Friday, February 14, 2014

And the colored girls go... Blacks in 74 percent Black Birmingham Boycott Chinese Restaurant for Daring to Operate a Profitable Business

Back to Birmingham. 

A post-white city, bursting with a majority black population incapable of taking care of itself (hence, the need for the city council to ban new licenses issued to payday loan, title and pawn shops), Birmingham in 2014 is only worth bringing up in national news when whitey can be made to feel guilty for Bull Connor, dogs, and fire hoses.
Was there any proof of a roach, or was this a complaint of a black patron who merely wanted a refund? 

Though the declining state of the city is still firmly blamed on white racism (mainly, white flight), it's merely a reflection of the majority population - the city is around 74 percent black - that has dominated political and moral control of Birmingham for decades. 

So it's always fun when glimpses of what life in a majority black city devolve to, and the consequences/high cost associated with trying to do businesses (please) with a perpetually perturbed pusillanimous people, pontificating pronouncements proudly of past periods of prodigious pinnacles of - obviously dubious - racial glory. 

And though white people are not now what which we once where, that which we are... we are. But those daring to do business with the majority of inhabitants of Birmingham don't suffer the same delusions of guilt as whitey.

Overwhelmingly black areas of Birmingham (like overwhelmingly black areas of Anywhere, USA) are known as 'food deserts', because of the relative high-risk/low-reward opening and operating a restaurant or grocery store in such an environment presents. 

Enter Good Friend Chinese and Seafood in Birmingham, a dubious claim of an insect in an egg-roll and black people. [Shooting over roach in egg roll prompts Birmingham residents to call for restaurant boycott, Birmingham News, 2-13-14]:
Residents of one Birmingham neighborhood launched a protest and boycott of a West End Chinese restaurant Monday after authorities say the owner fired on a customer in a dispute over a roach in an egg roll. 
Holding signs that read, "If the food doesn't kill, the owner might" and "Eat here at your own risk," the boycotters stood on all corners and nearby sidewalks surrounding Good Friend Chinese and Seafood on Dennison Avenue Southwest. 
Birmingham city Councilwoman Sheila Tyson and former Jefferson County Commissioner Shelia Smoot were at Monday's boycott. Both Tyson and Smoot last week announced plans to run for the commission, both challenging incumbent Commissioner Sandra Little Brown. 
The restaurant owner, Chun Hin Ching, 52, is charged with attempted murder after a shooting at the restaurant Feb. 6. He was released from the Jefferson County Jail over the weekend after posting $100,000 bond. 
Ching was at the restaurant Monday, but refused to comment on the shooting or the boycott. The restaurant remains open for business. 
Police said the shooting, in which no one was injured, happened just before 5:30 p.m. Thursday. The customer ordered food, and then found a roach in her egg roll. The owner and customer argued after the egg roll the customer had put on the counter fell onto the floor. 
"She took two bites and saw it,'' Tyson said. The woman, she said was with two friends, all of whom wanted their money back. "Of course he had something say to her. One of the egg rolls rolled on the floor and he just went crazy." 
The customer got her money back, police and Tyson said. She turned to walk away, while her two friends waited for their money return. As she walked off, police and Tyson said, Ching fired at her. "She took off, and dove in the back seat of the car,'' Tyson said. 
Tyson said there is a history of problems at the restaurant. "There have been incidents of him raising a bat to people, showing some guy a butcher knife, because he gets complaints all of the time,'' she said. 
"We have tried to work with this man. We have talked with him, asked him to participate in the neighborhood meetings, asked him to clean up his property,'' Tyson said. "The result is nothing." 
Smoot said she used to eat at the restaurant often, before ownership changed hands. 
She called for a review of Jefferson County Health Department inspections to determine why the restaurant remains open under its current conditions. "An inspection is what I'm calling for, what the neighborhood is calling for,'' Smoot said. 
"Another thing is if people don't like the service in any business, stop patronizing it." 
An outpost of civilization in a rapidly "devolving to the mean" city in Alabama. The low-reward/high-risk proposition of running/owning a business in a majority black community is on display  
Tyson said she called the health department Monday morning, and they promised to return to the restaurant this week. She said the combination of the restaurant's condition and the violence that has happened there spurred the neighborhood to action. Complaints of cleanliness, or lack therof, also should have been reported and the health department should have been more diligent. An inspection on Aug. 20, 2013 listed the restaurants health rating at 91. A July 1, 2013 listed the rating at 81, according to Brown.    
Why might so many problems exist at the restaurant? Could it be the customers creating an unsuitable environment for commerce to flourish? One wonders if high rates of crime and muggings have dissuaded the owners of Good Friend Chinese and Seafood restaurant from employing a lucrative home delivery system, because of the danger their employees would face delivering food to black people's home?

But it gets better. [Chinese restaurant boycotted after owner fired shot at customer,, 2-10-14]:
Residents on Birmingham's west side organized a protest and boycott of a West End Chinese restaurant after authorities say the owner shot at a customer over a complaint about food. 
Armed with signs that read "Eat here at your own risk" and "If the food doesn't kill, the owner might," residents protested in front of the Good Friend Chinese and Seafood restaurant on Monday morning. 
Last Thursday, authorities said the owner of the restaurant fired shots at a customer during an argument over a roach in an egg roll. 
No one was injured but that does not ease the concerns of some folks who live nearby. 
"Right here is very busy cars pass, pedestrians, a child could have been walking by. 
That's not the way to settle anything," Evanne Gibson, West End community president, said. 
Birmingham city councilor Sheila Tyson said there is a history of problems at the restaurant. 
"We don't need any more incidents, we just don't need it. We need to see what we can do to solve the problem," Tyson said. 
The Perpetually Aggrieved Class of Bloviating Blacks (PACOBB) is one of the enduring legacies of the Civil Rights movement, with black people never having heard the word "no" immediately following their demands of capitulation. 

It's a simple, powerful word. 


Life in post-white America wouldn't be so bad, if we were allowed to have a sense of humor. Having dignity while facing our ruin went out the door as a viable option a long-time ago, and any form of white racial consciousness is immediately harkened as a resurrection of the Klan + Hitler (x) all-things-evil². 

But a fortune cookie from the Good Friend Chinese and Seafood restaurant would simply read, "May you live in interesting times."

And we do. Our job is merely to survive them. 


Earl Turner said...

Something tells me there probably wasn't a roach or else we'd have 35 pictures of it taken on their Obamaphones.

Discard said...

The cockroach may well be real. I've had a couple of disgusting experiences with Chinese and food handling, and that's Chinese with White customers. Considering that the Chinese don't really think that Blacks are even human, I could see them having less concern for food cleanliness than I would over my dog's meals.
Put two races together that hate each other, without even the mediation of White guilt, and you get entertainments like this.

Anonymous said...

Who to side with here? Chinese restaurants are often disgusting, and the owners are often rude. Then again, blacks shouldn't complain that only the worst restaurants open in their neighborhoods. I have no sympathy for either side here.

Bogolyubski said...

As the noted Islamic theologian Imam al-Duhbya 'the Decider', the Mahdi of West Texas and Caudillo of Crawford once announced to the collected proles and zeks in the wake of the Grutter decision (which permanently enshrined racial preferences against the ebil white debils):

Die-versity is our strength.

