Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dispatches from Occupied Newark

PK NOTE: Many American cities are "American" in name only. Those whites left behind, or living peacefully in the suburbs, can only look on with horror at the collapse of the civilization their ancestors helped build. Such is this dispatch from occupied Newark, courtesy of new SBPDL contributor Blackjack Pershing. If you would like to become a contributor for your occupied cities (Indianapolis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Milwaukee.. etc.), contact me at I want to always be sure new content is up at the site, and some days I'm just too busy to make that happen.


"It shouldn’t take half of us to die just to say we want to change our life around."
~Tianah Pope, Newark resident, friend of murder victim

            The third victim of a Christmas day shooting in Newark died recently after 3 weeks in the hospital. For those of you who missed out on this story, a brief recap. A 15-year-old angry at a 14-year-old for flirting with his 14-year-old pregnant girlfriend decides to gun him down on Christmas day. In a burst of gunfire, the 15-year-old kills the 14-year-old and hits two other teens “by accident.” Though the mother of one of the “mistaken” victims called the shooting an “accident,” for a 15-year-old gunman to hit two people’s vital areas on a dark, cold Christmas night, that sure as hell doesn’t seem like an accident. Of final note, according to comments underneath the article in the link below, one of the 14-year-old victims of the shooting had two (!) kids.
91-year-old World War II veteran Robert Nevius. Survived the Axis Powers, murdered in 2010 by two black citizens of Newark: "American Exceptionalism" unleashed...

"For residents who initially hear that five people were shot, that’s frightening and that’s unacceptable.”
~Central Ward Councilman Darrin Sharif

Doyou consider an incident in which 4 or more people are shot to be a mass shooting? If so, then there was a mass shooting this week you likely did not hear about. On Tuesday a gunman walked up to a car and fired at least 15 shots, according to one witness, into the car’s passenger compartment, killing two occupants and wounding three others. Another witness described the shooting as 8 shots followed by five more bursts of gunfire. What makes this shooting remarkable is it took place during a state-of-emergency declared snow storm, adhering to the tactical principle to not let the weather deter you from getting at your enemy. To attack even during inclement weather to truly show the enemy there is nothing that will stop you. By dumb luck or by design this attack demonstrated that principle.

“Make them (gun laws) consistent. … Take the guns out of the criminals’ hands."
~Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio

            Many reasons have been offered up for Newark’s 111 homicides in 2013, a 23-yearhigh. Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio has a unique theory though. Criminals using .45 caliber weapons instead of 9mm weapons caused the homicide spike. Of course, to validate this one would have to look at the shot placement of each of those 111 victims. DeMaio also blames assault weapons for the surge….which are already banned in New Jersey, under the state’s own version of the assault weapons of 1994-2004. Clearly there is more behind the killing in Newark than the method. Without knowing it Director DeMaio may have become an unofficial salesman for those who sell .45-caliber ammunition.
Two black citizens of Newark. They murdered Nevius (who put up a "fierce fight") in 2010 in Essex Fells

“It’s a damn shame the old man had to die that way.”
~Anonymous Essex County juror

            Imagine a 91-year-old WWII veteran, Robert Nevius. Living in Essex Fells. Beaten with astapler. Stabbed in the neck. Strangled with his own suspenders. His nose broken by blows. Hands and feet bound with electrical cord and packing tape. Attacked in an act so premeditated the perpetrators made sure his 87-year-old wife wasn’t home so he would be alone. Still he fought back vigorously. He would be his town’s first homicide in over 30 years.

 Who could do such a thing? Someone from Newark (okay, two black people from Newark). The worst part? He is only facing 10 years in prison. When thinking about the criminals of Newark, remember they didn’t just make one bad choice, they made years of them, in the case of older criminals, decades of them. They reaffirmed their choices everyday. They chose this, again and again. They are responsible for this. Don’t ever be led to believe any different.


Southron said...

I see that open season on blacks continues. This elderly vet obviously lured these teens to his home to kill them, and they bravely fought off his attacks, only to be charged with sad. Mr. Nevius probably put that noose on the statue at the University of Mississippi, and these two teens were investigating him, Scooby-Doo style. Jinkies! Or better yet, Jenkem!

I know what I just wrote was utter garbage, but there is a black/DWL website or newspaper somewhere about to write something very similar to that.

10mm AUTO said...

One of your best entries. All the dynamics are in play. You can't say this was a "random" killing as the planning was confessed in trial. The booking photos are the typical low I.Q. "brothas", the left one your typical street skank and the right one looks like an evil Nation of Islam soldier. The right one, look how proud he is at taking down the old White man! The White fought well! He exhibits the typical sagittal crest that makes his head so pointy. The White man was a Lion, long in the tooth but not short on courage. It still takes two negros to kill one of our elderly.

""Then out spake brave Horatius,
The Captain of the gate:
“To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds
For the ashes of his fathers
And the temples of his gods?""

Robert Nevius, you fought well. Rest in Peace.

P.S. Blackjack Pershing, excellent entry!

Son of Delbert said...

This happened four years ago. I'm just hearing about it now. Suppressed news. Elderly white victim. Home invasion burglary. Happens over and over again. I know how I feel about this. Quality destroyed by color. Civilization attacked by savagery. Cold rage. When is it going to be too much?

Thank you PK. The horror must be faced, if only as a warning. My own father lives pretty far from the coloreds. He and Mom are in their late sixties, and heavily armed.

Make sure Papa and Nana are packing. Always.


Anonymous said...

10 years for a murder so brutal they would get life if it wasn't Black on White, and everyone would hear about it.

