Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"VIBE" Magazine asks: Why Does America Fear a Black Planet?

Why might non-black people fear a black planet? Hmmm....
Has Vibe not seen Detroit (remember, it's nothing more than a "microcosm of black America")?

The condition of the 83 percent black city (under complete and total black political control since 1974), unless you're Sen. Rand Paul, should put the fear of God into any sane, rational individual.

So, why should America fear a black planet?

Audience participation time.



Anonymous said...

Don't put too much stock in what some groid music rag says, Paul. The fact that they have to put wite wimmenz on the cover as a selling point should tell you all you need to know.

It'll probably be their highest-selling issue ever, in fact.

Anonymous said...

All anyone has to do to see the future of America if this is not stopped is to watch the Vice video on YouTube, "Cannibal Warlords of Liberia".

Liberia was a country amde up of freed slaves repatriation under President James Monroe.

"Monroe was part of the American Colonization Society formed in 1816, which members included Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson. They found common ground with some abolitionists in supporting colonization. They helped send several thousand freed slaves to the new colony of Liberia in Africa from 1820 to 1840. Slave owners like Monroe and Jackson wanted to prevent free blacks from encouraging slaves in the South to rebel. With about $100,000 in Federal grant money, the organization also bought land for the freedmen in what is today Liberia. The capital of Liberia was named Monrovia after President Monroe

You all should watch this film as it is a crystal ball into the future if this negrophelia being pushed by the media is not nipped in the bud immediately.

Anonymous said...

The world fears a black planet. Nobody but nobody likes or respects homo africanus & for good reason. To know'em is to loathe'm

/H hypie out H\

mikeh420 said...

And a Black Continent is doing so well, eh?

City resident said...

The cover pretty much sums up the black male fetish for lighter skinned females. Rap videos always feature light skinned black females dancing along with the usually darker rapper. White females are a step up for the dark ones even as they always try to deny that fact. All of the media promotes miscegenation, even the commercials (or maybe especially the commercials). It's always being pushed no matter which way one turns.

Anonymous said...


They must be kidding!

Haiti, Congo, many cities in UK-US.

a f---in joke

Anonymous said...

At one time a Negro couldn't even look at a white woman without risking getting lynched. Now we have a Negro sitting between a white woman's legs on the cover of a magazine that is asking why America fears a black planet. Everything that America stood for and valued has been turned upside down, defiled, and destroyed. I wish the old segregationists could see America now. Never in their worst nightmares could they have imagined such a future. I wonder if white men will ever even try to fight back.

Anonymous said...

The photo cover of the colored boy under a White (or light skinded mulatto) female tells it all. Narrow minded, instinctively ignorant, innate mental structure believing that things are TO BE PROVIDED unconditionally, life is a fun time game you get lotsa money for, black churches' dogma of Whites are to be targeted as their enemy and the black churches' ministers' brainwashing the ignorant negro into believing twisted scriptures that further black warfare and treason against the USA, blacks like to read articles that decieve them into thinking they are actually descendants of kings and queens(I mean ALL of'em are), blacks are allowed to get away with everything they think is ok, ok someone else's turn GO!!!!!

Johnny See said...

At least the groid is sitting BENEATH the white girl.

The US stock market is getting very toppy, and a minor misstep on the part of our monetary authorities or even those in another country (like China) could set a chain reaction in motion. All the debt that caused 2008's mess is not only still there, but has grown substantially.
What happens in da hood when Shaniqua can't get her nails and hair did and DeQuantavious cant buy his blunts, forties, and Nikes?
We may be much, much closer to a true calamity than anyone on CMM will tell us. (Cultural Marxist Media)

Anonymous said...

A Black Planet is Haiti, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Detroit, and Baltimore writ large.

Why would anyone fear that??

Anonymous said...

How about the total destruction of the greatest, freest, most powerful, and richest nation the world has ever seen.

We've already lost several of these, thanks to DWL's and the dysfunction of their pets.

More of the same is something to fear.

I'm thankful my remaining years will be spent in my insulated Whitopia.

I feel sad for the generations of whites to come. They'll never know the joy of this country when it was 90% + white.

10mm AUTO said...

"I gots duh White wimmins legs right hereja."

That cover says it all.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Cohen at The Atlantic has a big gripe about America: our penal system is too cruel, we're too focused on punishing criminals instead of rehabilitating them, and Blacks are unfairly discriminated against by the legal system.

The essence of Ferguson's proposal, what he wants to see done differently, is that "the life of the recipient of punishment must continue to be worth living." Here is what that means to him: "It stipulates the avoidance of unnecessary pain and degradation in the name of human understanding. It tells everyone that what is held in prison is a person ... The addition asks for a more basic level of recognition: that of a human bond between the inherently destructive and hostile one-sided vigilance of guards guarding the guarded."


These are the academics and decision-makers deciding who is incarcerated and who goes free.

The end-game is the application of 'disparate impact' to policing/incarceration.

AG Holder already told school districts they'll lose federal funding if they refer too many Black male students to police for disruptions/disciplinary problems. That includes requiring districts not to report felonies. Lil Suzy gets her face slashed by Lil Sharkeisha and the district won't call it in to law enforcement if it's under pressure to keep racialized quotas.

Next they'll say that incarceration rates need to be balanced. You know, because we're all born as blank slates and our character is 100% determined by nurture, not nature, so if a particular racial group commits an outsize amount of violence, it MUST be because structural racism and White Privilege. We're already halfway there in many jurisdictions where prosecutorial discretion throws out or lessens charges against hundreds of thousands of Black males for "efficiency" and "social justice" reasons.