Unknown said...

If you don't like the service don't go there. The trouble with these people is that they are empowered by the loose nut in the white house.

Anonymous said...

I think "Discard" is on the right track. I've seen pretty disgusting Chinese restaurants and know they think less of blacks than they do of dogs. Both parties deserve each other but I wish they'd all go to another continent to continue their low-life ways.

And on the same topic, my old high school (that I had to flee when the black tide was bussed in) is having race problems. From what I hear, Mexicans are race-rioting with blacks. I'm happy the blacks are finally getting some pushback/payback but, again, both parties need to take the fight back to their own countries.

Can you imagine how nice it would be to wake up tomorrow with no blacks or recent immigrants? It would be like coming above ground after a war. Whites would slowly come out of their houses and walk down long-abandoned streets revisiting their birthplace. Then we'd get busy cleaning up and start living out in the open instead of the shadows that so many whites are in.



just another "hood" or "ghetto" money grab. this is an attempt at extortion period. now the firing of the gun is probably a frustrated Oriental that isn't down with ebonics and the black dysfunctional life-style!

Oriental's are known for not being timid like Whitey when dealing with the loud negro. but I bet my last dollar this roach eggroll was a planned extortion and the outcome just went in a different direction then one party expected.

the store owner has been made fun of and pissed off one to many times and just said you know what fuck it! I'm making a stand cause no one else in black Birmingham will stick up for an employer and a lawful taxpayer.


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Everybody knows that roaches are racist.

Anonymous said...

And across the Atlantic, London enjoys the benefits of its cultural enrichers:

...I look around in anger and bewilderment at the rest of the passengers on the double decker 53 Bus along the Old Kent Road where Chaucer’s Pilgrims began their journey to Canterbury. Invariably Abbott is the only indigenous White aboard.

English passengers used to be silent, composed and self-contained. Now the air is filled with the deafening sounds of mobile phone conversations in Nigerian dialects such as Yaruba and Hausa. Tamil and Somali youths yell at each other jostling and blocking the other passengers.

I note the crudeness, grossness, incivility and lack of any restraint by Third World immigrants that makes life for the native English so intolerable.

One of the Nigerians speaking into a mobile phones is a gross woman dressed in gaudy African finery partly covered by an overcoat, who has an enormous arse. Although many passengers are having to stand she is unashamedly taking up two seats. The seats of London buses are not made for Nigerian arses. She has placed her shopping bag on the sliver of aisle not covered by her arse. In the bag she has a loaf of bread from which, with fingers adorned with rings, she scoops up crumbs and jams them into her mouth.

Crumbs are everywhere and she is also spitting them into her mobile. It is so unbelievably grotesque that the other passengers remain silent, unable to stop and interfere in this outrage against public decency."

Anonymous said...

You have to understand the long history of Chinese oppression of blacks in America. During the 19th century, the Chinese took railroad construction jobs from blacks, thereby preventing black people from building America. This was a blow against the heroic black labor which has done so much to build the prosperity you see in rural Mississippi and great cities such as Detroit. Today, Chinese students oppress blacks by "acting smart" in school and forcing black students into the educational "back of the bus." And why are Chinese people opening Chinese restaurants when they should be serving soul food? It's all part of a spectrum of oppression. Myself and the rest of the faculty are going to boycott egg rolls to stand in solidarity with the heroic blacks of Birmingham.

I.M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism and Peace Studies

Major1 said...

Not sure what the point is here. So what if Bham is a black city? Business owners cannot brandish knives and baseball bats and shoot at people over ridiculously trivial things like an uneaten egg roll. It is illegal.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't those people holding signs at a job? (rhetorical)

Anonymous said...

Are there any sbpdl readers who are handy with graphics? I would love to see some postcard style pictures or desktop wallpapers featuring Detroilet or Birmingham with captions like greetings from beautiful Birmingham the crown jewel of BRA or Paris of the West emblazoned across the top of some good ruin porn of Detroilet.

Anonymous said...

Food Desert??? That is only the half of it. No dry cleaners/laundry/tailoring service, shoe repair, hardware store, florist, fresh meat/produce store, family sit down restaurant... Nothing essential for sustaining a middle class or even working class family.

E. Newton said...

Major1 said...
Not sure what the point is here. So what if Bham is a black city? Business owners cannot brandish knives and baseball bats and shoot at people over ridiculously trivial things like an uneaten egg roll. It is illegal.

You have obviously never run a retail store in the negro community. The owner's life must be a living hell.

I will gladly accept the day the Chinese Army lands on these shores, if only they will put an end to Black Run America.

D-FENS said...

Wasn't there a movie in the 1960's "With Six You Get Egg Roll"?

Maybe this incident is, "With Egg Roll You Get Six-Shooter."

Anonymous said...

"Considering that the Chinese don't really think that Blacks are even human"

I have alot in common with the Chinese.

ex-detroiter in NC

Anonymous said...

We almost got in trouble at work after the local groidball team had a few shootouts after hours. We had co-workers cracking up saying the first 500 fans get a free 9mm and the new team sound effects would be gun shots after every score. Side of the slide mounted sites for improved "gangsta" accuracy not included.

Don M said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

Food Desert??? That is only the half of it. No dry cleaners/laundry/tailoring service, shoe repair, hardware store, florist, fresh meat/produce store, family sit down restaurant... Nothing essential for sustaining a middle class or even working class family."

Shoe repair? She repair, you say? My dear Sir, do you not know that the tiniest scuff mark renders a negro's shoes irreparably "broken"? At such time the only remedy is to procure a new pair, either with your tax money, or, by force.

See this handy instructional video for more information:

/H Don M. H\

Major1 said...

Mr Newton,
No I have never, and would never, run a retail shop in a black area. And I am sure that you are correct that the owner of the restaurant has to deal with loud, stupid, broke-ass angry blacks all day. So what? To reiterate, threatening people with baseball bats and knives, and actually shooting at them, is completely illegal. Period. Clearly, opening his restaurant in that location was a mistake, and the rational move would have been to close up shop and relocate. Guns and knives are not an acceptable way to express frustration.

Son of Delbert said...

The big un in the red has not missed many meals. She must have replaced her caloric deficit after swearing off egg rolls with something else deep fried. Have any readers had to deal with the black dissatisfied customer phenomena? Especially in the food service industry?

It usually illicits police involvement. They are a vibrant and passionate people don't ya know? It's always loud and on the knife edge of hellish violence. Especially the females. Property damage and personal injuries guaranteed. Their ultimate goal is a comped meal. They usually get it at corporate chains. TGIF, Applebee's, and God yes Denny's would rather be free of their presence than deal with them. Once the Oprah and Shamikka crew depart, paying white customers can be seated. So the restaurant eats the bill after the coloreds have eaten most of the meal. The server gets shafted either way as coloreds don't tip.

A Chinese joint is owned by an immigrant. One that barely speaks English. They call white people "Gwai Lo." Loosely translated as hairy barbarians. God knows what they call negroes. The Chinese see all other races as inferior. And the restaurants they run don't have deep corporate pockets. They cannot afford the loss.

So I can see why he went bananas. Did a group of big black women charge him? If so a warning shot is understandable. They understand force. They respect only strength.

