Sunday, February 9, 2014

Alive and Kicking: A Note on the Changes to Commenting Rules


No backbone?
How dare you enact rules to the comment section!

All because of a simple request to clean up the language in the comments and refrain from using racial epithets or using pejoratives?

Come on now.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more authentic, original, and radical voice on the entire Internet than SBPDL.

Reactionary? Sometimes, but when you are trying to convince people that in 2014 America, white people have rights (and interests) worth defending, you'll have to be reactionary occasionally.

No, no government entity "got to me."

All that happened was a simple source of revenue, ad revenue, was disbanded from the site due to the use of racial epithets in the comment section. Roughly, it's a loss of $3/k a year, which was used to forecast payments for the design of the covers to future books.

I'm quite proud of SBPDL and the site/brand that's been created here in the span of nearly five years. The site has constantly evolved and grown to be a destination point for many readers and routinely rivals some top "conservative" sites in terms of traffic and (shockingly) influence in how other sites address taboo topics.

So, unless a reader wants to make a $3,000 donation via PayPal, I'll play by the rules established and request comments restrain from using offensive language; that shouldn't be difficult.

This will be an exciting week at SBPDL with some powerful posts and - as you've come to expect - the type of articles/columns you won't find anywhere else.

This isn't a coalition. It's the brainchild of one person who is neither a liberal nor a conservative; just a guy watching daring to notice and comment on topics we're taught to pretend don't exist.

Judging by the traffic to SBPDL and loyal readership, I'm not the only person wanting to start an actual conversation on issues endangering a future to not only the United States of America, but those of European-ancestry.

Within the next few months, a sequel to Escape from Detroit will be published; the book on Philadelphia will be released; and The City that Bleeds (a look at Baltimore) will also come out, a book that will once and for all end the hero worship of the black community in Baltimore started by David Simon and his fatuous HBO program The Wire.  

With that said - and with the loss of operating revenue previously mentioned - if you'd like to sponsor the Baltimore project, make a donation to SBPDL. For those who make a donation in the $250 range, you'll 10 signed copies of the book; or, if you'd like to sponsor the Detroit sequel, make a donation as well (the PayPal button is in the right-hand column on the site).

Or, just a simple donation of $30 still gets you a signed copy of Guns, Blacks, and Steel

Look, don't get discouraged; if you've read this site, you'll know there was a time when SBPDL should have ended; it didn't and instead we - well I, just felt like a pronoun should go there - have worked harder and harder to put out a product many, many people find worthwhile (and influenced far more people than you realize).

A few changes to the rules of the comments section shouldn't dampen your enthusiasm for this site nor cause you to question the dedication of "Paul Kersey."


Anonymous said...

The fact that you even had to post this is ridiculous. There is NO other site like this on the internet and it needs to keep going. Do what he says people and let the man do his job. You can still go the bar and use all the words you want. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough for clarifying how to post on SBPDL and looking forward to the future projects for 2014.

Darayvus said...

I was against racial epithets from the start (unless they were quoted in the article). I just thought the site is making a serious point and the comments should, also, be constrained to what adds to the story.

Racial slurs (as opposed to research) is just crude posturing and, well, tribal. Are we primitive tribesmen?

Lawrence Auster, bless him, agreed with almost every word posted here and *he* didn't tolerate epithets on his blog. He didn't need them. SBPDL doesn't need them either. It has nothing to do with money, or at least it shouldn't.

Anonymous said...


I understand, and I don't think you're a sellout. You appear to have this thing called "future time orientation." It's that thing that's lacking in-- whoops, I can't say that on this fascist site.

Seriously, I'll still contribute, as long as you continue to publish, and not to release the real names of your donors. If you decide to do the latter, you will give us a heads up, no?


Albrecht said...

No worries Paul. If you went totally belly up tomorrow you'd have already spoken more needed truth on race than anyone else in the last fifty years. Let the armchair DBs break your wagons. Fat lot of good most of them have done. BTW, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you lost money due to the nature of many of the comments and the use of epithets.
As one who used such words, I apologize for the difficulty this has caused you and gladly donate $100. I wish it could be more.
No, I don't want anything for the donation such as a book or anything else. The website is enough.

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. Easy requests to abide by; personally when I was on the job we never referred to blacks as "N***ers" on or off duty. If conversations did involve blacks, we simply referred to them as BMs (black males). It was simple and was the lingo we used.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Sometimes, but when you are trying to convince people that in 2014 America, white people have rights (and interests) worth defending, you'll have to be reactionary occasionally.[/quote]


I, A Black Man, will pay you $3,000.01 IF you afford me the opportunity to post a weekly column on your website entitled:

"How Does The SBPDL/VDare Congregation Blame This One On The Negro, This Time?"

It will be a research/fact-based exercise to explore the psychological impact of media sources like 'SBPDL' at provoking "Good White Folks" to accept that, with the Negro at 14% of the population and disproportionately poor and lacking power - THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY that the Negro could be the primary force that is harming the nation as such.

The main benefit to the financial position of SBPDL is that - the NEXT time an advertiser threatens to cancel their association with you - YOU can point to my column and state: "My best content contributor is BLACK, despite the fact that he will never be my friend because the only Blacks allowed to enter my house are those wearing a service uniform (to work on my cable, telephone or termite control service) and even then I follow them around to prevent them from 'casing the joint'.

Anonymous said...

Money crushes free speech. Those who control money control speech.

Son of Delbert said...

Hey PK. Very relieved that nobody censored you. I do have a potty mouth. Not an "N" word user in professional or personal life. Those 2 syllables could cost me my job. Crazy huh? Thus it's liberating to post it online. God knows I hear it enough, it's all black people that I deal with use in reference to themselves.

Your house, your rules.

I will not use racial slurs or swear in posts.

No advocating violence, though I will advocate preparation for same. And the vigorous defense of self using "any means necessary" is not advocating violence. Malcolm X popularized that expression not very long ago. Before another black man shot him down.