Freedom of Association!

Anonymous said...

One cannot contemplate the notion of a black planet without first understanding how cancer works to ultimately overtake and destroy the host organism. There is no such thing as a black town, country, continent or black planet - there are only black cancer cells spreading throughout a white world. There is no recorded history or physical examples of a constuct or established society created by black sub-saharan africanoids. None. They are an adaptive sub-species of the human race, who, through recent introduction, have done no more than subvery, diminish and destroy everything in their wake where their population reaches critical mass.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not afraid of a black planet! Blacks do not commit crime any more than white people do. It's those teens of all "races" who are responsible. I put "races" in quotes because everyone in my Department knows that "race" is just a "construct," and we have all footnoted each other to prove it!

As for Detroit, white people were so afraid of the harmonious society blacks would build that they all fled, taking with them the city's wealth, its education, and its law and order. Now excuse me while I have a chai at the university's organic multicultural coffee bar where coffees of all the people of the world are represented.

I.M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism and Peace Studies

Ricky Tucker said...

They can't even run their own individual lives,a household,a neighborhood,a small town...a black planet? The horror...the horror...

paul marchand said...

we give them the " rope " ( $$$$ ) with which to hang us, to some degree.

Anonymous said...

I watched the vice video on Liberia. Perhaps my favorite (and the most telling) part of the documentary is where they show a beautiful white sand beach in Monrovia, on that would rival Waikiki beach in natural beauty. However, what would be a tourist goldmine anywhere else is completely uninhabitable because after the sewers and running water, provided by the US gov't and built by white contractors, stopped working, and there were no magical whites around to fix it, the entire city began to use the beach as a giant litter box which nobody has scooped for a decade.

Gnome Sane said...

"Why Does America Fear a Black Planet?"

We don't because it'll never happen. Blacks' simplistic, one-dimensional thought processes are quite amusing.

Philadelphia Mike said...

A black planet? That is a very myopic vision presented by a very intellectually challenged people. I do NOT fear a black planet because it will never happen.

Perhaps those of our fellow Whites with less mental stamina and very little personal pride, here in the USA, have been brain deadened and dumbed down by the deceptive Ministries of Truth. But Asia will not be duped...not China, not Japan, not the Philippines, not India, not the Pacific Islanders. Nor will Central America be taken over. And Argentina and Uruguay will NEVER that that happen. Period.

As for Europe, will it fall as well into the abyss of savagery that the USA is succumbing to? I do believe that much of Europe is starting to awaken. Something tells me that the Europeans will in the end show more of a back bone than their soft bellied, beer guzzling, entertainment addicted American brothers. Perhaps Eastern Europe will become the strength, the pride, and the backbone of our people.

I don't fear a black America, I just have remorse. And this is why:

The end of quiet strolls down tree lined streets, enjoying a warm summer breeze.

The end of not having to look over you shoulder.

The end of polite society...The end of civility.

The end of integrity...the end of decency.

The end of pride in achievement.

The end of self discipline.

The end of intellectual excellence.

The beginning of massive violence unlike we have ever before seen.

And when the USA reaches that critical mass where blackness permeates the ENTIRE culture, we will be just another 3rd world nation, with no international clout...no international power...not even international cultural influence. Our nuclear arms will have already been sold off to the highest bidders. The USA will be powerless and poor.

Its White people may have already left by then to the European homelands of their forefathers, welcomed with open arms.

Silence = Death

Break the White Silence

Awaken the Sleeping White Dragon

Philadelphia Mike

bubo said...

It seems more than ever the sole purpose of "civil rights" was to enable black males to have sex with white women, consensual or otherwise.

Just more "muh dik."

As for a black planet, all I have to say is "nuke it from orbit."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:02 said: "I wish the old segregationists could see America now. Never in their worst nightmares could they have imagined such a future."

My father was born in 1914, so the prime of his life was the 30's, 40's, 50's. He saw some of what was coming, but I'm glad he didn't live to see what this once great nation has become. He would not want to live in the shithole that America has become. I mourn for my grandchildren.

Philadelphia Mike said...

Teach your sons and daughters well.

Soccer, football, baseball...all a waste of time with no true benefit in the end except bad backs, concussions, and rotator cuff tears.

Take your boys to marshal arts classes. Teach them self defense.

Teach them survival (the girls, too).

Teach your children to analyze and dissect everything that they are taught in school and everything they are exposed to by the Ministry of Truth Media.

If your church has been infiltrated by the delusional liberals, be vocal and express your voice of realism. Or find a church that is more compatible with your core beliefs.

If you can afford to take your family to Europe, go to the homeland of your forefathers. Teach them to take pride in their heritage.

The Mormons have raised their children well...against the mainstream tide. The Jews have also taught their children to be independent and strong. And it's time that we do so as well.

And as for the guys, it's time to cast off that yoke of "sensitivity" that Ministry of Truth Construct has been trying to emasculate us with. I never bought into it. Be strong. Be self assured. Go back and find your inner caveman and make peace with him. Let the world know that no one is going to mess around with you.

A Tsunami is on the Horizon

Philadelphia Mike

Dan said...

The Walking HIV...

zombies. Haiti. Blacks.

The reaction is going to be quite a shock when the coma ends.

Anonymous said...