As for the roach. I wouldn't eat there. I don't get the crazy reaction from the blacks though, they don't seem to even notice the roaches in their own homes / nests. But I question the validity of this claim. There would be smartphone photos. Probably video if Mr. Li was the aggressor.

Buy a wok of your own, and stir fry at home.


Unknown said...

Loved the Tennyson allusion, PK. And yet, we mete and dole unequal laws unto a savage race, that hoard, and feed, and sleep...

I figured you'd want to know that at least one person caught it.

Keep fighting the good fight.


Pat Boyle said...

I just tried the phrase 'roach in the food scam' on Google. I got 22,200,000 hits. It seems to be among the most popular scams available.

There is a movie, whose name alludes me, that depicts how to do this one. The protagonist has a mason jar full of cockroaches which he keeps under his jacket. It was a comedy so the scene was played for laughs. Actually I may be conflating in my mind two or more movies - the old cockroach in the restaurant dish gimmick is a very common movie theme. The real hero conmen in movies never stoop to just a gimmick. When someone plays the cockroach ploy it is usually to establish that the con man is inept or down on his luck.

I'm not defending the sanitation practices of all Chinese restaurants here - I lived adjacent to Chinatown in San Francisco for many years - but the point is, this is a very well known scam. Why didn't anyone investigate the person who claimed to have found the bug? The black TV reporters tell us that the restaurant has had complaints before but what about the black woman who found the bug?

The black female reporters only seemed to consider the possibility that the restaurant was dirty and sloppy. In fact from the pictures supplied it looks quite clean and well maintained. It looks more like a franchise than a mom-and-pop restaurant.

I suspect that there is more to this story than we have learned so far. Why would a restaurant owner suddenly start shooting at a stranger? Was he schizophrenic? Otherwise it seems very strange. The reporters never bothered to ask anyone if the Chinese owner knew the alleged victim. It seems very likely that there was a history that has been ignored.

We have a racial case where an Oriental man seems to have overreacted to a black woman. Yet the TV station sends a black woman reporter over to confront him. He won't see her and the TV station shows his reluctance on camera with the suggestion that this is proof that he has something to hide. The whole thing looks suspicious.


Anonymous said...

Dem BRA bosses in BurningHam, Alabamie probably wanna lynch'em some Ching. If he b b'n Lucky they'll just
Ching Link Fence'm....

As far as some chillun walking by when shot allegedly fired, seems to me that Mr Ching gave it the same amount of thought factoring that any of the armed hood rats would've.

And, Delivery that's f'n FUNNY

/H hypie out H\

paul marchand said...

Right. Just can't win. The place looks like an oasis in a garbage dump. But, according to the council-lady, "needs inspection". Pile of xxxx.

paul marchand said...

Look. I read, but don't comment much on here because PK says everything that needs saying.
Just want to say THANKS for the info.


Why don't all these africans just eat at one of the numerous Outback, Olive Garden, etc, franchises owned by the local black businessmen...?

This is one stupid Chinaman on many fronts. One, he has a business there. Two he has the stupidity to upset black women? Three, he actually shoots a gun off?

Each of these two groups deserve each other.

Had this been a black shop owner shooting at a black customer, we would never had heard of this, but such an event, as I mention, requires 2 things that don't exist: A black shop owner and/or a real black customer.

What ever happened to the roach and why would the other 2 want their money back? Sounds like your typical scam. I'll also bet the other 2 ate everything on their plates BEFORE demanding their money back.........


Roaches, friend or steamed, are a Chinese appetizer.......

E. Newton said...

Major1 said...
Mr Newton,
No I have never, and would never, run a retail shop in a black area. And I am sure that you are correct that the owner of the restaurant has to deal with loud, stupid, broke-ass angry blacks all day. So what? To reiterate, threatening people with baseball bats and knives, and actually shooting at them, is completely illegal. Period. Clearly, opening his restaurant in that location was a mistake, and the rational move would have been to close up shop and relocate. Guns and knives are not an acceptable way to express frustration.

Of Course. But it is acceptable for the neighborhood negroes to threaten, intimidate, steal, vandalize, waste his time, hate him for operating a business, call him mufagga, complain endlessly, use his bathrooms and create whatever horror results from that, threaten his female employees and generally represent a constant state of immediate danger.

Do I know all that happened? I'll wager it happens daily for this guy. Chances are he opened there because it was cheap and a building he could afford to operate in.

So, he lost his temper. Big deal. He's now ineligible for the Nobel Peace prize. Let me guess, you're a newspaper editor, or you're affiliated with some church group? The guy deals with savages at $6.45 a pop for a plate of food the savages are unable to make for themselves. The guy is a hero, not for serving food to them, but for not backing down to their Mau Mauing.

rex freeway said...

Why any business would want to be in an area such as this fast food joint is beyond me. If you are any race, even Black, the customers that infest that place will always complain. To hot, to cold, not enough, roaches. It's a constant battle. And god forbid you make a hefty profit. I can only guess at the violent confrontations that have gone on there. And the vandalism has to cut into the profit. Funny thing is that if you went to the complainers place of residence you would witness roaches and filth that would condemn most places. But it doesn't phase them one bit. Until they want something for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Most esteemed,I.M. Klewless, MFA

You have definitely enlightened me as to the crimes of the heathen Chinese
taking away all them good rail road jobs & such away from our bretheren of the homo africanus species.

I used to laugh everytime I heard somebody on their soap-box talking 'bout how black's built this country.
Well, they certainly didn't built this country, they really really wanted to but the heathen chinese beat'em out of the opportunity.

Now it's perfectly clear to me via
your unparalleled knowledge of Cultural Realitivism & Peace Studies....Study on, enlightened on & thanks so much for your relative contributions to cultural in the name of Peace...It's all so sweet :)

BTW - for other board participants
MFA means Master of Fine Arts NOT M'f'n Azhole like most of you probably think

/H hypie out H\

rex freeway said...

I used to live in a predominate black area. A Chinese restaurant that was fairly close refused to deliver to my house. So we went to pick it up. After the owner seen we were not Black, he put us on the deliver list.

Anonymous said...

Major1 "is completely illegal"

LOL, duh, in case you ain't noticed everything's illegal :) You probably break 100s of laws each & every day, I know I do.

Enforcement of law breaking varies
according to 2 things:
1) If a profit center, ie - a nice tastee good sized fine, the law is enforced & the scalliwag scofflaw is
ticketed & fined to the max
2) If a cost center, ie - burglaries,
scams, (things that need so detectives detecting & forensic folk forensicing) the pursuit if OFF unless you are in the political elite
or somehow "special". Try getting a burglary investigated, lol, that'll get you a police report (at a hefty charge in many localities) you can give to your insurance company & that's the end of that :)

When pretty much every aspect of life is "criminalized" down to the most trivial detail, the "law" is not respected nor should it be respected.

/H hypie out H\

Son of Delbert said...

Just read the link. Mr Ching caught an attempted murder case. Let the courts work it out. I was assuming his name was Li, cause I'm a bigot.

Also the roach scam is pretty common, as is the desire to get over. Free meals count as a win for them. The only scam worthy of white people is the classic mouse in the beer bottle bit from "Strange Brew." Free beer for life being a laudable goal at least. Better than a plate of MSG laden grease, batter, grade b meat and unidentifiable vegetables.


10mm AUTO said...