I certainly have been "obscene" in previous posts (as far as language can be obscene as opposed to actual incidents). If that has cost you revenue. I am sorry. Sometimes certain words can act as a written slap to the noggin, but I am adaptable.

Please keep up the stellar work. You are my main news source. Thanks for that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation.
Yes, it is your blog and you can do what you wish. I wasn't violating any of the new rules anyway, even before they existed, but it's always nice to have an explanation and know where your head is at, as the blog owner.
We all saw what happened to "Tommy Robinson" and we all suspect that could happen here too.

Jeff said...

I think the offer of $3000 is a positive gesture but I question the need to rebut verified government crime stats, daily news including crime blotters, etc.

I have never thought of SBPDL as anything more than objective reporting.

I understand there is a strong impulse to defend one's own people and culture, but at some point (if you can't get your own house in order), others can point out the faults.

Unknown said...

I WILL GIVE 5,000 if you stop blocking my posts.

countenance said...

If Paul Kersey can write however many blog posts that he has in how many ever years he's been doing SBPDL (PK, fill in the blanks) and rarely use curse words or obvious pejoratives in them, then we can do the same.

Anonymous said...

Anono Man says:

I am new to this site and appreciate it's existance. This is one of the few places that we (white America) have a voice. Attacking PK just highlights the fact that white America lacks any cohesiveness. Leave the radical hate crap to other sites. Let this site concentrate on "racial reality". I would love to see a site that just posts the news stories that show the preponderance of black on white violence. Let the facts speak.

One Pissed Off Irishman said...

I can't believe this, but I agree with Constructive Feedback IF he pays you why not let him post an article a week for set amount of times, we can always pick it apart in the comment sections, and it might introduce some good dialogue.

P.S. Gwinnett Gladiator @ Son of Delbert, thanks for the kind words guys they do mean a lot to me, in this mad world we find ourselves in.

-One Pissed Off Irishman

Anonymous said...

The idea that Paul "sold out" was always ridiculous. Who's hit this topic better Than Paul? Seriously, the excessive profanity and overly puffed up tough talk was a bit much, it is good that Paul is establishing some measure of quality control.

PB said...

"I WILL GIVE 5,000 if you stop blocking my posts."

Stop blocking his posts PK...Oh, you just did.

Over to you Addison..

Former Seattle Resident said...

Thank you Paul for all your amazing efforts, this is the best site on the web. The way you cite and source your data is great, it is very readable, and devastatingly convincing. I've been able to "turn" a couple of DWL friends just by showing them your articles. Please keep it up!!!

10mm AUTO said...


Never felt constricted by your site, in fact have been graciously allowed at times to post guest columns. Accept without question or compliant when you decide to not to post a comment I have written and I purchase your books to learn new things about negros and their impact on our Civilization I never knew before as well as to support the cause I believe in.

To CF,

You have nerve. You call us a Church, but never post any factual rebuttals to Paul's blog, just sneering comments that are never answered. The top two questions have been asked of you so repeatedly that I know them of the top of my head verbatium.

(Though I can hear Centurion typing from here!)

1. What black run Culture, Country, City, equals a White Culture, Country, City anywhere in the world? Why is Mogadishu like Detroit?

2. If Whites are so evil and racist and deluded and genetically screwed up and sheet, then why do negros follow them, move into their neighborhoods, schools, cities, Countries, Towns, use their hospitals, engineers, scientists, architects and inventions?

As to your comment:
"It will be a research/fact-based exercise to explore the psychological impact of media sources like 'SBPDL' at provoking "Good White Folks" to accept that, with the Negro at 14% of the population and disproportionately poor and lacking power - THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY that the Negro could be the primary force that is harming the nation as such."

Please enlighten. You have had a good long run here on SBPDL yet have not once refuted or written anything close to Paul's carefully thought out and backed up articles, which include quotes from literally the very upper crust of the negro thinkers, such as they are. Mr. Capehart comes to mind, a 3rd rate writer at the Washington Post:

""In short, 95.1 percent of all murder victims and 95.9 percent of all shooting victims in New York City are black or Hispanic. And 90.2 percent of those arrested for murder and 96.7 percent of those arrested for shooting someone are black and Hispanic. I don't even know where to begin to describe the horror I still feel looking at those numbers. But the word 'hunted' comes to mind."

Please refute these words. All we ask is that your explain to the "GOOD WHITE FOLKS" that the words, statistics, images and ideas expressed are wrong. Please CF, set us free, set us free, Good God Almighty, please set us Free!

Anonymous said...

Addison Starter will Not be able to be a citizen in the NAR.


Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. Caste Football is a site that has sunk to nothing. Don Wassall tells posters not to use epithets or make personal attacks but they still do.

Wassall also allowed pro-Hitler posts and things like "the Jews killed JFK."

Paul Kersey at SBPDL has been doing it the right way. As Countenance says, commenters can help him by doing the same.

PioneerPreppy said...

I understand the rule changes and why. I would only say that I hope you have also drawn a personal line in the sand. What's "offensive" and "Racist" to the Multi-Culters and their support network seems to change quite frequently.

I know you are intelligent enough to see the slippery slope on your own though.

Anonymous said...

Using thougtful language is always better then being course and crude. You get more converts than if you come across as just a foul-mouthed lunatic. Only the ignorant must uses foul language to express himself.

Anonymous said...

Another "neither fish nor fowl" politics and culture watcher here...and sorry you even had to say this.

There is no way for me to send so many otherwise good, thoughtful, and paradigm-shifting discussions of racial issues to various friends so long as commenters sound like they are saboteurs paid by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Which I expect many of the worst comments are in fact--people who want to shut discussion down by sockpuppeting as ultra-obnoxious poster-child racists.

When people come to my house I require them to remove their street shoes. If they don't like it, there are plenty of other houses to visit.

Anonymous said...