Kevin Hart was born on July 6, 1979, in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was raised by his single mother, Nancy, and has one older brother, Robert Hart. His father, Henry, a cocaine addict, was in and out of jail throughout most of Kevin's childhood. Kevin used his natural ability to make people laugh as a coping mechanism to deal with his family struggles and to stay out of trouble

Anonymous said...

OT: Three Media Sources, and NONE Tells the Truth about a Black-on-White Hate Crime, but the Truth Can be Gleaned from Between the Lines:


Anonymous said...

We will indeed FALL here & in West Europe. East Europe/Russia & Asia will

As the DARK curtain of death, devastation & destruction falls over us, aided & abetted by the POA USG (POA = Planet of the Apes), the sun will rise in the East.

The great experiment began here in 1776 is over & is failed. The ancient regimes out lasted us.

/H hypie out H\

E. Newton said...

I wonder if white men will ever even try to fight back.

On a nationwide basis, not even a slim chance. Urban and suburban dwelling white males, younger than maybe fifty, don't have an ounce of fight in them. Of course there are exceptions, but in general they have been carefully indoctrinated to believe nothing is worse than racism and besides, blacks are tougher, stronger and above all, cooler than them. Sadly, that's what I see and I really work to observe this kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

On a nationwide basis, not even a slim chance. Urban and suburban dwelling white males, younger than maybe fifty, don't have an ounce of fight in them. Of course there are exceptions, but in general they have been carefully indoctrinated to believe nothing is worse than racism and besides, blacks are tougher, stronger and above all, cooler than them. Sadly, that's what I see and I really work to observe this kind of thing.

This is very true. Some countries like England, Greece & Russia have young men willing to fight for what they believe in. Literally fight. Here in the US though, forget it. It's already over. Can you imagine any of these suburbanite video game playing pussies trying to take on Trayvon. I don't think so. We're doomed.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago I had to drive to Norwich, Conn. on business. Not having traveled much in the northeast I was pleasantly surprised with the wooded country side and nice clean homes along my route. When I got into Norwich I was absolutely shocked to see essentially a black ghetto small city out in the middle of nowhere. I was truly shocked as I have been through many black American city ghetto's, Mexico City, and yes even Africa. Dozens of Gang member looking Blacks hanging around the streets and neighborhood during the middle of the day in what I thought would be the ideal New England town of 50,000. These people have now infested the small towns and cities and these towns now look like hell warmed over. Very Sad.

If this planet ends up being a black planet, who the hell would want to live here. It would literally be hell on earth. The negro people are parasites and anyone with half a brain and decent eye site can see the destruction they cause.

They have had their chance to evolve into humans and they have failed completely. They are regressing and it is only going to get worse. They are a hopeless race. We can't help them, nor should we waste time, money, and effort on them any longer. They bring every race down. Humanity is going backwards because of these parasites.

Whites do you not understand that when you put them in position of power all you are doing is enabling your own destruction and the degradation of your town and state not to mention your country. You are cheating your own children by transferring your time and resources in trying to help the helpless and the hopeless. We owe these Negro People nothing. Darwin will sort them out in the end. But I would not mind if God beat him to it. But please hurry!

Major1 said...

I'm not afraid of a black planet. Sounds great. Kickin' it at the crib, settin' on the porch with my auntie, havin' some Mickey D's and purpa drank. Maybe fire up a blunt later on if my cuz comes over. Aint nothin' but a thang. Hail yeah we gonna stay up late watching BET and QVC...no reason to get up tomorra until the sun is warm. Hey, check out D'Liquisha. Dat my baby mama. She get two checks plus EBT. Sheeit nigga, you should see those tittays jiggle when she twerks. Funny as hell. Yeah I know she aint got no teeth. So what ..her brother gots lotsa dope and a flat screen and he lets us come over if we watch his twins while he goes to da club. So...you see? Nothing to fear in a black planet. I do have one nagging question though...when we are all black, who the hell is going to pay for everythang? Sorry...I meant everything.

Moondoggie said...

All I can say is I proud to be a race realist and I don't mind telling people I am. Just remember this one come back, blacks are the most racist people on the planet, they judge other blacks by the color of their skin. That shuts your liberals right up, because it is the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

""""but in general they have been carefully indoctrinated to believe nothing is worse than racism and besides, blacks are tougher, stronger and above all, cooler than them"""""

But NOT smarter than they are. Even the most obtuse white person instinctively knows that they are definitely not smarter.

All we have to do is turn the 'zine headline around. Say we were to put it on GQ or Esquire

"So and so has black power"


"Why does America fear a WHITE planet?"

And show a young, in shape, cool looking white male on the cover with confidence.

What would be the reaction across the board in the pop culture to such a 'zine title and article(s)?

And there you go. Therein lies the dilemma on what is to be done.

We has pickle, we does.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Mike said...

"Perhaps those of our fellow Whites with less mental stamina and very little personal pride, here in the USA, have been brain deadened and dumbed down by the deceptive Ministries of Truth. But Asia will not be duped...not China, not Japan, not the Philippines, not India, not the Pacific Islanders. Nor will Central America be taken over. And Argentina and Uruguay will NEVER that that happen. Period."

I tend to agree with you and am saddened at the thought that in some respect the Mestizos of Central America are sharper and more on the ball than most of my fellow Euro Americans.How the hell did it come to that?

Anonymous said...

A Black Planet??Who the hell do they think will support them,from cradle to grave?Martians??

Anonymous said...

In responce to mr.e-newton you are correct that a great many whites wont fight back at first,but given the choice of starvation & death or fighting back and living most will choose to live,if things get really bad and there is no law no one to punish us for protecting our loved ones,well then a great many will feel the wrath of the awakened saxon.. royal oak dude .

