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Control: The Ultimate Goal of the Civil Rights Movement Seen through the Lens of Black Political Control in Baltimore


One word.

Two syllables.

That’s all life is about.
A picture of the leadership of the city of Baltimore (from the State of the City address on 2-10-14)

Be in control of your finances; your relationship; your work/life balance.


It’s a simple concept that represented the beating (pounding) heart behind the ultimate goal of the civil rights movement; usurp control from white America to, well, blacks.

Control of not just a city, but the fire department, the accounting department, the police department, allocation of city contracts with vendors, the school board, the city council, and – most importantly – the “narrative.”

How else could a city like Baltimore -where blacks are 63.5 percent of the population - still maintain that a $900,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is necessary to promote minority job creation and business competitiveness? [Baltimore wins $900,000 grant to boost minority business competitiveness, Baltimore Business Journal, 9-16-13]

When a loan from the MBDA is necessary to promote “minority business interests” in a city where whites are the minority (and blacks the clear majority), you know everything that is touted as truth by the establishment when discussing racial differences in intelligence is 100 percent wrong.

Nonetheless, the black mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, considered this “loan” worthy of mentioning in her State of the City address. Noting Baltimore “won” the three-grant to build a minority business development center, the irony of a 63.5 percent black city needed such an infusion of tax-dollars was lost on everyone celebrating the news. [Mayor Rawlings-Blake Speaks On Crime, Education, Entrepreneurship in State of City Address,, 2-12-14].

But control is all that matters.

Blacks control the city, and regardless of how bad things get, they also profit from the “narrative” demanding all blame to fall on white people (sadly, many whites accept this version of reality). The past is never dead, with contemporary whites still enjoying the privilege of their ancestors’ racism; never mind that Mayor Rawlings-Blake created a 25-members Mayor’s Council on Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises in 2012 (which would set goals for awarding city contracts to… you guessed it… minority and women-owned businesses), the narratives dictates a white person can be blamed. [Rawlings-Blake creates minority business advisory council, Baltimore Sun, 7-18-2012]

With many people, primarily whites, believing “judging by content of character” is the most noble, laudatory goal, the city of Baltimore – controlled by blacks – believes otherwise. Too many white people, and too few black people, hold jobs in the fire department.

Thus, Baltimore once had a government official assigned to specifically recruit non-whites. [Fire department to cut diversity-minded recruitment division: Current division chief says mission to attract African-Americans remains vital, Baltimore Sun, 4-22-13]:
The move has caused concerns among African-American leaders in the department. Lloyd Carter, the deputy chief for recruitment, who would be reassigned under Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's budget for the next fiscal year, said he believes his position and the small division built around it should be saved.
"They wanted to improve diversity in the department, and now there's no funding for it?" Carter said in an interview. "The department is no more diverse than it was." 
Officials said the Fire Department is currently 32 percent black, a level it has maintained since at least 2011. The city population is 65 percent African-American. 
The special division and two positions — created in 2011 as part of efforts to boost minority outreach — would be cut under the plan, and recruitment duties would be absorbed into other divisions, including the training academy, according to department officials. 
Henry Burris, president of the Vulcan Blazers, an organization that advocates for black firefighters, said he is "strongly against" the plan. The organization had called — unsuccessfully — for a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into what it described as "systemic discrimination in hiring, discipline and recruitment" in the department. 
"If there is a cutback, it should not be in recruitment, because there is a lack of minorities in the Baltimore City Fire Department," he said. "The only way you will get that is if you have a dedicated crew out there recruiting city residents."
In 2004, the department faced criticism and outrage for hiring an all-white class of recruits. As a result, hiring methods changed and the department promised progress. 
But by 2011, allegations of racism persisted, and Rawlings-Blake announced the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Urban League would work with department leaders to increase minority outreach.

It’s our city now.

How dare you believe such public jobs as a firefighter could employ white people?

You have no organization advocating on your behalf because you believe control comes through the noble notion of “judging by character.” Blacks… they only judge by one rule: are we blacks in control? If not, racism is the only culprit, and we must overcome such an idea!

The new black fire chief, Niles Ford, has only one objective from City Hall: hire more non-whites.


Though  Clarence Burns –a 40-year Democrat operative - was the first black mayor of Baltimore (he was never elected), Kurt Schmoke was the first elected black mayor of the city. He made it clear who was in charge when he won [Baltimore Mayor Loses to Younger Foe in Primary, New York Times, 9-17-1987]:
''We're looking to the future now,'' a beaming Mr. Schmoke told the wildly cheering crowd at the Fifth Regiment Armory early today. ''We're not looking to the past. We're looking to the future.''
Control. [THE END: What Kurt Schmoke Did Right, and How He Went Wrong, Baltimore City Paper, 12-1-1999]:
A month later, at the inauguration ceremony at the Baltimore Arena, the mood was "electric," recalls Bill Cunningham, a former City Council member and longtime friend of Schmoke. "It was a new-day-is-dawning thing." 
"It was generational, us vs. them," says Jody Landers, who was also on the council at the time. "It was like, 'It's our turn now.'" 
That sentiment was shared by many African-Americans across the city. "We were looking for someone to encompass our hopes for the future, someone who would validate our own journey," the Rev. Arnold Howard of Enon Baptist Church says. 
"He went into office with all that on him. He was the new savior. He was the one who would fulfill our dreams."
That “dream” wasn’t color-blind.

The “future” of Baltimore belonged to black-political control, with the Ivy-League educated Schmoke the man to remake the city in a black-centric image. Only three years into his tenure, the future came quickly. [City Council OKs Plan for 5 majority black districts, Baltimore Sun, 3-19-1991]:
In a raucous, shoe-waving session, the Baltimore City Council threw out Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke's status quo redistricting plan last night and replaced it with one that would create five councilmanic districts with black majorities and leave only one -- East Baltimore's 1st District -- with a white majority. 
The plan, proposed by Councilman Carl Stokes, D-2nd, was given preliminary approval on a 10-7 vote, with two council members abstaining. A final vote on the Stokes plan could come as early as Thursday. 
Mr. Stokes said he proposed what amounted to wholesale revision of the mayor's plan for redrawing the lines of the city's six council districts because the Schmoke plan did not do enough to shake up the political machines that have kept the City Council predominantly white when Baltimore itself has a black majority. 
Opponents were incensed, however, saying that it "raped" their neighborhoods and had been proposed before community leaders could express their views. 
The argument was fierce and broke down largely along racial lines. At one point, Councilwoman Sheila Dixon, D-4th, took off her shoe and waved it in the faces of her white colleagues, saying, "You've been running things for the last 20 years -- now the shoe is on the other foot. See how you like it." 
Mayor Schmoke learned about the proposal with most other council members at a luncheon yesterday and was angered by the lack of public notice, according to his spokesman, Clinton R. Coleman. 
However, supporters of the proposal said they had made their concerns about increasing black populations in predominantly white districts known for the past two months. 
"I'm disappointed in what Mayor Schmoke said about the proposal," said Councilman Lawrence A. Bell, D-4th. "Here we have an African-American mayor who got into office on the backs of black constituents [and] who says this plan is unfair and bad politics. That's outrageous." 
"If this amendment passes, it's a rape of our communities," said Councilman Martin E. "Mike" Curran, D-3rd, said of Mr. Stokes' plan. "I can't stand and let this go on. I made a commitment to put a black candidate on our ticket, but apparently that's not enough." 
Councilwoman Vera P. Hall, D-5th, said Mr. Stokes' proposal had deeper goals. In supporting his plan, she said she hoped to empower black community groups and give them stronger voices for change.


In politics, the winner gets the spoils; in racial politics, the racial winner gets to spoil democracy for the racial losers.

But political control in the hands of blacks in Baltimore didn’t equate to success. [For Baltimore Mayor, A Shaky Incumbency, New York Times, 9-7-1995]:
But when Mr. Schmoke stopped by the Southwest Senior Center in a struggling, racially mixed neighborhood here last week, few people greeted him with encouragement as he tries for a third term. Instead, they spoke up about filthy, crime-ravaged streets and abandoned buildings. 
They were polite enough to Mr. Schmoke, who dutifully jotted their complaints in a notebook. But once the Mayor was out of earshot, some past supporters said they would not vote for him again -- and the primary is next week. 
"All the money is leaving the city; what do we do?" asked Fannie Fitzgerald, 67, a retired nurse who said that as a black woman she was proud to support Mr. Schmoke four years ago but is too discouraged to vote at all this year. 
"There's an empty house next to mine. The bricks are falling down. It rains in there. And the drug dealers have taken over. This has been five years. What do we do?"
Most striking about Mr. Schmoke's campaign is that support from white voters is so thin that for the first time he has geared his campaign to blacks. His bumper stickers are red, black and green, the colors of the black liberation movement, and his slogan is "Makes Us Proud." The unmistakable appeal to blacks has infuriated some whites and even some blacks, who accuse Mr. Schmoke of stoking racial tensions. 
"I'm not apologetic at all," Mr. Schmoke said. "For the majority population of this city, those colors have traditionally been symbols of pride and empowerment, not division."
The 1995 Democrat primary campaign (against  a white woman, Mary Pat Clarke) was completely, 100 percent racially charged, with Schmoke adopting the black flag of liberation as his campaign colors. [Candidates' bumper stickers raise issue of racial politics CAMPAIGN 1996, Baltimore Sun, 3-30-1995].

It was about control.

And the 1995 mayoral race in Baltimore was out about racial control of the city. [Times owner says appeal to black pride not enough, Baltimore Sun, 8-13-1995]:
On Sundays such as this, The Baltimore Times arrives. There are 32,000 copies printed each week, which are distributed through scores of the area's black churches, and through supermarkets and street boxes, and in this politically charged season its arrival tends to make the mayor of this city, Kurt L. Schmoke, duck for cover. 
Consider these words, from a recent front-page editorial written by the Rev. Peter Bramble, 49-year-old pastor at West Baltimore's St. Katherine's Episcopal Church who owns the Times and makes it a kind of political extension of his pulpit: 
"For the first time in his political life, Schmoke is wrapping himself in blackness -- African-American flag colors and symbols. He is even wearing kinte cloth ties! Now, is not that absolutely funny?
"It seems as though Larry Gibson, Schmoke's campaign manager, knows that only 'pride' could help him and his candidate against a woman, Mary Pat Clarke, who has made it her duty to deliver the goods when blacks have asked her favors over the years. Gibson knows that no honest Baltimorean can deny that Mary Pat Clarke delivers the goods. You ask her to do something in the community and it is done. . . . 
No one, black or white, could take that record of service from her." 
Consider these words, from another front-page editorial by Bramble: 
"If Schmoke had a record of helping blacks to advance, Larry [Gibson] should have been using that record of success to convince blacks that a third term would be good for Baltimore in general and blacks in particular. Because there is no record in this area, they resort to 'black pride.' Can we take that to the bank?" 
But Bramble's words are clearly provocative in a political season in which many Baltimoreans feel they're being asked to choose sides along racial lines. Consider: 
* In the race for City Council president, the white candidate Joe DiBlasi, competing with three black opponents, candidly admits, not working hard in black districts because I'm not going to win [there]. Some might call it racist; I call it concession." 
* In the race for mayor, representatives of 500 predominantly black churches back the mayor -- and back Joan Pratt, the black political novice who's running for comptroller against veteran legislator Julian Lapides, who is white. 
* The interracial Fraternal Order of Police endorses Clarke for mayor, prompting the black Vanguard Justice Society not merely to back Schmoke but to angrily declare the FOP endorsement "an attempt to miseducate African-American members of the Police Department and the community." The mayor, attending the Vanguard press conference, says the endorsement "speaks for itself." 
"I'm very black," Bramble was saying last week. "I promote everything black. But I have to be honest. This unity thing, there ++ has to be more than that. I can't lie. I can't say a white person who's been there has not been there.

