders of Kimberly Leto, Jacob Kudla, Nancy Strait, Eve Carson, and so many others.  Being Black means never having to say you're sorry, even after you drop the hammer on a White yourself.

all major modern inventions took place in America under black and white supervision

Vaccines, canning, the steam engine... but folks, they really ARE crazy enough to believe this!

And they'll kill you to work off their manufactured outrage.

NB:  LiveJournal is hosted in Russia.  The threat of Politically Correct censorship appears to be small there.  Maybe SBPDL should use LJ as a backup site.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who posted 3 times to "educate" the whites about blacks: What a diaper load! For the most part you have accepted DWLs revisionist history as "THE" history you use to "prove" blacks are not as the FACTS show. I dunno what is sadder - that you are tap dancing as fast as you can to assuage your own sense of inadequacy or that you have not only bought - but swallowed whole the DWL revisionist history and deconstruction of western civilization. It's not worth it to debunk line by line what you spewed, but it could be so easily done. IN THE END It doesn't matter what blacks achieved back in the day or even thousands of years ago: what have they done lately? Lately, all I see are third world ghettos just like Africa in Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, and on and on and on. All talk, no positive action. Just another pointing the finger of blame to mask your own inadequacies. When will you quit blaming others and take some positive steps to create something uplifting, noble, beneficial for all and continue on with it? You squabble over the table scraps like MLK Jr's children over his estate. Content of character indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there guys. Here is the next magical negro black Jeezus. Backed by Rush Limbaugh, Paul Ryan, and Sean Hannity!

Black Conservative Ben Carson for President:

Whiskey said...

Blacks with an average IQ of 85 have large numbers of males with 70 or kess IQs, low impulse control, and no fear if consequences. As such they should be feared and avoided at all costs.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see the policy against racial epithets and referring to people as animals is being enforced against whitey but not against blacks on this site.
No racial epithets and no referring to or comparing blacks to any kind of animal but apparently it's ok for a black poster to refer to us as "white swine."
I'm glad to see the double standard of one rule for whitey and another entirely different rule for precious blacks is now infecting this site.

Sheila said...

I rarely comment anywhere any more, but I'm still sorry to see your site has come to this, Paul. I realize the threats people like you are under - I just recently read about the "late" blogger Ferdinand Bardamu (used to read his "In Mala Fide") and while he could handle the threats, then the liberals went after his parents and sister. I generally walk around with a hand in my pocket and my fingernails digging into my palm to remind myself to hang on until I can get out of a public space. My husband and I truly vent only to one another, but I've ceased moderating my public comments with even the minimal care I used to. I fully expect to be sent to a re-education camp before too long and frankly, I just can't care too much anymore. I don't think enough Whites have what it takes anymore to put up any real resistance, and I find America 2.0 intolerable. So come what may, I'll say what I want until they come haul me away. I'll only grieve for my children and the future they'll have to endure.

Bogolyubski said...

Guess the Crystal Methodists told Paul to start playing by their speech rules. PK has done a great job, and sometimes yes us peanut-gallery denizens do go over the top with the names and the like, which isn't particularly productive, despite the understandable frustration about watching a character like Tim Wise (who looks white but isn't) pulling in 6 to 7 figures a year in speaking fees advocating the extermination of whites from the planet, DHS employees advocating war against whites, etc.

As others have mentioned, this site is run on Google's platform. Google is part of the Cathedral of course, same as Coke, Disney and all of the other purveyors of shit-sandwiches and grape-drank. They have no use for the first amendment, the second amendment or any other amendment save those which can be twisted to enable their acquisition of complete totalitarian control and enslavement of an entire planet. The Crystal Methodist church-ladies who complained to PK about advocacy of violence support violence on a global scale which exceeds that credited to Hitler by a factor of ten or greater. Despite all their high-sounding moralistic Crystal Methodist puffery, they themselves tacitly and sometimes openly support the extermination of entire population groups and ethnic cleansing. They are vastly rich, immensely powerful, and they are pure, unadulterated, irredeemably evil.