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be a fatalistic pessimist. but it's hard to be optimistic. TWMNBN. and big government and propaganda media has saturated us. our culture has been steeped and marinated in this so much that one needs a snorkel to breathe. what's needed is a large widespread network of those who can see. remember the guardian angels? They were a little full of themselves but they provided protection for citizens. how about volunteers who informally and regularly patrol malls downtown areas etc. accompany shoppers. kids. sometimes at a distance but always alert. when menacing groups or individuals approach they intervene. if it's feasible or necessary call the police...sorry for the long post. i just am unwilling to raise the white flag.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I am afraid that the next black president won't be able to read and write and he will have to hire a Mexican to read the teleprompter.

Bogolyubski said...


And a Black Continent is doing so well, eh?

Why Bill and Melinda (nice folks who Whiskey thinks could be our good buddies) just said the other day (on NPR no less) that in 15 years poverty would exist no more in the blessed dark continent, being that it is inhabited by their groid-gods.

Anonymous said...

This just in. The racist mayor of Jackson Ms, Chaka Motumbo or something, be daid:


Philadelphia Mike said...

Imagine being in a house consumed in flames...and your loved ones are sleeping. It's up to YOU to wake them up.

Well, is the present situation any different? The lives of our loved ones are threatened every moment of every day. It's up to us to wake them up.

I found my inner caveman ...and made peace with him. Did you find yours?

Now get out there and wake everyone up.

Philadelphia Mike

Dan said...

Our genes escaped the mass and the mass is now coming to consume the small glimmer of hope that our bloodlines represent.

Anonymous said...

Say we were to put it on GQ or Esquire

"So and so has black power"


"Why does America fear a WHITE planet?"

Respectively, you and I and the people who hold race realist views, conservative views, libertarian views, do not own, nor have any control over GQ or Esquire or any of these influential, mass distribution media organs.

Jay Santos said...

Fifty-one percent of American adults are female. Thirteen percent of adults are negroes. A wild guess here, 15% of adults in America are newly arrived "hispanics". Two percent of American adults are said to be gay. Another two percent are Jewish.

Let's assume that 75% of females are largely liberal or are completely unaware of the day of the week. Not an unreasonable assumption. Then lets assume that 90% of the hispanic number just does not care a wit about cultural or political issues. That gives us 38% of all females, 13% or all negroes, 13.5% of hispanics, 2% of people identifying as gay and 2% Jewish (who, similar to gay people, do overwhelmingly have alliances with left leaning ideas). That adds to …. 68.5%.. Now lets look at the remaining 31.5% not previously accounted for. Let us assume the remaining 31.5% are white males, just for this example. At least 50% of them either hold "liberal" views or are totally uninterested in the world around them and instead play golf and watch football.

All that leaves just 15.75% that might care a wit about what is being discussed here. Lets face it many in that 15.75% don't get it for one reason or another. I understand I've mixed some of these groups with respect to the original gender number, but this is a rough calculation here.

Move to an area of the country that matches your outlook, or leave the country. If you are living in Atlanta or Boston and find yourself frustrated by what is happening around you, move. You are not going to change it and you will get no relief from your torment.

The modern media exists to be provocative. Vibe is just doing that. If you never saw Vibe, well then it never happened. The sage advice is to get rid of your TV. And don't buy Vibe or Vogue or any of it. Fatalistic? Absolutely. It is going to collapse. Get as far away from it as you can and contribute as little as humanly possible to it while it lumbers towards its death.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......I also fear that Oprah will be the next President, Michelle Obama will be Vice President and Al Sharpton will be Attorney General. The ultimate fear is that everyone will be forced to check into TELE-SCREEN ROOMS and be made to watch five hours of TV so Oprah can tell us what kind of books we should read.

Anonymous said...

In missouri they want to execute a negro man for killing a kid white girl


This time, the death row inmate is Michael Taylor, 47, who is scheduled to die February 26 sometime before midnight in the town of Bonne Terre.

He was sentenced to death in 1989 for the rape and murder of an adolescent girl who was abducted when she got off her school bus.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is for those of ye of little faith ...

Rickey Wagoner, 49, of Trotwood, was standing outside his bus in the 1900 block of Lakeview Avenue when three males assaulted him. He described his attackers as black teenagers who were wearing dark colored hoodies. All three wore dark blue bandannas to obscure their faces.


One round hit him in the right leg and two found his chest. One of the slugs hit him as he wrestled the gun from the shooter, according to police.
"The two bullets were stopped by the New Testament book in his (shirt) pocket," Pauley said. Police referred to the book as a religious devotional, "The Message," which is a modern translation of the Bible.


The "teens" were "Polar Bear Hunting" as an initiation rite.

Will this be in the mainstream media? Let's see, it involves Christianity and it casts a light on Black violence. I'm going to guess NO.

Anonymous said...

PK, you recently wrote about Farrakhan but you neglected to really emphasize how utterly mentally ill he is.

Here he is begging Barrack Obama to reveal the existence of UFOs, open up Area 51, and reveal that the UFOs are piloted by the ancestors of Blacks, as revealed by Allah.


Come on. Representative John Conyers endorses this loon and sits behind him at a Nation of Islam rally. And the media stays completely quiet about it!!! Goddamn bonkers.

Liberals, how do you feel about your precious Civil Rights Hero standing with Farrakhan's UFO/numerology/pseudo-Islam claptrap?!