You forgot the other way our darker brethren cost businesses money. During the times their females get out of control!

See, like a mall, to a negro a restaurant is a place to hang out and talk loudly and scream obscenities and shake down the customers.

Good place for sucker punching YT or in this case, dragging White girls out by their hair. While the bucks stand around and grin and hoot and ook. We had two years ago a rash of females smashing up White girls for kicks, but then the lid came down and you only hear about them on the fringe media or very local news.

This drives away the customer base so that the restaurant, like a mall, eventually goes under.


As Rev. Addison informs us, this Chinese man put the roach in the food, insulted the customers and shot at them due to.......Oppression from Whites.

This Chinese man is still harmed by the Opium Wars and colonial enslavement of "his community" (back in China, back 150 years ago....but he suffers as if it was yesterday......)

The sight of former black slaves of the evil White man was too much for him. It reminded him of his oppression and his enslavement to opium, which his great great grandma was forced to smoke just like Rev. Addison's great great gandma had to have sex with Massa Cartwright of the Ponderosa.

One can only take so much White oppression before one is forced to shoot a gun. Damn those White Devils. They have powerful JuJu.

How do you say JuJu in Mandarin?

Jay Santos said...

I've often tried to make the point that this current negro worship could not exist without the active influence of our lovely white sisters. As fond of them as I am, there's no avoiding the truth. Here's a fascinating look into the mind of just one such lady.

There are no black people in my yoga classes

In short, she's very upset that her yoga classes do not feature negro females. Now that could be because of bigotry, or the legacy of slavery. We know the negro slaves were made to sit in odd and uncomfortable positions (as they sang their negro spirituals) during the voyage over to the new world. Yoga positions could remind them of that journey. Alternatively, negro females could be avoiding yoga because they are busy gitten their hur did or just bailing their boyfriends out of prison. But this lady has got an interesting perspective on the problem. It is important to understand that she is not alone. Millions of white women voted and would vote again for Obama. Purely out of this inexplicable negro worship that vexes our modern society.

You can comment on her article at the link.

Anonymous said...

Black people going to a restaurant in itself is a crazy thing. Imagine nobody in your family works and it's all welfare, EBT, section 8 etc. Nobody is even thinking about working. Then you go to a restaurant and SOMEBODY MAKES YOU FOOD AND SERVES IT TO YOU! I know black people on welfare and disability who have only worked the minimum in their life to quality for lifetime disability. Nobody is even thinking about working but they're demanding all these special orders at restaurants and holding the workers accountable if they don't get the order perfect.

Hmmmmmmm I wonder why the Chinese restaurant owner had a gun. Because he was racist against the people he was constantly feeding?

Southron said...

When the black community gets treated the way they treat others, they get outraged.

The only thing that gets blacks off their asses are when someone from another race does something to them they don't like. In this case, a Chinese man shot at black people. If this had been a black "youth" robbing the women or the restaurant, blacks wouldn't care.

No, they are upset because a non-black visited the terror on them that they usually reserve to visit on others. It seems blacks don't like being in a restaurant and having shots fired at them.

Black people, see how it feels? This is why we don't like you. You do this same thing to us everyday. It's not so innocent when it happens to you is it? I think the restaurant owner should be classified as a "teen" and the people who were shot at were "at the wrong place at the wrong time." Maybe we need more programs for Chinese people. Perhaps a Chinese president would boost the their self-esteem and make them less violent?

With that said, you are a fool if you open a business in a black neighborhood. Running a restaurant is hard. It's ten times as hard when your customers are constantly trying to destroy you and your business.

I don't know of this particular restaurant was, but if you open an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant in a black area, you are certifiably insane. You'd be better off building a large fire, and throwing your cash into it.


A black gets shot at.....and they do n't like it?

Oh, it wasn't a person from the community...thank Thor it wasn't a White man. If it was, this would be all over the news 24/7 for 6 months and lead to GUN CONTROL legislation....sensible gun control legislation......comprehensive affordable legislation......legislation we all need to get the guns off the streets and keep all children safe.........

Anonymous said...

The zipperhead probably didn't have any clue about the population of the glorious and vibrant people's republic of Birmingham before opening up his mystery meat shack.
Now he will open up his coffers for the black hand of economics. It would be a shame if anything happened to his fine eating establishment.

eah said...

Just look at those people. Now try to imagine what a country full of them would be like. Wait, you don't have to imagine - just go to Liberia, where Whites are not allowed to be citizens.

Here is a foto of beautiful Monrovia, Liberia. Bet you wish you could live there.

10mm AUTO said...

IIIt's Time for America Favorite Game Show:


Today's example is a New York male negro who just could not put up with the complains of its two year old female offspring. Deciding his fate is you, our lovable American Audience. So get ready to play "Is It A Crime!"

OK, so we are back from our commercial break and we are going to ask our Die'verse audience if this is a crime. Sooo here is Johnny Donovan to ask the Question: Is it a Crime?

Contestant #1 Rhindihindia Glory Washington, you have 30 seconds!

RGW: ummm...ummmm I say NO!

OK! Contestant #2: Juanita Domenico Roberto Santiago San Antonio, IS This A Crime?

JDRSSA: "Ummm....Ummmm...It's disgusting."

JD: "Yes but is a a crime? 20 Seconds."

JDRSSA: "I haven't felt this conflicted since I had my last two anchor babies..."

JD: "10 Seconds...."

RGW: "Hurry up Bitch!"

JDRSSA: "Shut up you (several words follow in untranslatable guttural Spanish)."

JD: "Come on now, let's keep to the program! We are all friends here."

RGW: "Shut up Cracker!"

JD: "Ok that's time!"

JD: "Now for our third contestant, Mrs. Abigale Adams."

AA: "Actually Johnny, that's Dr. Adams.

JD: "Beg Pardon"

AA: "Not a problem, I believe it is a crime because under the New York Penal Code the feeding of un-inspected meat to dogs is a felony in New York State.

JD: "Judges? The Judges say Yes! Your answer is correct."

RGW: Dat's Racist!

JD: Whoh! We have the playing of a Race Card, by Ms Washington. Do you wish to challenge?

AA: No she is right. My White Privilege has given me the education to see, read and understand, so I yield to MS. Washington.

So You WIN Ms Washington! The prize of $100,000 dollars goes to you!
Thank you all for playing. Tune in next week for another edition of: "IS IT A CRIME!"

Dan Cooper said...

I agree with Major1, all he had to do was trespass them. They are given a notice from the cop. If they come back they are arrested. Although it is possible there was a roach, the high incidents of blacks that try to get free meals makes it unlikely. And where is the cellphone video?

New acronyms: Notoriously Amazing Perfect African = NAPA
And SNACO = Situation Normal ALL Chimped Out

Anonymous said...

Chinese food should be a welcome change for these sheboons. A change from their normal diet of mac & cheese, fried everything and heavily salted snack treats.

Major1 said...