I have used hateful and offensive language while angry after reading another "incident" of black on white crime. I apologize for any problem this may have caused.
However I do believe that there are many people who have felt exactly the same way. That's all I'll say about that.
I read sbpdl almost every day because if I didn't I would never know about so many of the crimes/problems from the msm.
Thanks PK, will do better in the future.

Anonymous said...

The lexicon of racial slurs needs updating. Words like 'youths', 'teens', and 'diversities' work so much better than the older slurs. Ironically, 'boy' used to be considered a naughty word to say of the same people newspapers refer to as 'youths' and 'teens'

Anyway, Chicago is about 59% diverse and 31% racist.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with this policy PK. This blog discusses serious issues that deserve serious language, not mindless vulgarities.

Anonymous said...

I would pay cash to have only three-fifths of Addison's drivel appear.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......The type of comments I enjoy the most are the ones where people have talked about their personal experiences with blacks. Some of the ones that stand out are stories from the EM nurse in Camden where there was a shoot out with gang bangers that went up to the third floor in the hospital. Stories from people who had section 8 folks move in next door. Also cops and EM workers.

Personal accounts tell the true story about what is happening. You could put them all in a book that I am sure would sell. You could call the book THE BLACK EXPERIENCE FROM A WHITE PERSPECTIVE. I know you have a huge data base on these type accounts. The personal stories were always my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I am not white, but people on here should not go all hog wild and start using racial epithets to get your point across...just use statistics and common sense. Let the facts speak for themselves without using racial epithets.

Anonymous said...

PK, I don't think you spelled it out clearly enough.

This site is hosted by a company called Blogger. Blogger makes money from people viewing these pages. Blogger gives a cut of that money to PK. $3,000 per year roughly. Blogger will cut that money off if PK violates certainly rules, such as having offensive comments. Why do we want to do something to make Blogger cut off PK's revenue? We don't! 3k a year isn't huge but it certainly helps pay some bills and we should be glad PK is getting it.

We should just post as the civilized people that we are and refrain from vulgarity that can happen when there's a mix of anger and anonymity.

Anonymous said...

You've have bowed to the corporate agenda in favor of made up money. It is happening all over and it is a shame. You are weak, Sir. I will come here less now. Terrible decision.

Anonymous said...

I will come here much, much less for you are selling out to corporate coercion. Terrible decision. Un bookmarked. I may check in here and there, mostly there.

Gnome Sane said...

Constructive Feedback said.

I, A Black Man, will pay you $3,000.01 IF you afford me the opportunity to post a weekly column on your website entitled:

"How Does The SBPDL/VDare Congregation Blame This One On The Negro, This Time?"


Mr. Feedbag,
You should use that money to start your own site. Why do black folks feel compelled to follow white folks around, feeding off of our successes? You and your high-tech bruthas should step up and do it on your own....if you can. I have my doubts.

Anonymous said...

Nurse at Brookdale University Hospital in critical condition after being beaten by patient

Evelyn Lynch, 69, underwent brain surgery Friday following the shocking attack by patient Kwincii Jones, NYPD sources said

Read more:

Fed Up FF said...

When some sub-70IQ Addison says race realists "should be loaded onto boxcars" and you publish it, I should be able to respond with exactly how I intend to react (not counter) that specific threat.

Stop publishing trolling posts if you don't want honest, emotional replies Paul. We deal with enough n**ger bullshit in our daily lives, please don't impose it on us here with no recourse.

Thank you.

Fed Up Firefighter.

Anonymous said...

WE DID IT!!!!! My emails to Eric Holder got through, and now ACTION IS BEING TAKEN. This pit latrine of a website is in the process is being shut down - finally! The message was sent; it's only a matter of time now.

There's a new Sheriff in town ... its name is Compassion. A/K/A Justice, Love, Peace, Tolerance and Understanding. HATE SPEECH WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED!!!! Whites are on the way out; People of Color are taking over! It's going to be such a beautiful future .... I'm getting a tingle up my leg. :)

-A Compassionate And Highly Satisfied Oregonian

Anonymous said...

PK, ignore the haters, as "they" say. These policies are very well reasonable and could end up drawing in new readers ultimately.

I have two suggestions:

1. Branch out and write about new cities. Frankly, much of the wider public doesn't care to read about Detroit, Baltimore, etc because reasonable people long ago recognized those cities were done for. Focus on gentrifying hipster neighborhoods, suburbs invaded by Section 8 vouchers, smaller cities and rural areas inundated with refugee resettlements, these are the contemporary "front lines" in the BRA takeover. I want to see you write about the Somali refugees concentrated in Lewiston, Maine and cities like Harrisburg, PA that have been "taken over" in just the past decade.

2. Get on YouTube. I heard you once on The Political Cesspool and you have a great radio voice/personality. It was the Detroit episode. I think combining your voice with some video footage of the cities you discuss and the news events you cover would draw a big audience.

Check this news story out:
Jaqwa Cheguevera Ross, 18, of McKinney, was arrested in Chicago, Ill., on Jan. 31, and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the shooting of Shelton Thacker, 18, outside the Super 8 Motel at 910 N. Central Expressway.

He shot him for $100 worth of weed.

Anonymous said...

Naked Black male walks into inner city McDonalds high on PCP. Fights break out. Police officers have to be brought in to quell the scene.

Welcome to the future of America.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I for one, and I'm sure many others, both appreciate your solid effort, and because of your solid effort, appreciate our ability to share our thoughts here on the negro matter.

Many commenters here are without funds and therefore cannot donate but would if they could, for surely this site, your blog, is worth the price of admission.

I should think that any and all matured white people, non-liberal whites, who have embraced their personal responsibility to earn and contribute their share, understand that money is a necessity of our modern life.

Further, those who not only must care for themselves but others, parents for example, cannot sustain financial hits, and all should be understanding of this.

Sorry for your loss Paul. I'm not in the position to help you out on that at this time, but would if I could. In my mind you are earning your dough unlike the professional parasites, those who take from the collective, but further, do not give, nor give back, to the collective.

I figured you to be a one man, mom and pop operation, and so understood the size of effort you are making.