Anonymous said...

Sweden is considering revoking aid to Uganda, now that the government has passed a stringent anti-gay law.


Liberal self-conflict: support Africans and multi-culturalism, or gays and liberal universalism?

Anonymous said...

Blacks aren't signing up for Obamacare, even though most of them are slated to get major subsidies.

Wharton said one of the barriers to enrollment in his poverty-stricken city is that the poor have become so reliant on free emergency room services that any cash outlay for insurance, no matter how cheap, would be a sticker shock for some of his citizens.

Nutter blamed the hyper-politicization of ObamaCare for keeping some blacks from enrolling.

“You can’t deny the impact of the intensity of the vitriol in the debate around moving towards the ACA, all of the politics and strategies utilized ... the inane debates in Congress, the 40 plus attempts to repeal ... the confusing array of information that’s out there,” he said. “The general public has real lives and real problems and they don’t have time to sit around having esoteric debates about this.”


Once again, White people's fault.

Homie, these forms is way too complicated and sheeit. Fug dat. Whitey be rayciss, makin sh*t too hard.

Anonymous said...

I had the misfortune to be at the mall yesterday. I walked two corridors to get what i needed and got the hell out. I saw 3 coal burners in under 2 minutes. 2 had mixed children in strollers that im sure we paid for and the third was paying for her negros dinner. That is the future everyone.

I notice similarities between the groid and lions. The (white) females do most of the work while the males just fight, eat and screw.

Erie PA

D-FENS said...

What would the Asians and Hispanics say about a "Black Planet"? I doubt that they want negro overlords any more than we do.

Seems like somebody left some threads out of the multicolored dream coat.

james m said...

Anon wrote:
This just in. The racist mayor of Jackson Ms, Chaka Motumbo or something, be daid

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...

Anonymous said...

I lost a friend last night. I've known him for about 23 years. Great guy to have a solid conversation with. Well, he wound up at my place after a lovers spat, looking for a place to crash. After about a six beers apiece, I brought up a couple of topix from this sight. He was totaly quiet, I new he was not into it so, I pressed him, and he broke.
Loudly, he claimed he did not care for my interpretation of the colored people. "It's all a Lie, none of it is true". Even if half of it was, he wouldn't see any of it in his life time. No bands of blacks are going to "break into his home and kill him". When it does happen, "it's rare!"
He contunues, "I don''t want to think like you. I have more important things to think about"
I did not argue. I went straight to bed. Got him up ealry. Took him straight to his car. No stop for coffee. He new something was up, just to hung over to inquire. Let him out, and thats it!
You have to understand.We do not live in a predominantly black erea. An hour north of Atlanta. However, thats no excuse. Anyway, with a clear conscious, It's all over and done. His eyes are wide shut. No hope. Best wishes but, goodbye!

Ron said...

Things are too far gone. Too many people still worship Obama. They vote Dem reflexively, so Dems will win elections from here on out.

Ben Carson tells us many old people don't care anymore. Old White people are just waiting to die. They don't want to live in New South Africa, a.k.a. the USA. They know America is lost. What we once had is gone forever.

Old people don't care. Younger people are too busy trying to make ends meet in an economy where jobs disappear daily and government grows and grows.

I'm 66 and used to have some optimism, but the country is going in some fatal directions. Like Argentina under Peron, government earns loyalty while businesses die. Voting is pointless as homeless people and felons vote en masse.

There won't be a White homeland. Just cope the best you can. You now live in Obamerica. It will get a whole lot worse before it gets a whole lot better.

Anonymous said...

Dayton, OH

Waggoner told police that he heard a suspect say:

…“if you want to be all the way in the club, you have to kill the polar bear.”


Anonymous said...

Artist: Public Enemy
Album: Fear of a Black Planet
Song: Fear of a Black Planet

Man don't you
Worry 'bout a thing
'Bout your daughter
Nope she's not my type
(But supposin' she said she loved me)
Are you afraid of the mix of Black and White?

We're livin' in a land where
The law say the mixing of race
Makes the blood impure
She's a woman I'm a man
But by the look on your face
I See ya can't stand it

Man you need to calm down, don't get mad
I don't need your sistah
(But supposin' she said she loved me)
Would you still love her
Or would you dismiss her

What is pure? Who is pure?
Is it European I ain't sure
If the whole world was to come
Through peace and love
Then what would we be made of?

Excuse us for the news
You might not be amused
But did you know white comes from Black
No need to be confused

Excuse us for the news
I question those accused
Why is this fear of Black from White
Influence who you choose?

Man, I don't want your wife
Stop screamin' it's not the end of your life
(But supposin' she said she loved me)
What's wrong with some color in your family tree
I don't know

Hey, I'm just a rhyme sayer
Skins protected 'gainst the ozone layers
Breakdown 2001
Might be best to be Black
Or just Brown countdown

I've been wonderin' why
People livin' in fear
Of my shade
(Or my high-top fade)
I'm not the one that's runnin'
But they got me one the run
Treat me like I have a gun

All I got is genes and chromosomes
Consider me Black to the bone
All I want is peace and love
On this planet
(Ain't that how God planned it?)

Excuse us for the news
You might not be amused
But did you know White comes from Black
No need to be confused

Excuse us for the news
I question those accused
Why is this fear of Black from White
Influence who you choose?

Anonymous said...

Pubic Enemy: According to Chuck D, they sought to make a more thematically focused work and to condense Dr. Frances Cress Welsing's theory of "Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy)" into an album-length recording, "telling people, well, color's an issue created and concocted to take advantage of people of various characteristics with the benefit of a few".