Mutant Swarm said...

PK, at least they thought you were doing enough damage to them to try and shut you up.

Between Richard Whatshisname from the Seahawks seemingly screaming in my face (and breaking my addiction to the NFL in the process), and now this, I'll have way more time to perfect skills and make connections in real life.

Like we ALL should be doing.

See you in the, well...Northwest corner of the country. You know where I'm talking about.

Discard said...

Belgian Giant/AKA Ignorant Young Person: I am a baby boomer. I did not dance around smoking dope and talking free love. Try not to accept the myths put out by our common enemies.

Enough! said...

Good God, will y'all get off Paul! He makes a little disclaimer and everyone is conspiracizing about selling out, etc. STFU, Paul has done more than enough for all of you anonymous commenters. And yes, it was a bit overly vulgar on here.

Ignore the goofballs Paul, keep up the superior work.

Anonymous said...

As long as i can read grape-drank and shit-sandwiches on a daily basis im in with the changes. Grape drank flows through my thoughts like wine on the bus to work.

Keep up the information!

Erie PA

Dan said...

I'm not advocating anything but choir singing...

Anonymous said...

"Why must we allocate crimes as if there is a category for mixed race crimes? Can we actually say that in this day and age crime has a color?"
Let's say you live in a neighborhood where everyone has a pet dog. Let's further say that there is a large population of coyotes infesting the woodlands nearby. Furthermore, the coyotes (being wild and feral) are attacking pets and children in the neighborhood and that the vast majority of these attacks are by feral coyotes and only a very small percentage are by dogs that irresponsible owners are not training, confining to the yard nor taking care of.
Do we then say that all attacks should just be labelled as being done by canids as both dogs and coyotes are canids? Or do we specify which species of canid is responsible for the majority of attacks and present the greatest danger? And if we do specify which species of canid (coyotes) are responsible are we then to be declared "species-ist?" Should the vast number of attacks by coyotes be excused because "some dogs do it too!!" We could even throw a mixture of wolves and foxes into the equation and note their frequency of attacks. Would noticing that coyotes were still responsible for the majority of the attacks be "wrong" because some wolves and coyotes (as well as dogs)do it too and they're all canids too?
In the same sense, are we to be labelled racists for noticing that blacks are responsible for the majority of crime and excuse it under the "other people do it too" and the "we're all humans" mantra? Hell, let's throw Asians and Hispanics into the equation and still, blacks are still responsible for most of the crime.
Your position is illogical and disingenuous . You are merely upset with the observation of a real pattern and want to denounce the "crime of noticing" because that noticing negatively affects your race and "noticing" is not politically correct.

10mm AUTO said...

Notice the negros pile on when it thinks there is a weakness. I am talking to you "I Am". It is not the Whites job to fix or even change our lawful behavior, but the job of the negro to live within the White society or get out. Your violence is the cause of this horror and if their is atonement to be done, it is for the evil your people perpetrate.

I am also grateful to Paul for this blog. Not all of my comments are published. Some are stupid or poorly thought out; some are angry and some I wish I had not said and by the grace of God, Paul deletes them.

I will do as requested. Say "I Am", what do you think of the blog entry about negros burning down a negro family because of snitching?Are they self-hating. Did they deserve it because they called the police? Is the relationship between negros and fire a Terrorist thing? Perhaps it just because fire is the easiest weapon of mass destruction negros can lay their hands on.

Please share.

P.S. your three part post is a psychological portrait of dysfunction.

Southron said...

Gnome Sane said - There is “a growing line of court of appeals decisions that, while stopping short of holding that there is no Second Amendment right outside the home, consistently reach the same result by deeming any right to bear arms in public to be, at best, outside the Second Amendment’s ‘core’ and then balancing it away under an anemic form of intermediate scrutiny."

I posted here on a previous article about the 1st and 2nd amendments being in peril.