Who will do the most for ‘us?’[Up in Schmoke, New Republic, 8-10-1998]:
Schmoke ran for his third term in 1995 against City Council President Mary Pat Clarke, a facile white populist in the Schaefer mold. Schmoke used red, black, and green for his campaign colors and "Makes Us Proud" for his campaign slogan. The city's white establishment reared back in horror. "You didn't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to see he was making a racial appeal," says one white Baltimore politician in a typically biting remark. The Sun endorsed Clarke, calling Schmoke "a sad disappointment." But Schmoke's racial ploy worked, and he trounced Clarke by 20 points. Even though Clarke outpolled Schmoke nine-to-one in many white sections of the city, Schmoke outpolled her nine-to-one in most of the black neighborhoods. As Elijah Cummings, a black Baltimore politician who now serves in the U.S. House of Representatives, told The Washington Post: Black voters saw Schmoke "as a home-grown man... They saw him as their son... We just did not want to be a New York and lose David Dinkins."

Racial control of a city. A novice, luckily they were black, won the race for comptroller, trouncing a white Democrat in the primary and dominating a Republican on election day. [Schmoke re-elected in 20% turnout African-Americans hold top 3 offices, City Council majority, Baltimore Sun, 11-8-1995]:
Yet, a historic shift in power was quietly ratified, as African-Americans captured all three of the top elected offices and a majority of council seats for the first time in Baltimore's history. 
City Councilman Lawrence A. Bell III, who made a name for himself with his aggressive anti-crime crusade, rose to the city's second-highest office by soundly defeating Republican Anthony D. Cobb to become council president. 
Accountant Joan M. Pratt, a political novice who surprised many by beating a veteran state legislator in the primary race for comptroller, won over rival Republican accountant Christopher P. McShane.


Racial control of a city (meaning virtually unlimited funds from Washington D.C. – white taxpayers – to the city in terms of Urban Development Action Grants to Empowerment Zones designation).


Not in Baltimore.

Consider that Baltimore was a city that sued the state of Maryland in the early 1990s, claiming a lack of money for education – per-pupil spending - was the reason behind such woeful academic performances in the overwhelmingly black Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS). The ACLU joined in the cause, crusading for the black-controlled city of Baltimore.

The powerbrokers in Annapolis (the capital of Maryland) agreed, granting hundreds of millions of dollars to BCPS in exchange for control of the system.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

Control means complete control.

Racial control.

What is this? A plantation? [Md., Baltimore Plan Overhaul Of City Schools; State's Move to Increase Funds, Control Criticized, Washington Post, 1-22-1996]:

In Baltimore, even some skeptics who are worried about the racial implications of a state takeover in a predominantly African American city seem willing to give it a try. 
"Our schools are in serious trouble, and it doesn't make a great deal of difference to me under whose auspices we fix them," said Garland O. Williamson, an African American businessman who serves on the Greater Baltimore Committee, a regional business group. 
But the proposal has triggered indignant responses from some Baltimoreans who suspect it would be underfunded and overly punitive, and from others who fear it would be overfunded and not tough enough.
"The city is looked at as a hole of poverty, and we're just throwing money down it. 
It's obscene, the racial prejudice and stereotypes behind this," said the Rev. Roger J. Gench, of Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church and a co-chairman of Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development, a church-based social-action group. 
City Council member Kiefer J. Mitchell Jr. asked: "If we're going to do this, why have a mayor and City Council? Why don't we all resign? Why have a City of Baltimore if the state's going to run everything?"


Racial control.
[Clergy, educators blast state plan to takeover city schools, Baltimore Afro-American, 8-10-1996]:

Baltimore ministers and educators criticized as "outrageous" proposed state legislation that would restructure city schools under state control. But the community leaders stopped short of saying exactly what they were going to do about it. 
At a Thursday press conference, Rev. John L. Wright, president of the United Baptist Missionary Convention of Maryland, refused to announce his group's position regarding the school system until Monday when clergy members convene. 
He did, however, restate opposition to using casino gambling revenue to fund schools - an idea introduced by Mayor Kurt Schmoke. 
"The people of this great state should know that the faith community will not sit idly by and watch as politicians make decisions that are not in the best interests of our children," he said. "This situation must be resolved before the beginning of the school year so that our children can begin the education process and our educators can begin to teach them."


Racial control. Marion Orr’s Black Social Capital: The Politics of School Reform in Baltimore 1986- 1998, makes clear what was at stake in this monetary trade-off by the state for control of BCPS:
Schmoke was also influenced by local politics. The most vocal opposition to the city-state partnership was from members of Baltimore’s powerful black clergy… These ministers jealously guarded black administrative control of the BCPS. The church community considered the proposal an “outrageous” state “takeover,” threatening the long tradition of black control of the BCPS. According to the Reverend Roger Gench… “racial prejudice and stereotypes [were] behind” the agreement.” (p. 180) 
Black community leaders, parent groups, and black ministers from Baltimore were perhaps the loudest critics of the proposal, arguing that the African-American community was giving up its rights to influence school operations. Many of these community leaders opposed sharing power with white state officials. (p. 182)

Though you may help us out financially, we want absolute control.

And in 1999, when white mayoral candidate Martin O’Malley won a surprise victory, his black foes dared assert that race was the only metric needed for the voters to know he was the wrong choice. [Can Mayor O’Malley Save Ailing Baltimore?, City Journal, Winter 2001]:
In a city in which Schmoke won his final term by appealing to racial pride, O’Malley’s race quickly became controversial. "Racism," screamed some of the city’s black preachers. "An O’Malley victory is the worse thing that could happen to the city, it would tear the city apart," thundered Reverend Doug Miles. But both Bell and Stokes ran race-baiting campaigns so over the top that the two candidates self-destructed. [Lawrence] Bell’s supporters sent out white-hate fliers endorsing O’Malley—fliers that many thought the Bell campaign itself had produced. The candidate, surrounding himself with menacing Nation of Islam bodyguards, called for black voters to "vote for someone who looks like you." In the campaign’s waning days, he even brought in those old warhorses of urban disaster, Marion and Cora Barry, to rally support. [Carl] Stokes played the race card too, though not quite so crudely. He came across as the same kind of well-meaning but ineffectual politician as Schmoke, insisting that New York’s policing success was "nonsense"—"a license to hunt minorities." "I don’t need to go to New York for new ideas," he exclaimed to campaign crowds.

Racial control.

This is what the civil rights movement fought for in America, the usurpation of control from whites and the ability to dictate the future in cities like Baltimore. In winning control, they also inherited control of the “narrative.”

Though cities like Detroit, Birmingham, Gary, Newark, Camden and Baltimore have collapsed into third world status under black rule, the blame will always fall on the shoulders of whites.


That’s the beauty of control. 

But one thing is obvious: the collapse of Baltimore can not be described in 'color-blind' terminology. 

It's a byproduct of black control. 


Medic Bear said...

Great article ! So sad, though, I remember many trips to Baltimore in the 70's & 80's - there were areas you wouldn't go into unarmed, of course, as there are in every large city, but we freely and safely walked from the inner harbor to the Johns Hopkins area around. Now I wouldn't drive through even if armed. BRA is a failure - a complete and utter disaster. We have it here in Georgia at the city, county and every other level.

10mm AUTO said...

"The candidate, surrounding himself with menacing Nation of Islam bodyguards, called for black voters to "vote for someone who looks like you.""

Always in the background you see the Paramilitary negros, the ones who are itching for power, the fanatics; right behind the smoke screen. NOI soldiers at Rev. Wright's visit to Washington D.C. NOI soldiers backing up black political campaigns and the Black Panthers, NOI money and influence in inner city crime and murder (Like the Zebra Killings). NOI recruitment in the Prisons.

Whites are going to continue to fade in political power everywhere, assuming the established trends continue. Unless a White Homeland can be established all these cities are merely a model of what the USA will become. You read these words and there is no "city pride" or even "party unity" or "preserving history" or even a recognition of the past greatness. There is only tomorrow, what goodies can you give the negroids now and what do you promise for tomorrow.

Even sadder is the image of the woman who bemoans the crumbling city and demands "more black!", but cannot connect White flight to WHY the city is degrading. It knows something is wrong, and wants someone to fix it, like the negros in Rhodesia who wanted clean water, but could not fix the water treatment plant because they had killed off the German engineers. As they died of Cholera, they demanded the U.N. "do something", anything! Except of course let Whites in again. The epidemic, which started in 2007 goes on even to today! Who ever heard of a preventable epidemic going on for 7 years! Only negros. We will see this madness in the USA before the very end.

White Homeland, Northwest Front

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Chicago inch by inch comes closer to Detroit.,0,3820358.story
"A coalition of Chicago public sector unions resistant to a push by Mayor Rahm Emanuel for changes to the pension system released a report Monday that concluded that the city should focus on new or higher taxes instead of significant cuts to benefits... The impacts of pension benefit cuts would hit women and people of color in disproportionate numbers and in turn hurt the economies in the city’s African American communities... “We worked hard for our money,” said Patricia Boughton, 61, the history teacher. “We paid our 9 percent (into the pension fund) faithfully . . . We earned this money, and we should not be penalized because the politicians in this city refused to live up to their obligations to their pensioners. I keep saying that I feel we’ve been robbed, that somebody is stealing from us.”"

So basically the "women and people of color" want to rob the tax payers because the public sector unions kept on lobbying for ever increasing wages, and electing the politicians who they now blame. They pretend that private sector employers will match 1,100% of a employees 401K contributions, and that private sector 401Ks can never lose value due to market conditions.

Anonymous said...

but Baltimore was "built" by blacks originally, right? I thought blacks pretty much built everything during the turbel legacy of de'Slabry & skedrigation

When blacks run all the yt's out of a town, they're just rightfully taking back what they built in the 1st place, right?

/? hypie out ?\

Anonymous said...

401K's be all rayciss when dey take our money n sheeeeeiiiiit. When my 401K takes a hit i immediately try and find someone to blame. Its the only logical solution.

Anyone want to guess how many 401K's are growing in the whole of africa? If it exceeds triple digits i will eat my hat.

Erie PA

Moondoggie said...

Any and all black run cities evolve into 3rd world hellholes. The facts are blacks can't run complex entities. Plus most end of being corrupt to add icing to the cake.

