Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Detroit Horror: The Torture/Burning/Murder of Three Whites by Four Blacks in 83 Percent Black Detroit

You've seen Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

You probably know the final scene by heart: the Ark of the Covenant has been found, with its awesome power having been fully on display and the fictional Dr. Jones pleading with U.S. Government officials to study it.
These four proud black citizens of 83 percent black Detroit tortured and ultimately burned alive three white males...

Find a way to harness its power.

"Our best men are on it," is the response from the government bureaucrat.

Famously, the final scene of the movie shows the Ark of the Covenant being loaded into a box for storage, then a lone custodian pushing the box into a warehouse. Slowly the camera pulls back to reveal a cavernous warehouse, filled with tens of thousands of similarly shaped boxes haphazardly (and unorganized) stacked.

The best men aren't studying the find; it's being deliberately hidden.

24-year-old Michael Hoots, one of the three whites tortured, burned alive and murdered by four blacks in Detroit
Purposely lost.

An act of official negligence.

Such is the case of horrific black-on-white assaults in America. Though the Holy Grail of racial hatred (the murder of Emmett Till) is constantly brought up as a way to shame all living white people - the blood of Till is on your hands, whitey! - stories such as a triple homicide of three whites by four blacks in 83 percent black Detroit must quickly be put in box and nailed shut.

Never to be opened again or explored and studied. [4 charged in Detroit triple murder; police say victims stabbed, tortured, house torched, Detroit Free Press, 2-17-14]:
Four people have been charged with murder in the deaths of three people who were found stabbed last week in a burning house on Detroit’s west side.
A vehicle and other items that belonged to the victims helped link the suspects to the crime, Detroit police said.
Tenisha Jackson, 19; Larry Johnson, 20; Rashawn Johnson, 19, and Keeshon Lake, 19, have each been charged with three counts of first-degree murder, three counts of felony murder, two counts of armed robbery and one court of arson, according to police. Larry Johnson has also been charged with possessing heroin and a felony firearms offense.
Firefighters were called the afternoon of Feb. 10 to a house fire on the 13000 block of Bentler, just south of I-96 near West Outer Drive. Inside, they found a dying man on the first floor and two dead men in the basement.
Lawrence Bowman, 51, was stabbed multiple times and died from a gunshot to the head, according to the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office.
His 26-year-old son, Nicholas Bowman, and 24-year-old Michael Hoots of Livonia were stabbed to death. Nicholas Bowman, who lived at the house with his father, died at a hospital, authorities said.
Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody said the men were tortured.
“The nature of the wounds were horrific, all three victims were stabbed multiple times ... In addition, the fire had been obviously set to cover up what turned out to be a brutal murder in an attempt to destroy potential evidence,” Woody said in a news release.
Every code of the Geneva Convention was violated in this interracial interaction, with the four black people torturing these three white people in a manner not even Clive Barker could stomach.
Just like the final scene in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, our government (along with media and academia) work overtime to hide the gruesome reality of black-on-white crime/homicide/rape for fear of what might be unleashed...

Lawrence and Nicholas Bowman, along with Michael Hoots, are just disposable white males.

Their memory and the horrific final moments on earth will be put into a box by the corporate media and quickly put into a warehouse, a warehouse over-flowing with similar black-on-white homicides that must be never be studied.

Nor must they be opened again.

Michael, Lawrence and Nicholas' story will be sealed shut, quickly forgotten. Wheeled into a cavernous room filled with similar stories and forgotten names, lives ended in a gruesome encounter with a protected class of people far beyond the realm of criticism.

One day they'll be discovered.

Opened by a people unafraid of what might be unleashed. Fox 2 News Headlines


Anonymous said...

Look at the photo of the young man who was killed.
Now look at the mug shots of the 4 killers.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

they should hang them all out in public.

D-FENS said...

Here's my response to a DWL:

The legacy of slavery and Jim Crow must be a terrible burden to negroes. It has a resulted in a scar that can't possibly heal, even given the great strength the negro has displayed in enduring what he has endured. No human could ever forgive such a horror being inflicted upon him.

My shame is so great that I cannot even look a negro in the eye. Even though none of my ancestors had anything to do with slavery, certainly I bear a share of the collective guilt. The fact that I enjoy White Privilege just compounds my shame.

Recognizing that Whites derive great benefit from diversity, it would be the height of injustice to enjoy the fruits of diversity through contact with negroes, given how much they have been wronged by Whites.

Therefore, I will avoid any contact with negroes whenever possible. Further, I promise not to enjoy their many contributions to the arts, athletics, entertainment (including strip clubs). Finally, I will not belittle the great transgressions Whites committed against negroes, by token attempts at atonement by charitable contributions, EBT, Reparations, affirmative action or Black Hiztree Mumf.

Anonymous said...