In my life I have worked long hours, 60-100 hours a week. People who have never worked 7 days a week know not that such a schedule means no days off, not Sunday, not Thanksgiving not Christmas. I understand this, been there done it.

It is sad, but it also is a reality, that the headhunting jackboot arm of liberal ideology is lurking, watching and waiting for the opportunity to arise, that they might then satisfy their highly cherished desire, to ambush and bushwhack.

I do believe sir, you have been bushwhacked.

Finally, hopefully those here at Paul's blog who can, will help you out.

PS, care to disclose the advertiser. Perhaps we, your patrons, could boycott his product, send him an email, see how he likes a kick in the nuts, oops, wallet.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

D-FENS said...

I don't think I ever used that word in any of my posts. It's not a word I use. However, I do use the word negro. I use that word since it was the word used at the start of the "civil rights movement." It is still in the dictionary, remains in the name of The United Negro College Fund and of course "Dr." King used it as well. The other reason is that it illustrates how changing a name is used to hide failure.

d said...

Paul - Here's a video we can all appreciate. It deals with the DETROIT Police Dept. from 1951.

This is Your Police Department -1951

Anonymous said...

Post a bitcoin wallet address and you will get money for sure. Make a separate post about it, you'll be pleasantly surprised

Anonymous said...

This site has/had advertisements? I honestly don't remember ever seeing one. (Other than the author's own books.)

Anonymous said...

I lurk every day. I think standards of expected behavior allow clear thinkers to be understood better. The screaming, although theraputic for the screamee, is still a dog crapping where it eats.

Unrelated question for PK: if I buy a 4000$ TV through an Amazon link on your site, what is a ballpark figure on how that helps you and the website?

Jimmy Rustler said...

Good. If you can keep away the racial epithets that make people sound like redneck klansmen, I am all for it. This is a forum for intelligent discussion about the racial issues our country is facing, not a place for neo-Nazi, "white power" rhetoric.

Dan said...

There's the two resident commissars of BRA spiking the ball in your comments section. Smirking chimpoleons.

Take a bow Prolefeed and Shirker! You are credits to your race.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback, we already have lots of columns on the internet along those lines. The MSM is full of them! The media is replete with efforts to portray the black community in a sympathetic and perpetually-oppressed light.

I would also argue that this site does not portray blacks (corporately) as the main problem with America so much as the reaction of DWL's to their plight and the enforcement (largely by whites) of BRA.

Wednesday said...

Paul, you have done yeoman's work in helping thousands of formerly brainwashed DWL's learn to see. This is perhaps the most important undertaking of the 21st Century, unplugging people from the 20th Century Matrix of the Multikult. Thank you. To further this objective, I will refrain from epithets, that we may reach many more minds.

Next up: millions!


cdw said...

THis is easy, dont let the comments devolve to the cultural standard of the city of detroit.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback, sorry if you have already told us this, but what exactly are you selling that we should all want to buy? I think I missed that part.

And could you please be very, very, very specific? I don't want to miss anything.

Thanks. Waiting patiently for your reply...

Anonymous said...

@ constructive feedback
"How Does The SBPDL/VDare Congregation Blame This One On The Negro, This Time?"

we simply blame the crime on the individual who commits the crime.

if the shoe fits, wear it.

Anonymous said...

I was one of those readers initially upset with the censorship, and would still ultimately like to see the site moved to a less oppressive host. That being said, while the site remains under the Google domain, PK has to do whatever he can to keep the site up. Better to still have the means to reach new readers than to be shutdown for using epithets.

At the end of the day, PK is the one putting himself in the crosshairs of the black war machine, and only he knows the risks associated with maintaining this blog.

I think it's a good idea that you've responded to the worries, criticism, and name calling. I don't like the censorship, and worry that you have given the proverbial inch to those who will demand a mile, but I respect your blog and rules.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Buying through the link helps a lot. Spending $4/k on a TV? Probably 300 - $400 coming to SBPDL.

Dissident said...

This site should be above the standard name calling broo-ha-ha of the low-info, low IQ reactionaries, that inhabit so many other sites.

Paul Kersey is above the fray and presents FACTUAL evidence of American decline in 2014 and beyond.

I respect that. I respect Kersey's wishes and thank him for doing dangerous yeoman's work.

People that visit this site are smarter than that. Let's stick to the truth and not bring the house down. This is therapy.

Here's my personal manifesto: A desire to see blacks (and all other races) advance, but not at the expense of everyone else or society in general. A willingness to get along with member of ANY race, so long as they respect me and my privacy and my desire to associate freely with anyone of my choosing.

And a wish to live peacefully without government coercion to the contrary.

A Dissident

Gnome Sane said...

The black community is already represented on this site every day, that's why we're here. There are numerous anti-white sites that will gladly allow you to post your drivel. Hate-speech against non-blacks IS allowed on those sites, interestingly enough, and are fine examples of the pro-black double-standard that advertisers don't seem to have a problem with.
This site isn't about hating blacks, per se, but more about recognizing that blacks have not only declared war on non-blacks, but on civilized society as a whole. The mantra of the black community is loud and clear:
"If you can't join 'em, beat 'em."

Milo Mindbender said...

It is your house, and this allows you to establish your rules. Anybody who is truly unhappy should regisyer their own domain name, and set their own protocols.
Thank you for allowing us to comment.

MrGJG said...

It's good to know that white racial epithets are a-ok with Todd.
Is that really your picture Todd?

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

When W was POTUS, liberal Hollywood, the beautiful people, made a movie where an obviously W leader character was assassinated.

This was to them highly hilarious film, offered as truth, and protected by free speech.

I did not, would see the movie.

However this movie was shown, as were some other Hollywood movies, that were dice and splice illusions presented as truth, making America look incredibly cruel and imperialistic.

These were either released here, abroad or both.