The real question is why in hell do the white liberals keep voting and supporting the destruction of their cities. Proof positive that liberals are idiots. These liberal people are so stupid they can't comprehend just how stupid they really are.

Do you understand we are going to leave you liberal people behind. Good luck fending for yourself when the dark hordes start their full spectrum ethnic genocide on you guilt ridden white fools.

Black people, even the good ones, hate all races especially whites. You liberal white fools they are using you to gain power and use it against you.

Mom that includes you too!

Anonymous said...

I really wish every white person would just pack up and flee these cities. They want control? Give it to them-in Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, Memphis etc etc. just let them have it while we watch everyone of them crumble under their "control".

Dissident said...

What you're seeing there in that photograph is a cargo-cult of personality.

Blacks bemoaning the state of their sewage filled metropolises and languishing under the weight of black dysfunction and ineptitude.

They'll never get it.

Left Coast White Guy said...

White homelands....America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. Brother, they are not generating more real estate. Do not concede what is ours to this invasive species. We will not get it back. Deport them! The logic behind your philosophy is paint ourselves into the corner of the head of a pin! Stand! Likes a man, stand. That is what you were born for. For such.a time as this. You are meant to stand. Don't give anymore. Stand!

Anonymous said...

>>>>PK wrote:
""""You have no organization advocating on your behalf because you believe control comes through the noble notion of “judging by character.” Blacks… they only judge by one rule: are we blacks in control? If not, racism is the only culprit, and we must overcome such an idea."""""""""

Yes, we are definitely seeing the results of BRA character and we now have half a century post Civil Rights era of evidence and proof of this racial group's character.

Wake up and get out while you can.

It is later than you think and the problem is staring the face.

Anonymous said...

Ex new yorker here.....I keep reading comments about a "white homeland". Well I live in a white homeland and it is not a pretty picture. First of all about 15 to 20 percent are just a bunch of stupid drunks. They work all day so they can drink all night. In the bars on Saturday night and in church on Sunday morning. They are saved by Jesus who will be returning any day now.

Almost every white person I know is dumber than a sack of hammers. It is pitiful. The ones that don't drink spend their time watching all those stupid television shows. They are all upset about Jay Leno going off TV, but there are some good basketball games to watch.. They have no idea at all about what is happening to their own country. They think LA RAZA is new brand of corn chips. Only about one percent are awake. For 20 years I have been hearing about the GREAT AWAKENING that will be taking place, but looking around me I don't see any proof of it. Damn. Lied to again.

Bogolyubski knows how screwed up the average person is and how hopeless they really are. I don't have much faith in things getting any better. Once amnesty is passed and the immigration flood gates bust open things will get much worst. The Mexicans and Africans will start killing each other over who gets the biggest piece of pie. The "white homeland" will be reservations like they now have for the Indians. They will also have DEBT CAMPS where people can work off their credit cards and student loans. Building office furniture for the government won't be that bad. You'll get to have visitors on the weekends.

Out here where I live the big dream is to have your kids graduate from the local MKUltra University so they can become an android and get a job working at a bank or insurance company in Denver. When I was a kid I was raised on a war widow's pension. This is what my father died for.

Anonymous said...

By 2005, then-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick warned that the GRS [GRS is the Detroit municipal employee pension fund] was underfunded, but that raising contributions to required levels would mean layoffs among city employees. Instead, the city issued a $1.4 billion “pension obligation bond,” which made the city’s plans appear to be “fully funded.” With funding restored, the 13th checks, which had ceased for several years, began anew.

"13th checks" are a secondary bonus that was paid out to Detroit's overwhelmingly Black municipal workforce every year, paid out of pension fund accounts that were already underfunded.

To sum up, Detroit offered its employees a generous pension plan with zero contributions, then sweetened the deal with bonus payments. When the pension became underfunded, at least in part due to those bonus payments, the city borrowed money to fund the plan. The holders of those pension obligation bonds will now lose most of what they are owed.

Investors got hosed to fund Detroit's Black patronage system. How many people out there have their retirement funds invested in
BRA Bonds and are completely unaware about it?

Stupendous. And the unions are the "victim" here, according to liberals.

Jay Santos said...

Let them continue their control over America's cities. Each will rapidly become a pit of corruption and dysfunction. The whole affair has got to get so much worse before the dim witted sheeple begin to stir. Or maybe they never stir and just lumber into the hell that negroes instinctively create.

You cannot, and I challenge you to prove me wrong, find a group of people more innately unqualified, more completely unable to manage a successful society than negroes. But we appear to have chosen that very group to manage our cities and our federal government. National suicide.

Major1 said...

This is why SBPDL is so important. Excellent reporting. This is actual investigator digging deep, piling up mountains of verifiable, documented facts, and reaching a clear and coherent conclusion. Thank you Paul for this website. The blacks (and their disgusting white liberal slave masters) may control the narrative, but they don't control the facts.
On an unrelated note, has a law been passed stipulating that every television commercial must now contain at least one black person? I don't watch a lot of TV but stayed home with a stomach bug and watched the tube all day. I'd be hard pressed to remember one commercial I saw today that didn't have blacks in it. It's funny because in the ads the blacks own palatial homes with perfect lawns, or they are yachting, or they are senior executives at brokerages, or they are enjoying a lovely dinner in their beautiful dining room with their lovely spouse and cute, happy, whip-smart kids. You know, they are doing SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

Whitey crackas need not apply:

Whiskey said...

Around 2004 or so Blacks complained there were not enough Blacks in commercials. Voila! Every commercial now has Blacks.

This also plays to White women who LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing a phony picture of Blacks. White women do most of the buying, believe me things THEY find offensive (funny beer commercials with hot women) got dumped quick.

Anonymous said...

@ Ex-New Yorker La Raza corn chips! Thanks I needed a laugh today. Avoid the groid and associate with only like minded whites is easier said than done but well worth the effort.

rent slave said...

According to World Net Daily,Google is going after them.Farah vows to retaliate.

Anonymous said...

X New Yorker said...

...a "white homeland"… [where they] think LA RAZA is new brand of corn chips. …

This is what my father died for.

You are not alone. Your father died for the guy he fought beside. He didn't die for this. But it is our responsibility to somehow make this die.

Son of Delbert said...

So. Just consider the photo at the start of this article. The podium thing they are all standing on is carved wood, looked like oak or mahogany. Professional looking. Appliqués. The city politicians all appear to be wearing expensive / designer duds. The black ladies got their hair did. Homie to the left has the grey beard and the African / Muslim looking beanie thing going. Plus there's a fat blonde white woman. And a carved wood and leather THRONE at the tippy top of the podium. The bald brotha resting his important ass has designer eyeglasses. Guaranteed.

Yet Baltimore is insolvent and becoming unlivable. The black governing authority has run the city into the ground.

But they LOOK good.

Amongst such backward savages it's all image.

Image over substance, smoke and mirrors.

Pathetic. Like children wearing grown up clothes. Playing dress up. Nothing behind the image but federally extorted grants / giveaways.


E. Newton said...

Blogger Whiskey said...
Around 2004 or so Blacks complained there were not enough Blacks in commercials. Voila! Every commercial now has Blacks.

There is almost NO advertisement that does not feature blacks. My bank website. My catalog from Cabela. My hockey magazine. My goat breeding magazine. My White Homeland magazine. Every single commercial on TV. Radio commercials. Internet links. Posters on telephone poles. Signs in shop windows. They are pictured on cereal boxes and milk cartons. I got fortune cookies the other day that had pictures of blacks in them. How many of them are here? Next their pictures will be displayed on those highway signs, announcing the Amber Alerts. It will never end, will it?

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Presenting the Club Fed Magic Show. A magician dressed in Fred Astaire top hat and tails does a few card tricks and then does the famous HAT TRICK. He doesn't pull out a rabbit. He pulls out a handful of dollar bills. Then he tips the hat upside down and a bushel of money comes falling out. He scoops up the money and puts it in a big box and closes the lid. He taps on the box with his magic wand. TAP TAP. He opens the box and all the money is GONE. The peasants and tax slaves in the audience give him a big round of applause.

Cut to commercial which shows three dumb white guys and a cool hip negro trying to figure out how to screw in a light bulb.

Anonymous said...

Your point is something I wonder about, what will ever be enough for revolution or major change. I suspect it will most likely be a slow drift to national suicide. I don't see how you convert all the internet outrage and "you wait, someday...." talk into a movement.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah - Baltimore is a cesspool, we get it. I've seen it with my own eyes, and if I never go back it'll be too seen. I doubt a visit to Baltimore is on the bucket list of those fortunate enough to have have avoided it thus far.

So I did a reverse image search on the pic at the top of this article. I wanted to know more about the clown in the "African" headgear in lower-left. I haven't found the answer, but that search led me to many nationalist blogs with a philosophy in tune with SBPDL. Google is pretty good at finding what you want, but superb at digging up even better things you weren't necessarily looking for.

eah said...

I remember a train trip from NYC to Wash DC in summer, 2006. I remember looking out the window past the halfway point and doing a double-take: it looked like the 3rd world. Shocking scenes. A few minutes later a conductor was walking through the car so I asked him what city we'd just passed through. He said Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

It is not just about black control. It is about getting paid by the taxpayers. Which means stealing from whites and Asians producers in the private sector

Blacks are public sector creatures. Parasites whether holding down a 100% useless job there or getting various welfare payments from it

Anonymous said...

BLACKS: "We want to control EVERYTHING! And you're going to pay for it!!!"

WHITES: "Okayyyyy ....."

Anonymous said...

In Detroit Obama has just sent 300 million to helpthe city. Right send more of our money to prop up th toilet.

Baltimore im sure will soon get this type of help.

For what, more of the same bs. No black city in the world will ever be able to survive on its own.

I agree with others on this site that say a white only homeland......

Anonymous said...

To answer Moondoggie: "The real question is why in hell do the white liberals keep voting and supporting the destruction of their cities. Proof positive that liberals are idiots"

The cities are where liberals store their useless negroes. There, the destruction they can cause is limited geographically, while the political destruction they cause by bloc voting can cover whole states, giving liberals a lock on the Senate and, via the Electoral College, the White House.

Pretty slick.

Anonymous said...

Please, let us no longer refer to something as "White Flight". This is a logical, well thought out decision. Based on this, I propose we rename it "Safety Relocation Movement". Since workplace safety is so big, we need to at least be PC here. We are only trying to be secure in our homes and businesses abroad. So can we agree on SRM as our new term?

Anonymous said...

Kill-me-ton, Delaware. a place to be somebody. so now we have some bozo who want sto combine the city (almost bankrupt) with the greater part of New Castle County for a "Metro" area similar to Miami-Dade Metro. Like we don't have enough scum filtering out of the cesspool. they pushed them out to revitalize the city. now they want to tear down abandoned homes and rebuild. give it 5 years and it will look like the same cesspool it is now. worst neighborhood going in the County, so they change the name. Cops roll in en mass for a disturbance. Locals rip lite bar and siren from the roof of the car. All just like Charm City-Control.

Southron said...

Henry Burris, president of the Vulcan Blazers, an organization that advocates for black firefighters, said he is "strongly against" the plan. The organization had called — unsuccessfully — for a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into what it described as "systemic discrimination in hiring, discipline and recruitment" in the department.