It sickens me to read about such levels of depravity and cruelty. These animals have no souls. And make no mistake - the victim's blood is on the hands of every black who ever tut-tuts about 'payback,' reparations and more gibsmedat. The advantages that were bestowed on you well above those left behind in darkest tribal Africa you have squandered on malice, pettiness and a slavish-ness to the racial hatred of whites. You hurt yourselves just to hurt 'whitey'...and now you turn your pathetic self-hatred toward those who did you no wrong or harm. You have become the monsters you imagined in your darkest, bitterest hearts.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond callous, I cannot believe the depravity. They should all have to die a slow death full of anguish. I am sad and sickened by these creatures. They are not human beings, they are sub human because of their heinous actions. I pray for these men and their families.

Anonymous said...

You hit this one right out of the ballpark, PK!

Great post and so truthful.

Damn sad that the torture-murder of these three white males by black savages will be swept under the rug, never to be spoken of again.

Jim said...

"Opened by a people unafraid of what might be unleashed."

I really do not believe White America will unleash anything except complain about black-on-white murders. We are too comfortable sitting at home watching ESPN to really give a crap. The vast majority of us do not live in areas where these type crimes are occurring.

I was watching the protesters in the Ukraine battling the police. Their bravery and dedication is second to none. The thought immediately occurred to me was what would it take for Americans to take these actions.

I am 68 years old, recovering from Stage IV cancer. Although my blood boils at this uncivilized s**t, I feel powerless to do anything about it. WTF can we do? We have no leaders or organization and we will be up against one huge police state. In other words, we're screwed.

I just got my CCW and I would not hesitate taking deadly action to protect myself or others in my vicinity.

Other than that, I feel helpless.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone suprised that these missing links have simmering hatred for humans? Go ahead and lie to yourselves and say this is a minority of blacks I myself have and will always avoid contact with them.

Don M said...

Oh my effing God.

PK and friends, I didn't even see this posted on Drudge. Was it?

I really am beyond negro-fatigue, guys. I think I am starting to experience negro-atrocity induced panic attacks.

I hate to say it, but I think Ex New Yorker is right, almost all whites just walk around in a multiculti haze waiting to be eaten by the Morlocks.

Worse yet, Whiskey is right when he says white women love negroes. Hell, just anecdotally I can remember dozens of instances over the years of white women clucking about how cute little Bantu kids are. (To me they're as cuddly as the freshly hatched Alien creature from the eponymous movie franchise, but WTF do I know?)

Bogo is right when he says that the highest calling for "Crystal Methodists" is to be sacrificed to the dark gods on the altar of diversity.

Even my wife, whom I have defended with pistol in hand from "vibrant youths" gets on my case when I speak my mind about the sweet-innocent-majestic-black-angels...

The clutches in my brain are beginning to slip as I am faced with a reality that nobody else (save you guys) can see.

I think I may need to leave this country... brush up my Russian and hope I can get a visa... I don't know.

The account of this heinous crime rends my heart.

Bozha Moi, Shto dzelit? My God, What to do?

Anonymous said...

This is sick. This is also why lacks honestly should have never been freed and Obama should have never been allowed to become president.

Ricky Tucker said...

We're in so much trouble and most of us don't even know it. We went to the moon and split the atom and these simple minded drooling f**ks are going to wipe us out.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's ask any troll who is reading this website: "Did this sort of crime against white people occur during segregation?"

And again, we might conclude that one reason for segregation was to keep these kinds of black perpetrated atrocities from occurring in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Hey p.k. we had a conversation about this at work today ,my co-workers were appalled at this ,i told them this is a everyday thing in every major city in america,i have been keeping the faith p.k. showing them all that has been going on now about half of my co-workers are awake it took me over a year,but now more have joined the ranks of those who can see. royal oak dude..

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....30 years ago I was friends for a short while with a retired state patrol cop from South Illinois. We both had a problem called Civilian PTSD. We talked a lot about some of the shit we went through and how we were dealing with it. He lasted on the job for 15 years before he quite. This is some of the stuff he told me.....

A lot of bloody car wrecks which he considered an act of God (also booze). These didn't bother him that much. It was the crime scenes that took their toll. A MOB HIT was easy to spot. Small cal torso shot and a second shot in the head. Real clean. No mess. He said they could always tell if the perps were black because there was always a real gruesome scene. There was blood everywhere and they would even leave bloody footprints. Dead women, children and some times a dog. Many times a whole family if drugs were involved. He said mob guys didn't kill women. They had some kind of honor. No dead women or children. Just the target. To get to sleep at night he started drinking and his wife left him. Finally he had enough and left the force. He worked with MADD for a short time but was having nightmares at night. Some of the stuff he told me sounded like being in a slaughter house. A lot of times the killers lived across the street. When the cops would start investigating by knocking on doors the blacks felt like they were being HARASSED.

Remember, this was back in the 70's. I can't even imagine how bad it is now.

Anonymous said...

Not far from where I grew up in the late 50s. Unrecognizable, thanks to BRA. Execute the animals? Nope. They'll be out in 7-10 yrs. and back on the streets and on welfare.