Can you imagine a movie about an Obama character being assassinated today? The people making the movie would be targeted the way so many others have been by the Obama administration,( Wayne Allen Root, Denish D'Zouza conservative Tea Party leaders, etcetera), and of course the headhunting, jackboot arm of liberal illusion and ideology.

Those responsible for such a movie might disappear.

Does 10:42 tell negro sites to cool it? I doubt it.

We must as non-liberal whites accept the truth we can not change. The white liberals in their, sesquicentennial plus quest, have finally achieved their superiority and are now in charge and giving the orders.

From them you can run, but you cannot hide.

When their bugler blows revelry you fall in and muster up, or pay the price.

It is sad that now 60 years since Khrushchev said he would beat America, that the Russians would get us from within that liberalism aka socialism, communism and any other ideology born of the immature and insane mind have finally accomplished their goal.

We are now experiencing the beginnings of totalitarianism, we have become like Leninist/Stalinist and Khrushchevian Russia.

Last week Obama denied on national tv using the IRS to get non-liberals. Then a few days later the new IRS director apologizes for just that tactic.

Who are you going to believe, your own eyes or Obama?

Last March or April, here at Paul's I started using negro negress. I did not want to fall into the "coon" and "sheboon" trap.

I did not mind that others did so, and I understood why, but it was not what I wanted as my message.

But now Paul is under attack, his pocket is being picked. Everyone needs money,an income, just ask the negress, lifelong welfare recipient.

How do you think CF and AS ate so well as children, their parents were not out in the fields.

It is a shame, but the reality is we non-liberal whites lost our country via a fully enfranchised democracy.

Of our Founding Fathers free enterprise Republic of liberty, it is now as Jesus the Nazarene said with his last Earthly words, "It is finished".

Time to talk about a new Homeland.

I just did on my own small blog.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned previously, there are plenty of other ad networks which dont care about the content of your site. Look at sites like Best Gore, The Pirate Bay or 4chan which all generate plenty of ad revenue while permitting racism and illegal activity.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is always a problem when you have ads or even clickthroughs where you get a commission if someone buys something. Companies don't want their products to be associated with sites that may be viewed as offensive.
At any rate, there's no reason to use offensive language and you can get your point across without it.

melissa said...

Thank You Pk you are much appreciated!! Keep going, there will always be those that whine and complain.

Constructive Feedback said...

10mm Pea Shooter asks:

[quote}1. What black run Culture, Country, City, equals a White Culture, Country, City anywhere in the world? Why is Mogadishu like Detroit?[/quote]


You assign BLACKNESS to "Detroit" but you can't bring yourself to see that WHITE FOLKS like Rachel Maddow, DEMOS, "Democracy Now" (Amy Goodman), "Economic Policy Institute", "Think Progress" and "" are IN ON THE SCHEME OF DETROIT - supporting all of the PROGRESSIVE POLICIES - with the intention of NATIONALIZING them upon America.

WHY is it that YOU can't see that your archenemy - the "DWL" are USING THE NEGROES in their ultimate battle against YOU?

DEFINE "EQUAL" in your comparative cultural reference?

I can show you a peaceful collection of people throughout the Black Diaspora - but who don't have MATERIAL WEALTH as you define "equality".

YET as I watched a show about the fate of a West Virginia town that is hemorrhaging after the closure of the "Weirton Steel Plant" - their depressed economic condition locally (but for their presence inside of the United States) runs parallel to many "Black Run Areas".

[quote]2. If Whites are so evil and racist and deluded and genetically screwed up and sheet, then why do negros follow them, move into their neighborhoods, schools, cities, Countries, Towns, use their hospitals, engineers, scientists, architects and inventions? [/quote]

In fact, and my dear friend Paul Kersey can attest to this - I make the case that THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO IS EQUAL TO THE WHITE MAN, with the same proclivity of CORRUPTION upon assuming POWER and thus the NEGRO MUST BE REGULATED - JUST AS THE WHITE MAN has his corporate actions regulated.


The "Black Flight Progressives" who help the PROGRESSIVES win power over the Black Community by fighting YOU - the "White Conservative Wolf" is then seen MOVING AWAY from the "Mission Accomplished Zone", outward to live with their WHITE CONSERVATIVE WOLF ENEMY - because - the Americanized Negro can be DISARMED - into FIGHTING AGAINST THE COMMON WHITE CONSERVATIVE ENEMY - thus agreeing to abandon the GOVERNANCE OF HIS OWN DAMNED COMMUNITY.

What is it that YOU CAN'T SEE?
The POST-RACIAL PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE - which is GUNNING AFTER YOU - are working to build up diverse constituencies that are bonded together with their HATRED OF YOU?

Your ability to OFFEND the Negro merely justifies his investment of focus upon YOU>

The DWL's (and Black Progressive's) ability to promise SOCIAL JUSTICE for the Negro is the key to the Americanized Negro's willingness to disarm from DEVELOPING his own community.

YOU can't assign this blame to ME - any more than I would be justified in pairing YOU with Miley Cirus and Elton John.


City resident said...

It's a very reasonable request. There's probably a lot of gray area involved in considering what's over the top and what's not but there should be some basic standard.

SwampThizzle said...

Ha. Addison intentionally made a pretty funny post. Perhaps there is hope for him yet.

Sheila said...

Paul -

Like anonymous, I too am donating $100, wish it could be more, and don't need any books. If everyone reading could give even $5 a month, it would more than make up for that $3,000.

FWIW, if you post any more of Addison or CF's comments, I will cease reading and contributing at all.

I let no black service people into my home. I have some of my most racially honest and blunt conversations with the White, working men who come to spray for bugs, fix the plumbing, or do other constructive work in society. They help keep me sane, and they go out of their way to do a good job or that little bit extra when they realize they're dealing with someone who values their identity and labor as White men.

Jay Santos said...

Addison Sarter said...
I WILL GIVE 5,000 if you stop blocking my posts.

I'll consider $50,000 if PK would just stop "addison" and similar comments. This character's comments just spin up your audience into a frenzy of pointless arguments intended to do what? Convince "addison"?