I see that anyone who dares not conform to the outrage of the day here at SBPDL is automatically attacked. Too bad. I thought this was a forum for discussion, not a circle jerk. Let me address my respondents. Mr. Newton...nothing you said refutes anything I said. It is not illegal to complain, use the bathroom, call someone a bad name, or waste someone's time. It is not illegal to hate someone. It is not illegal to "generally represent a constant state of danger" because no one knows what that means. It is however illegal to threaten, intimidate, steal and vandalize and if the restaurant's customers were engaged in these behaviors the police should have been called and the offenders arrested or removed from the premises.
You and I are in agreement that you do not know if any of these offences were actually committed.
It is not a big deal that he lost his temper. It is a very big, fat, super illegal deal that he shot a gun at someone.
And, finally, I am neither an editor nor a church-goer. Are editors and church-goers the two main groups of people who you imagine to be opposed to someone opening fire over an egg roll?
I notice you don't much care for blacks. Me either. But we can't shoot at them for trivial reasons.
Mr. Hypie...I am not "completely illegal". That makes no sense. Everything is not illegal. That also makes no sense. I do not break hundreds of laws each and every day, and if you do there is something seriously wrong with you.
I honestly couldn't make much sense out of your analysis of the variations in law enforcement so I will assume that it was 100% correct.
I would, however, disagree with your assertion that every aspect and detail of life has been criminalized.
I think we need a system of laws, and those laws should be respected. There is a law against shooting at someone over a dispute about an egg roll, and you are welcome to argue that this law is unjust and not deserving of respect. However, if you choose to do so, there is a very real danger that you are going to sound quite ignorant.
I said that physically threatening and attempting to shoot people is illegal and wrong. That doesn't mean I'm a liberal, a gun-grabber, a mud shark, or even (gasp) an editor. It means what I said. Shooting at someone over an egg roll is illegal.

White Libertarian said...

Just to be clear, this Chinese guy is considered 'white', right? Anyways, the cockroach probably saw Shanequia's dirty mouth and tried to get out of the way before she was consumed by the semi-human

whisker child said...

as Anonymous, Feb 14 at 9:53 AM says, he doesn't like Chinese or blacks.

Well, duh, we should be eating ONLY from small, WHITE Mom & Pop establishments, where there are no blacks around.

Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

ShaQuanda shouldn't complain Massa Ching could have charged extra for the roach.

Anonymous said...

I've found stuff in my food, even egg roll before too. So I'm going to say, I'm neutral on this particular topic.

Anonymous said...

I was a waitress in the 90's. I kid you not, we had an unwritten policy that servers took turns waiting on blacks. The hostess would keep track of who was "up" and seat the black customers accordingly. Once a hostess thought it would be funny to seat a guy every black party that came in. Just as a joke, she and the waiter were actually friends. Suffice it to say, he wasn't amused. In fact, he was so mad at the "joke" he walked out.
I can't tell you how many times a black patron would eat a whole rack of ribs or whatever, and then complain and demand their money back. We didn't even fight it, just comped it moved on.
From my experience, I doubt there was ever a roach.

Hannibal Smith said...

Perhaps the two shake downers were seeking reparations in advance from the new enslavers (China) of their home continent (Africa).

Anonymous said...

Wonder why ?

Anonymous said...

Seems to be the first option for blacks.

juandos said...

Why do these idiots continue to take their money (our money via the welfare racket?) to this resturant?

10mm AUTO said...

Speaking of Holder. Remember when he said that too many negro kids were being suspended and he wanted "equal Proportion"?

Well he got it:

"A white student who is senior class president and has a 4.4 GPA was attacked by a black male student in front of numerous witnesses. The black male student had allegedly been sexually harassing the victim’s fourteen year old sister at school (Muh Dik!). When confronted by the victim, the victim’s father, and a school security guard, the black male student became violent and attacked.

The school is 67% white, 16% Hispanic, 13% Asian, 3% black, 1% American Indian, and 1% miscellaneous."

I submit that 3% is too much. What could a negro possibly hope to gain by attacking? He won't impress the 14 year old girl. He won't impress the father. He won't impress the brother.

White girls at fourteen still giggle when they talk about kissing. She could not possibly be interested in a negro in the way he wants her to be. As we learned from Paul's other entry this month, negros at 14 are full enfranchised criminals and fathers.

Full Story here :

Anonymous said...

Hey I would like black people to boycott all the restaurants around me.

Gnome Sane said...

No surprise, the west side of da Ham is known by the cops as the Wild, Wild, West. Chinese gentrification doesn't seem to be working out. Gotta love it when other minorities strike back at blacks, it gives "racism" an international feel.

Hopefully the Chingster has someone to run the place while he's gone, discharging a firearm at someone (black) is serious. In the meantime, if the boycott stands, his business may improve.

Too bad they can't play the race card, had to play the roach card instead. If I'd found a roach in my eggroll, I would still have the eggroll, roach and all. Still doesn't justify shooting, I guess he finally just snapped.

Something tells me we aren't getting the full story, though.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Major1 said...
Mr Newton,
No I have never, and would never, run a retail shop in a black area. And I am sure that you are correct that the owner of the restaurant has to deal with loud, stupid, broke-ass angry blacks all day. So what? To reiterate, threatening people with baseball bats and knives, and actually shooting at them, is completely illegal. Period. Clearly, opening his restaurant in that location was a mistake, and the rational move would have been to close up shop and relocate. Guns and knives are not an acceptable way to express frustration. "

That is the same black story as how everyone shot dead by cops was on their way to church at the time. I have seen several that I had seen the bodies before 3am, only to have blacks out protesting he was on his way to church.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, you have my support.

Considering the facts as presented in the articles, your analysis is correct. Chimping out like the SIBAs and firing shots cannot be tolerated.

One has to wait to see if there is more to the story.

Anonymous said...

Major1 if you took all the published Federal laws & regs, state laws & regs & county/city/town/village laws & regs in USA there is not a warehouse
built that is large enough to house them all.

That is what I call the criminalization of life. The comical part of the law is the judicial sagacious "Ignorance of the law is no excuse".

We are all ignorant of the law. I've probably violated 20 or 30 laws posting here today, just because I can't cite them doesn't mean I didn't break them.

Any tax accountant or tax attorney will tell you that they don't even know tax law, all they do is take educated & very conservative guesses
about tax law & it's interpretation.
The IRS won't even answer your tax questions because they don't know but
they do know that your broke a ton of laws every time your filed a return, it's just a matter is your fish big enough to cook to be a "profit center" for them against the expense of attacking & attaching you,

Also, you can read just about any law or regulation & it's self contradictory. What seems ok in section X11, paragraph T is clearly a
major crime in section XIX, paragraph B & vice versa. So even when you are obeying the law, you're breaking it.....It's called hyper-legalism & lawyers luvs'it.

I believe in law. Here in the RIP Republic we live by the law of the jungle. I just prefer the 10 commandments.

But the real rub is that average YT is terrified to break a law & horror
of horrors spend even a day in jail.

Homo Africanus ain't terrified, it's just some more gibs: 3 squares, a bed, color TV & if they luck out some non-consensual sex. Homo Africanus knows that fear & loathing of the law is a YT weakness. Since Homo Africanus don't got nuttin' to lose doing some time, he is in a sense much freer than any middle class YT

As for myself, I just try to go by the last 9 of the 10 commandments.
I know that some agency of government at any level can bust my chops anytime they want or anytime they want to seize my little bit of wealth.