Some people have noticed that women get lighter sentencing. Blacks get much, much lighter sentencing, especially for crimes affecting Whites, and the media and academia have been very, very careful to ensure that no one knows.

After all, we wouldn't want anyone to get angry about Black privilege.

Anonymous said...

As I keep stating....the Negro is being quietly abandoned. Sure, there will be flare ups from the social engineers here and there, yet....the wiser Negros in Detroit told the NAACP to ef off over Mike Duggan and justifiable homicide has SOARED in the big D over the last ten years.

PB, you are absolutely correct, 30+ African countries dominated by Negros have anti-queer laws ranging from mild to execution, yet allthe Western focus in the MSM is Russia and Iran. Bolygubski is close to my logical train of thought is very hypocritical and shows where the bias lies.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kersey, I understand why you focus on the symptoms and not the cause. You do not want to become another "I understand and wish to continue" blog like irishsavant. It's all good.

Anonymous said...

I dont cry real easy. I think its my Italian background. Or wharever...

But while reading about this strong white vet putting up such a god fight, started the tears...

We must all be armed and ready to use that fire power even in our homes...


Anonymous said...

Paul Kersey,

You are starting a real national movement. Folks are sick to death of sanitized leftist coverage of urban crime by their local CMM/CM2 or Cultural Marxist Media. Every city in America needs their own "Paul Kersey" to fight back against the "WAR ON NOTICING".

One huge step we can all make to turning this country around is be vigilant in using using language that exposes the left.

STOP!!! using the term MSM. It only legitimizes the meme that what is blatant Cultural Marxist slanted coverage of crime is "MAINSTREAM".


From now USE CMM(CEE-MMM-MMM or CEE-DOUBLE-MMM / CM2) for CULTURAL MARXIST MEDIA. It will tell everyone that we are sick of the nonsense and lies.

Everytime you use the terms Cultural Marxism or Frankfurt School of Marxism somebody at the SPLC or ADL gets their panties in a bunch. Its liberating.

The sooner average folks become embarrassed about sending money to or wasting page views on their local Gannett/Knight-Ridder/McClatchy/Newhouse/NYT/Hearst/Times-Mirror CMM rag and put these clowns out of business the better.

Anonymous said...

Good alternative Indianapolis crime reporting site.

Anyone know of others???

Indy has had 9 murders in the last 48 hours. 8 murders in a 24 hour period.

Anonymous said...

Did this scum have an all black jury?

Secret Squid

R.E. Prindle said...

@Anon: 12:16. OK, what is the cause? You apparently have a solution. Let's hear it and let us comment.

Dan Cooper said...

I think I FOUND CONstructive FeedBAG. Quote:

I have never been "disrespected" by Paul Kersey when I post on his blog "SBPDL" (his friends - that's a different matter - but I can "Play The Dozens" with the best of 'em)
I have stated previously - I do not disagree with THE DATA collected by Paul Kersey

Mr Kersey's problem is his malicious intent.

To be clear - I don't need Paul Kersey to begin to start working "Within The Best Interests Of Black People". There are far, far , far more Black people who are working in line with the POPULAR APPEAL of "Americanized Black people" that do more material harm to the development of Black people than I need to worry about from SBPDL.

With that said - this radio interview should cause any 3rd party, objective minded White folks people take a step back and rethink a few points about their assumptions about the fate of our nation and its population centers.

As if they were all reading from a script that was full of printing errors BOTH the radio host and my dear friend Paul Kersey kept molesting the series of events that brought us "Black Run Cities".

In their flawed logic - THE BLACK POLITICAL POWER got elected and THEN the collapse took place as the PRODUCTIVE FORCES exited BECAUSE of the incompetence of "The Blacks" to manage the affairs of a city and the THREATS of violence, academic disarray and social upheaval at the hands of the growing Black underclass.

The best way to rebut Paul Kersey is to force him to round up his "Band Of Brothers" - sufficiently upstream from a "Black Run City" and then start from scratch - building up a new, thriving metropolis - akin to the the original.

They must be bound by every modern day regulation (environmental, occupational, US monetary policy) EXCEPT "No Blacks or Hispanics" will be allowed to enter into these Utopian city limits.

A new generation of "White wage slaves" would be produced in due time, with SBPDL members slowly settling at the bottom as the aggregate materials settle into their natural position.
He makes an interesting point and a challenge. Can whites build the cities they claim they built again, minus blacks and hispanics. I think so. But something even better with a built in orderly system to block the enemies of civilization from gaining control again. But at the same time there would have to be a new paradigm. Strict laws enforcing separation of business and state. Total free markets with government regulation of standards, with severe punishments for businesses that conspire with officials to cheat the public. Reproductive licenses would require minimum IQ and net worth. Minimum age 30 and net worth to vote. Everything extreme sows the seeds of its own destruction. What is happening today will lead to something different.

Anonymous said...

Blogger R.E. Prindle said...
@Anon: 12:16. OK, what is the cause? You apparently have a solution. Let's hear it and let us comment

You know darn well what the "cause" is. Do you think White, Western civilization did this to itself with no nation-wreakers? You've been here for a couple of years, you've seen and read the more "wise" comments from folks like Bolygubski, you've seen the disgusting, simpering, bloviations from a fellow who names himself after a liquor who has a place on this site's blogroll, his most recent whining was over the Quenelle, which turns out was STRICTLY a gesture to ef off the "elite" yet a certain "tribe" blew it up to mean it was strictly against them, which bit them in the ass. Now everybody knows about "Shoananas". It is hilarious how these Barbara Lerner Spectre adherents are getting their asses handed to them by the turd-world muds they so desperately wanted in the White,Western World and for example....Their women are also discovering they fucked up, BIG TIME.

