Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Don't cry! Hold it back. Let it turn into something else": Coca-Cola's 'America the Beautiful' vs. 1984's 'Red Dawn' Version

"Let it turn to something else."

Fitting that 30 years after the release of Red Dawn, we'd see the most vile, evil, pernicious, odious corporation in America, Coca-Cola, release a commercial celebrating what amounts to untenable values. 
1984's Red Dawn: Just before the Soviet occupiers of a white American town execute dissidents, those patriotic Americans face their doom together in song; they sing 'America the Beautiful'

If we don't believe in any unifying force, why would we be expected to die defending this nebulous idea that has become America?

"America the Beautiful."

In Red Dawn (the John Milius version), the horrifying, harrowing scene of American citizens being executed by Soviet-aligned forces - in Colorado, which in 1984 was a state very much like Wyoming today - as they sang "American the Beautiful" actually meant something, evoking real emotion.

When Coca-Cola ran their "America the Beautiful" commercial during Super Bowl 48, the words of former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince ran true -- "there's very little advantage to being an American anymore."
Coca-Cola's 2014 commercial, where non-whites sing (almost exclusively in languages besides English) 'America the Beautiful'

It's funny: the New York Times ran a sneering review of Red Dawn back in 1984, taking special notice of the "America the Beautiful' scene
The younger players, among them Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell and Lea Thompson, are adequate but less memorable. Their roles consist mainly of carrying out small-scale military maneuvers and reacting to such awful spectacles as the image of a band of Calumet citizens being executed by a firing squad. They sing ''America the Beautiful'' just before they're shot - but their patriotism is not in question, and the movie might have been a little less overbearing without the song.
 When white people dared sing a song (though it was just a movie, it's a powerful reminder that we once had a unifying culture... and culture is a byproduct of race) at a moment of peril, the New York Times deemed it "overbearing"; when non-whites sing the same song (in multiple languages), the entire political left in America rejoices. 

There's no reason to be mad at what's happened to America. 

There's no reason to cry over what has been lost. 

"Let it turn to something else."


Jim said...

Ok. I have had it. I'm leaving the US for a white country. I'm retired, so I won't a job. I'm going to move, ah.. Great Britain. No, to many Muslims and North Africans. How about France? Nope, can't take Gypsies, Middle Easterners and blacks, of yeah, and Frenchmen. Ah, sh*t..don't want the wife raped. Greece, no, same deal with G.B. Mexi.. Not only no but hell no. Canada...nada Jamaicans and Pakistanis I can do without.

I need a country whose leader is not a cu*t, P.C. Liberal...Got it. Russia.

Anonymous said...

off topic

caught black handed



I don't know about you. I will never buy that red can(go figure) again. it's so GOD damned sick when Coca-Cola doesn't show not one white person in their commercial singing America the beautiful. I am so feed up with this extermination of us whites. but one good thing is we realist's aren't alone on this one guys. these fuckers have opened a can of worms this time that they won't be able to put a lid on. never again will that piss ridden product ruin my teeth and my heritage by being in my household.


Dissident said...


Thank you Paul Kersey for presenting one of my favorite movies of all time. You know, I really enjoy movies about killing Communists.

Movies that present good ol' fashioned Amerikans killing progressive, liberal, divisive Communists. Now that's my kind of entertainment.

...let it turn....let it turn.

Ricky Tucker said...

America is dead. We need to start moving to the ''American Redoubt'' Montana,Wyoming,Idaho,and eastern Washington and Oregon. There are many White people there,but it's slowly being invaded by liberals who have destroyed their home states and now feel the desire to go f**k up another state. When the SHTF these places won't be bothered and are too far for the Golden Hordes from urban areas to walk to. It is a rugged area with rugged people who initially lack what I call ''Southern Hospitality'' but are loyal friends once they get to know you.

R.E. Prindle said...

It's quite simple. Coca Cola is a global corporation while instead of singing about the UN they have coopted 'America' as their symbolic global market.

The US has nothing to do with America from this point of view. Recognizing the point of view I ceased considering myself an 'American' a couple years ago.