Blame whitey. Big surprise. The only really surprising part is that the Justice Dept. hasn't investigated it. Even when blacks control everything, there's a white man hidden somewhere that is discriminating. I guess there's a lone whitey in Haiti somewhere living in a tree that is keeping them all down, too.

I heard a story about a city that Birmingham annexed about 30 or so years ago. It was a small, black-run little city, situated right up against Birmingham. I think the name of it was Roosevelt City. Anyway, it was broke, and since it was full of blacks, the black mayor of Birmingham knew they would all vote for him, so it became part of Birmingham. The Roosevelt City police chief, a black man, wore a uniform that looked like a Russian WWII general. He had all kinds of medals on his chest, golden ropes over his shoulders, despite the fact the department he was chief of was very small. Who knows what brave adventures this man had been on to be awarded all these "medals". He was given a position as sergeant with the Birmingham Police after the annexation.

From this idiot chief, to Detroit's Kwame "Da Hip Hop Mayor" Kilpatrick, to Baltmore and beyond, black run government is all about playing dress-up at the taxpayer's expense.

"We president now."

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Be in control of your finances; your relationship; your work/life balance.

My Dear Friend Paul Kersey:

Your DATA COLLECTION and ability to focus in on a PROBLEM AREA is not up for debate by ME. I agree with the FACTS that you put forth.

Your problem is your ANALYSIS.

In your quest to tar and feather the NEGRO - you fail at two points:

1) The POST-RACIAL PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST alliance that dominates the politics and culture of the "Black Run America" sites that you point out is being orchestrated by your enemy the Disingenuous White Liberal, who your main fight is against. (No Negro has HIGHER POWERS at MSNBC, The Nation or The Open Society Foundation)

2) The Black Progressive Fundamentalist - who works in cahoots with your DWL is desperately trying to HIT BACK AT YOU because you keep OFFENDING HIM and the DWL gives him an outlet to seek REVENGE against you.

Sadly you have not inspected YOURSELF and your motivations with your DWL enemy.

DISHONEST? What is he DISHONEST about?
ANSWER: (In your view) he is DISHONEST about the reclaimability of the NEGRO, regardless of how hard he tries to reform the Negro.

It seems that you ultimately want the DWL to disengage from the Negro and return to working for the interests of the WHITE RACE - against all Negroes, and Hispanics.

BUT WAIT - In our past conversations your congregants also noted how the YOUNG WHITE LIBERAL FEMALE must be decontaminated from the LEFTIST indoctrination that she has received.

IF the "dishonesty" that you reference is about RACE - then how does THE NEGRO relate to the LEFTIST LIFESTYLE "norms" that this prized young White female has adopted?

IS YOUR FIGHT REALLY WITH THE NEGRO - or is the NEGRO just a tried and proven means to RILE UP YOUR CONGREGATION - distracting them from THEIR MAIN FAILURE - the failure to keep the PRIZED YOUNG WHITE LIBERAL FEMALE in line with your WHITE RACIAL GOALS - thus ensuring your perpetuation?

Using this logic you should be PISSED that the "Craigslist Killers' have murdered more than 22 WHITE FOLKS, reducing the size of your army. The Negro killer, by comparison, mostly kills HIS OWN KIND.

Anonymous said...

Which is the safer route through Baltimore in the event of a breakdown, I95 (Ft McHenry tunnel) or I895 (harbor tunnel)? Also, I sometimes have stopped for gas at the Royal Farms on Boston St. near I95 exit 57 just north of the Ft McHenry tunnel. Is that a safe place to stop? If not, can you suggest a safer place to get gas off I95 near Baltimore?

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is lost as are so many cities. even London and Paris . Sweden. Denmark ...our displacement is well under way. when blacks were a minority anywhere they demanded inclusion. once they became the majority whites were forced completely out. equality? No. domination . with the new program to diversify any zip code that is deemed toi white we will be completely overwhelmed by the black tsunami. if whites are forced into remote areas how will we get medical services . jobs. the schools we start will be isolated. since negroes will run the cities into the ground many businesses will fail. the fascist police state will arise to keep a semblance of order. of course whites will be hunted down. it's going to resemble Zimbabwe...

R.E. Prindle said...

Well, control but more importantly dominance,

Anonymous said...

Ive decided BRA = pancreatic cancer. Nobody will do anything about it until it affects them personally (i.e. they experience noticeable symptoms) but by then itll be too late.

The collapse is just not happening fast enough or big enough to wake enough people up. This isnt a collapse, but a slow crumble. Termite damage that you cant see until its too late. I dont believe 10 whites killed per day would wake people up. Be armed, be ready. Protect you and yours. Everything else is details of the inevitable.



Jay in DC said...

Anonymous said...

Which is the safer route through Baltimore in the event of a breakdown, I95 (Ft McHenry tunnel) or I895 (harbor tunnel)? Also, I sometimes have stopped for gas at the Royal Farms on Boston St. near I95 exit 57 just north of the Ft McHenry tunnel. Is that a safe place to stop? If not, can you suggest a safer place to get gas off I95 near Baltimore?

I95-Fort McHenry is your better bet. As for a safe place to stop, the -safest- place to stop is anywhere once you've crossed 695 on either side of Bal'mer. But barring that and you -really- need fuel, that station on Boston St. is "safeish".

Not safe, but not a war zone. Do consider that the bartender that was murdered in her house lived less than 1.5 miles from that gas station. As I said, unless you are in dire need, wait until you are outside the city proper.

Fed Up FF said...

Blacks control Oakland yes?

See who is in control in Oakland, video link:

Got preps yet?

Guns, ammo, food, water & a network of family & friends.... you're gonna need 'em.

Because Fire & PD won't rescue you when the collapse happens.

Fed Up Firefighter.

10mm AUTO said...

No CF,

We know who the enemy is, they grin at us as they execute our Elders, rape our Women and beat our children to death and burn their bodies or throw them into a dumpster.

You are right in that Feminism is a problem, not the idea that women should get equal work for equal pay, but that they should have to work outside the home at all. We know where this philosophy comes from; TWMNBN.

However, don't sucker punch us and then tell us its raining diamonds. That psyop is so transparently stupid only a negro could think it up.

P.S. Congratulations on holding a coherent thought for a few seconds. It is superficial, childish and wrong, but good for You!

Bogolyubski said...

The only thing missing from the opening picture in Baltimore is Presidente Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, brandishing an AK to hoots of HOAP!

Son of Delbert said...

Constructive Feedback. Please use FEWER CAPITAL LETTERS. I cannot read your posts because all capital words are the written equivalent of screaming. I get it, and use all caps on my posts as well when I want to make a point. Still, it can be too much.

I want to read your posts, I like the challenge of debate. I just can't follow your train of thought due to the distraction. Remember, in real life substance trumps image.

Always and forever.


Bogolyubski said...

About all the faux-grandiosity presiding over a cesspool, there is ample historical precedent. Saint Muh-dik Loofa-Keeehng had him a dream, when Amurika will have itself an Emperor who looked like him.

Bogolyubski said...

The Ex-NYer lays it out again:

Ex New Yorker here.....Presenting the Club Fed Magic Show. A magician dressed in Fred Astaire top hat and tails does a few card tricks and then does the famous HAT TRICK. He doesn't pull out a rabbit. He pulls out a handful of dollar bills. Then he tips the hat upside down and a bushel of money comes falling out. He scoops up the money and puts it in a big box and closes the lid. He taps on the box with his magic wand. TAP TAP. He opens the box and all the money is GONE. The peasants and tax slaves in the audience give him a big round of applause.

Cut to commercial which shows three dumb white guys and a cool hip negro trying to figure out how to screw in a light bulb.

That show has been under way for a full century, and the idiocracy still doesn't get the joke (or the fact that it is entirely at their own expense). They were warned even before it was established for its permanent run in vaudeville, even by Thomas Jefferson. They've been warned year after year, decade after decade, ever since and never believe reality. Even the tough old Marine Gen. Smedley Butler caught on to an important facet of the scam in the 1930s and wrote a little book called War is a Racket.

A few folks that actually started to see reality in the 1950s were quickly purged by Bill Buckley for trying to get others to see. (Con-servile-ism, Inc. has been around longer than most realize). It's incredibly tiring, almost as much as negro fatigue itself. Love the idea of La Raza corn chips. They could even be offered in four colors: white, yellow, red-brown, and black, plus a Multi-kulti Benettonbag with kosher salt that's priced at five times the others for those high-end Crystal Methodists.

Californian said...

Hard hitting article.

I wonder how the Republican Outreach people will approach Baltimore? Will they have talking points about giving up pension plans, not accepting state/federal grants, and hiring civil servants based on content-of-character(tm)?

Perhaps the Republican Outreach people can post some video of themselves in Baltimore?

Anonymous said...

Was just at Publix, buying groceries; black dude in front of me. He only had three items, so I said WTF and got behind him. Dear God ......

I was in line nearly ten minutes, no exaggeration. I thought at first that his debit (EBT?) card was rejected or something, but no ... the people at the deli charged him for bacon on his sub, which he apparently did not order. They had to call the deli girl over - she said he DID order bacon. They had to call the manager over; he said that if there was bacon on the sammich, then he'd have to pay for it. And he did - no chimpout, he just said 'aight' and paid it. All that trouble for nothing.

More and more, I think blacks were sent here to punish us. They don't seem to serve any other purpose.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon opines:
In Detroit Obama has just sent 300 million to helpthe city. Right send more of our money to prop up th toilet.

Still don't get how BRA works, do you? The residents of Detroilet will only ultimately get a small percentage of that 300 million, most of what is sent will be theirs only temporarily. In a year or two, 85-90 percent of the 300 million (tax funds borrowed from the Chinese via squid-central and ultimately extorted under threat of deadly violence out of YT's hide, just to make the point clear), will end up in the pockets of folks like Jamie Diamond and his fellow vampire-squids (who also took fat commissions on the bond sales o the front-end). Of the remaining 10-15 percent, most will end up in the pockets of local squid capos and Detroilet's negro princelings. That's just one example from one city. Multiply by tens of thousands and you start to see the mountain.

If I had 300 million to give away, I could set up an office in Detroilet to sign up groids to renouce their citizenship and buy citizenship in some African shithole for at most 500K per head. That would be money well spent. One way ticket to Zimbabwe for at least 600 groids. No return - ever.

Anonymous said...

But the negros in "hairspray"were so vibrant and non violent. What happened?

Major1 said...