If people want to engage in debate with the black "intelligentsia", just wander down to the McDonalds on your local MLK Avenue and have at it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, like I said before it overall doesn't make us appear intelligent. Yup, I'm mad as heck about the agenda being used against us but I think we should take the higher moral ground, even though blacks refer to White people all the time using racial ephitats such as honky, cracker, white boy, etc.

And yes as a bm stated earlier you all may only be 14% of the population, but you destroy every place you go, facts are facts, hard to swallow I'm sure. Please stop following us and by all means make places like Baltimore or Birmingham or Atlanta gleaming successes of order that humans might even like to visit or live in.

Anonymous said...

"A desire to see blacks (and all other races) advance, ..."

the machine is evolving too rapidly for the weak minded of every stripe to survive because they are not needed and hence not wanted

it's their fate and they know it

it cannot be changed any more than the climate can be changed

Anonymous said...

Paul, your site is the best. Thank you for your hard work.

Bogolyubski said...

I wonder if putting up with a weekly word-salad bar from the Feedbag would be worth it. Perhaps it could be viewed as our weekly episode of the Amos n' Andy Show - without the humor (apart from whatever steaming heaps the Feedbag might actually happen to step in and fling into his salad).

I suppose if you included advertising for shit-sandwiches and grape-drank, the 3K could be doubled. Hell, maybe Karl Rove and Mittens the Underwear-Bankster would make a fat donation on Feedbag's behalf. After all, they're up near the top of the pyramid-scheme aptly described as the Der Arbeit macht Frei Market (regardless of how many times "free-market" is chanted by El Rushbo and the idiocracy) so they have counterfeit cash to burn.

BTW, as to the issue at hand (PK's alleged selling out), the very first post nails it. There is NO other site like this one. While there are places where one can use whatever language they like, I cannot think of another place where the whole looting racket known as BRA has been exposed.

AvoryGirl said...

Paul, I understand completely why you want to avoid racial epithets on your blogue.

Is it possible for you to make up a list of what term are acceptable and which are unacceptable?

Jay in DC said...

Thanks for the update, it was useful to know a bit more.

I will echo one other commenter here though, if you are going to keep us to a certain modicum of behavioral standard, it is advisable you do the same for all.

When you allow a post that is brimming with hate filled invective and then expect us to take the "high road", that is not ok.

The same metric needs to be applied unilaterally.

Anonymous said...

I get it. i can refer to blacks as negroes. small n. that offends them almost as much as the epithets. i will always capitalize White. sometimes subtlety works well. the actual facts surrounding crimes and outrageous actions by BRA tell the tale quite adequately . somebody mentioned Harrisburg PA. i used to go there as well as Baltimore. it saddens me to know that these cities like so many others have sunk into the vile muck of black dysfunction. my home town of Richmond also went down right before my eyes. many once great cities and towns are lost. nearly the entire state of Georgia. with the new HUD program even more territory will be taken over. Somalis in Wyoming even. states and counties and towns need to say no very loudly to these things. i knew that most big cities would be taken over but i never dreamed Wyoming would go. are they doing it for federal money ? Those stalwart cowboys should be raising hell in protest...keep it up PK. we can play nicely and still vent our anger. negro. negroes...

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Drudge Report~ "NAACP Tells Anti-Voter I.D. Protesters to Bring I.D."
Yes, in a stunning display of hypocrisy, the 30,000 or so protesters who showed up were told to bring photo I.D.'s such as a drivers license, passport or other photo I.D.
Yet being required to do so to vote is racist and an attempt to disenfranchise black voters and is too hard for them to comply with and creates a massive burden.
I guess it's only racist, a burden and "disenfranchisement" when the rules are made by whites.
Who knew?

Bogolyubski said...

Fed ip FF:
When some sub-70IQ Addison says race realists "should be loaded onto boxcars" and you publish it, I should be able to respond with exactly how I intend to react (not counter) that specific threat.

Stop publishing trolling posts if you don't want honest, emotional replies Paul. We deal with enough n**ger bullshit in our daily lives, please don't impose it on us here with no recourse.

Thank you.

Fed Up Firefighter.

I can understand how you might view PK's allowing that post as hypocrisy in light of the announced policy. There's a larger agenda at work in his permitting it however:

1. It will expose Blogger's own hypocrisy and double-standard (which, as the more astute and well-read folks who've read Auster here already know, is actually a single-standard = YT must die). Blogger and its DWL/Crystal Methodist owners would never penalize PK/SBPDL for allowing that particular remark because (though few will openly say so), they actually agree that all whites should be herded into boxcars and sent to the ovens.

2. It served to expose the true genocidal nature of its poster, who was more likely a DWL coal-burner or one of TWMBN than an actual black person - though it's certainly not impossible that it was an edumacated negro, one of the many angry beneficiaries of the racial-preference system known by the Orwellian term "Affirmative Action."

Dissident said...

My personal belief is that segregation of the races should be encouraged as an answer to 95% of our problems. When I was growing up blacks and whites lived in opposite parts of town with hardly ever a problem and then the meddling and social engineering, and then came MTV with all it's bull$hit and now what do we have?

A multicultural Hell. C Feedback is partly right, whether, many here don't wish to admit it or not. Blacks are being tricked and so are whites for that matter. Bogolyubski is always saying follow the money; in other words, who finances the media, the music, who promotes the culture, etc.

Blacks are complicit- Oh, Hell yes they are! But, but, we need to get at the media and the control centers that give them voice. Who finances MSNBC? How do they earn a living on that crap network? Nobody, with the exception of radical blacks, watch that $hit, So who?

Something doesn't add up here.
I'm reminded of the communist agenda to utilize the radical and the indigenous minority elements to stir up the population.

Now, here in 2014, we have half the nation wanting reparations and gibs me dat, and the other other half heavily armed and wating for a showdown with a government that's being administered by Saul Alinsky radicals.

Demographics is destiny.

Time is not on our side.


Mr. paul kersey,

what is the status of the bill-board campaign for the 2014 season?