The Muds of all races Hate,HATE the Whites, but.....they will happily devour the one "Family" that pushed SO HARD for the Muds to immigrate from 1925 to 1965 onwards. The lower level "Family" are fleeing and complaining, but they still want the trickle downs from their "Big Good Ol' Boys and Gals".

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....About 1980 in NY the 14 year old yooths were killing each other over those big "boom box" radios. A couple years later the most popular reason to get shot to death was for sunglasses and tennis shoes.

Almost all of these ghetto killings are revenge shootings. Remember last year in Florida where 14 people were shot (including many small children) at the funeral of a gang banger. As I recall two yutts with M-16s hosed down the people inside a church.

I know an old lady who is a brain dead commie liberal. She was visiting a couple towns where she lived in Illinois back in the 70's. She told me how they had become shit holes. It was because the Hateful Nazi Right Wing Radical Racist Extremist
(HNRWRRE) had moved away and the Poor Suffering Oppressed Black People (PSOBP) were left behind with no jobs and bad schools. She explained to me that with a BETTER EDUCATION the ghetto would be transformed into neighborhoods with nice homes and two car garages.

As some of you know who have read my rants I am truly amazed at how stupid people can be. Living in a country with a large percentage of DUMB WHITE PEOPLE mixed in with an even larger number of stupid black people does make for interesting times.

When I turn 80 and have not yet been shot by a firing squad or sent to a re-education camp I plan on moving to Colorado where I can watch television, take Prozac and stay stoned on Marawhoonie.

BTW...I just met a nice older lady on the internet who is into tattoos and body piercing (she has a bone through her nose). Her hobbies are bowling and hanging out in biker bars. Hey, at least she's not a liberal.

Anonymous said...

"R.E. Prindle said...
@Anon: 12:16. OK, what is the cause? You apparently have a solution. Let's hear it and let us comment.

February 22, 2014 at 1:50 PM"

I went a little overboard in my previous response. Actually, all you need to be is google that website and spend a few days reading it, his evolutionary journey is quite interesting from 2008 onwards.....He goes from (Oh noes IKAGO! to....crap...they really do act like leeches who drain us till we are weak and not only make us weak for the bugs, but invite them in!)

It is the same sentiment for all of us who are truly "aware". Fortunately, the "Bugs" will happily eat the leeches too, so it isn't all bad!

One Pissed Off Irishman said...

Now his poor wife will spend her remaining years with out the man she loved, and devoted so much to. That must be true loneliness.

-One Pissed Off Irishman.

Muskegon Avenger said...

Off topic but I don't see much mention of what I witness in my neck of the woods.

Muskegon Heights (population 10,000, 78% black) had only one full service grocery store.
Plumbs, a large chain in this area, closed its doors in September.

Grand Haven (population 10,000; 95% white) has numerous grocery stores, department stores, movie theatre, restaurants.

Muskegon Heights is about 8 miles from Grand Haven.

If you read the mlive article, there are people who comment about "shoplifting" and such as the cause for the Plumbs closing its doors. The "journalist" questions their sources instead of questioning Plumbs' official excuse for closing.

The Plumbs in North Muskegon (population 3,700; 94% white) is only 4 miles from the Plumbs in Muskegon Heights. But it's still open.

While Muskegon Heights isn't as large as Memphis or Detroit, the exact same phenomenon is happening in the 49444 just on a smaller scale. Muskegon Heights is 1/70 the size of Detroit but is 100% identical in effect.

Anonymous said...

OT: A low point for the USA

First Lady Michelle Obama's appearance on Jimmy Fallon's Late Show:

R.E. Prindle said...

@ Anons. Perhaps I misunderstood the 12:16 comment. If you are asking why Kersey doesn't comment on the cause instead of the effect I think I understand.

Probably he has received some threats and is standing back. I'm amazed he gets away with what he does. I'm running a series on Henry Ford and seem to have touched a nerve with our fellow citizens of Jewish descent. At least all of a sudden my Wordpress site isn't functioning as well as it was.

Of course, it's true I might be oversensitive and as some cranks say...paranoid..., but on the other hand I think I know when my computer is being messed with.

Kersey has already been admonished by having his advertising revenues cut off. There's a shot across the bow. What will be their next step? Take away the naughty boy's computer for a month or two?

The main thing is 'do no evil' as our friends at Google say.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....I am starting to think that the Right Wing Radical types are taking over America. Everywhere I go I see the Duck Dynasty product line. Sweat shirts, cookies, pillow cases and wash rags. The local sporting goods store even has the new Duck Dynasty Jock Straps. What gets me pissed off is that anywhere I go I cannot find any Mark Potok tee shirts. I search every night on and EBAY and nothing turns up. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA. I also tried to buy a Mark Potok action figure but had no luck with that either.

Anonymous said...