Mr. Anonymous expresses doubt that there will be any sort of "movement" to preserve the white race and end the fiscal/political/cultural/criminal insanity that is BRA. Sadly I must agree. Segregation? Never happen. Blacks and their white slave masters cannot let that happen because everyone knows the one thing blacks absolutely must have is access and proximity to Whites. Secession and creation of some mythical White homeland? Never happen for the same reason as stated above. Let a state commence secession, or let a group of white separatists buy a big parcel of land and start fencing it off. You think Janet Reno hammered down on Waco? Valerie Jarrett would have the 10th Mountain Division mobilized within 12 hours to put an end to that. Cutting off funding to the scores of government programs and initiatives that keep blacks alive? Keep dreaming. Look at who controls the purse. The new Fed chairman is frantically printing money as fast as she can to keep the sinking ship afloat just a little longer. How bout an actual revolution? Yeah right. Can't wait to see an uprising by White America...corpulent, soft, pink and slow moving, narcotized by their fucking "Pawn Stars" and "American Idol Season 250", fatally poisoned by the false idols of diversity and tolerance, cringing under the lash of racism and white guilt, and above all, taking the path of least resistance and eagerly adopting the clothing, speech, dialect, music and behavior of blacks. The White race is committing suicide. Sometimes I look at my children....three smart, strong, all-American white boys who hunt, fish, play football and make all A's....and I become almost panic stricken contemplating the future that lies in wait for them.

Dirk said...

I'm really watching to see what the turn around time for Detroit is going to be.

If the black destroyers are forced out and the Motor City becomes white like Seattle or Portland, it will an historic victory for our nation.

It may also set the template for the eventual crumbling and turn around for other black run cities destined to fall.

Major1 said...

I also meant to say that if you don't know who Valerie Jarrett is, you should educate yourself about who and what she is. When you do, have a little bucket nearby to puke into. Hate to stain the rug.

Anonymous said...

"The cities are where liberals store their useless negroes. "

Hahahahaha. You. Have. No. Idea.

I live in the thick of it. These crafty DWLs appoint themselves as head of various "not for profit" inner-city ghetto organizations, using the up-liftment of hateful, shiftless, uneducated negroes as the reason to suck millions of dollars in whitey tax dollars in the form of government stimulus grants to line THEIR OWN POCKETS.

We have several here in Indianapolis. Transit expansion, youth empowerment, neighborhood redevelopment, stray animals, get out the vote, free thanksgiving turkey, christmas giving tree, basketball goal program, free ghetto museum membership programs, police/community summer festivals, baby momma's day out, food co-ops, roving listener youth campaigns, tree plantings, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, job fairs, food pantries, clothing drives, black felon rehabilitation programs, mentoring, adult literacy, free pet food for poor negro dogs, etc.

And don't forget about ARTS for the poor underserved, neglected, overlooked negroes...

This guy has his hands in so many pots, he should have been arrested by now:

He even has PNC and other big banks funding his community hustle.

ALL of these programs are headed by Marxist anti-white libs, and they all extract a nice salary for themselves and hire their unemployed friends.

Negroes are an easy vehicle for wealth transfer. They are predictable, stone-age people, forever struggling, easy to trick, superstitious, greedy, and materialistic. AND, like the DWL, they hate whitey to the core.

Anonymous said...

Negroes are an eternally offended group no matter where they are found and in contact with other races. They cannot resolve their condition of perpetual decrepitude, poverty, violence, ignorance and other ills (in abundant evidence in their communities) nor their incompetence in dealing with it with their pathologically narcissistic view of themselves. They see others soaring on the wings of eagles and can't comprehend why they themselves lurch along the ground like squawking dodo birds.
In essence, the retard imagines itself a genius and reacts violently when it's stupidity is noticed and exposed instead of everyone agreeing with it and elevating it leagues beyond it's capability. All it's failures, shortcomings and incompetencies are blamed on external forces and groups and it wants revenge as it is offended by a reality it desperately denies in an attempt to protect it's fragile eggshell mind and narcissistic ego. The poor negro dodo insists it really is an eagle despite all the glaring evidence to the contrary.
That being the case, the negro is immediately a golden treasure trove for those who wish to use it as an army of resentful and offended "useful idiots."
Even in it's squawkings about white girls dating blacks or marrying blacks, the negro dodo fails to realize that, even in the area of inter-racial dating/marriage, blacks come in dead last and are the least wanted as well and are no true threat to the continuation of the white race in that regard.
Squawk on, dodo.

Anonymous said...

best thing is to stay out of balto. all together. 695 outer loop over to I-70 or get to 695 outer loop to 95 north. where you stopped was near the travel plaza and the GAF plant. there are 2 royal farms there about a block apart. if you hit ponca st. and go left down and around it will take you to holabird ave which will run over to wise dundalk. the trick is to stay away from near Hopkins, druid hill, monument square or on the other side of inner harbor. even going down dundalk ave. you will get some very rough areas like st. helenas and sollers point. the Brooklyn area past Hawkins point isn't much better. just use your eyes and judge for yourself. personally, with a g/f from there, we avoid everything connected with the city.

10mm AUTO said...

Anon February 18, 2014 at 8:08 AM

Exactly. One thing I have noticed about the negro in Politics is the sheer bullying. The use of State resources to crush the single person, both as an example and simply for the pleasure of Wielding power.

By Atomizing Whites in their own Country, they are scattered, devided, Leaderless. If a leader emerges, he isn't ignored, he is crushed. It doesn't matter if you are a Company (Gibson Guitar) or a person, (Zimmerman), the State is brought to maximum against you. The first stage was to drain the wealthiest private business owners who would never support Obama because they are smarter than he is, Doctors. Sow chaos into the healthcare system. The drain the main source of mddle class wealth, their homes. Then go after anyone who critizes the number one negro by calling them "racist". Reward wealthy individuals on you side, but also show what happens to traitors. Prevent another wealth class from rising (Keystone pipeline, EPA Regulation, Student loan takeover, Home mortage takeover, etc). When your land and your education are both owned by the State, you dare not move against the Government.

Here we are in the 7th year of "recovery" which is a defacto depression. One in 6 Adults are out of work and the HNIC piles on more regulations. The Country is grinding to a halt.

Petty, vindictive, shallow, evil, all of it focused on Whites.

Anonymous said...

I like seeing African officials holding court in the kind of Generalissimo (& Queen of Sheba garb) that they are so fond of wearing in Africa states & in Haiti :)

Wish more US black officials would adopt that practice....Hell, they should be proud and all of the tremendous accomplishments & triumphs that are part of daily life in Africa states & especially in the world's 1st Black Republic - Haiti

Just saying, you know. I get a kick out of seeing them decked out aristocratic & royale !

/H hypie out H\

Dissident said...

Slightly off topic but watch as these Negro kids mistreat a white child playing in the street.

I really feel for any white children that have to live around these savages.

Savages bully white child..

Anonymous said...

‘Control’? They can’t even control the primitive midbrain responses much less any real gray matter reactions…. Rhetorical questions: 1. Can they control their appetite? 65% of adolescent and adult black women are obese. 2. Can they control their urge to rut? Teen pregnancies (multiple) and VD characterize the pubescent black. 3. Can they control their compulsion to ‘wild’? Black dropout rates are double whites. Rap music is their method of communicating since they never developed writing, books, and libraries. It’s easier to remember a rhyme with a jungle beat, which is all rap is. That is the genetically driven way they communicate….grunts, rhyme, hand gestures, and head bobs. Can they control their alcohol and drug abuse? Oh, that is poverty right? After every known advantage ever imagined and a stream of benefits that arrives from a hose that has no cut-off valve? They are genetically incapable of structure which includes disciplined education, work, taxes and property respect. The blacks are the kings of coke, heroin and weed. Can they control the incessant whining and victimization? As a group they behave like the teenage girl waiting by the phone for a boy to call. They are just waiting for the opportunity to throw feces and food at the first report of some media-designed insult. They need this to validate their anathema toward whites. Can they control their compulsion to take short cuts? Drug trade to instant wealth and the coat-hanger repairs are standard. Can they control their violent reactions seen through their narcissism? DOJ stats are low and as accurate as the voting machine in Cook Co. . Everyone knows reporting black crime is a total waste of time. So what can they control? Maybe their bowels…when they’re not intoxicated in the back of a police cruiser. Their location when the child support notice arrives…they disappear. …Remember they were not evolved for this culture or economic system (capitalism). That is why the feds are changing all of the definitions.

Anonymous said...

Probably, nuttin'ta C here but maybe you NOLA'nders can elucidate....

"New Orleans police are looking for attackers who twice used baseball bats to bash bicyclists on Esplanade Avenue, officers said Monday. In both cases, two people hit the cyclists in the head. The first incident was reported Friday at 2:20 a.m. near the intersection of Esplanade and North Robertson Street. A man was riding his bicycle on Esplanade when a male believed to be 16 to 18 years old jumped in front of him. The bicyclist slowed, then another male of about the same age came into the street with an aluminum bat."

Since the R-word is not mentioned, as per usual the word that cannot be used in describing a criminoid, I'm puttin' on my deer-stalker hat ala Sherlock & deducing that:

1) Bike rider is YT....Dem YTs love riding'em bicycles to save the Planet & project a trendy'n'hip image
ok, ok....riding bikes is good & if nuttin' else saves'ya cashola on gasolina

2) The guys doing the Batting that's way harder to figger out....I mean, like evrbudi loves'em so baseball, right?

/H Sherlock out.... H\

Anonymous said...

I can understand blacks wanting control and then fucking it up but what I don't understand is whites sticking around waiting for a beat down

da be mow rons all of 'em

Anonymous said...

Always sounding confident of victory is the first step.

R.E. Prindle said...

Constructive Feedback: Your problem is your analysis. As you are well aware a race war has been declared on Aryans by 'your people.' The Negro government of Holder-Obama is attempting to establish a Slaveocracy no different than that of the ante-bellum South. Your disingenuousness won't change that.

We don't actually care how Negroes are constituted. There is no hate on our side but if you pursue your goal we will dispassionately end it.

Concurrently there is a civil war raging between Jews, Liberals and Conservatives.

The Jews who are controlling all of the other three sides are using along with the Liberals your people as a hammer of the Conservatives. Both the Jews and the Liberals fail to see that you see no difference between any Whites.

Your people are only their tool. Hammer them, they have it coming.

Anonymous said...

To the guy with the bacon sandwich story: See it here all the time. He's trying to get something for nothin'. See it ALL the time. It's a running joke amongst us. I'd say 7 or 8 times out of 10, when there's a black in line, there is going to be an issue. It's kind of funny at this point. I just try to avoid them at all costs. I NEVER get in line behind them unless i have to.

PB said...

"The guys doing the Batting that's way harder to figger out....I mean, like evrbudi loves'em so baseball, right?"

Sounds like an escalation of the knockout-game.

Anonymous said...

The photo at the beginning of this story reminds me of a scene from a certain Charlton Heston movie from 1968

Anonymous said...

Saw a bro at Burger King once; he walked away from the counter with his order, dumped all the fries into a to-go bag, then took the tray back up to the counter and said, "YO MAING, YALL DIN'T GIB ME NO FRIES!"

They gave him his fries.

Anonymous said...

We are just a solar flare away from that great big reset button, getting pushed. Hope all that grape drank and resealable chikn nuggets, are non perishable. It'll be most certainly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys hear about the quadruple torture/murder of 4 Whites in Detroit? Neither had I, but I stumbled on it out of the blue. Copy and paste the link, and check out the expressions on the faces of the 4 rotten dullards who killed them:

10mm AUTO said...