Anonymous said...

this is all the fault of the victims. they willingly put themselves in a dangerous situation by living in detroit. they have no one to blame but themselves.

Anonymous said...

no one blames a snake for doing snake things. why should blacks be blamed for doing black things?. if you don't like it then leave. no one has to live in detroit.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a normal day in detroit. i don't see what all the fuss is about.

Anonymous said...

I posted a link to this story yesterday in the previous thread on Baltimore (2/18, 5:32pm) and of course, haven't seen it mentioned anywhere on TV or the web. I had wrote that four Whites were slaughtered, but found out it was three. Wonder if anyone will report it outside the obfuscators in Detroit?

Anonymous said...


meanwhile at Salon

Jay Santos said...

I began paying attention to this unique negro violence about five years ago. I saw an article about two blacks in Oakland, CA, who walked up to an asian father and son and sucker punched the son. The elderly father started screaming at them and they punched him, killing him.

I read Howard's Zebra sometime after that event and learned of the huge number of unsolved white murders across CA, as well as other areas in the '70's. All likely Nation of Islam killings.

It has been going on a long time. If you visit, you'll see that there is rarely ever a week that goes by without negroes killing white people. Beatings are a daily occurrence. It's not going to stop. No particular set of circumstances of the crime, whether torture, or the ages of the victims is going to cause enough of a reaction that some broad action is going to be taken. There will be no political movement that will arise from it. There will be no end to it.

There is a peculiar set of circumstances at work in America today. A media that is dedicated to down playing the scope and nature of this. A government that is equally dedicated to doing the minimum to protect its citizens. The average white person is happy to ignore it, because it's not in their neighborhood and after all, and above all else, they must not be critical of any negro behavior. No matter how obscene, it must be ignored. There is a mass denial of so much of what is happening around us.

Warrior said...

Enough is enough! The shotgun Jordan Davis was supposedly carrying "conveniently disappeared". Without that crucial piece of evidence, the defense had no case. Of course, Chris Hayes, & Rachel Maddow shameless liberals devoted to black liberation theology espoused by "Rev." Al Sharpton of the reparations for slavery religion of downtrodden African-Americans who can do no wrong and can never be criticized see these young men such as Jordan Davis And Trayvon Martin as "innocents" incapable of forming an evil intent.

We all know differently as the real background of Martin came out and the media promotes the clean cut picture of Jordan Davis next to an American flag who would never be blasting "Gangsta Rap" and annoying people while filling up.

The sheer savagery of these "teens" in Detroit can't be explained away as a, "robbery gone bad"-this was a savage, animalistic attack on defenseless people who were never prepared for this sort of onslaught.

Check out my lead post at my site, I'll leave it up for a few days. Then ask yourself why Hayes and Maddow @ MSNBC are always going to bat for black teens and making it their "cause celebre" and then they totally ignore and fail to speak to their audience about the horrific black on white triple murders in Detroit? Doesn't this type of horrific attack qualify as a hate crime? A black on white hate crime?
Thanks, Warrior

Anonymous said...


Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens be draggin' his unconscious bitch out of a elevatah.

Attorney Alpstein will be handling the case for the defense.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is disgusting but, is anyone here really suprised? When I read the story on another site early this morning I just was not shocked.? Please almighty lord deliver us from this evil.

Belgian(I'm so tired)Beast.

Anonymous said...

Awww, come on guys, just look at those adorable brown faces, those hangdog expressions. Why, if they were capable of blushing, their faces would be SO red right now!

I think they've learned their lesson - we should let them go. They didn't MEAN to kill and burn those white kids; they were just gettin' dey hustle on, and had to make a snap decision. Life is like that. Could have happened to any of us, really ...

Anonymous said...

love how you use pop culture memes to wrap around your points-- very effective means of story telling, PK, as it is immediately identifiable and memorable in a way the facts themselves, sadly, are not

amazing how the Cathedral media simply ignore these events...

R.E. Prindle said...

There is no such thing as collective guilt.

Dan Cooper said...

Nigerian hotel serves human flesh to customers. 11people arrested after 2 severed heads were found.
Wow. Apparently the 'fried fingers' really were 'fried fingers'!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....About slavery. Some years ago Michael Hoffman wrote a nice little book about white slaves. As I recall the title was THEY WERE WHITE..AND THEY WERE SLAVES. Another great book is WHITE CARGO but I can't remember the name of the authors. I looked for the book but can't find it. My house and garage is filled with boxes of books and some get buried. They tell the story about white slaves brought to this country which were mostly kidnapped off the streets of England. A lot were children. They were sold in batches for cheap money and a lot were worked to death. They were called REDNECKS because they worked in the hot sun all day.