I'm not a 'rootless cosmopolitan' but I haven't come up with a name for the situation as yet.

I'm thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

You said it very well Jim!

Anonymous said...

I'm 64 & was as it turns out was one of the last born into the American culture. As hard as it is to believe now, there actually was a culture here & it was unique in the world & unifying.

Kids went every where with out worry.
Mom only had to worry about her kids
drowning in the river when they snuck off fishing.

Kids could run a kool-aid stand & not
get busted by the authorities.

We all knew American history & mythology. We were the Good Guys. We lived better than anybody else anywhere at any time. TV wasn't smutty or slutty even kids could watch it late at night

We were educated. We could read, write & do arithmetic. If you were even half way smart you could get money to go to college free or danged near free.

When new cars came out each year, it was a big deal, a huge deal.

We were generous. we let the Jap's make all our toys for us so they wouldn't starve over there. We even let the German kraut Nazi's built their weird little pregnant roller skate cars (designed by Hitler even)

Jobs were good 'n plenty. So many jobs that you didn't have to be a college grad to be middle class.

Restuarants were few & far between & pretty much for special occasions ONLY.

On a trip to Arizona on Rt 66 my mom
worried my dad to death complaining that if he locked the back door of the house none of the neighbors could come in & get sugar or flour out of her kitchen if they needed it.

Cars were hardly ever locked.

California, a midwestern kids dreamland, was still part of the USA.

That country's long gone & the new one is flat out evil & corrupt & deserves a spot in the trash can of history....ASAP

I truly wonder if WW2 vets would have even have fought if they knew how the country was going to turn out
a quarter of a century later: Trashcanistan, Pornostan

I didn't learn this in school for sure, but learn it I did:
1) Wrong side lost the Civil War
2) Wrong side lost WW2
and the world is a way worse place for the wrong side losing twice

and Putin turned out to be the Good, who'da thunk it ?

H\ hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Russia? You may have a point. At least Putin is a Russian patriot. And he's white.

Secret Squid

R Pennington said...

The USA is still more of a safe haven than lots of places. I saw daily risks traveling in Mexico and Honduras.

Stay in the right demographic, and many places in America are still good places to live.

Anonymous said...


talk about nerve
feed and house us while we rape yr women.

Anonymous said...

It's sad When Putin a hard core kgb guy is a better leader than the pres of the USA.

PioneerPreppy said...

Ricky Tucker I share your feelings but moving to the so-called American Redoubt is suicide. No water to speak of, no real resources to allow growth, Not really even enough farm land output (although massive acres) to feed itself.

The MidWest and Plains states are the place to build the redoubt. Use the rivers on the East side as a barrier and the Rockies on the West.

And keep all the water on the East side of the Rockies as well.

Dan said...

The Germans got a taste of 21st Century America in the 1920s and did not like it one little bit. No sir. Weimar, the warning from history.

whisker child said...

Jim at 5/5, 2:52 PM

I think you better take a stand now.

Wyoming just applied for Refugee Resettlement status, to bring in Somalis

Are you calling a making a stink about it?

Why not?

You need to go to Montana, Maine(north), Alabama or a few others and MAKE A STAND.

Don't let them in. There's not much left to defend.

whisker child said...

Ricky Tucker:

Idaho is being invaded by Mexicans, Chinese and Refugee Resettlement

Go fight it and it might stay white.


Wyoming just applied for Refugee Resettlement status- SOMALIS.

Do not go down without a fight, I am not

Anonymous said...

In Patrick Swayze movie terms, the US has gone from being Red Dawn to now being To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything! and on its way to becoming a Ghost.

Anonymous said...


Paul..this is worth a few minutes:

gkruz said...

Tee shirt for the Greatest Generation:
"I defeated Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo and all I got was Coca Cola, gay marriage and Black Run America!"

Mr. truth said...

Ill let you guys in on a little secret. Want to live in a beautiful city with hardly any blacks and one of the lowest crime rates in America(for its size) has the best weather you would possibly want. SAN DIEGO!