They are trying as hard as they can to push free speech as far out of the public square as they can. TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio have already been sanitized, and they are working on the internet now. I'm almost certain that the idea of free speech was in the Soviet Constitution.

They are also pushing hard to find ways around the 2nd amendment, and take your guns.

Those that want to take your God-given rights away are as persistent as water when it is trying to find a way into a submarine. All it takes is one small crack.

The problem is that since it is being done incrementally, very few people are taking notice. When they do notice, it will be too late.

I don't blame Paul for his new policy. It's his sandbox, and his rules.

Anonymous said...

The reality is this blog is very redundant. We get it, Paul: blacks ruin cities. Blacks make turrible neighbors. Blacks are violent. Even the comments are super predictable.

Dan said...

You gotta love that--aero planes-- developed and invented under black supervision! Hilarious.

The other one, only machines of war invented in Europe, like what? Radar? Radio? The internal combustion engine? Anti biotics?

Discard said...

Anon at 12:05 PM: I know what you mean by saying that this blog is repetitive, but it serves a valuable purpose. You or I may not need to be told that Blacks ruin cities, but other Whites do. The fact needs to be stated again and again until everybody gets the word, and anybody can say so publicly and pay no penalty. New readers come by through some link or other, and see their prejudices shaken, or their darkest suspicions confirmed. PK may be likened to a 5th grade teacher who get the kids to learn long division. A 5th grade education may not impress anybody by itself, but it is a necessary step.

Anonymous said...

Just for fun, take a look at this Kenyan Airplane. I'm sure all the major aircraft manufacturers are trembling in their boots about now.
It's not as hilarious as the Zimbabwe Helicopter but it's right up there in the top 5.

Anonymous said...

I dislike the new rules as much as anybody here. but it is PKs blog. if anybody wants to create a site there are plenty of hosts both foreign and domestic. many of them are free and do not censor much. cxxxxout and nxxxxrmania have almost totally uncensored comments . frequently trashy posts. but. often humorous . intelligent posts here will be aa good thing. if one. needs to vent using epithets and name calling there are places for that. i do feel a bit hindered but also empowered because my posts. will require more thought . our rights are under attack by an increasingly hostile minority government ..

Mr. truth said...

Awwwwwwww, why do you visit then?

It may be redundant and predictable but guess what? That's the point! Truth hurts..I know

Mr. truth said...

This post is Gold and is exactly what I have been thinking myself. No more NFL= smarter and more productive me.

Anonymous said...

By the way, good post on Emmet's old man the other day by one of Paul's commenters, I've forgotten who, but it was good.

Maybe it was my post that was being referenced here. I was the one who previously posted a comment about Louis Till, the father of Emmett Till, being a homicidal rapist who was convicted at a court martial as a soldier in the US Army during World War Two. It seems that Louis Till was preying upon some of the local civilian white women while he was stationed in Italy as a US Army soldier.

Louis Till was then summarily hanged by the US Army for his rape and murder convictions while World War Two was still going on. Years later, Life Magazine published a brief article which falsely stated that Louis Till was killed in action during World War Two on a battlefield in France, but then many angry letters were sent to Life Magazine in response to this. A correction was then published in Life Magazine soon afterward.

Whenever we hear about Emmett Till, never forget that he shared the DNA of a convicted homicidal rapist. Like father, like son as they say. Emmett Till did more than just whistle at a married white woman in Mississippi - he copped a feel on her, which would get most men charged with a sex offense nowadays, and he spoke to her with language that would get most men fired and/or sued for sexual harassment in the workplace nowadays. The murder of Emmett Till very likely prevented him from later murdering an innocent white woman later on.

Anonymous said...