In THE GODS OF EDEN by William Bramley he tells about how Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans (aka..Calvinist/John Calvin) raided Ireland after he slaughtered the Catholics in England. The Irish Catholics he didn't butcher he took prisoner and sold then on the slave market. Hundreds of thousands of Irish women were sold in America and were allowed to be raped by black slaves so they would give birth to Mulatto children. A mulatto slave sold for more money because they were smarter. Of course Pravda won't allow this to be taught in the schools. As some of you may know the American Puritans (aka..Protestants) were against the Constitution because of that part about freedom of religion and separation of church and state. In Europe the Church was the state.

I am always hearing about how the birth of America was based on Christians principles. BULLSHIT. Christian principles was 800 years of burning people at the stack and castrating choir boys. In 1976 the Church was still burning women at the stake. They called them hags or witches. Thomas Jefferson and the boys (my favorite was Thomas Paine) believed the enemies of the Republic were the Crown, the Church and the Banks.

One last rant. I have NEVER ever heard a black person say THANK YOU for all the hundreds of white folks who died in Americas most bloody war so they could be set free. The same for the holocaust. Thousands of dead Americans and Englishmen buried all across Europe so the camps could be liberated. Never one thank you from the survivors. Never. Why is that?

Bogolyubski said...

Remember, this was back in the 70's. I can't even imagine how bad it is now.

The perps will be puttin' on the badges, blues and guns soon. MyPeeps & Co. have decreed that felony convictions can't be used as a basis for denying a negro a job. That's the law, and the blackrobes will rubber-stamp it so, along with Repukes.

Fed Up FF said...

Google the address. It's actually around 13536 Bentler St. Google maps will let you drive up & down the road in safety... It's a shit neighborhood. Why any white would want to be within 100 miles is beyond my comprehension.
Just yesterday another home invasion by three black teens. Thank God the resident opened fire.

People, you can become a statistic or you can insulate yourself until the collapse. After that, you'd better have your shit together. Think Ukraine riots on a National level. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Got preps yet?

Fed Up Firefighter.

Anonymous said...

I'd hate to see what passes for a foot-long dog at that Nigerian restaurant ...

Dan said...

We are in Clockwork Orange territory now.

This is the White Holocaust. Literally.

Anonymous said...

Not saying any of these people deserved to be killed, much less tortured, but what were they doing in that neighborhood to begin with? Sounds like drug dealing gone awry.

Anonymous said...

This morning I put on MSNBC to watch the Olympics. It was too early so Morning Joe was on and game-show host Wayne Brady was the guest. He and Scarborough were wringing their hands over the Dunn case. Brady says that young black men are endangered, Joe looks sympathetic and sorrowful. No mention of the Detroit torture murders or any even-handedness on the part of the self-styled small government "conservative".

Anonymous said...

Baton Rouge police arrested two teens Tuesday accused in the fatal Feb. 1 attack of a 55-year-old Indiana native, a crime that might have been committed simply because the teens wanted to see who hit harder.

Anonymous said...

I think of the line from the TS-19 episode of The Walking Dead, the season 1 finale: "This is our extinction event." If white women have been so easily brainwashed into breeding with lower primates (& they have...), I mean, glistening, lovely SIMBAs, & half of us are DWLs, then are we not just very self-aware members of a species that is undergoing natural selection, as in selection out of the biology marathon?

If the Irish women being forced to breed with the SIMBAs is true, are not the Olde English just as depraved as the four demons pictured above? Don't you hope all of those guys are rotting in Hell?

I got to stand & listen to three highly intelligent, & completely brainwashed DWLs this evening. Blathering on about diversity. And I thought to myself how much each & everyone of these three dumbshits needs a drive through da hood. And then maybe dropped off for 20 minutes, so they can preach their diversity shit. I don't know. They are well-meaning, but unbelievably misguided idiots.

I guess the reason I despair is not the SIMBAs. We can handle them. I despair because of the DWLs. If 1 out of every 2 of us, or 3 out of every 4, is going to work for the enemy, how can the battle be won? Even if triumphant, would we just keep going through this cycle, century after century? Maybe whites are incompatible with further evolution. Maybe the human race either stagnated & dies out, or the Chinese will inherit the Earth. A.o. out.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what family members of kids murdered by blacks think when they hear liberals prattle on about "equality" and "the richness of diversity"? How do they resist the urge to attack these idiots?

Anonymous said...

Nigerian hotel serves human flesh to customers.

The British when they ran Nigeria as a colony required meat to be sold in markets show it was not human flesh.

Anonymous said...

In other news George Zimmerman is chased by a mob in miami

Anonymous said...

Still no leads in the Lawrence(Indianapolis) murder of Kyle Jobin white age 19 by 4 black teens at a Marathon gas station.

The "No Snitch" black culture that the Culture Marxists have promoted since Mumia Abu Jamal murdered police officer Daniel Faulkner 34 years ago is destroying this country.

Anonymous said...