If you can afford's basically a whitetopia. I know i know..there are alot of Mexicans. Well, true..but the border patrol runs rapant like Nazi's around the city and its Almost too expensive for them to afford alot of areas. Many are quite Americanized and aren't too bad to be honest.

Main point though..3% black population. Again 3% negro pop!! In a city with over a million people. I'm making my way down there from New York as soon as I can.

Don M said...

gkruz said...

Tee shirt for the Greatest Generation:
"I defeated Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo and all I got was Coca Cola, gay marriage and Black Run America!"

Post of the thread. You win da innernetz.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
I didn't learn this in school for sure, but learn it I did:
1) Wrong side lost the Civil War
2) Wrong side lost WW2
California, a midwestern kids dreamland, was still part of the USA.

My uncle was killed by a direct mortar strike in France, 1944. I never knew the man, I was born many years later. But I am certain, completely certain that he would have despised what this country has become.

I found myself describing the '60's era TV program Gidget to my daughter recently. I just remember it portraying this beautiful paradise that was southern California. Wholesome and wonderful. Yea, it was a TV production. But still, it was as far removed from today's southern California as the moon from earth.

Anonymous said...

Try australia...relatively speaking , not so bad here yet and a lot of elbow room

Anonymous said...

This commercial was just more of the same old-same old for me, and probably for many race realists. For my wife and others at the Super Bowl party I attended, this commercial was a gut punch. A commercial is not supposed to sting, but this one did.

Jay Santos said...

PK, here's a classic story to cover. We've got a NYC based 35 year-old negro who has been "knocking out" a bunch of white women. He is apprehended and pleads not guilty, claiming self defense. Among others, the negro "knocked out" (Mama says to knock you out) a 78 year-old women who he says was about to cause him to spill his Dunkin Donuts coffee. Perfectly classic negro violence.

Now imagine how this situation would have been properly handled in the Mississippi delta.

‘I slugged 78-year-old woman in self-defense’

Keeping up with the latest negro atrocities is a full-time job these days.

Anonymous said...

It's weird; when Michael Savage was talking about this commercial the other day, this was the first thing to pop in my mind - this despicable cola ad juxtaposed w/ the famous scene from Red Dawn. I wished I could have called him and told him on the air, but I was listening to a replay. :(

Coke, Cheerios, JC Penney ... never again.

Gnome Sane said...


"Good Samaritan’s car stolen by crash victim she stopped to help"

Wow, even in Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

I see that cokes ad on this site got taken down. Here is the same video:

Anonymous said...


via RamZPaul

sick college prof:

One of the more sinister (and genocidal) memes is that of "White Privilege". Such demonization of an entire racial group other than Whites would be unthinkable in a modern University. Could you imagine ANY university having a "sustained dialogue" session about the "Jewish Problem" and "Jewish Privilege"? Any professor that attempted such a stunt would be promptly fired. And the University would send millions of dollars to the ADL in form of atonement. Yet, it is perfectly acceptable to demonize an entire race as long as they are White.

Dr. Tobin Miller Shearer comes across as a mild manner professor speaking in run on sentences and cliches. But when you parse what he is saying, it is quite sinister. The demonization of an entire race is a precursor to justifying genocide.

“To be white in America is to claim an identity that attempts to be de-racialized and is predicated upon the receipt of power and privilege simply on one’s appearance: a racialized appearance from the fundamental equations that whiteness equals access to power and privilege based on one’s racial identity,” - Professor Shearer.

Polar Bear said...

"I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony..."

[record scratch sound]

"...except for all those icky pale white people! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

bubo said...

Turner Diaries proven right again.

Black CHP officer detains white firefighter responding to a rollover crash because the firefighter didn't move his truck when the infantile negro demanded it.

Black incompetence is only surpassed by black arrogance.

To the negro, this is a rational response to the situation.

Anonymous said...

"Recognizing the point of view I ceased considering myself an 'American' a couple years ago."

I call myself a member of Western Civilization currently living in the United States. said...

Sometimes it's hard to admit. It seems almost unpatriotic. Bu things change.