Liberians, Zimbabweans and Haitian, to names just a few, seem really happy to me without white people. And all those black Sudanese and Somalians rioting to get into 'white' countries, or those black people who follow whites from town to town, suburb to suburb, as whites flee from them, are just deluded foils suffering from 'false consciousness' I suppose. Do people like you even look at the statistical breakdown of crime by race? Blacks and Hispanics are responsible for crime in any given 'white ' country by a factor of ten or more. I know I am wasting my breath here but surely some of you have the intelligence to see it - Thomas Sowell for one - and at least feel some sense if shame and embarrassment on behalf of your race. Past race laws existed nit to oppress and victimise Blacks as you all seem to believe, but to PROTECT Whites from Black violence. If you truly believe Blacks would be happier without Whites please get the hell out of our countries and leave us the hell alone

Mr. Rational said...

Whenever we hear about Emmett Till, never forget that he shared the DNA of a convicted homicidal rapist.

Also the social environment which Louis Till's contemporaries created.

Colleen Ritzer should be our answer to Emmett Till:  "THIS is what happens when you let them believe they deserve White women."

Anonymous said...

PK really had little choice. The MAIN content is PK's informative posts, not the comments (though they are entertaining as well.) But Google & Yahoo can remove this site from showing up in listings, which would then defeat it's purpose of spreading the truth. Not to mention stifling any ad revenue. Points can still be made in comments, but you just need to use more intelligent language without resorting to words that make this site a target of blacklisting.

Anonymous said...

The phony Canadian ? No thanks.Glad ' she' quit wasting space on this blog.
Red Sector A

Anonymous said...

Why not run the blog on donations,or pay for it out of book revenues and run the blog as a 'money loser' for tax purposes? 3 grand ? A year ? That is enough to scare you? Why not blog on duck duck go or somewhere besides google ? I do not think anyone that posts here is in a conspiracy panic,they are just disappointed.Who could blame them ? Think this through a bit more carefully.I would have told them that when the black sites quit posting vids of 'yoofs' beating up old White people I might consider their threat.Not a second before.I am Richard Cranium,and I have no sanctuary.

Aussie Digger said...

Why do you construe genuinely horrified shock and anger at the statistically high levels of Black disfunction, welfare dependency, lowbrow cultural norms and huge intelligence and educational achievement gaps - Oops nearly forgot to mention their world renowned talent for violence, crime and general mayhem! - as Whites being 'jealous' of Blacks?? As they say in my country, 'you must be dreaming mate'!

Jay in DC said...

Hrmm, been away for a little while, but I was deeply disturbed by the disclaimer at the top of this story.

But not surprised... It is not only the 2nd ammenmdemnt under constant attack now, it is also the first.

I am hearing low, but real, rumblings all across the internet about codifying "hate speech" into an enforceable legal paradigm.

So you won't necessarily lose your 1st ammendment right to free speech, they will just tack on a new arbitrary law to punish or imprison you for certain speech.

All animals are equal. But some are more equal than others.

Let us now use that prescient and terrifying quote to talk about speech.

2014 as someone pointed out above is likely to become the year of real actionable thoughtcrime.

PK is hedging himself against this, but it may be a case of too little too late.

You've noticed that since Barry Soetoro was reelected the blatant and aggressive agenda has accelerated. They realize that they can basically get away with anything right now, and no one is going to do jack shit but whine about it.

What little free spaces we have left to navigate in will be slowly compressed and eventually vanish. If you think otherwise, you haven't been paying attention too well.

Anonymous said...

I won't say anything pejorative on a site that chronicles barely above bestial behaviour 24/7, about a race that, according to the Founding Fathers, constitutes merely 3/5ths of a Man.

But to turn traitor and/or 'red' coat, was the last thing I would have thought of you- it must have been that Dinesh D'Souza IRS fine that scared the crap out of you.
Until whites are no longer afraid of the PTB, we will continue to remain slaves.

And, if memory serves, the vast majority of Americans once were of British heritage, and it also once was said, that 'Britons never, never, NEVER will be slaves."

Both here and in the fatherland, everyone has become a slave and a coward. I guess you just joined the ranks, Mr. Kersey.
-Fr. John+