The article over at (referenced by anon at 6:29 PM on 2/19) is written by a fat, black whining negress who is obviously part of the black racial grievance industry. All black violence is blamed on da white man~ he done caused it all through keepin' da black man down! So, if a whitey be afraid of da negroes, it be all his fault in de first place just like black violence is whitey's fault. Stand yo' ground laws be so dat YT can kill da sweet innocent black angels and gits away wid it! It's the KKK all over again except the white sheets are hidden!
This is the black mentality encapsulated in one article by a fat, whiny negress. Following her fractured line of reasoning, the victims of the Detroit Horror are to blame for their own deaths since they be white and caused all dis violence in the first place.
Even in the comments section, other delusional and idiotic blacks blame da white man for all the black on black murders that are rampant across the nation.
This sort of idiotic mentality and fractured reasoning is common among the low IQ negro population. Everything will always be twisted so that the white man is at fault and the negro blameless even as they stab innocent strangers to death.
It's yo' fault whitey!
As unlikely as it is, we really need segregation to return in force. These idiots need to be walled off from civilization and left to rot in their Negrotopia's of ignorance, violence, stupidity and incessant whining.
They don't belong in a first world civilization anymore than a giraffe belongs in Antartica.

PB said...

"The same for the holocaust."

That's another group that prefers blame to thanks. Blame gets you so much more sympathy...and free stuff.

Big Bear said...

The DWL enablers are more guilty than the things they keep as pets.



Don't know about you good people but it's been cricket time on the major networks. if not for reading this story @SBPDL I would probably never even known that this went down. Shame again on the pet lovers in what used to be America.
Here where I reside in the burgh(used to be one of America's most livable city's) we have had a horrible double homicide of two liberal sisters in their late 40's and the murderer poured bleach over the tied to chairs women. isn't that usually a sigh that a rape has occurred? yet the police aren't saying anything about that. I wonder why? and their car has been found in a black neighborhood. hum, getting close to a racial cover-up in my books. either way just more innocent whites being stolen from their family's and our country. shame again on the pet loving lying lame street so-called media!!!


P.S. I got yelled at on a blog yesterday cause I being the racist pig(there words not mine) suggested that we go back to segregation nation. I told whomever I consider that a badge of honor coming from dope smoking black pet loving LIB-RAT!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For those of you angry about why whites don't fight back here is why.We are so worried because despite the fact we have every right to defend ourselves,friends and family,others it would turn into another Zimmerman.Just think the media and police won't back you up.You'd would have to go to a long trial and miss work,ect,ect

Anonymous said...

-Fireforce- here...

THIS is why lynchings occured in times past. 100 years ago these creatures would be hanging from a tree by now.

Of course a strong case could be made that such crimes did not occur very often at that time precisely because of the threat of rough and ready frontier justice.

Anonymous said...

No, They Should Burn Them Alive In Public.

Anonymous said...

I sleep with a gun in my night stand, there is gun hidden near the front door and a 357 handy where I work. Most important of all there are no entries within 20 miles.

Secret Squid

Anonymous said...

On to a life of 3 hots and a cot, mad street cred, and all the drugs, booze and fun you can sneak into a prison. Instead of seeing these 4 dregs of society executed on live tv during halftime of a football game, we will simply continue to pay the way for these urban much does it cost per year to keep one of Obama's sons in the pen?

What justice will the family of these whites receive? What justice will white society receive? Better question...what the hell are white people STILL doing in Detroit?!

Anonymous said...

re. Salon / comments

NYTimes, Salon etc heavily censor comments section.

NYT has a nigerian and a staff of
12? to censor.

I can prove that.

Anonymous said...

They are probably too poor to move. Luckily, I was not. I moved out of west Dallas as soon as I got some common sense and a down payment for a house in a northern suburb. Now I live out in the country. We do have Country Negroes but for the most part, they are decent people.


Jay Santos said...

Drudge has a link to something called, a Hollywood business site, with a story about the need to award Twelve Years a Slave an award: "OSCARS: ‘12 Years A Slave’ Telling Voters “It’s Time”.

I left the following comment that lasted all of three minutes before deletion. See if you agree with the premise:

It's time. It's time we stop the endless series of movies, the only purpose of which is to pander to 13% of the population. How about a movie that documents the individual pain, sacrifice and suffering on the part individual human beings of both north and south during the civil war? How about a move that depicts the endless violence, perpetrated by blacks against innocent non-blacks? How about a film that honestly addresses the issues that led to current day Detroit, or Birmingham, or Baltimore, or Camden, or Gary, or New Orleans? How about a movie depicting the life of Delbert Belton, a veteran of Okinawa, beaten to death by two black teenagers in Spokane? Or the life of 12 year-old Jonathan Foster, tortured with a blow torch by his African-american killer? Or the story of T.C. Maslin, beaten in the head with a baseball bat in Washington DC and now struggling to raise his daughter? I'm sure there is story in the rape and murder or 86 year-old Nancy Strait and her World War II veteran husband in Oklahoma. I could go on for pages.

Anonymous said...