And I'm a law-abiding citizen but since life is one illegality after another I'm also a criminal, criminalized by my own sick, sick governments

Thatz all I wuz sayin'.....I fully
understand that most folks don't get the concept that from a governments point of view, criminalizing everyday
life is wonderful - more fine money coming in & more fear to keep the subjects on a leash.

When Lincoln, a slimy murdering lawyer if ever there was one, said "Government of the people, by the people, for the people" that was a Big Lie of truly epic proportions. Plain as day that "government of the government, by the government, for the government" is the real deal. The
people are just a crop, a cash crop, a tax crop to harvest over & over during the 365 day tax crop growing system.

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Gnome Sane "Something tells me we aren't getting the full story, though"

I thinks u b b'n totally right about that :) Will be interested to see what l'il details aren't "caught & edited" before the leak into the local
Ham propaganda machine....

Dang, did I say propangda machine ???
So sorry valiant Ham journalists, I meant news papers, TV, Ra-d-i-o & other media outlets...

H\ hypie out /H

Mr. Rational said...

From many accounts, Blacks respect crazy people and leave them alone.  Maybe this will buy Mr, Ching some "street cred" and his clientele will behave better.

I agree that "chimping out" should not be tolerated, BUT... if it isn't punished when Blacks do it, nobody should be held to any higher standard when they are dealing with Blacks.

Anonymous said...

I don't think some of you guys understand the level of nastiness the Asians put up with running stores in these neighborhoods.

I guarentee you the ladies were each over 200lbs ranting, raving and cussing. He probably deals with nasty customers all the time and simply snap. Dealing with ghetto blacks on a daily basis will push anyone over the edge ask any cop.

Johnny said...

I suppose we will never hear any more of it, but I really would like to know about the interesting part between the roach being found and the shot fired.

I would guess the restaurant guy is out of business, and perhaps will have to sell the place (or the use of it) for even less than he paid to set up. It is very difficult to run a business in almost all black majority areas. Even with a steep mark up the hassles along with the extra expenses make it a no go. And so guess what, they are all bloody unemployed.

So it goes...

Anonymous said...

This article hits home to me, as our family was in the restaurant business. Although majority of our customers were White students or alumni, we had the double whammy of not only having the normal blacks, but the super privileged afleets of the college across the street. They would try all types of scams, my favorite was the old band-aid in the burger trick. Gross. (and of course, never tip)

But the afleets were the worst! They would just cut in line, critique every damn move on the sandwich, demand more chicken (duh) than normal for free. Ill never forget my brother snapped one night when a certain bakkaball playa came in doing all that during a huge rush. I thought he was going to slap him with the grill spatula! I was several years younger pouring drinks and that's stuck with me since.

I think it should be mandatory for all DWL's to wait tables, ive seen it awaken even the worst cases of that bunch...

Have a great weekend all, and of course thanks for everything PK.

NC Guy

Anonymous said...


Hannibal Smith said...

Perhaps the two shake downers were seeking reparations in advance from the new enslavers (China) of their home continent (Africa).

Hannibal Smith said...

Perhaps the two shake downers were seeking reparations in advance from the new enslavers (China) of our home continent (USA).

Unknown said...

I wonder how much of this haul was spent on eggrolls:

Whiskey said...

OT Daily Mail and Drudge have story of Black thug beating disabled White vet, ribbing him,shouting racial epithets.

Anonymous said...

"If you approach you might eat a roach"
Bet you dollars to chicken wings, she has that phrase tattooed on her fupa. Or should.

Anonymous said...

Discard: "Considering that the Chinese don't really think that Blacks are even human..."
Makes you wonder, how bad does it suck to live in China with your own people, that someone like Mr. Ching would rather live and do business with blacks 24/7/365?

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful example. Think about this for a moment... I'm not saying that Asians are superior, however I don't take issue with the fact that they score slightly higher on IQ tests than us whites. I also can concur with FBI statistical data that they are less likely to commit violent crimes than any other race. So if I... as a proud white male, can accept this about, basically a pro commerce and capitalistic people, why is it so hard for blacks to acknowledge that these people, also minorities, are out performing them with, although they face greater prejudice than them? Simple question really. The reality is that they don't want to know the answer when it's as clear as day. I like Asians and hard working Latin people. This other group that this site is about, is the one I take issue with. Thanks and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Since this Chinese Restaurant is in a black area, it's guaranteed that every damn day there's a number of black fools eating their fill (and then claiming the food be too salty, too sweet, too spicy, too cold) or something else was wrong and demanding their money back.
I've personally witnessed that kind of B.S. from blacks a number of times. However, since I tend to eat mostly Asian and Indian food (having grown up overseas) I can say that neither the Chinese I've known in the USA (nor the Indians) will put up with the antics of negroes. I've never seen a meal get comped or the SIBA walk out all proud and sheeit that they got a free meal. I have seen negroes threatened with the police being called when they tried to scam a Chinese restaurant. That tends to shut them up immediately.
The last incident was at an Indian buffet restaurant where a SIBA kept complaining (while constantly eating everything in sight) that the buffet should be half price and the beer he wuz drankin' wasn't cold so he should get mo' beer fo' free. He was utterly ignored by the staff, got no free beer and had to pay his bill. The waiter said they hated when blacks came into the restaurant and just wished they'd leave as they were always trying to pull a fast one of one kind or another. If they had a choice, they would not serve them at all.
Negroes have a serious reputation for this kind of behavior and it's one they've earned in spades. Ditto for the issue of being non tippers and stiffing the waitstaff while running them ragged.
Cockroach in da eggroll? My Negro Bullshit Detector just exploded.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the Chinese word, but from what I've been told by a Chinaman, their word for negros tranlates in to 'garbage people'

Anonymous said...

Never open a restaurant in a black area. I knew a Mexican family that lost a son during a robbery at the only Mexican restaurant in the 'ghetto' decades ago. Many immigrants don't know that it is a death sentence to open any type of business in a black area.

Why is the city "guberment" getting involved in this?

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

If white liberal ideology was not our master, the master we must all bow down to or face the consequences imposed by the headhunting, jackboot, arm and fist of liberal ideology, what might a more sane position be.

If a mans builds a house, he shall be the master of his own house. If a man builds a business, he shall be master of his own business.

If the owner of a business does not wish a select group of people, and denies said select people as master of his business, who is anyone else to tell him how he can and cannot run his business.

If someone figures that wrong, let that someone open their own business and set their own rules as master of their own business, and invite those particular people.

I realize that those who find fault with a man being the master of his own business are liberals. That further as liberals they will not do as they say others must do, they will not open a restaurant and invite the negros.

Negros cost more than they give. They are parasites. They are rude, demanding, cheap, chiseling
and annoying. A man goes into business to make money, not to lose money, and certainly does not go into business to support the cause of the liberal illusion or ideology, nor to embrace the white man's burden for the lowly negros benefit.

Our world, and nature herself have been transmogrified by the white liberals.

To separate out and away from liberals will allow non-liberal whites to once again be King of his castle, and master of his own business.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Simian Browse said...

"Anyways, the cockroach probably saw Shanequia's dirty mouth and tried to get out of the way before she was consumed by the semi-human"

Now that's the comment of the day!!

Brandon said...

> They call white people "Gwai Lo." Loosely translated as hairy barbarians.