Anonymous said...

The black man in the photo represents a giant black penis ready to enter the white woman. That was the plan.

Anonymous said...

"Now get out there and wake everyone up."

Good luck with that one, Philadelphia Mike, LOL.

White people in American have thrown in the towel. I live in a large city, and I talk to whites every day, both liberal and conservative. No matter what their political beliefs, they are all #1 committed to diversity and a post-racial America.

They don't care if dead whites are the blood sacrifices to their black gods.

The ones like us who are still fighting are a minority, now labeled as "racist." We will never be allowed a voice. We will be pushed into a corner until we are so segregated we can't function anymore. They will confiscate every bit of everything we have to build a larger government.

Even my long-time insurance company is running an anti-white diversity program in cooperation with HUD's diversity program. You can fight all you want, but the #1 goal in America is Kill Whitey.

paul marchand said...

It would be a world filled with Lil Wayne.
Wait.....without whitey, how will they engineer, distribute, etc.
Hmmmmm, might not be so bad.

Anonymous said...

OT: Immigration? Gentrification? Colonization? All the same thing. But ONLY evil when whites do it.

from Vox Popoli:


Read the comments. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

THE IRONY! Black logic 101:

"I mean, they just move in the neighborhood. You just can’t come in the neighborhood. I’m for democracy and letting everybody live but you gotta have some respect. You can’t just come in when people have a culture that’s been laid down for generations and you come in and now shit gotta change because you’re here? Get the fuck outta here. Can’t do that!"

-Spike LEE on gentrification

Anonymous said...

OT: White boy gets bullied by black, just stands there until Mexican boy jumps in to save his ass.

There is NO FIGHT in these pathetic whites!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"OT: White boy gets bullied by black, just stands there until Mexican boy jumps in to save his ass.

There is NO FIGHT in these pathetic whites!"

Calm down bro. Not everyone is a fighter. That kid could be a genius and just not want to fight. You don't know the circumstances are or what that kid could offer to our cause. Just cause he didn't knock out the black kid doesn't mean he is worthless. Not every job in the army is a combat one. In fact there are far more non combat positions than non combat. Just because your chef or doctor doesn't grab a rifle at night and go on patrol with you, doesn't mean they are pansies or that they are worthless. Get a grip on yourself. That kid is now a race realist for life. Mexicans could be great allies in our upcoming struggle.

Anonymous said...

This goes on and on and on. Where the hell is the media. Even the local media are silent..

After 50 years of the constant drum the negro is good held down and the white man is the fault.

in our schools, universities, books movies, tv, news channels.

We are just startingvto wake up as a race of people to the real truth..

Hell be on those in the future.

Anonymous said...

Fear of a Black Planet? Like other posters here I agree that it will never happen. If we were not around, they would be forced to find a new host to continue their parasitic existence an they would turn to the Asians who would in turn wipe them out. They don't have dopey, suicidal urges to coddle savages like we do. A friend of mine once stated that he thought Caucasians had some kind of fatal 'altruism' gene in their biology that will doom us to the dustbin of evolutionary history. I tend to agree. I think something that was an asset in Ice Age populations is now a detriment in our modern word.

Civilization was nice while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

I was once told that blacks don't know what they want. I responded that they know exactly what they want. They want what ever you have.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Lay this occurring nightmare at the doorstep of white liberals, the immature and the insane.

Negros and all the losers of planet earth should be on their way to extinction, per nature's charge, vie her competitive exclusion principle. But they are not. This because white liberal ideology embraces the concept of the white man's burden.

White liberals are the immature and insane.

Immaturity and insanity deny reality and substitute a preferred illusion in said reality's stead.

The white liberal illusion then becomes their agenda via an enforced ideology.

As the white liberals sell our collective white culture's wealth and worse our white posterity to planet Earth's losers, such as the lowly negro, we whites face the extinction nature intended for those others, the real losers.

As I see it, only the SS&DI solution can save we non-liberal whites of today and our white posterity of tomorrow.

Time to think about and discuss openly, the separate out and away, to secede and declare independence solution.

As we delay, they get stronger, we get weaker.

For our white posterity

From the sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

TheAntidote said...

I didn't and won't read the Vibe article, but I would say that the cover is very confusing and contradictory, psychologically speaking.
The Negro seems to be very happy to be in a submissive, powerless position. From the spread legs of the White woman the contempt of piss could very easily rain down on himz haid. The positions of the two could also symbolically signify that the White woman has given birf to the Negro; perhaps the Negro is exultant that by obtaining the white pussy, he has become white; that he has inherited civilization through a proxy birth. By touching gold he has become gold.
If anybody should fear a black planet it is Negroes. The vast majority of africanoids would perish without assistance and donation from Whites.

Anonymous said...

"Mexicans could be great allies in our upcoming struggle."

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. They hate your white ass, Gringo!

Hey Anonymous "Bro", just go ahead and hand your butt right over to them Mexicants.

Anyone white man who would make such a stupid comment is a HUGE PART OF OUR EXISTING PROBLEM.

Anonymous said...

Finally some good news.


Ex Detroiter in NC

Jay Santos said...

Newnation.org has got a link to a story of a 95 year old WWII veteran scammed by a negro through some unbelievable deal where the negro was impersonating state agencies.