Anonymous said...

Google owns Blogger. And Google basically owns the Internet. If you want new people to search the Web and find this site, the ya gotta play by the rules or Google will banish your site from appearing in searches. True story.

Paul, did you see the story on wthr. Com about two women assaulted at gunpoint at Walmart in Avon?


Anonymous said...

Here is a project. What % of the prison population is Republican?


Bogolyubski said...

Like a broken clock or watch, now and again CF states something factual:

The DWL's (and Black Progressive's) ability to promise SOCIAL JUSTICE for the Negro is the key to the Americanized Negro's willingness to disarm from DEVELOPING his own community.

This is actually true at least in part. Blacks were better off in the days of Jim Crow. The late Elizabeth Wright even wrote a wistful essay about it entitled When We were Colored. There actually were black businesses and enterprises who produced things of value for their own people in places like Birmingham. All vanished like smoke on a windy day. The turning point started with the death of Booker T. Washington and the subsequent takeover of black leadership by the NAACP, the majority of whose board members weren't even black, but the usual unmentionable suspects, backed by the usual endless supply of manufactured money.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

"with the Negro at 14% of the population and disproportionately poor and lacking power - THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY that the Negro could be the primary force that is harming the nation as such."
---Constructive Feedback

The issue is that at 14% of the population, the social costs of dealing with the wreckage that the negro creates is enormous. White taxpayers pay inordinately high taxes to pay for police departments, prosecuting attorneys, jails, parole officers, to deal with the outrageously high levels of black violence/crime, that you only see within those communities. That same black violence/crime chases out businesses and employers, leaving white taxpayers with the responsibility to clean up the blighted area. And this says nothing about what blacks have done to our public education, health, and housing. Everywhere you find concentrations of blacks, Mogadishu/Haiti is recreated in some form.

So yes, the harm inflicted by a numerically small group is extreme, when one considers what those tax dollars could have been used on instead of always being wasted away in the futile attempt of addressing negro dysfunction.

Captain John Charity Spring MA said...

It's not dysfunction.

It's a feature.

Son of Delbert said...


I'm not net savvy. Happy I can post on this, PK's, site. His articles are fact based, and only he seems to be addressing these issues online. Colin Something Irish wrote a great book on racial violence called "White Girl Bleed a Lot." And was attacked by the usual apologists.

Open ended question for all, who are likely better with this high tech stuff than I. Have any of you perused above listed site? Also on Blogger, owned by Google. I've read it. Thought it was a joke.

Basically the blog is about white victims of black violence. And how they deserve it. "Karmic Retribution." That's the phrase I read over and over again. The poster goes into gory, sexually explicit detail.

Has Google threatened this site?

Is Google okay with such filth? As long as it's against Whites is it okay?

I don't want the site threatened, or shut down. I just don't go to it. Free speech, baby.

I'm afraid that PK was targeted only because of his race. Google is racist. That's kinda funny.


Dan said...

We have established that white human beings can independently construct excellent, progressive and humane human societies. We have yet to see a single example of a livable,
Excellent and progressive black human society.

Not one black troll has bothered to highlight that shining black city on a hill, full of black humans.

Anonymous said...


remember, USA needs imigrants and lat - -inos.

Mr. Clean said...

Please please please tell me that the term "chimp-out" isn't banned. It is SO accurate, so RIGHT, it simply CANNOT be replaced by any other word or phrase in any language, ever.

Please Please Please.

Anonymous said...

Can we still write in negro dialect? When it's properly spelled its okay but in negroese it's hilarious.

Dissident said...


There most definitely is a double standard. That's obvious to anyone paying attention to current events.

We aren't playing on a level playing field and enemies and detractors couldn't give a damn. This is a rigged game and that's just the truth of it.

That should be some of the main emphasis on the nature of race reality. Better know what we're up against and prepare accordingly.

This is just as much a truth war as it is any other kind of conflict. We're dealing with politicians, angry Negroes, liberal @$$hole whites, and others that want us irrelevant at the least and dead at the worst. Google is a cargo cult of diversity. Google is not our friend, they are the enemy.

If I were Paul, I'd migrate this whole site elsewhere, that is, if he's serious about keeping it alive. Google is a ten thousand pound tech Gorilla. Google is the repository for Big Brother and Google is making moves to assimilate the whole damned WWW.

Try as a search engine. Good engine that doesn't (supposedly) keep tabs on your data and searches.

SolInvictus said...

I see a lot of talk about donations, but I'm betting there's little results. I'll be donating after I get paid next. I look forward to reading the book.

As for the rules... censorship (let's call it what it is) sucks, but I agree that endless "ngr, ngr. ngr" posts may be cathartic, but not constructive or enticing to potential converts.
Couple other thoughts:
A. Blogger sucks. Why stay with it at all? I've already sent an email about setting up something independently.
B. Why not form a site in cooperation with like minded authors and bloggers (then share revenue)? The White Girl Bleed A Lot and Chateau Heartiste guys come to mind. That's a project I'd love to work on.
C. I don't entirely disagree with the folks that think this site should be segregated (would be a good start). It isn't for them, I don't see the value of allowing them to post any more than having them in our countries.
Why they're even here (regularly even) is beyond me. I don't troll black sites...

Mr. Rational said...

I think it would be WONDERFUL to have, say, a fortnightly paid post at $100 a pop from the likes of Repulsive Throwback and Dolly Madison.  The deadline could be 7 days before the pub date, and PK could publish it with his commentary just as he does with the news and history pieces he uses for fodder.  Those of us who hate that pair could just skip the posts, and those of us who enjoy ripping them up would have ourselves a good old time.  We'd all have ourselves the satisfaction that the enemy was paying for the privilege of being laughed at.

Paul could even restrict their comments to their own paid pieces.

The one thing I would urge strongly is a break on the main page, to put the bulk of the guest material behind a click-through.  It should not contaminate the main blog page or archive pages.

Anonymous said...