SOD, just so you know, this actually means "old ghost", and while it's usually derogatory, it isn't always. You're probably thinking of the Japanese word "ketou" which means "hairy Chinese" = barbarian. Asians have an amazing number of colorful words to insult other countries and races.

Anonymous said...

If they do not like the service and food simply do not patronize this establishment! How stupid can they be?

Anonymous said...

Major1 = Negro Word Salad.


"I find conversation with negroes to be tediously boring. It grates on my nerves particularly when they try to sound intelligent. That’s when it is made plainly obvious to me that they have nothing going on upstairs. You can tell they just don’t get it. What they do is give you their impersonation of how they think an intelligent person would talk and act.
They try and use what they think are big, impressive words (often the wrong ones) and all their arguments are hollow and contrived, often painfully so, to lead to whatever conclusion it was they originally wanted to make. My sides split when they start dancing around pointing at me crowing that I’m an idiot and they have won the debate when often I can’t figure out even what the hell it was they were trying to say half the time, and my comprehension is at least average, so it is obvious to me even they themselves actually had no idea what they were trying to say either.

Despite this I must confess that sometimes they are capable of putting on a good show, but that’s all it is, a show, a show with no substance."

Jeff said...

They complain about "foot deserts" with no restaurants for miles.

A new place opens...they show up in big numbers, running the check or bitching about quality for a refund.

Pretty soon, the owner shuts it down and moves to a less problematic location.

Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

@ Don M, I had to laugh over that remark about shoes. reminds me of that remark by our illustrious for cabinet secretary under Richard M. Nixon. as I remember, he said something like "blacks (it may have been another more appropriate identifier) are only interested in wide shoes, a warm place to shit and tight pussy." on a similar note here, we have Wawa stores here that often get caught in areas of groid expansion. at such times, the employee demographics change rapidly and store cleanliness suffers. very shortly Wawa ditches the place and sells out to paki's or hindus and the place becomes a no stop instead of a one stop. very similar to the over turn of the 7-11 franchises. we have stopped going to any restaurant where an all you can eat is offered whether near a groid section or not. it just draws them. all Chinese buffets draw freeloaders as does the old country buffet. just pay more and go out less. at least it will be a peaceful meal.

Anonymous said...

HERES what will happen they will destroy this mans restaurant ,then when he leaves he will be called racist,how dare he try to run a restaurant without having these fools pee & crap everywhere,demand free food cause after eating 99% it didnt taste right,or the bug in the eggroll shakedown scam,im willing to bet money that they were in his face screaming making threats,so he was scared enough to pull his gun & shoot in the air, while its a dumb thing to have done,i do not believe for a second he was trying to kill them... ROYAL OAK DUDE

florida said...

Did the restaurant take EBT cards?

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

If the negro elicits a fear factor sufficiently high to elicit fear for one's own life, lethal force is legal, moral and warranted.

I have been in, or near in, these situations, at some point one makes a judgment call.

For me, should anyone put me in fear for my life, if you force upon me the proposition that it's me or you who will die, I will take your life before you take mine.

I had some close calls in my life. It caused me to understand many things. It caused me to prepare my mind for the unspeakable but possible.

I was raised a Catholic, but this is not the situation Jesus was referring to when he said turn the other check.

In a few occurrences, where one of ours was murdered by non-whites, the culprits beat the rap because the white ended up dead.

For this and other reasons, I concluded, if you have to shoot, shoot to kill and don't stop until they are dead.

Fortunately, I never experienced that reality.

However, I had no intention of dying for their wrongful, aggressive pursuit of my life.

In the 1980s there was an incident on a NYC subway where a white man defended his life against 5 aggressive negros by shooting them, Goatse or Coatse was his name, I cannot recall it 100% right now. However he, the white lived.

In the 90s I believe it was, perhaps around the turn of the century a negro on a NYC subway started shooting and murdering whites and an oriental or two. When he was reloading his semi-automatic, one white guy with guts, jumped the big negro, then other white males helped out, and he was subdued.

This type of stuff can materialize. You, or one of yours, snuffed out in an instant by a deranged member of some other race.

But for this understanding George Zimmerman would be dead, and Trayvon Martin, the exemplar of the negro buck, would be alive.

I'll rest my case here.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Gnome Sane said...

"Why is the city "guberment" getting involved in this?"

It's an election year....grandstanding is very popular here.

It's interesting that Sheila Smoot is "down with the struggle" yet she lives in an extremely elite, mostly white, gated country club community/fortress/compound; Ross Bridge, you can Google Earth it, they had a PGA thing there. Poor, oppressed thing.

Anonymous said...

Remember that the American black "struggle" is a permanent one. They will never truly "overcome" their inability to openly compete with whites, or their tendency to steal, lie, hustle, and commit crime.

It is the eternal struggle of being black in a white country. It is a form of entertainment and mental stimulation for them, a chance to march with signs, agitate and organize, howl about racism, garner attention from whites, and create a spectacle of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. To Anonymous 4:56, the cabinet secretary was Earl Butz. He made the remark in 1976 when Gerald Ford was President.

To Anonymous 7:01, It was Bernard Goetz you were thinking of.

Anonymous said...

There are lot of hateful and smarmy comments here, but what of the roach?
This poor creature is the real victim here. Forced to slave away in a Chinese sweat shop so the money can be sent back to Bejing, then almost meeting a horrible end in the maw of an obese negro. Imagine it's last moments. People please, consider the roach.


TheAntidote said...

Insects of all types are enjoyed in Africa, and for that matter in China. This is much ado about nothing.
In Africa grubs, cattarpillers, deep fried waterbugs and flies by the handful are all on the menu. Along with bush meat and the occasional human carcass, the bugs provide much needed complete protein.
Efforts to introduce poultry operations, pisciculture and stock raising in Africa have all resulted in failure. So the present situation of foraging and donation from white countries will likely go on and on until some hideously shitful collapse.

Unknown said...

Hey PDK ! your referring to Bernard Goetz on the NYC subway and Colin Ferguson on the LIRR commuter rail line. Goetz gun was unlicensed and Ferguson traveled to california and waited 15 days (at a motel ) to obtain his, and illegally transported it to Long Island.
Ferguson's attorney created the " Black Rage" defense out of thin air. The MSM went right along with the "Black Rage" phenomenon.
One of the 19? victims was congressman running for re-election and the Dems instantly put his wife Caroline on the ticket and of course she won.
And Caroline Maloney is still in congress today.

Major1 said...

Mr. Anonymous...
I am not a negro, so in the interest of accuracy, please re-label my posts as "white word salad".
It's fascinating that a minor deviation here at SBPDL draws such ire. I have posted many times about my enduring hatred for white liberalism and my disgust for the black race. Yet, when I make the unassailable observation that it is illegal for one person to shoot at another over a trivial dispute, some readers become threatened by my departure from the prescribed narrative. I don't mind being challenged or educated by my SBPDL compadres, but...calling me a negro? Those are fighting words, sir.
So, Mr. Anonymous. I'm sorry that you apparently feel threatened by "big, impressive words". I won't dumb down the way I express myself to accommodate you.
I find it quite telling, and a wee bit pathetic, that your entire post is intended to mock and ridicule my posts, yet you couldn't come up with any words of your own to do so. You instead took someone else's hard work and used it for your own advantage without putting in any effort yourself. So...who is the negro here?
It is illegal for a civilian in this country to shoot at someone except in defense of self and others. This is a fact. Lamenting our Byzantine system of laws and regulations will not change this fact. Referencing the IRS and the 10 commandments will not change this fact. Certainly, quoting someone else's writings at length instead of creating and composing your own arguments is lazy, selfish, parasitic, and not deserving of even a particle of respect. Kind of like....a negro.