These cases are uniquely disturbing; Delbert Belton's killing, the murder of the elderly vet, Carroll Jordan in Alabama, or the killing of Bob Strait in Oklahoma. As a formerly civilized society, we have an obligation to protect the elderly, especially those who fought our wars. And yet they are being sacrificed to the negro blood lust repeatedly. A normal society would rain down hell on negroes responsible for things like this. What do we do? In the case of Delbert Belton, we had the chief of police publicly acting as a character witness for the killers.

Californian said...

Very interesting story from Anon:

Loudly, he claimed he did not care for my interpretation of the colored people. "It's all a Lie, none of it is true". Even if half of it was, he wouldn't see any of it in his life time. No bands of blacks are going to "break into his home and kill him". When it does happen, "it's rare!" He continues, "I don''t want to think like you. I have more important things to think about"

Look, supposing your friend were to face the truth. He'd have to realize that he and his children will have to live in that black planet of perpetual criminal violence, disintegrating cities and subservience to a lunatic state.

People, when confronted with a threat that conflicts with their belief in their own security, will rationalize away the threat and wrap themselves up in the delusion that there is no danger.

It's a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

I've seen this among friends, both conservatives and liberals. With liberals, it's more pronounced, built into an ideological system. (This is the point James Burnham made in his "Suicide of the West"--that liberal ideology was developed as a means to cope with the decline of Western Civilization.)

With conservatives, it gets translated into the if-only-blacks-would vote-GOP syndrome. I think one reason for the mainstream white beatification of MLK and Mandela is the faith that some Big Black Man will keep the 'hood in line so we can all march into utopia and not have to worry about home invasions.

If people had to face the truth, they would have to face up to the war that is now going on. A war which has laid waste to entire cities (Detroit), conquered countries (South Africa), and threatens to destroy them and their families (as PK duly reports).

Much easier for them to tune in to 500 channels of Ministry of Truth and see the pretty pictures of black scientists.

BRA = Blue pill Republic of America

Anonymous said...

Not wanting anything to do with blacks isn't the same as fearing blacks. The negatives produced by blacks dwarf their positives to such a degree that I can't even describe the situation. Blacks are more than a burden, thy are largely hopeless.

I don't fear blacks. I loathe blacks.

Anonymous said...

The elite are beginning to crack a bit. Here's an interesting article from The Telegraph:


It's there, all the anger is, right under the surface. It will just take a bit of pressure in the right places to come out.

Here's what you do to apply pressure. The elite have set up a system whereby blacks cannot be criticised and anyone who does is destroyed. It's a poor sword that doesn't cut both ways, so use their system against them.

Start a charity. Call it Empowering Lost Black Lives or something like that. Just make sure that the word 'black' is in the name. You will get money. There are plenty of stupid white people with money who will give it to anything to do with blacks. Take the money and use it to send groups of black people to 5-star restaurants, fancy hotels, fancy ski resorts, and the like.

Make certain that you send groups - at least 10 blacks. Make certain that they are the least domesiticated blacks you can find. That's easy. Just send them straight out of prison. The charity will, of course, buy them nice suits for their night out or their stay in the fancy hotel. You send them there without any supervision - that would be racist. Make certain that they have enough money to buy alcohol, as much alcohol as they desire. Now stand back and let nature happen.

The elites in these restaurants won't be able to say anything no matter how badly these groups act. If the press doesn't report it, then the charity sends more groups. If the press does report it, deplore the racist reports and send more groups. As the elite flee to other places, find these places and send more groups. If they try to ban the groups, go public and call the places racist and those who have complained racist. If they try to make problems for the charity, go public, making certain that the name - with the word 'black' in it gets a great deal of attention.

Let the elites feel powerless for a change. Give them no place to hide. When they can't run, when they have to be careful everywhere they go, when their policies hit them, that's when this stops.

Remember, these people have done their best to arrange their lives so that they are never disturbed by anything, so that they can have a wonderful night out. Violate their little bubbles. Pour on as much pressure as you can.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ February 26, 2014 at 6:29 AM,

It is ironic that Spike Lee would say that, especially because he lives in a predominately white neighborhood of Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Spike Lee is an idiot who has little to no comprehension.
He reminds me of the negroes in an Alabama town who screeched that their area was neglected compared to white areas. They think that if they pay little to no taxes, contribute next to nothing, that they should receive all the same level of services (as others do who pay the bulk of taxes) as an act of charity. It's just the Negro Gibsmedat Mentality on full display.
It's on the same level as having $2 & walking into a restaurant and expecting to get the same as someone who has paid $20. All the negro can do is screech, "Why I ain't got dat too!?"
Well, you didn't pay for it, you little black begging entitled and whining bitch! That's why.
As for gentrification and the increased level of services~ well, dummy, the NEW residents are funding it all in ways the Negro community never did. They get steak because they pay for steak whereas your ass expects steak when all you paid for was a dollar menu burger. Poor thing!
Historically white areas get taken over by blacks and they don't care about the community they're destroying nor it's history and culture nor the impact on the residents even if they've been there for generations. They just think, "It's OURS now." But if people start taking back what their ancestors built, suddenly that's a crime against the poor, sweet , innocent downtrodden negroes who invaded and ruined it.
It's nothing but the standard run of the mill negro hypocrisy, the cult of negro victimhood and simple minded, low IQ NegroThink.
And they wonder why people are sick to death of them?
Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Here's one reason:


Bogolyubski said...

H Hypie:
We will indeed FALL here & in West Europe. East Europe/Russia & Asia will stand.