I visited my old neighborhood about two years ago; where I grew up in Indianapolis. The streets are and the same, the houses are the same, but it's not the same neighborhood.

The same is true for America.

The nation I knew in 1964 no longer exists. My grandchildren will experience more changes in NEXT fifty years.

How sad that being American has lost its advantage. Sadder still is how few care.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gnome Sane said...

I'm in my mid 50's and the destruction of the white, crime-free Bham suburb where I grew up began in the late 80's, early 90's. What I saw was greedy, white, "fine Christian" real estate agents licking their chops for black's folks' Gov bond money for home loans. They sold this community down the river then moved forty miles away to the gated white side of town, leaving everyone, like my parents, losing property values making it impossible to sell for enough money to buy a house in a gated compound (It costs more to live around white people).
I guess my point is that if you plan on moving to a new area, find out where the white real estate agents live before you buy. You can bet that these areas will be insulated for a while from the Black Plague.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Swamp Thizzle from the last Paul Kersey blog, I concur but we should aim for the entire NW quadrant of America, including all of Washington, Oregon and northern Ca.

Become the majority, secede and disenfranchise liberals, liberalism and their minorities.

They stole our country from us, nothing wrong with stealing it, our portion, back.

Anon @3:41; I too no longer consider myself an American, not because I left America, but because America left me.

Dailey Ken, I'm in that same boat.

The way I see it, it is useless to pretend the liberals are genuine with a slightly different perspective. They are a dishonest lot, seeking selfish profit for themselves at our white collectives expense.

When I finish my life's work, I'm on the road to the Pacific Northwest. I do not like cold so it will be either Washington or Oregon.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Pioneer Preppy:

I'm for taking all the republic red states and the western half of Canada with Alaska. But it has to be one doable step at a time.

With the natural resources, waterways, and access to Oceans of this territory, we could easily rise up as the richest, most powerful and happiest nation-state on planet Earth in a few score or so years. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Coca Cola's CEO is Muhtar Kent. He's a Turk-American because his father was a Turk consul general in NYC when he was born. That don't sound very American to me. And old Muhtar has been the president of coke and is now the Chairman of the board of coke. Muhtar is one of those automatic citizens because his parents were here in the US when he was born. MY oldest son was born in Germany while I was stationed there but that don't make him German.

Mutant Swarm said...

Apparently they're going to try piping this shit right into your houses:

"Coca-Cola Co. is taking a giant step away from the traditional soda aisle and into the kitchen. In a historic move by the owner of the world's most storied beverage brand, Coca-Cola Co. said Wednesday it signed a 10-year partnership to sell its drinks through an at-home beverage system being developed by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc., the maker of the Keurig single-serve coffee maker.

"Coke is also acquiring a 10% stake in Green Mountain for approximately $1.25 billion..."

Not in MY house. When I stopped drinking sodas, I quit getting cavities in my teeth and I lost five pounds with no other diet changes.

I'd like to teach the world to sign
in perfect harmony
Then go back home and bugger off
So White people are free.

Sheila said...

I stopped buying Cheerios when the first mulatto ad was aired. I prefer Coke to Pepsi, and stopped buying Pepsi products after 9/11 when the Indian CEO blamed American arrogance for the jihadis. I have a Sunday coupon ad for Hunt's tomato sauce that is entirely in Spanish on the counter, waiting for me to call the company and tell them I won't be buying any of their products anymore. I told the "conservative Republican" candidate who knocked on my door the other week that I'm a one issue voter - demographics - and he said thank you and turned to leave. I live my beliefs and do what I can, abut it's getting to where there is literally nothing you can buy or read or watch without, in some way, supporting the globalists and America.2. We need some relief, somehow, soon.

Dan said...

Is Murtah Kent one of those Turkish who is wrapped up in the Educational foundation run outta Pensyvannia?


Who controls Coca Cola

Who controls the advertising agency that made the ad?


These decisions are not random. There are BILLIONS of dollars involved.

Anonymous said...