Re: Black Fantasy Munf. I know a retired teacher who refused to teach the fantasies to her classes because she knew how inaccurate and what outright lies were being spewed~ all obstensibly to raise the self-esteem of moronic blacks and make them feel good about themselves.
However, can you imagine the resentment this actually creates? Poor, dumb blacks being taught that blacks created numerous things which they never did and being given credit for accomplishments and contributions they never made?
This only makes them feel they're being kept down, their "accomplishments" ripped off by others and the benefits of same being stolen. Their false pride will be steeped in a seething cauldron of hate, resentment and hostility as they view the difference between their communities and the communities of those "who stoled ebberthang from da black man!"
How better to arouse hostility and hatred in a low IQ population and direct that hostility and hatred at a targeted group (Whites) while pretending one's motive is actually noble in purpose? All you have to do is play on the negro's narcissistic fantasies of accomplishment (which they already have in abundance) and you have a horde of useful idiots dancing like puppets on strings and furthering your agenda. It becomes even more delicious aand satisfying when you can manipulate your target group into doing the job for you (by having them forced to teach the BS themselves in their schools) and declaring anyone who debunks the BS to be a racist deserving of censure and punishment. The added bonus is you can use the program to instill a false sense of guilt in white children thereby turning many of them into useful idiots (dwl's)for the cause.
Black History Munf is nothing more than psychological warfare.

Gnome Sane said...

Corporate America starting shoving this "diversity" crap down our throats about the same time BO was elected. Participation in "diversity training" was supposedly "optional" but I'm sure non-participation was duly noted. I never participated but watched as my "racially real", white co-workers danced to their anti-white music then complained about it at a safe distance. My argument for not participating was that the premise of their "diversity" demands, by default, that they must accept my "non-diversity". They shut up and left me alone after that, defeated by their own pretzel logic.

bubo said...

This is what some Crystal Methodist left on Michael Hoots obituary page.

So sorry to hear of your loss. And 24 years of age is so young but God does have a plan for us all.

I guess those subhuman savages were doing God's will when they tortured and murdered him and his friends.

Glad I opted out of religion long ago.

Anonymous said...

These types of crimes happen often in Detroit. As well as areas throughout the US. I lived with my parents in the 60s until 73, in Detroits east side.
After working in the city, I learned real quick what blacks are really like.
By 78 I was in business, but was determined to leave the metro area . In 87 I sold and started a new business in northern Michigan.
Friends have told me of burnings of white people in there homes after robbery . This type of crime is mot new, God save these poor white people..
Heres part of the answer. Stay the hell away from this type of evil. Times coming when we will take back what needs to...

Chuck Hammer said...

I guess the reason I despair is not the SIMBAs. We can handle them. I despair because of the DWLs. If 1 out of every 2 of us, or 3 out of every 4, is going to work for the enemy, how can the battle be won? Even if triumphant, would we just keep going through this cycle, century after century? Maybe whites are incompatible with further evolution. Maybe the human race either stagnated & dies out, or the Chinese will inherit the Earth. A.o. out.

Here's my conclusion. Whites have genetic traits that are adaptations to Northern climates - altruism, high cooperation and high intelligence. We're white because we adapted to our environment.

Blacks are literally unable to survive in cold climates without our help.

The game changers have been hydrocarbon fuels, steam and gas turbines, electrical power generation and jet airplanes. These technological innovations allow blacks to live in places in which they could not previously have survived. It's the law of unintended consequences writ large. Invent some truly amazing stuff, get wiped out as a result.

You can see where this is going. Whites will continue to lose the reproductive race as long as Western civilization continues. We're faced with the worst kind of lose-lose scenario.

Anonymous said...

Jay Santos: I love your ideas for movies about the atrocities committed by blacks but the problem is they don't fit the Hollywood Agenda. Addditionally, libtards and blacks would scream that those movies were racist and just trying to make the black community look bad and cause racial strife, hatred and division. They'd claim that arousing such emotions and reactions would be counter-productive and harmful to race relations.
Yes, they'd scream all that while pumping out more anti white movies and denying that the anti white movies create racial strife, hatred and division. They're "historical" don't you know. It's "different" when it's anti-white.
The Hollywood Agenda is the same as the agenda of Black History Munf~ psychological warfare and propaganda etc. and they already know that.
Your comment was deleted because it might make someone sit up and say, "Hey! Wait a minute! He's right!"
Imagine if an independent film maker did a three hour documentary on all the atrocities committed by blacks. The howls of outrage by the usual suspects would be deafening and they'd have a fit~ especially when every mention of a Trayvon Martin or Emmett Till etc was met with dozens of examples of horrific negro crimes committed against innocent whites.
Your comment was offensive because you weren't a good little boy- you didn't drink the kool-aid that Jim Jones Hollywood has been offering.
Bad Honky! Bad!

R.E. Prindle said...