R.E. Prindle....the "wise" among us "see" it ALL, do you really think at least SOME of the 700 million Whites of Western civilisation were not going to figure out the prominent names and backgrounds from a tiny Tribe of parasites that looks like us but ain't us with no more than 15 to 30 million members yet has enormous presence in a huge chunk of our media and industry? How they seem to be just about EVERYWHERE in the last 500 years? Imagine zoroastrians, gypsies, mormons, karaites, Dutch amish/mennonites, jehovah's witnesses, scientologists, sikhs, jains, Moonies with their tiny numbers but high average wealth with the same influence. Get the picture? It isn't the Jains who produced those disgusting jerry seinfields, annie sprinkles, lenny bruces, joan rivers, howard sterns and joan rivers and their political and judicial counterparts. Nor was it Scientologists who erected Monsanto which started out as a slavery outfit in New Orleans way back in the day (guess that Tribe!). No R.E. Prindle, "wise" folks like me are sick and tired of being told we are "divisive" or "this doesn't really matter" when as a White Man who loves my White (and ONLY White) created civilisation, I am sick of the "symptoms" and pus lading wrappings endlessly expounded on, but the "Cause" is apparently too scary, too much to put under the microscope. And I as also SICK AND TIRED of WHITES being blamed for being infected and sick! WE ARE INFECTED! THAT IS WHY WE HAVE ALL THESE DISGUSTING behaviors like single momhood and mudsharking and screwing each other over for coin. It is time to grow up and slough the parasites and the bugs they bring or invite in.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, to be safe, you have to live in a mostly negro free city (and even then in a good neighborhood) where the neighbors watch anyone who comes into the neighborhood like a hawk~ especially if it's a negro.
No negro will come into my neighborhood that has any chance of getting away with anything.
One lady left her garage door open by accident when she left home and negroes in a van spotted it and drove back and forth a few times before backing their van into the driveway close to the door. Neighbors poured out of their houses and were on them in a flash questioning them and they quickly left before the police could get there.
One neighbor saw two negroes on the street and actually went out with his shotgun (back in the 80's) and told them to get the hell out as they had no legitimate business in the neigborhood. True, they didn't and quickly left.
I saw a negro walking down my dead end street in the rain (w/o an umbrella!) and got in my van and followed him as he walked back out of the neighborhood. Just stayed a certain distance behind him and drove very slowly so he knew he was being watched until he pissed off back to negroville.
Believe me, negroes know which neighborhoods to "hit" and which ones are "uncool" and too risky to mess with.
A feral worthless home invading negro in my neighborhood would have his ass blown off from so many different directions, he'd be spinning like a top.
Yeah, we have to be that way. It was just a couple of miles away that the Knoxville Horror took place.

Gnome Sane said...


Here's an interesting site, online police scanners from all over the country.

Here are the ten codes:

Anonymous said...


O yes, Brittnay..who thinks whites are in a war on blacks...just decimating them

Brittney Cooper

Brittney Cooper is a contributing writer at Salon.

Follow her on Twitter at @professorcrunk.

Anonymous said...


it gets worse

from comments at sa loon

Araminta Ross Jul 11, 2013

I find it so interesting that Dr. Cooper is being called a "liar" and so many other atrocities in this comment section. She is a professor of a pretty well known university.

Why would she lie? Some of you suggest it is to seek "fame" but for what reason? Others of you mentioned that she is just another "poor black person trying to play victim" but she is not poor, she is a professor with a well established career. She is educated and some of you

Mr. Rational said...

Muskegon Avenger, thanks for the local viewpoint.  We need those, because the Corrupt Liberal Media will not give us anything that contradicts The Narrative.

Anonymous said...

Secret Squid: "Did this scum have an all black jury?"
I thought sentencing was meted out by judges, except when a jury is asked to decide on death penalty. Blacks routinely get short sentences for heinous crimes, and it can only be for two reasons:
* Blacks are viewed as semi-retarded; and since it is "unjust" to execute a retard, it is likewise "unjust" to issue a full sentence to a creature that lacks full Knowledge of Good and Evil.
* TPTB want the nwords out there, killing and maiming and raping and destroying all that is good.
I don't care which "reason" they are using in their minds. I am goddamned sick of it.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...

As some of you know who have read my rants I am truly amazed at how stupid people can be. Living in a country with a large percentage of DUMB WHITE PEOPLE mixed in with an even larger number of stupid black people does make for interesting times….

BTW...I just met a nice older lady on the internet who is into tattoos and body piercing (she has a bone through her nose). Her hobbies are bowling and hanging out in biker bars. Hey, at least she's not a liberal.

That's my reaction to the White Homeland(™) concept. White ancestry alone accounts for very little moral or intellectual high ground these days. Have these folks looking forward to the white homeland even seen the current crop of white people? Maybe visited a local Walmart? These folks are not the people who founded this nation or built it. Those people are gone. They are dead or 85 years old. What we are left with is the product of five decades of television and a rotten education system. I'm just talking about the averages here. Obama was elected, twice and I'm telling you white people were involved in that. Worse than that, they are sitting around watching what is being done to them now and a great many deem the current situation to be "a non-issue".

The lady sounds nice. Be careful if you've got a dog though.

Philadelphia Mike said...

To Anonymous @ 2:27 PM

You state:

"He makes an interesting point and a challenge. Can whites build the cities they claim they built again, minus blacks and hispanics. I think so. But something even better with a built in orderly system to block the enemies of civilization from gaining control again. But at the same time there would have to be a new paradigm. Strict laws enforcing separation of business and state. Total free markets with government regulation of standards, with severe punishments for businesses that conspire with officials to cheat the public. Reproductive licenses would require minimum IQ and net worth. Minimum age 30 and net worth to vote. Everything extreme sows the seeds of its own destruction. What is happening today will lead to something different."

My reply is that we Whites have been and still are building cities from the ground up. We have also been rebuilding the ghettoized carcasses of formerly glorious cities...and from the ruins of black urban mismanagement, recklessness, violence and blight, we have revived them back into beautiful habitable places.