If you have ever wondered what a negro like Addison or Constructive might be like if they went "International" rather than just being in a slime pit like Detroit, here is a perfect example.

I Know A Good One! (

You got to be unbelievably twisted when you own people arrest you in a Country ruled by Negros whose President screws 12 year old virgins to "clear" his AIDS.

Notice its either "racist Whites fault or "Racist Jews" fault. They really need a better playbook. Frankly I am surprised negros can tell the difference. Other than the blaming of the Jews, he is your typical (D-Illinois).

Probably Addison's dad.

Jay Santos said...

OT, but worth a moment.

Google evidently tightened its policy on SBPDL, thus PK's need to censor harder and faster. Google has also just recently went after World Net Daily, for their coverage of the black mobs attacking non-blacks across the nation. In fact, according to Google, WND's use of the term "black mob" was hate speech and they threatened WND's advertising program.

Just two data points there, but I'm willing to conjecture there is a coordinated effort underway to influence reporting on this violence. At the same time we've got the Tim Wise and Peggy McIntosh types as vocal as ever, with their narrative of the incredible evilness of White people.

Are there just zero "white" lawyers in this country? Not even a handful that could jeopardize the comfortable livings enjoyed by Wise and McIntosh? Or could articulate a convincing connection between Oprah Winfrey saying that "old white people should die", while days later, old white people die at the hands of negroes? I mean, at least a third of the country's adults are lawyers at this point. Can't a few of them work on behalf of the majority?

Anonymous said...

Moondoggie said:
"Any and all black run cities evolve into 3rd world hellholes. The facts are blacks can't run complex entities".

Complex entities? Blacks are incapable of running a street-corner lemonade stand.

Anonymous said...

My sis volunteered for a back to school day at the Indianapolis township where she teaches. Free haircuts, school supplies, sign up for free lunches, etc. mostly for low income kids. This was August, 2011. So a pack of blacks, consisting of 3 huge black women and around 8-10 kids go to the cafeteria where the school is serving free chicken sandwiches, chips, cookies and drinks. A normal parent calls my sis over to tell her she just watched the pack stuff dozens of sandwiches, cookies, everything they could get their hands on, into all their backpacks. ( the FREE backpacks they were given 30 minutes prior). After that day the school stopped serving lunch on back to school day. They still gives supplies and haircuts but that one pack of thieving thugs ruined back to school day from that day forward.
That one incident speaks volumes.


whisker child said...

Constructive Feedback, at 2/18 7:48:

Most of the men on this site date nonwhite women; don't let them kid you about "prized" white females.

Constructive, it sure took many sentences to make your point. Go direct next time.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Another "teenage" riot at King's Plaza Mall in Brooklyn. Story is on World Net Daily. If you say something anti-gay on Facebook you get booted off, but you can plan a riot and nothing happens. It gets weirder by the day.

Fed Up FF said...

Baltimore's Fire Dept. is 35% black & they want it to reflect the 65% Black population?

Impossible. No way there are that many blacks that have the intelligence to read a map, become EMT-Basics or Paramedics, or figure the basic math principles involved in water pressures involved with a fire apparatus.

The talented tenth will get you killed in a fire. Not to mention that we mainly do this job to help others, a trait blacks are severely lacking in.

Fed Up Firefighter.

D-FENS said...

I always avoid a checkout line that has a negro clerk, a negro, non-English speaker or a woman with little kids in line ahead of me. Old farts are also a pain but I am one of them as well. At least I have my cash/credit card ready.

What is it about women that they keep using checks? It's always at the bottom of their purse/duffle bag. Then they have to balance the checkbook while still in line.

If they do use cash, they always have to root around there purse to find exact change.

Anonymous said...

To all the defeatists out there crying about how everything is hopless and nothing will ever happen to end BRA, I have a question.

What happens when the dollar collapses? What happens when police and military paychecks and pensions disappear? How will BRA endure this and grow stronger?

A complete collapse of the world economy has never happened before, we are breaking new ground. 17 trillion is debt is just silly to behold. Might as well say a million-bajillion-gazillion dollars. Public trust in the government is at an all-time low, they will not be seen as our saviors.

Yes, BRA is dying. Quit wetting your panties and store some food and ammo.

Anonymous said...

You worry too much. DC will gentrify Baltimore and make it nice and white. Don't believe me? Look at the real estate prices and lack of transportation infrastructure. Plus that gorgeous harbor and pretty houses ...

Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit ... well ok, you've got a point.

Anonymous said...

Cities are being abandoned by whites because they stopped serving their original purposes: in-gathering for defense, and later, population centers for commerce. Most of us on this site are nostalgic for the great cities of yesteryear--neighborhoods, skylines, or cultural resources--but the automobile eroded cities and the Internet furnished the death blow.

Cities simply became unnecessary. And between the Negro and what will likely become burgeoning targets for terrorism, not safe, thus defeating the cities' original rationale.

I believe that the key to survival is dispersion. Cities, with their concentration of Negroes, are not only terrorist magnets (the only places jihadis can get the biggest bang for their buck) but also future venues for epidemics, government suppression and police control.

Retreating to a "white homeland" is not just unicorn chasing, it's also replicating the Negro fantasy that concentration of numbers = power.

That's strictly a 19th and 20th century concept. Power is information. Power is instantaneous global access. Power is the production of knowledge. In this sense, the only relevant change in the last century has been the emergence of Asiatics to contend with whites on the world stage.

The Negro is irrelevant, non-competitive, who will, after the current cultural infatuation, return to his mean. Yes, my great Midwestern hometown has been sucked under by the black undertow. But now, perhaps like some of you, I live, and produce and am wired to the world from a distant farm.

On balance the trade was worth it. The Negro will misrule himself to death.

Anonymous said...

That is an excellent analogy and sadly accords with day to day reality

bubo said...

Three negro prison escapees kidnap and murder a white FSU student. Happened 4 years ago. Anyone remember this? Me neither.

Found his body a few miles away from the latest media driven negro frenzy Michael Dunn trial.

Constructive Feedback said...

10MM Pea Shooter says:

[quote]Exactly. One thing I have noticed about the negro in Politics is the sheer bullying. The use of State resources to crush the single person, both as an example and simply for the pleasure of Wielding power.[/quote]

IF ONLY you could remove your head from your rear and learn (I wuz gonna use caps but I stopped because I don't want to hurt anyone's ear drums and have you hate Black people more) - that Government Oppression - regardless of who is in power and what means they are motivated by to use it - is against this nation's interests.

Why can't your spiritual leader Paul Kersey write a book about this and compel you all to pay another $19.95?

Constructive Feedback said...

10 MM Pea Shooter:

Serious question -

Between the two Black kids that killed the 86 year old White man


The "Pennsylvania Craigslist Killer Couple" who claimed to have murdered over 22 WHITE FOLKS -

Which makes you more angry?

Anonymous said...

"Great police work!", says Detroit's black police chief.

3 white males tortured and burned in their homes by 4 black savage animals in Detroit.

Anonymous said...


The issue being raised: why was Lolo Jones given a spot on the bobsled team over other athletes?


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Jay Santos, as a fellow non-liberal white I say that it really is all lost already, people just are not allowed to see it.

As I used to say King Belshazzar's writing is on our white man's higher culture of civilization's wall; "we have been weighed in the balance and art found wanting".

If what your saying about Google is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, the thumb screws of liberal ideology have just turned tighter.

I feel for good men like Paul, trying to earn an honest buck, pay his taxes, for among other reasons, to support the people and families of white liberals, negros and other members of the WL alliance, and all at the expense of he and his.

This is where the SS&DI movement can glean momentum, for when one continues to mule kick a man in his wallet, the man eventually looks elsewhere for umbrage.

This is what our Founding White Fathers did more than 2 centuries ago.

All the land of the American NW should be targeted in our non-liberal white minds and talk.

Lastly, if Paul is being headhunted by the jackboot arm and fist of both white liberal and negro ideology perhaps when negro miscreants such AS and CF, rudely barge in and dump their load of illusion, we commenters at Paul's could just avoid them, not reply to them, just skip over them, letting Paul off the hook and keeping our "club" for now.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

... 17 trillion is debt is just silly to behold. Might as well say a million-bajillion-gazillion dollars.

That's a non-issue

Anonymous said...

A Colorectal Fartbag:

Yes, a certain segment of the white population is inclined to psychopathy. Unfortunately, there are white killers and psychos that are capable of cruelty few can even conceive of. HOWEVER ... in white societies, we try our hardest to segregate these beasts from the rest of us. Until recently, I'd say we were doing a pretty good job.

In black societies/communities, though, violence and cruelty are as common as sand is in an anthill. Average blacks are incapable of creating or even briefly maintaining a modern civilization - that's why we get so mad at what is being done to us. We put 2+2 together, and we know what will happen if the black plague is left untreated.

So yes, POS's like the Fecebook Killers piss me off ... but not as much as daily afro-horrorshow coming out of Baltimore, Detroit, Camden, Philly, Chicago, Birmingham, New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphis, Oakland .....

E. Newton said...

I think this is something we should consider.

For so long now we've referred to this country as America. Isn't it time now that we recognize the critical, historic contributions of our black population in this nation's history and consider a name change?

From this day forward, we should refer to America as


Anonymous said...

Defense - don't ever get behind my wife! She does all of the above and is hard of hearing.

Dissident said...

"Which makes you more angry?

Easy question with an easy answer.

They're both scum of the Earth and deserve a hangman's noose.

Next question.

Major1 said...

Mr. Constructive Feedback...
You have asked which do we dislike more, a black killer or a white killer. That's easy. We dislike them both. Erecting and then knocking down a straw man is child's play. Confronting and accepting actual, pesky facts can be difficult, especially for blacks and their white liberal slave masters.
White people and White media don't bury, hide or sanitize news about white criminality. No one will ever have to search for news about the latest white serial killer. Her trial will be plastered all over print, online and TV media every day. Unfortunately, blacks and their white liberal slave masters have essentially forbidden reporting on black crime. It is a staggering double standard, so ridiculously obvious that editors, reporters, producers and other media honchos don't even bother denying that they do it.
You set up a silly little straw man, knocked it down, and thought you scored a point. You didn't.
I have a question for you. In the 503 days between Trayvon (St. Skittles) Martin and Zimmerman's acquittal, almost 10,700 blacks were murdered by other blacks. Can you name one? Didn't think so.
Thanks for playing.

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

Why are you here, on this site? I personally wouldn't even lower myself to speak with/to you in public, unfortunately I have to at work...please just go away. Thanking you in advance.

Anonymous said...

With negroes, it's always about taking over, dominating and being in charge regardless of the fact that the outcome is always an African third world social environment as well as a physically decrepit infrastructure and widespread impoverishment/corruption/violence etc. That is not important to them as it's their natural state. What is important is all the negroes parading around pretending to be all that and a bag of chips and putting on a tribal display to satisfy their ego's. As long as the cesspit has a black face, they be all proud and sheeit.
They can't comprehend nor understand why other races don't want to be around that or live like that. They misinterpret the desire to live in a safe, modern, well functioning first world environment (away from them) to be racism and fear of "black power" when it's actually a desire not to be dragged down to their level and live in a third world negro cesspit.
Little more can be expected of the low IQ negro populace.