I think we should reference the movie ‘As Good As It Gets’ in addition to ‘Red Dawn’. As in, what if this is as good as it gets? Just looking at past history and considering human nature it is unlikely the ‘alphas’ are going to do anything about the socially engineered clown convention we have become. Too much muscle and control of the currency printing machines puts self-sufficient responsible citizens at the mercy of the elite establishment. Consequently, in all likelihood this ‘Wonderland’ fiction we have been whip-lashed into accepting will proceed, and for every Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta more currency will just be pumped into the economy to cover up the black amoeba. Black history month will officially extend the entire year and your neighborhood ‘Main St.’ will be changed to Fredrick Douglas Bld. without your input. So 25 years from now our children will look back and say ‘I wish it was 2014 when gas was $4.00/gallon, there were private single-family dwellings and we could home school our children.’
Our elite invertebrates ignored the basic coordinates of the compass and forced us to take a wrong turn onto the proverbial ‘Road to Hell’. The map they used was drawn by residents of the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind and when we finally fall off the cliff we will wonder why we didn’t just follow the clearly marked signs. We ignorned the signs labeled reason, justice, evidence-based decision making, and merit. The thing is, the elites will have already slithered out of the vehicle before it falls. SO I really believe, as it stands now, this is as good as it gets...

10mm AUTO said...

My favorite scene in Red Dawn is when the older men are gathered in the Camps and the boys visit them. He tells them the truth, that "for one reason or another, one way or another, they are the dead (meaning that their world is gone forever). We on here are those older men, who remember better times, who can remember racial harmony and racial homogeneity.

The the father says: "Avenge Me! Avveennggee Me!"

Anonymous said...

Ill let you guys in on a little secret. Want to live in a beautiful city with hardly any blacks and one of the lowest crime rates in America(for its size) has the best weather you would possibly want. SAN DIEGO!

Um, no thanks, because San Diego is still in California, or maybe I should say 'Kommiefornia' instead. High taxes, high debts, and too many anti-gun laws there in 'Kommiefornia' for my liking. Plus, isn't the coastline there now showing signs of contamination from the nuclear accident that was over in Japan?

Nixonfan said...

Coke enters politics on the winning side: multiculturalism.

Bogolyubski said...

This commercial was just more of the same old-same old for me, and probably for many race realists. For my wife and others at the Super Bowl party I attended, this commercial was a gut punch. A commercial is not supposed to sting, but this one did.

Perhaps it made Sam Donaldson's remark in the wake of D'Won Mocha Messiah's re-incoronation real to you on a gut level: It's our country now! It is indeed. Even though neither Donaldson nor the TWMNBN poofters who likely created the Coke ad stated it directly, Tim Wise pretty much does: They intend to exterminate us from the face of the earth, using the vibrant objects of Crystal Methodist adoration as the muscle.

So (as predicted) the refugee-resettlement racket - totally and completely unopposed by the alleged opposition party - is now being ramped up in the so-called 'Northwest Redoubt'. As much as I support a white homeland, it will never be permitted as long as those who are in control of the whole game (an assertion which many continue to deny even now) remain in control.

Destroy or even sufficiently loosen their control and places like Wyoming and Idaho could become very inhospitable places for the likes of Congolese and Somalians in short order. Turn off the dammed television and stop borrowing money for shit-sandwiches and grape drank. If you have kids of school age there is only one choice: Homeschool or die. If enough folks actually just stopped paying taxes all at once, the whole stinking looting scam would implode quite rapidly. I rather doubt even a hired gun like Eric Prince would accept counterfeit cash blown out of a Bankstein's ass at that point for "debt collection."

Anonymous said...

In true Orwellian fashion, all the liberals I know have been blasting across their facebook pages that anyone who disliked the Coca-Cola commercial is revealing themselves to be an intolerant racist. They have been eagerly scanning the pages of their friends and relatives, out for blood. Down with ThoughtCrime!

R.E. Prindle said...

10Auto: Speak for yourself.

It isn't what we're permitted to have it is what we can take. There are brains and there is force. Force is an agent of brains and only used when all else fails.