New towns and small cities are still being built in the USA far from the wild lands inhabited by the blacks...and without black labor. And although we Whites work very well with each other, with Orientals, and with Mexicans, we are quite capable of building and rebuilding by ourselves alone, should we choose to do so.

Europe is still developing beautiful new towns and incredible cities without the "help" of the black man.

The Chinese have been building cities from the ground up in blacks there.

Constructive Feedback is delusional if he cannot see this.
Perhaps he does see this but thinks he can deceive us into thinking that he is an analytical thinker with this very simple minded smoke and mirrors approach.
He is evading the real issues.

We have been...and still are...proving ourselves over and over and over again.

Therefore, the more reasonable challenge would be to see the black man build his own city anywhere in the world without the help of any Whites, Orientals, Western Asians, Mestizo Hispanics, or Indigenous peoples. All black architects, city planners, financiers, etc. All black inhabitants. No U.S. government grants (of which the majority of funds comes from non black tax payers). All black professors, schools, doctors, nurses, brain surgeons, electrical engineers. Etc., etc., etc. Yes, let's try that challenge.

Moreover, he needs to understand that the Mexicans don't trust the blacks and don't feel safe around them either.

His challenge is as moot as challenging the fish in the seas to swim, the birds in the sky to fly....or the White man to create beauty from the raw elements. Some things just come naturally.

And Remember,

Silence = Death

Break the White Silence

Awaken the Sleeping Dragon

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

"Occupied"? These cities aren't occupied; occupation means there is an organized force controlling the area, usually after having been taken over by force.

These cities are infested. We knew these things were no good, yet we continued to feed them, anyway. What did people think was going to happen?

rent slave said...

I'm so glad that the Passaic River separates me from that place,the home of Nat Turner Park.

Survivor said...

Recidivist White Nazi, re educated by Enrichment Commissars! Huzzah!

D-FENS said...

"Can whites build the cities they claim they built again, minus blacks and hispanics. I think so."

I KNOW so!

Northern Refugee said...

"Can whites build the cities they claim they built again, minus blacks and hispanics. I think so."

Uh, this happens EVERY SINGLE DAY. Look at all the diaspora cities built on the fringes of collapsed big cities. Sandy Springs is the best example. It was farmland 30 years ago. Now it has skyscrapers, low taxes and a functioning government. Built by whites fleeing blacks.

Anonymous said...

we need tiers of citizenry, a la Heinlein's starship troopers. tests must be passed & perhaps military service in order to qualify as a citizen-constitutional-oath-keeper.

the rabble who can't qualify as citizens should have less voice & be kept apart from the citizenry.

Survivor said...

All you need is segregation.

The Arabs still stick westerners in Cantonments, they still restrict the Phillipino and Hindu population.

Dan said...

“I came across a case recently where a married man and woman were both infected by HIV along with their two young children. Upon investigation it was revealed the woman had taken part in a humanitarian trip eight years earlier in sub Saharan Africa, having unprotected vaginal and anal sex with local men – infecting her husband a year later then subsequently infecting her two children through breast feeding.”

If we cannot call them other than human, what about

"Walking HIV"?

Anonymous said...


for your next blog post, you may also want to comment on african immigration (no history of slavery_ into white nations like australia

ost Australian media outlets are CENSORING this attack. Only the Herald Sun printed any details about the attack. Other media outlets refused to published any details about the perps. If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in Australia.

Now, a fourteen year old white Australian was targeted at random by twenty African immigrants. The perps are believed to be from the Sudan.

The perps were simply looking to attack any white person to attack. They tried to enter a neighborhood party consisting of High School Students. When they were refused entry, the waited to ambush the first lone white person leaving the party by himself.

The fourteen year old victim was brutally beaten and stabbed four dies.

From Australia Herald-Sun…

A gang of about 20 teenagers set upon a 14-year-old boy, slashing him four times with a blade, in the latest bout of knife violence to strike Melbourne.

The group, whom witnesses say were mostly Sudanese or of African descent, had tried to gatecrash a nearby party 10 minutes before they set upon Ben Phillips in the frenzied group attack.

Witnesses said the gang was lying in wait for anyone that left the Cranbourne party before attacking Ben as he walked a girl home.

After a brief discussion, the gang set on him, landing a flurry of punches and then kicked him as he lay on the ground.

The teenager was stabbed four times in the back during the brutal assault, with the blade puncturing both lungs.

Ben’s father, Barry, said the gang was planning to ambush anyone that left the party.

“They just started punching him and punching him then he fell down,’’ Mr Phillips said.

“He got up and again, punch, punch, punch, he fell down and rolled up into a ball and then they started kicking him. He got up and bolted.

“He took a few steps then started screaming to his friends.”

Bogolyubski said...

Anon notes:
STOP!!! using the term MSM. It only legitimizes the meme that what is blatant Cultural Marxist slanted coverage of crime is "MAINSTREAM".


From now USE CMM(CEE-MMM-MMM or CEE-DOUBLE-MMM / CM2) for CULTURAL MARXIST MEDIA. It will tell everyone that we are sick of the nonsense and lies.

Everytime you use the terms Cultural Marxism or Frankfurt School of Marxism somebody at the SPLC or ADL gets their panties in a bunch. Its liberating.

You'll note that I never use the term MSM, or even the take-off LSM. I use Ministry of Truth - straight out of Orwell. It's all there, the two-minute hates, War is Peace, etc. I also refer to their scribblers as Duranties - after Walter Duranty, the Pulitzer Prize winning (never rescinded, BTW) "journalist" whose whitewashing of the Soviet regime's forced starvation of tens of millions has been successful down to this very day.