Bogolyubski said...

Anonymous observes:
To all the defeatists out there crying about how everything is hopless and nothing will ever happen to end BRA, I have a question.

What happens when the dollar collapses? What happens when police and military paychecks and pensions disappear? How will BRA endure this and grow stronger?

A complete collapse of the world economy has never happened before, we are breaking new ground. 17 trillion is debt is just silly to behold. Might as well say a million-bajillion-gazillion dollars. Public trust in the government is at an all-time low, they will not be seen as our saviors.

Yes, BRA is dying. Quit wetting your panties and store some food and ammo.

Simply put, BRA cannot survive what you describe. The sooner the ponzi scheme implodes the more YT will have a chance to survive. Not only will the money stop for the EBT, Section 8 and all the rest, the dumbass YT who presently sits glued to the idiot box will actually have to face reality - probably for the very first time in his life. That's why I was one of the few here who actually defended Lorraine's decision to renege on debts - fake money lent by criminals are all they are. If average YT stops paying in sufficient number, the whole shell-game implodes. We should be working to push the system to collapse faster. Worse is better.

Read the post above from the anon in Indianapolis. He or she did an excellent job of explaining how the BRA looting scheme operates at the local level. This particular gang of looters just happen to be the primary component of the so-called 'hipsters' who some of the more clueless posters here actually praise from time to time.

As for those who think there is escape anywhere, take a look at the latest VDARE report about Wyoming, where the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service plans to assist the treasonous and genocidal regime to resettle thousands of Congolese "refugees" for 30-pieces of taxpayer silver. This is an example of why 98% of that which refers to itself Christianity needs to be destroyed. They are no more "reformable" or "salvageable" than Republicans are.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Anyone else notice the lone white woman dressed in black, the negro color, and her misfortunate negro cut nose. Also the front negress is mulattoed and therefore the best looking of the ugly bunch. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

-Fireforce- here...

"constructive Feedback":

You just don't get it do you? You are not wanted here. You are not needed, and the site would be better off if you just left and stayed gone. You are an unwanted outsider and you add nothing to the conversation here.

There are plenty of sites out there were you would be more at home. Places were you would not be a tiny unpopular minority and were your way of "thinking" would be in keeping with the norm of that community.

But instead you have this pathological need to come here and inflict your rhetoric on this community. You have no regard for the wishes of this community and take it upon yourself to inject your unwanted opinions on a forum in which you are an unwanted outsider.

If you stop and think about it, your conduct here on this site is a nice representation of the black experience in America in a microcosim: unwanted by the majority, unable to get along in the majority culture, but possessed with this overwhelming need to inject themselves into an enviorment were they are not wanted.

Please do us all (and indeed yourself) a favor and go somewere that you and your opinions are welcome.

Bogolyubski said...

Jay Santos notes:
Are there just zero "white" lawyers in this country? Not even a handful that could jeopardize the comfortable livings enjoyed by Wise and McIntosh? Or could articulate a convincing connection between Oprah Winfrey saying that "old white people should die", while days later, old white people die at the hands of negroes? I mean, at least a third of the country's adults are lawyers at this point. Can't a few of them work on behalf of the majority?

Anyone who held much more timid non-PC ideas - much less shared the views of those on this forum - and was exposed at all would never be admitted to law school, much less the bar. Simply put, the enemy controls who is allowed to practice law. Yes, a few sneak through under the radar, but the number is so small that it is statistically meaningless. As with TWMNBN, Lawyers = Marxist anti-white exterminationalists, with very rare exceptions. They have no problem with Tim Wise and would never dream of suing him, because they agree with his objectives.

Californian said...

CF asked what is the difference...Between the two Black kids that killed the 86 year old White man ... AND ... The "Pennsylvania Craigslist Killer Couple" who claimed to have murdered over 22 WHITE FOLKS -

There's the political angle.

Black-on-white crime is often perpetrated because of sheer black hatred of whites. But the government does not prosecute this as hatecrime. The criminal "justice" system shows a grotesque double standard on these matters.

There's the media which will make a production out of trumped up charges against a George Zimmerman, but will ignore the far greater numbers of black-on-white killings, many of which include some really horrendous tortures.

Blacks use violence to drive whites' out of cities which white people built, and which blacks can never maintain (e.g., Baltimore). This ethnic cleansing has been a stated objective of many black politicos. Black politicos (and their string pullers) transformed the Detroit riot into an "uprising" which liberated the city from white control so it could be turned into the "paradise" it is today.

Look at how black (oops, I mean "teen") mobs have wrecked many state fairs, as PK reports. And the government-media-academic response? Crickets. Now turn this around and imagine the response if a gang of white "teens" were to disrupt a Black Expo. Think this wouldn't lead to a firestorm of government prosecutions, media coverage and academic foot stamping?

Look at Europe, where "youths" (i.e., people of color) frequently burn cars, riot in ancient cities and assault white people, especially women. They have turned many ancient neighborhoods into NO-GO zones for white citizens.

Look at the dreary examples of Zimbabwe and South Africa where black political violence is ethnically cleansing YT from countries which blacks then proceed to wreck. Meantime, liberal Western government, media and academia are groveling before convicted communist terrorists like Nelson Mandela.

The point is, black-on-white violence is part of a greater racial war which uses black criminality as the advance guard against white people and white civilization.

So yeah, there is a reason to treat black crime differently than white crime.

It's called "politics."

Gnome Sane said...

I can only relate what I have personally seen in quite a few Southern cities; BHM, ATL, MEM, JAX, MGY, MOB, KNX, CHT. The pattern of destruction is always the same. The exception is Nashville which is a white boom town right now because of its lower taxation on and incentives for businesses (they still have their "bad side of town"). Their mayor is a white (Democrat) guy from Vandy....surprise, surprise. He won the election against another white guy. At present, N'ville is only 15.4% black and is a beautiful area with tons of opportunity, unlike the black-run cities just a few hours down the Interstate.

10mm AUTO said...

Colorectal Feeding,

A straight question gets a straight answer.
I hate the Pennsylvania killers equally. What makes negroidal evil worse?

1. The individuals

The Penn killers are clearly insane. Satanic Rites, etc. They are rare, once in a generation type rare. Whites as a habit when they go killer it is because of a broken mind. Even Bundy, while a very High I.Q. functioning White, was not only conflicted, but became sloppy and unhinged near the end.

Negros are not mentally ill when they kill. Negros kill for status, for initiation in a gang, for the last piece of chicken, because someone "dissed" them or just because it is fun. The last is most important. The astonishing facts that Paul mentioned here that research has show that 85% of the killing in Baltimore was "dissed Killing" showing a widespread sickness in the negro psyche.

2. The Sheer Numbers

Negros kill at astonishing numbers compared to Whites (or any other race). They march to stop the violence, they pray to stop the violence, they hold candlelight vigils to stop the violence and then they go out the next day and murder some more. For being a tiny percentage of the population, they represent the biggest problem in the prison system. Their total overall crime rate is something like 57 TIMES the White rate. The sheer number of rapes, robberies, theft, murder, assault, arson, child abuse is staggering to the White man.

3. The Viciousness

Negros display an unbelievable level of viciousness in their assaults. They throw acid on the faces of women who "dissed" them. They stab a woman 60, 80, 100 times in a frenzy of killing. They beat women with a piece of firewood so hard her blood is on the ceiling (Anne Pressly). They go to the church where White are praying for the return of their little lost girl (not knowing that she resides in a dumpster) and laugh at the Whites in tears (Autumn Pascale). They blowtorch a little boy to death on Christmas morning just for the fun of it (Jonathan Foster). They answer the texts of their victims parents with vicious taunts (Kelli O’Laughlin).

Part 1

10mm AUTO said...

Part 2

4. The Victims

Negros go for weak prey. 12 year old girls, women alone in their homes, White men caught alone 5-50 to 1, Sucker punch, the elderly. This disgusts the White man in a way you probably can't understand

Please see:

Some highlights:

"Now completely discredited, these writings by left wing sociologists laid the pattern for the excuse making industry today, where, for example; an 11 year old girl can be kidnapped and dragged into cover to be gang raped and the first 28 young black men that come across a child gang rape scene all join in the rape instead of doing something to stop it. A sample size of 28 random black men, in which not a single one hesitated to rape a defenseless child, is too large to dismiss as unrepresentative. The entire black community standing shoulder to shoulder with the rapists and blaming the victim is too large a number to dismiss as unrepresentative. Although some here will argue that race has nothing to do with crime, it is impossible to imagine 28 young white or Asian men happening on a horrific scene of a young child being raped by grown men and every single one of them joining in the crime instead of trying to stop it."

Or this little bit of research:

"Of all the metrics of black violent crime against whites the sexual homicide of elderly white women offers the most compelling evidence of race hatred toward the victim. For starters, the motives of the perp in any sexual homicide of an elderly woman is pure hatred. His victim is largely symbolic. His motive is not lust but extreme hatred.

(Special Agent Mark E. Safarik, a profiler in the Behavioral Analysis Unit at the FBI Academy, published in the May issue of the Journal of Interpersonal Violence)

The study involved a review of 110 offenders who perpetrated the rape and murder of 128 women 60 years and older. The mean age of the victims was 77 and 97% were black on White. The gut wrenching comes in the last paragraph, in the interview section (!) almost buried and forgotten, an aside:

“Based on other reports, Safarik says that there has never been a case of sexual homicide involving a white offender and an elderly black victim in modern times. Yet the sexual homicide of elderly white women by black men is epidemic in comparison.”

Never been a case. Never. So this is an answer to those who say “Whites do it too!”."

The Excuses:

Negros are completely transparent about killing or raping for pleasure or Political power:

“Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women – and this point, I believe, was the most satisfying to me because I was very resentful over the historical fact of how the white man has used the black woman. I felt I was getting revenge.

I started out practicing on black girls in the ghetto where dark and vicious deeds appear not as aberrations or deviations from the norm, but as part of the sufficiency of the Evil of a day. When I considered myself smooth enough, I crossed the tracks and sought out white prey. I did this consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically.”

(-Elderidge Cleaver-"Soul on Ice")

10mm AUTO said...

Part 3

The "Community"

negros close ranks around their killers and rapists, defending them, excusing them and attempting to muddy the evidence. Whites will never do this, they are expected to clear their names or go to prison based on evidence. negro mammies claim "they didn't do nuffings", or "He is a good boy!" while throwing the pistol in a lake after finding out that the "boys" shot the baby in the face or raped the jogger or murdered the old woman. The call in Quantell X for the best turd-polishing to blame Whites. Now the favorite excuse is that the White was "in the wrong place at the wrong time" even when it is inside their own car. Whole negro "communities" will march to defend a vicious killer, even when the evidence is clear. Whites don't do this. negros will allow (and even encourage) their spawn to get payback ("This is for Trayvon!") if they don't feel the case is going their way.

I could go on for page after page describing why negro interracial murder is "different" and just the discussion on RAP music and its encouragement of White murder would take a entry in and of itself, but maybe Constipated Feedbag, you can see a little.