Don in PA said...

"Negroes have a serious reputation for this kind of behavior and it's one they've earned in spades. Ditto for the issue of being non tippers and stiffing the waitstaff while running them ragged."

My oldest daughter can certainly attest to that. She worked for a few years at a Rock Bottem brewery. She was very good at her job & made good money. She & her entire staff though absolutely loathed having black patrons. They were rude (esp black women-my daughter is very pretty & blonde, maybe that was it?!) & would always try to scam the restaurant into getting a free meal with some type of complaint (& always AFTER they have eaten the entire meal).. They hardly ever tipped or if they did rarely more than a couple of dollars for a $100 bill.. And yet they STILL wonder why we want nothing to o with them?.

Stereotypes exist for a reason. Groids have a litany of stereotypes & presumptions about them. ALL of them deservedly so.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

James m @ 8:15, yes thank you, I remember that now.

It was all unbelievable at the time, but there it was, big as day. No liberal cover up or twisting could work on that reality the way it work on Zimmerman/Martin.

Thanks friend, PDK.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I don't know the Chinese word, but from what I've been told by a Chinaman, their word for negros tranlates in to 'garbage people'

February 14, 2014 at 10:56 PM

I used to work with a pleasant,quiet little
Chinese woman,she used to refer to them as"the dirty people"and giggle.BTW the pleasant and quiet usually went out the window when she started talking about Negroes.Most of her sentiments can't be repeated here under the new posting guidelines...

Alfa 158 said...

10mm Auto;
Thank you for confirming that the Westlake High player was black. A local radio talk show has been covering the story and even had the class president and his family on last night. During all the coverage, there has never been the slightest, hint, implication, clue, indication, suggestion or wink by anyone that the player was black, but the outrageous level of his behavior and the way the school administration closed ranks to protect him and punish the white victims told me everything. The only good thing about this is that maybe a few more people have had their eyes opened.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous Hannibal Smith said...

Perhaps the two shake downers were seeking reparations in advance from the new enslavers (China) of their home continent (Africa).

February 14, 2014 at 3:22 PM"

You've spotted the Chinese takeover in Africa, even though the media don't cover it, that's smart.

Where you are wrong is that the yellows unlike us whites will simply exterminate the black race.


Anonymous said...

I work in Ookland, CA. The Chinese buffet here is excellent--clean and a huge variety from salad bar to sandwich bar to hot food bar. I like it because I 'm one of those people who likes a little bit of many things rather than a lot of one thing.

How do they make it work? They charge by weight, same price per weight for everything. So yeah, it's all you can eat but you pay for what you consume. No waste, no swarming the skrimps tray, nobody paying for one plate and letting two eat from it, no hiding food in the purse. If more buffets would adopt this pricing strategy it would eliminate much of the feral frenzy characteristic of buffets.

Anonymous said...

Major1: "I see that anyone who dares not conform to the outrage of the day here at SBPDL is automatically attacked."
This wasn't an outrage, it was an amusement. But thanks anyways for farting in our elevator, by yelling out that it's illegal to shoot people.
H\ave a nice weekend.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

The zipperhead probably didn't have any clue about the population of the glorious and vibrant people's republic of Birmingham before opening up his mystery meat shack.
Now he will open up his coffers for the black hand of economics. It would be a shame if anything happened to his fine eating establishment.

February 14, 2014 at 1:31 PM

IF he has a lick of sense he's already flown back to Taiwan or Hong Kong. Then he'll re-enter under a different name.

Anonymous said...

I'm still thinking about the poor Chinese guy and all he's going to be put through after being driven to madness and a mad act by negroes. The poor bastard must have felt like a dog in a cage being constantly poked with sharp sticks and just snapped.
Of course, the negroes will pretend they don't know why it happened but they know. Torturing people with their constant bullshit and misbehavior is entertaining to them and they love it.......until they cause someone to snap and they get attacked for it. Then, it's the sweet innocent black angel routine all over again. We didn't do nuffin! He be a rayciss!
Stuff it, negroes!

Anonymous said...

Omg too funny! Best laugh all week!!

Major1 said...

Mr. Anonymous...
I didn't yell. I murmured.
I didn't fart. That's your mom you're smelling.
Don't tell me what kind of weekend to have. do you connect to wifi in an elevator, anyway?

SolInvictus said...

I may be in Bham later this week. If I have time I'm going to find this place, maybe do an impromptu interview with the owner, definitely try the food out. I love Chinese food. :)
If so, I'll report back with a review.

Gnome Sane said...

I usually consider anything coming out of black's mouth as a lie until proven otherwise. I base this assumption on experience, not racism.
If Asians were habitual liars, I'd make the same assumption about them.

Watch "Cops" sometime, these fools lie to the police about their damn names. It never fails that the more the cops keep after 'em, the more their story keeps changing.

It'll be interesting to hear Ching's side of the story.

Anonymous said...

It's true its bra I had a friend who got hit head on black girl jumps out screaming she gonna Fuck her up them says oh my bad thought you were someone else my friend says she gotta call the police blackgirl takes of with her kids in the car and comes back with a mob of blacks when the police officer got there he told my friend hed have to arrest her or they'd riot n he arrested her can you believe that now she's got lawyers n having to fight it also had to put up cameras n stuff bc they give copy of police report to both involved so now she's got to worry about them coming around her property whites have no rights in our own country

Cassie said...

"One of the egg rolls rolled on the floor..."

Comedy Gold.

Anonymous said...

That is just to damn funny and so true if there was a roach it could've been one that was of the smokin type so it was kept instead of having pictures taken of it

Anonymous said...

It's blacks wanting something for nothing. That's in their culture, and nothing new.

Whiskey said...

One possibly lucrative tactic is to sue sue SUE! the NAACP, and other Black organizations, under RICO statues for "creating a climate of hate" and using the anti-Klan laws against them.

Now, the suits would predictably fail fail fail many times. But you only need to win once, and legal costs add up.

Various anti-Klan laws allowed victims of hate crimes against them to recoup damages under RICO by seizing assets belonging to the Klan in San Diego County (yes there was a Klan there). This happened IIRC in the early 90s or late 80s.

All it takes is one courageous victim or survivor to pursue legal action against the NAACP and Nation of Islam etc. They ought to be held to the same standard as the Klan, indeed treated the same.

Refugee From Chicongo said...

Humongous ShaniquaJones waddled all over town
Looking for a place to eat
Wondering what 15¢ on her EBT would gets
She found the Chinaman's
And studied the menu thru and thru

All she could gets was "one eggroll"
The waiter called out to the cook "one eggroll"

"one eggroll"
"one eggroll"

You gets no "roach" with "one eggroll"

"one eggroll"
"one eggroll"
You get no bread with "one meatball"

Thanks, Ry Cooder!

Anonymous said...

The overworked word play makes me think our author needs to take a break. It might help to have a sort of brief hiatus, to step back from the black for a breather and enjoy some bright white daylight.