Why are they still in business? Who keeps organizations like the Indianapolis Star & Sickle and its fellow propaganda sheets in every city in the Banksta Banana Republick going? Ads from chicken-shacks, nail salons and barbershops? Donations from the vast estates of expiring rappers or afleetes? They need destroying. Every single one without exception.

In NJ, I noticed someone mentioned that the monsters who carried out the deliberate murder of the elderly vet will be out of jail in 10 years. Who is it who elected and re-elected the governors and legislators who passed laws that disarm elderly vets on the one hand while enabling murderous savages on the other (a perfect example of anarcho-tyranny in action, by the way)?

There's a one-sided war under way and I see scant evidence that the folks being targeted are even aware it's underway. Even worse, we're now seeing how the very few places even on the net who dare to mention it - even the very mild-mannered mention at WND - are now getting muscled into silence by massive entities in bed with the regime like Google.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. Woodson, the perp who pleaded guilty to a token 10-year sentence a month ago, was supposedly the main killer. He had been awaiting trial for over three years, standard for New Jersey.

The prosecutor's office either thought they couldn't convict or didn't care. At Anthony's trial, in which he was only convicted on one count, the jury had nine blacks out of 12.

As I've written here before, garden variety blacks commit heinous murders like this one.

Californian said...

straight out of Orwell. It's all there, the two-minute hates, War is Peace, etc.

"Diversity Is Strength"...

Whiskey said...

Anon 2:35, your comment illustrates WHY White identity and unity is a non-starter, WHY it was rejected decisively after 1945.

You're ascribing a blood guilt and blood libel to everyone who is Jewish. Collective blood guilt. And that restrictive, narrow, pseudo Christian, ugly, and destructive idea was rejected because it does not and will stop with Jews.

Nationalism and White identity and unity are rejected because if Jews can't be part, neither can Irishmen. Nor Hungarians. Nor Italians. Nor Poles. Nor any of the myriad ethnicities and nationalities that make up Whites and White people.

Most would rather take their chances with Blacks who in their violence are stupid and unorganized than other Stalin or Hitler.

Jews are White. They are in fact, based on DNA analysis of Ashkenazi Jews, descended from Italian Men and ME Women. If guys like Einstein and girls like Anne Frank are not White, who is? If they have to be exterminated, you'll find other minorities like Poles, Irish, Scots, Bretons, Czechs etc. figuring they will be next.

You are EXHIBIT A on the moral, and intellectual bankruptcy of White Identity and Nationalism movements.

I want a unified, White Identity movement to protect me and mine. As such I want to encompass ALL Whites and include Hispanics as well, because the biggest group wins. I am supremely uninterested in blood guilt or other pseudo, Christian views.

[If you believe Christs message, he died for ALL men and nations and such don't exist, including Israel btw -- and all men stand before him cleansed of all sin and guilt by accepting him as their savior. Blood guilt is a pagan, pre-Christian hangover that lingers around Catholic populations who believe "the Jews killed Jesus" because the priest told them so, unlike literate Protestants who spend most Sundays reading about Jews in the Old Testament.]

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Blackjack Pershing, I read about him in the past, some time ago now.

I remember he told one Woodrow Wilson, liberal, democrat, academician and POTUS, at the conclusion of WW1, that if we, America, do not march on, and crush Berlin now, we will fight them, the Germans, again in twenty years. Woodrow scoffed.

Twenty one years later, Hitler Blitzkrieged Poland, and WW2 began.

I also remember he got his moniker, Blackjack because he commanded an all negro, aka black military outfit.

That was how it was done back in the day, when sanity and reality ruled and liberal illusion and ideology took the back seat.

A good man, an excellent officer, a four star general as I recall.

Further on this note, it was Eisenhower who then desegregated the military after WW2 and America as POTUS. I believe Ike was a good man, but simply confused the negro and negro behavior under the tight leash of military protocol, with the negro and negro behavior when unleashed and given liberty in the white man's higher culture of civilization.

We all know how that whopping boner worked out.

I believe we would be better off if we whites once again lived under the aegis of reality instead of illusion; if non-liberal whites ruled the roost and white liberals once again were nonentity.

Perhaps a new White Homeland disallowing white liberals and their ideology would fill the ticket.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Whiskey said...

And Cont'd:

The bankruptcy of "blame the Jews" is shown by a collective, blood guilt for Jews being PRESENT among Communists and other pan-national, internationalist, "progressive" organizations (like the Civil Rights Movement) when there are comment after comment among White Identity and Nationalists about how the Jews really need extermination.

What is your advice? All Jews should die? The shocking thing is that not EVERY Jew did not join anything that promised to end nationalism and endless progroms.

The Quenelle is not an "anti-establishment" gesture but one made by almost exclusively Blacks and Muslims against Jews featuring "Jews get the hell out we will kill you." Done by Blacks (and Muslims) in front of places where Jews have been murdered (by Muslims) as recent as 2012.

You don't get more right-wing than Marie Le Pen (whose father is the godfather to Dieudonne's kids) and her reaction was that there should be no censorship but that Dieudonne was an outright anti-Semite.

To sum up, Whites reject anti-Semitism because having seen it ultimately expressed they rationally fear that they will end up in a death camp too, when the killers run out of Jews.

Siding with a Black anti-Semite over say, a few tiny amount of Jews in France is the mark of someone who just wants to kill any Whites who are insufficiently pure. Which means pretty much all Whites in the end.