Either you're a positive force with balls or you're an emasculated defeatist.

Anonymous said...


Frenchmen don't care about you, and they didn't immigrate en masse to the US unlike all other Europeans (with the exception of French Canadians in the Northeast and Cajuns in the South whom are both some the finest Americans there is). Finally, last time I checked, these Frenchmen have managed to have a nationalist party called "Front National" since 1972 (ie Jean-Marie and his daughter Marine Le Pen) and a youth movement called "Generation Identitaire" which is way more than we or you can speak of. Sorry, but I can't stand anyone who bashes my fellow whites with cheap shots.

Mr. Truth,

I don't know if or where you live in San Diego, but it's hardly a "Whitopia" since non-Hispanic Whites are only 45 % (blacks are also 6.9%, not 3%) according to its own government statistics:

I'm new here and have been enjoying PK's articles tremendously, but it is becoming quite apparent that the comments section is filled with mostly retired and juvenile folks who do not do much research on their own and do nothing more than parroting the same old clichés from Hollyweird and conservative talk radio.

Considering that we are on the Internet which is the greatest search tool ever created using only a few seconds, it's quite odd...oh well !

Anonymous said...

Then I hear on the radio today that the trial for the white guy who shot an "unarmed" black 17-year-old who was blastin' dat radio is starting up, and I wonder, why is this even CLOSE to being national news? Because Dog Bites Man (black attacks and kills white) isn't news, of course. It's only news when Man Bites Dog (White kills black, and it's almost always justified). This is only news in order to agitate the crowd that beatified Saint Skittles. The dumb blind animals need more read meat, so The Media (TM) is going to hunt it down for them.

"See, black people? Look at that, why, you are still among the oppressed, don't you know? Just look at this vile white male and what he did to one of your own. Aren't you getting angry, yet, black people, aren't you? Well, what are you going to do about it? Huh?"

PB said...

"Try australia...relatively speaking , not so bad here yet and a lot of elbow room"

And, for the moment at least, a Government that actually doesn't want that many pig-ignorant illegal immigrants from third world shit-holes.

Son of Delbert said...

The cowboy at the start of the commercial walked amazingly well. I guess the castration / emasculation was done in a surgical suite and they waited a few months post op to film. In a few more months the poor eunuch in a hat won't be able to sit a horse. The strong antidepressants he takes to keep him from missing his balls and manhood will make him fat.

Do yourself a favor, kill your TV. Drink water.

Fuck Coca-Cola.


Melissa said...

I don't have cable anymore, we still do netflix and Hulu every so often but not as much as when we first turned the cable off. We are not completely inundated with ads anymore thank God. Hulu still has some but me and the kids have made a game out of picking the commercials apart. I want my kids to know that these are not just innocent commercials. On another note I have heard that the country of Uruguay is a nice place to go. Large white population almost no blacks and small mestizo population.

Anonymous said...

WHAT THE HELL does "commercially deceptive content" mean....since I clicked on your youtube video link this is what it said LMFAO!

D-FENS said...

A few days back, a Stradavarius violin was stolen in Milwaukee. The thieves used a Taser. The violin was valued at $5 million dollars.

It turns out that the thieves are um... youths!

Who would have suspected negroes? It's like a negro stealing a book.

Mr. truth said...

I don't live there. I live in the liberal cess pool New York.

Ok, I was off 3.9%..excuse me for my mistake. That's still very low..considering SD has a top 10 overall population.

Mr. truth said...

Fuck em!

Let them live in their liberal paradise.

Unknown said...

Your going to think someone on this board made this up , but its true..

SolInvictus said...

"Ricky Tucker I share your feelings but moving to the so-called American Redoubt is suicide. No water to speak of, no real resources to allow growth"

My bigger problem with that whole idea (other than the fact it'll never happen) is the super volcano underneath it that would exterminate the whole race upon eruption...
Alabama on the other hand, has 10+% of the US surface fresh water, lenient gun laws, and a historical track record of ...shared ideals. ;)
(and no super volcano.)