Bogolyubski: I think that is an executive order and not the law. Executive orders are not law they merely have the force of law whatever that means.

An executive order is merely the will of Obama. Who would pay attention to that?

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
Jay Santos: I love your ideas for movies about the atrocities committed by blacks but the problem is they don't fit the Hollywood Agenda. ….

Bad Honky! Bad!

I did know it would not survive the censors. Although, there were quite a few other comments that showed clear negro fatigue, a modest reaction to a constant stream of these movies.

Hollywood has a product here with negroes. A very valuable product. They'll protect it like the Coca Cola Corporation will fight to protect their Coke. In the absence of anything else, people will go to see these propaganda pieces. Some leave feeling great sympathy for the noble black man. As observed here many times, blacks are a critical "product" for the government as well. Blacks have a perverse economic value to certain elements of our society. They drain resources from so much of the economy, but "enrich" other segments; entertainment, sports, government, LEOs, courts and jails. We live in strange times.

Anonymous said...

It is in their DNA:

Dan Cooper said...

Anon at 8:59 mentioned Joe Scarborough. Does anyone remember the intern that died in his office in 2001. They said she hit her head on the desk, because of an undiagnosed cardiac arrhythmia. The only problem with that is that you can't diagnose a cardiac arrhythmia on a dead person. They have to be alive. Pat Dollard has the story. I am not a big fan of Scumborough.

SwampThizzle said...

The most chilling aspect of these "Revenge for Trayvon" murders and the thing that is opening the most eyes is the fact that the killers are always society's take-iest *takers* removing a taxpaying citizen forever. The math on this is unsustainable. The one thing America cannot do without is taxpaying citizens. The supremely overconfident Yewfs are overplaying their hand.

Son of Delbert said...

A few days ago I read a couple of anonymous posts critical of this site and the articles. "internet hand wringing," was the complaint. Also the articles are repetitive. Thats the point.

We are awake and aware. We can wake up others. This Detroit incident, yet another horror show, is not widely publicized. The memory hole is a real problem, and its almost instantaneous now. PK knows what to look for and puts the stories out there.

Many of us are enraged. If you're awake its almost guaranteed. Dark Enlightenment. Race Realism. Call it what you want, more and more people are willing to look behind the curtain.

History turns on specific incidents. An Austrian Archduke is killed, a fort is shelled, etc. Blacks have a history of rioting in this country, they are proud of it. "no justice, no peace" is a popular slogan.

Whites don't usually riot. We revolt.

Keep up the pressure PK, and thank you.


Anonymous said...

I don't know who coined the phrase, but I think we should start referring to these crimes and their perpetrators as "Urban Terrorism/Terrorists" respectively.

If it starts to stick and pick up steam, maybe we can wake up a few more sleeping polar bears by employing some name recognition tactics.

Gnome Sane said...

I checked out this neighborhood on Google Earth and it is truly amazing. There are so many empty, overgrown lots where houses once stood it looks like a rural community where houses are separated by wooded areas. This is their jungle, their natural habitat. Burned-out houses, abandoned houses, etc. It's sad to see some of the remaining residents still maintaining their property as if everything's cool. Little fenced-in, posted islands of civilization.

Mr. Rational said...

I was thinking about "urban terrorism" also.  It is a political act, and a civil-rights violation (denying the use of public spaces to law-abiding non-Blacks).  When the purpose is to make Whites live in fear of harm or death, that is terrorism.  Its political goal is ethnic cleansing.

Mr. Rational said...

Speaking of a divsision of the territory of the USA into Black and White sections; call them Blamerica and America, I think this would work wonderfully.  What we do is we also allocate the US national debt between them by the amount run up by the two fractions, counted as expenses minus contributions.  That gives the bulk of it to Blamerica.  Then Blamerica can do what Jefferson county and Detroit and so many others have done:  default on it post haste.

Let the Chinese collect from the Africans-in-Blamerica.

Dan said...

What do you think the out of Africa event was about?

It's precisely this. Eventually the lower order primates catch up.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational...

I'll take a portion of your post as 'tongue in cheek', but your argument for dividing the country rubs me the wrong way.

We would be ceding both coasts, the great lakes area and a large portion of the south.

In your scenario we either lose (officially, not de facto as it stands now)our nation to the blacks or to the Chinese. Either way I'd rather fight and die than live to see that day.

Anonymous said...

To those that think the average white person will never wake up I have to say I agree. That is, they will never wake up until they are personally affected. Millions of us have had an awakening over the past few decades due to hard experience. The great awakening will only come when the system implodes, the shelves are bare, and the power is off. Nothing in life comes easy and taking back our land won't be either. It will be a long and bloody struggle, but I believe all will be surprised at what they have within themselves. White people who are now apathetic or actively against us will become allies. And some who say they are allies will be proven to be enemies.
It's coming. Nothing can stop it.

Pike Bishop

Dan said...

Give Florida to the remnant blacks. New Mexico and stuff to the remnant mestizo. Although the mestizo are not necessarily a blood enemy IMHO.