Whiskey said...

As for those wondering WHY Jews are so over-represented among White achievement, duh, the average IQ among Ashkenazi Jews is 115. Well big surprise, the people who gave the West the Pantheon, the Coliseum, Trajan's Arch, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Machiavelli, Verdi, Marconi, Fermi, Bernoulli, Fibonacci, Caravaggio, Michaelangelo, Puccini, etc. continue to give us: Einstein, Spinoza, Lister, etc.

Jews (Ashkenazi, not Sephardic) are very smart. They're Italians. Is that shocking? I'd rather have them on my side than engage in endless, Thirty Years War inter-White killing.

Indeed Jerry Seinfeld just dismissed (to Derbyshire's delight) "diversity demands" and John Derbyshire a man who knows a thing or two believes the outright anti-Semitism among Black and Muslim populations will help create a broader White identity. Because you can't change your skin color and absent a Chinese big nation protector the natives periodically kill parts of your family, as Steve Sailer notes with Amy Chua.

But go ahead, indulge your anti-Jewish hate. Hate is not a luxury **I** can afford, I'm too interested in survival.

Whiskey said...

You (anon Jew-blamers) want cause I'll give you cause.

One Peter Brimelow, the guy who pays PK for his articles, believes.

Hitler's revenge. The awfulness of the camps, which were awful in that pretty much everyone who was White could rationally conceive of situations where THEY could wind up there (denunciations by jealous rivals over a girl, business, promotions, etc as "Jewish" then Polish then Slav then Celtic then Anglo Saxon then Gallic, etc.) led to widespread revulsion over anything that smacked of White identity or nationalism.

Meanwhile the threat of Black and Muslim and Hispanic mass immigration and conquest was not seen because the peoples were not organized or possessed of awesome industrial power.

I will add three additional factors:

Anti-Western revulsion of possible nuclear war ending life on Earth for humanity and much of the biosphere on the planet. This was big growing up in the 1980s and I assume decades earlier. See "La Dolce Vita" for a good exploration of this.

Rising income for women, anonymous urban living, pill, and condom (Heartiste's explanation) made formerly higher-status men into beta males and White women bitterly resented them and civilization, which is why feminism which had been a rich White Christian woman's obsession since Mary Wollstonecroft (the mother of Mary Wollstonecroft Shelley the Frankenstein Author) took off like an opportunistic infection. With a heaping dose of White male hatred for being non-sexy.

Finally, post-Christian religion, Crystal Methodism, attracting High IQ people who don't want Christianity's high restriction on sexuality when there is a massive sex party going on, adopting the form with added debased Volk Marxist concepts of Christianity. Original White sin, Black redemption, status mongering of the Saved. See Bill Gates and his Wife.

The solution?

Change the culture, one book and article and movie at a guerrilla approach at a time. Peel off Jews, high-IQ Wasps (Patton Oswalt may be an example of the latter, I don't think he's Jewish and has linked to Steve Sailer), and White women. I don't have any illusions this will be cheap or easy but can be done. The Steve Sailer(tm) KKKrazy Glue theory is that the only thing keeping the anti-White guy coalition together is that they have not started fighting each other.

Blacks can't keep Jews around the coalition when they indulge in the Quenelle and people who back Hitler make White people VERY ANXIOUS (because they fear a Witch-hunt for racial purity putting THEM in death camps). White women are being pushed out by Black and Hispanic women in Academia (good!) White actresses and comic actors are being pushed out by a demand for "diversity" which means smart and "funny" women are now in the White Guy boat. No jobs at SNL for them!

Meanhile White guys must embrace the Alpha. If every guy was a sexy dominant guy with "learned charisma" as Heartiste put it, or even just upped his attractiveness ONE notch by being in shape, and cocky-asshole funny White women would drop their Black enthusiasms from Oprah to Rap very quickly.

Finally stories, movies, books, TV shows, and the like must guerrilla fashion show courage and ability by White guys. Men naturally admire both and want to imitate it like women admire grace, compassion and beauty in other women.

I want White women, Jews, high IQ WASPs like Bill Gates and his wife, on my side. I think this can be done over the next hundred years or so. I won't live to see it. But its doable, maybe just maybe.

This is my solution.

Jay Santos said...

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said…

Perhaps a new White Homeland disallowing white liberals and their ideology would fill the ticket.

it's ultimately adherence to principles. and those laid out in our founding documents were fine, that will give you the type of homeland we are all looking for. Our problem, apart from the presence of negroes, is that so many Americans basically ignored the corruption of our principles and our liberties over the last 50 years in particular. We were fat and happy, believed what our churches told us about not judging lest you be judged and we allowed politics to attract and engorge the absolute worst among us.

Reestablish an America without the fetid rot of centralized control, without the corrupting largesse of government programs carefully tailored to destroy individuals and gather votes. And most importantly, find a way to somehow, finally hold these maggots that infest our elite ruling class responsible for what they do. They need to be held responsible, along with their children and their great grandchildren. There's no innocence there.

Whiskey said...

One last add and I'm done.

"Blame the Jews" has been tried and rejected for the past 70 years. What on earth does anyone think it would be accepted now? It has been a consistent, loser, beta male failure in picking up (support) and needs to go.

Yes I understand the Blue Pill is comforting because reality is ugly and complex and scary. Its easier to just believe in some super-secret conspiracy that ends up making France full of Blacks and Muslims pushing Jews out on pain of death. Because somehow that is good for Jews.