I see this type of overconfident hype all the time. Unless Eastern European countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, etc. renounce memberships in the EUSSR and NATO (the EUSSR's enforcement arm), they will be Africanized. In fact, they already are being colonized but the process is just starting. In you weren't paying attention, the squids just staged a coup in the Ukraine with paid mobs (30 Euros a day for the "demonstrators"), while Putin was blowing 50 billion in Sochi. The East Euros are not immune to Crystal Methodism. I doubt even the Russians are - though they appear to be more resistant than most, for now.

Bogolyubski said...

This goes on and on and on. Where the hell is the media. Even the local media are silent..

Why are you surprised at this?? The media is the enemy. What the hell will it take for that to sink into your head? They are never going to tell the truth. They will always lie at the behest of their squid owners. Do not buy anything from them and do not advertise with them - not even a classified ad. They need to be put out of business - or (more accurately) - reduced to being funded out of squid pockets.

Yithzak Yellowfeather said...

What a sad day this must be for Professor Klewless, for one of his demi-gods has departed to his eternal reward. Perhaps our esteemed colleague Dr. Epstein of NIGHR can some and provide some needed grief counseling, as Prof. Klewless' significant other will undoubtedly be bereft with the sudden departure of such a saintly, fatherly figure of deep African wisdom like the irreplacable Chokwe Lumumba.

Herr Doktor Prof. Yithzak Yellowfeather
Director of Multikulti Studies
University of Southern North Lakota, Hoople



Hey Vibe, just look at your magazine cover! Well that's one reason!


SwampThizzle said...

And the hits just keep coming:

- brotha tries to use his trillion-dollar bill (!) at Applebee's, faces raysis 'scriminayshun 'n' shit.


- D.C. cop brotha pimps his white teenage bride and keeps her as sex slave.


And no, Addison, I am not "cherrypicking" stories to make blacks *look* ridiculous; this crazy shit is in the news every single day, because blacks *ARE* ridiculous. LOL.

FledEverett said...

Blacks bitch constantly about racism in the USA. Yet, none of them defect to black run countries in Africa or to Haiti. That is on list of reasons.

FledEverett said...

Because Govt programs like My Brothas Keeper are necessary. In one of the articles I read about its launch, a black female govt official says that the program is needed because with the changing US demographics blacks need to get ready to be the new majority.

Anonymous said...

www.telegraph.co.uk: the negro Islamic murderers of Lee Rigsby were sentenced respectively to life without parole and to a minimum of 45 years that must be served.
Both freaked out in court, became violent and had to be restrained for several minutes.
No doubt, libtards are weeping at this injustice and negroes are going to scream it be rayciss!
F them all.
A death sentence (to be carried out immediately) would have been more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Bogolyubski said...
"I see this type of overconfident hype all the time"

You probably know the sitch on the ground over there way better than I do & you're def correct about the EUSSR & NATO.

But, sure hope your wrong & I'm right :) Jeez if the Slav's go under there won't be any Europe left except
in history books.

Thanks for your take on it....hypie

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anything more ludicrous than a "black" planet. More than anything else it would resemble the society in the movie "Idocracy."

Pike Bishop

italian guy said...

You guys are very pessimistic and give blacks way too much credit, let me tell you something: black power comes from White permission g.e blacks can't create/run anything without White enablers... they are like a random coon (no pun intended), wandering on our backyard looking for scraps in our trashcans, while we are being forced to tolerate them by our animal loving family members.
Trust me, when and if Whites will get sick of them, we will not any problem removing them from our countries.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero sez:

Edward Gibbon, author of THOTDAFOTRE said a few things triggered Rome's detonation, among them....the approach of The Dark Ages.

A "black planet" would be Dark Ages II in living color, playing everywhere.

No power, no lights, no technology, nothing. Blacks are latter-day variants on Neanderthal: Incapable of little more than hunting, killing and the like to survive.

Minus YT, Arabs, Asians, etc, blacks would utterly destroy everything. And with everyone else gone who is..then, was...their life support, then what?

Zero, that's what. Absolutely, totally, completely.....zero.

History, we fear, is doing a replay....

james m said...

If there was a Black Planet THIS would happen a dozen times a day:

IKantunderstand said...

White people have become the poodles of breeding. That's right. Poodles are bred with other breeds to improve them. Nobody is concerned about the fact that we will run out of poodles. Why would they? Everybody has been trained to hate poodles. Why? Because they are smart, beautiful, and are perfect dogs(they don't shed, are easily house trained), just like we White people. People use poodles to create dogs that don't shed, are better looking, are smarter. They are bringing down the attributes of the poodle. The same thing is being done to White people. Has anyone else here been suppressed by Disqus? I don't know if my comments here, show up. Could someone respond to me.

WhiteRider said...

It's not fear, but disgust. Without white control the blacks would self destruct. Without the White race the black race wouldn't be able to survive.

cdw said...

Well they had 100,000 year head start on whitey, and never sent anyone to the moon. I understand in Africa they are still fighting tribal wars over a stolen chicken or wildebeest from 300 AD. For those two reasons alone, I like my planet the way it was, say about 1957.

Anonymous said...

Re: that bit of race porn:

1) It depicted an arrow of two naked white woman legs pointing to the not visible white woman's privates above the page.

2) The black guy is sitting on the ground under her/at her feet and apparently liking it very much.

I saw this as an extremely pro white cover.

Vibe has (surprisingly!) depicted what everyone knows to be true about black men. They yearn to be dominated by white women. Nothing makes them so angry as when a white woman submits to them. This is why rates of black male/white female domestic violence are so high.