Anonymous said...

SwampThizzle- you reminded me about something I've been wanting to bring up for some time. If the white middle class were to imitate the rich whites- or the poor blacks, for that matter- & just stop paying taxes, the BRA/ Squid Conspiracy (BRASC from here on out for the sake of brevity) would sit up & listen. The BRASC is a parasite that feeds on money. Plain & simple.

We have to acknowledge that the slow bleed is not working. Not enough people will quit watching the NFL fast enough. Subscribers will not cancel their cable TV in numbers sufficient to matter. While all sectors of the economy are currently suffering, they don't attribute it to white middle class taxpayers fed up with their literal enslavement.

Strategy: don't make it about riots, revolts, or violence. Just start changing it up so that you don't participate in the tax system except where it is unavoidable. Your employer will clearly be of no help here, but I'm sure the independent businessmen in the crowd may have some ideas. Recruit lots of people to your cause. So long as they are not brainwashed Tea Party idiots who all spout Black History Munf facts all 12 months of the year now.

Maybe I'm talking crazy, but how else do we think we are going to get the attention of this parasitic entity? It's either this or violence. I don't really see what else is going to work. And violence is not going to be good.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly . . . As ex New Yorker so eloquently stated, never even a thank you. I often wonder why the liberal MSM is seemingly glad to stir black hatred for whites by mainly only reporting white on black crime yet rarely if ever even touching upon the much more prevalent black on black and black on white crime. I also ponder why there are no new movies about the hundreds of thousands of white men who shed their blood and gave their lives for the freedom of slaves coming out as opposed to the onslaught of new movies, shows and documentaries about slavery. I heard about the 12 year old in Texas who was tortured and killed with the blowtorch last week. Just sick. Yet not a peep on any national outlets. I guess it is okay to promote the preposterous notion that whites of today should be saddled with white guilt and should be held responsible for the actions of roughly 2% of the population almost 150 years ago.

Anonymous said...

@ Pike...those who are actively my enemy now when it does blow will be mine then as well. I will not forget or ally with them.

Anonymous said...

The New America be damned.

Anonymous said...

If only Obama could have passed his "Brothas Keepaz" legislation, these SIBA could have been saved.

Why aren't these urban terrorists plastered all over the news? I mean this fits the narrative of the liberal medi...oh yeah...nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

"God has a plan for us all ..."

Gosh, that's so comforting!

Please tell said...

OK guys, forgive my ignorance but; what is "SIBA"?

Mr. Rational said...

Okay, folks, let's start a convention of tagging our terms (especially acronyms) so that newbies can find them without having to post questions.

TYPE:  Acronym
MEANING:  Sweet Innocent Black Angel

MEANING:  Sweet Innocent Magestic Black Angel

So now if you search for "DEFINITION: SIBA" you should be able to find this definition.

A couple more:

TYPE:  Acronym
MEANING:  Those Who Must Not Be Named

TYPE:  Acronym
MEANING:  Typical (n-word) Behavior

Anonymous said...

Jay Santos said...

Drudge has a link to something called, a Hollywood business site, with a story about the need to award Twelve Years a Slave an award: "OSCARS: ‘12 Years A Slave’ Telling Voters “It’s Time”.

I left the following comment that lasted all of three minutes before deletion. See if you agree with the premise:

It's time. It's time we stop the endless series of movies, the only purpose of which is to pander to 13% of the population. How about a movie that documents the individual pain, sacrifice and suffering on the part individual human beings of both north and south during the civil war? How about a move that depicts the endless violence, perpetrated by blacks against innocent non-blacks? How about a film that honestly addresses the issues that led to current day Detroit, or Birmingham, or Baltimore, or Camden, or Gary, or New Orleans? How about a movie depicting the life of Delbert Belton, a veteran of Okinawa, beaten to death by two black teenagers in Spokane? Or the life of 12 year-old Jonathan Foster, tortured with a blow torch by his African-american killer? Or the story of T.C. Maslin, beaten in the head with a baseball bat in Washington DC and now struggling to raise his daughter? I'm sure there is story in the rape and murder or 86 year-old Nancy Strait and her World War II veteran husband in Oklahoma. I could go on for pages.

drudge sold us out on dat one

Anonymous said...

SIMBA should stand for Sweet Innocent MISUNDERSTOOD Black Angel cuz we all know they're unreasonably hated by Whites.

pissedoffpilot said...

im still trying to work out what that thing is on the far right of the photofit; it looks like a poodle/negroid hybrid.

new pet for DWL's?

Anonymous said...

Mr Constructive Feedback is always conspicuously quiet on articles such as these.

Anonymous said...

In 1968 i was 12 yrs old. Planet Of The Apes with Charlton Heston came out that year. Odd that the producer could predict the future in so few years. We truly do live in that movie today.

Grandpa George said...

There is a considerably more horrible example.