Here's another deal SBPDL: can yo please remove/block/delete all the troll posts, from Addison & the like. I typically ignore it, but like someone else said, it whips your audience into a frenzy. Not sure why they can't ignore it, but they don't. It's annoying and distracting and makes the comments lose some credibility. The comments are excellent but i'm quickly losing interest.

Yankee in N.Fulton said...

Guys- why the animosity towards CF and Addison, particularly in this situation? I am completely serious, no Compassionate Oregonian here... If we cannot have candid debates with one another (name calling excluded) what good are we doing? For those of us who are self-segregating by choice, their candor should be welcome (and no, I'm not being facetious) otherwise, how do we see outside of ourselves and our experiences-- commiserating doesn't solve anything. We are a pretty contained group, shielded from the taint of MSM comments sections so, if we all choose to be here, so be it. Lately, the comments section here reminds me of WND where it seems to be just a bunch of old men getting into arguments with each other, escalating to calling each other 'commies' for no good reason other than disagreement of opinion. Let's not get there.

You may crucify me for this post but honestly, we need to know what's going on 'outside'. No one gets threatening (even C.F's LOUD COMMENTS with caps). We have such a good mix of age ranges, backgrounds and experiences here-- let's keep learning from and leaning each other!! We are a very unique group with more connections to each other than I think any of us realize. It is such a good thing we have going!

Steadfast and united doesn't mean rude and offensive. Contribute to PK to keep what we have going and keep fighting the good fight. There are more of us out there than those who comment and we owe it to each other to support each other in the best ways and light possible.

Yankee in N.Fulton said...

Corrections-- we can contribute to PK and support each other in more ways than we know possible, outside of this forum. (typos, cut/paste errors, etc. on my part).
We need to stop attacking with words alone but continue to counter with facts and factual commentary. Facts are indisputable, words are subjective.

Anonymous said...

Buying through the link helps a lot. Spending $4/k on a TV? Probably 300 - $400 coming to SBPDL.
I wish that click-through link wasn't buried so far on the page. I didn't buy a TV, but the various stuff adds up.

SolInvictus said...

"Yankee in N.Fulton said...
Guys- why the animosity towards CF and Addison, particularly in this situation?..."

Please allow me to field this one.
A. We are FORCED to tolerate it EVERYWHERE else. Can we not have this one small venue for freedom of association...
B. By their inherent nature and bias, they have nothing constructive to add to the conversation here because the dialogue itself is about their kin (and DWL enablers) despoiling what our forefathers built and wanting them removed from it.
C. What part of OUR KIND ARE FACING EXTINCTION, do you not comprehend? This is in no way exaggeration. It's a matter of simple numbers and time. By 2060 we will be a single digit percentage of world population. First comes minority status in our own historical homelands (as Europe is facing now), then comes cultural displacement as foreign ideals like Islam and Communism are forced on us, then a gradual population erosion due to leftist social indoctrination.
Just because it isn't going to happen in your lifetime, doesn't mean it isn't a serious concern. I'm not that shortsighted, you shouldn't be either.
If it was happening tomorrow instead of 100 short years from now, would you still be so tolerant of having to read their diatribes in your small respite of truth? One that will likely vanish once their PC-cult ideological power further increases...

I'll agree on one thing though, while it is refreshing to see truth here, and perhaps I should be satisfied with that, it does tend to turn into a bitch session echo chamber. I would like to see it be more of a launching pad for action and organization, but maybe it accomplishes that more than I know on a quiet one mind at a time basis...

Ragno said...

A word to the wise here.

Like you, I'm hip to the rules o' the game when it comes to the MSM-policed Public Sphere, whether website or publication: no slurs, no pottymouth, no letter-designated Evil Words (the N Word, the F Word, etc) in their fully-articulated state. Check. And I've always been okay with this: render unto Caesar and like that. (Even though we all know that a leftard hoping to establish his/her bonafides with the campus crowd is free to toss one f-bomb after another - but we'll let that slide for the moment.)

Only bear in mind a new wrinkle by which They are learning to screw Us - f'rinstance, in the past 2 years I've found myself suddenly banned from half-a-dozen MSM sites despite my adherence to their schoolmarmy rules 'n' regs.....and after many, many, mostly-fruitless attempts to divine an official reason for my sudden pariah status, eventually one brave soul broke the embargo to haughtily inform me that my (eminently-deserved) silencing is punishment for, believe it or don't, something he referred to as Mean-Spirited Sarcasm. (Apparently, it's some kind of chemical precursor to full-on racism.)

So beware, PK! Today it's the N Word - tomorrow it'll be any word at all, so long as you're typing it with one eyebrow arched in disdain.

PS: Love the site, and not just for snark's sake. I'm especially grateful for your wondering aloud what might the victims of Negro predation have accomplished in this life were they not savagely slaughtered in their prime; such reminders of the human cost of enforced 'equality' are the very opposite of sarcasm, mean-spirited or otherwise. Thanks for that, and for your tireless work in general.

make it rain TRUTH said...

Dissenting views from the CFs and Addisons of the world shouldn't scare any of you.

Let morons talk, and it will be clear they are morons. I don't fear morons speaking as I don't fear liberals speaking. Once their words and thoughts are exposed to the light of day, it's clear how inferior they really are.

In fact the comments section is at it's best when some of the realist posters shoot holes through the gobbledy-gook that CFs and his ilk post, using logic facts and reason.

Mr. Rational said...

In fact the comments section is at it's best when some of the realist posters shoot holes through the gobbledy-gook that CFs and his ilk post, using logic facts and reason.

I agree.  Since one of the purposes of this blog is to disseminate the intellectual ammunition needed to refute the claims and "root causes" which form the foundation of BRA, even shooting those fish in a barrel is worthwhile.

That is, as long as we don't have to wade through too much of it.

That is why I like the idea of paid guest columns.  The wits and those practicing their intellectual shooting skills can have at them, the negro-fatigued can skip them, and PK gets money.  Everyone wins!