On your hand, you have an unrivaled record of 70 years of failure. On mine, I have the policies and approach of Marie Le Pen, the UKIP, Geert Wilders, Alternative fur Deutschland, and other people wanting to exercise actual real political power by gaining popular support. See also Switzerland and their vote to curtail EU immigration.

I repeat: your 70 year record of failure is contradicted by the approach very successful of men like Geert Wilders and women like Marie Le Pen.

Who then should White people interested in survival not emotions and world views follow? Winners or losers?

Philadelphia Mike said...

I come here to make myself aware of the injustices done to ALL Caucasian people by the hand of Negro violence.


I am not here to play the blame game and point fingers at the various ethnic groups who comprise our great Caucasian people. Nor am I here to slur Mestizos, Indigenous peoples or Jews.

I am also not here to promote, advocate or incite violence.

I read this blog to stay current. To be reminded that all is NOT well within America. To be reminded that our voices are being quelled.

We all know how it came about (LBJ's Great Society). We know how it was nurtured to become an uncontrollable monster (dimwitted liberal White guilt compounded by the Ministry of Truth propaganda machine). And we know what it has become (unbearable and unsustainable).

So, united, let's make our voices heard without alienating any of our people.

With Unity, Break the White Silence

Philadelphia Mike

Johnny See said...
I read it. The phrase that stood out was 'perpetual psychodrama'. Indeed. What better way to describe the whole Cultural Marxist agenda? Geez. Talk about weapons of mass DISTRACTION!

Anonymous said...

This is Newark

SolInvictus said...

Wow PK, you must have made it to the big leagues in my two day negro fatigue induced vacation from your site if the ADL types are trying to co-opt the message.

Whiskey, you are either entirely ignorant of even mainstream history or purposefully spouting disinformation. In response to simple observations of reality (something we do here without fear of offense or getting labelled "rayciss"), you blather on in retaliation mentioning the word Jew some 30 times (yeah, I counted). As though the two groups have an aligned plight in any way.
Christ, they always want it both ways... try to align with blacks for power, and then when the pet civil rights project monster gets out of the lab, it's back under the skirts of whites claiming how alike we are.

Assertion and request for sanctuary denied.

To address one of your many efforts at predictably typical disinformation:

"Nationalism and White identity and unity are rejected because if Jews can't be part, neither can Irishmen."

Um, no. Nice try. I've seen nothing whatsoever to support that, ever.
The most common theme I've seen across the spectrum of WN's is that of a pan-European nature, which includes a lot of variety in hue and culture.

Almost universally however, it excludes the Tribe. Can't imagine why...could it be that while sure, they've managed to infiltrate and steal some of our DNA and appearance, but other than that, it is a completely alien group that has always sapped European countries from within for their own gain.

Or if possible, they go full Bolshevik and start killing the ethnic white locals by the millions. Feel free to look up the Holomodor if you want to read about a real holocaust that you've likely never heard of.
Funny as it was the largest genocide in history, largely committed by a Jew, Genrikh Yagoda, ironically sporting a little Hitler mustache... yet all we ever hear about is the evil of Hitler, while neighboring Jewish led Communists committed far worse crimes against humanity.
Can't imagine why there isn't a Holomodor movie every year out of Hollywood.

One doesn't have to even venture in white nationalist rhetoric or conspiracy theory to see the seemingly never-ending roll in Europe and US woes. From the slave trade, Rothschilds, and Bolsheviks to our international bank cartels, the EU, and Ignatiev type professors outright calling for white genocide, leading rabbis and jewish authors like Sever Plocker are the best and most damning sources.
I could go on for pages with their own leaders' quotes about the roll of whites as servants, the books about the etiquette of killing gentile children, and the claim of Communism as an obvious secular extension of Judaism.

At least blacks only screw us out of ineptitude and ignorance...
that's almost forgivable in comparison. Pitiable at least.

So no, your call for a merger between the two groups will never resonate with any but the young, stupid, and unlearned. It has been a large part of our tribulations as they helped unleash the politically correct liberal plague on us to begin with.

Does it suck that many innocent and even conservative Jews are tarred by that? Sure.

But not my people and not my problem.

All I ask is that they leave me and mine alone. Why is that such an evil thing? It is something they've never been able to do and sporadically through history, it is dealt with. Like blacks, they perpetually want to decry us but burrow in ever deeper to feed themselves off our creativity, beauty, work, our wars, and our misery.

Besides, they have a nuclear armed apartheid state to fall back to. Something they have helped more than any other group to eliminate as a possibility for any white group...

Anonymous said...

I was just watching a story on the news about Detroit's bankruptcy. The news anchor acknowledged the high crime rate drove out a lot of productive citizens and businesses. The high crime rate however is caused by "abandoned buildings". Yep. Those darn abandoned buildings sure know how to make a person rob, rape, and murder someone. Anyhow, some 500+ million dollars alone of taxpayer money is being set aside for bulldozing abandoned buildings. You don't even want to imagine how much other money is being set aside for various other welfare entitlement programs. The art institute is being sold and "privatized". It is being sold off to pay the ransom is more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

anon @9:19

Kind of surprising they would knock down these buildings...

Once gone, who then will be to blame for the black tide of violence? Bus-stops? Food deserts? A lack of basketball courts?

Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be ebil!!

Anonymous said...

Just for the sake of accuracy, Truman integrated the military. In 1948, as I recall.

Left Coast White Guy said...

I couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

I really like the style in which this was written. A little more opinionated, it had quotes from people to break the paragraphs. PK is a good writer generally, but this was a welcome deviation from his usual writing schematic. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

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