Anonymous said...

Ill take a shot, Mr. Feedback, if you indulge me.


Both are deplorable actions against other human beings. Both are acts that stuff out life prematurely. Both cause pain to families and friends.

There is no one on this board, who you label "racist", thinks any differently.

I can make an attempt to explain that concept to you, but I am afraid it would fall on deaf ears.

I believe in people and facts. I am not a bible thumping right wing Nazi. I am a concerned parent of 5 kids who are going to face the harsh reality that you simply CAN NOT go to places like Newark, Patterson, Camden and other cities in my home state, because of who lives there.

I am tired of subsidising those who CHOOSE to act in a manner unbecoming ro society.

I choose to believe facts and statistics.

Please tell me how calling me a racist has ANY impact on the facts. Please tell me how YOU want to fix the problem. Please tell me if you really believe in the "content of a man's character"? I do.

So while you and your brethren try and ridicule those who assimilate facts and come up with rational conclusions, Rome is burning. I see it. Unlike some of the honest people on this board, I can afford to fix the problem by moving.

Moving away from people who look to destroy what I have built forn my family. That's my solution. What is yours?

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

Wow. You my friend have given up. I personally never will. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how or why christians are supposedly to blame but, ill make it real simple, my family and my extended Catholic family aren't to blame for the acts of the savage negros. When it comes unglued my faith and my family will be who I stand with. So the few of you on here banging on christians need to flush out your head gear, we're not the enemy!

Belgian Beast.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I don't know how or why christians are supposedly to blame but, ill make it real simple, my family and my extended Catholic family aren't to blame for the acts of the savage negros. When it comes unglued my faith and my family will be who I stand with. So the few of you on here banging on christians need to flush out your head gear, we're not the enemy!

Belgian Beast.

Turn the other cheek then. We are all God's children. You must feed the hungry and forgive your killer. You must comfort those from the Congo, with a comfortable home in Wyoming. Christians, the modern kind, are the problem and have been the problem since the churches were taken over by something, maybe satan, within the last 40 or 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Why not quietly form community groups who have volunteers who escort older people kids disabled etc. on shopping trips? Go to events such as fairs concerts and such. no uniforms or obvious organization. maybe use frs radios to communicate. our own secret service. it would be great if vulnerable people knew that somebody has got their six. do not announce it publicly. word of mouth. when grandma wants to go to the mall or whatever she has at least two able men or women protecting her from a distance or even walking around with her. when a group of yoofs approach they are ready to keep her from harm. just a thought. what do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

CF, you are a black man living in a white country.

You are a only guest here in Western Civilization. Because of your DNA, you are not a part of "Western Man." You owe your LIFE to America. But like most blacks, you don't act like it.

You should be thanking white people for supporting your sorry ass and for tolerating your sorry ass degenerate people, but you don't.

If you are an Affirmative African hire, you are only a guest in a company. If you are on welfare, you are only a guest. If you are a public sector propped up black, you are a guest of the taxpayer.

If you are a parasitic section 8 black in a white neighborhood, you are a guest there. If you get a school voucher to use at a white private school, you are a GUEST of that school and of those white parents.


But you don't realize this. You bitch, moan, march, agitate, and remain a disgruntled malcontent and a victim.

That is annoying. We have had enough.

And don't mention da slabery because we don't give a shit anymore.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good example of Catholic "charity" in Indianapolis. This Catholic school in the inner-city is 100% committed to Western decline, and receives a diversity award:

“When you have students who are from different backgrounds [in class together], it opens the world to them,” Kugler said. “Kids start thinking differently. … They stop thinking there is only one right way, only one answer to a problem. They become critical thinkers. They become problem-solvers. … They see wisdom in lots of places."

-Eileen Gale Kugler, the author of "Debunking the Middle-Class Myth: Why Diverse Schools Are Good for All Kids"

This private school is currently over 50% non-white (41% black, 18% other), but that is not enough "diversity", because diversity really means no whites.

The actual Catholic parish attending mass is almost 100% white.

Californian said...

One more thing about why black crime is different from white crime: look at the millions of people of all races who have fled black dominated cities because of crime.

How many people have fled white dominated cities because of crime?

How many people -- including blacks -- have fled to black dominated cities for "better schools" (i.e., a city without the usual black-generated dysfunctions, including crime).

Come on, all you trolls who are reading this website, step up to the plate and give us some numbers on this.

The point is, black crime is so epic that even blacks with a shred of sanity realize they have to escape it. So yeah, there's a difference between black and white crime.

And again, let's look at the bigger picture. How many blacks today are escaping from the terrible legacies of American slavery and segregation by moving to black-majority-rule countries in the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa? Come now, you trolls, tell us how many blacks are emigrating from the USA because here they can be stalked and gunned down like Trayvon Martin? Just think how safe they would be in black-majority-rule paradises.

Anonymous said...

February 18, 2014 at 9:04 PM
Best comment. Ever.

PB said...

"If they do use cash, they always have to root around there purse to find exact change."

I live at the other end of the world. They do it here too. Stand there with that shit-eating "I'm an important customer" look on their faces, then root around in the purse at the end of the process, trying to decide which card of the five or six they pull out to use. Astounding.

Anonymous said...

The Jamaicans wanting reparations from the U.K. and Holland was the topic on an evening talk radio show Tuesday. The question was should all whites pay for repartions even if their parents arrived here after 1890-1900. Sadly some whites called in and said the poor downtrodden victims ov da ebil slabery are owed. One dumbass even said he would give his house and car for reparations. Avoid braindead Stockholm Syndrome race traitors as much as the groid if not more.

Anonymous said...

A reader mentioned Jay Leno:

Son of Delbert said...

Exulam Holman. Google it. Guy tried to gouge out his uncles eyes in a dispute over the remote control. Somebody, Major1 I think, made mention of black tendencies toward savage violence for little or no apparent reason.

Exulam also stabbed his brother over a bowl of chili.

Wonder what the holidays are like at that house?


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Negros, Hispanic white/browns, Islamics and all the other losers of planet Earth have found a friend in white liberals, who have forged this alliance that our fully enfranchised democracy would give these same white liberals their coveted superiority that they, immature and insane, might be, and are now, in control and giving the orders.

White liberals, the immature and insane, and their liberal ideology, in particular, the white man's burden, which embraces the crocodile of diversity at our collective's expense has now brought our white man's higher culture of civilization, everywhere on planet Earth, closer to the precipice overhanging the abyss.

But still it goes on, further down the rabbit hole of diversity, until our civilization pops, and finally goes kaput.

We are now 18.2 trillion in debt.

Negros, Hispanic white/browns and Islamics are sucking us dry, melding to our white gene pool via miscegenation, but still white liberals refuse to mature.

The sand falls through the hour glass, the years pass on into decades, we whites grow smaller in number, poorer in wealth, and carry an ever increasing work load.

Time to talk about a new land, our land, where never again will this scenario happen to our kind.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Californian said...

Years ago, someone asked a friend how he felt about "reparations for slavery." His response? "How about if blacks pay reparations for 400 years of pillage and rape!"

The Jamaicans wanting reparations from the U.K. and Holland was the topic on an evening talk radio show Tuesday. The question was should all whites pay for repartions even if their parents arrived here after 1890-1900.

Why should even white people whose ancestors were slaveowners pay reparations? It's blacks who owe reparations for all the havoc they have wrecked on white civilization.

"Reparations" is one more race hustle in a long history of race hustles. It's one more reason that black politics make it difficult to impossible to have civil discourse. It's always one more racket to get money out of YT.

It makes you understand why white people in a previous era enacted segregation. Sooner or later, everyone (whether reactionary or progressive) gets tired of the endless hustles--and endless illegitimacy and endless violence and endless city trashing and...

Mr. Clean said...

SBPDL said: [Clergy, educators blast state plan to takeover city schools, Baltimore Afro-American, 8-10-1996]:

Baltimore ministers and educators criticized as "outrageous" proposed state legislation that would restructure city schools under state control.

Sounds like the same crap that came out of Detroit when the state was forced to assert itself over Detroit's affairs.

I would think even negros understand the idea of "He who pays the piper names the tune."

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...


When I think about how much the negro got, for how much the negro gave, I'd say the negro came out in the black, made a profit, in his dealings with the white man.

When I think about how much the white got, versus how much the white gave, I'd say the white came out in the red, took a loss.

If one owes the other, it clearly would be the negro owing the white.

Are you talking about slavery?

White man liberated the negro from negro upon negro enslavement twice, one via a bloody civil war.

Negro enslaved negro, whitey never enslaved negro.

What whitey is paying for is liberation of the negro, from negro upon negro enslavement, and especially here in the white man's higher culture of civilization.

Reparations is for whites, to be paid by the negro, every cent he owes.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Re. Californian, Trayvon was not
'stalked' [yr term].

Anonymous said...

CF...please stop depositing your rabbit turd comments on our site. Nobody cares what you say, we just scroll up. We do not want to live, work or socialize with you or your kind. Just get out. And do not follow us this time.

World_War_Me said...

10mm AUTO, your response to CF is absolutely brilliant. I don't see how anybody, regardless of how black or DWL they are, could read your outline and refuse to see the plain, simple, irrefutable logic. I will be quoting from your outline while either engaged in real-life race-realist discussions or online in various forums. Well done, and thanks!

Californian said...

Anon said...Re. Californian, Trayvon was not 'stalked' [yr term].

I was being ironic.

In the perception of BRA, Zimmerman "stalked" Martin regardless of the facts. It's part of the delusion that white "racists" are gunning for innocent black children.

Californian said...

10mm AUTO, your response to CF is absolutely brilliant.

Which is one reason to allow posters like CF to continue posting. It lets us develop extensive arguments against BRA. And these arguments can be used across the Internet, in the classroom, in the workplace, in the public square and beyond.

Bogolyubski said...

Belgian Beast.

I don't know how or why christians are supposedly to blame but, ill make it real simple, my family and my extended Catholic family aren't to blame for the acts of the savage negros. When it comes unglued my faith and my family will be who I stand with. So the few of you on here banging on christians need to flush out your head gear, we're not the enemy!

The putative head of your church only a couple of months ago spent a day groveling at the feet of invading African and Musloid colonists on the island of Lampedusa. As I mentioned above, 98% of what calls itself Christianity is devoted to the genocide of whites. They are enemies who deserve no mercy or no quarter - only utter destruction. Their blood is upon their own heads. Yes, there are a few remnants scattered here and there who don't desire our extermination. The notion that even a substantial portion of self-identified Christians are not devoted to white extermination is an IKAGO fallacy. I've yet to see a single condemnation of the campaign of extermination directed at the white minorities in Zimbabwe and South Africa by the black regimes from even a mostly white church, much less a negro minstrel show which refers to itself as a church.

Mr. Rational said...

Which is one reason to allow posters like CF to continue posting.

But only the most coherent comments.  Word-salad spew is not useful for anything, not even for convincing DWLs that a large fraction (perhaps a majority) of Blacks are morons—until they are convinced "racism" is just self-protection, they'll view such halfwits as babies to be protected, not animals to be protected against.